philipballewhas anyone here used team viewer?02:49
philipballewlocodir-user, hi03:25
locodir-userhi, a have a problem with ubuntu 11.1003:31
locodir-userafter the update, i did the reboot, and when everything supposly start to load , just stop in a black screen, saying that apache2 is looking for a network03:32
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philipballewlocodir-user, your running apache? is this a server?03:33
akkI hate boot scripts that assume a network is there.03:33
locodir-userno, that's the point, is not a server03:33
akkUsually they'll time out after a while, but sometimes it's a LONG while. Does control-C help at all?03:34
locodir-useri did not try that03:34
locodir-useri'been looking for the way to fix my pc, since eysterday in the morning03:35
philipballewwell irc is a pretty good place for that03:35
akkSome versions pay attention to control-c at boot time, some don't, and I don't know if oneiric does.03:35
akkIt's always worth trying. Otherwise, you could try ctl-alt-F2 to see if you can get a login prompt03:36
akkor else boot in single-user mode and remove or disable apache, then reboot03:36
locodir-userhow i can do that?03:36
philipballewI wonder if you can just drop to a root shell03:36
locodir-userboot in single user03:36
locodir-useri can do that03:37
locodir-userget a shell03:37
locodir-userand i can acces my HD03:37
locodir-useri tried modifing a file in the etc folder03:37
locodir-userbut nothing03:37
crashsystemsDoes anyone have any ideas for getting Ubuntu to ether install install security updates upon shutdown, or prevent users from shutting down while updates are running? I've got a bunch of end-user laptop workstations I need to have automatic security updates for without worrying about users breaking things by shutting down at the wrong moment.03:39
akkyou could do something like chmod 000 /etc/init.d/apache2 (or /etc/init/apache2, I don't have an oneiric install here yet) to disable apache.03:39
akkAssuming you want to keep it installed -- if you don't, then just apt-get remove apache203:39
akkmaybe make that apt-get purge apache203:39
locodir-userwhat could be better, purge or remove apache2?03:41
akkcrashsystems: You can make upstart run something on shutdown, I'm pretty sure ... or else poke around in /etc/init.d, there's probably some shutdown stuff there.03:42
crashsystemshmm, I'll look into that03:42
akkcrashsystems: /etc/init.d/killprocs is run on shutdown, I think (upon going to runlevel 1, looks like)03:42
crashsystemsI'd like to think that the unattended-upgrade package would handle it, but I've not found anything that says how that package handles unexpected shutdowns.03:43
akkthough going to runlevel 1 probably happens at startup too, and maybe booting to single-user mode03:43
akkI don't know either (about unattended-upgrade and shutdowns) -- would be useful to know.03:44
akkMaybe you should test it. :)03:44
crashsystemsyeah, I'll likely throw an ubuntu instance on my virtualization server to test that out03:44
akkBut apt-get is pretty well behaved about being interrupted -- worst that happens is it doesn't finish downloading, and continues next time.03:44
akkIt still has everything it downloaded so far, and can continue where it left off.03:45
crashsystemsyeah, apt-get handles it pretty nice, but once packages are downloaded if dpkg is running while the shutdown happens, crazy stuff happens.03:45
akkah, true, that might not be so good03:45
crashsystemsI'm looking to make a very light weight ubuntu image that just boots to a fullscreen chrome browser. I'd not worry about updates at all except I want to make sure the browser and flash are up to date.03:46
philipballewpleia2, you have a quick second for a ssh question?03:46
crashsystemsI'm considering writing a little python script to just issue a shutdown cancel command whenever shutdown is started while the dpkg lock file is present, then use the ubuntu notification system to tell users that updates are currently running.03:53
jtatumGreetings folks in the south bay! Mountain View Ubuntu hour this Thursday16:44
jtatumpleia2: when you have a free moment (you must be busy with returning from travel), could you please ping twitter?16:45
pleia2jtatum: we do the twitter announcements on the day of the events16:46
pleia2mailing list and web forums for actual announcements16:46
jtatumokie dokie16:47
jtatumthanks :)16:47
pleia2dinda will be in town this week, I'll fwd this along to her16:48
pleia2I have an americas board meeting that night, but I can probably arrive to the hour late16:49
akkI'm in town for once, too.16:49
jtatumi will set aside some decals for you both :)16:51
akkyay decals16:55
DarkwingHey guys17:01
MarkDudehey Darkwing17:14
MarkDudeSo bkerensa is in the elite now with that tattoo17:14
jyoHooray Mt. View Ubuntu Hour.17:20
bkerensapleia2: Are you about?17:45
pleia2sorta, working, what's up?17:47
bkerensapleia2: Can I pm my wiki just to run it by you before I put myself on Agenda?17:48
* bkerensa is not sure what the typical application looks like17:48
pleia2unfortunately the agenda page is broken at the moment17:48
* MarkDude wrote endorsement bkerensa 18:16
MarkDudeNice pangolin pleia218:30
pleia2bkerensa: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/RegionalBoards/Americas is editable again :)18:31
bkerensapleia2: You guys tamed that Python18:39
bkerensaMarkDude: Thanks I will do check18:39
MarkDudebkerensa, the wiki is NOT allowing me to login19:55
gua"sorry mark, can't let you do that"19:55
MarkDudethx Hal19:57
bkerensaMarkDude: What do you mean it wont let you login?20:26
MarkDudeStandard LP stuff20:26
bkerensaMarkDude: You can e-mail it to me and Ill add it in?20:26
* MarkDude did it tho20:26
MarkDudetook a minute20:26
MarkDudeTHEN it let me20:26
* MarkDude has NEVER like LP20:26
MarkDudealways buggy as all get out20:27
MarkDudedone tho :D20:27
* MarkDude even included a {*}20:27
MarkDuderenders like your new tattoo ;)20:27
bkerensaMarkDude: Jono's Blog - http://www.jonobacon.org/2011/10/17/ubuntu-tat/ (Badass has a new name)20:29
zoclohi guys22:41
zocloi have a problem22:41
zoclosome one in riverside Ca?22:43
MarkDudeWhat sorta problem zoclo ?22:43
zocloafter update to ubuntu 11.10 in can not start ubuntu22:44
zocloa program called "nanny" is stoping the process22:48
nhaineszoclo: can you share the exact error message that demonstrates this?22:48
zoclois: nanny Stopping Sistem V runlevel compativility22:49
zoclothat's the error22:49
* MarkDude was hoping it was simpler, thats not really a question I can help with :)22:50
zocloi tried with aptitude22:51
zoclobut just instaled and deleted some packages22:53
akkMaybe delete nanny? (whatever it is)22:53
zoclobut how?22:54
zocloi can not go to shell to tri it22:54
akkI was about to ask how you were running aptitude to install and delete things.22:54
zoclowhen you go to shell, with control D22:55
zocloyou type aptitude22:55
zocloand it opens a new window22:55
zocloand you have different options22:55
zoclothe last one is upgrade,install,delete22:56
pleia2zoclo: is this on a desktop?22:56
pleia2a VPS?22:56
zocloin user@user:#22:56
pleia2I don't understand, is this a server you run, or something that's hosted somewhere, or..?22:57
zoclois a regular pc22:58
zoclothat's the point,22:58
zocloafter the update from 11.04 to 11.10, this apear in my screen22:58
zocloand don't let me start ubuntu23:00
bkerensabrb rebooting Ubuntu Cloud23:01
nhainesI always know what the answer is going to be, even before I ask it, but I'll do it anyway.23:02
nhaineszoclo: did you back up all of your files and data before you upgraded to oneiric?23:02
nhainesOkay, so the fun thing about Linux is that almost every problem has an answer and can be fixed.  That's the good news.23:03
zoclobut if i have to save at leastmy pics inDVDs i doit23:03
nhainesThe better news is that you can also use a Desktop CD to boot your machine, copy all of your data to DVD or to an external hard drive, and then reinstall Ubuntu.23:04
zocloim using a ubuntu 9something to have acces to the internet23:04
nhaineszoclo: are you using an older computer with Ubuntu 9.x installed or are you using an old Ubuntu 9.x CD on the same computer to access the Internet?23:05
zoclousing an old ubuntu, in the same computer23:06
zocloand i don't have problems at all,to see my files23:07
nhainesNo, of course.  That's the nice thing--everything will still be there.  :)23:07
nhainesOkay, if I were sitting in front of the computer I'd take a look at it but since I'm not, I think I'll recommend backing up your home directory and reinstalling.23:08
zocloim lucky, if not, i could be dead already23:08
nhainesIf you've been upgrading Ubuntu since 9.x, then you'll probably have a smoother experience installing 11.10 fresh, too.23:08
zocloback up   home?23:08
zocloin the same HD?23:08
nhainesDifferent hard drive.23:08
zocloi only have one23:09
nhainesDo you have a USB drive or a second drive that is a CD/DVD burner?23:11
zoclothe only one is the one im using to run the live cd23:12
nhainesThat makes it very difficult to back up your computer.23:13
zocloi know23:13
zoclobut if i can acces the shell23:13
zocloi think i can delete nanny23:13
nhainesDo you know how big your home directory is?23:13
zoclowhat if i delete the folder from the HD?23:14
zoclothe nanny folder?23:14
zoclocould work?23:14
nhainesThat won't work.23:14
nhainesWhat happens if you boot from the hard drive, hold down Shift so you get a GRUB menu, and try the (recovery) option?23:15
zoclothat easy?23:15
zoclolet me try23:15
zocloif don23:15
zoclowork i'll be back in a moment23:15
zocloover and out23:16
nhainesAnyone else feel free to take over (or keep an eye on this) because I unfortunately have to leave work pretty much at 5 and get some errands done.  It's a very busy week.23:18

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