Unit193TuxTrends: Howdy and welcome to the Ubuntu Ohio LoCo!00:17
TuxTrendsHello again!00:23
TuxTrendsIt's been a long while.00:23
Unit193How long?00:24
TuxTrendsOver a year at least.00:24
Unit193Ah, so I wouldn't know you :P (I was only here in 2008, and this full year)00:26
TuxTrendsjacob was on when I was but I think that's about it from this bunch.00:27
jacobheya TuxTrends, what's up?00:28
TuxTrendshey jacob, not too much.  I just jumped on IRC to ask a question and this channel came up so I thought I'd say hello.00:29
jacobcool cool00:29
Unit193I suppose I may have forced that a little, but that was kinda the point ;)00:30
* jrgifford waves at Ohio00:31
* jacob waves at jrgifford00:32
jrgiffordHello jacob!00:34
jacobhey :D00:35
jrgiffordwhat's up?00:35
jacobfinishing up some homework for some classes, and idling about on reddit. mostly the latter. you?00:38
jrgiffordmostly the former haha.00:38
thafreakHello Ohio14:04
thafreakso I know we're all F/OSS advocates, and for the programmers here, I'm sure you all mainly use github/bitbucket/launchpad for your repos14:05
paultagthis is true14:05
thafreakbut does anyone think there is room for paid private repo hosting still? or is the likes of github/bitbucket just going to overshaddow everything?14:05
* paultag ponders14:06
paultagthafreak: see, code hosting is such a critical thing14:06
thafreaki saw some companies offering private svn/git/mercurial + trac hosting14:06
paultagit's tough to trust your code to a company that's not established14:06
paultagpersonally, I don't care - I use git (or similar) - so if shit hits the fan, I push elsewhere14:07
paultagbut svn can't do that, and don't even get me started about svn14:07
paultagerm, cvs14:07
thafreakpaultag: I remember the days when I eagerly awaited for svn to be available14:08
paultagyeah :)14:08
paultagthafreak: cutting out some bit of the market for say - startups14:08
thafreakwhen they finally released a stable version, I was all over that14:08
paultagcheep, hip, clean, nimble14:08
paultagthat'd work14:08
paultagbut github's all those things14:08
thafreakSo how do you compete with github for the private space?14:09
paultagthafreak: well, their bug tracking sucks, and they know it14:09
thafreakBetter reliability? Better price?14:09
thafreakbut their pull request stuff and forking is epic14:09
paultagbeing able to undercut their price and offer a better bug tracker that's linked tightly would be rad14:09
paultagthafreak: true14:09
thafreaknothing else out there that's open has that14:09
paultagthafreak: but the merges via the interface suck14:09
paultagwhen you use git by hand14:10
paultagbecause it does a crappy merge method14:10
thafreakyou ever used trac+git?14:10
paultagit's ok14:10
paultagI found something awesome a few days ago14:10
thafreakwe use trac+svn here at work14:10
paultagsec thafreak14:10
paultagthafreak: http://gitlabhq.com14:12
paultagthat's the one14:12
paultagit's frankly pimp14:12
thafreakdid the diaspora kids build that?14:13
paultagI have no idea thafreak14:13
paultagthafreak: but someone sent it to me, it looked nice14:13
thafreakRoR though...14:15
thafreakjust like redmine...14:15
paultagI'm not a super big fan of RoR14:15
paultagI don't not like it14:15
paultagbut I don't like it14:15
paultagjust like django14:15
thafreakhaha,,,i like django better...atleast it's python14:19
thafreakonly thing that gitlab had that redmine doesn't is ssh key management...14:20
thafreakand redmine is a bit more mature currently...14:20
jrgiffordthafreak: Agreed with paultag14:26
jrgifford(about github bug tracker suckage)14:26
paultagone of these days I'll fix whube14:30
paultagit's too fancy though14:31
Unit193Looks like new news on the TZ database17:40

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