jthanHello everyone00:23
* GeekyAdam waves.00:35
jedijf_nomad: re: flux ...nike (just do it), then you can report to us00:48
_nomadit crashed and burned for me...00:48
_nomadhavent dug into it too much yet00:49
jedijfthat answers that :(00:49
_nomadshame, it's a great app00:49
jedijf_nomad: you did mean the window manaer right?00:49
jedijfmanager too00:49
_nomadit's a program that changes the color temperature of your screen based on time of day00:50
_nomadmakes it a little easier on the eyes using the computer at night00:50
GeekyAdami thought you were referring to a fluxbox derivitive as well00:51
_nomadshould have clarified00:52
_nomadits a great app - i use it on linux & mac, but I believe they have it for windows and iPhone/iPad as well00:52
GeekyAdamseems like a good idea. we've all tried going to bed after 6 hours in front of the monitor and your eyes won't close00:53
InHisNameHello everyone00:53
MutantTurkeywhat's up?00:54
MutantTurkeyhow did the whole thing work out?00:54
InHisNameI finally found out how to turn off 'hover-click' of mouse arrow.00:56
InHisNamef.lux seem interesting, 'cept my computer is in basement and NO sun issues there.00:57
_nomadits also great if you are prone to waking early and working00:58
_nomadfixes that "too bright" feelin00:58
jedijf_nomad: kinda works in 11.0401:03
_nomadyeah, i was using it in 11.0401:04
jedijfrmg51: and it has and indicator app up in panel01:04
jedijfi saw on the homepage someone asked about 11.10 repo availability01:05
MutantTurkeyI actualy already wrote this01:07
MutantTurkeyjust very primitively01:07
MutantTurkeyit just set my display to different settings at a different time01:08
MutantTurkeybut same concept01:08
MutantTurkeyglad someone has really well done it01:08
_nomadthat's pretty cool01:13
_nomadi'd like to see software that goes even further in that direction01:14
_nomadmaybe changing window colors throughout the day, etc.01:14
_nomadbased on weather01:14
MutantTurkeyyou really should just use a light sensor01:14
MutantTurkeymost phones have them, and computers do to01:15
MutantTurkeyin fact you could even use the webcam to do polling ever few minutes to get the light level01:15
MutantTurkeythen adjust to it01:15
MutantTurkey_nomad: you might inside or something01:15
MutantTurkeywow, skype for linux is actually nicer than the windows version, which I find unbearable01:43
MutantTurkeythe linux version is very light and simple01:43
JonathanDFor now, MutantTurkey01:47
JonathanDFor now.01:47
MutantTurkeywell now that microsoft owns it...01:47
MutantTurkeyI dount we'll get anything01:48
JonathanDThey said they would keep making it.01:54
MutantTurkeyit is eating my cpu01:55
MutantTurkeythe video drawing01:55
MutantTurkeymust be doing crappy api calls01:55
MutantTurkeyno video accell or anything01:55
MutantTurkeyeven remotely01:55
MutantTurkeyat lest its multithreaded02:04
mikedep333_nomad, thank you very much for that link!02:06
_nomadglad you like it02:25
beta0x64Skype for Linux will occasionally lock up on me, garble the video, or crash06:29
beta0x64it's a big bag of fun in ELF form06:29
beta0x64anyone up?06:30
pavel__i am06:35
beta0x64how are you? :P06:38
pavel__im pretty good how are yo07:00
beta0x64great I guess07:01
beta0x64watching I Survived on hulu07:01
beta0x64yea, I guess07:01
beta0x64finished my homework for tuesday and worked a little on an android app07:01
beta0x64so I feel good07:01
pavel__ah productivity07:01
pavel__accomplishment is always a great feeling07:02
beta0x64yea it is07:02
beta0x64I need to shave :|07:02
beta0x64that will be my next feeling of accomplishment lol07:02
pavel__i worked 4 hours today07:06
pavel__thats my accomplishment07:06
beta0x64lucky dog07:06
beta0x64I have 8 hour shifts : :P07:06
pavel__i have em pretty often07:06
JonathanDI work 30 hour shifts in the mines with 2 hours of sleep in between :(07:07
beta0x64oh dear07:07
beta0x64JonathanD, you realize there's 48 hours every two days. that leaves 16 hours (48 - 32) unaccounted for.07:12
JonathanDbeta0x64: We don't operate on this silly day/night cycle, beta0x6407:14
pavel__ i gave up on that a while ago07:24
pavel__napping is the way to go07:24
pavel__time is time07:24
beta0x64now that I flip between midnight shift friday and saturday and working evening tuesday and going to class monday through friday07:24
beta0x64I feel you pavel__07:24
pavel__yeah it catches up with u. it was more difficult in highschool tho07:25
pavel__and middle school07:25
pavel__thats when i got into computers07:25
pavel__and would stay up late07:25
pavel__beta whats ur major07:27
beta0x64computer science07:27
pavel__where at again?07:33
beta0x64a small crap university south of pittsburgh07:34
beta0x64I shouldn't be so harsh07:34
beta0x64california university of pennsylvania. it's a cheap state school.07:34
beta0x64I'm just bitter because I had to transfer from the university of pittsburgh for $ reasons, pavel__07:35
pavel__aw i understand07:38
pavel__im sorr to hear that07:38
beta0x64its okay. I'll be in less debt upon graduation.07:38
pavel__but i actually have heard of cal  uni in pa07:38
beta0x64I just hope I can find work as easily.07:38
pavel__yes, and you can always tr to get into upit to get a different degree07:39
beta0x64well the cost would be the same07:39
beta0x64that's the issue. tuition went from like $20,000 a year to $6,000 at calu07:39
pavel__good deal tho07:46
pavel__its a decent school07:47
pavel__its a decent school?07:47
pavel__i was making a statement not a q07:47
pavel__but what do u plan on doing?07:47
beta0x64it is a decent school, but you know07:47
beta0x64you get what you put in07:47
beta0x64I plan on being a java developer.07:48
beta0x64Where do I want to go? Great question07:48
pavel__i dont like java but im good at it... i think07:48
beta0x64it's an academic language07:48
beta0x64it's well taught at many schools07:48
beta0x64I personally don't like Java either but I don't have much choice07:49
* pavel__ is selftaught07:49
beta0x64if I want to be a PHP/web-backend dev., I would be taken less seriously I think07:49
beta0x64the pay-grade is much better for a Java developer. I don't want to go to C or C++ because ... well blah07:49
beta0x64at least I know I can code for Java on virtually everything07:50
beta0x64and I am starting to explore android devel, which is fun07:50
beta0x64essentially I have the most experience in PHP and Java07:51
beta0x64I can still code C better than anyone else in Computer Programming I haha07:51
beta0x64pavel__, what do you do?07:52
pavel__thats because c is better07:58
pavel__c++, linux, android/java07:58
pavel__i like to fix shit, and always learn new shit07:59
pavel__is cursing aloowde here07:59
beta0x64I dont think so07:59
beta0x64but I dont give a shit :)07:59
beta0x64I think this channel uses Ubuntu CoC07:59
pavel__but either way, im currently enrolled at bucks counnty community college08:01
pavel__gen engineering08:01
pavel__and i gave up pretty early. think ima just go to trade school for now08:01
beta0x64what do you want to do?08:01
pavel__i want to work with linux servers08:02
pavel__or C++ programming08:02
pavel__ideally game programming08:02
beta0x64what have you made?08:03
pavel__not much08:03
pavel__ive played with opengl08:03
pavel__realized i need an engine08:03
pavel__and have been stuck since08:03
pavel__im not a graphic artist so i cant model fast08:03
beta0x64can I give you a tip man? I wish I did this earlier while I had that type of specific ambition08:04
pavel__yeah, but like08:07
pavel__i need a better job to be able to invest money into programming supplies08:08
pavel__like beer08:08
pavel__and food08:09
beta0x64dude I know what you mean. I'm selling gas and cigarettes :P08:09
rmg51 morning10:01
InHisNameOh, for you early birds, my unity panel came back on with the upgrade.12:30
InHisNameHave you played with the Metro menu at all yet ?    I prefer Unity way over that other OS major change.12:31
InHisNameThere I said something nice about unity.12:31
rmg51Unity, what's that?13:05
rmg51I'll stay with xfce13:06
jedijfrmg51: do you really like it?13:12
rmg51xfce? yep13:15
rmg51close enough to the old gnome for me13:16
rmg51my email notification app works13:16
rmg51and I can add stuff to the panel13:17
jedijflooks like you're doing the beginner part next month :)13:29
MutantTurkeycant eve nstay away13:30
MutantTurkeysta awake13:30
rmg51you can't even spell :P13:45
MutantTurkeyi am trying13:48
MutantTurkeyhonestly I don't get C++ at all. I'll just stay with C13:49
ssweenyc++ is da debbul14:10
InHisNamemaybe MutantTurkey should go to the dark side and just go for C# ?14:26
InHisNameonly one char different.14:26
JonathanDI hereby announce we are to hold a geeknic at the Philadelphia zoo.17:55
jedijfanimals in captivity violate CoC17:57
JonathanDis that a no then, jedijf17:59
JonathanDI actually just opened the CoC page to search for that :p18:01
JonathanDyou are evil :p18:01
JonathanDAnyway, early december18:01
MutantTurkeyjedijf: avoiding returning my laptop still19:30
JonathanDjedijf: december 3rd.20:02
jedijfJonathanD: if we're not doing koziar's xmas village that weekend20:14
jedijfJonathanD: 1st weekend of the month is grand daughter weekend20:15

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