binarymutantWalking Dead :D02:36
Unit193That's not normally a good thing...02:37
binarymutantin this instance it was :D :D :D03:10
Unit193Great, someone telling another to add oneiric sources in Natty...03:10
binarymutantwhat's wrong with that?03:11
binarymutant...that's what I do...03:11
binarymutantIf I understand right :/03:12
Unit193Broken depends I would think03:12
binarymutantyou talking about sources.list ?03:12
binarymutantchanging natty to oneiric ?03:12
binarymutantor downloading an oneiric deb?03:13
binarymutant<- confuses easily03:14
chris4585hes talking about sources.list03:14
binarymutantthat's fine to do03:14
chris4585isn't that basically what the installer does?03:15
binarymutantthat's how we did it back in the dizay :D03:15
Unit193Adding just one repo? Not from what i know03:15
chris4585I mean updater whatever03:15
chris4585oh one repo might work, who knows unless you try right?03:15
Unit193Keeping them all as normal, except adding oneiric universe03:15
binarymutantdepends on what they depend on03:15
chris4585but why just change the one.. ?03:15
chris4585makes no sense to me03:16
binarymutantdepends on what the package depends on, but ya makes 0 sense03:16
Unit193Get a newer program :P03:16
chris4585you could just add a ppa for that lol03:16
chris4585well depends, but yeah..03:16
binarymutantwas this "advice" from #ubuntu?03:17
Unit193#lubuntu, he's having him remove the ppa after upgrading the program03:18
binarymutantout of control in lubuntu03:19
Unit193Eh, it barely passes03:20
binarymutant"I need help"->"rm -rf /";"How do I use this?"->"rtfm"03:20
binarymutantout of control03:21
Unit193Why do I let myself get sucked into support?03:31
vychunehey hey now03:42
vychunehey dude whats going on03:46
Unit193Setup a handy script and helped the person that linked to it get it setup (He had been having issues)03:47
vychunei learned the spongebob dance lol03:49
vychuneso i was very unpreductive today03:50
vychuneo/ binarymutant03:50
chris4585so a friend on another network said my caps could be my problem http://i.imgur.com/vaQLa.jpg03:59
binarymutantvychune: me too :D04:01
binarymutantchris4585: caps?04:01
vychunemaybe the chip with the white stuff on it is too. you would think04:02
chris4585the brown tower looking like things04:02
vychuneaare they swolen?04:03
binarymutantI want to say capacitors... but I might be wrong04:03
binarymutant"are the swolen" rofl, your on fire tonight04:03
vychuneoh i got another one04:03
binarymutantcaps = capacitors okay i get it04:03
vychunegirl giving a b**wjob just went viral04:03
vychuneon facebook04:04
vychuneAT HIGH SCHOOL04:04
binarymutantnot as funny :P04:05
vychunenot funny at all04:05
vychuneshe needs prayer04:05
vychunelol(coludnt help it)04:06
binarymutantchris4585: I thought the problem was with the display?04:06
chris4585binarymutant, nah that problem went away, that problem popped up and made the real problem hard to diagnose..04:07
chris4585the problem is the computer shutting down when it wants04:07
binarymutantmost computers shutdown when they get overheated... and you lack a heat thingy04:08
vychunebinarymutant:  heatsync?04:09
chris4585binarymutant, right now its coming in the mail04:09
binarymutantvychune: ty04:09
chris4585I think you missed half of my problem the other day04:09
binarymutantchris4585: probably :/04:09
binarymutantcheck your fans too, I had an over heating laptop shutdown on me a bunch04:11
chris4585I don't think those are so much the problem as much as the mobo now04:21
binarymutantthat sucks, very $$$04:27
binarymutant$$$ = 100++04:29
vychunebinarymutant: oh ok04:35
vychunemodem restarted lol04:36
vychuneomg theyre saying the girl that had her vid to go viral commited suicide04:49
vychunebinarymutant must not be home04:58
vychuneoh well04:58
vychune o/04:59
chris4585binarymutant, this wiki should explain what I was trying to explain earlier http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Capacitor_plague08:32
wrstcyberanger: ????14:14
cyberangerwrst: yep14:17
wrstwhew, you ok cyberanger?14:17
cyberangerwrst: something's up with the ec2 instance I was using, trying to see if amazon took it back or worse14:17
wrstoh no cyberanger :(14:18
cyberangerserver ssh key changed, so not a lockup or shutdown14:18
wrstoh ok that sounds solvable :)14:19
cyberangerwrst: it sounds like amazon reissuing my ip address with no notification14:19
wrstwell that's not cool, an email would have been nice!14:20
cyberangeror somebody got into my box (not via ssh I doubt, ssh key only, maybe an apache exploit)14:20
cyberangerso yeah, looking for an answer now14:20
cyberangerwrst: can you tell me, somewere between 5 pm & 12am your timezone, I quit or timed out (I connected last night after that to see is it was still connected to irc14:22
cyberangerit wasn't)14:22
cyberangercan you tell me the time that was, and the part/quit message14:22
wrstyes hang on14:23
wrst[16:17:47] <-- cyberanger (~infocop41@swissknife/adak/infocop411) has quit (Quit: WeeChat 0.3.4)14:23
wrstthat's all i got cyberanger14:23
wrstfrom yesterday14:23
cyberangerthat's 16:17 (4:17) your timezone, on the 16th?14:25
wrstyes sir14:25
wrstmaybe off a minute or two my server forgets to update the clock sometime14:25
wrstno looks like its updating14:25
cyberangerthat's weird, I was connected to the server up till 6pm here, 5pm there14:25
cyberangerat least I think I was, and a quit message too, hrm14:26
wrstyes that's a little weird14:28
cyberanger16:17 would be plausable, if I issued a quit vs a part request14:29
cyberangerprior to logging off14:29
wrstcyberanger: are you you back in or still fighting to get in?14:30
cyberangerand then after logoff14:30
cyberangernot in, verifying what's going on14:31
wrstahh gotcha14:31
cyberangerif it was an attack, I don't want to be back in, I want to freeze the thing, audit what they got at, and catch the bugger14:31
cyberangerperhaps I'd like to "accidently discharge" my weapon too, depends on the bugger14:32
wrstha ha14:33
wrsthope you get it figured out cyberanger14:34
cyberangerI will14:35
cyberangerjust to what extent14:35
wrstno doubt :)14:35
cyberangerto what extent idk14:36
wrstso you think someone got in?14:37
cyberangerI do think this could play a role in my decision for next month14:37
cyberangerlinode or ec214:37
wrstcyberanger: i have to say if you can afford it linode looks like a more solid option from what reasearch I have done14:41
cyberangersame, not to metion, what I compared with, as much as I tweaked the ec2 witht the aim of lowering costs, it didn't move too muc14:46
cyberangerif I used it like a linode, it would have shot outside my budget even quicker14:47
cyberanger(keep in mind, I was free under some limited usage amounts, so this was mere estmation)14:48
cyberanger(and that was free for a year, so I was looking at this for the new year, but recently just deciding more power now)14:49
cyberangersays my instance initated the shutdown, I can see three reasons for that (the odd part was trying to login, it does look like my ip was reissued to another box by all this)14:51
cyberangeroh, duh, I don't have an "elastic ip" on that14:54
=== infocop411 is now known as cyberanger
cyberangerwrst: don't have an "elastic ip" that explains that bit (forgot about that)14:59
cyberangerhrm, either the update script saw a restart required bit, I issued a shutdown on the server vs the netbook (in a hurry, happens, rare but knowing my luck ...15:00
cyberangerfinal option, doesn't fit the logs, a crash15:01
cyberangernothing to suggest attack, once that ip swap is explained15:01
wrstwell no attack is a good thing15:01
cyberangerinitialized by my user, update script was running, near a time I logged in (no logs on signing out, oversight on my part)15:06
cyberangerall access times line up as expected15:06
cyberangernothing to suggest it was more than that15:06
* cyberanger looks at update script15:07
cyberangerwrst: desktop & laptop version I wrote got put on the server, difference between is poweroff vs reboot15:07
wrstahh well good to know no funny business15:08
cyberangeryeah, new kernel modules installed, based on the dpkg logs, that'd be a reboot qualifier15:08
* cyberanger tweaks it back to the server level I had in mind15:09
cyberanger1whoops, wrong client quit15:10
=== cyberanger1 is now known as cyberanger
wrstha ha cyberanger congrats15:14
* cyberanger looks at his spelling there, not quite "sucess" but it'll be success in the end15:15
wrstwe knew what you meant :)15:17
cyberangerintresting here, immoral penguin theif caught on camera www.bbc.co.uk/nature/1530550215:21
wrstwell cyberanger you know people that use stuff with penguin logos are all about stealing15:46
=== johnhaitas is now known as pace_t_zulu
=== pace_t_zulu is now known as johnhaitas
cyberangerwrst: lol, good one (there are exceptions to the rule, thankfully)15:52
cyberangerah, nothing better than shooting your best friend in CoD Black Ops to the song "Meant to Live" by Switchfoot16:00
cyberangerdunno if it fits the definition of irony, but it sure fits the definition of fun16:04
* cyberanger sees he's iriting the other person by taking headshots one handed while typing this16:04
wrstha ha16:06
* cyberanger wishes he could say it's dumb luck, but there's nothing dumb about it16:11
cyberangerhe got some payback for that one, there is something to be said for rate of fire + unlimited supply of ammo16:13
cyberangerbut that was the first round16:13
cyberangerwrst: you play?16:14
wrstno would like to but don't have time16:14
cyberangerwrst: normally my answer too16:15
johnhaitashey fellas17:42
Unit193Howdy johnhaitas17:42
Unit193pace_t_zulu: You too ;)17:42
johnhaitasis pace_t_zulu around?17:43
johnhaitasi haven't seen that guy since quarter till eleven17:43
cyberangerjohnhaitas: he's always with us, if one is perceptive enough to notice17:44
johnhaitascyberanger: perhaps this is a case of being unable to see the forrest from the trees?17:44
johnhaitasbeing a tree?17:44
cyberangerdepends, are you a tree pace_t_zulu17:45
cyberangeror are you a tree johnhaitas17:47
johnhaitasi want to say i am not a tree17:47
Juzzyjohnhaitas: read pm17:51
cyberangerjohnhaitas: then there is no forrest17:52
johnhaitascyberanger: so you are not a tree either?17:53
cyberangerno, however I reserve the right to hug them17:56
Unit193Know how I remember names? echo $name > /dev/null18:46
cyberangerUnit193: so, uh you don't18:48
cyberangerseems I do something slightly more embarrassing echo $name > /dev/random18:48
Unit193I can remember what johnhaitas real name is, and almost half the time can get yours18:48
cyberangerthen mix up 68hkdjsalkj for 89890anjkkar18:49
cyberangereven if the name was fred18:49
Unit193I normally just plain can't remember, nothing to mix that up with :P18:49
* cyberanger hands Unit193 four juggling balls to help with that issue18:58
vychunehello Ubuntu Tennesseean's!20:44
wrsthey vychune you doing ok?20:46
wrstubotuTN: hello20:46
ubotuTNhey wrst :)20:46
wrstubotuTN: help20:47
ubotuTNwrst: help topics: 10 core modules: auth, basics, config, filters, httputil, irclog, remote, unicode, userdata, wordlist; 4 plugins: keywords, lp, packages, where (help <topic> for more info)20:47
vychuneyes and no20:47
wrstvychune:  :\20:47
vychunefriend just had a stillbirth20:47
wrstoh goodness vychune that's horrible20:47
vychuneidk how shes taking it20:51
wrstvychune: i can't imagine, my wife had a baby 7 months ago and I absolutely can't even imagine20:56
vychunei wish i had her number20:57
wrstyeah man that woudl be terrible21:05
vychuneok maybe ill stay connected this time22:05
JuzzyJD bbq is this weekend wooowooo22:07
johnhaitasJuzzy: ping ... pm22:32
Unit193Wish me all the luck you can, Natty > Oneiric...22:35
Unit193Why do I get the feeling I just did something really wrong?22:36
binarymutantnah it's good stuff22:37
Unit193One thing I noticed coming in, nautilus-data. I'm updating Lubuntu22:37
binarymutantwomp womp22:38
binarymutantjust remove it?22:38
Unit193I will, if this goes well...22:38
johnhaitasbinarymutant: you part of the womp crew?22:46
binarymutantmore like an audience member in Showtime at the Apollo22:48

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