Kilosmorning all05:53
KilosMaaz, coffee on05:53
* Maaz starts grinding coffee05:53
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!05:57
KilosMaaz, ty05:57
MaazEnjoy Kilos05:57
superflyMaaz: tell Kilos Good morning!06:25
Maazsuperfly: Righto, I'll tell Kilos on freenode06:26
superflyeish, it's really quiet in here today...09:56
Owkkuriwhere's the proper place to add routes to an interface after it's been brought up? still /etc/network/interfaces?11:52
tumbleweedOwkkuri: just add them with route / ip route11:55
Owkkuritumbleweed: I've got a whole bunch of "post-up sudo route add ..." in interfaces11:56
Owkkuriseems they're not always getting applied11:56
tumbleweedfor a start, remove the sudo11:56
tumbleweeddo the commands actually work?11:57
tumbleweedand you are using ifupdown to manage the interface? not network-manager?11:57
OwkkuriI think my issue may be related to ip addr add vs eth0:011:57
tumbleweedyou shouldn't need to use alias interfaces these days, with ip, you can add multiple IPs to an interface11:58
Owkkuriaye, i think that's what's going on11:58
Owkkurithis file's quite old11:58
Owkkurimaybe it's time to rewrite it11:59
bmg505anybody knows where I can get a usb type framegrabber for my notebook, obviously it must wek with ubuntu not loosedoze12:13
magespawnhowdy all12:20
superflybmg505: nope, sorry12:23
superflymagespawn: yo12:23
tumbleweedbmg505: easy answer to that is to buy a bunch of cheap ones. Most of them will probably work, and you can find the one that works best12:24
magespawnsuperfly my upgrade did not work.12:25
superflymagespawn: what happened?12:26
magespawnnot sure there was a powersupply cut-off12:27
superflymagespawn: pop in a live cd, mount hard drive, mount -o bind /dev and /proc, chroot hard drive, continue upgrade12:28
magespawnlooks like it was interupted12:30
magespawnthats sorted it ty.12:34
bmg505how is the new version?12:44
magespawnokay i am not such a big fan of unity though12:49
Owkkuriactually liking 11.10's version of unity over 11.0413:03
superflyI've grown far too attached to KDE to ever contemplate leaving :-P13:07
OwkkuriKDE just uses too much memory for my liking13:08
superflyhi zeref-c13:08
Owkkurialthough i do like it13:08
zeref-cHi superfly13:09
superflyOwkkuri: heavier than unity?13:09
Owkkurisitting on 1.9Gb used where as with KDE it floats are 2.1Gb13:09
Owkkurinot much, but yeah13:10
superflyOwkkuri: tried Gnome Shell?13:10
OwkkuriI haven't superfly, I should13:10
magespawnhow do i get it back to gnome. have googled but no luck with the directions.13:15
superflymagespawn: what do you mean, "get back to Gnome"13:16
zeref-cSuperfly, how r u likin 11.10 so far, i'm bout to install it, to get used to unity13:18
superflymagespawn: I don't understand what you mean, please explain what you mean.13:19
magespawni want switch back to gnome13:19
superflyzeref-c: I'm a KDE person, so I haven't experienced any radical changes13:19
superflymagespawn: from where?13:19
magespawnfrom unity13:20
superflymagespawn: I don't know. Try logging out and setting your X session?13:20
superflyI can do that with KDM13:20
superflyI presume LightDM can do the same thing13:20
superflyMaaz: google for ubuntu gnome classic13:21
Maazsuperfly: "Ubuntu 11.04 Change From Unity To Classic Gnome « scottlinux.com" http://scottlinux.com/2011/03/05/ubuntu-11-04-change-from-unity-to-classic-gnome/ :: "Ubuntu 11.04 Natty login to Classic Gnome 2 Desktop" http://ubuntuguide.net/ubuntu-11-04-natty-login-to-classic-gnome-2-desktop :: "Installing / Using Classic GNOME Desktop In Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric ..." http://www.webupd8.org/2011/08/installing-using-classic-gnome-desktop.html :: 13:21
tumbleweedsuperfly: install gnome-panel13:23
tumbleweedthat's it13:23
superflytumbleweed: thanks, now I know :-)13:23
zeref-cI tried to install it in vm, but got stuck at the retrievin files section.13:23
tumbleweedblame your mirror13:23
tumbleweed(or ISP)13:24
zeref-cPew pew13:39
zeref-cSuperfly, how come when i try to install 11.10 in vm, it stalls at the retrievin files section?13:41
superflyzeref-c: networking issues.13:41
zeref-cmeh, i told it not to install any updates or connect to internet13:42
tumbleweeddoes the vm have internet access?13:44
zeref-cBut durin the installation process, i unchecked the option to get updates13:48
magespawnty tumbleweed14:00
Kilosdid you win the great trek superfly 14:06
superflyKilos: something like that14:06
magespawnhowdy all16:35
magespawnhowdy Kilos16:42
Kiloshi magespawn you well?16:42
Kilossee wesley weenie gonna miss the meeting the swine16:42
Kilosgonna have to take him short16:43
Kilosevening everyone else16:43
magespawnyes and you Kilos?16:43
Kilosgood ty16:43
magespawnback again16:51
zerefpew pew16:53
Kiloshi zeref 16:54
zerefji Kilos :)16:54
Kiloslol slow down16:55
zerefoh, GF16:55
Kiloshi conradvo 16:55
zerefKilos: whats wb?16:56
Kiloswelcome back16:56
zerefzeref-c is gf16:56
zerefzeref is me16:56
Kiloszeref, whats gf16:56
zerefshe seems to be using my phone16:56
Kilosoh ok16:57
Kiloshi zeref-c  welcome to ubuntu-za16:58
zeref-cHi kilos, i've been converted to ubuntu. Lovin it17:00
Kilosgood girl17:00
Kilossome peeps are too brainwashed to even try17:00
zerefshe was mac17:01
zerefi was like BLEH17:01
Kilosthats better than windows at least17:01
Kilosnuvolari, ping17:03
Kilosoh my17:05
magespawnha thats a good one if she is still on windows17:05
zereftoday i was n00b, i tried to burn 11.10 on cd, burnt it as image17:05
Kilosis jmirc same as jedirc17:05
magespawnyou mean iso?17:05
zerefmagespawn: yeah17:06
zerefshould have burnt as data17:06
zerefKilos: i dont know17:06
magespawndid you download an iso?17:06
Kilosno never , got 2m data a day17:07
Kiloszeref, if you have the iso there is a way to burn it to cd17:08
Kilosi will have to look in notes but magespawn will know 17:08
magespawnthe burning program with ubuntu will recognize the iso file and make a bootable cd17:09
Kilosmethinks right click on it and use brasero17:09
zerefi usuallu use brasero17:10
zerefbut there is an option to burn as image or data, i always choose data, but today......17:10
Kilosthats supposed to work17:10
magespawni insert the blank disc drag the iso to the drive and burn it17:11
Kilosarent bootable cds all images17:11
zerefyeah, all my other ubuntu cd's are done, just today i failed 17:11
magespawnusually asks if i want it as an iso or as files in a folder17:11
zerefyes, i clicked the wrong option by mistake17:12
magespawnahh right17:12
magespawnkilos is the meeting tonight?17:13
Kilosaccording to the lists yes magespawn but we dont have a chair person17:14
Kiloswith maaz control17:15
Kilosour monthly meeting here17:15
magespawnahh yes i remember that conversation.17:15
Kiloswe will see if anyone pitches by half past or a bit later17:17
Kilosi only see drubin thats got the expertise17:17
zerefwhat are the meeting usually about?17:18
Kiloseverything thats happening with releases and normal daily stuff17:18
KilosMaaz, meeting logs17:19
MaazKilos: What?17:19
Kilosi dunno how to ask the bot for the last logs17:19
magespawni think they should also be on the website17:20
magespawnMaaz meeting logs17:21
Maazmagespawn: Excuse me?17:21
magespawnnot that either17:21
Kilosinetpro, ping17:22
magespawnzeref are you on the mailing list? there is also a google calender.17:22
Kilosmaia is studying so she cant help17:23
Kilosand kbmonkey says he has no connection tonight17:23
magespawnwhat is maia studying?17:24
Kilossomething heavy17:24
Kilosfor me anyway17:24
magespawnthey should give you control17:27
Kilosno man i cant remember all the commands for the bot and qwhere to save everything17:28
Kilosinetpro, tried last month17:28
Kilostried to make me do it that is17:29
magespawnmaybe we can a pdf howto. i would also like to learn how.17:29
Kilosthis is the first time we stuck like this17:30
Kiloscocooncrash, you wanna chair tonights meeting?17:31
Kilosmaybe we can postpone?17:33
magespawnlooks like it.17:33
Kilosi gotta go eat.. bb asap17:35
magespawnzeref ^^^17:41
=== Banlam\ is now known as Banlam
Kiloshi Banlam 17:49
Kilostumbleweed, can we postpone tonights meeting?17:49
tumbleweedKilos: I wasn't even aware of it17:50
tumbleweedthe tpic still talks about a meeting on 15 august17:50
Kilosmaybe thats better then17:50
tumbleweedyeah, go ahead17:50
Kilosoh not third friday of each month17:50
Kiloslets see if the bot listens17:51
tumbleweedno I mean go ahead and postpone if you want to17:51
KilosMaaz, announce tonights irc meeting postponed till next monday evening17:51
MaazAnnouncement from Kilos! tonights irc meeting postponed till next monday evening17:51
Kiloshe dont listen17:51
Kilosty tumbleweed 17:52
Kiloszeref, what happened the -c17:54
Kilosfone crashed17:54
inetprogood evening17:55
inetproKilos: I'm alive and kicking17:55
Kiloswow thats good to hear17:55
Kilosyou lurked till meeting was cancelled17:56
inetproKilos: nope, just logged in now17:56
* inetpro noticed all the pings from kils17:56
Kilosok you forgiven inetpro 17:56
Kilosonly one17:56
inetprofrom kilos*17:56
Kiloswe needed a chair17:57
zerefKilos: she is here now17:57
inetproKilos: I don't have the rights either17:57
inetprobut I still think you should have them Kilos17:57
Kilosanyway meeting postponed till next monday evening so long17:58
inetproKilos: I'd say you're one of the most consistent and outspoken members around here at this stage17:59
Kilosi will need to remember too much inetpro 17:59
Kilosall the links maaz needs and commands17:59
inetproKilos: the first time might be tough but I'm sure you'll get your notes in order quite quickly18:00
Kilosnee man18:00
Kilosstill jy18:00
inetprotumbleweed: what do you think about the idea?18:00
inetproKilos: ultimately it is your choice 18:01
Kilosi would like to help when we have probs with the chair but will need to actually see an old log and get all the relevant info18:03
Kilosbut then i bang i will have to do it everytime18:03
Banlambut you know you want to18:04
Kilosnot actually Banlam but dont mind helping out18:05
Kilossometimes the head doesnt allow for straight thinking18:06
Kiloswb magespawn 18:06
magespawnbeen up since 04:30 so the reactions are a bit porked18:06
Kiloswhy so early18:07
tumbleweedinetpro: what am I commenting on?18:07
inetprotumbleweed: I vote for Kilos as a chair for meetings18:07
magespawngame drive for 6 hours.18:07
magespawnhere we go again.18:08
inetprotumbleweed: or at least as a backup chair18:08
Banlamwho is the current chair?18:08
magespawndoesn't Kilos have to agree?18:08
tumbleweedinetpro: sounds good18:09
inetpromagespawn: he just said that he would like to help18:09
magespawni second that, as long Kilos is okay with it.18:10
Kilosnote backup18:10
Kilosinetpro, can you mail me the logs of the last meeting so i can make notes of what all to tell the bot?18:11
inetproKilos: you see you have the necessary support and others will certainly help you18:11
magespawni am off to bed all good night.18:11
inetproKilos: let me find the logs18:12
Kilosok if someone does the internet stuff then i will give it a go if kb or maia arent here next monday18:13
Kilosbut i will mail them and push for one of them to be here18:13
inetproKilos: http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/2011-07-18-17-35-25.html18:14
Kilosok i wget that18:14
Kilosty inetpro i will look at that when i offline18:15
inetproKilos: actually that was not the last one18:16
inetproyou can see other logs at http://maaz.mene.za.net/logs/meetings/freenode-%23ubuntu-za/18:17
Kilosi cant go look inetpro . browsers too data hungry18:17
inetproKilos: use lynx, links or elinks18:18
Kiloswget works for me18:18
Kiloscant copy paste from elinks18:33
nuvolariKilos: pong18:51
nuvolarihi naand oom18:51
Kilosnaand nuvolari 18:51
Kilosjy moes kom stoel wees het vanaand18:52
Kilosengilse stoel18:52
nuvolariwha :-/ been busy18:56
nuvolariand my parent's last night here18:56
nuvolariso spent the time with them18:56
Kilosok you forgiven but next monday evening hey?18:57
nuvolariI'll know to prepare then :>18:59
Kilosdankie seun18:59
nuvolariand monday's are open \o/18:59
* nuvolari sit 'n reminder op18:59
Kilosen ek het die weenie gepos ook maar ek dink hy jol te lekker in die kaap19:02
nuvolariKilos: hy het laat weet oom, hy is nie in touch met die net op die stadium nie19:08
nuvolariek't net so flugtig gesien19:08
Kiloshy het n usb modem so hy moet n plan maak19:13
Kilosek sal hom môre hier van as hy by die kaffee is19:14
nuvolari:'( nou sit ek weer hier man alleen in die kzn-ubuntu-land 19:15
nuvolariKilos: oom, het Tara weer iets gehoor al?19:16
Kilossy het n video of lied gemaak vir VOICE aus19:17
Kiloshulle sluit eers sondag ek dink19:17
Kilosek dink dis wat sy by die huis opgeneem het vir haar audisie19:18
Kilosxfactor sal sy moet wag tot volgende jaar wanneer sy n visa kan kry19:19
Kilosmaar xfactor het gese sy kan inkom as een van die laaste ses vrouens19:19
* Symmetria grins, you gotta love doctors sometimes19:20
Kilossonder die eerste drie rondes19:20
Kiloshi Symmetria 19:20
* Symmetria is so high right now from the meds his doc told him to take 19:20
* nuvolari push Symmetria into the pool since he won't notice19:21
Symmetriahahaha 19:23
Symmetriadoctor told me I needed to relax and sleep 19:23
nuvolarithen go sleep, relax in your dreamz :P19:23
nuvolaridream 'bout your next beamer19:23
Symmetriahahaha dude in about 10 minutes IM gonna pass out and not wake up for a day or 2 :P19:24
SymmetriaI'm on an insanely high dose of valium :P19:24
nuvolariyou're welcome19:24
Symmetriathats hilarious19:29
Kilosnuvolari, het jy gekyk?19:31
nuvolaribyt vas oom Kilos, gaan nou19:31
nuvolarioom Kilos, kan ek haar trou?19:34
Kiloswas dit goed?19:35
Symmetriadont marry anyone :P you will lose half and be consigned to a life of misery with no sex19:36
superflyKilos, oom, ek het hulp nodig - wat weet jy van wasmasjiene?19:36
Kiloswat doen dit nie superfly 19:36
superflySymmetria: and you're an expert on this because you're married, right?19:37
Kilosnothing is better than a happy marriage19:37
superflyKilos: die water gaan in die een pyp, en reg uit die ander...19:37
nuvolariKilos: dit was oom! jinne, sonder begeleiding, so 'n mooi stem19:37
Symmetriasuperfly heh, no, I was engaged once, and haha Im not one to talk, since Im probably about to be again :P19:38
Kilossounds like the pump is not switching off superfly 19:38
superflySymmetria: well, I'm no expert, since I've only been married for 4 years, but I'll tell you this much, you're dead wrong.19:39
Kilossuperfly, open back cover and you will see the pump19:40
Kilosits smallish with 2 pipes into it19:40
Kilosthe inlet most likely has something that was left in pockets there and its blocking the pump from switching off19:40
Kilosis dit ook groot data ding nuvolari 19:42
nuvolariKilos: dit is nie so groot nie oom Kilos 19:42
nuvolariminder as 2 minute19:42
Kilosnee wat los maar seun19:43
nuvolariKilos: 7.36Mb oom19:43
superflyKilos: could it have been bumped too much in the move?19:43
Kilosdis 3 dae se data19:44
Kilosmaybe something that was loose in the pipes has bumped down to the pumps inlet superfly 19:44
superflyThanks oom, you're a great help.19:45
Kiloshave found coins and all kinda funny things in there like pins etc19:45
Kiloshope you find something19:45
Kiloswhen you find nothing you gotta start worrying19:45
Kilosnuvolari, jy sal moet daar gaan bly19:51
* inetpro gaan vandag vroeg slaap19:52
Kilosgoeie plan inetpro lekker slaap19:53
Kiloshi nlsthzn 19:53
nlsthznHi Kilos , all19:53
inetproKilos: selle daar, dankie19:53
inetprognight everyone19:53
superflyHi nlsthzn 19:54
superflyGood night inetpro19:54
nlsthznHello superfly ... night inetpro 19:54
Kilosnlsthzn, meeting next monday at 1930 hey19:55
nlsthznKilos, thanks for the update... hopefully I am online closer to the date for another reminder :p19:55
Kilosyou  2 hours ahead hey nlsthzn 19:55
nuvolariKilos: waar bly oom?19:57
superflyNag, almal!19:58
Kiloswes van pretria nuvolari 19:58
Kilosnag superfly lekker slaap19:58
Kilossuperfly, 19:58
nuvolariwag, ek is lost, hoekom daar bly oom?19:59
nuvolarinight superfly 19:59
Kilosthere might be a sensor as well near the pump that tells it when  it has enough water in , there could be a pin or something jamminmg that too19:59
Kilosgood luck19:59
Kiloso skuus man20:00
nlsthznnight superfly 20:00
Kilosek antwoord jou vraag om met tara te trou20:00
nuvolaribut why pretoria oom?20:01
nuvolariek dag sy bly in aussie country20:01
Kilosja ek het geslaap en gese waar bly ek20:02
Kilossy is in melbourne victoria20:02
Kilosek is half aan die slaap ook hier20:03
Kilosnight all. sleep tight20:03
Kilossee you all tomorrow again20:04
tumbleweedOwkkuri: was this what you hit earlier? https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ifupdown/+bug/87682920:20
Owkkuritumbleweed: seems like it, just eth0 was on dhcp20:21
tumbleweedOwkkuri: oneiric?20:21
Owkkurigot fed up and let NM manage the interface20:21
Owkkuriaye, oneric20:21
tumbleweedyup, that's probably it then20:21
OwkkuriNM works for now20:22
tumbleweedblame for it is busy being apportioned in #ubuntu-devel20:22
Owkkuricheers for the help tumbleweed :)20:25
tumbleweedOwkkuri: now you just need to wait for stgraber to fix it20:25
Owkkurion his own time 20:26
tumbleweedI think it's still work hours in canada (unless he's still in london)20:27
tumbleweedoh right, said it's his day off. /me stops assuming20:28

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