IbisFoolsRun: You're affected by this bug: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/indicator-session/+bug/83413700:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 834137 in Unity Foundations "user menu says [Invalid UTF-8]" [Medium,Fix released]00:00
bugs_buggerDoes anyone know whats the proper name of those Terminals you can reach via CTRL+ALT+F1-600:00
kaweahdentalbelorixx:  I'm running gnome classic already. It just doesn't show the System menu00:00
qinbugs_bugger: That is console or tty00:00
FoolsRunIbis: passwd says my uid is 100000:00
duma55bugs_bugger, tty00:00
IbisFoolsRun: At least, you ddn't mentioned what version of ubunt you're using. did you update?00:00
Uncle_Samany one00:00
Uncle_Samcan any one help me install ubuntu?00:00
FoolsRunIbis: yes, 11.1000:01
qinbugs_bugger: or just simply terminal00:01
chaituUncle_Sam: whats stopping you?00:01
duma55Uncle_Sam, what version?00:01
IbisFoolsRun: Clean install, or used Upgrade Release command?00:01
bugs_buggerok, thanks. i didnt find anything about my tty problem (actually searched for tty): they are not displayed, just blank screens. X on 7 is displayed though00:01
Uncle_Samchaitu, most recent. well last time I messed up partitioning00:01
FoolsRunIbis: upgrade release through 11.04's update manager00:01
rhizmoeuh, what's the name for the windows key again?00:01
FoolsRunAdjusting my entered username does not fix the problem00:02
Uncle_Samduma55, 11.400:02
rhizmoepower key or something?00:02
dakiraIf the Desktop dir was changed automatically so that its name matches my locale.. how do I change it back to english (without changing the language)?00:02
kaweahdentalSuper key00:02
chaitudo you have windows installed? and want dual boot?00:02
Uncle_Samchaitu, yeah00:02
duma55rhizmoe, power key, windows key...etc...call it what makes you happy.00:02
chaituhave a different system or this is the one?00:02
toddnineHey guys.  Just downloaded 11.10.  I love the Unity UI, how do I create a shortcut that stays?  I use  eclipse for a lot of development and unity doesn't detect the icon correctly.00:02
SetiAmonanyway to get Desktop zoom on Gnome3 Like in compiz+gnome2?00:02
Uncle_Samchaitu, huh?00:02
toddnines/shortcut that stays/shortcut that stays in the unity bar/00:03
Uncle_Samchaitu, I just need help partitioning00:03
rhizmoethanks. when i go to the viewport navigator with super-s, is there...something...that i can do to not make it take two clicks to select a blank one?00:03
bugs_buggerqin: duma55: any ideas why X is displayed ok but no tty?00:03
duma55Uncle_Sam, skip that, and go to 11.10..unless you have limited resources, and then go with maverick00:03
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FoolsRunIbis: could the UID_MIN thing be causing my numerous Unity/LightDM/icons/colors/themes/etc problems?00:03
Uncle_Samduma55, I dont feel like dling 1 GB with my slow internet right now00:03
Uncle_Samduma55, lol00:03
duma55bugs_bugger, nope...drivers are working and clean install...video specs?00:04
grom358what has happened to my desktop :'(00:04
alpicoladakira: You can always just rename it like you'd rename any other folder.00:04
IbisFoolsRun: Can you run in terminal, dpkg -s indicator-session|grep Version                              Please?00:04
FoolsRunIbis: yes, once my machine comes back up from a reboot00:04
bugs_buggerduma55: video specs? you mean the config for the display in the driver tool or what?00:05
duma55Uncle_Sam, so you have natty and, and are looking to do do-release-upgrade?00:05
Uncle_Samduma55, I have 11.4?00:05
Uncle_Samduma55, just wanna install it lol00:05
bugs_buggerduma55: ah, stupid me...sorry. i got an nvidia....hold on...00:05
FoolsRunIbis:  Version: 0.3.6-0ubuntu200:05
chaituduma55: he's trying to fresh install it. needs help with partitioning00:05
esteban22xhow can i reinstall nautilus?00:06
chaituapt-get install nautilus?00:06
grom358just upgraded to 11.10 .. I want to make it look like it was on 11.0400:06
bugs_buggerduma55: its an nvidia ion00:06
grom358with gnome classic00:06
esteban22xwhen i upgrade my ubuntu nautilus had a lot of bugs00:06
bugs_buggeresteban22x: its not bugs, its features ;)00:07
bugs_buggeresteban22x: try marking it for reinstall in synaptic00:07
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esteban22xlook for yourself, let me take a screenshot00:07
Jordan_U!notunity | grom35800:08
ubottugrom358: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:08
FoolsRunIbis: any thoughts?00:08
grom358ubottu: I installed gnome-panel.. still looks totally different00:08
ubottugrom358: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:08
FoolsRunI'm getting ready to reinstall Windows after five years of Ubuntu. I've never had an upgrade break so much.00:09
grom358I've install gnome-panel00:09
IbisFoolsRun: Apparently, the bug still exists. :S          "Username shown as [Invalid UTF-8]".00:09
Jordan_Ugrom358: Did you select the GNOME Fallback mode entry from the Sessions dropdown at login?00:09
grom358Jordan_U: yeah selected gnome classic it was called00:10
duma55Uncle_Sam, first install?00:10
FoolsRunIbis: I seem to be the only one with a white Unity top bar and no GTK theme, though. So that's fun for me.00:10
yagooanyone knows if flash64 is stable?00:10
IbisFoolsRun: I usually do clean installs.00:10
bugs_buggeresteban22x: that was intended to be a joke. nautilus has a few "features" that could as well be bugs. like the missing adress bar switcher for breadcrumbs/text. but thats off-topic. try reinstalling it via the synaptic package manager00:10
Siegel-hi my ubuntu wont start anymore after a frozen installation of the newer version i was prompted to update to. i get a black screen with a blinking cursor. try booting in recovery mode, i get a bunch of lines and nothing happens.00:10
grom358but my theme has been changed.. the menus have changed..00:10
FoolsRunIbis: it would take me weeks to reconfigure everything.00:10
Siegel-upgrade as to 11.000:11
esteban22xok, i'm gonna try00:11
Uncle_Samduma55, no00:11
IbisFoolsRun: I actually am using a white Unity theme right now. Radiance <300:11
yagoonobody uses flash on x64 ?00:11
Jordan_UWhen I have a window maximized (in this case gnome-terminal) the unity launcher isn't showing up even if I bring my cursor to the far left. I need to unmaximize the window to see the launcher. How can I fix this?00:11
SetiAmonyou know with all this "advancement" in UI's i think this whole 3D nonsense has made things lower and less effencient00:11
SetiAmonlike gnome200:11
grom358like what happened to my preferences menu for example00:11
FoolsRunIbis: maybe Raidence is stuck somewhere, then. My top bar is white and it won't change.00:11
Siegel-how can i run ubuntu again while recovering my files? without reinstalling?00:11
duma55Uncle_Sam, main distro .iso, or alternative?00:12
IbisSiegel-: "Run Ubuntu again" ? O_O Please rephrase.00:12
joshua__Hey guys, I have a question about how to get the 3d cube working within the gnome ui of Ubuntu 11.10, can someone direct me to the appropriate channel?  Thanks.00:12
chaituSiegel-: Run the live cd?00:12
bugs_buggerSiegel-: what is the exact log you're getting while booting?00:12
duma55FoolsRun, adwaita?00:12
Jordan_Ujoshua__: I don't think that mutter (the window manager used by gnome-shell) has a 3D cube option.00:13
FoolsRunduma55: selecting different themes in Appearance changes the titles but nothing else00:13
Siegel-chaitu: i tried that but it only gives me the option to install ubuntu (which will delete all the files), when i ex out of that option, it just goes into a new desktop of that ubuntu version without all my files. is there a way to recover the previous desktop through that?00:13
FoolsRunduma55: and HighContrast actually does nothing00:13
Ibisjoshua__: Install ccsm, then use Compiz config manager to set up some effects, such as the cool cube thing.00:13
duma55Jordan_U, definitely doesn't ...00:13
Siegel-bugs_bugger: before any ubuntu stuff shows up??00:13
duma55FoolsRun, using gnome-shell?00:14
bugs_buggerin recovery mode00:14
chaituSiegel-: have you tried booting into recovery mode?00:14
grom358so how do I get my theme back? I don't like dark themes00:14
FoolsRunduma55: I have gnome-shell installed, but I'm trying to use Unity. I installed gnome-shell when Unity wouldn't work right.00:14
dakiraalpicola: that won't work.. I just found I have to rename it AND edit $USER/.config/user-dirs.dirs accordingly00:14
joshua__Ibis,  I have done those things, and tried checking google for tutorials, and I have been unsuccessful.00:14
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FoolsRunduma55: should I try removing gnome-shell?00:15
Siegel-chaitu: yes, it didnt work, but then i chose "previous linux versions" and went into recovery with those. now it gives me a command line: root@david-desktop:~# (david being the desktop i want to recover)00:15
bugs_buggerSiegel-: You should be able to acces the sytem drive from the live cd. the desktop you get is that one of the live cd, but your home folder is still on the hard drive00:15
grom358I installed gnome-panel .. but lost of my theme settings etc00:15
duma55FoolsRun, sorry, being slow ...so you have gnome-shell running?00:15
chaituSiegel-: if its giving you that pormpt, whats stopping you from copying your files?00:16
Siegel-bugs_bugger: ok but how do i acces it? because when i went into the home folder of the live cd there were no files.00:16
Siegel-chaitu: which prompt?00:16
FoolsRunduma55: I'm currently running Unity, which is what I'm having so many problems with. If gnome-shell runs along with that, then yes.00:16
Siegel-chaitu: for installing ubuntu? it lets you copy your files?00:16
chaituSiegel-: once you get that prompt, David - have you tried doing ls?00:17
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FoolsRunduma55: I have gnome-shell installed and it's available as a session when logging in, but I'm using "Ubuntu" as my session.00:17
Siegel-chaitu: no, what does "ls" do?00:17
chaituSiegel-: you are trying to recover some files, right? just want to be sure00:17
chaituSiegel-: ls will list all the files you have..00:18
Siegel-yes i am. all of them preferably00:18
bugs_buggerSiegel-: of course. cause thats the home folder on the cd. there should be some entries in the folder panel of nautilus that got random numbers like 01f04jlm07830. depending on your partition setup there will be one system drive and, if you created an extra home partition, a home drive00:18
grom358seriously.. how u suppose to change theme.. I still can't find it00:18
grom358this is so annoying when it prompts you to upgrade and then so much stuff just changes on you00:18
Siegel-chaitu: ok, i did ls and it gave me the names of hte folders. do i just type in the name of the folder iw ould like to open?00:18
FoolsRunduma55: any thoughts?00:18
duma55FoolsRun, unfortunately you have to get the gnome-shell-user-extensions-themes-chicken thingee workee first, and the once it's enabled, you're good...00:18
al_nz1HI All00:19
FoolsRunduma55: the what now?00:19
al_nz1I am trying to install samba, but sudo apt-get install samba tells me its not available or referred to by another package?00:19
bugs_buggerSiegel-: you can mount them by double clicking. figuring out which drive is which should be easy, the root (system) drive contains folders like usr, etc and so on.00:19
rhizmoeNo match for "THEMECHICKEN.COM".00:19
duma55FoolsRun, unfortunately, have forgotten how myself...i found it through dogpile though...00:19
chaitubugs_bugger: I thought live cd mounts your windows drives too, no?00:20
FoolsRunduma55: and that'll fix my Unity problems?00:20
Siegel-bugs_bugger: i see no mouse cursor00:20
Satanaaanyways anyone figured out what "Online accounts" in ubuntu 11.10 is yet?00:20
rhizmoeSatanaa: currently it appears to be google accounts only00:20
yagooSatanaa, i believe that's ubuntu one00:21
tomdtxI just upgraded from 10.04 to 10.10 and I can't see the battery status anymore, how do I get it back ?00:21
Satanaayes but what does it do?00:21
bugs_buggerchaitu: it can mount any partition it detects on the hard drive(s) if its got a supported file system. ntfs and fat* are supported, so windows partitions will be mounted as well00:21
Satanaai have tried to login00:21
rhizmoemaybe it makes it so you don't have to gmail in thunderbird00:21
yagoochaitu, some do... some use ntfs-3g, or some use ntfs-readonly00:21
duma55FoolsRun, hope so, prolly knot00:21
Satanaanothing happends00:21
bugs_buggerSiegel-: you dont have no cursor on the live cd?00:21
Siegel-bugs_bugger: im not in the live cd00:21
FoolsRunduma55: heh. I'll try anything. Should have just stuck with 11.04.00:21
yagooso who here uses ubuntu x64?00:22
Siegel-bugs_bugger: i was using a command line in recovery mode00:22
tazzerhey :)00:22
Luciferoanyone is interested to a dropbox 18 gb account for free? Im about to delete it, due inactivity00:22
bugs_buggerSiegel-: are you on windows right now. or at a different pc?00:22
chaituyeah thought so..I wonder why Siegel- doesnt see the drives00:22
esteban22xthe same thing, I tried reinsall nautilus using synaptics and nothing changes00:22
kroq-gar78!ot | lucifero00:22
ubottulucifero: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:22
Siegel-bugs_bugger: this system never had windows on it, im on nothing00:22
Siegel-bugs_bugger: recovery mode for ubuntu00:22
rhizmoeSatanaa: worked for me00:22
yagookroq-gar78, do you use chrome or firefox for flash x64? just curious (last time i checked a year ago.. it was out of adobe labs experimental and crashed occsionally)00:22
Satanaait adds to thunderbird rhizmoe ?00:22
Siegel-chaitu: it gave me "desktop documents etc etc"00:22
Aleohi ppl00:22
Aleogood night00:23
rhizmoeno, i already had gmail in thunderbird00:23
rhizmoethat's how i use it00:23
Satanaarhizmoe yea how did it work for you then?00:23
FoolsRunduma55: so you're thinking some theme settings somewhere is stuck and the upgrade didn't change/fix it, and that this tool might?00:23
* yagoo needs to decide to use i386 or x64 on his 64bit machine (would like stability feedback on flashx64)00:23
* edinny is using 11.04 with the classic Gnome. Is there anything I will get from upgrading to 11.10?00:23
Siegel-chaitu: i did su <username> and then startx and now its starting up some desktop, its taking a long time though. i see a mouse cursor and that purple-with-light background of ubuntu. should i just wait? and how long?00:23
kroq-gar78yagoo: firefox w/ flash00:23
rhizmoeSatanaa: what are you talking about? try complete sentences.00:23
Satanaai did00:23
FoolsRunduma55: does the fact that I didn't install gnome-shell until after the upgrade blow that idea away?00:23
Satanaatry focus rhizmoe00:23
grom358edinny: I would not upgrade.. I was using 11.04 with classic gnome00:23
bugs_buggeral_nz1: try typing the command "sudo apt-get install samba" and then hit TAB twice to see all available packages matching "samba"00:24
tazzertoday i made my little sister her own login account i have a lot of music in my account, i want her to have access to my music folder without havin admin rights any ideas????00:24
grom358and 11.10 has just lost all my theme settings and my shortcuts I had on the panel etc00:24
duma55FoolsRun, if you're using Untiy, then let me ask you this...compizconfig is a factor?00:24
yagookroq-gar78, i'm guessing its stable enough for me to go all the way to x64 on this 6gig ram baby...00:24
FoolsRunduma55: I don't understand the question00:24
Satanaarhizmoe  you say that "online accounts" that is added to ubuntu works for you.. you have added gmail to thunderbird.. and you are confused over me?00:24
tomdtxanyone has the same problem (battery status indicator not shown in the pannel ?00:24
duma55FoolsRun, me either...so start again then?00:25
yagooduma55, compizconfig is if you have opengl working properly...00:25
tazzertoday i made my little sister her own login account i have a lot of music in my account, i want her to have access to my music folder without havin admin rights any ideas????00:25
Satanaarhizmoe so im in a full sentence asking you, how does "online accounts" work for you?00:25
FoolsRunduma55: I installed the upgrade, and now Unity has a white top bar and "generic" (looks old school Linux, grey, ugly) window widgets. Most of my icons were missing until I installed gnome-shell, which replaced them with the standard gnome icons, also not pretty.00:25
duma55yagoo, i get that...effed it up soo many times...kinda funny ho stupid i am, as it turns out00:26
gitterrost4hey. Again. I am using Ubuntu 11.04 and have an Elantech Touchpad. I would like to get Vertical Edge Scrolling to work and I don't know how.00:26
Satanaa( as you claim they do btw )00:26
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kaweahdentalare there any kind of panels in Unity? I have no idea which apps are open/active00:26
* yagoo blacklisted nouveau, and uninstalled all nvidia programs-- Opengl doesn't work out of the box for for his nvidia9800GT (NVidia's .run helped 100%)00:26
duma55FoolsRun, so you upgrade .04 to .10 using do-release-upgrade?00:26
nhrHey folks, after update, one of my desk top fails to initialize display after suspend/hibernate00:26
FoolsRunduma55: using the update manager. Same-ish thing.00:27
yagooduma55, you using nvidia? You'd probably try what i did..00:27
nhrscreen is all garbled00:27
Ibisyagoo: Can you use 3D?00:27
bugs_buggerSiegel-: i guess the easiest way to recover your files is to boot into live cd and acces your home folder from there. have you set up an extra home partition by the way?00:27
Ibisyagoo: See 3D icons too?00:27
yagooIbis, absolutely.. Just said 100%. Everything packaged with ubuntu worked EXCEPT opengl/glx.00:27
Siegel-bugs_bugger: no know nothin about it. bugs_bugger  k how do i access my home folder from the live cd?00:28
duma55FoolsRun, back up, reformat, and install from scratch...?00:28
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Satanaahmm seems like rhizmoe is hiding in embarrassment..00:28
Ibisyagoo: What was the problem before that?00:28
yagooIbis, what i mean with nvidia's run.. is non-deb package.. -- a download from the nvidia site..00:28
FoolsRunduma55: too much to reconfigure. I'll just install Windows and use the machine for something else if that's the answer.00:28
yagooIbis, i already said. OPENGL does not WORK.00:28
yagooIbis, shows in the logs.00:28
wilberarchOh, maaaaaaaaan!  CCSM completely breaks Unity!!   How do I get it back?!00:28
bugs_buggerSiegel-: as i explained above: you should be able to mount the root partition via nautilus00:29
wilberarchunity --reset hasn't worked  yet...00:29
FoolsRunwildberarch: get to a shell and sudo service lightdm restart ?00:29
* yagoo already said OPENGL works. and got it fixed.00:29
* yagoo but not with the ubuntu packages.00:29
wilberarchFoolsRun, haven't seen that yet...  lemme try...00:29
duma55yagoo, naw..using some giveaway bs hp workstation crap...4.3, but only 2gb and 32 bit...but working fine..i think the video is intel00:29
Ibisyagoo: I have nvidia 5200 Geforce, and all my icons are hidden from Unity launcher.00:29
Satanaahehe lucky, i cant even login with unity 3D00:29
Siegel-bugs_bugger: it only gives me the option to install ubuntu. i dont know how to mount root partitions, i dunno what nautilus is00:29
al_nz1how do I restart samba?00:29
IbisSo I'm waiting for that bug to be fixed.00:29
FoolsRunal_nzl: sudo service samba restart00:29
grom358can anyone tell me how to change themes on new ubuntu?00:29
AleoI have a question,00:30
yagooIbis, so look in the log--> grep -i glx /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:30
al_nz1FoolsRun: samba 'unrecognized service'00:30
wilberarchFoolsRun, nope.  that didn't work...00:30
gitterrost4Does anyone know how to get Vertical scrolling working on an elantech touchpad?00:30
yagooIbis, see if there are load up errors with glx00:30
bugs_buggerSiegel-: do you have the desktop cd or the alternate cd? how is the installation option displayed, as a window with a language list at the left side or as a shell menu?00:30
AleoI am happy with Ubuntu last version, but I saw on youtube videos, that I can not do here on mine00:31
Siegel-bugs_bugger: yes exactly00:31
kaweahdentalwhat is Alt+Grave?00:31
bugs_buggerSiegel-: yes to the first or the latter?00:31
Aleoone thing is to drag icons from launcher to choose position00:31
Siegel-bugs_bugger: latter, window with language list. i have a usb device, not a cd00:31
enchiladogrom358: Apperance00:31
grom358enchilado: where?00:32
FoolsRunYay now lightdm is crashing whenever a user logs out!00:32
gitterrost4It seems that the elantech touchpad won't use the synaptics driver...00:32
enchiladogrom358: open the dash and type "Appearance", or right-click your desktop and select "Change Background"00:32
gitterrost4Anyone know how to force this?00:32
Siegel-bugs_bugger: i was able to boot a new desktop (not my own with an empty homefolder) using "startx". how can i recover my home folder through this?00:33
FoolsRunSeems to me that 11.10 was just a teensy bit rushed00:33
OerHeksal_nz1, sudo service smbd restart00:33
bugs_buggerSiegel-: ok, you should be able to select "try ubuntu" on top the option to install it. see this image: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_9NdcYBKsZyo/TAaTIS9FZiI/AAAAAAAAAUw/vrrvt9aWGGQ/s1600/Screenshot.jpg00:33
grom358enchilado: kk.. thanks.. least got rid of the dark color.. still not the theme I want though00:33
al_nz1OerHeks: unreconised service still00:33
yagooIbis, i have a 5200 on an older system.. and i got it working long while ago perfectly as well..00:33
duma55al_, what 0erHeks said...00:33
OerHeksal_nz1, is the sevice running at all ? > sudo service --status-all00:34
Siegel-bugs_bugger: yes i saw it in in this desktop n ow00:34
GO1DHello, I have a problem, when I start my newly installed ubuntu nothing happens. I get to the login screen, login with my pass and as soon as I can see my wallpaper and three icons to the left it freezes. I can move my mose but not click anything. anyone know what to do?00:34
wilberarchAny other suggestions on how to fix Unity after CCSM borked it?00:34
al_nz1it would appear not00:34
bugs_buggerchaitu: do you know if the home folder is touched by a reinstall of ubuntu without formating the root partition?00:34
FoolsRunduma55: I've completely removed unity, gnome, gdm, lightdm ubuntu-desktop and all associated packages and reinstalled and my problems persist. Surely a reinstall won't fix them...00:35
enavGO1D: try to log in as unity 2d00:35
Siegel-bugs_bugger: i just went into "file system>home>david" and here are all of my files. god thats amazing00:35
yagooFoolsRun, that has nothing to do with the video driver00:35
bugs_buggerSiegel-: as easy as this ^^ glad i could help00:35
SetiAmonno more cookie control in firefox 7?00:35
NinjaJeffNoob question: How do I find GUI programs other than those in the "Applications" menu?00:35
FoolsRunyagoo: my problems aren't video driver related...00:35
JusticeZeroI'm having trouble getting 11.10 installed on my laptop. No CD drive, it doesn't want to boot off of the memory stick, and it doesn't show an option to edit the bios during boot.00:36
Siegel-bugs_bugger: haha thanks a lot, but i have a question, now that i found the files and can back them up on CYBERSPACE, is there any way of just restoring the old desktop or should i jsut reinstall ubuntu?00:36
bugs_buggerSiegel-: btw, nautilus is the file browser used in most GNOME Desktops such as Ubuntu00:36
yagooFoolsRun, um.. lightdm starts the X server00:36
yagooFoolsRun, that's driver related..00:36
duma55FoolsRun, I never figured it out either...apparently all the purging worked..alway just said eff it and reinstall...00:36
Siegel-bugs_bugger: oh i see i just didnt know the name00:36
wilberarchDamn.  Am I really facing a reinstall to get Unity back?!00:36
al_nz1OerHeks: I am following a guide to get samba going but its fubar - they talk about installing samba, but it should be samba-common as far as I can work out00:36
bugs_buggerSiegel-: well, i guess it would be the easiest to reinstall. figuring out what the exact problem is and fixing it may take up more time that a reinstall.00:37
FoolsRunyagoo: my problem is that my windows don't have the ambiance "look" and my Unity top bar is white and doesn't change when I change themes.00:37
al_nz1they talk about service samba start, but should it be service smbd start?00:37
grom358I hate Unity.. I hate Gnome 300:37
yagooFoolsRun, did u check the X log?00:37
JusticeZeroWhat should I do to get this laptop to boot off the stick in Windows so I can install Ubuntu? :p00:37
OerHeksal_nz1, yes, you need to start the deamon, smbd00:37
Siegel-bugs_bugger: i know what the problem was. well not what the problem was, but was caused it. ubuntu 11.0 was being installed and someone restarted the computer in the middle, so there was no clear os anymore it was just a mess00:37
Satanaagrom358 try unity 2d00:37
Ibis!notunity | grom35800:37
ubottugrom358: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic00:37
robin0800FoolsRun, have you tried gnom-tweak-tool to change themes?00:37
al_nz1OerHeks: how?00:38
IbisIn face you do not want unity.00:38
FoolsRunrobin0800: does that work in Unity?00:38
OerHeksal_nz1, is samba in the same workgroup ?00:38
grom358Yeah .. and the Gnome fallback isn't the same either00:38
rcmaehlThank you Ubuntu developers! Thank you for the option of SMALLER text in the accessibility options! It really helped on my netbook!00:38
grom358Alt + F2 shortcut gone00:38
grom358what happened to system/preferences menu.. its gone00:38
T2_i have a question, is it good to install ubuntu using wubi or is isntallation from cd or usb is better ?00:38
robin0800FoolsRun, yes apart from the gnome shell specific bits00:38
al_nz1OerHeks: what you mean is it in same workgroup? same workgroup as whtaT?00:38
kaweahdentalgrom358: I've been asking about system/prefs too00:39
rcmaehlT2_: live usb is the quickest00:39
grom358can't seem to move the date/time on my panel00:39
FoolsRunrobin0800: I'll give it a shot00:39
grom358my system monitor applet gone00:39
T2_@rcmaehl: is there any difference in performance?00:39
bugs_buggerSiegel-: well, maybe another run of the system update can fix that for you. i dunno, there is a terminal command to run a system update00:39
kaweahdentalgrom358: can't add any applets to the panel either00:39
OerHeksal_nz1, " sudo gedit /etc/samba/smb.conf "and look for the line workgroup, different workgroup won't connect00:39
grom358this is pretty poor upgrade experience00:39
grom358this is a downgrade00:39
al_nz1OerHeks: I dont want it to be in the same workgroup - I do want the service to start tho00:40
kaweahdentalupgrade for Unity, downgrade if you like gnome00:40
Siegel-bugs_bugger: only one problem, i hav eno browser on this desktop now i want to email these files to myslf00:40
al_nz1OerHeks: That the service is not running is the problem, no?00:40
Siegel-oh wait never mind bugs_bugger maybe i do00:40
grom358seriously.. what is happening to Desktop Linux00:40
NinjaJeffI'm running Gnome. How do I find what other programs I can use besides those in the "Applications" menu?00:40
Siegel-bugs_bugger: found it00:40
bugs_buggerSiegel-: what type of files you want to mail yourself? therer should be firefox on the live cd00:41
edbiangrom358, let's take it to #ubuntu-offtopic00:41
ward_how do i open a terminal in the total hell that the ubuntu GUI has become, please?00:41
rcmaehlT2_: Installing from live cd or USB usually provides better performance from ubuntu using ext2/ext3/ext4 partitions00:41
Aleorobin0800, hi again, do you know why I can't drop the unity launcher icons to re organize them, I have seen this on a video, can it be for being on a virtual box ? I have set 3 GB ram to the Ubuntu and the graphics board is fast00:41
ward_i feel such a stupid idiot, working with linux since 2006 and i cannot open a terminal anymore00:41
Stacy__I'm trying to install 11.10 with WUBI, but the installer doesnt look the same as all the tutorials. Specifically, it doesn't have the option to actually install inside windows. only reboot.00:41
Siegel-bugs_bugger: there is firefox im in my account, i want to email a bunch of text documents. about 3000:41
* duma55 =useless00:41
general1232ward: why dont you just use classic ubuntu00:41
fdsachecking for 'jack' >= 0.109.0 : not found <-- how do i install this?00:41
grom358edbian: sorry I know I'm ranting.. just frustrated by this upgrade that I was prompted to install00:41
ward_general1232, im trying to install..........00:41
kaweahdentalward_: superkey (windows key) search for terminal00:41
general1232ah i see00:41
edbianStacy__, installing with Wubi means installing inside wubi.  There is no option00:41
NinjaJeffIs there where I go to complain about the new Facebook?00:41
FoolsRunAnyone know what the default Unity icon theme is supposed to be?00:41
JusticeZerohelp, does anyone have tips how to get a new laptop to boot from usb? So I can install ubuntu and quit beating my head against win7?00:42
qin!info dmenu00:42
ubottuPackage dmenu does not exist in oneiric00:42
T2_@rcmaehl: ok..thanks00:42
rcmaehlFoolsRun: Ambiance00:42
yagooFoolsRun, ur problem is video driver related.00:42
Stacy__edbian, ?00:42
bugs_buggerSiegel-: ah, i see. if you got bigger files i guess it would be quicker to store them on another usb device.00:42
edbiangrom358, Want help with some immediate problem?  I can even explain how to use a different GUI00:42
rcmaehlFoolsRun: I believe00:42
OerHeksal_nz1, i followed this guide to setup samba-shares, it can't be more simple > http://www.7tutorials.com/how-change-workgroup-ubuntu-linux-work-windows00:42
general1232ward:  sorry i can't really help you, i've got 11.04, try pressing the super key and then typing terminal00:42
ward_kaweahdental, thansk even alt-F2 gterm didnt work :s00:42
edbianStacy__, wubi is always inside windows.00:42
edbianStacy__, If you're using wubi, you're installing inside windows00:42
robin0800NinjaJeff, most are in usr/share/applications00:42
Stacy__edbian, mine WUBI installer doesnt look like this: http://www.ubuntu.com/sites/www.ubuntu.com/files/active/Installer.jpg00:42
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Siegel-bugs_bugger: yeah, i have another question.it took me long to install the printer/fax/scanner drivers. if i reinstall ubuntu ill have to do that again. is there a quicker way to do so?00:42
FoolsRunrcmaeh1: Ambiance isn't an option. It was set to Ubuntu-mono-dark00:43
yagooedbian, wubi means loopbackfile on ntfs.. its' overhead  (loopbackfile contains the embedded ext4)00:43
=== register is now known as urjobud
grom358edbian: well.. what is the alternative to Alt+F2 . I use that a lot to run my scripts for connecting to remote desktops00:43
edbianStacy__, What is different about how it looks?  (does it say 11.10 at the top like the picture?)00:43
FoolsRunyagoo: the theme not loading/changing properly is vid driver related? I've tried all three available proprietary drivers and I've tried no proprietary driver with no change.00:43
edbianyagoo, yep :)00:43
NinjaJeffAny suggestions for an application that can decrypt PGP files?00:43
AleoStacy__, I used wubi also and got an error, could no install, so I installed on a virtual box00:43
bugs_buggerSiegel-: no, sorry. if the download/configuration of the drivers was the issue, you'll have to do that again :(00:43
yagoogrom358, u can use alt-<arrow> once ur in plain console (eg: if ur in tty1, u can do alt-rightarrow to go to tty2)00:43
al_nz1OerHeks: well bottom line is smbd is not running and sudo service smbd restart or start doesnt help - 'unrecognised service'00:44
robin0800Aleo, you can only move some of them think order may be changed using dconf not sure00:44
Stacy__edbian, this is what my installer looks like: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/12195493/wubi.png00:44
kermithow do i disable the X screensaver without a pointing device?00:44
edbiangrom358, super-a00:44
kaweahdentalthe superkey didn't have much of a purpose in linux before, but now with Unity it reallly is the SUPERKEY...can't live without it00:44
edbianStacy__, mmm, what did you double click to open that window?00:44
Siegel-bugs_bugger: ok now ill have more experience the second time around. but i just dont see why i cant restore my desktop. i see all my files are saved.00:45
grom358what is superkey?00:45
FoolsRunyagoo: I'm happy to accept if that's the problem, but since no driver makes a difference I'm skeptical00:45
Stacy__edbian, yes00:45
kaweahdentalgrom358: aka windows key left of ALT00:45
Stacy__edbian, i downloaded from: http://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu/windows-installer00:45
yagooFoolsRun, if lightdm is crashing, then it's more towards driver issue than about themse.00:45
robin0800kermit, keyboard perhaps00:45
edbianStacy__, what did you double click?00:45
tittuWhat is the difference between the cd and dvd downloads available for ubuntu? thanks00:45
Ibisgrom358: The windows Key. With the window's logo on it.00:45
grom358doesn't appear to be doing anything for me00:45
yagooFoolsRun, you're skeptical? Then pastebin your X log (/var/log/Xorg.0.log)00:45
Stacy__edbian, wubi.exe00:45
OerHeksal_nz1, are both samba and smbfs installed ?00:45
Aleorobin0800, hmm, don't know if I have dconf, but also saw a video of a guy using compiz and unity plugin that I have here, and the guy resize the laucher icons as it moves the icon slider size, but here I do the same and nothing happens00:46
yagooFoolsRun, otherwise you're guessing about a ghost inthe machine00:46
bugs_buggerSiegel-: there is a difference between restoring your desktop and installed packages. but you probably dont have to reinstall. boot into recovery shell and try reupdating from there, maybe this fixes the issue.00:46
FoolsRunyagoo: so I probably have a driver issue, too, but that isn't my theme issue.00:46
kaweahdentalgrom358: that's cuz you're using gnome. Unity relies on it a lot00:46
al_nz1OerHeks: samba-common is00:46
al_nz1OerHeks: hwo to check sambafs?00:46
yagooFoolsRun, if the video driver is the issue. Everything else is irrelevant.00:46
edbianStacy__, That's curious: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide00:46
hueloovooOkay, a variation on my earlier question: *can* you safely install wxpython in Ubuntu that already has 2.8.11?00:46
grom358so do people here like Unity?00:46
rcmaehlhueloovoo: yes using synaptic \00:46
Stacy__edbian, I just deleted and redownloaded it, now it looks like that. very. very. strange. Also I downloaded a .iso a day ago, and it had the same WUBI screen. But now, this 3rd and final download presents the screen in the tutorial. this is SSOOOO frustrating!!!!!00:46
OerHeksal_nz1, you can check if it appears in the output of > apt-cache search samba00:47
Siegel-bugs_bugger the problem is that im not able to boot into recovery shell. well i am able to get to a command line where i typed "startx" and thats how i got to this desktop with the file system.00:47
hueloovooCan't find it in synaptic at all.00:47
robin0800Aleo, think that's broke install confity to do that00:47
Siegel-bugs_bugger: is there a way to boot into recovery shell from that command line?00:47
edbianStacy__, the regular CDs have wubi on them00:47
bugs_buggertittu: the dvd has more software ready to install with the system, the cd needs certain packages to be downloaded after the installing of the system00:47
kaweahdentalgrom358: don't like it much, but gnome in 11.10 is not working all that well anymore00:47
FoolsRunyagoo: so if I switch to the generic, non proprietary driver and lightdm stops crashing, how do I fix my theme problem?00:47
tittu@bugs_bugger: thanks00:47
yagooFoolsRun, I think I can't help you. You refuse to post your X log. Good luck buddy.00:48
edbianStacy__, trying to figure it out00:48
edbianStacy__, do you have teamviewer?00:48
Siegel-bugs_bugger: and also i have this layout of natty narwhal, how do i change it to classic ubuntu? i had it before but i dont remember how i did it00:48
bugs_buggerSiegel-: no, but if i recall it correctly there is a way to log you into a shell session as a user on the system from the live cd.00:48
Aleorobin0800, I could not install confity, I followed the instructions but could no install, don't know why., which they have a deb package00:48
FoolsRunyagoo: I'm rebooting. I'll pastebin my log in a minute.00:48
al_nz1OerHeks: No its not there00:48
Tecanubuntu 11.10 sucks major fuckface00:48
Siegel-bugs_bugger: oh. why wont the live cd enable me to boot into my current desktop?00:48
rcmaehlTecan: Watch the language. Thanks.00:49
Stacy__edbian, no, but the third time i downloaded wubi it present the proper screeen & is installing now00:49
Tecanwhat happened ?00:49
Stacy__edbian, thank you though :)00:49
bugs_buggerSiegel-: do you mean Unity? with the start dock on the left?00:49
OerHeksal_nz1, oke, that is the part you are missing, sudo apt-get install smbfs00:49
edbianStacy__, oh, yay :)00:49
robin0800Aleo, only version 1.0 but that works for me00:49
edbianStacy__, sure, but I didn't do anything!00:49
Siegel-bugs_bugger: yeah it sucks00:49
rcmaehlTecan: If you don't like it then install gnome3 or gnome-shell00:49
hueloovoo11.10 is perfectly serviceable from what I've seen, once you install GNOME-Classic00:49
rcmaehlTecan: or Kubuntu00:49
Aleorobin0800, can you give me the url for that version with deb package ?00:49
Tecani'll go back to suse00:49
tittuI have an i7 processor on my laptop, so which one should i go for PC(intel x86) or 64-bit PC(amd64) ?00:50
NinjaJeffI need a program to encrypt and decrypt PGP files. Where is this in Gnome?00:50
kaweahdentalhueloovoo: gnome classic is missing the System/Prefs menu00:50
rcmaehlNinjaJeff: hold on00:50
bugs_buggerSiegel-: you should be able to select the session form the login screen. in the lower left, there is a dropdown that lets you select the session. there should be something like "gnome-classic"00:50
al_nz1OerHeks: ok smbfs is now installed00:50
Siegel-bugs_bugger: yes ok but i cant get to that screen yet because when i log out it brings me back to the command line00:51
robin0800Aleo, it should be on the same source forge page but can;t check here sorry00:51
Siegel-bugs_bugger: i have a usb stick for the live cd. can i store my text files on it as well?00:51
ward_so when i try to click on my keyboard type the installation freezes and i cannot continue nor go back00:51
ward_what the hell did you do to ubuntu!!?!?!??!00:51
rcmaehlNinjaJeff: sudo apt-get install signing-party00:51
ward_its 100% garbage now00:51
Aleorobin0800, thank anyway going to search :)00:52
bugs_buggerSiegel-: that should be possible. i dont know about it though, how did you create the boot-stick?00:52
NinjaJeffIs that a text or GUI app?00:52
Tecansynaptic crashes00:52
Siegel-bugs_bugger: through the maker on ubuntu.00:52
Siegel-you know the live disk creator00:52
rcmaehlTecan: then use terminal00:52
OerHeksal_nz1, now you can check the service is running, or start over and share the folder00:53
bugs_buggerSiegel-: did you specify any disk space for persistency?00:53
* yagoo is currently install ubuntux64 and expects the video not to work properly..00:53
Tecanwhen i upgraded none of my old packages were kept00:53
ward_third try for a simple installation!00:53
Siegel-bugs_bugger: duuno, but ive used it before to install ubuntu and it worked perfectly. this very one00:53
al_nz1still get unreconised service00:53
al_nz1for sudo service smbd start00:53
OerHeksward_ check your iso first, with md5sum00:53
yagooal_nz1, list of services in /etc/init.d00:53
yagooal_nz1, try "start smbd"00:54
al_nz1start: unknown job :smbd00:54
ward_OerHeks, is fine, its just ubuntu, or how they messed it up00:54
yagooal_nz1, is it listed in /etc/init.d ?00:54
zapshey guys i need some help... i am trying to install xbmc from a previous PPA, but apt stops becuase of unmet deps... what can i do to have it just meet the deps? http://pastebin.com/9C1sid2f00:54
al_nz1yagoo: no00:55
NinjaJeffI installed signing party. How do I use it now?00:55
riddleboxhello, how do I right click and format a thumb drive in 11.10?00:55
yagooal_nz1, so it's smbd is not there.. u trying to install samba?00:55
grom358what package is gnome-tweak apart of?00:55
yagooal_nz1, dpkg -l |grep -i samba00:56
NinjaJeffAnd in general: How do I execute programs in Gnome (besidess ones in the "Applications" menu)?00:56
yagooal_nz1, is it there?00:56
al_nz1yagoo: that brought up some text00:57
yagooal_nz1, anything with samba?00:57
robin0800grom358, if you mean gnome-tweak-tool its not in a package it is the package00:57
al_nz1and sambafs00:58
al_nz1smbfs i mean00:58
SteveHI have transferred most of my files from one laptop to another, both using 10.4, and find that while I can hover over a song in a directory, and it plays, I can't seem to be able to import files into movieplayer or banshee, and have the play.   Can anyone suggest a troubleshooting scenario to try?00:58
OerHeksal_nz1, i think i got it now, all you need is to install samba & smbfs, not samba-common00:58
yagooal_nz1, try this-> sudo apt-get install samba samba-common system-config-samba samba400:58
emily_hi all, I am trying to help a friend. She said she was updating it but power was unplugged (on laptop) and now it wont boot correctly. It acts like it will but then hangs at a particular spot(where it does its checking and says [ok] on the right side of the screen)I was able to ctrl+alt+F1, login and update but it still wont boot gnome i guess without me going to the term and typing 'startx' Any ideas? Im not sure where to start even. also sh00:58
emily_e is on the new 11.10, not sure how long.00:58
edbianemily_, sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop00:59
gitterrost4I need help getting VerticalEdgeScrolling to work on my Elantech Touchpad in ubuntu 11.04.00:59
al_nz1yagoo: ok - some of those packages were already installed, but its now installing 370Mb for one of them at least01:00
yagooemily_, that sux..01:00
robin0800SteveH, have you tried import media in banshee01:00
yagooal_nz1, cool..01:00
emily_edbian, thanks, i will try that01:00
yagooal_nz1, maybe a gui app gets installed to setup samba.. if not maybe u can list it with dpkg -L system-config-samba01:00
edbianemily_, sure01:00
al_nz1yagoo: so after all thats installed - sudo service smbd start?01:01
SteveHrobin0800: I show the files in the queue, but a) no sound when it plays and b) the Play button doesn't change to a Pause icon.01:01
robin0800SteveH, you have codecs installed?01:02
yagooal_nz1, i dont know the procedure for 11.10..01:02
linuswhat's the difference between loging in with ubuntu and logging in with ubuntu 2d cause I can only login with 2d01:02
zapshey guys i need some help... i am trying to install xbmc from a previous PPA, but apt stops becuase of unmet deps... what can i do to have it just meet the deps? http://pastebin.com/9C1sid2f01:02
yagooal_nz1, i would check the menu, see if there's a samba config app there..01:02
al_nz1yagoo: its running now :-)01:02
SteveHrobin0800: I haven't explicitly installed any.01:03
yagooal_nz1, cool.. btw i was too lazy to use apt-cache search.. and saw this http://www.noobslab.com/2011/07/samba-installation-on-ubuntu-11-041110.html01:03
stewart_Is there a way to get the new toolbar on to my primary display?01:03
al_nz1yagoo: ok to pm?01:03
yagooal_nz1, it's ok to ask in here.. so in case anyone else wants to do samba..01:03
robin0800SteveH, you need to if this is a clean install01:04
edbianstewart_, no :(  That's one of the biggest complaints about unity01:04
al_nz1yagoo: just a general chat really01:04
KM0201al_nz1: you need to configure some shares.01:04
KM0201if you haven't already01:04
Aleorobin0800, installed confity 1.0, I set the laucher size to 32 but no changes, going to log off and in01:04
JusticeZeroHow is K coming along compared to gnome and unity?01:04
al_nz1KM0201: yep - I think I am ok to do that - thanks01:04
Aleosee if they change this way01:05
SteveHrobin0800: Any particular codecs?  My music is generally mp3.01:05
yagooal_nz1, btw u get any graphical app from that config package?01:05
al_nz1yagoo: how would I know?01:05
yagooal_nz1, maybe it's in system settings01:05
stewart_edbian: ah thats ok... I suppose it makes sense having it there but would be nice to customise... maybe next year... thanks for the heads up01:05
linuswhat's the difference between loging in with ubuntu and logging in with ubuntu 2d cause I can only login with 2d01:05
robin0800SteveH, the fluendo mp3 codec is very good IMHO01:05
al_nz1yagoo: yeah I did01:06
edbianstewart_, sure01:06
yagooal_nz1, what about dpkg -L system-config-samba?01:06
yagooal_nz1, any bin listed?01:06
SteveHrobin0800: Can you 'splain how my hovering over a song icon could work, but not banshee?01:06
al_nz1yagoo: its all good now01:07
al_nz1yagoo: whats the diff between the terms smb and samba?01:07
robin0800SteveH, no no idea01:07
KM0201smbd is just the name of the service that starts samba01:07
yagooal_nz1, smb means server message block. Samba is the unix/linux toolset to work with smb/cifs..01:07
KM0201and that.. :)01:08
yagooal_nz1, There's no samba protocol. (people often get this wrong)01:08
yagooal_nz1, smb/cifs are protocols..01:08
FoolsRunyagoo: which log did you want to see from my x?01:08
yagooFoolsRun, /var/log/Xorg.0.log01:08
al_nz1yagoo: are smb and cifs the same thing?01:08
yagooFoolsRun, pastebin it..01:08
yagooal_nz1, cifs is supposed to be newer.. like more security or someting..01:09
yagooal_nz1, i discvered a few weeks ago.. it's very easy to use webdav..01:09
zapshey guys i need some help... i am trying to install xbmc from a previous PPA, but apt stops becuase of unmet deps... what can i do to have it just meet the deps? http://pastebin.com/9C1sid2f01:09
SteveHrobin0800: Joy!  Thanks!!01:09
KM0201zaps: there's a install script out there that works... the PPA"s all seem to be closed...01:10
ricky_hi everybody01:10
KM0201zaps: what version of ubuntu are you using?01:10
zapsKM0201: i've tried thsoe, not working01:10
zaps11.10, latest, fresh install01:10
KM0201zaps: worked fine for me, are you sure you did it correctly?01:10
zapsthere's nothing to do but run it01:10
zapsnot sure why you'd ask a question if you knew what was involved01:10
KM0201zaps: http://www.noobslab.com/2011/09/install-xbmc-on-ubuntu-1110-oneiric.html01:11
al_nz1yagoo: ok - NFS sharing is next !01:11
yagooal_nz1, i don't believe samba does fully all cifs can do.. but dont worry about that..01:11
zapsKM0201: yup i tried that01:11
KM0201zaps: not sure why you wouldn't just answre the question... you'd be amazed at the people who think they did something properly, and they didn't01:11
KM0201ok, well, good luck01:11
yagooal_nz1, nfs is good-- it's very well supported across mswinbloze and mac platforms..01:11
zapsKM0201: it fails through the script, 1 sec i'll get youa p astebin01:12
al_nz1yagoo: setting up ubuntu nfs share01:12
KM0201zaps: honestly i dont' care, i dont' help folks w/ attitudes01:12
srk9I installed Ubuntu 11.10 in KVM and I am having graphics glitches. How do I turn off compositing?01:12
FoolsRunyagoo: http://pastebin.com/ZjTk65qi01:13
FirefisheI have an HP Mini 110 with the following partition scheme on it: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710391/ -- I have about 107MB of unallocated free space.  /dev/sda2 is the primary partition for /dev/sda5 and /dev/sda6, the linux logical/swap partitions.01:13
FirefisheI want to use the unallocated space for lvm, or some other useage scheme.01:13
paradoxxGreetings all. I have a question about Gnome Shell. Is there a shortcut or faster way to bring up the notification bar on the bottom?01:13
sanduz2anyone know why unity keeps losing focus of windows so easily? when i hop workspaces and such, it kind of just loses focus. my cursor is blinking in a text field, for example, but when i type nothiing happens until i click because unity keeps losing focus (global menu is blank, instead of having the app with the blinking cursors name)01:14
ev_edbian, i was emily, my username changed, that did not seem to work. any other ideas?01:14
edbianev_, what happened? Was that already installed?01:15
yagooFoolsRun, is the problem on the desktop "random" ?01:16
ev_edbian, it installed it. I had to press 'y'. it wont get to the login screen. I have tried updating and upgrading to no avail01:16
jamil_1is it possible to install all the packages from a repo ?01:16
yagooFoolsRun, "The EDID for VIZ VL470M (DFP-1) contradicts itself"01:16
jamil_1assuming my repo is cdrom01:16
al_nz1yagoo: how do I set a static ip? ifconfig?01:16
edbianev_, can you run startx now ?01:16
FoolsRunyagoo: no, the icons, colors, and theme (or lack thereof) is consistent.01:16
edbianjamil_1, some packages conflict with one another I think01:16
edbianjamil_1, also, it's probably several gigabytes worth of data01:17
ev_edbian, if i ctrl+alt+f1 and login and startx it will start, but no login screen01:17
zelrikI have a problem loggin to icq with empathy01:17
edbianev_, sudo apt-get install ldm01:17
jamil_1edbian: no, only from the installation cdrom ?01:17
edbianev_, Guess at the package name but you need to install some dm (ldm, gdm, kdm)01:17
edbianjamil_1, I'm not sure if it's easy but it's definitely possible01:17
yagooFoolsRun, what about the font sizes?.. Did you have to fiddle around with them?01:17
ev_edbian, ok, probably gdm, thats what she was using01:18
yagooFoolsRun, do the fonts appear correct?01:18
jamil_1edbian: if I add it to my sources.list and disable other repos ?01:18
edbianev_, well ldm is the new display manager in 11.1001:18
todd_I just got upgraded and I hat the new look, how do I go back to the drop down style ubuntu???01:18
FoolsRunyagoo: In Unity, yes. In GNOME-Classic, interestingly, some of the fonts are very small.01:18
edbianjamil_1, well you can install things from it but installing everything from it is the hard part.01:18
hylianhey guys, with the new ubuntu 11.10, it doesn't keep my preferred desktop environment, it goes back to unity 3d everytime...01:18
edbianjamil_1, doing what you described will just make it available, it won't install anything01:18
jamil_1edbian: why is it hard ?01:19
yagooFoolsRun, that's what's probably causing it.. because i see this in ur log.. "DPI set to (46, 46)" .. it should be 96..01:19
jamil_1edbian: can you give me some pointers ?01:19
FoolsRunyagoo: that's what's causing the theme issues, too?01:19
edbianjamil_1, Why do you want to install every package from the CD?01:19
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hylianhey guys, with the new ubuntu 11.10, it doesn't keep my preferred desktop environment, it goes back to unity 3d everytime...01:19
yagooFoolsRun, it's the edid information not being properly picked up.. btw.. are you able to have the proper resolution in X?01:19
jamil_1edbian: because I suspect my uprgade didn't go well but apt is not complaining01:19
FoolsRunyagoo: yes, the resolution is fine01:20
edbianjamil_1, apt is not compiling?01:20
ev_edbian, ahh, i c01:20
edbianjamil_1, sudo apt-get safe-upgrade   what does that do?01:20
edbianev_, sure01:20
Guest20852hello i'm having a bit of trouble with my battery icon, it doesn't display information and i've tried various fixes shown through google01:20
yagooFoolsRun, did u try looking at advanced font settings? (see what the font dpi is)01:20
OomElvishey all, how does one redirect output with dash? "tesseract output200.tif meh.txt >& /dev/null" results in "/bin/dash: Syntax error: Bad fd number"01:20
FoolsRunyagoo: I'll check now01:20
yagooFoolsRun, it should be like 96..01:20
pmitrosI just installed Ubuntu 11.10. Like 11.04, it defaulted to a broken interface. Unlike 11.04, I can't find an option to change it back. Any clue as to where I should look?01:20
jamil_1edbian: it does nothing01:20
FoolsRunyagoo: any idea where that is in 11.10?01:21
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edbianjamil_1, Why do you think the install is broken?01:21
yagooFoolsRun, i'm going to finished this install i have soon.. i'm not exactly sure where to see that..01:21
hylianpmitros, what happens when you log out, can you choose unity 2d over 3d in the gear icon on the login page?01:21
todd_how does one go back to the ubuntu 10 look after upgradeing to 11???01:21
pmitrosI get a 2d version of the broken interface.01:21
FoolsRunyagoo: that's weird, my display detected correctly in 11.0401:22
hylianhey guys, with the new ubuntu 11.10, it doesn't keep my preferred desktop environment, it goes back to unity 3d everytime...01:22
jamil_1edbian: because my network manager is not working01:22
edbianjamil_1, how is it not working?01:22
hylianpmitros, how is it broken?01:22
jamil_1edbian: also I have installed packages that were supposed to already installed but apt didn't say any thing01:22
szal!repeat | hylian01:22
ubottuhylian: Don't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/01:22
yagootodd_, u install the gnome-fallback-session package.. then can choose it from the login menu (gnome classic)01:22
ubottuThe default interface in Ubuntu 11.04 is !Unity. To switch back to regular !GNOME: log out, click your username, click the Session box at the bottom of the screen, and select "Ubuntu Classic".For 11.10, see !notunity01:22
szaltodd_: 11.what?01:23
pmitroshylian: E.g. things like focus-follows-the-mouse doesn't work with the top of the screen menus.01:23
jamil_1edbian: I must tell you I am on kubuntu01:23
yagoo^ that's after apt-getting that classic fallback package (what the bot said)01:23
hylianszal, i am not. you are allowed to post every so often. I know about that, thank you.01:23
jamil_1edbian: so I may if you dont consider this ot01:23
edbianjamil_1, what is not working in network manager01:23
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic01:23
ev_edbian, it installed ldm too, rebooted, and still not working is there a logfile i can pastebin?01:23
colby_i uninstalled thunderbird mailclient (on 11.10) and installed evolution (same as i had on 11.04), however, i can't start the mail client from the option on the top menu across the desktop01:23
edbianev_, hang on...01:23
jamil_1edbian: well network manager itself01:23
al_nz1how do I check 64 or 32 bit ubuntu01:24
edbianjamil_1, what about it?01:24
hylianpmitros, strange, sorry, I haven't run into this problem myself yet... hmmm.01:24
yagooal_nz1, i386 iso is for 32bit..01:24
KM0201al_nz1: uname -a01:24
edbianal_nz1, cat /etc/issue01:24
pmitroshylian: Do you use focus-follows-the-mouse?01:24
jeremy-77can some one help me find a link to the bcm4318  driver? I have ndiswrapper installed and been hunting for this driver for a long time with no luck01:24
yagooal_nz1, take note-- x64 bit linux can also run 32-bit ELF if its setup properly..01:24
ex0i want to use the dd command to copy a cd bit for bit to iso...what is the /dev/  path for cd's in ubuntu??01:24
jamil_1edbian: the wireless and wired tabs are disabled, dmesg logs show multiple times termination of network manager01:24
KM0201edbian: that doesn't say whether 32 or 64, .. just says version01:24
edbianev_, start the graphics and look at services-admin01:24
hylianpmitros, no i don't. i use the tty more than the gui. i love my console, sorry.01:25
edbianev_, alternatively sudo ldm01:25
edbianev_, or sudo service start ldm01:25
yagooex0, it may.. depending on the format.. -- u wouldnt be able to dd or cat multitrack properly (bluebook)01:25
edbianev_, or sudo /etc/init.d/ldm01:25
al_nz1unmae - a : Linux ubuntu-desktop 2.6.32-21-generic #32-Ubuntu SMP Fri Apr 16 i686 GNU/Linux01:25
todd_E: Unable to locate package gnome-fallback-session01:25
edbianKM0201, good point :P01:25
FirefisheHow does one use unallocated free space, when one already has 4 primary partitions, and 2 logical partitions off of one of the primaries?01:25
yagootodd_, apt-cache search fallback01:25
KM0201al_nz1: thats 32bit.01:25
jamil_1edbian: here is my dmesg: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710401/01:25
edbianFirefishe, by using extended partitions01:25
edbianjamil_1, I'm not sure why01:26
pmitroshylian: Focus-follows-the-mouse lets you switch between terminals much more efficiently, and be able to organize windows such that you can see things clearly (e.g. the window you're typing in doesn't have to cover up other windows)01:26
ex0i just wanna know what the cd's are called in the /dev folder...01:26
ex0so i can use dd command01:26
robin0800pmitros, where is focus-follows-the-mouse?01:26
ex0should be like /dev/hda...01:26
Firefisheedbian: I folow.  Problem is, gparted doesn't seem to allow me to do anything with the unallocated free space.  I also don't want to destroy any current partitions.  Here's my partition table: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710391/01:26
szaljust finished upgrading to Oneiric (apart from the KMail part, I'll do that later ;))..  got one niggle however..  booting takes 2 minutes longer than it's supposed to, because the system is "Waiting for network configuration" and then "Waiting up to 60 seconds more for network configuration", after which it says it starts up w/ incomplete network configuration01:26
yagooex0, maybe it's sr0 --> try dmesg |grep -i cd ..01:27
szalusing ifup, btw, and can't see what's the problem01:27
yagooex0, the device name may be there01:27
pmitrosrobin: I don't understand that question. It is on every classic Unix box I've used.01:27
edbianFirefishe, an extended partition allows you to have more than 4 logical partitions but it counts as one of the 4. So you can't create one unless you delete one of the primary (if only temporarily)01:27
hylianpmitros, yeah, I actually don't mind that. I actually like the xp and gnome 2 de's best. simple. I never use any of the extras added to them...01:27
ex0ty, sr001:27
ex0looks correct01:27
FoolsRunyagoo: the only thing I can find about fonts is "scaling factor" not DPI01:27
pmitrosOkay. I think this might fix it. Gotta restart X. Be back in a moment.01:28
Tecanhow do i sell stuff on the software center ?01:28
yagooFoolsRun, maybe there's an xrandr or something command to set the fonts dpi in X01:28
robin0800pmitros, thought it was something that needs to be enabled01:28
Firefisheedbian: So by 'deleting' one, this will only be a temporary condition within the editor--gparted--and won't actually do anything to damage anything?01:28
FoolsRunyagoo: and you really think that's causing all my theme issues?01:28
edbianFirefishe, wrong01:28
Firefisheedbian:  ya, sort of figured01:29
edbianFirefishe, at least, I wouldn't take that risk01:29
edbianFirefishe, copy one to some other drive, do what you need to do, copy it back01:29
sleepy4201hello can someone help me fix my battery icon, its really driving me crazy01:29
yagooFoolsRun, seems so.. also, it may be driver related (perhaps there are edid dpi helper options for the nvidia driver-- i'm betting there are) (perfect EDID info would prevent these problems)01:29
al_nz1yagoo: nfs work across different workgroups?01:30
yagooFoolsRun, edid is what the monitor tells your video card what it's capable of doing..01:30
sleepy4201i can't see how close my laptop is from dieing or if im optimizing power consumption because it says i completely lack a battery01:30
Firefisheedbian: I have a need for the unallocated free space to be ntfs, so I reinstall win7 starter.  The 11.10 ubuntu partitioner didn't have ntfs as a partitioning choice, which totally baffled me.01:30
Firefisheso I *can* reinstall...01:30
yagooal_nz1, i thought nfs and anything *nix relates to realms.. workgroups sounds mswindows01:30
edbianFirefishe, gparted can create ntfs partitions if you have ntfs-3g installed (package)01:30
open4uwell,it is so amazing....it is the first time i come here....01:31
pmitrosOkay. That fixed it, more-or-less. Gnome is kinda broken in 11.10, but still better than Unity.01:31
pmitrosUnity, by the way, takes about 15 seconds to just log out (!!!)01:32
robin0800Firefishe, its easier to install windows first01:32
sleepy4201i've google'd atleast 30 times looking for a solution but almost nothing fixes it01:32
jeremy-77is the bcm4318 driver already in ubuntu and just needs ndiswrapper to make it work ?01:32
sleepy4201except pluggin in my AC chord01:32
Firefisherobin0800: I'm beyond easy, and I'm not able to just uninstall everything from scratch right now.01:32
jformani just upgraded to 11.10 and i'm trying to look for the old (or whatever it is now) themes configurator. grabbing the corners of windows right now is very tedious and i'd like to increase that border. where can i do this now?01:32
pmitrosI think it might be high time to go back to Debian, if Ubuntu stays this broken.01:32
sleepy4201there's no top panel bar?01:33
snadgei just upgraded from 11.04 with gnome classic desktop, to 11.10.. and unity panel wont load01:33
snadgeinstead i have a nautilus file menu up the top, and that is all01:33
jformansleepy4201: there is, but i dont follow01:33
sleepy4201oh i c01:33
srk9I installed Ubuntu 11.10 in KVM and I am having graphics glitches. How do I turn off compositing?01:33
snadgehow do i reset my desktop settings ?01:33
elektrocatMy Ati drivers are not working after enabling FGLRX drivers.. :( anyone can help? I just installed it with Additinal Drivers when i popped up..01:33
robin0800Firefishe, you can format partitions providing you have important date safely backed up01:34
yagoosnadge, try apt-get install ubuntu-desktop01:34
FoolsRunyagoo: nvidia-settings detected the monitor successfully, so I saved its detection to the x config. Rebooting now.01:34
jojo_hi i have a question about samba.. how can i secure the file in samba and limit the space of the folder. can anyone here provide me a help.......01:34
snadgeyagoo: ubuntu desktop already newest version01:34
JRandolphjojo_: #samba01:34
ev_edbian, 'sudo ldm:GTK warning cannot open display','sudo service start ldm: unrecoginzed service',' sudo01:34
edbianev_, sudo ldm --display :0.001:35
yagoosnadge, apt-get install -f, dpkg -C ?01:35
Firefisheedbian: So perhaps something like this:  1) copy one of ntfs partitions (it's contents) to another drive, cd, etc.  2) delete that primary partition  3) set up a new primary-with-extended-partitions, with one of those extended partitions the same size as the original ntfs. ??01:35
robin0800ev_, its lightdm01:35
jojo_hi i have a question about samba.. how can i secure the file in samba and limit the space of the folder. can anyone here provide me a help.......01:35
Firefisheedbian: 4) copy the old ntfs contents back over.01:35
yagooFoolsRun, i dont thing u need to reboot if u use that tool..01:36
edbianFirefishe, 1 and 2 are good.  step 3 -> Create an extended partition, put some new partitions in it (all of windows probably).  Re-arrange others instead possibly01:36
FoolsRunyagoo: yeah, but the machine locked up again :)01:36
yagooFoolsRun, that can be used per user session.. (~/.nvidia-settingsrc i think it may make the filename)01:36
edbianFirefishe, I think you get the idea.  I think windows likes to be partition 1, I'm not sure if that's an issue anymore01:36
FoolsRunyagoo: nope, no change.01:36
edbianFirefishe, Ubuntu likes to be in an extended partition better01:37
ev_edbian, that didnt do anything, still cannot open display. Is this why you think i get no login screen and x/dm wont start? I will google lightdm errors in 11.10. thanks for your help01:37
yagooFoolsRun, instead of rebooting, try swithing to console (ctl-alt-f1), (ctl-alt-f7 is gui), then type-- stop lightdm, then edit whatever xorg config that needs to be, then start lightdm01:37
edbianev_, mmm, lemme research01:37
bugs_buggerHey Guys, i cant acces the tty console ports. no prompts are displayed, just a blank black screen. any idea?01:37
edbianev_, ldm 7 :0.001:38
edbianev_, http://linux.die.net/man/1/ldm  according to this anyway01:38
lauratikadoes any body knows where is  ubuntu one menu under gnome classic in 11.10?01:38
Firefisheedbian: /dev/sda1 is a /boot partition for something or other.  I had someone @ HP c/s tell me that it was for win7 office starter.  My eyes rolled when I took a look inside the partition (which I couldn't initially even access in win7 starter.)  Nothing to do with office.01:38
edbianFirefishe, I'm not sure of those details01:38
Firefisheedbian: anyway, thank you for the advice.  I should be okay from here.  Thank you.01:39
edbianFirefishe, have a good night!01:39
Firefisheedbian: you too01:39
robin0800lauratika, its under! the top panel01:39
FoolsRunyagoo: stopping and starting lightdm hard locked the machine agian01:40
lauratikatop panel under what?01:40
yagooFoolsRun, do ctl-alt-f1 do tty101:40
FoolsRunyagoo: no input01:40
yagooFoolsRun, can u switch to tty1? if its that bad.. then it's very much driver issue..01:40
yagooFoolsRun, see what the log says01:40
DEdesigns57How do I get that Mac like minimize effect when minimizing windows?01:41
FoolsRunyagoo: I'm about to format, actually01:41
ev_edbian, that looks like it applies to connecting computers remotely, that is not what im doing. also, i 'sudo gdm' screen flash then error reads: GdmDisplay lasted 1.516xxxxseconds01:41
yagooFoolsRun, if u start it up properly again.. see what /var/log/Xorg.1.log says (notice .1.)01:41
robin0800lauratika, the universal menu is on its own panel hidden by gnome classic panel01:41
yagooFoolsRun, um..01:41
celltechBuzzen.net uses irc. Is there anyway to connect to them through here?01:41
yagooFoolsRun, your issue can be fixed with a line or two..01:41
yagooFoolsRun, has to do with edid01:41
aboudreaultHi. network question: I have a bridge, which is DHCP. works fine. I would like to add a brigde 2 with a ip, which is kind of virtual and I only use it locally.  It seems that everytime I ifup this bridge, my network is very slow... looks like the os doesn't know what IF to use for the network so try both01:42
FoolsRunyagoo: okay, so I saved the edid to a file in my home dir using nvidia-settings.01:42
yagooFoolsRun, send me your xorg.conf (pastebin it)01:42
lauratikarobin08000: sorry but dont understand what you mean01:42
yagooFoolsRun, /etc/X11/xorg.conf01:42
* yagoo found out its gnome-session-fallback and not gnome-fallback-session01:42
FoolsRunyagoo:  http://pastebin.com/9UHwQrRd01:44
robin0800lauratika, if you delete or move the top panel (use alt) then you will find another top panel01:44
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lauratikarobin0800: yes , i see it but it's only ubuntu one folder i want the control panel of ubuntu one that used to be under accounts01:46
yagooFoolsRun, pastebin me -> lspci -vv01:46
yagooFoolsRun, (actually i mean pastebin site is ok)01:46
ev_edbian, read more on lightdm, i believe that is my problem. Thanks for the path.01:46
Lewoco__So uhm... How the heck do I open an xterm?01:46
FoolsRunyagoo: http://pastebin.com/1L01dhek01:47
robin0800lauratika, easy way is add a launher to the panel and choose the ubuntuone app01:48
FoolsRunyagoo: that's odd, it says current driver is "nvidia" but that's not what I picked from Additional Drivers...01:48
lauratikarobin08000:but where is it?01:49
lauratikawhere is the app01:49
NinjaJeffHow do I start "signing-party" that I installed?01:49
johnbcan't get my wifi to work under Oneiric! It's a BC4311. Any ideas?01:49
reisiojohnb: how'd you get it to work last time01:50
yagooFoolsRun, you using dual screen?01:51
jamil_1 Is it possible to install/reinstall all packages from cdrom ?01:51
SetiAmonmy wifi has been glichy on 11.1001:51
jamil_1assuming I have added cd to sources.lst01:51
johnbreisio: I had it running with b43-fwcutter under Natty. Tried that with Oneiric, but no luck01:51
FoolsRunyagoo: nope01:51
robin0800lauratika, its physical location is /usr/share/applications01:51
yagooFoolsRun, just for now.. try uncommenting line 53 and line 54 (place # at the beginning), add  (BusID "01:00.0")  < dont type the braces.. after line 5701:52
lauratikarobin0800: i just want my ubuntu one as it was before, is iot possible?...01:52
johnbjamil_1: Start an install from the CD and choose "Install 11.10 onto 11.10" as the install option. It will save all your personal files and reinstall the system.01:52
adilio_You know they do not like foreigners?01:52
adilio_why when we ask you to help you just bashing beginners with no regard for the consequences01:52
jamil_1johnb: I want to keep it non-interactive01:52
jamil_1johnb: I have upgraded but upgrade didn't go well01:53
toddnineHey guys.  I use eclipse a lot for work.  Is there a way to create shortcuts in Unity and set the icons etc?  I have a lot of different eclipse based IDE's I run, and they're all using the same icon.  It makes them difficult to distinguish, and I can't find anything in the help section01:53
NinjaJeffI installed a program using apt-get. How do I use it?01:53
FoolsRunyagoo: and restart lightdm?01:53
* yagoo likes unity for laptop/netbook and tablet.. but thinks gnome classic should still come as a secondary option on desktops01:54
robin0800lauratika, not sure and can't check at this moment sorry01:54
johnbjamil....I did the upgrade too, from Natty. It had errors. I lost my wifi. I was able to do the reinstall and not lose anything, however I still don't have wifi01:54
yagooFoolsRun, y01:54
erpoHi. I just installed Ubuntu 11.10 AMD64 and the gnome-shell package. Gnome 3 ate up 3GB of memory in less than four hours of running. Is this typical?01:54
boldfilterMan, does unity suck.01:54
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johnbNinjaJeff: open the Dash and type the name of the program01:54
juicer_bobyou lost wifi on the upgrade too @johnb?01:54
jamil_1johnb: well, there must be some way via apt-get01:54
johnbjuicer_bob: Yes I did01:54
yagoounity is quite good for newcomers.. but i think it's better for tablets/notebooks01:54
erpoboldfilter: What issues are you having?01:55
NinjaJeffjohnb: where is the Dash? Using Gnome.01:55
juicer_bobyeah, I'm not so stoked on my laptop looking like a tablet.01:55
robin0800yagoo, you only have to install gnome shell it pulls all the rest in01:55
adilioYou know they do not like foreigners?01:55
adiliowhy when we ask you to help you just bashing beginners with no regard for the consequences01:55
boldfilterI can't uninstall it.01:55
juicer_bobgnome 3 is kind of meh.01:55
FoolsRunyagoo: X didn't start, the log says "[   848.970] Parse error on line 58 of section Screen in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf "BusID" is not a valid keyword in this section."01:55
Coreyadilio: Did you have a support question?01:55
yagooFoolsRun, they must of changed the keyword..01:56
yagoojsut a sec..01:56
overdubi couldn't even find a terminal with gnome to apt-get install kde full01:56
yagoo(i mean just a second..)01:56
overdubhad to use alt-ctl-F201:56
reisioadilio: no it's like that for non-foreigners, too :p01:56
adiliotutorial for run aircrack-ng01:56
robin0800ninjah, dash is unity not gnome01:56
psingh2Hello.  Does anyone know where I can get package "adobe-flashplugin" for Natty 11.04 x64?  (This is supposed to be the latest x64 release of Flash Player).01:56
adiliotutorial for run aircrack-ng01:56
boldfilterI just dont like the Start, I can live with everything else. erpo01:56
yagooFoolsRun, my error.. place it after 45 instead.. in the videocard section01:56
NinjaJeffso, in Gnome, how do I start new applications?01:56
johnbOK Back01:56
SetiAmonyou have to superkey then click application then add it to your taskbar01:57
erpoboldfilter: You're not having major memory leak problems?01:57
Tecanare there more plans for a functional classic interface in gnome 3 ?01:57
x_psingh2, sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer01:57
toddnineAnyone?  Changing a unity icon seems like it should be trivial, however there doesn't appear to be any UI to do it01:57
erpoboldfilter: Or, at least, I hope it's a leak and doesn't require 3GB to itself just to operate.01:57
robin0800psingh2, adobe site01:57
alejandro__Where is Jdownloader in Ubuntu 11.10? Not in the App store.01:57
Tecanboldfilter real ?01:57
boldfiltererpo what are you talking about?01:58
FoolsRunyagoo: X still didn't start; no devices detected, no screens found01:58
yagooFoolsRun, i'm actually checking to see my new install if it's using optimal video settings01:58
johnbalright guys.....heading off to see if I can fix my Oneiric wifi blues.....01:58
psingh2robin0800, let me go there and check it out.  A couple of days ago, I was simply able to do "sudo apt-get install adobe-flashplugin" and it installed the adobe plugin for me.01:58
FoolsRunyagoo: taking out the busid line causes the whole machine to lock hard when starting X01:59
FoolsRunyagoo: rebooting now01:59
yagooFoolsRun, don't start lightdm on next reboot01:59
NinjaJeffWhen I install an application using apt-get, is there an easy way to determine if that is a text or gui application, and how do I start newly installed gui applications?01:59
boldfilter11.04 was perfect, wtf ubuntu01:59
yagooFoolsRun, tell me what u see in dmesg -->"dmesg" << are there any errors?02:00
SetiAmonThey plan to make gnome3 more inefficient and resource hungry,there will be 3D clowns that come out sporaticly and attempt to distract you02:00
SetiAmonI'm going to try lxde and if it works i'll switch02:00
FoolsRunyagoo: I'll let you know in a few mins when I'm back up02:00
erpoboldfilter: My gnome-shell allocated 3GB for itself over four hours.02:00
overdubSetiAmon, lol, that's about it02:00
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psingh2boldfilter, I installed 11.10 on my 9 yr old daughter's computer yesterday.  She said" what is this?!!!"  and asked me to put her computer back the way it was (i.e. with 11.04) !!!02:01
overdubi like when you try to open an application, and instead it suggests other applications you might like to open - lol -wtf is that?02:01
boldfilterdid she say, wtf is this!02:01
Chamelleonà ÷åãî òóò âû äåëàåòå À? ;)02:01
Chamelleonðóññêèå åñòü òóò?02:01
joallardAt what frequency are packages updated? (I'm waiting for Unity 4.24 and I don't know what to do)02:02
SetiAmonits amazing how this chan has changed02:02
psingh2boldfilter, not in those words, of course.02:02
boldfilterwtf, I have to reinstall EVERYTHING to get 11.04 back, wtf02:02
psingh2boldfilter, SAME HERE!!!02:02
SetiAmonback in jaunty days I got banned here for saying "WTF" then i switched to fedora for ages,then windows for awhile for work now back to ubuntu.it seems things loosened up enough02:02
Firefishein the gnome-disk-utility (palimpsest), I am showing something I've never seen before:  Under the `Peripheral Device' listing, I'm showing a 519MB Solid State Disk, mounted under /dev/zram0 -- Just what is this?02:02
NinjaJeffI did apt-get install signing-party. Where is the documentation about how to begin using this app?02:03
boldfilterunity wtf02:03
FoolsRunyagoo: I don't see any errors,  http://pastebin.com/sp6Lqfn002:03
cwilluFirefishe, what kind of computer are you using?02:03
Firefishecwillu:  It's an HP Mini 110 netbook.02:03
psingh2SetiAmon, I like "old school" ;)02:03
robin0800joallard, no updates were sync over the weekend I heard wait till tomorrow02:03
joallardindeed, boldfilter02:03
cwilluboldfilter, that's unrelated to unity; downgrades are always like that02:03
Firefishecwillu: but the hard disk is a mechanical one02:03
cwilluFirefishe, internal recovery drive or something?02:03
boldfilterunrelated to wtf, i think not02:03
joallardrobin0800: oh okay, so 1 day. that's good, i really didn't know what to expect between one day and weeks02:04
FoolsRunyagoo: it even finds the monitor,  [   98.108070] HDMI: detected monitor VL470M02:04
SetiAmonpsingh2: oldschool 15 years ago was great.02:04
MonkeyDusthow can I resize the launcher icons? i have ccsm opened02:04
JRandolphThis is hilarious02:04
joallardI weirdly get a huge satisfaction from submitting bugs02:04
agoolehi, I have ubuntu installed along side windows, but now I need more storage space for ubuntu, can I easily do this ?02:04
cwilluMonkeyDust, unity plugin settings02:04
joallardIt's like I'm getting revenge or something02:04
Firefishecwillu: palimpsest is showing it as swap space02:04
* NinjaJeff sighs.02:05
yagooFoolsRun, did you try black listing the intel graphic adapter?02:05
cwilluFirefishe, sorry, I didn't notice the device name02:05
robin0800MonkeyDust, use confity version 102:05
cwilluzram is a block deviced backed by memory02:05
cwilluFirefishe, ^02:05
Firefishecwillu: meaning?02:06
FoolsRunyagoo: it all works in 11.04,  at this point it seems faster and easier just to reinstall that02:06
psingh2Anyway, does anyone here know that a few days there was a package called "adobe-flashplugin" ?  I know I can install Flash from the Adobe site, or I can install flashplugin-installer, but I was wondering what happened to that "adobe-flashplugin" package?02:06
NinjaJeffSuper basic and obvious question: I installed "signing-party" using "sudo apt-get install signing-party". The installation was successful. How do I begin using "signing-party"?02:06
cwilluFirefishe, it doesn't actually exist02:06
BPowerAnyone have a good article to look at for Oneiric dual-screen woes?02:06
yagooFoolsRun, blacklist hte onboard.. i see u have an intel from dmesg02:06
FrozenFireFor some reason, on my sister's Ubuntu install, Empathy keep forgetting her login credential for MSN when her session ends. Any ideas as to why that might be happening?02:06
szalJRandolph: what is hilarious?02:06
SetiAmonI hav dual monitor issues also02:06
yagooFoolsRun, lsmod |grep -i intel02:06
MonkeyDustrobin0800: what's confity?02:06
SetiAmonfirefox shows up on the secondary monitor(my tv)02:06
yagooFoolsRun, nm..02:07
Firefishecwillu: So palimpsest is, basically, not 'seeing' it correctly?02:07
yagooFoolsRun, there's no other video controller from what it appears..02:07
cwilluFirefishe, not exactly; the device in /dev exists, but it's not a piece of hardware02:07
robin0800MonkeyDust, a program to configure unity without using ccsm02:07
yagooFoolsRun, btw is this .1. or .0 of the X log?02:08
FoolsRunyagoo: which one?02:08
NinjaJeffIs my question just so stupid that I'm being ignored? It seems like it should be a really simple procedure.02:08
FoolsRunyagoo: I only ever pasted .0.02:08
boldfiltergnome 3 sucks too02:08
agooleI installed ubuntu within windows, can I change the partition size now ?02:08
yagooFoolsRun, when u rebooted, did u log into recovery ?02:08
Troyi installed ubuntu 11.10 and installed gnome-shell via apt-get. But it is very glitched graphical wise like black/white and blue colors where the normal bars etc. are suppose to be. what could be causing this?02:08
Firefishecwillu: Hmm.  My /swap partition is only 199MB.  I'm just wondering what /dev/zram0 is referencing on my disk.02:08
FoolsRunyagoo: no, I missed it. that dmesg is from normal mode02:09
FoolsRunyagoo: I'll reboot in recovery now02:09
cwilluFirefishe, it's _not_ referencing your disk02:09
x_cd /dev/02:09
yagooFoolsRun, post the .1 edition..02:09
yagooFoolsRun, /var/log/Xorg.1.log02:09
akiarai got  weird problem after upgrading my ununtu natty to the new one02:10
FoolsRunyagoo: the .1 edition has the errors from when we had busid in there now02:10
NinjaJeffSuper basic and obvious question: I installed "signing-party" using "sudo apt-get install signing-party". The installation was successful. How do I begin using "signing-party"?02:10
yagooFoolsRun, ok pastebin that02:10
Firefishecwillu: unless it's part of the netbook's RAM utilisation, or some proprietary win-swap thing HP has in this thing.  I have no clue.02:10
yagooFoolsRun, but the busid was around line 45 right?02:10
FoolsRunyagoo: yes02:10
cwilluFirefishe, and you'll remain to have no clue so long as you completely ignore what I already said :p02:10
FoolsRunyagoo: http://pastebin.com/y6tHaSN802:11
yagooFoolsRun, can u pastebin that?02:11
* cwillu goes back to bed02:11
Firefishecwillu: I'm not ignoring you02:11
yagooFoolsRun, "Parse error on line 58 of section Screen in file /etc/X11/xorg.conf" ..02:11
robin0800FoolsRun, its always the .0 which are the newest logs02:11
yagooFoolsRun, did u remove the errored line? there should be just 1 busid line..02:11
akiarawell my problem is... after installing the update, my personal folder disapeared... and when i try to open a hard drive instead of opening a window with the files it opens a music player.....02:12
FoolsRunyagoo: crap. Hang on.02:12
FirefisheI'm just *not understanding*.  I follow that it's not a physical device.02:12
nguyenbinhhi all02:12
Firefishecwillu:  I'm just *not understanding*.  I follow that it's not a physical device.02:12
Troyi installed ubuntu 11.10 and installed gnome-shell via apt-get. But it is very glitched graphical wise like black/white and blue colors where the normal bars etc. are suppose to be. what could be causing this?02:12
nguyenbinhhow can i boot an "raw binary" from GRUB2?02:12
SudoKing2hi, i just upgraded to oneiric; however when i try to login, the screen goes blank and it returns to the login page.. anyone might know why, or how to fix it? no updates in repos02:12
yagooSudoKing, try installing ubuntu-desktop (apt-get install ubuntu-desktop)02:12
NinjaJeffIs GnuPG installed with Ubuntu 10.10 and/or included in 11.x update?02:12
FoolsRunyagoo: I'm going to have to pick this up another day. Thanks for all your help but I need to get up tomorrow morning.02:13
robin0800Troy, bugs mainly I think02:13
x_Firefishe, The zram module creates RAM based block devices named /dev/zram<id>02:13
x_(<id> = 0, 1, ...). Pages written to these disks are compressed and stored02:13
x_in memory itself. These disks allow very fast I/O and compression provides02:13
x_good amounts of memory savings. Some of the usecases include /tmp storage,02:13
x_use as swap disks, various caches under /var and maybe many more :)02:13
FloodBot1x_: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:13
yagooFoolsRun, we're probably almost there..02:13
x_sry lol didn't mean to flood02:13
armenceHello all. I know that from the Sound Preferences applet, I can "overdrive" my sound exceeding 100% volume. How can I do that from the CLI?02:13
Firefishex_: what are they used for?02:13
yagooFoolsRun, what error is there? (does it freeze?)02:13
Troyrobin0800: its unusable though02:13
x_Firefishe, wow you really don't listen do you?02:13
Troyi must say 11.10 is the worst yet lol02:13
FoolsRunyagoo: you're looking for the log from when the busid line is at 45?02:13
yagooFoolsRun, yah.. (and there should be only 1 busid..)02:14
robin0800Troy, I don't like it at all02:14
airtonixusing gnome-shell on oneric and it seems to be ignoring my "disable touchpad while typing" settings command.02:14
yagooFoolsRun, did u restart lightdm ?02:14
* BPower would like to know if anyone has a good article to look at for Oneiric dual-screen woes.02:14
Troyrobin0800: im going to take the leap to arch02:14
FoolsRunyagoo: restarting with busid at 45 now02:14
ply_Hi all02:14
Firefishex_: Please don't be overly critical.  I'm 45, and certain concepts don't click in my head right away.  Just what is a `RAM based block device,' anyway?02:15
yagooFoolsRun, even if it starts.. post me the X log..02:15
SudoKing2yagoo: ubuntu-desktop already newest version :<02:15
airtonixFirefishe: a partition that lives in ram02:15
yagooFoolsRun, this time.. give the "current" X log --> /var/log/Xorg.0.log02:15
mewayHello when I do sudo apt-get install tmw it gives me like a 4 year old client.... how can this project get this updated??02:15
yagooFoolsRun, ^02:15
BPowerI'm trying to get my two screens setup on my Nvidia card.  It worked fine in 11.04 but is failing each time on 11.10.02:15
Firefisheairtonix: thank you, that was succinct02:15
airtonixFirefishe: partition = sectioned portion of a drive02:15
Firefisheairtonix: yes, I know what a partition is02:15
airtonixFirefishe: you're welcome02:15
devishi have added a new user devesh but when i give sudo being devesh it says "devesh is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported." how to add to this list?02:15
FoolsRunyagoo: it does not start.  http://pastebin.com/haWR6Pym02:16
yagooSudoKing, dpkg -C  , apt-get install -f   , try these two commands.. then try restart X02:16
Firefisheairtonix: however, just what is doing on my system?  What is that RAM-partition's purpose?  It only shows up in palimpsest, and to me this is unfamiliar territory.02:16
Firefisheairtonix: os-based swap-in-memory?02:17
SudoKing2mm no luck02:17
FoolsRunyagoo: it does not freeze and it does not start. See above pastebin.02:17
devishi have added a new user devesh but when i give sudo being devesh it says "devesh is not in the sudoers file.  This incident will be reported." how to add to this list?02:17
SudoKing2devish: add the user to the admin group02:17
x_devish, in user accounts make them an administrator.02:17
BPowerrebooting, brb -- still looking for dual-screen help02:17
yagooFoolsRun, do "X -configure", it'll create a sample xorg.conf.new in ~ .. pastebin me that..02:18
SudoKing2anything else i should try reinstalling/removing/purging yagoo?02:19
mewayWhy is this tmw client so out dated?02:19
yagooFoolsRun, we'll try just 1 more xorg conf after.. if this fails.. then we'll try re-installing the driver with nvidia's run02:19
kroq-gar78Hello all. Just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 yesterday and I started to experience a really weird issue just now. I'm trying to download a powerpoint for studying, and when I select "Open file in folder" from firefox, nothing happens. I try to click on "Documents" through the files lens; it pops up, then almost immediately closes. I run nautilus through terminal, and BOOM! it works, but with this statement: "(nautilus:17928):02:19
kroq-gar78 GConf-CRITICAL **: gconf_client_get: assertion `GCONF_IS_CLIENT (client)' failed" repeatedly printing in the terminal and filling it up. Anybody know why this is happening? It just started happening a few hours ago or so. Thanks in advance.02:19
aeon-ltddevish: add your username to the sudoers, in /etc/sudoers02:19
yagooSudoKing2, u can try apt-get update, then apt-get upgrade..02:19
SudoKing2never edit sudoers directly02:19
SudoKing2yagoo: i have, and no updates to install :/ maybe there's a config file that's messing it up somewhere02:20
FoolsRunyagoo: "configuration failed"02:20
yagooSudoKing, did u try apt-get distupgrade?02:20
pdtpatricki thought it was apt-get dist-upgrade ?02:20
yagooFoolsRun, can u paste bin that new generated file?02:20
x_aeon-ltd, not a good idea, cause if he makes a mistake he can lock him self out of the system all together.02:20
FoolsRunyagoo: it didn't generate one02:20
yagooFoolsRun, it should be in ~ of /root or ~ of ur user account02:20
SudoKing2yagoo: yup... 0B/nothing to download/install :/02:20
aeon-ltddevish: in this kind of format https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers#The_Default_Ubuntu_Sudoers_File look at user privilege specification02:20
yagooFoolsRun, did u check?02:20
FoolsRunyagoo: was looking in the wrong place02:21
aeon-ltdx_: easy solution. don't make mistakes. check twice write once02:21
FoolsRunyagoo: http://pastebin.com/rtGhriH902:21
SudoKing2maybe it would help to delete my gnome config file?02:21
aeon-ltddevish: use 'sudo visudo' or nano https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Sudoers#Editing_the_sudoers_file02:21
SudoKing2 /folder02:21
x_aeon-ltd, I understand but what I said still applies, the other solution is much safer and requires no research/risk to my knowledge.02:21
mewayhow do I update something in a repository?02:21
aeon-ltdx_: ok, i withdraw my advice/guidance02:22
aeon-ltddevish: follow their advice.02:22
yagooFoolsRun, do u have nouveau loaded? (lsmod |grep -i nouveau)02:22
bastidrazormeway: you don't. you wait02:22
x_aeon-ltd, not to put you down in any way. good to help someone02:22
FoolsRunyagoo: it seems no02:23
devishthanks aeon-ltd , i have to try first with the sudoer user02:23
mewaybastidrazor, its been four years...02:23
mewaybastidrazor, wait for what?02:23
xanguameway: How about you speak clear and explain what you want with details¿02:23
h00kSo, I don't see any sort of battery status in my panel - like the applet that gnome2 had. Any protips on how to get a battery status meter on my netbook?02:24
x_h00k, none if you right click and browse the list of possible additions?02:24
h00kx_: on Unity? No...02:24
mewayxangua, I want [sudo apt-get install tmw] to give me the most up to date official client for the mana world found at http://manasource.org02:24
xanguah00k: enable battery indicator on energy settings¿02:24
yagooFoolsRun, rename /etc/X11/xorg.conf to xorg.conf_bak0, then make a new xorg.conf ->/etc/X11/xorg.conf  << http://pastebin.com/Rw80XaeG (try this xorg.conf posted)02:25
h00kxangua: under Power Settings, I don't see anything there02:25
yagooFoolsRun, if that doesn't work.. then we can try the nvidia .run02:25
xangua!info tmw | meway i see 1 is latest on repository and on the website is only0.5.302:26
ubottumeway i see 1 is latest on repository and on the website is only0.5.3: tmw (source: tmw): The Mana World is a 2D MMORPG. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0+git20110505-2 (oneiric), package size 1041 kB, installed size 1376 kB02:26
SoolHi all! is there a possibility to issue all commands in my crontab NOW..? my PC was down as the jobs should have been issued..?02:26
=== GNUdog|work|away is now known as GNUdog|work
h00k!away > GNUdog|work02:26
ubottuGNUdog|work, please see my private message02:26
prasanahello i'm a new Ubuntu user. Any admin's here ? I've a few questions about upgradation02:26
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience02:26
SetiAmonhey if i install lxde meta package from software center that will let me try lxde right but it will all be reversable right?02:27
DasEiSetiAmon: yes02:27
x_SetiAmon, like can you remove it later, yes..?02:27
yagooSetiAmon, reversible?02:27
mewayxangua, let me further explain... #mana has split from #themanaworld (a channel that should no longer exist on freenode but does anyways) now found at #mana02:27
yagooSetiAmon, i believe that should add a new choice entry to the login screen02:27
FoolsRunyagoo: here's the log from that xorg.conf. X did not start and it did not lock up:  http://pastebin.com/rzsutLeU02:28
SetiAmonyeah,i mean it won't mess up gnome3 etc right02:28
SetiAmonok good02:28
SetiAmonthanks all02:28
Flannelmeway: The Ubuntu repositories only have 5.2, manasource doesn't seem to have any official updated repositories either.  You should ask in #mana if you think they have a repository or PPA somewhere else, I can't find any indication of it.02:28
mewayxangua, this split causing different client version releases from the original02:28
HACKhalo2ok, Unity has taken a bad turn between Ubuntu 11.04 -> 11.1002:28
paradoxxIs there a way to prevent a subfolder from being synced in UbuntuOne?02:28
SuhelNow I understand why they're asking to use torrents hmmm02:28
mewayFlannel, ..........02:29
yagooFoolsRun, is this driver part of nvidia's run compile or from a ubuntu install?02:29
prasanaUh i've installed packages myself as in unpacked the tarball and put various parts of the packages in various places < Installed Autodesk Maya>. I ran the client to upgrade to 11.10 but it says it will remove all the packages i installed on my system. Is there a way for me to upgrade without touching the packages i made. I also noticed that it disables third party sources02:29
urlin2uHACKhalo2, last I checked it seemed contented. :D02:29
FoolsRunyagoo: from Ubuntu's drivers tool02:29
mewayFlannel, the client and server for the game TMW has split from the project TMW02:29
yagooFoolsRun, can u do this? -> dpkg -l|grep -i nouveau02:29
boldfilterUnity is always a bad turn02:29
SuhelKernel 3.0 was a worst turn02:30
Flannelmeway: I don't think that's relevant.  That website says 0.5.3 is the most recent, 0.5.2 (the previous release) is what is in the repositories.02:30
mewayFlannel, being the case The client is very out of date TMW is Mana02:30
FoolsRunyagoo: can I private msg you the few lines it spit back?02:30
SoolHi all! is there a possibility to issue all commands in my crontab NOW..? my PC was down as the jobs should have been issued..?02:30
SuhelI've to use my laptop without battery to be free from the power bug lol02:30
HACKhalo2urlin2u it's behind everything on the desktop02:31
SetiAmonbtw does anyone else have wifi acting slow and glitchy on 11.10 (were previous worked fine)02:31
prasanaUh i've installed packages myself as in unpacked the tarball and put various parts of the packages in various places < Installed Autodesk Maya>. I ran the client to upgrade to 11.10 but it says it will remove all the packages i installed on my system. Is there a way for me to upgrade without touching the packages i made. I also noticed that it disables third party sources02:31
mewayFlannel, please pm me so I can help you understand why you are wrong02:31
SetiAmonone thing i notice is even with preload its slow as hell booting up on 11.1002:31
elz89prasana: why why why?02:31
bastidrazormeway: heh, he isn't wrong. he's telling you facts.02:31
prasanasorry i don't get you02:31
mewaythis is irritating above so many levels02:32
steampunknyanjaHey, is there any easy way to get itunes working and sync an ipod or iphone in ubuntu?02:32
elz89prasana: why spam?02:32
mewayOne sec I will brb02:32
swimhow can i specify which application opens a certain kind of document.  I keep specifying in the properties and upon opening .php files for them to open with gedit, but it always asks to run in terminal, run, display, etc..02:32
DasEi!ipod | steampunknyanja02:32
prasanai thought this is the channel to ask help sorry :/02:32
ubottusteampunknyanja: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:32
oscalationsteampunknyanja, why use itunes?02:32
oscalationsteampunknyanja, use .. banshee02:32
Suhel!info tmw02:32
ubottutmw (source: tmw): The Mana World is a 2D MMORPG. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0+git20110505-2 (oneiric), package size 1041 kB, installed size 1376 kB02:32
boldfilteritunes in virtualmachine is best02:32
boldfilterwindows xp02:32
urlin2uswim, default02:32
EtherNethow do I reset everything related to unity and compiz into a user... since it's all messed up, it doesn't refresh the screen unless I make a click or move the mouse. Other users on the same computer works properly, so there's something corrupted with the config. I tried unity --reset, and deleted .gconf .gnome2 .dbus directories from the home folder. any idea please?02:32
elz89prasana: yes, explain and then wait, don't keep posting the same question or explaination!02:33
reisiothe only reason to use iTunes is if you're addicted to using the iTunes store02:33
Flannelmeway: This channel is fine.  If you're having trouble with the speed, we can move to a lower volume channel.02:33
reisiowhich is frankly silly02:33
danielboston26reisio itunes is the best digital media store02:33
boldfilterpos unity02:33
mewayFlannel, yes please02:33
elz89reisio: or your are on an iMac and can hear the difference ;-)02:33
reisiodanielboston26: no it isn't, not remotely02:33
steampunknyanjaIts not me. I just use moc, and my friend uses itunes, and that's the one thing keeping him from switching back to osx. I use amazon mp3, torrents, and moc.02:33
reisioelz89: ?02:33
paradoxxSetiAmon, I have had that problem02:34
elz89music in vlc sounds different to itunes02:34
Flannelmeway: #ubuntu-classroom02:34
reisioelz89: so what?02:34
danielboston26reisio what makes you think that?02:34
elz89well thats another reason to use it?02:34
reisiodanielboston26: having a grasp on reality02:34
reisioelz89: that's a good reason to never go outside02:34
reisioelz89: if you don't like the slightest, trivialest variation02:34
elz89reisio: sorry I do not follow?02:35
reisioI know :p02:35
boldfilterelz89 I use virtual box02:35
reisioat least one or two of those even offer better formats than iTunes02:35
elz89boldfilter: who cares?02:35
boldfilterinstall winxp, install itunes, works great02:35
geronimo_ /leave02:35
prasanaif you guys need to sync ipod i've found that using gtkpod is the best02:35
swimurlin2u i've tried using the "open with" and default is set to gedit in the properties02:35
danielboston26itunes is more then a music store now02:35
reisiodanielboston26: yeah, but the music store is the only thing we don't have clones of02:35
elz89reisio: get one, try it, then you will hear the difference ;-)02:35
reisionor do we need clones of, because it's a service (for which there are clones)02:36
reisioelz89: I really won't02:36
steampunknyanjaRight now he's using a VM with winxp just to use itunes. It makes me cringe.02:36
reisioand even if I did and liked it, I would simply apply whatever filter they're using to some other player's output02:36
danielboston26what do you use zunemarketplace?02:36
elz89I do some Logic stuff so its handy I guess..02:36
danielboston26welcome to the social of you and bill gates02:36
reisiodanielboston26: I don't use an online music store02:36
reisioif I did it wouldn't be iTunes02:36
jojo_hi i have a question about samba.. how can i secure the file in samba and limit the space of the folder. can anyone here provide me a help.......02:37
urlin2uswim,  it is not clicking on the default it is click the set as default you may notice no boxes to click net to your choice.02:37
reisiodanielboston26: yeah except I didn't say yes to your question :p02:37
qinsteampunknyanja: Does he now that itunes spreads very dangerous virus - DRM02:37
elz89jojo_: take a look at quotas.02:37
vividdoes anyone know where the settings to whitelist system tray items in unity 2d are?02:37
steampunknyanjayes he knows about the horrible std of drm.02:38
steampunknyanjaI can't explain some people's reasoning. I hate living in Mississippi.02:38
reisioseriously, other stores offer better quality and no DRM02:38
SetiAmonhow do i creat a new applet in gnome 3?02:38
reisiosteampunknyanja: just tell him there's more to life than needlessly overpriced shiny white plastic02:38
boldfilterreasoning in Mississippi?02:39
urlin2uboldfilter, it's the south you need a explanation?02:39
steampunknyanjaNice one, filter.02:39
jojo_hi i have a question about samba.. how can i secure the file in samba and limit the space of the folder. can anyone here provide me a help.......02:39
boldfilterNo, I live in Florida02:39
mattalexxWhy are avi videos only playing with sound in a black screen in VLC, mplayer, banshee, etc? Does anyone else have this problem in 11.04?02:39
vividhow do i whitelist system tray items in unity 2d?02:39
boldfilterWe dont know how to count02:40
elz89jojo_: I just told you something, why double post?02:40
x_jojo_, you can secure the file using normal linux permissions / owners.02:40
steampunknyanjaHa, I know someone from florida who lives in Mississippi now. He says Florida is the north, of the south.02:40
reisiobecause it's full of yankees who moved there02:40
ward_how can i rotate the direction of my wacom tablet please?02:40
reisioonly the cities, though02:40
elz89jojo_: google is your friend...02:40
vividactually, its known for being full of old people02:41
reisiobut that's the whole USA, really, cities full of democrats, empty hicksville full of repubs :p02:41
spotteranyone know a good way to change the gnome theme in 11.10?02:41
xangua!ot | boldfilter steampunknyanja02:41
ubottuboldfilter steampunknyanja: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:41
reisioward_: the direction?02:41
xanguaspotter: install gnome-tweak-tool02:41
spotterI did, it only seems to have a few02:41
elz89ward_: Pick it up and turn it 90 degrees clockwise.02:41
urlin2usteampunknyanja, there is no north the "south starts at the Canadian border" Malcom X02:41
boldfilterFlorida aint north enough, f rednecks02:41
x_jojo_, like, you could make a file owned by root with permissions of .... 655 I believe to have it read only. double check the permissions on the web though.02:41
spotterxangua, it doesn't seem to pick up other ones I install02:41
ward_reisio, yeah i have a tabletpc and when i rotate my LCD to portrait the wacom is incorrect / not rotated02:41
spotteralso doesn't allow me to customize the theme (as gnome 2.x did)02:41
qinjojo_: man chmod; man chown; easiest is to: chmod 700 file, so only you can read/write it.02:41
xanguaspotter: are the ones that doesn't pick gnome2 themes¿ oneiric uses gnome302:42
ex0change theme at startup, at the bottom chose another manager, download another first though, like enlightenment 17 is AWSOME window manager02:42
spotterxangua, good point02:42
spotterex0, I know about enlightmenent02:42
ward_elz89, you must be stupid..02:42
spotterI think I used it 10+ years ago :)02:42
boldfilterreisio, exactly right02:42
jhouseI can not boot after installing 11.10.  Help?02:42
elz89ward_: no, just literal02:42
lisa50469I have a usb flash drive that was formatted on Ubuntu and encrypted.   How can I access it on CentOS?  What protocols are used on ubuntu?02:43
x_elz89, and a troll02:43
spotterI think I left it for windowmaker, or maybe left windowsmaker for it02:43
elz89lisa50469: wrong channel.02:43
DasEijhouse:can you boot safemode ?02:43
spotterjhouse, it hangs?02:43
spotteri.e. does it boot and complain about network?02:43
boldfilterelz89 are you trying to sync an ipod too?02:43
n-iCeanyone available to configurate a built-in laptop microphone?02:43
n-iCeI have selected the three skype mic options, but are not working02:43
elz89x_: what do you mean?02:43
spottercould be the /run /var/run issue02:43
spotterthat bit me today02:43
elz89boldfilter: no02:43
jhouseDasEi, I was able to for a while but I can't even do that after the last update.  I can drop to root though02:43
ward_reisio, o any ideas?02:44
x_elz89, and that person was asking a question (partially) abount ubuntu lol.02:44
elz89x_: who ward_ ?02:44
boldfiltercause I couldnt get my ipod 4 to sync with ubuntu, encrypted02:44
spotterjhouse, does it hang with the graphical startup?02:44
DasEin-iCe: install alsamixergui and make sure it's unmuted02:44
x_elz89, no the other02:44
elz89boldfilter: got it going now?02:44
elz89x_: sorry multiple channels atm :-P02:44
n-iCeinstalled DasEi how do I check02:44
boldfilteruse itunes in virtualbox running windows, only way02:44
DasEijhouse: sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg02:44
n-iCeI have Mic and ATAPI Mic02:45
x_boldfilter, thats no't true. you can use gtkpod02:45
n-iCewith no colors bars02:45
jhousespotter, I never see anything graphical02:45
DasEin-iCe: it mussn't be muted, and mic by default is02:45
boldfilterit was awhile ago02:45
lisa50469n-iCe, Select the input device in sound config.  click on the volume icon and at the bottom is sound config.02:46
SetiAmonhow do i creat new applets in gnome302:46
JusticeZeroHP is an egomaniacal company for using all 4 primary partitions on their laptops. :p02:46
boldfilterHow do I get unity to suck less?02:46
SetiAmonremove it02:46
spotterjhouse, I had major issues with my 11.04 to 11.10 upgrade today02:46
x_JusticeZero, hp suckz ;-)02:46
qin!notunity | boldfilter02:46
ubottuboldfilter: Ubuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic02:46
spotterseems ok now02:46
xanguaSetiAmon: i have seen on omgubuntu webupd8 and askubuntu lots of shell extensions if that is what you want02:46
boldfilterhipster ubuntu isnt my style02:46
spottergnome fallback mode works reasonably ok, but the panel is horrible02:46
lisa50469Ya, i loaded 11.10 only to have it so bad that I formatted and put 11.04 back on.02:47
JusticeZerobold: honestly, I think that's why unity is default now.. to make people use it and get annoyed with it and make it go froom and stop sucking..02:47
boldfilterlisa50469: thats what im about to do02:47
x_lisa50469, nice :-P02:47
DasEiboldfilter: try another wm, like lubuntu02:47
x_boldfilter, xubuntu is awesome.02:47
boldfilterxubuntu uses gnome 202:47
jhousespotter, I'm going to try DasEi's suggestion.  I need to reboot to try it...02:47
ward_how can i rotate the direction of my wacom tablet please?02:47
SoolHow do i cut my internet-connection in terminal?02:47
qinboldfilter: Awesome is neat.02:47
spotterjhouse, makes sure your /var/run and /var/lock are correct02:48
JusticeZeronyways, does anyone know if there's any decent way to get ubuntu on the thing without just nuking the whole install?02:48
Soolsudo ifdown eth0 doesnt work..02:48
spotteri.e. they should be a symlink to /run and /run/lock respectively02:48
boldfilterDoes xubuntu use Gnome 2?02:48
spotterand if not, move all their contents to those dirs and create the symlinks02:48
JRandolphxubuntu uses XFCE02:48
x_boldfilter, no it uses xfce02:48
qinSool: sudo service network-maneger stop; sudo service networking stop02:48
n-iCeDasEi: still not working02:49
urlin2uJusticeZero, back up the windows anmd remove the recovery partition.02:49
DasEiboldfilter: no xfce , and lubuntu lightdm02:49
spotterSool, check your if /var/run and /var/lock are symlinks to /run and /run/lock02:49
justin__is anyone finding bugs with ubuntu 11.10? I find that install drivers no longer works, power options on my laptop are now broken, and syncing to the ubuntu keyserver is broken :[02:49
urlin2ujusta, generally the HP firmware partition can be removed as well02:49
spotterjustin__, it has lots and lots of problems02:50
DasEin-iCe: pastebin the syslog ? sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/syslog02:50
JusticeZerothis netbook has been running xfce. works good, though there are a couple things I haven't figured how to get it to do that are somewhat irksome. (like turn capslock to control permanently, or changing the idle behavior)02:50
Soolqin, id just prefer to ifdown the interface.. its more handy...02:50
boldfilterhmm, have to try it out02:50
justin__is there any reasonable way to downgrade to LTS, or a reinstall required?02:50
spotterbakup your homedir02:50
spotterreinstall :)02:50
Soolspotter, uhm waht for?02:50
qinSool: ifdown/ifup or network-manager02:50
DasEiboldfilter: vbox is your friend for trying distros02:50
JusticeZeroWell i'm not quite sure how to back up recovery.. it only wants to make a recovery DVD, and it does not actually come with an optical drive.02:51
urlin2ujustin__, reinstall is the only choice.02:51
boldfilterI have no friends02:51
DasEijustin__: reinstall, downgrade is a hassle02:51
justin__unexpected issues? this is not the same quality I am used to on ubuntu releases02:51
qinSool: Without nm you have to edit /etc/network/interfaces02:51
elz89boldfilter: again, who cares?02:51
spotterjustin__, it might be possible to fake it out by starting an install, while in installer deleting everything besides /home and having it install without formatting02:51
spotterbut unsure02:51
x_JusticeZero, use dd from a live usb02:51
n-iCeDasEi: http://pastebin.com/z8RaUgbN02:51
qinSool: And propably /etc/resolv.conf02:51
justin__i just installed, so no big deal02:51
urlin2uJusticeZero, you don't backup the recdovery, your allowed a one time backup of the os.02:51
Soolqin, ?.. ifdown wouldnt work?!02:51
spotterjustin__, oh, then just reinstall02:51
ward_how can i rotate the direction of my wacom tablet please?02:51
x_urlin2u, one time backup ?02:52
boldfilterInst there just some magical command to make it all go away?02:52
x_urlin2u, huh!?02:52
elz89ward_: have you tried googling this matter?02:52
qinSool: ok, once more, do you use network-managerd atm?02:52
ward_or is there some sort of program that rotates the screen but leaves the 0 point the same...?02:52
ward_so the tabletpc is actually usable in tabletmode02:52
ward_elz89, of course..02:52
Soolqin, i do02:52
urlin2ux_, on oem's you can do a single OS backup generally.02:52
urlin2ux_, windows dummy02:53
justin__spotter: thanks, did ubuntu speed up their releases? Usually the ones I have went to are rock solid02:53
x_urlin2u, nah, never seen that before on hp dell or acer.02:53
qinSool: so, nmcli, or stop network-maneger and use ifup/ifdown02:53
Spawnrad can someone tell me wich encoding he use for develop in ubuntu please? I have lot of problem with encoding (HTML / RoR)02:53
n-iCeDasEi: what did you find?02:53
DasEin-iCe: it complains about two things, wrong udf format and a failed ap-scan02:53
urlin2ux_, with W7 it is the norm.02:53
reisioSpawnrad: UTF-8 would be a good idea02:53
n-iCeDasEi: what's that02:53
FloodBot1Sool: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.02:54
DasEin-iCe: do you have cdrom insources.list? is there a wireless configured ?02:54
JusticeZeroThey have seemed a bit more adventurous in their choices of base stuff like desktops the past couple years.02:54
x_urlin2u, how would that make sense when the owner has a valid key to use the software (most likely if its oem)02:54
DasEiin sources.list*02:54
n-iCeDasEi: yes02:54
ward_what exactly is handling my wacom tablet...?02:54
x_urlin2u, and hp doesn't even ship with disks anymore.02:54
Soolqin, wont work02:54
DasEi!wacom | ward_02:54
urlin2ux_, they 4 partiotion they want or need to remove one to get a extended.02:55
qinSool: Or use wicd with very nice ncurces face, and dont spam02:55
ward_DasEi, i see nothing02:55
x_ urlin2u what?02:55
Soolqin, dont spam urselve02:55
qinSool: Bye02:55
DasEiward_: wrong factoid, think it's:02:55
ubottuFor a comprehensive Synaptics Touchpad guide, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad02:55
urlin2ux_, the key will only work on that computer it us a oem02:55
mattalexxCan someone take a look at this mplayer output and let me know what might be going on? The the video seems to be resizing to fit resolution but there's only sound, and only a black picture: http://i.imgur.com/SYIQZ.png02:55
ward_DasEi, euh, its a wacom digitizer02:56
n-iCeDasEi: nothing about the mic?02:56
urlin2ux_, they complained about the 4 partitions onthe HP.02:56
x_urlin2u, yea, im saying that you can re-install from recovery as many times as you want.02:56
mattalexx... Same in VLC, totem (I think(02:56
justin__urlin2u: the install will work if phone activation is used. I do it every day.02:56
DasEin-iCe: pastebinit /etc/apt/sources.list02:56
wabzI can't believe how bad 11.10 is, jesus christ02:56
mattalexx... and Banshee02:56
JusticeZero*looks* Yeesh. It wants a 12gb usb stick.02:56
ward_DasEi, as in with a pen, it has nothing to do with touchpads at all02:56
n-iCeDasEi: http://pastebin.com/m9Z5THVp02:56
JusticeZeroBut at least I know what it needs now.02:56
urlin2ujustin__, only on a oem or equal release.02:57
ward_with xrandr i can rotate the LCD fine, but i cannot use xsetwacom for my wacom02:57
ward_so now i am wondering what the hell is making my wacom work02:57
DasEiward_: ah I see, no idea, might look in the forums if no reply here02:57
justin__urlin2u: 7 home prem OEM can be activated by regular home premium oem installs, I assume this is what you mean?02:57
x_you don't need phone activation afaik, I just restored one yesterday and it had the key pre-programmed and was genuine.!02:57
wbarberHow do you sync your smartphone with Ubuntu 11.10?02:57
justin__oem installs should read "phone activation"02:57
urlin2ux_, right, but you can not put more than 4 primaries on a HD, I did not say it was the only option, just the one I would choose.02:57
x_urlin2u, you said that you could only restore from recovery 1 time, thats the only thing I said was wrong.02:58
DasEin-iCe: err, you're running debian, wrong chan here, comment the cdrom out in your sources.list02:58
x_and it is wrong.02:58
boldfilterwabz, your telling me02:58
DasEin-iCe: #debian02:58
SatanaaDoes anyone know how can get the paths back in Nautilus?02:58
urlin2ux_, I would not bother with a oem anyway I would get at least a better release.02:58
n-iCeDasEi: that's not the problem, sources has nothing to do with the mic02:58
n-iCeI have been looking in both rooms since ubuntu is debian based02:58
JoshDreamlandOkay, I imagine you guys are swamped, but I'm just going to cross my fingers and ask if anyone else is having wireless problems. I updated to 11.10, of course, and now I can't log in except for the guest account, and cannot connect to any wireless networks.02:58
x_urlin2u, alright back to ubuntu but i'd say your the dummy ;-)02:58
SatanaaLike i want to be able to edit the path like normal02:58
boldfilterwabz, who peed on my ubuntu02:59
urlin2ux_, NO I SAID BACKUP.02:59
n-iCeI think the mic is in there, but something is not detecting it or making it work02:59
justin__JoshDreamland: I have problems like you would not believe, downloading LTS release02:59
OberonKingHi, channel02:59
Satanaai mean location*02:59
JoshDreamlandI have at my disposal one computer (this one) running four operating systems, and one wireless network. No wired, no nothing.02:59
JoshDreamlandjustin__: I imagine a lot of people are. Do you know when the last time Canonical made a release without a hitch was/02:59
urlin2ux_, put down what ecxver is clouding your brain man. :D03:00
DasEin-iCe: anyway, debian is another channel, I'll stop here03:00
celthunderJoshDreamland: linux windows mac ? what's the fourth? straight plan9? vmx?03:00
SatanaaCtrl + L will get it to show, but i want it to stay03:00
qinJoshDreamland: Point one would be to fix standart user, since guest is fairly limited.03:00
justin__JoshDreamland: 11.04 was OK for me, I had not used it long, though.03:00
JoshDreamlandcelthunder: Windows and three Linux distros.03:00
celthunderJoshDreamland: that's 2 os's03:00
boldfilterUnity was Ubuntu, "going out on a limb"03:00
JoshDreamlandqin: useradd creates dead accounts, too.03:00
reisioJoshDreamland: the impression I've been getting is that you might have to go through setting up your wireless from scratch03:01
x_urlin2u, only the green man.03:01
JoshDreamlandreisio: What do you mean, set it up? This network is unsecured; there's not much to set up. Or do you mean the adaptor?03:01
ward_aha, the wacom option in the settings has this reverse op tion03:02
OberonKingI have some issues with multiples sounds in 11.10... if I play a video on firefox don't have audio in nothing else, and if I listen music on any player, firefox and all lose sounds03:02
ward_but is there anyway to do this from CLI?03:02
qinJoshDreamland: cat /etc/passwd | grep bash03:02
reisioJoshDreamland: the driver, yeah03:02
Satanaai might have found it03:02
Satanaagsettings set org.gnome.nautilus.preferences always-use-location-entry false03:02
AkshayXchat is nice03:03
JoshDreamlandHm, that might kill me.03:03
joermzhi, anyone know how to shut down the gdm/xdm or whatever is used in 11.10 ?03:03
reisioI prefer ϕChat, but yeah XChat is good, too03:03
Satanaaerr true03:03
Satanaanot false03:03
AkshayI need the Linux command lst03:03
qinjoermz: sudo service lightdm stop03:03
Akshaycan any one help me03:03
qinAkshay: list?03:04
Akshayyes set of commands in Linux03:04
JoshDreamlandqin: Are you wanting to see the lines it printed? It sent three.03:04
reisioAkshay: ls /usr/bin/03:04
OberonKingI have some issues with multiples sounds in 11.10... if I play a video on firefox don't have audio in nothing else, and if I listen music on any player, firefox and all lose sounds03:04
qinAkshay: http://www.oreillynet.com/linux/cmd/03:05
qinreisio: Sweet.03:05
qinJoshDreamland: Is your username there?03:05
urlin2ux_ I recognized the symptoms, I know.03:05
JoshDreamlandYes, qin. josh:x:1000:1000:Josh,,,:/home/josh:/bin/bash03:06
AkshayThank You guys03:06
qinJoshDreamland: Open terminal and: su josh03:06
JoshDreamlandqin: I'm not on my Ubuntu box now. No network connection on it.03:07
JoshDreamlandRather, I am on my Ubuntu box. I am just not on Ubuntu.03:07
villavim, how to go to the specified line03:07
qinJoshDreamland: Make sure to type password, to _see_ the output, since your encoding may be... twisted03:08
jhouseDasEi, dpkg-reconfigure said xorg-server was not installed03:08
DasEijhouse: xserver-xorg?!03:09
JoshDreamlandqin: I can log in from the CLI. It seems to attempt to log me in, then bail in failure. It prints some garbage to the screen as if it's a terminal, but it's cleared before I can read it as GDM steals the stage.03:09
reisiovilla: :#03:09
wb-Need to sync smartphone with Ubuntu...03:09
wb-How do I do that?03:09
ward_in gnome-control-center there a tool to set wacom settings, how do i start it from CLI?03:09
villaThanks reisio03:10
kroq-gar78ok so now my nautilus says segmentation fault. what do I do? nothing will open03:11
jhouseDasEi, I found a blog which said to reconfigure all packages that began with xserver.  That did not work for me.  The blog also said to delete xorg.conf and use Xorg -configure to recreate it, but I can't find my xorg.conf file03:11
OberonKingI have some issues with multiples sounds in 11.10... if I play a video on firefox don't have audio in nothing else, and if I listen music on any player, firefox and all lose sounds03:11
wb-How do I do that?03:11
ward_how can i do manually what the wacom config tool normally does?03:11
ward_i want to write a small script to rotate the screen of my tabletpc03:12
DasEijhouse: that's ok as it'sdefault,but given command will create /etc/X11/xorg.conf03:12
=== zay is now known as Vladislas
x_ward_, pastebin xrandr -q03:12
ward_so the wacom will be rotated to, which is no problem through the wacom config tool that's standard in ubuntu in system settings03:12
kroq-gar78just kidding... I'm sooooo confused... It works from out of terminal...03:12
JoshDreamlandqin: I'm basically certain that what is happening is leftover from the previous version's config files03:13
ward_x_, the LCD is not a problem, its the wacom thats the prob03:13
ward_x_, i jsut need a way to do what the wacom GUI config tool thing does03:13
ward_x_, only then from CLI03:13
x_ah, no idea.03:14
ward_x_, this config thing in ubuntu for wacom tablets has an invert option03:14
gharzguys, how do i add a command that changes my mac address whenever i boot my machine up?03:14
x_ward_, see if the gui program can be run from command line.03:14
colby_how do i get evolution to run from the envelope icon? it worked in 11.04. i did a fresh install of 11.10 and had to delete thunderbird and install evolution. now there's no link to evolution.03:15
ward_x_, i was doing that, but it can't03:15
ward_x_, its this "panel"03:15
ward_x_, not an executable03:15
x_ward_, find another program that works with wacom?03:15
ward_i dunno enough about grnome gargabe03:15
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=== Squarism is now known as sliskis
ward_x_, erm why? all programs work fine with wacom03:15
x_ward_, I mean to invert it from command line.03:16
jojo_how should i limit the quota on my shared folder anyone hre who can helpo me??03:16
ward_x_, yeah i tried that too, no luck either :(03:16
x_gharz, why would you want to do that?03:16
=== caplink811-log is now known as caplink811_log
gharzx_: coz i don't want my mac address to appear and i want to be in incognito mode to my friends. :)03:17
ward_x_, so far its a giant mistery how/what is driving the wacom03:17
ward_x_, i bet if i knew that, i could figure the rest out myself03:18
=== ArchAttack is now known as Guest92531
Guest92531anyone know why wine doesn't have audio with ubuntu 11.1003:18
elkingreyUmm, I just finished upgrading to Ubuntu 11.10 and now my program gpass no longer opens. All of my passwords are stored there. Apparently it is obsolete now and I don't know how to install it or get it open. Any ideas?03:18
reisioGuest92531: any particular app?03:18
jojo_how should i limit the quota on my shared folder anyone hre who can helpo me??03:18
Guest92531reisio, world of warcraft03:18
jhouseDasEi, so if that command should have fixed my xorg.conf and I reconfigured everything starting with xserver, then something else must be my problem?  Screen still freezes after "checking battery state"03:19
grom358okay the biggest thing annoying me with unity is google chrome is ending up with window decorations03:19
grom358and I can't move the bar to my primary monitor03:19
x_gharz, I could make a script, but you'd have to manually change the script to a differen't mac every time before reboot.03:19
joermzexcellent, X tweaks applied :-D03:19
OberonKingI have some issues with multiples sounds in 11.10... if I play a video on firefox don't have audio in nothing else, and if I listen music on any player, firefox and all lose sounds03:19
reisioGuest92531: what version of Wine do you have?03:19
x_gharz, and you don't need to reboot even.03:19
grom358and I have to hold down the mouse button to view the menus03:19
reisioOberonKing: have you been playing with OSS?03:20
DasEijhouse: pastebin your syslog03:20
jhouseHow can I do that?03:20
gharzx_: wow... that's great!!!! but is there a way where in i can just add a command like macchanger -m xx:xx:xx:xx:xx on rc script or something?03:20
viyyerhi .. On upgrading to 11.10 , my soundcard does does emit any sound ? I have a Intel 82801(ICH8 family) sournd card03:20
x_gharz, yea, but will macchanger do a random one?03:20
OberonKingreisio: nop... is a fresh install.....03:20
x_gharz, you could add that to /etc/rc.local03:20
gharzx_: i see.. i'll try that one first... adding the command in rc.local03:21
gharzx_: but a script??? wow! r u gonna use bash or python?03:21
stewart_How do I set the scroll wheel speed in 11.10?03:21
x_gharz, lol bash03:21
gharzx_: awesome!!!!!!03:21
jhouseDasEi, After a failed boot with 11.10, I boot into 10.10 on the same laptop.  I'm not sure how to fetch the syslog from the prior boot attempt.  Any tips on how to do that?03:21
grom358does no one here use chrome with unity?03:22
stewart_grom358: I started but I did not like the look it has03:22
JusticeZeroI want to.. chromium at least.. why?03:22
DasEijhouse: sudo apt-get install pastebinit && pastebinit /var/log/syslog03:22
JusticeZeroI put chromium on this thing with windows while I waited for the 11.10 release.03:23
jhouseafter booting into 10.10?03:23
viyyeranyone ?03:23
grom358cause unity doesn't seem to work with it for me.. cause it getting the wm decorations03:23
JusticeZeroIt's troubling that unity is being so annoying - I like the layout I saw on the boot.03:23
x_gharz, eth0 or eth1 ?03:24
grom358any my mouse clicking seems all broken.. u have to hold mouse in to navigate menus? seems weird03:24
grom358and how do u move what monitor the unity bar is on03:24
gharzx_: eth103:24
jhouseDasEi: http://pastebin.com/V3JwXBrD03:24
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qinjhouse: as DasEi said but /mount/point/var/log/syslog03:24
x_gharz, http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/710467/03:24
gharzx_: thanks! i'll check that out?03:25
x_gharz, that method requires no reboot.03:25
gharzi'll check that out03:25
jhouseqin, how do I figure out the correct mount point?03:25
elkingreyCan anybody help me recover my passwords from GPass? It no longer works in 11.10.03:25
qinjhouse: mount one by one and cd /media/something/var/sys/log03:25
Seven_Six_Twohaving a horrible time. trying to install 11.04 on fakeraid. disk util sees and can mount all raid partitions. ubiquity crashes over and over though03:26
gharzx_: thanks! love it03:26
DasEijhouse: that's the one from the working lucid I guess, you will need to fetch the one from the frozen oneiric03:26
x_gharz, hope it works out for you.03:26
OberonKingI have some issues with multiples sounds in 11.10... if I play a video on firefox don't have audio in nothing else, and if I listen music on any player, firefox and all lose sounds03:27
qinNice, Working Lucid and Frozen Oneiric03:27
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jhouseDasEi, I need to figure out how to mount the proper drive.  What can I run to see the partitioning of my computer?  I have no idea what the 10.10 installer did when I installed it alongside 11.1003:27
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DasEijhouse: sudo fdisk -l03:28
gharzx_: it will... but i'm thinking of changing my mac address during the start up... will it run on my rc.local if i add those commands with out stopping and restarting init.d/networking?03:28
mattalexxCan someone take a look at this mplayer output and let me know what might be going on? The the video seems to be resizing to fit resolution but there's only sound, and only a black picture: http://i.imgur.com/SYIQZ.png It's the same in VLC, banshee video, and mplayer.03:28
DasEijhouse: sudo mkdir /media/oneiric03:28
x_gharz, pretty sure you need to reboot networking for it to take effect.03:28
DasEijhouse: sudo mount /dev/whatever /media/oneiric03:28
jhouseDasEi, looks like /dev/sda6 is the correct device03:28
DasEigo ahead03:29
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gharzx_: yes.. rebooting wouldn't be an issue if i add the macchanger command whenever my machine starts... my system automatically connects to the network whenever i log in. what i want to happen is the mad address has changed when i logged in. would this be possible?03:30
Lewoco__In aptitude I can see two entries for almost all packages... Why?03:30
DasEijhouse: pastebint /media/oneiric/var/log/syslog03:30
x_gharz, you want to change the mac address of an online machine, not possible...03:30
jhouseDasEi: http://pastebin.com/twW0ZPQr03:30
jtokarchukOberonKing: many people are having issues currently, unfortunately03:30
gharzx_: what u mean is, during the start up/boot i can not change the mac address?03:31
x_gharz, no, I mean if it's online you can't change it.03:31
qinOberonKing: try: pulseaudio03:31
x_gharz, add those commands to rc.local if you want it done on boot.03:31
jojo_how should i limit the quota on my shared folder anyone hre who can helpo me??03:32
gharzx_: same commands without the sudo?03:32
OberonKingjtokarchuk: ok... so, that they try to fixit.... i'm trying to fix mines :)03:32
jojo_sudo -i03:32
yagoogharz, you're probably looking at virtual interfaces03:32
x_gharz, yea you don't need the sudo in rc.local afaik and make sure to chmod +x03:32
jojo_how should i limit the quota on my shared folder anyone hre who can helpo me??03:32
gharzx_:ahhh ok. so i have to create a .sh script and add that name of the script in rc.local03:33
x_gharz, you could. or you could just paste those lines.03:33
gharzyagoo: not a virtual interface... i'm not sure... i just want my mac address changed whenever i connect to a network03:33
x_gharz, if you make an extra script, make sure it is also +x03:33
rhizmoeis there i way i can use mousewheel l/r for viewport switchign?03:33
gharzx_: including init.d/networking stop and start?03:33
Agrajag-g'day, is it possible to make it so windows *never* steal focus with gnome 3?03:33
gharzx_: ok... thanks!!!!03:34
x_gharz, yea I would, i t's not going to hurt anything.......03:34
rhizmoeAgrajag-: was there for gnome 2? :)03:34
Agrajag-rhizmoe: not that i know of :(03:34
Agrajag-it's pretty annoying. google-chrome is the worst culprit03:35
GTRsdkwhen the boot logo would normally show, my monitor shows out of range. How do I fix that?03:35
Seven_Six_Twolol. ubiquity created the filesystem (erasing current system) but then failed. now there's no os.03:35
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: which CD image? and is the CD good?03:36
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, yes, I did md5sum03:36
Seven_Six_Twoit's boots to desktop fine, mounts /dev/mapper partitions fine. won't install at all.03:36
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: which CD image?03:37
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, it's the 10.04 desktop x86_6403:37
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, sorry, 11.0403:37
jhouseDasEi, do you see anything suspicious?03:37
DasEijhouse: no suspicious items there that I see,  did you already tried a sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ?03:37
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: Try 11.10, and maybe even try x86 if you have 4GB of RAM or less03:37
albechlooking for a web based password manager that I can install and manage myself.. any ideas? would be nice if there was user group support so certain groups of people could get access to passwords03:37
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, I was on 11.10, but I couldn't get pulseaudio to work, and nautilus kept crashing03:38
OberonKingqin: i'm using pulseaudio... I think,03:38
jhouseDasEi, I have not since the install became fully hosed.  Will try now03:38
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, I'm downloading the iso now, so we'll see. I don't have a lot of other options03:38
gharzthanks, x_. i'll try adding the commands first in rc.local.03:39
Aikarugh... wtf... so you have to manually reinstall gnome-panel to get a normal desktop, and then gnome-panel is gimped so you cant even customize it the same way? wtf.03:39
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: Okay. You might want to enable proposed this time then.03:39
Aikarhow do you customize gnome-panel. ubuntu is a freaking mac clone now ; ;03:39
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, I had proposed enabled03:40
GTRsdkAikar: in 11.10?03:40
Agrajag-Aikar: i think you can customise is, ctrl + right click instead of just right click03:40
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, pulseaudio hasn't started since I upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10.03:40
GTRsdkAikar: go to the software center and install the compiz configuratio nmanager03:40
reisioAikar: use KDE :p03:40
Aikari have ccsm03:41
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: Does 10.04 work?03:41
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, I uninstalled all pulse stuff and reinstalled, then I tried uninstalling all of the gnome stuff (had xfce running) and reinstalling, but on reboot, plymouth kept failing03:42
AikarAgrajag-: thanks, its alt+right click03:42
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, I don't think I have the iso.03:42
Agrajag-oh yeah that's the one sorry03:42
Agrajag-no idea why they thought alt+right click would be a good idea instead of just right click03:42
Aikarand im actually trying to get rid of the panels lol. I use AWN, so i use gnome-panel w/o any panels showing up03:43
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: try the alternate installer then03:43
Lewoco__In a standard 11.10 installation, why are there 2 entries for each package in aptitude?03:43
Aikari tried to stick with unity in this ver03:43
Seven_Six_TwoGTRsdk, can't. I need live for dmraid03:43
Aikarbut its still too unfinished03:43
x_Seven_Six_Two, oneiric works for me, but maybe you should stay away from it for awhile alot of people are having problems.03:43
GTRsdkSeven_Six_Two: How much RAM?03:43
Seven_Six_Twolol. I have nothing now. I need to install something! GTRsdk 4gb03:44
x_Seven_Six_Two, natty isn't bad03:44
Aikarcompiz constantly eats cpu under unity03:44
Seven_Six_Twox_, I know. I can't install it though03:44
jtokarchuk...I suppose one who was eager to get contributing to ubuntu would get his launchpad set up and try to fix some of these aforementioned bugs as opposed to downgrading , eh? ^^03:44
x_I accidently put unity on a live usb, worst thing I've ever seen reminds me of windows.03:44
jtokarchukx_: try custom osdev, you learn a new appreciation for windows03:45
x_jtokarchuk, ?03:45
jtokarchukx_: the bad things seem not so bad when you create your own steaming pile of rubble, :p03:45
jhouseDasEi, the only way I can run those commands is by dropping to root access with network access, but then it can't seem to find the URL's.  I'm going to guess that I'd need to configure the networking manually?03:46
DasEijhouse: sudo dhclient03:46
x_jtokarchuk, I kind of see what you mean but, just cause I couldn't do any better doesn't make something any good it's self. :-)03:46
jtokarchukx_: another valid point!03:46
trappistis there an oracle-java7 howto for oneric that don't involve the use of a gui tool, as for a server?03:46
jhouseDasEi, I can run that then do the other steps?03:47
DasEijhouse: yes03:47
x_jtokarchuk, like in the last couple hours, lots of people complaining about unity no one seems to like it ;\03:47
jhouseok, rebooting now.03:47
Seven_Six_TwoI like it.03:47
x_thats 103:47
jtokarchukI like it as well, when it works03:47
point_I don't like unity.03:47
urlin2uHmm a help channel and complaints that is so strange.03:48
reisiotrappist: probably a nightmare: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/09/how-to-install-oracle-java-7-jdk-in.html03:48
jtokarchuki have NEVER seen that before03:48
S|12P3|\|g|_|zI prefer GNOME 3.03:48
jtokarchukmy detector is functioning03:48
point_urlin2u, yeah it's not the fault of anyone here.03:48
S|12P3|\|g|_|zI feel it's a lot more polished.03:48
Seven_Six_TwoI prefer a pure binary interface03:48
Aikarits buggy and slows down productivity, and canonical is removing more and more freedom from the OS (just like Apple ...)03:48
S|12P3|\|g|_|zSeven_Six_Two: Little endian, or bit?03:48
xanguaS|12P3|\|g|_|z: unity runs on top of gnome3...03:49
trappistreisio: yeah already been there, wants me to run a gui tool, which itself will require me to install X, most of gnome etc. on my server and run X on my mac blah blah... looking to steer clear of the gui03:49
Seven_Six_Twobig endian only03:49
Lewoco__Does Ubuntu server come with apache, mysql and other stuff preinstalled or is it basically just the same as Ubuntu desktop but without X/libreoffice?03:49
robin0800I like it on my laptop not so sure about the desktop thou03:49
Aikarlike why was the customization of themes removed in 11.10? now im stuck with radiance?03:49
point_Aikar, I've been saying the same thing.  Ubuntu is becoming more like commercial software.03:49
urlin2upoint_, I love confirmation bias it feels so natural.03:49
S|12P3|\|g|_|zxangua: s/\cgnome 3/gnome-shell/03:49
GTRsdkwhen the boot logo would normally show, my monitor shows out of range. How do I fix that?03:49
reisiotrappist: what, update-java?03:49
trappistreisio: yes03:49
reisiotrappist: have you tried running it without X?03:49
trappistunless you know an undocumented way to run it without it calling gksudo03:50
S|12P3|\|g|_|zGTRsdk: Add a vga= to /etc/default/grub's kernel line03:50
trappistreisio: it calls gksudo, appears to be a full on gui tool03:50
S|12P3|\|g|_|zSet it to the proper value.03:50
celltechHow do I instal a program from an archive package03:50
reisiotrappist: isn't using Oracle's Java more important for GUI apps?03:50
reisiocelltech: what program?03:50
robin0800Aikar, install gnome-tweak-tools and gnome-standard-themes03:50
celltechgtkpod 2.0.103:51
xanguaAikar: use gnome-tweak-tool for themes, fonts and that stuff ;)03:51
x_celltech, .deb or .tar.gz03:51
point_urlin2u, what are you referring to?03:51
reisiocelltech: what's wrong with 2.1.0?03:51
Aikarso all our previous features of ubuntu are getting removed and must be manually reinstalled... how lame03:51
xanguacelltech: sudo apt-get install gtkpod03:51
trappistreisio: not for my purposes03:51
celltechNothings wrong with it. I just have the 1.003:52
S|12P3|\|g|_|zUbuntu really has taken a turn for the worse.03:52
Aikarno package gnome-standard-themes03:52
celltech2.0.1 is supposed to have ios5 fix03:52
urlin2upoint_, so lets say I have a bias, say I don't like unity, I go to a help channel where people come who have problems and tend to confirm their own bias and ghet mine confirmed as well, no real cause and effect.03:52
S|12P3|\|g|_|zUbuntu used to be about being an awesome debian fork that updated all the time and let you do anything you wanted.03:52
h00kxangua: turns out I was missing indicator-power.03:52
FlannelS|12P3|\|g|_|z: Please keep the commentary in #ubuntu-offtopic, thanks.03:52
Aikargnome-tweak-tool wants me to install gnome-shell03:52
GTRsdkS|12P3|\|g|_|z: GRUB_VGA=800x600  is that correct?03:52
S|12P3|\|g|_|zFlannel: Oh, alright.03:53
jtokarchukS|12P3|\|g|_|z: it got popular.03:53
S|12P3|\|g|_|zGTRsdk: No, you need to use a vbe access code.03:53
reisiotrappist: I don't know what the alternative is (yet), but I promise you there is one03:53
S|12P3|\|g|_|zGTRsdk: You can get a list of them in GRUB itself.03:53
S|12P3|\|g|_|zGTRsdk: Get to a grub command line (hit c at the grub menu) and type vbeinfo03:53
Peddyis anyone else experiencing the nautilus menu bar at the top of the desktop?03:53
urlin2upoint_, no comment on your point just pointing out the difference between statistics, cause and effect and bias.03:53
robin0800Aikar, think most of this is caused by insisting it must all fit on a cd so as core gets bigger more gets dropped03:53
GTRsdkS|12P3|\|g|_|z: do I have to reboot to do that?03:53
trappistreisio: yeah I figure there must be :) but google is failing me so far03:53
point_urlin2u, do you mean to say this whole disliking Unity pattern is a bandwagon effect?03:53
S|12P3|\|g|_|zLook for the right resolution in the list, and choose that code.03:54
S|12P3|\|g|_|zGTRsdk: Yes.03:54
S|12P3|\|g|_|zUnfortunately. :(03:54
reisiotrappist: update-alternatives, maybe03:54
=== S|12P3|\|g|_|z is now known as SirPengus
urlin2upoint_, not necessarily, but to claim anything with actual data, that is true it is pointless, just rabble, and self serving, kind of damaging to a personal cognitive development really.03:54
urlin2uwith=without point_03:55
reisiotrappist: http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11029041&postcount=4 ?03:55
point_urlin2u, what actual data might one use to claim that he or she doesn't like Unity.  It's just a matter of opinion.03:56
nomad111hi all, I cant seem to figure out why my internet speed continuously dips under 11.1003:56
nomad111it starts off high then dips03:56
nomad111e.g. when im downloading in firefox or software centre03:56
urlin2upoint_, that s my point it is a personal point, but is dispensed as if it is actual facts, say with helping others here.03:56
mewaynomad111, proof?03:56
mewayor evidence03:56
bitsodaHi, I tried a live CD of Xubuntu 11.10 on a MacBook Pro and got the: 'intramfs unable to find a medium containing a live file system' error. Any thoughts on why this is happening? The image was burned using OS X's disc utility.03:57
nomad111meway, how do you just i capture proof?03:57
x_!md5 bitsoda03:57
nomad111meway, how do you suggest i capture proof?03:57
mewaynomad111, compared to what os?03:57
x_bitsoda, do an md5 check on the iso03:57
urlin2upoint_, as I said nothing do to with your like or dislike, you just happened to respond to my pots.03:57
nomad111meway, well i have my imac next to me03:57
mewaynomad111, maybe your on two different machines with two different cards?03:57
nomad111meway, and it clocks high speed03:58
mewaynomad111, your problem is that you are testing on to completely different machines03:58
point_urlin2u, ah I understand what you're saying.03:58
SIFTUnomad111: but what are you using to test the bandwidth between the 2?03:59
nomad111currently having a look here http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=185915103:59
nomad111ubuntu is installed on a Lenovo X103:59
urlin2upoint_, a little college ed mioght help some here or at least understanding the scientific method and critical thinking. :D03:59
carloshi, anyone know how can i login to my pc remotely? im using wake on lan and teamviewer, but i dont know how to login ):04:00
point_urlin2u, it's still an opinion.04:01
point_no scientific method needed.04:01
SIFTUnomad111: ah yes, changing the driver04:01
SIFTUcarlos: why not vnc?04:02
carlosSIFTU, does it run right from login screen?04:03
SIFTUcarlos: x11vnc does04:04
carlosill google it, thanks04:04
SIFTUcarlos: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VNC/Servers#Connecting_to_your_login_screen04:05
g0rsare there themes for transparency in gnome 2.2 ?04:05
Lewoco__Is there any difference between Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Alternate aside from the installer?04:05
xanguaLewoco__: no04:05
carlosSIFTU, thanks04:07
padhuLewoco__: Ubuntu Alternate uses Text mode of installation. Alternate contains core only with server side packages. that's all04:08
xanguapadhu: looks like you are talking about minimal ;)04:09
almoxarifepadhu: that's not right04:09
robin0800Lewoco__, raid tools encryption tools better partitioning tool04:09
padhualmoxarife: then04:10
Lewoco__robin0800, In server?04:10
xangua!minimal | padhu04:10
ubottupadhu: The Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want (the installer is like the one on the !Alternate CD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:10
almoxarifeLewoco__: if you have a tricky setup you are better off installing the alternate04:10
Lewoco__robin0800, Or in alternate?04:10
robin0800Lewoco__,no in alternate04:10
Lewoco__Minimal sounds like what I want but I don't see it on my mirror...04:10
cheenuhello guys04:11
robin0800Lewoco__, google search ubuntu minimal04:11
padhuubottu: okey04:11
xanguaor just click the link Lewoco__ robin080004:12
urlin2uLewoco__, it is not in the repos it is @ the bots link. https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD04:12
Lewoco__Incidentally, why does ubuntu desktop install everything without the auto flag?04:12
Lewoco__If I decide to remove one of the ubuntu meta-packages I still have to go and manually remove all of it's dependencies.... annoying =(04:13
psycho_oreosisn't there a switch called autoremove?04:14
Lewoco__psycho_oreos, Yeah there is and I'm asking why the default Ubuntu installation doesn't take advantage of it.04:15
urlin2uLewoco__, you can purge remove stuff using the trigger ubuntu meta-packages is way to vague, and a sily complaint point.04:15
sattyMy wifi is not detecting accesspoint04:15
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psycho_oreossatty, maybe the interface is not up?04:18
=== Guest18920 is now known as Nothing-
e8hffffWhen is Canonical  going to start sellign tablets with Kubuntu or Ubuntu isntalled???  I'm sick of Android and the likes. I want true linux with my fav OS.04:18
Nautiluspointer to site detailing installing FTP (likely ProFTPd) on 10.04?04:19
e8hffffThey need to source a cheap tablet out fo asia and stick their badge on it.  Say a Huawei device, like the MediaPad04:19
=== point_ is now known as h44
JZApplesCan someone help me out with the issues I'm having with Unity in 11.04?      http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/5/simek.png/04:21
SIFTUsatty: or rfkill, or a problem with the kernel driver04:21
HomeSlice_pdxis it just me? I wish in Unity when an application is already open and in the foreground that when I click on the icon again it should minimize04:21
Nautilusis it just me? Upgrading Ubuntu breaks things that use to work?04:22
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, agreed.04:22
HomeSlice_pdxI agree04:22
phiscibelol JUST you lol04:22
JZApplessup phiscibe04:22
robochickenanyone else having issues with admin password in 11.10?04:22
phiscibehey dude04:22
JZApplesI took a screen shot of that issue we were working on the other night.  check it out...    http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/5/simek.png/04:23
JZApplesany ideas?04:23
padhuwhat is an gnome equivalent for Kollision04:23
phiscibeNautilus: the worse thing is when its not totly broken, so you live with it but it annoys you and annoys on an on04:23
cheenui don know how to use this webchat...can anyone guide me?04:23
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, what happens when you log into a guest account?04:23
Nautilusphiscibe: yea04:23
Nautilusbut FTP, totally broken04:24
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, I'll give it a try.04:24
SatanaaAll this time I have been thinking that I couldn’t use Unity, On my own user Compiz eats up 1gb ram, on the guest account it eats 256mb ram. Anyone got an idea whats up?04:24
ubuntudummyso any idea what would make ubuntu just stop recognizing the hard drive that its installed on?04:24
xanguacheenu: do you have an ubuntu support question'¿ you ask, we try to answer04:24
e8hffffcheenu: just ask questions and someone may reply.  To reply type some fo the name then press TAB key to lock onto the name, then type the question after to reply to a particular person04:24
HomeSlice_pdxubuntudummy, are you getting an error message?04:25
SatanaaI have tried "unity --reset", it cant complete it04:25
cheenui had experience using xchat but am new to this one.04:25
phiscibepadhu: i dont thik there is but it should work under ghome just fine, buy installing it will bring in the kde base libraries04:25
robochickenwhen i install an app my password words, but not when i am opening it04:25
cheenuthanks xangua e8hffff04:25
e8hffffcheenu:  it's jsut irc.04:25
ubuntudummysrt 4 err 1604:26
phiscibeSatanna which processes04:26
cheenue8hffff: fine where r u from?04:26
robin0800cheenu, you can get this channel using xchat04:26
e8hffffcheenu: oz04:26
xangua!ot | cheenu e8hffff04:26
ubottucheenu e8hffff: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!04:26
cheenuthanks ubottu04:27
e8hffffI was about to elave anyway...04:27
Nautilus"Cannot start proftpd, please check syntax of your configuration file /etc/proftpd/proftpd.conf"   uhhh, why would the default .conf file have bad syntax?04:27
cheenuthanks robin080004:27
Satanaaphiscibe any idea?04:27
celltechOk so that didn't work. it just downloads 1.0... I have the archive package of gtkpod 2.0.1 I need to instal04:28
phiscibeso you have  a guest accout, runs find, your account ram gone wild04:28
cheenucan anyone tell me the latest interesting packages in ubuntu?04:28
evilwombatArgh, stupid gnome upgrade. All user settings are gone and it is back to the idiotic Unity UI.04:28
xanguacheenu: gnome3¿04:28
cheenuwat s gnome?04:28
cheenuand wat is kde?04:29
Satanaaso close to being able to live with unity *yay*04:29
Nautilushow do i get permission past "sudo su"?04:30
AikarSatanaa: doing better than i am then, i already gave up and reinstalled panel and back to using AWN04:30
phiscibewell it has to be a setting in your one account, which one thogh04:30
SatanaaAikar well i did a upgrade, not a clean install.. im thinking its some old compiz conf04:31
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, does the same thing in a different account.04:31
purpleyuanI could have sworn that the Unity interface was dark grey/transparent black before. It is now purple. Does anyone know of the setting to change it back?04:31
Satanaaall i could find was .compiz104:31
KlojumCan anyone confirm that Skype isn't working yet in 11.10 Oneiric? I installed it on two computers and both times Skype doesn't want to fire up...04:31
SatanaaKlojum works for me04:32
xanguapurpleyuan: use a black background ;)04:32
somsipKlojum: 32 or 64 bit?04:32
=== nick is now known as Guest22313
SatanaaKlojum just tried again, works fine04:32
Klojumboth with Nvidia driver... One ION-system, one Nvidia 7600GT version..  :-\04:32
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, hmm looks like a botched install, I'm wondering if everything is installedcan you go to command line and type the following? -  sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:33
SIFTUKlojum: did you upgrade?04:33
somsipOk - on 64 bit I found an earlier versin to be more stable, but if others are working, it may no t be this issue. Worth trying though04:33
Guest22313hey guys, just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and it errored right at the end, now my screen res and half the icons are missing04:33
phiscibeSatanaa: do you have the compiz settings manger installed, ....   ccsm  if so run ccsm and see if the unity plug in is checked04:33
purpleyuanAhah. Thank you xangua :)04:33
KlojumNo upgrades, both fresh install. Did you install Skype from the 'market' or directly from the Deb on the Skype website?04:33
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, 0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:34
HomeSlice_pdxGuest22313, they the following in the command line - sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade04:34
Satanaaphiscibe check04:34
Satanaaphiscibe im kinda thinking that ccsm might be the issue, does ccsm come with unity?04:34
KlojumSatanaa: because Skype worked for me in 11.04, that's the weird part.04:35
Satanaaphiscibe err i mean does it come with 11.10?04:35
Nautilushow do i get permission to start a module?04:35
Guest22313HomeSlice_pdx yeah it didnt do anything, says everything is up to date04:36
=== Kasjopaja23111 is now known as Kasjopaja
SatanaaKlojum where have you installed skype from?04:36
phiscibeim on older version still, i dont know about 11.1004:36
cheenuxangua: y no reply?04:36
Satanaaphiscibe ah04:36
SIFTUKlojum: what error do you get trying to launch it from the command line?04:36
=== Kasjopaja is now known as Guest69877
=== gnomie is now known as Guest88449
Guest22313HomeSlice_pdx yeah it didnt do anything, says everything is up to date04:36
SatanaaKlojum try add the skype repo and update?04:36
KlojumSatanaa: from the Ubuntu 'market'... Havent tried the commandline yet... BRB04:36
SatanaaKlojum yea i use the one from skype04:37
Guest22313hey guys, just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and it errored right at the end, now my screen res and half the icons are missing04:38
phiscibeSatanaa: your not running as root are u04:38
Satanaano never04:38
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, hmm you picture  looks like some icons are missing?  Did you upgrade or was it a clean install?04:38
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, Clean 11.04 install.04:38
SatanaaKlojum i used http://www.skype.com/intl/en-us/get-skype/on-your-computer/linux/downloading.ubuntu3204:38
purpleyuanGuest22313: did you restart your computer?04:38
Lewoco__Does Ubuntu server use the GUI or text installer?04:38
Satanaathat then added a repo04:38
Satanaaand updates from there04:38
HomeSlice_pdxdid the live cd / USB image do the same thing?04:38
Guest22313purpletuan twice, the second time was even worse04:39
Guest22313purpleyuan twice, the second time was even worse04:39
Guest22313the first restart atleast had the right resolution04:39
purpleyuanGuest22313: when you say that half your screen res is missing, is the other half just black? Like the screen has moved off the monitor?04:40
Nautilus"root@Ubuntu-1:/etc/proftpd# sudo service proftpd restart"  ...  "- Fatal: LoadModule: error loading module 'mod_ldap.c': Permission denied on line 18 of '/etc/proftpd/modules.conf'"   ... what is up with that?04:40
Guest22313npurpleyuan, its full screen but everything looks huge04:40
Guest22313purpleyuan, its full screen but everything looks huge04:40
phiscibeSatanaa:   it has to be something in .comiz or .config/compiz or the saved-session .gconf .gcond .pulse or something   that would account for the diffrenc between users,04:40
phiscibemake a new user and log in to test04:40
KlojumSatanaa: guess what.. Skype starts from the commandline, but not from the icon in the Unity bar. :-(04:40
phiscibemaybe start a new session04:40
SatanaaKlojum aahh04:41
Guest22313purpleyuan, it looks like its like 800x60004:41
phiscibeLewoco__: server install is text, desktop gui04:41
gbany clues to ficing an ocelot upgrade so x works again04:41
purpleyuanGuest22313: what resolution is it supposed to be?04:41
KlojumSatanaa: Is there a way to fix that? I dont need a separate terminal box to be open all the time..04:41
phiscibegb where does it die04:41
Guest22313purpleyuan 1920x108004:42
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, hmm I know this sounds like a pain, but did the live CD work properly?04:42
Satanaayou need to change the shortcut Klojum04:42
gbit never gets to gdm and startx just hangs as well04:42
Satanaaalso brb i might break all now :04:42
Klojumi figured that...04:42
minthi, I'm using a live version of 11.10 (unetbootin) and it is asking me for a username/pw on boot.04:42
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, it used to work fine, then one day it just stopped04:42
Guest22313purpleyuan the nvidia x server thinks its at 1920x1080 though04:42
Lewoco__phiscibe, Does the server allow you to pick what package groups to install or does it have a fixed selection like desktop?04:42
KlojumI'm not that much a linux guru..  All tips are welcome04:42
phiscibeLewoco__: been so long i cant remember, but, it has a SET of defaults i think but you can alos load what you want , use apt04:43
phiscibegb i cant a coulple things u can try04:43
mintanybody know what the live user password on 11.10 is?04:43
purpleyuanGuest22313: can you change the resolution in the settings? Does the computer think it is at 1920x1080 or at 800x600?04:43
phiscibegotta find my notes, ugg04:44
Guest22313purpleyuan: it thinks its at 1920x1080 in "Display" too04:44
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, well, since it also has problems with the guest account I'm guessing that it's a deeper issue than your profile04:44
phiscibeAs reported by: http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/04:45
gry2hi, I was upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10, I accidentally logged the user out so the installation was aborted; now I boot it and it says ``Failed to execute /lib/udev/mtp-probe/ : /sys/devices/pci00:00…..0/usb5/… : device not found'', starts a few daemons and then says that waiting for network configuration was unsuccessful, after which it freezes; I have access to a tty where I did apt-get...04:45
gry2...update, apt-get upgrade successfully but a next reboot has same problem. what can I do there other than a complete re-install?04:45
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, sorry man, it's getting late for me. but you might find it easier just to backup your data and reinstall04:45
phiscibetry that link above, i thnk its got a good chance to be your bug, http://kubuntu-experince.blogspot.com/ has more stuff that might help04:46
purpleyuanGuest22313: what is the output for xrandr?04:46
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, the thought has crossed my mind.  It's just that i've configured a lot with this install so i'm trying to save that for last resort.04:46
gbyeah i might try and reinstall sid which is a bit more stable :)04:46
phiscibegry, same bug  http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/      pssibly04:46
Guest22313purpleyuan: Screen 0: minimum 320 x 175, current 1920 x 1080, maximum 1920 x 108004:47
Guest22313default connected 1920x1080+0+0 0mm x 0mm04:47
gry2phiscibe, looking ...04:47
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, yeah, I've been your shoes before. it wuold be best to copy your config files to a safe location.  But other than that I would recommend going to command line and chekc out your log files04:47
VinoI just downloaded ubuntu and it says "amd64" in the filename but I have an intel. is that okay?04:47
phiscibeit invovles dead dbus because of new locations for var and run04:47
purpleyuanGuest22313: Ergh. Sorry, but I've honstly no idea. Perhaps someone else here can help you. You said that it gave an error at the end of the install; maybe you should backup and do a fresh install.04:48
evilwombatEven *Windows* knows how to preserve the desktop background across OS upgrades04:48
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, i'm new to linux so those things need to be researched first.04:48
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, check out log file viewer04:48
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, ok, i've been in there before, but not for awhile04:48
jtokarchukso if one wanted to help out with ubuntu dev, would they: downgrade to 10.04 and virtualize 10.40, and fix, keep in current (10.40) and begin helping, or upgrade to a bleeding edge distro and start helping04:48
Guest22313purpleyuan: gaa thanks for trying, I'll mess around for awhile tonight and see if I can figure it out04:48
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, which section?04:48
phiscibeVino: amd64 refers to an instrution set for 64 bit machines, all 86 family processors that are 64 bit capable use that protocool04:48
phiscibeso you are fine04:49
gry2phiscibe, that's an odd solution. How would you advise me to edit it to make backups instead of rm'ing those dirs, or is that not necessary?04:49
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, just a sec04:49
Vinophiscibe, thanks :)04:49
phiscibegry look at the release notes04:49
PeddyHow can I build a package after apt-get source'ing it? Thanks!04:49
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, bah ha ha04:49
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, mine shows nothing04:49
phiscibegry https://wiki.ubuntu.com/OneiricOcelot/ReleaseNotes04:49
evilwombatWhoever came up with the whole 'Unity' UI, please dig up your Human-Computer Interaction textbook, remove the 10 inches of dust, and use it to beat yourself on the head repeatedly. Maybe that approach will work better than actually reading the book.04:49
celltechSo I can't figure out how to instal tar.gz files04:50
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, look for q04:50
phiscibethey have a way to run a sed command to add both set both directory paths04:50
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, look for xorg*04:50
p10ni have install openbve on oneric04:50
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, and syslog04:50
p10nbut cannot be played04:50
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, and dmesg04:50
mintlive version  of 11.10 is prompting me for a username an pw, anybody got it?04:50
phiscibebut you can just copy those directories to a new folder as a back up, VAR is alwasy in flux, thats why its var, nothing perm should be there04:51
HomeSlice_pdxJZApples, and search for anything that contains "error"04:51
phiscibevariable even04:51
p10nanyone can play openbve on oneric?04:51
gry2phiscibe, "Ubuntu 11.10 has migrated away from /var/run, /var/lock and /dev/shm and now uses /run, /run/lock and /run/shm instead (respectively)." <-- you mean this part of release notes? why was this path changed?04:51
purpleyuanmint: iirc, live shouldn't prompt for a usrname and pw.04:52
phiscibethat causes dbus not to start, and gives blank X screens, dead network manager ect.04:52
gry2Sigh... I should of not have given up and asked this without booting into another OS. Thanks, I'll try it today and see if it helps.04:52
qinnshoud I fill bug for it? http://imagebin.org/17940404:52
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nickiscoolpurpleyuan: 3rd restart brought everything back to normally, really oddd04:53
p10noneric on hp dm1z is cool04:53
mintpurpleyuan: that's what I thought, I tried it several times, passable because of unetbootin?04:53
phiscibeevilwombat: dont you know, STYLE is more important than function04:54
p10nmy wlan and bluetooth is detected now04:54
JZApplesHomeSlice_pdx, nothing of interest04:54
purpleyuannickiscool: turning things on and off again = best troubleshooting tool, hahahh.04:54
Nautilusi'm on 10.04, set it up a few months ago. ran updates tonight and now gedit is broke?  "o protocol specified"04:54
evilwombatphiscibe, you don't say. This may sound like a troll, but it does apply in this case. Strictly from a UI perspective, this is less usable than windows.04:55
phiscibeqinn i think might be called skype2 now04:55
nukeslionhello folks, both my windows and my ubuntu are giving me issues, so my proposed solution is to install with the wubi on windows 7, my main thing is learning python, will i be able to use python stuff the same way in the wubi install?04:55
evilwombatyou can't even right-click the panels anymore. all the user settings are gone.04:55
jtokarchuknukeslion: yes04:55
phiscibei was being sarcastic in a friendyly way04:55
nickiscoolpurpleyuan: I am lucky, need to do client work tomorrow and didnt back up like the last 3 hours of work before I upgraded, I was sweating bullets04:55
qinphiscibe: Not it installs ok.04:55
evilwombateven with unity disabled, the menubar takes a few seconds to come up after opening a terminal. it is glitchy as fuck.04:55
nukeslionjtokarchuk, thank you :) clearing space and installing now04:55
evilwombatIn the default firefox configuration, the menubar uses black text on a dark-gray background. What fucking moron thought of this?04:56
phiscibeevilwombat: make sure lightdm is now being used04:56
wobblyonionshi guys - does anyone know how to move the task bar from the left hide side of the screen in the new version of Ubuntu to the top of the screen?04:56
evilwombatand all the firefox tabs use a light-gray font on a light-gray background (again with the moron)04:57
purpleyuannickiscool: nice. Good luck with everything :)04:57
evilwombatoh well, fluxbox time?04:57
Kleydmarboa noite04:57
ljsoftnethow do i replace xfdesktop with openbox?04:58
purpleyuanmint: have you tried using "ubuntu" as the username and leaving the password blank04:58
voxhow do i add applets into the top bar in gnome 3 classic?04:58
phiscibeevilwombat, maybe turn off mouse polling04:58
voxseriously thinking of reinstalling 11.0404:59
PinkEyezhey guys im trying to install Sun java from this link http://www.multimediaboom.com/how-to-install-java-in-ubuntu-11-04-natty-narwhal-ppa/ but somehow it installed the openjdk04:59
mintpurpleyuan: yep, and with the pw as ubuntu, and tried root and live as user...05:00
popschis there a way to force popup messages to be displayed on the same workspace as the application that opens the popup?05:00
nukeslionanyone have a suggestion on what desktop environment to use for wubi ubuntu install? i'm thinking xubuntu but haven't done it before on windows05:01
Guest80228i hve some query05:01
chroothow can i update my e2fsprogs ?05:01
Guest80228i m unable to add user any help?05:02
Guest80228wht is the default pwd for root05:02
purpleyuanmint: have you seen this: serverfault.com/questions/2618505:02
uofm49426anyone still using a bt878 bttv card on ubuntu 11.1005:02
celltechCan I get the off topic room please...05:03
uofm49426its not setting up like it did in maverick05:03
purpleyuancelltech: #ubuntu-off-topic05:03
celltechThank you05:03
rhizmoehow do i prevent the bluetooth daemon from starting, since i don't have it?05:03
ibqndoes gnome 3 has a "input methods" item in the pop-up menu  once you right-click on the text or input field?05:04
Peddyibqn, as far as I can tell, yes05:04
zaapieldamn Meatloaf's 1977 Album Bat out of Hell still sells aroind 200,000 copies a year05:04
purpleyuancelltech:er, that may be wrong.05:04
ibqnPeddy, thank you05:04
mintpurpleyuan: thanks, will do a check.05:04
uofm49426i can care less about the tv card but i do use the fm radio05:05
purpleyuancelltech: IT's #ubuntu-offtopic05:05
purpleyuanSorry about that.05:05
ibqnPeddy, I have not tried gnome 3 yet, and as far as I have heard there were no such an item in the earlier stages of gnome 3 development. I glad to hear, that they finally back ported it05:07
Peddyibqn, that submenu is certainly available in all the programs I just tried it in. Anything else I can check for you in gnome 3? (or gnome-shell, I'm using it and it's great)05:08
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StiiCevahello everyone05:09
StiiCevai'm new to xchat05:09
ibqnPeddy, thank you, that was it.05:09
StiiCevacan anyone point me to a good tutorial?05:09
techie1980I'm having some trouble getting X11 fowarding to work from a new build of ubuntu server  -- I have X11forwarding turned in the server sshd_conf, I'm connecting with ssh -X, and export display is set properly.  I seem to be getting nothing of value in dmesg. Where else should I be looking for errors?05:09
=== mitch is now known as pyfon
popschtechie1980, what does it say when you start xclock?05:12
yagootechie1980, ssh -XY05:12
yagootechhelper1, don't forget xhost +allowedhostname05:12
yagootechhelper1, xhost +<hostname>05:12
yagooor ip#05:13
techhelper1he left. and nice highlighting me twice05:13
yagootechhelper1, if u want remote.. i'd suggest checking out nomachine.com's amazing nx.. it's free and very easy to use (client can be on mac/win as well)05:13
yagooyikes.. 198005:13
techhelper1yahoo, techie1980 left, for the second time05:14
yagoou two have the same name :oo05:14
techhelper1i am not him05:14
techhelper1yagoo *05:14
scottrex33Oh shit05:14
scottrex33where am i05:15
scottrex33am i in wyldride05:15
scottrex33Is anyone here05:15
Flannelscottrex33: this is #ubuntu, if you're trying to get to another channel, you'll need to type "/join #channelname" not just "#channelname"05:16
lucerosamahello, i am new to xchat. how do you reply in this open forum?05:17
Flannellucerosama: Just prefix your statement with the nick of the person you're talking to (your client supports tab completion, so typing a few letters then hitting tab should work just fine)05:18
lucerosamaFlannel, oh! Thanks!05:19
znowI got my linode ubuntu vps, I have a domain which I need to connect to a  project on my vps, I have added the DNS records etc on the domain and in the dns manager for the vps, but how can I point the domain to the certain project?05:19
StiiCevaFlannel, hi, i'm new to xchat also05:19
peeps[lappy]somehow my default file manager seems to have switched to gthumb when i upgraded.  for example when i hit alt-f2, and just enter a path such as /home/username/  it opens the folder in gthumb, which hangs05:19
peeps[lappy]does this happen to other people?05:19
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pyfonhave tried almost everything, still unable to get wifi working on an 11.10 installed asus 1001p eeepc, any tips?05:25
mintpurpleyuan: fyi no errors in squash fs thanks for the help05:29
Loihi guys05:29
LoiAnyone know where I should start in programming?05:30
LoiAnyone know where I should start in programming?05:30
LoiI want to learn to program05:30
A[D]minSHello I'm trying to install davmail on 11.10 , however it looking for a dependency  davmail depends on libswt-gtk-3.6-java | libswt-gtk-3.5-java | libswt-gtk-3.4-java however all are not exist . would you please advise05:31
mintLoi: not a programmer but I'd think that python would be a good start, lots of tutorials online05:32
mintLoi: unless you want to just do web stuff, then PHP05:33
SetiAmonstrange linux mint live cd worked flawlessly with sound,it must not use pulse audio05:34
JoshDreamlandLet the record hold that lightDM is a MASSIVE, massive, POS, and that switching back to GDM fixed -all- of my problems.05:35
LoiThanks mint. Ill check it out05:35
justin__so is anyone else having issues pushing keys to the keyserver?05:35
JoshDreamlandjustin__: I know at least one other person who is.05:35
justin__i fixed my sleep issue at least o.o05:36
JoshDreamlandYou could try switching back to GDM, too :P05:36
JoshDreamlandI have no idea why it fixed my internet05:36
StiiCevaI there a networking specialist around ?05:39
JoshDreamlandJust ask, StiiCeva05:39
StiiCevaI'm a student05:40
StiiCevawe have on campus a big lan05:40
StiiCevathe thing is that someone might be doing a man in the middle attack05:40
StiiCevai've been doing a mtr to the gateway05:41
StiiCevait losses 10-30% of the packeges05:41
StiiCevaalso I found in wireshark  malformed packeges05:41
elkingreyWhen I upgraded to 11.10 my password manager, GPass, no longer functions due to obsolescence. I believe the encrypted password file is located ~/.gpass/passwords.gps Can somebody tell me a way to recover my passwords from that file?05:41
A[D]minSsorry dc05:41
A[D]minSany answer -> A[D]minS> Hello I'm trying to install davmail on 11.10 , however it looking for a dependency  davmail depends on libswt-gtk-3.6-java | libswt-gtk-3.5-java | libswt-gtk-3.4-java however all are not exist . would you please advise05:42
StiiCevais it hardware ( a broken switch) or is it really an attack05:42
urlin2uStiiCeva, why would you come here when there is a dept at the college that does this?05:44
kaweahdentalhe IS said dept05:44
urlin2ukaweahdental, not student sorry.05:45
urlin2ukaweahdental, students don't run as IT even at my college which has linux mirrors and is one of the best around.05:46
=== barna is now known as bipul
StiiCevaI've comed here because I want to learn05:48
StiiCevaand know how to protect myself from an attack05:48
StiiCevaI'm not an ignorant05:48
wadQuestion: I do "ssh-add" and enter the passphrase for my key, but when I ssh to something, now a GUI pops up and requires me to enter my key again. This didn't used to happen... what's wrong?05:48
urlin2uStiiCeva, cool but I doubt your be attacked or will be.05:48
urlin2uStiiCeva, go to the people who actually have their hands on the system if you want to learn as far as this problem I would think, I'm quite sure if they find a problem you will be thanked.05:50
StiiCevathen what can be the source of malformed packages05:52
wadAnother question: I've edited my /etc/sudoers (yes, with visudo), and told it that my user doesn't need to authenticate again when I sudo. But it still asks me for my password. What's wrong?05:52
usr13wad: log out and back in again.05:52
urlin2uStiiCeva, ask the IT dept, this is Ubuntu and for ubuntu related stuff.05:53
cpgoI'm on ubuntu 11.10 32-bit and when installing nvidia driver via "Additional Drivers" I get "Sorry, installation of this driver failed."05:54
wadusr13, nope, it still requires me to enter my password in again.05:54
Geek_Does anyone know what directory the web files are store in for apache 2 on Ubuntu Server?05:54
usr13cpgo: Maybe there is a network problem.05:54
wadGeek_, I think /var/www05:54
cpgowith ubuntu servers?05:55
Geek_@wad that works, thank you.05:55
wadGeek_, that's just a guess though.05:55
cpgodownloading directly from nvidia will work though, right? usr1305:55
kuruso the best thing about 11.10 is that they fixed the printer drivers so the colors aren't all wrong05:56
kuruI don't know who broke them, but they should be punished in public05:56
urlin2u!pm | StiiCeva05:56
ubottuStiiCeva: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice. Please note that some people find it rude to be sent a PM without being asked for permission to do so first.05:56
kurufor months, we had a MacMini sitting in the printer room just so we can print documents that needed to be in color, since we couldn't with 11.04 (unless we wanted green to be blue and blue to be white.. or whatever weirdness was going on)05:57
cpgousr13: here's a log: http://pastebin.com/QjaJ1CzK05:57
airtonixhilarious, sometimes my sandybridge ubuntu 11.04 desktop has a spaz out and starts flashing random full screen colours like it's a rave... and the __only__ recourse is to hit the reset switch (since it doesn't repsond to pings at that point)05:58
usr13cpgo: sudo apt-get update05:58
Myrttikuru: great to hear it is fixed now, but do you have any ongoing problems?05:58
cpgousr13: k let me try05:58
boxybrownhey guys, is there a way when you add a user to have it automatically given reasonable groups...05:58
kurumyrtti, I did have a problem upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10. For whatever reason, the time/date in the panel disappeared.05:58
dhruvasagar_Hi, should I use bumblebee or ironhide !?05:59
kurumyrtti, it had nothing to do with my account, I created a new user, same thing. I couldn't bother hunting it down.. I just did a fresh install. It was faster.05:59
kurumyrtti, it's fine now.05:59
boxybrowni cant find any documentation that shows an easy way to do adduser and by default give it reasonable group membership without listing every single group05:59
kurumyrtti, I upgraded another machine.. no issues05:59
kuruAlso, 11.10 seems to have fixed the problem of screen resolutions when moving from laptop to docking station.05:59
cpgousr13: same message06:00
usr13cpgo: sudo apt-get install nvidia_current06:00
kuruSo that's always a welcome change. I can now keep my X220 running from home.. get to the office.. dock it and bam! It's all good on my LG 22" monitor.06:00
Myrttikuru: excellent. stick around to help others with their problems06:00
cpgouser13: E: Unable to locate package nvidia_current06:00
cpgousr13: all the software sources are checked06:01
kuruI don't understand why 11.10 still carries OpenERP Client 5.x..06:01
dc5alacpgo, replace _ with -06:02
kuru6.0.3 has been out for a while now06:02
kuruthat's annoying06:02
dhruvasagar_anyone ?06:02
usr13cpgo: sudo apt-get upgrade06:02
cpgohmm says already installed06:02
cpgogoing to restart, thanks for the help, I'll be back if problem persists06:04
ZylumI can't seem to keep my wireless connection from dropping.  It's still connected to the router and other networked nodes and they all have internet, this one with ubuntu does not, but it comes back after a while and seems to happen randomly06:09
shangwhat is the tool to use reduce the size for the video?06:09
TimLoalUbuntu keeps on hanging for 30-60 seconds, most noticably with firefox, but also wuth libreoffice, can anyone help/advise me.  its a new install on 11.1006:10
techcafetim:could be anything06:11
StiiCevahow do you ask permission to send someone an pm? is there an option or you just do it on the channel06:11
cpgousr13: no luck06:12
usr13cpgo: Let me look at the log again.06:12
cpgousr13: http://pastebin.com/QjaJ1CzK06:12
ex0cat /proc/cpufreq06:13
TimLoalUbuntu keeps on hanging for 30-60 seconds, most noticably with firefox, but also wuth libreoffice, can anyone help/advise me.  its a new install on 11.1006:14
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usr13cpgo: No such file or directory: '/var/cache/jockey/driverdb-OpenPrintingDriverDB.cache'  #I'm wondering about that...06:15
troiiis there any chance to disable Remote Desktop on Ubuntu 11.10 ?06:15
cpgousr13: idk why the driver was already installed (nvidia-current) but "Additional Drivers" says it isnt. I uninstalled nvidia-current and just re-installed it. Going to restart again06:15
cpgothanks for taking a look at it06:15
usr13cpgo: ls /var/cache/jockey/06:15
troiiand also to make the Weather appear on the screen rather than at the bar next to Volume?06:15
usr13cpgo: Ok.06:15
ex0disable remote desktop under system, administration06:15
usr13cpgo: You might also do   apt-get -f install06:15
ex0sorry system, preferences, remote desktop06:16
troiiex0, how can i  find that? i am using the ubuntu classic layout06:16
TimLoalsi this the Ubuntu support channel?06:17
usr13TimLoal: Run firefox or libreoffice from terminal and watch for clues.06:18
kurulooks like thunderbird is eating up all my cpu resources..06:18
usr13kill it06:18
TimLoalusr13 what sort of clues?06:18
cpgo_usr13: that did it06:18
kuruusr13, but I use it :)06:18
itai_michaelsonhi, i got an old version of chrome on a box and would like to copy it to another box, this version is no longer available in the repos, is there anyway to do it ?06:18
kuruoh.. I just crashed a conversation :)06:19
JoshDreamlandWhen I select "Set as desktop wallpaper" in firefox, where does it save the image?06:19
usr13cpgo_: Very good.06:19
ex0troii isnt there a panel at the top of your screen saying Applications, Places, System??06:19
henchman24use mutt :D06:19
TimLoalhow do i run it from a rerminal? usr1306:19
FrankJamesohello, I was wondering with the new unity if there is a way to still completely full screen apps like there was with the old gnome06:19
ex0troii click system, then preferences then remote desktop...06:19
usr13TimLoal: Open a terminal, type   firefox    hit enter.06:19
TimLoalUbuntu is slower than my windows computer!!!!06:19
srini_how to port linux kernel to arm processor?06:19
TimLoalusr13:  cool06:19
troiithere is System Tools06:20
kuruis there a keyboard shortcut for status update using a broadcast account?06:21
cpgo_for 11.10 do you have to install gnome-tweak-tool to change fonts? I cant find the normal Appearance->Fonts06:22
srini_can anyone give me the solution for how to port the linux kernel to arm processor?06:22
TimLoalusr13 i get a terminal by pressing crtl + alt + f2 right?06:22
cpgo_yae TimLoal06:22
trappist /usr/lib/libncursesw.so is a text file, and I've got a (java) app complaining that the file is "too short".  If I replace it with a symlink to /lib/libncursesw.so.5 it works fine. Not sure if this is a java bug, an ldconfig issue or an ncurses bug.06:22
usr13TimLoal: No.  Ctrl-Alt-F2 will give you a console session at tty206:22
TimLoalwhen i do that i get a stream of input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction usr1306:23
woltermy touchpad is ceasing to work regularly, is this a known problem?06:23
rstsHi. Can you tell me, please, whether udhcp can do dynamic updates of DNS ?06:23
trappistI don't recall ever seeing a .so as a text file... sound like a packaging bug maybe?06:23
TimLoalusr13 is that the sort of clue you're thinking of?06:23
ljsoftnethow do i change xfce in kiosk mode back to normal mode?06:23
ljsoftnethow do i change xfce-panel in kiosk mode back to normal mode?06:24
usr13TimLoal: I'm not thinking of any sort of clue.06:24
entropy101hey all06:25
entropy101just did a fresh install :D06:25
TimLoalusr13: but dose that give you or anyone a clue to my problem?06:25
usr13Might give YOU a clue to your problem.  I'm not at all sure why firefox or libreoffice takes a long time to initialize.06:26
nnfxguys are you using 11.10 with unity desktop?06:26
TimLoalusr13: have i come at a bad time?06:26
usr13TimLoal: How long does it take?06:26
TimLoalnnfx: yes using unity and not liking it06:26
usr13TimLoal: NO, there is no bad time.06:27
srini__TimLoal, hi can u tell me how to port the linux kernel to arm processor?06:27
nnfxTimLoal, i switched to classic06:27
TimLoalusr13: how long dose what take?06:27
hje841how do I adapt this howto to ubuntu 11.10? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB06:27
JoshDreamlandJust so you know in the future, it saves it right in ~/. Anyway, ciao for now.06:27
TimLoalsrini__: your asking the wrong man06:27
ljsoftnethow do i change xfce-panel in kiosk mode back to normal mode?06:27
TimLoalnnfx: how do i do that, i'm thinking 11.10 is full of bugs06:27
AleoI like Unity, only thing is that I can not reduce a bit the launcher icons size, even using compiz and unity plugin06:28
usr13TimLoal: pastebinit /proc/cpuinfo06:28
srini__TimLoal, i want the solution for my problem...can u suggest me the other channels?06:28
usr13TimLoal: pastebinit /proc/meminfo06:28
Aleodon't know if it is for being on a virtual box06:28
usr13TimLoal: and send resulting URLs06:28
usr13TimLoal: You have a gnome-terminal open, right?06:28
ChinaForgehello,I upgrade to Ubuntu 11.10,How to change user group by GUI tools?06:29
Satanaaaaah finally fixed my ubuntu install06:29
Satanaaall i had to do was to clean the system up06:29
hje841how do I adapt this howto to Ubuntu 11.10? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MATLAB06:29
nnfxTimLoal, sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback06:29
AleoI downloaded Wubi to install inside windows and when I run it, a message appear saying there is no disk on the drive, is not supposed Wubi download the necessary for install ?06:29
Aleodo I need to make a DVD ?06:30
nnfxTimLoal, then at login select ubuntu classic06:30
TimLoalusr13 is that a command to run in the terminal?06:30
usr13TimLoal: Yes06:31
TimLoalusr13: i closed the terminal as it wasn't giving me a prompt just a stream of errors06:31
usr13cat /proc/cpuinfo ; cat /proc/meminfo | pastebinit06:31
spinnaker*sigh* I'm afraid the update to 11.10 didn't go so well.  :(06:31
usr13TimLoal: Did you look at the errors?06:32
hydrometsometimes when I install a package using aptitude, at the end I get something like this:06:32
hydrometCurrent status: 44 updates [-4].06:32
hydrometwhat does that mean?06:32
usr13TimLoal: Of course, it won't give you a prompt, you told it to execute a task and it was doing so and giving you info about the task it was executing.06:32
hydrometthe package ends up, after this, having a State of "installed"06:33
StarminnHey guys, in Ubuntu 11.10 in Unity I am choosing an icon theme using gnome-tweak-tool. The selection works for Root user (such as in Nautilus opened as root) but as normal user the icons are the default fallback. Help?06:33
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usr13TimLoal: What is the speed of your cpu?06:34
dc5aladavido-, and what went wrong?06:34
ljsoftnethow do i change xfce-panel not to be in kiosk mode?06:34
TimLoalusr13 i've tried it in the graphical prompt, alt+f2, but no result.  ctrl+alt+f2 is giving the same message over and over and not stopping or giving me a prompt06:34
davido-I'll have to reboot to see the messages again, but when I boot, it hangs at some point.  I'm able to open a terminal, and then if I want to actually get unity up and running I have to sudo start gdm.06:35
usr13TimLoal: Alt-F2  and type   gnome-terminal06:35
Satanaaah i see i have a last issue.. when i have 2 windows open in 11.10. the one out of focus gets transparrant06:36
Satanaaany way to remove that?06:36
usr13TimLoal: What mesage is it giving you over and over?06:36
davido-It gives some message about "security will be supported in kernal 3.106:36
snadgehow do i enable remote desktop (vnc) via an ssh connection?06:37
Satanaakernal = Amiga06:37
snadgeall the guides i've seen tell me how to do it with the gui.. grr ;)06:37
TimLoaluse installing pastebinit06:37
soulfHi, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 and was having trouble with the proprietary fglrx driver (messy rainbow colors graphics in gnome shell + hibernation not wokring). Deactivating it in the "additional drivers" menu didn't really help, so I figured I'd just select everything with the name fglrx in synaptic packets managers and remove it. Upon reboot however, everything was in "driverless mode".. .dunno how to call it, no effects etc, looks lik06:38
soulfe old gnome... so my question is: how do I reactivate the open source ati driver that worked perfectly before I installed the proprietary driver? Thanks :)06:38
TimLoalthe error is .....  input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction usr1306:38
StarminnHey guys, in Ubuntu 11.10 in Unity I am choosing an icon theme using gnome-tweak-tool. The selection works for Root user (such as in Nautilus opened as root) but as normal user the icons are the default fallback. Help?06:39
snadgevino-preferences.. thanks guys ;)06:39
usr13TimLoal: What command generated this error?06:39
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TimLoalusr i didn't give it a command it was there when i went in on ctrl+alt+f206:40
usr13TimLoal: Ctrl-Alt-F2  and do this:   Ctrl-c06:40
TimLoalusr13:  1st url cpuinfo ... paste.ubuntu.com/71060106:41
ljsoftnethow do i change xfce-panel not to be in kiosk mode?06:41
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TimLoaltried that ... nothing ... kept on going06:41
A[D]minSGuys , anyone facing any problem with Davmail ?06:41
A[D]minSon ubuntu 11.1006:41
TimLoalusr13:  2nd url meminfo ... paste.ubuntu.com/71060206:42
davido-Oh, the other less serious issue is that Empathy won't let me add any online accounts.  The only avalable to add is Google, and even that doesn't actually add anything.  But that's a lot less important than boot problems. :)  Anyway, I'll come back once I've got the exact error message.06:43
usr13Ok  good TimLoal06:43
usr13TimLoal: So what is happening on tty2 ?06:43
usr13TimLoal: Can you stop it?  (Sounds like some run-away process).06:44
usr13Ctrl-c  to stop it06:44
TimLoalusr13: i missed the tty2 bit give me that again06:44
usr13TimLoal: YOu said when you went to Ctrl-Alt-F2  you saw messages over and over.  Right?06:44
TimLoalusr13: i'm not new to computers, i know them down to the atom and back again, but i am new to linux06:44
strat1227hello all, just installed 11.10 and my launcher is entirely gone upon logging in, any suggestions?06:45
usr13TimLoal: Well, that is tty2 and I'm wondering what is going on there...   IS this a fresh install of Ubuntu?06:45
TimLoalguest42201 the opersite of old06:45
strat1227it was there the first time I booted, but now after the first reboot it's gone forever06:45
TimLoalusr13:  yes from the weekend06:45
usr13TimLoal: If you go to tty2  (Ctrl-Alt-F2)  can you stop what is going on with    Ctrl-c  ?06:46
dhruvasagarHi, is there any way in Ubuntu 11.10 (Unity) to switch between applications in the current workspace (viewport!?) ?06:46
usr13TimLoal: tty7 is where you are now. So Ctrl-Alt-F7  should bring you back to the GUI interface.06:47
TimLoalusr13: before the message is says ACPI: EC: if that helps and before that it is saying [222xx.xxxxxx] where x is a random number06:47
usr13TimLoal: Did you install 11.10 ?06:47
TimLoalusr13: yes but ctrl+c dose nothing in there06:47
tasslehoffInstalling restricted ati drivers on my 11.10 fails. /var/log/jockey.log: http://pastebin.com/7d2v6SdJ06:47
usr13TimLoal: Is it fully updated?06:48
usr13TimLoal: sudo apt-get upgrade06:48
lobeznoHi ther! after digit the paswd in the login screen  my ubuntu take very long time to long in and get ready to work, any way to fix it? is like it is loading to many process06:48
TimLoali just followed the links on the site.  Keep this quite but i'm a windows user  usr13 yes i updated it06:48
TimLoalusr13: i'll try06:48
usr13TimLoal: Let's see what htop says. Open a terminal and issue command   htop06:49
stevomy pc suffered from a power outage during the upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10 (amd64).  Synaptic does not report any errors (like broken packages) but aptitude says there are a bunch of broken packages and it solution is to remove everything.  I know something is screwey with the install, cause the system settings app is missing a bunch of icons. ideas on fixing this mess?06:49
ZeloZelosreinstall stevo save your self the heartache06:50
usr13TimLoal: We might do well to look at /var/log/messages     See what that says.06:50
usr13TimLoal: Any clues there?06:50
davido-Wow, if ever there were a time to not have a power outage, that's it.06:50
TimLoalusr13:  done update no new stuff.  will look in messages06:50
ZeloZelossoo true, sooo true davido-06:51
stevoZeloZelos, really.  it doesnt seem that bad.  I am using it now, the only other problem I see is fglrx wont work, (it worked fine under 11.04)06:51
soulfHi, I'm using ubuntu 11.10 and was having trouble with the proprietary fglrx driver. Deactivating it in the "additional drivers" menu didn't help, so I figured I'd just select everything with the name fglrx in synaptic packets managers and remove it. Upon reboot however, everything was in "driverless mode". So, how do I reactivate the open source ati driver that worked perfectly before I installed the proprietary driver? Thanks :)06:51
davido-I think I may do a reinstall.06:51
Trond--I opened a video file in 11.10, but it opened in another program than smplayer which I used in 11.04, and after closing the program I can still hear the audio. How do I exit that and how do I set smplayer to open my video files as default player?06:52
davido-...back up ~, and start over.06:52
TimLoalusr13: no messages file or folder in that location06:52
poclsolnuhhi all)06:52
soreaustevo: if it offers a solution of removing a bunch of packages, try copying down all of the package names (save to file) then proceed with what it wants to do and ensure all said packages are reinstalled after the operation06:52
uv-fedorhello all, I have a problev with upgrade to 11.10, the upgrade process starts and finishes correctly in 20 secs. I have an kubuntu on my notebook and a message from the kpackagekit that I have a new distro available. But when I click "upgrade" it asks me for root pwd and then finishes in 20 seconds w/o any error. And nothing updates. The save situation with sudo apt-get update; sudo apt-get dist-upgrade: 0 packages to download, update etc.  Any ideas ?06:52
Seven_Six_Twoany tricks for booting 11.10 live? Mine just hangs at the purple screen with a mouse cursor. 64 bit desktop cd. did md5sum. verified burn.06:52
ZeloZelosstevo im afaraid you are in a spiral, thats just the head of the worm , fix and 10 more will appear...but for real ..its alway easier and better to reinstall when certain things happen..one being a messed up upgrade06:52
soreauSeven_Six_Two: Tried nomodeset?06:53
usr13TimLoal: Have you rebooted to see if it happens after a reboot?06:53
Seven_Six_Twosoreau, at grub?06:53
stevoZeloZelos, you are probably right, thanks.06:53
soreauSeven_Six_Two: right06:53
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usr13TimLoal: Let's look at dmesg. Do this:  dmesg | pastebinit06:53
davido-Anyway, a reinstall will give me a chance to start over with a 64 bit version instead.  ...and all I'll need to really re-configure is apache, mysql, and ssh.06:54
troiihow do i check the TCP Ports of incoming and outcoming connections pls? just like Windows netstat command.. Thanks06:54
usr13TimLoal: And you can look at it  yourself, see if there is a clue.06:54
TimLoalusr13: thanks for the help, but this is taking longer than waiting for the freezes to clear and i'm at work, with staff and projects to run, i moved to ubuntu to stop me deling with this sort of thing in rubbish M$ software06:54
TimLoalusr13: ok but quickly06:54
dc5alatroii, same command06:55
soreautroii: Are you unable to use natstat in linux?06:55
StarminnHey guys, in Ubuntu 11.10 in Unity I am choosing an icon theme using gnome-tweak-tool. The selection works for Root user (such as in Nautilus opened as root) but as normal user the icons are the default fallback. Help?06:55
troiiok i will try now06:55
ZeloZelosuv-fedor are you trying t upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10? via disk? just use the upgrade manager if so..itll work smoother06:55
TimLoalusr13:   paste.ubuntu.com/71060706:56
davido-(except when it doesn't)06:56
uv-fedorZeloZelos: yes, from 11.04 to 11.10, via internet06:56
usr13TimLoal: Usually, a Linux install is pretty much trouble free.  I'm not sure what has happened on your system.  I just don't know what to look for to tell the truth.  The symptoms of firefox and libreoffice taking a long time to initialize, well that is just it, they are symptoms to an underlying problem that we have no idea what it is.06:56
Trond--I opened a video file in 11.10, but it opened in another program than smplayer which I used in 11.04, and after closing the program I can still hear the audio. How do I exit that and how do I set smplayer to open my video files as default player?06:56
ZeloZelosuv-fedor ok, what it sounds like is you are reading a disk, open the upgrade manager and if you have distro upgrades enabled you should see the offer 2 upgrade06:57
uv-fedorZeloZelos: gui upgrade manager was used firstly. 20 seconds to complete upgrade... with out actually anything upgraded...06:57
TimLoalusr13: it might be that i'm in china and there seem to be lots of dodgy things going on, which is why i need a uk vpn and a decent os :)06:57
uv-fedorZeloZelos: yes, I have such offer06:58
TimLoalusr13: it is not that they take a long time to load, but while in use they hang and sometimes lock up everything06:58
ZeloZelosuv-fedor thats the one u used?06:58
TimLoalusr13: i'll give it a reboot06:59
usr13TimLoal: Oh, well, I guess I missunderstood06:59
uv-fedorfirst time I tryed to upgrade using gui, then using apt-get. The save result for both methods.06:59
lariewhere to get good services.xml file for libtranslate?06:59
usr13TimLoal: But dmeseg errors are significant06:59
usr13 input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction06:59
uv-fedorZeloZelos: first time I tryed to upgrade using gui, then using apt-get. The save result for both methods.07:00
TimLoalusr13: ok, i have you on another box so i'll keep with you07:00
usr13TimLoal: I found this:  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125706707:00
usr13TimLoal: Ok07:00
almoxarifeTrond--: right click on the file, use 'open with' to change it07:01
uv-fedorZeloZelos: I tryed it couple of times. Rebooted. Changed sources server using gui...07:01
Seven_Six_Twosoreau, fantastic. thanks07:02
soreauSeven_Six_Two: np07:02
ZeloZelosuv-fedor id stop trying to upgrade b4 you totally break your system, if it didnt go smoothly the 1st time using the normal methods something will almost for surely go wrong07:02
soreauSeven_Six_Two: Curious, what graphics card is it?07:02
metallicanirvanaWhat all problems are people facing using 11.10?07:02
ZeloZelosuv-fedor start backing up data and do a full install to 11.1007:02
usr13TimLoal: Is this a laptop?07:03
uv-fedorZeloZelos: ok. how to determine whats wrong ?07:03
uv-fedorZeloZelos: ok, I'll try. Thanks.07:03
jussiis there a way to save one sheet in libreoffce spreadsheet as a different document?07:04
usr13A google search for "input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction" turns up a number of useful hits.07:04
metallicanirvanahow to edit vim so that it has auto indentation?07:04
usr13I don't know about useful, but interesting.....07:04
TimLoalvpn droped out usr1307:04
Kartagismetallicanirvana: edit /etc/vim/vimrc07:04
ZeloZelosuv-fedor when you do an upgrade, all the settings n stuff have to be translated to the new version, sometimes translations go wrong. they tend to only go right when all the cards are 'in place', your cards werent in order or something...hard to pinpoint what went wron, but someone in here may be able to07:05
Kartagismetallicanirvana: and type this at the end set autoindent07:05
metallicanirvanaKartagis: says no such file or directory07:05
LunaVoraxHello everyone!07:05
StarminnHow do I change icon themes in Ubuntu 11.10 with Unity?07:05
usr13TimLoal: I see:   https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/578506   &  http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=125706707:05
ubottuUbuntu bug 578506 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Kernel] ACPI: EC: input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:05
ZeloZelosuv-fedor thats the totally untechnical way to put it ;)07:05
Kartagismetallicanirvana: just a sec, let me give you my vimrc if you like07:06
SetiAmonis there a way to force applications to open up on a specific monitor? even though i have this one set as primary monitor firefox and a few other apps keep opening on my secondary monitor07:06
metallicanirvanaKartagis: should i go to root to edit?07:06
Kartagismetallicanirvana: would you like that?07:06
usr13TimLoal: And the channel's bot (ubottu) confirms it.07:06
Kartagismetallicanirvana: yes07:06
metallicanirvanaKartagis: ok07:06
ZeloZelosSetiAmon yes you can force any program to open in a specific work area,  its found in the ccsm if you are using compiz07:07
TimLoalusr13: can you summerise?07:07
metallicanirvanaKartagis: i would not know what to do with it. but i will try07:07
avgeneralquestion: Does Ubuntu 11.10 use a PAE kernel automatically?07:07
usr13TimLoal: At the bottom of http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1257067  I see:  "xset dpms force off"07:07
uv-fedorZeloZelos: :) I see. Possibly it's not a time for this computer to have 11.10. And time to think harder for me.  :)07:07
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SetiAmonnot virtual desktop but monitors,i have dual monitors07:07
SetiAmonand unfortunatly gnome3 uses Mutter which is lame07:08
LunaVoraxI have a bit of a problem under Ubuntu 11.04. There's a list of packages I want to remove via the "sudo apt-get remove package1 package2..." command. But the command doens't launch as it encounters too many "Impossible to find package1". How do I bypass that without having to modify the command by hand?07:08
metallicanirvanaSetiAmon:  whats mutter?07:08
usr13TimLoal: What type of computer is it?  A laptop?07:08
Kartagismetallicanirvana: get this to your /etc/vim/ http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11918318/vimrc07:08
troiihello, i would like to Un-Install the pre-installed games given with Ubuntu 11.10, how do i do that pls?07:09
SetiAmonwhatever its called07:09
TimLoalusr13: yea acer aspire 593007:09
ZeloZelosuv-fedor you bet ya, if you really want the new version, just backup your data, save themes if you are using glx-dock or have compiz tweaked out. and do a full install.07:09
Kartagismetallicanirvana: I mean copy it07:09
metallicanirvanaKartagis:  any progress?07:09
KatsumeBliskLunaVorax: Is it just "Package1" or more than one package?07:09
Kartagismetallicanirvana: copy this to your /etc/vim/ http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11918318/vimrc07:09
commieisnt it in the ubuntu software center under 'installed' troii?07:09
KatsumeBliskwhat commie said, troii07:09
KatsumeBlisktroii: Open the Ubuntu Software Center07:10
StarminnHow is it possible to change icon themes in Ubuntu 11.10?07:10
uv-fedorZeloZelos: Ok. I do. Thank you. Have a nice day!07:10
KatsumeBlisktroii: Click on Installed, and all your installed applications will be listed. Just click on the ones you want and hit uninstall07:10
usr13TimLoal: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/57850607:10
ubottuUbuntu bug 578506 in linux (Ubuntu) "[Kernel] ACPI: EC: input buffer is not empty, aborting transaction" [Undecided,Confirmed]07:10
KatsumeBlisktroii: No problem. :)07:10
celltechSince the iphone sucks now. How does blackberry work with ubuntu?07:11
usr13TimLoal: ubottu summerized it for us.07:11
commiepeople own blackberrys still?07:11
nmvictorI have seen the setpci command among the possible commands to be used with grub2, well I am using the command setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=00 in a script located in /etc/init.d to adjust my screen brightness. Is it possible to have grub run the command for mee?07:12
Briamare there a girl here?07:12
dean[w]This has probably been asked a million times before. I just upgraded to 11.10 and installed gnome-panel and gnome-session-fallback. I want to get back my application launcher though. Any ideas?07:12
metallicanirvanacopied and pasted07:12
TimLoali ran the command at the end of this thread http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1257067 xset dpms force off ... screen went black for a second and came back.  Is that solved now?  no messages in crtl+alt+f2 usr1307:12
metallicanirvanaKartagis: now what?07:13
KatsumeBliskdean[w]: Are you talking about the Unity launcher?07:13
dean[w]KatsumeBlisk, nope. I don't want unity so I logged in using gnome 307:13
TimLoalusr13: +1 beer if so ... but you'll have to come to china to get it :p07:13
usr13TimLoal: I don't know.... this is all new to me too.07:13
commiewe need less ubuntu talk and more the walking dead talk imo07:13
KatsumeBliskdean[w]: What "application launcher" are you talking about then?07:13
dean[w] But in gnome on 11.04 you could right click an app and click "Add to launcher"07:13
Kartagismetallicanirvana: when you start vim, autoindent is there07:13
usr13Ok. I'm on my way.07:13
Kartagismetallicanirvana: try it07:13
tasslehoffAny known bugs related to installing restricted graphics drivers in 11.10?07:13
dean[w]KatsumeBlisk, http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_-p2DWfWd_Qk/SRmf52fljRI/AAAAAAAAAKo/V19Ilnv02Wg/s400/ubuntu-add-launcher.jpg See those icons and also the context menu on right click07:14
KatsumeBliskdean[w]: Was this classic or Unity in 11.04?07:14
dean[w]standard gnome, no unity07:14
ktwoi guess you mean gnome 2.x07:14
usr13It's just around the corner.  (I'm in Texas)07:14
dean[w]yep ktwo07:14
ktwonow you are on gnome 307:14
TimLoalusr13: let me get on with some work and see.  Thanks very much for your help.  If you need any cheap plastic things anytime let me know hehe07:14
ktwoi guess there is no "easy" way to roll-back07:14
KatsumeBliskdean[w]: You can't get it back, afaik07:14
dean[w]Well, i'd be happy if i could just have my launcher back07:14
usr13TimLoal: Ok.  FB  ...07:14
dean[w]I know you can add to the panel but you can only add individual icons or a whole application group07:14
ktwodean: do you want to know what i did? .. switched to xubuntu xfce - much cleaner :)07:15
dean[w]It's a lot of effort doing this for 10 apps, it'd be nice to have it back in the context menu07:15
dean[w]ktwo, id be happy with gnome 3 if it just shipped with the launcher panel :)07:15
TimLoalusr13: FB?  I don;t really do facebook especailly here as i can only access over my UK VPN, but TimLoal on FB if thats what you ment07:15
=== Asad is now known as Guest31841
KatsumeBliskdean[w]: Doesn't help you get GNOME 2 (I think it's impossible), Xfce is a great alternative. It's a lot like GNOME 2.07:16
usr13fine business   -   all is good07:16
ktwoyea but it doesnt :D07:16
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=== blaze is now known as mobster
=== mobster is now known as the-m0bster
ktwo+ i think xfce 4.8 looks a lot more polished compared to gnome 207:16
TimLoalusr13: hmm nothing seems to run now :s07:16
usr13TimLoal: Not a facebooker either so....07:16
the-m0bsteri am having some issues with gnome 3 and oneiric07:16
nmvictorI have seen the setpci command supported by grub2, I am using the command setpci -s 00:02.0 F4.B=00 in an init script to adjust my screen brightness. Is it possible to have grub2 run the command for me? I am on ubuntu 11.10, using grub207:17
KatsumeBliskktwo: Still a tiny learning curve because it's a different DE.07:17
smwktwo, yeah, I didn't like xfce that much.07:17
TimLoalusr13: still feel free to add me, i'll accept, it'll confuse the CIA :)07:17
* conntrack chuckles07:17
StarminnI cannot change icon themes in Ubuntu 11.10 Unity for normal users. Please help.07:17
smwktwo, I ran away to kde :-)07:17
KatsumeBlisksmw: I liked it, but I prefer LXDE. :)07:18
usr13TimLoal: See, I don't really know.  It seems to be a bug as shown in the earlier URL, and I'm not sure what the solution is.  Accept that you more-than-likely need to switch to another kernel, (that would be my guess).07:18
dean[w]Is there a gnome 3 channel?07:18
TimLoalusr13: its come back now and its running even faster !!!!!! Woohooo :D07:18
ktwoyea its mostly a matter of taste, but still..everything is better than unity imho07:18
smwKatsumeBlisk, I have used lxde, but never in linux07:18
ktwoim not using a freaking netbook07:18
LunaVoraxKatsumeBlisk, more than one package07:18
smwKatsumeBlisk, oops, I mean never in ubuntu :-P07:18
the-m0bsterunity is not bad its just not as good as gnome207:18
usr13TimLoal: Read the bug report.  I just scanned it so.... not sure what it is.  But if you have another kernel, try it.07:18
TimLoalusr13:  ok now to get rid of unity any ideas how i get clasic?07:19
KatsumeBliskLunaVorax: I'm not sure. The way I do it is hit the up arrow and delete them.07:19
dean[w]TimLoal, sudo apt-get install gnome-panel gnome-session-fallback07:19
KatsumeBliskLunaVorax: Up will bring down the previous command(s).07:19
smwKatsumeBlisk, does lubuntu come preconfigured with a network manager and battery from xfce or gnome?07:19
the-m0bsterbut gnome 3 is even worse07:19
nmvictorPrecise Pangolin --> Ubuntu 12.04 LTS,07:19
KatsumeBlisksmw: I don't know. I've only used it extensively with a desktop. What do you mean?07:19
TimLoalusr13: i hate developers making decisions for me, when i'm big enough and ugly enough to make my own, like where to put the dock07:19
KatsumeBlisksmw: It allows you to connect to networks out of the box.07:20
usr13TimLoal: When you boot, you should find an option at the log-in screen that offers "ubuntu-classic"  or "gnome-classic"  (not sure the exact wording... someone help me out here...)07:20
nmvictorthe-m0bster: I prefer KDE, if anyone wants to be happt07:20
smwKatsumeBlisk, what do you mean you used it with a desktop?07:20
the-m0bsterit fails to run on my desktop even though i can run it on my vbox install07:20
rj11Hello folks.07:20
TimLoalok which one is better? usr1307:20
usr13TimLoal: I know....07:20
snadgedoes anyone know if vnc support in lightdm works?07:20
smwKatsumeBlisk, lxde is just the bar and WM?07:20
KatsumeBlisksmw: I don't use LXDE on a laptop, so I don't have a battery or a need for network manager07:20
usr13TimLoal: Well, that's a matter of opinion.  I actually use xfce407:21
smwKatsumeBlisk, ah07:21
the-m0bsteri have tried kde but i had issues with it..gnome 2 was good. unity still not bad07:21
smwKatsumeBlisk, I need something for a laptop07:21
StarminnIn Ubuntu 11.10 when I try to change the icon theme with gnome-tweak-tool it only works for root, not for my user. Assistance please?07:21
smwKateon, fluxbox is great but does not come with the things I am accustomed to :-P07:21
KatsumeBlisksmw: Yeah, sorry. It looks similar (just clicked it) as the GNOME one.07:22
smwKatsumeBlisk, huh?/07:22
rj11Can I control NetworkManager via the command-line? I don't have the Gnome GUI running and hence can't use the network icon in the Gnome Panel. What I want is to temporarily disable wlan0. "ifconfig wlan0 down" does this, but it automatically comes back alive after a short while.07:22
KatsumeBlisksmw: Can't help you with battery though.07:22
metallicanirvanaKartagis: you were sayng?07:22
KatsumeBlisksmw: The network man looks like the GNOME one, so it might be it.07:22
the-m0bsterbut why is gnome 3 not working on my desktop when its working perfectly fine on virtualbox with exactly the same settings?07:22
metallicanirvanai copied but nothing happened07:22
sig09how can i check whether the installed java is sun  or openjdk ?07:23
TimLoalusr13:  anything that will make it look ... hmm now how do i say this without a kick ban ... erm make it 'look' more like windows07:23
[deXter]sig09: java -version07:23
smwKatsumeBlisk, ok07:23
[deXter]sig09: or,  update-alternatives --display java07:24
smwKatsumeBlisk, I am very sad/angry at the gnome people for getting rid of the old :-(07:24
smwKatsumeBlisk, it never occured to me to use fluxbox or lxde as just the WM and bar07:24
usr13TimLoal: http://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=605507:24
sig09[deXter],   java -version   gives "Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment"07:25
KatsumeBlisksmw: Lubuntu is preconfigured. I actually haven't set this up yet to what I want besides irssi07:25
usr13TimLoal: But try ubuntu-classic  first07:25
sig09and Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM07:25
KatsumeBlisksmw: Just installed Lubuntu 11.1007:25
=== angela is now known as angela-
[deXter]sig09: Then it's the Sun version07:25
rhizmoei think (tm) means sun07:25
usr13TimLoal: Actually, you can make it look exactly like windows07:25
[deXter]sig09: The OpenJDK version will say OpenJDK07:25
smwKatsumeBlisk, I installed ubuntu 11.10, rejected it, then installed gnome-shell07:26
sig09oh ok, so if it is openjdk , will the output be different ?07:26
[deXter]^ :)07:26
smwKatsumeBlisk, after rejecting that I installed kde07:26
sig09thank you [deXter] , :)07:26
smwKatsumeBlisk, I will look into lubuntu.07:26
KatsumeBlisksmw: I installed it and it was slow (I have bad hardware), so I went back to LXDE. I actually am starting to like LXDE more than GNOME 2.07:26
[deXter]you're welcome :)07:26
KatsumeBlisksmw: I love KDE, but LXDE is my new home. ;)07:26
usr13TimLoal: http://deviceguru.com/making-ubuntu-look-like-windows-7/07:27
rhizmoesig09: bottom of this post: http://mail.openjdk.java.net/pipermail/mlvm-dev/2011-March/002686.html07:27
smwKatsumeBlisk, looks like lubuntu is xfce with lxde07:27
smwKatsumeBlisk, not bad at all07:27
[deXter]swang1: lxde with xfce and gnome components mixed in07:27
KatsumeBlisksmw: Do you mean similar packages and whatnot?07:27
rhizmoetoo many acronyms07:27
llutz_smw: not as bloated as xfce07:27
[deXter]err, @ smw07:27
usr13TimLoal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nk0xi01W9vk07:27
smw[deXter], yeah, that is what I thought07:28
TimLoalusr13: will you marry me (and have a sex change.  asuming your a he) :p07:28
KatsumeBliskXfce has gotten heavy recently. Not Windows bad, but it's not really "lightweight" anymore. LXDE is still light though.07:28
sig09thanks a lot [deXter] , :)07:28
zaapieluse kde4 with compiz for a lean and mean desktop07:28
smwKatsumeBlisk, I don't want light weight07:28
KatsumeBlisksmw: I know. It's just a side effect. ;)07:28
usr13TimLoal: Married already07:28
smwKatsumeBlisk, it can be a resource hog for all I care. I want it reasonably fast and simple07:29
KatsumeBlisksmw: It's both of those. It's fast because it's lightweight.07:29
TimLoalusr13: probably best ;)07:29
smwKatsumeBlisk, great, now I have ubuntu, kubuntu, and lubuntu on the same system.07:29
KatsumeBlisksmw: :D07:29
TimLoali seem to have missed the choice to choose the gnome thing07:29
KatsumeBlisksmw: I won't take it personally if you don't like LXDE. ;)07:30
smwKatsumeBlisk, I am reinstalling once I choose07:30
smwKatsumeBlisk, I have used lxde before. I loved it.07:30
usr13TimLoal: It's at the login screen.07:30
smwKatsumeBlisk, but I wanted something that "just worked"07:30
usr13Lower right corner I think.07:30
smwKatsumeBlisk, ubuntu 2 seemed like a good compromise07:30
KatsumeBlisksmw: Then I think you'll like LXDE. It "just works" because it's based on Ubuntu.07:30
viruszsudo apt-get install gnome-shell07:30
yagooi cant login into the ubuntu wiki07:30
=== kevin is now known as Guest6297
KatsumeBlisksmw: Er. Lubuntu^^07:30
smwKatsumeBlisk, sounds like it07:30
* yagoo wonders if the ubuntu wiki service login is closed overnight hours07:31
smwKatsumeBlisk, I used lxde on arch ;-)07:31
yagoosmw, arch sux07:31
usr13TimLoal: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5xDXeOsLQ3k07:31
KatsumeBlisksmw: For some reason, I couldn't get it working on Arch.07:31
TimLoalusr13: it logged me straight in07:31
viruszarch for learning though07:31
KatsumeBliskyagoo: I actually prefer Arch, but I don't have the time to set it up again.07:31
KatsumeBliskyagoo: I love pacman so much.07:31
yagooKatsumeBlisk, what's so good about arch?07:31
smwyagoo, depends on your goals and resources07:31
breaker313hi *07:32
KatsumeBliskyagoo: pacman and its philosphy.07:32
philipballewUnity is not revealing itself for me after upgrading. how can I fix this07:32
llutz_yagoo: #archlinux to discuss that07:32
yagooresources? mehehee.. my ubuntu login screen loads up under 10 f seconds :)07:32
smwyagoo, I love their packaging system and user contributed ports07:32
* KatsumeBlisk is done talking about Arch.07:32
TimLoalusr13: you really are a star ... and you say you're new to this?07:32
rhizmoephilipballew: windows key or alt-f207:32
viruszTimLoal:u need set off for your automatic login07:32
smwKatsumeBlisk, brb starting lxde07:32
devkorcvincewhat is the channel for application development and packaging?07:33
TimLoalusr13: ...07:33
KatsumeBlisksmw: :D07:33
philipballewrhin0, windows key shows it. mouse does not07:33
breaker313as I updated from 11.04 to 11.10 I wanted to connect via nxclient to my machine, but the desktop was empty, except a menu bar which is similar to an explorer bar with file->open  etc. . There were no option to logout and all that stuff that is normally there ...07:33
Kartagismetallicanirvana: when you start vim, autoindent is there. try it07:33
TimLoalusr13: can i juts logout?07:33
rhin0i only just arrived philipballew07:33
yagoosmw, it must be more work.. is it better than gentoo? because it looks like gentoo docs are like (ahem) i have to admit better htan ubuntu :)07:33
enchiladorhin0: windows key and alt+F2 do different things07:33
* yagoo wants to add more to ubuntu wiki -- BUT CaNT LOGIN TO THE UBUNTU WIKI SERVICE07:33
philipballewwindows key shows it. mouse does not rhizmoe07:33
usr13TimLoal: Registered linux user 18809907:33
yagooor maybe the Ubuntu wiki sux.. because users can't login?07:34
yagooANY admins on here?07:34
KatsumeBlisksmw: Welcome back.07:34
smwKatsumeBlisk, it loaded so fast. I think I had a heart attack :-P07:34
usr13Got to go now... ttyl07:34
=== corsair is now known as Guest83789
=== Guest83789 is now known as corsairtux
TimLoalusr13 command not found07:35
smwKatsumeBlisk, ok, I am now remembering why I used lxde for months. lol07:35
KatsumeBlisksmw: Because it's superawesome?07:35
smwKatsumeBlisk, because it is damn fast07:35
TimLoal<<  gone for a smoke07:36
smwKatsumeBlisk, the sound keys don't work :-P07:36
KatsumeBlisksmw: And that's what makes it super awesome.07:36
smwKatsumeBlisk, no mixer...07:36
KatsumeBlisksmw: I mean the speed^^07:36
devkorcvincewho's using quickly?07:36
sig09also how can i pipe the output of  `java -version` to grep or any file /07:36
KatsumeBlisksmw: You probably can install the mixer07:36
smwKatsumeBlisk, add in gnome-do and I am pretty good07:36
=== aidenhong_ is now known as aidenhong
sig09eg: java -version  > /tmp/java-ver  is not working07:36
KatsumeBlisksmw: And you can, it'll just add some packages from GNOME I think07:36
ryoohkiafter an upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10, i can't get past the fsck, it seems, on boot-up.  how do i debug the boot process?07:37
smwKatsumeBlisk, I have a full gnome and kde07:37
smwKatsumeBlisk, I am sure I can fix a mixer applet.07:37
KatsumeBlisksmw: Is this the same OS, just diff DE?07:37
KatsumeBlisksmw: I have a mixer, so I don't know what's wrong.07:37
llutz_sig09: java -version &>/file           (when using bash)07:37
smwKatsumeBlisk, yes. 1 os with ubuntu-desktop, kubuntu-desktop, lubuntu-desktop07:37
ryoohkiis there a special channel for filed upgrades?07:37
KatsumeBlisksmw: Nifty. I just have Lubuntu.07:38
smwryoohki, nope. Not even one for failed upgrades07:38
llutz_sig09: that output goes to STDERR (2), thats why |grep or simple > doesn't work07:38
sig09llutz,  that is working fine , :)07:38
sig09and we  cannot grep in stderr , right ?07:39
smwKatsumeBlisk, which mixer?07:39
llutz_sig09: we can, i just cannot recall how :)07:39
ryoohkismw: thanks!  any tips on debugging the boot process?07:39
sig09:), no issues07:39
KatsumeBlisksmw: Volume Control.07:40
sig09thank you07:40
smw ryoohki, not if you don't have an error07:40
KatsumeBlisksmw: Thank you for reminding me about GNOME-Do. I forgot about it. >_<;;07:40
yagoothere's a serious mistake on this page-> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia07:43
ryoohkismw: it just seems to do nothing after the fsck, just a blinking cursor07:43
yagoo"Nouveau, an open source driver, is installed by default. It's possible to remove it completely, but it is not necessary and therefor not recommended. "  << should be mandatory.. I confirmed it on my system yesterday..07:43
Targensig09: of course we can.  "command 2>&1 > /dev/null | grep pattern"07:43
yagoo(for nvidia module to work without conflicts)07:44
smwKatsumeBlisk, excellent. just added battery and sound.07:44
llutz_Targen: rev/null redirection not needed07:44
smwKatsumeBlisk, the sound keys still don't work :-P07:44
KatsumeBlisksmw: Awesome. There might be a way to map them.07:44
smwKatsumeBlisk, what was that about things just working? :-P07:44
Targenllutz_: it's certainly needed if one wants to grep -only- what the command writes to its standard error and not to its standard output.07:45
llutz_sig09: in the moment Targen came up, i recalled: java -version 2>&1 |grep pattern07:45
KatsumeBlisksmw: I didn't say /everything/ XD07:45
llutz_Targen: true, sry07:45
determinologyBout to cop "AMD FX-8120 3.10 GHz Eight-Core AM3+ CPU 8MB L2 Cache & Turbo Core Technology"07:45
=== tum is now known as Guest98230
smwKatsumeBlisk, and me having to add the sound mixer and battery to the panel? :-)07:46
determinologyCustom built im bout to let this dell 8300 go and run ubuntu :)07:46
* KatsumeBlisk didn't create Lubuntu, smw (although that'd be epic).07:46
smwKatsumeBlisk, I must admit I have done less configuring so far than on kde...07:46
smwKatsumeBlisk, and the system is almost ready07:47
KatsumeBlisksmw: Really? Awesome.07:47
smwKatsumeBlisk, thunar! awesoe07:47
smwKatsumeBlisk, you don't realize how much nonsense needs to be disabled on kde07:47
KatsumeBlisksmw: That's PCManFM07:47
smwKatsumeBlisk, too many featured in kde are on by default.07:48
smwKatsumeBlisk, oh?07:48
KatsumeBlisksmw: Yeah. Hit about07:48
smwKatsumeBlisk, might replace with thunar. I think they get gio stuff working. Or something like it.07:48
KatsumeBlisksmw: I just use whatever the DE has. XD I'm not picky with my file managers.07:49
noonexAfter doing a clean install of ubuntu 10.10 i am unable to use both of my monitors. Only mirroring works. Does someone have a solution?07:49
smwKatsumeBlisk, do you ever use sftp? ftp?07:49
sadohello friends07:49
smwKatsumeBlisk, how can you live with a file manager that does not support it?!07:49
smwKatsumeBlisk, how about windows file sharing?07:49
KatsumeBlisksmw: No I don't actually.07:49
KatsumeBlisksmw: Not that too.07:49
smwKatsumeBlisk, sweat. the default is great for yo07:50
smwKatsumeBlisk, you*07:50
=== the-m0bster is now known as kvb
sadoi need help for soundcard headphone not sense07:50
=== barna is now known as bipul
KatsumeBlisksmw: Yep. :)07:50
smwKatsumeBlisk, how do you survive? lol07:50
=== the-m0bster is now known as KVB
smwKatsumeBlisk, no computer -> computer communication?07:51
smwKatsumeBlisk, (besides internet)07:51
TimLoalusr13 still hanging a bit, but i'll have more of a play when i get home07:51
KatsumeBlisksmw: I'm confused... I just don't use FTP.07:51
KVBanyone having issues with ati driver installations in oneiric07:51
smwKatsumeBlisk, or windows file sharing or sftp07:52
noonexi cant use double monitors with my ati07:52
yagoois this where to go to report wiki errors? ( https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bugs ) ?07:52
smwyagoo, you can't fix the wiki yourself?07:52
yagoosmw, no..07:52
KatsumeBlisksmw: Because I use things like Dropbox to sync between computers.07:52
noonexKVB, have you tried the installer from the ati homepage?07:52
smwyagoo, if the page is locked, report an ubuntu docs error07:52
KVBi am unable to install the post release update of fglrx ati driver07:52
yagoosmw, i try to add ?action=edit after https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/Nvidia .. and i'm not able to07:53
smwKatsumeBlisk, dropbox!07:53
smwKatsumeBlisk, I need that07:53
voxhow do i add applets to the top bar in gnome classic with 11.10?07:53
yagoosmw, from https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubuntu-docs/+bugs   ?07:53
KatsumeBlisksmw: I use the server version for Dropbox07:53
yagoosmw, or do i email the author?07:53
dc5alavox, try holding down alt then click on it07:53
noonexKVB, i've had the same issue, i used the ati driver installer from the ati homepage07:53
sadohumms anyone have ideapad b560 ?07:53
voxdc5ala: ah. well that's annoying07:54
KVBnoonex, even that fails to run as it asks for a previous installation of fglrx to be uninstalled07:54
dc5alavox, has something to do with the concept of making left and right click the same there i guess07:55
* yagoo wonders how f login accounts he has to make to participate in ubuntu wiki07:55
marcus_good morning07:56
yagooi'm trying to help with the documentation here07:56
marcus_does anyone knows how to make synaptics-touchpad control work in xubuntu 11.10 ?07:56
qetuRI've changed from using Unity to use Gnome3 instead, using gnome-shell, will my update be painless to 11.04?07:57
noonexKVB, do you have tried installing the other fglrx driver listed in additional/restricted drivers dialog window07:57
Bilegt_what python does use the new version of ubuntu?07:57
qetuRBilegt_, Python to 2.7 and 3.207:57
qetuRie. 3.207:58
ktwoqetuR it should be painless, but be aware no more gnome2 in 11.1007:58
KatsumeBliskdumb question: How do I bring back the desktop settings in LXDE when right clicking the desktop?07:58
zagibuis it common that lightdm doesn't work? I had to revert to gdm07:58
sadowho can tell me how to fix headphone problem07:59
m`unity launcher is hidden, and it does not come back08:00
m`how can I make it return?08:00
dc5alasado, no one unless you describe your problem :)08:00
=== Mud is now known as Guest15762
sadomy headphone dont work08:00
marcus_maybe its broken ? o.O08:00
sadowhile not: return dumbass08:01
sadover pythonic comment08:01
TehDGMsado: if you have a problem please be more descriptive. Also explain the steps you have taken to try to make it work, and possibly to rule out that it indeed is not broken.08:02
TehDGMalso, watch your language08:02
Mjolinorbit of help please, can't get internet with static IP set, there is a DNS probem and I can't find it08:02
Mjolinorthis is since I updated to 11.1008:03
TimLoalPLEASE HELP nothing seems to be loading    after a rebbot after running    xset dpms force off  any ideas?08:04
sado("how to works headphones jack on ubuntu lucid 10.04 ? ").replace("sorry for old", "please help me :")08:05
dc5alaMjolinor, can you ping your name server?08:05
llutz_Mjolinor: does /etc/resolv.conf has your nameserver-entries?08:06
=== sado is now known as sadomazo
MjolinorI half suspect the virgin media netgear router as it is generaoly pretty damn crap but this machine has all the same settings and 11.04 and it has no problem08:06
Mjolinorresolv.conf is OK08:07
=== diana is now known as Guest31818
lucianhello. i recently updated to 11.10 and the notifier menus are broken. The only stay on of I hold click. I couldn't find a known bug for this, just thought I'd ask here before filing a bug08:07
TimLoalMjolinor: get yourself a DrayTek router08:07
lucians/The only stay on of/They only stay on if/08:08
dc5alaMjolinor, then it's probably not a dns problem when you can't ping it by it's ip-address08:08
Mjolinorits a cable modem router combined so I dont have any choice about what I use sadly08:08
robb_ubuntu 11.10 crashed when i attempted to use compiz manager, broke unityt08:08
robb_ubuntu crashed when i installed xfce and kde08:08
devkorckvincecan anyone point me on how to package a new python application on ubuntu in a manual way not the !quickly app?08:08
MjolinorI can ping websitres by IP08:09
Mjolinorbut the nameserver is not there for soem reason08:09
dc5alaMjolinor, are you using an external name server or does your modem/router has a caching one?08:09
Mjolinoranyone got a nameserver I can try?08:09
gboh btw despite having no visible x, i know the apps started in x are operating as i have net and pulseaudio operating08:09
Mjolinormy wonderful virgin router will not supply dns08:09
gbx itself starts with the ubuntu flash thing and then boimbs to the log with no apparrent werror that i can see08:10
llutz_Mjolinor: add and  as dns to your nm-configuration08:10
sadomazodevkorckvince,  you need finished app later create pipes and i/o variables (use classes)08:11
llutz_4.2.2.2*  sry08:11
gbif anyone knows of a diagnosic page or similar i can try please give me :)08:11
Mjolinor8.8.8.8 is fine08:11
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llutz_Mjolinor: means?08:12
=== SchutzStaffeln is now known as DCore
Mjolinorso why does not work, that is my ISPs DNS and it works fine in this computer08:12
TehDGMllutz: it's
llutz_TehDGM: nope, (not google)08:12
Mjolinor8.8.8.8 works OK08:13
TehDGMso you're mixing 2 different dns servers then?08:13
llutz_TehDGM: i do08:13
TehDGMalright :)08:13
dc5alaMjolinor, that's hardly your ISP dns, that sounds more like your router08:13
Mjolinorit is the ISP dns08:13
Mjolinorthat and
Mjolinorit is what my router gets on the DHCP WAN side08:14
sadomazoTIPS: DNS only a plus on browser speed. Never speed up any client connections!08:15
preyashey can anyone tell me lubuntu irc channel08:15
robb_xchat is a good one!08:15
dc5alaMjolinor, what have you set as gateway in your route?08:16
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience08:16
shiki-Hey! Where can I find the Launchpad PPA's IRC room?08:17
sadomazoFloodBot1, did you know ? how to fix my headphone output problem?08:17
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines08:17
Mjolinor192.168.0.1 is my gateway08:17
sadomazoFloodBot1, OOO thank you thats not helpful08:18
dc5alaMjolinor, then try a "dig @ ubuntu.com" and see if it gets resolved08:18
sim-pafi have just upgraded ubuntu and some of my applications dont work08:18
sadomazoMjolinor, dhcpclient -q what are you doing?08:18
sim-pafgiving this error:08:19
sim-paf[xcb] Extra reply data still left in queue08:19
sim-paf[xcb] This is most likely caused by a broken X extension library08:19
sim-paf[xcb] Aborting, sorry about that.08:19
sim-paffgrun: ../../src/xcb_io.c:575: _XReply: Assertion `!xcb_xlib_extra_reply_data_left' failed.08:19
FloodBot1sim-paf: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:19
sadomazoFloodBot1, cann you listen any music on headphone ? oh really this AWESOME08:21
Mjolinordc5ala no servers could be reached08:21
llutz_Mjolinor: and "dig @ ubuntu.com"?08:21
sim-pafcan sb help me out with this [xcb] error08:21
MjolinorI think I will jsut leave it in, I have had trouble with and 8.100 for ever08:22
shiki-Mjolinor, you can always try OpenDNS too. (I missed your earlier messages, but perhaps you have a DNS problem... ?)08:23
Mjolinorno servers could be reached for
sadomazoMjolinor, some connection got hardware setting example : DNS,IP,GATEWAY etc. you cant change anyone! understood?08:23
Mjolinorthat is also true for this machine and this machine is using it :)08:23
igateshi every one. i am looking for a tool in ubuntu so that i can highlight text in pdf files.pls help08:24
Mjolinorsadomazo, sorry not understood :)08:24
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dc5alaMjolinor, looks like you are in a different subnet than your dns? Havin .0.1 as router and dns on .4.10008:25
Mjolinorhtat shouldnt matter, it is outside my router so traffic should go there anyway08:25
sadomazoMjolinor,  if you use a cable modem your IP static and gateway static dns static08:25
Mjolinorsadomazo, yes, I knwo that08:26
=== TheDreamer is now known as Youri
Mjolinorbut the cablemodem will not DNS to me inside and I cannot get to their DNS from the computer with 11.10 on, it worked before I updated08:26
sadomazoMjolinor,  you can only change dns your machine cant change all network and your network got only one (1) user08:26
william12igates: pdfedit08:27
Mjolinorsadomazo, I dont understand that. I have an internal network 192.168.0.XXX subnet
Mjolinoron that network I have maybe 15 devices that work, soem DHCP fomr my modem, some static08:28
Mjolinorthe only one that does not work static is the machine I updated to 11.10 and that owrks fine dynamic08:28
marcus_and you want it static ?08:28
sadomazosudo (network tools gui) which you use and configure it08:28
Mjolinorresolv.conf si the same whether I am static or dynamic with 2 entries, and 8.10008:28
sadomazoor try  resolv conf08:29
plain-userIn Nautilus file browser, how can I set the default view to include the path? You can switch to the path with ctrl+L but is there way to have it there permanently?08:29
sadomazonot use auto command on resolv conf08:30
sadomazoonly auto lo08:30
MjolinorI need it static right now becuase I am writring soem raw TCP tranfer programmes08:30
marcus_do you got 11.04 somewhere else ?08:30
marcus_on another machine ?08:30
dc5alaMjolinor, you will probably have to add routes to and, you can't reach those networks with your current configuration08:31
Mjolinordc5ala but I shoudl be able to reach them, my mask is so they are outside that so it should go out of my router, there should be no need for a static route on it08:32
m`question: I want to keep using unity although unity 2d is way faster. I just want to keep the aero snapping feature, the rest of the 3d stuff I don't care. What can I safely disable in compizconfig (oneiric)?08:32
th_doesn't unity2d do snapping.. thing?08:33
m`th_: no08:34
th_m`: unity2d doesn't use compiz anyway so disabling anything there won't do anything08:34
th_you can run compiz with unity2d though08:34
crash1hdCan anyone tell me why it is when I have set tune2fs -m to 0 that a freshly formated ext4 2TB drive is still using over 30GB of data?08:34
marcus_if you have 11.04 on another machine, you can check in the config files where the differences are @<Mjolinor>08:34
m`th_: by snapping I mean that the window gets resized to half of the screen when sent to the edge08:35
MjolinorI can't find any differences08:35
dc5alaMjolinor, if you shouldn't be able to reach them, how you supposed to use a machine there as your dns?08:35
th_m`: yes, i know :) that's compiz feature then08:35
MjolinorI should be able to reach them08:35
Mjolinorthey are not in my subnet08:35
th_m`: try if it runs any faster if you run compiz with unity2d08:35
th_m`: alt-f2, "compiz --replace"08:35
m`but it won't keep the snapping08:36
MjolinorI think I will jsut leave it on, maybe the fault will become clear later when someone else suffers the same problem08:36
th_hm, it should?08:36
dc5alaMjolinor,  this are local networks after all08:36
marcus_did you replace the config files from 11.10 with the ones from 11.04 ?08:36
Mjolinorwhich is sort of odd but it has always been that way and works mostly08:36
m`th_: okay I will try. need to logout. thanks!08:36
Mjolinormy router IP is certianly public adn static08:36
stimpieafter upgrading to 11.10 my java7 alternative is broken, any clue how to 'reinstall' the alternatives?08:37
marcus_does anyone knows how to make the gpointing device (old synaptics) work under xubuntu 11.10 ?08:37
Mjolinorso one assumes that the router or soemthign upstream somewhere on virgins network has some static routes to the DNS servers08:37
marcus_sry mate08:38
{T|N|C}SnakeHi there, i upgraded my ubuntu and the changes are not my case ;) Is it possible to get the panel back, that i can put shortcuts on it ?08:39
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Mjolinorthanks for the help. I iwll leave it on and put the problem in the "unsolved but ignored" directory in my head08:40
marcus_Does anyone knows how to make the gpointing device settings (formerly synaptics touchpad) work under xubuntu 11.10 ?08:41
marcus_I installed it through packetmanager but it seems to me there is no difference in the mouse configuration08:42
marcus_there is no option to quit tapping and vertical scrolling etc08:43
marcus_so does anyone knows how to make it work ?08:43
william12marcus_: this may help   https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SynapticsTouchpad08:45
plain-userIn Nautilus file browser, how can I set the default view to include the path? You can switch to the path with ctrl+L but is there way to have it there permanently?08:46
marcus_thx @ william1208:46
TheishiI just 'upgraded' to 11.10 and I want to put the interface back to where it was. Do I need to downgrade?08:46
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 uses GNOME 3 with the !unity shell by default.  To use GNOME Shell instead, install the "gnome-shell" package and investigate "gnome-tweak-tool".  For GNOME Fallback mode, which is similar to GNOME 2, install "gnome-panel". Both packages will place entries in the Sessions drowpdown. Using Natty? See !classic08:46
Theishicool thanks th_08:47
william12marcus_: Np08:47
robb_yes you have to downgrade, or use an upgraded gnome that is rather different08:47
MrSassyPantsok, what is this. 'ping x' resolves. ping x.local doesn't08:48
MrSassyPantsresolv.conf looks good.08:48
MrSassyPantsdig looks good08:48
redhello, when I have a VNC open and I press ctrl-c in text editor, it closes the VNC connection08:51
redusing the default built in remote desktop viewer08:51
shiki-hi red ! Which vnc client/server?08:51
plain-userhttp://www.liberiangeek.net/2010/06/linux-beginner-how-to-display-the-full-folder-path-in-the-title-bar-with-nautilus/   --> how to set the path to be present in file browser at all times08:52
sim-pafgnome-setting-daemon giving erro G_IS_OBJECT (object) failed08:52
sim-pafanyone knw why08:52
stevecami noticed that Oneiric has removed the option to use a classical gnome desktop08:53
redshiki-: TightVNC on a windows XP machine as the server08:54
redand the "Remote Desktop Viewer" that comes with Ubuntu installation08:54
ktwowhich one has better compatibility with sun java jre?  default-jre or openjdk-6-jre08:55
shiki-ktwo, open /etc/sources.list , and uncomment the partner repositories08:55
shiki-ktwo, there will be a sun-java-jre there which is "really" compatible :)08:55
shiki-red, hmm08:56
ne1_is there a way i can host a site off ubuntu on a regular non server install?08:56
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shiki-I'm wondering which vnc viewer is the default with gnome... vino? ...08:56
Theishiwas i supposed to select gnome, or classic gnome. The settings for both of them are corrupted due to the upgrade. I cannot add menu bars or modify them. plus the menu bar is missing the systems option08:56
=== sburjan_ is now known as sburjan`
shiki-well, red, just do a search for vnc in the repository, search for an alternative (Gnome stuff is not really configurable. Or you can try checking Gnome's "registry")08:57
nullisnilI am trying to hibernate to disk on a portable computer. Generally it works fine, but i need to SIGTERm the processes to finish the resume using s2disk any ideas how to debug this?08:58
shiki-red, gconf-editor08:58
sadomazonel_ apat get install apache or create a python wsgiref server08:58
dinexiHi. I have a problem with xorg.conf in 11.10. Can work only in Gnome3 because of the weird keyboard behavior. My keyboard does not work as expected. Here is the related config's part and setxkbmap -print -verbose 10's output. Gnome3 and KDE somehow emulates the valid behavior but I can't get the same in any other WM. http://pastebin.com/f1BQcjMS So I can't use colemak and Caps/Shift-Caps even in GDM. What can I do?08:59
sadomazonel_ cerate room i teach you 2 kb server lol08:59
sadomazonel_, very easy08:59
dc5alaTheishi, the system menu should be under "other" when i recall, for changing the panel hold alt and click on it09:01
redshiki-: ill try thanks09:02
shiki-morning, motrn_th1 (whose name I can't highlight for some reason)09:02
redthe one that I have is Vinagre it seems09:03
M0TRN_th1shiki-, because it's 0 not o :)09:03
sadomazohow to promote sudo s command in python on apache server app ?09:04
shiki-M0TRN_th1, oh!09:04
sadomazoand non terminal app09:04
Theishidc5ala: cool thanks. there isn't an other option, but i can fix that09:05
LaykeWhat would the command line be to change my keyboard to something that isnt International. I cant get an apostrophe. Évéry tíme I úse ít my charactérs cóme óut ĺíḱé thís.09:06
AndrioidJust noticed after my machine overheating for no reason (after upgrade to 11.10) that unity-mail, datetime-indicator and mission-control are running at 100% using up all of my cores. Can anyone help me figure out what is causing this?09:06
sadomazoany python developer stay on ubuntu channell?09:06
LaykeI also cant launch the keyboard preferences window. It just wont open for me. This was since I hit Üpgrade to 11.10.09:06
LaykeI cant open the Keyboard preferences dialog.09:06
gsommerI'm getting quite happy with Ubuntu - so I would like to migrate my current installation to Ubuntu... How-ever, I can't quite figure out how to use my existing OpenVPN configuration on Ubuntu?  (Under other Linux OSes I just had to copy in my configfile and certificate (In /etc somewhere)... But under Ubuntu I have to go though the NetworkManager... How do I use my existing configuration with Ubuntu for OpenVPN?09:07
shiki-Layke, try MOVING  everything from your home folder (everything = config files) to a different folder09:07
shiki-Layke, and copy back what you need ...09:07
shiki-gsommer, in your home folder with a "." prefix I suspect09:08
jasonmspHey all.  I have been getting this error for a couple of weeks now..  GPG error: http://archive.ubuntu.com natty-updates Release: The following signatures were invalid:.....  I've tried a couple fixes but it always comes back.09:08
shiki-(if it did not ask for a root password)09:08
Theishidid they remove the inhibitor app? I need someway of preventing the computer from logging out when I am video chatting, or watching movies09:08
LaykeOkay. THink I will try a restart first. Since I havemt rebooted since the upgrade failed anyway.09:08
shiki-oh reboot is a magical thing09:08
shiki-even on linux.09:08
gsommershiki-: I'm asking on how do I "import" my openVPN configuration?  I HAVE the configuration files needed (works for both Windows and Linux OpenVPN)... I just can't figure out how to make it workwith Ubuntu09:09
shomonhi, how do I reset my private key?09:10
jribshomon: private key for what?09:10
shiki-gsommer, oh. If you want to use NetworkManager, I guess you need to configure it in NM from scratch, using the stuff you have09:10
shomonfor mysql workbench in this case, jrib09:11
shiki-or simply use a low-level config09:11
gsommershiki-: Ohh... :(09:11
sadomazogsommer, openvpn windows and unix not equal microshit is next-next-next but you know how to work unix?09:11
gsommersadomazo: Yes, I have the same OpenVPN configuration installed in Gentoo and Mandriva... It works just great... I just can't figure out how to wrap it into Ubuntu's NetworkManagert09:11
shomonwhen I click on an external server connection in mysql workbench I get "enter password to unlock the private key" and my username@thisserver, jrib09:12
jribshomon: I don't know what that is09:12
shomonit's an ssh key09:12
shomonbut thanks anyway09:13
jribshomon: then just generate a new ssh key?09:13
dinexishomon: ssh-keygen.09:13
sadomazoshomon,  what is type of connection?09:13
tittui wanted to install ubuntu on my laptop so i downloaded the ubuntu dvd. The i used the usb creator from linuxpendrive.com, created a partition on my hard drive (3 GB) and installed the iso on that partition. Now when i boot my system, i see the ubuntu loader and i cannot log into windows. Also, when installing ubuntu, i am not able to shrink my windows drive to create a partition for windows. can anyone help me with that please. Thanks09:13
shomonsadomazo, it's an ssh connection which this software is trying to make. I guess it's protected by this key.09:14
histoshomon: you could jsut dleete the relevent file in your .ssh folder09:14
histoshomon: then you can gerneate a new one09:14
histojesus typos09:14
shomonah okay thanks histo !09:14
scarleoHi, I can't set the apparmor profile /usr/lib/firefox-7.0.1/firefox{,*[^s][^h]}//browser_openjdk into complain mode, there is no file for it in /etc/apparmor.d/. Anyone know how to do that?09:15
histoshomon: yeah ~/.ssh09:15
sadomazoshomon, use alternate db connector i know have more on ubuntu09:15
shomonokay, will try resetting that first, and if not I'll just check the configuration for mysql workbench...09:16
SmashedGlasshey securix, was that as fun for you as it for me ?09:17
scarleoIf I do aa-complain * it is still in enforce mode09:17
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sadomazoi remember 8 years before freenode admins klined me permenantly on freenode09:19
magnetronHi! i've been using chromium+privoxy for a week and love it. only problem though, grooveshark.com is blocked by it. i tried adding exceptions (both in the proxy dialog and the privoxy user.action, neither worked). how do i stop privoxy from blocking the content on grooveshark.com?09:20
dhruvasagarIs there a way to fix the Alt+Tab problem in 11.10 unity ? I want it to be reverted to how it used to be in gnome 209:22
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LachezarAfter upgrading to 11.10 I have ALL packages marked conflicting with themselves!09:22
nelson8874why do i have to set the nvidia configurations everytime i initialize my pc? (using mint)09:22
jrib!mint | nelson887409:23
Lachezaraptitude show ubuntu-desktop09:23
ubottunelson8874: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:23
shiki-nelson8874, try this. Open up a terminal: sudo nvidia-xconfig09:23
LachezarConflicts: ubuntu-desktop09:23
shiki-nelson8874, Or sudo nvidia-config ? one of them09:23
gsommeraha, figured it out.. I needed to install network-manager-openvpn  and then I could import my configuration :)09:24
shiki-blog it somewhere to the net09:24
odb|fidelhi - is there a way to define the 'dock' width in 11.10 (running unity)09:24
nelson8874shiki-: i usually go thru menu-administration-nvidia x server settings09:24
odb|fidelso overall: is there a way to change the unity-dock-with in 11.10`;)09:25
Stanley00odb|fidel: do you mean the launcher? just edit the icon size, and the launcher will change09:25
odb|fidelStanley00: yes - talking about the unity launcher here09:26
Stanley00odb|fidel: by using compizconfig-settings-manager09:26
odb|fidelso - the unity-launcher width is based on the desktop-icon size?09:26
tomodachiall my files lack icons in after i upgraded to oneiric in unity, anyone hava clue on what to do?09:26
Stanley00odb|fidel: no, use compizconfig-settings-manager, and edit the unity plugin09:27
nelson8874shiki-: thru the tirminal i get a validation error: data incomplete............ etc09:27
shiki-nelson8874, that's weird. Try moving the xorg config like: sudo mv /etc/xorg.conf /etc/xorg.conf.orig09:27
dc5alatomodachi, you could try changing themes via gnome-tweak-tool09:28
tomodachidc5ala: i just did, thnx for the tip , theme changed but icon stays the same. What is the default theme, Ambiance?09:29
safetybeltteamhello everyone, can i ask a question?09:30
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:30
odb|fidelStanley00: ok thanks09:31
dc5alatomodachi, for symbols? It's set to Ubuntu-mono-dark here09:32
steph7hi, how to resolve wpa authentication problem with new kernel (3) in ubuntu oo? someone has ideas?09:32
nelson8874shiki-: got this: mv: cannot stat `/etc/xorg.conf': No such file or directory09:33
nelson8874shiki-: i will try linux mint help09:34
nelson8874shiki-: thank you anyway09:34
odb|fidelStanley00: that limits to 32 as lowest value here09:34
norbert79shiki-: There is no xorg.conf for some time in /etc/X11, just FYI :) No idea how that to approach, haven't had any issues yet with X for some time neither09:34
osmosis_paulSomebody know if there's a way to resolve the issues with Unity and NVidia GT 230 in Ubuntu 11.10????09:34
osmosis_paulMy ubuntu is a mess right now!09:34
odb|fidelwhile 32px is still way to big for me ;)09:34
Stanley00odb|fidel: yes, that's lowwer limit09:34
odb|fidelok - lets go back to classic then .thanks anyways09:35
Stanley00odb|fidel: big? I'm using 40px here09:35
osmosis_paulSomebody could give give me a tip?09:35
dc5alaosmosis_paul, provide more details09:35
norbert79osmosis_paul: As dc5ala said, details. Which kernel (uname -a), which driver, and how you got that installed as start09:35
norbert79(repo or manual)09:36
osmosis_paulUnity does not work in my ubuntu 11.10 my video card is a Nvidia gt 23009:36
osmosis_paulinstall by default with the new version of ubuntu09:36
osmosis_paulis the issue with unity i see in google that many people have that issue with Nvidia and ubuntu(Unity)09:37
dc5alaosmosis_paul, have you installed the package nvidia-current?09:37
osmosis_paulthis is the driver version09:37
osmosis_pauldc5ala, just install the new version of Ubuntu, but i already have that issue since the 11.04 version with 10.10 was everything ok09:38
dc5alaosmosis_paul, and is it loaded? lsmod | grep nv09:38
osmosis_paulthe thing is Unity that start to work with ubuntu 1109:38
osmosis_pauldc5ala, response me this nvidia              11713772  3009:39
norbert79osmosis_paul: Please stop going in circles, just try to feed us the data we would like to ask for. We already have understood, that something is broken...09:39
osmosis_paulwhich information would you like to know?09:40
Anubisi had problem with installing the latest nvidia drivers from nvidia site. it broke my X server somehow in 11.04 and 11.10 so i had to reinstall from zero. now i have 173 nvidia drivers(whats included in default installation)09:40
norbert79Just found this too: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/nvidia-graphics-drivers-173/+bug/77749309:40
ubottuUbuntu bug 777493 in nvidia-graphics-drivers-173 (Ubuntu) "nvidia drivers activated but not in use on natty 11.04" [Undecided,Confirmed]09:40
dc5alaosmosis_paul, but you get to the graphical login? Have you tried for example Unity2d?09:41
sadomazoTIPS : How to fix headphone problem : Goto your sound card manufacturer web page download your kernel driver and install it ! Thanks FloodBot1 great job!09:42
nelson8874norbert79: the thing is, everytime i start the pc the settings are in 1024x768. And the best value is 1440x900. What should i do then? Save to x configuration file? I do that, but when i restart the pc it is again in 1024x768??? What is the correct thing to do?09:42
osmosis_pauldc5ala, yes, yes if i run without Unity as ubuntu classic works09:42
rapthi all09:43
norbert79nelson8874: Weird you are asking, I am using my laptop using a TFT when docked, but haven't got any issues so far. Question: does it come up in x768 after the GDM has started or within when used?09:43
sadomazohello rapt09:43
osmosis_pauldc5ala, in the moment that i'm use Unity everything breaks. The thing is that compiz and uinity works before because i had visual effects like jellywindows and another effects of compiz, but since one day i click over the cube window mode, everything broke!09:43
raptany problems with ubuntu software center?09:43
Kaapahey there. Someone in the office pressed cancel while ubuntu was upgrading. Is it possible to tell to do a full upgrade form the console?09:43
osmosis_pauldc5ala, could be a problem of my X server conf?09:43
sadomazorapt, got more mirror nooo!09:44
norbert79Kaapa: apt-get is the command you would like to use09:44
norbert79Kaapa: apt-get upgrade09:44
Stanley00Kaapa: maybe sudo apt-get dist=upgrade will09:44
KaapaStanley00: trying!09:44
dc5alaosmosis_paul, someone had a problem few days ago with a corrupt compiz config file in his home .config/compiz* somewhere09:44
sadomazoexample apt-get install kde09:45
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rapti cant install anything09:45
osmosis_paulAnubis, and installing from zero ubuntu 11.10 you resolve you nvidia driver issue?09:45
nelson8874norbert79:well.... i'm not a long user of linux. I'm very new to it. what do you mean with GDM?09:45
intgrHi, I'm using the Ubuntu Server installation CD. Is there any way I can tell it to directly use a mirror, instead of loading packages from the CD?09:45
KaapaStanley00: complains about unresolved dependencies09:45
raptit msg me check ur internet conection09:45
norbert79nelson8874: User selection screen after the system has booted up09:45
KaapaStanley00: I'm always afraid of -f09:45
osmosis_pauldc5ala, ok thanks, i dont think that would be compiz i remove completely of my system and install again and nothing09:45
Stanley00Kaapa: hmm, maybe you should run apt-get update first09:46
osmosis_pauldc5ala, think i will start from zero09:46
KaapaStanley00: did already09:46
dc5alaosmosis_paul, you could try to rename your ~/.config/compiz and ~/.config/compiz-1 directories, then try again09:46
KaapaStanley00: I assume some packages got installed and others didn't09:46
sadomazoTIPS: Some nvidia kernel driver not upgraded fast go use old version driver (so mean stable not lts)09:46
dimas__opo iki ?????????/09:46
osmosis_pauldc5ala, yes why now09:46
osmosis_pauldc5ala, thanks09:46
Stanley00Kaapa: what message did it say? maybe there some package need to be removed09:46
=== dontbehero is now known as skorpia
dc5alaosmosis_paul, or you could add a new user and test if unity is working from there09:47
KaapaStanley00: trying with -f, seems to be.. doing stuff09:47
dc5alaosmosis_paul, then can confirm at least quickly that there is something strange in your home directory09:47
nelson8874norbert79:i don't think i have a user selection screen... (i must remark that i'm using linux mint 11, based on ubuntu 11.04)09:47
jattlinux mint?09:48
dimas__may I join?09:48
norbert79nelson8874: Well, I am not really familiar with Mint, despite I assume it has no huge differences. Anyway, when you boot your Linux don't you see a screen where you need to enter your name and your password to log on?09:48
sadomazodc5ala,  did you know stay here python developer?09:48
Stanley00Kaapa: ah, it's because of someone has interrupted the update before09:48
norbert79!ask dimas__09:48
llutz_!mint | nelson887409:48
ubottunelson8874: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org09:48
Stanley00Kaapa: just run what it said, and do dist-upgrade angain09:48
KaapaStanley00: yep.... girls... :S09:49
norbert79!ask | dimas09:49
ubottudimas: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience09:49
dc5alasadomazo, wrong person?09:49
brahmanaHi all09:49
ionteHi. Why, oh, why does my mouse not work after upgrading to 11.10? I have a standard USB Wired Logitech MX518 mouse ...09:49
sadomazodc5ala,  i got some my servive problem!09:49
brahmanaI am running Ubuntu 10.04.1 as a guest in VMWare player (host OS in Win 7)09:49
dimas__I do not know what you're talking about09:49
ionteAnd it's stuck in the center of the screen09:49
jattionte: what does lsusb say?09:49
nelson8874norbert79:no, i've choosed to not ask me for a password when instaling.09:50
Kartagisis there a way to upgrade to stable oneiric from earlier stages?09:50
brahmanaThe Ubuntu VM hibernated a little while back and now when I resume the network is down09:50
norbert79dimas__: This is a support channel for Ubuntu. If you would like to help, feel free on supporting others, otherwise for generic talk please join #ubuntu-offtopic09:50
raptsadomazo: thx09:50
brahmanaThe icon says No Network Connection09:50
nelson8874norbert79:when i instaled the OS i've choosed to not ask me for password09:50
brahmanaI have read numerous repots of network going down after resuming from hibernation.09:50
iontejatt: nothing. it finds my apple keyboard (two entries) and some hub only.09:50
llutz_Kartagis: apt-get update && apt-get upgrade09:50
brahmanaOne of the suggested solution was to try /sbin/ifup <iface-name> - I tried that, but no help09:51
norbert79nelson8874: Rather a very unsafe method. But you must know. Anyway, did you change your resolution back to the best resolution through the screen-resolution application?09:51
iontejatt: moved it to another port, and now it works. but it worked with 11.04 until some hour ago09:51
brahmanaAny suggestions?09:52
jattmaybe there is dust in the port or something like that09:52
dimas__norbert79 : well I understand09:52
brahmanaI want to get the network back up without rebooting the machine09:52
almoxarifebrahmana: what vm?09:52
sadomazohow to promote apache users as sudo ?09:52
llutz_sadomazo: add users to admin-group for sudo-access09:52
brahmanaalmoxarife: Ubuntu 10.04.1 running insive VMWare player 409:53
nelson8874norbert79:yes, but i must be doing something wrong. Usually i then click on quit.09:53
sadomazollutz, i try to edit sudoers sudo not work for me!09:53
dimas__at 11:10 on ubuntu releases ?09:54
llutz_sadomazo: add users to admin-group for sudo-access. do not edit sudoers if you don't know what you're doing09:54
almoxarifebrahmana: there must be a setting in your vm like virtualbox's 'always connected'09:54
nelson8874norbert79:i once choosed save to x configuration file09:54
nelson8874norbert79:but that didn't solved the problem09:54
norbert79nelson8874: Understand. Moment, have a call09:55
r3e1 ? i have a 250gb hdd and a 30gb ssd should i put /home, swap on the hdd and / on sdd . this is fresh install09:55
brahmanaalmoxarife: It is connected. And if I reboot the VM it works. If I explicitly suspend and resume it works. Only when it hibernates and I resume, it doesn't work.09:55
sadomazollutz, i write hardware cgi code on apache but got permission problem on my cgi script09:55
almoxarifebrahmana: or, assuming its in the ubuntu side, the network manager can be reset by turning it off and back on09:56
osmosis_pauldc5ala, thanks man, you're a gennius09:56
osmosis_pauldc5ala, was the user conf09:56
almoxarifebrahmana: it? hibernates, it is the host?09:56
dimas__My wireless connection is often broken themselves, think about what causes it?09:56
brahmanaalmoxarife: No, it is the VM hibernating, not the host.09:56
osmosis_pauldc5ala, now the problem is that i dont know how fix it?, so i guess that i will have to migrate all the broke user to the new onw09:57
llutz_sadomazo: whatever. i dont think its a good idea to run webserver-stuff in roots context.09:57
brahmanaalmoxarife: By turning n/w manager off, do you mean, right click on the network icon, disable networking and then enable it again?09:57
Kartagisthanks llutz_09:57
dc5alaosmosis_paul, have you tried renaming that compiz directories i told you?09:57
almoxarifebrahmana: yes09:57
osmosis_pauli only have the compiz-1 rename this one and restart the pc?09:58
sadomazollutz, friend i am already write this app with wsgi server but its slow. need to included to cgi !09:58
dc5alaosmosis_paul, and also rename (if you have a ) .nvidia-settings-rc just in case09:58
osmosis_pauldc5ala, done! something else?09:59
osmosis_pauldc5ala, restart?09:59
brahmanaalmoxarife: Uncheking "Enable Networking" gave me a notification saying I am now not connected. A little later checking it still gives me the same notification and network is not up.10:00
dc5alaosmosis_paul, the compiz directoryies inside .config directory, right? because there is a normal compiz one too10:00
llutz_sadomazo: add users to admin-group for sudo-access (sudo adduser user group). this is to be done if you think you need to. i don't care about your dev-thingy10:00
osmosis_pauldc5ala, ok now i rename nvidia .compiz-1 and .config/compiz-1 something else?10:01
almoxarifebrahmana: the vm is not allowing traffic thru?10:01
dimas__how to activate usb modem in ubuntu?10:01
dc5alaosmosis_paul, that could be a start and worth testing now10:01
osmosis_pauldc5ala, ok gonna restart thanks!!!10:01
brahmanaalmoxarife: The network icon has an exclamatory mark. ifconfig shows only loopback. So I believe something is messed up at the Ubuntu level.10:01
sadomazollutz, ok thanks but how to separate users if adding a group all security bugs burn from script!10:02
brahmanaalmoxarife: I looked at this : http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=997982 - although that /sbin/ifup command did not help me..10:02
somsipsoftware to support occupy10:02
brahmanaalmoxarife: Actually speaking I do not know what interface to provide there as the argument, because my /etc/network/interfaces has only these two lines :10:02
almoxarifebrahmana: if the vm is not offering up network then the guest has no network, you agree?10:03
brahmanaauto lo  "and"  iface lo inet loopback10:03
dimas__please you know, I need the answer now10:03
nelson8874where to get linux mint help?10:03
brahmanaalmoxarife: Agree. If the VM isn't providing the necessary hardware level support the guest is out of luck.10:03
llutz_!mint |  nes10:04
ubottunes: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:04
llutz_^^  nelson887410:04
MrSassyPantsok, the new kmail sucks too many cocks, I have to replace it10:04
MrSassyPantswhat's a good mail client?10:04
nelson8874how do i go to irc.spotchat.org. Using pidgin10:05
almoxarifebrahmana: you need to verify that the vm is set to have a 'always connected' network setting10:05
conntrackQuite an experience to live in fear, isn't it? That's what it is to be a slave.10:05
almoxarifebrahmana: especially if you are hibernating the vm, and by vm I assume you mean the vm process on the host10:06
brahmanaalmoxarife: The state of the network interface as of now is connected, sure abou that (although I don't see an option named "always connected")10:06
almoxarifebrahmana: I don't know how its stated in vmware10:06
brahmanaalmoxarife: There is a "Connect on Power On" and it is selected.10:07
brahmanaalmoxarife: I did not manually hibernate it. The Ubuntu VM went into hibernation by itself since it though the battery had reached critically low state (which is worng and that is a different issue)10:07
jattgnus is a good mail client but might be hard to configure for new users10:08
ntelfordhi guys, my colleague is having trouble booting due to some changes he made to PAM - he needs to get in to the recovery console, but there's no GRUB boot menu - how do you get in to the GRUB boot menu these days?10:08
almoxarifebrahmana: why can't you restart the vm?10:08
robmanevening all...just wondering if it's known that the latest update on 10.10 broke postgres 8(10:09
dc5alantelford, hold left shift key10:10
ntelforddc5ala, thanks dude10:10
brahmanaalmoxarife: Technically I can. There are a bunch of things that I am running now and I would have to shut them down and start them again after reboot. Also I see this problem often and am looking for a solution that doesn't involve a reboot10:10
joa__hey, i try to start multiple terminal instances from unity launcher but cannot get it to work. i heard middle-click but does not do the job10:10
almoxarifebrahmana: how about a logout withing the vm?10:11
jattjoa__: you should create a new shortcut in the toolbar and then you can click on it10:11
jattjoa__: the default behaviour is to have only _one_ terminal instance10:11
phiscibethe relese notes talk about vm shut down problems10:11
brahmanaalmoxarife: that still closes all open programs10:12
joa__jatt: tried that, with "keep in launcher" still no lock10:12
almoxarifebrahmana: true10:12
nelson8874there's no one there on #linuxmint-help!!!!!! there's only one guy!10:12
brahmanaalmoxarife: Nope. No luck. Still no network10:12
jattmaybe there are fewer issues with linux mint :)10:12
=== jeremy-4201 is now known as jeremy-away
brahmanaalmoxarife: I guess I will just restart it now.10:12
dc5alajoa__, have you tried ctrl click?10:12
joa__yes, nothing10:13
jribnelson8874: you're likely on the wrong network10:13
joa__that brings me up a switcher for the multiple open windows10:13
joa__i can only start multiple by entering app name in that searcher thingy10:13
brahmanaalmoxarife: Do you want to look at any log file entries or the output of any command? (in case you want to find out what's really happening here)10:13
nelson8874jrib:how do i change it?10:13
phiscibehttps://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/casper/+bug/805906   using virtual box system kubuntu desktop environment won't shutdown10:14
ubottuUbuntu bug 805906 in casper (Ubuntu) "using virtual box system kubuntu desktop environment won't shutdown" [Medium,Confirmed]10:14
nelson8874jrib:its probechat something.....10:14
phiscibesudo shutdown -h nowmight still work10:14
Ibysssudo shutdown -h now10:14
IbyssActually, I've seen sudo shutdown now               work alone.10:15
Myrtti!mint | nelson887410:15
ubottunelson8874: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org10:15
brahmanaalmoxarife: Thank you for your time. Will let you know if I can find out what was wrong.10:15
almoxarifebrahmana: your issue is beyond my scope, so no10:15
nelson8874how do i change to irc.spotchat.org10:16
phiscibexomthing about xorg edgers been missing is the vm bug10:16
brahmanaalmoxarife: No problem. Thanks anyways.10:16
nnfxnelson8874, type /server irc.spotchat.org in this window10:16
almoxarifebrahmana: it would be interesting to see if some other os in the same vm behaves the same way10:16
giuseppe__ciao, ho problemi con la rete wireless. ad ogni riavvio non riesce a collegarsi, sennò dopo svariati tentativi e reinserendo sempre la stessa chiave di rete10:17
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)10:17
dc5alajoa__, when it's only about Terminals, you could use ctr+alt+t or whatever is set in your keyboard shortcuts for Terminal10:18
brahmanaalmoxarife: Yeah, that would probably help corner down the issue. But Ubuntu and Windows are the only two OSes that I run.10:18
phiscibeusing /serer dont work on all clients10:18
g0bl1nno upper right clock ?10:18
mtrgis there any reason why the middle mouse click to pan page content in evince is not working. is it part of gtk3 movement?10:19
almoxarifebrahmana: which is the host os?10:19
brahmanaalmoxarife: Win 710:19
jattacroread is vastly superior than evince why not use it?10:19
arthur_i got a Q...how do you open an xterm with command independantly from a terminal, like ((xterm &)&) will do it for an xterm session but i want it to run a command too10:20
mtrgscrew any adobe-made product. they are security vurnability whores10:20
almoxarifebrahmana: for sure the network is up on the win7?10:20
dc5alajoa__, under keyboard settings -> shortcuts -> starter10:20
brahmanaalmoxarife: Yes. I am talking to you from the same machine (i.e. the host)10:20
mtrgjatt: why do you use acroread for?10:21
jattto read my pdfs10:21
mtrgwhy not use evincE? it loads faster10:21
almoxarifebrahmana: have you rebooted the ubuntu yet?10:21
joa__dc5ala: thanks, but id rather like to have it working correct from the start10:21
jattevince rendering sucked. maybe the latest version fixed it but some release ago the fonts where crap compared with acroread10:21
brahmanaalmoxarife: Yes  I did and the network is back now.10:22
mtrgjatt:  i see10:22
mtrgjatt: my pick on acroread is that it's to fancy and feels bloated more than evince10:22
phiscibei use evince to get a quick view, or just chromes pdf plug in, but go adobe to print10:23
mtrgcan't evince print too? i never had issues10:23
senorpedrohow can this be: i want to install a package (coco-cpp) from http://de.archive.ubuntu.com. BUT when doing "aptitude install coco-cpp" i get the message that the server is not trustworthy and whether i really want to install from this server. shouldnt the certificate be already installed?10:23
mtrgbut anyway. evince with 11.10 rlease doesn't have middle mouse click to pan. has this anything to do with ubuntu screwuing up things? or gtk3?10:23
phiscibeif i am conciuered about the quality, it seems crisper10:23
phiscibethey  know their own closed code10:24
marcusdavidus any help with java and 11.10 ?10:24
marcusdavidusnothing in google10:24
jattI agree the quality is better in acroread10:24
tadohey folks! while upgrading on my laptop from 11.04 to 11.10, the power went off and the system shut down. now after grub it says that screen, graphic card and input devices are not detected, and i can't do anything. i'm running on a live of 11.10 now, can anyone help me to recover my system without installing from scratch?10:24
marcusdavidusso any one know how to install real java on 11.10 ?10:25
marcusdavidusbcouse thsi open java is joke10:25
phiscibetado: can you make the network run form a terminal or recovery consule, you need to use apt or aptitude to completed the iupgrade10:25
jattmarcusdavidus: just download the .tgz from oracle's site and unpack10:25
jattmarcusdavidus: and adjust your JAVA_HOME and PATH variables10:25
tadophiscibe> i am not sure i now how to enter my user with the right privileges when i am running a live...10:26
phiscibemarcusdavidus: i think if u enable the canonical partners in your package list you will see sun jave and sun jre in the package manger10:26
marcusdavidusno more cuz its now owned by canonical10:26
marcusdavidusi mean oracle10:26
almoxarifemarcusdavidus: so add the sunjava ppa and go from there10:27
phiscibetada im not sure how to chroot in to a busted install from a live cd, beyond my experience10:27
jattor download from the oracle site...10:27
phiscibehower, if the you may have another bug, lemme find the link10:27
tadoanyone else that knows i can log in my user to recover an upgrade from a live version?10:28
senorpedrowhere can i get the keys for package servers  from?10:28
marcusdavidusi just take freeking rpm and alien it10:28
phiscibetado:  Have you just upgraded to Ubuntu 11.10 Oneiric Ocelot and now getting the “Waiting for network configuration” message followed by “Waiting up to 60 seconds more for network”? This then might be accompanied by a black blank screen.10:29
phiscibeTHAT  might be your bug...effects X dbus network manger ect  but it could be interupted install http://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/10:29
arthur_anyone know how to run an independant xterm + commands from within a terminal?10:30
jattthat is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lightdm/+bug/856810?comments=all10:30
ubottuUbuntu bug 856810 in Linaro-Ubuntu "Boot hangs at "Booting system without full network configuration..."" [Medium,Confirmed]10:30
phiscibewhat do you mean by independant arthur_10:30
tadophiscibe: nope... it just says 'ubuntu is running in low-graphic mode' or something alike, with a black screen behind, before it takes me to the login page. that message explains that screen, graphic card and input devices are not detected correctly and that i have to configure them myself. there is an ok button, but neither keyboard nor mouse work and can't move forward10:31
llutz_arthur_: "xterm -e cmd &" or what do you mean10:31
arthur_well that you run it seperately and it doesnt hold up that terminal session, for instance ((xterm &)&)10:31
sidewalkhow do i increase the number of workspaces in "Gnome Classic" in Ubuntu 11.10?10:31
llutz_arthur_: "nohup xterm -e cmd &"10:32
joytech22On 11.10 on my HTPC the interface is really jumpy.. Installed the graphics drivers and nothing seems smooth..10:33
unkrI m getting an error while running command " apt-get update" . the error is unable to fetch "ppa.launchpad.net  public key is missing "10:33
llutz_arthur_: add "-hold" if you dont want xterm to close the window right after finishing "cmd"10:33
phiscibejust use the recovery consule to get a consule with the network on and do apt-get update apt-get upgrade dont need to chroot in if it boots that much10:33
progre55hi guys. upgraded to oneiric, and having troubles with sound. it disappears from time to time, when I put in headphones, for instance. any suggestions, please? btw, kubuntu, not ubuntu10:34
phiscibeBUT you may have the above problem do with the /va /var/run10:34
arthur_but that will not halt the program that calls the command until the xterm session has finished?10:34
llutz_arthur_: no10:34
phiscibeno its booting off the drive and dropps you in as root10:35
phiscibetado: where to begin, if eel for ya10:35
redWhat kind of command do I need to run to copy all .jpg files from my current folder and it's subfolders to a new location (to a single folder from multiple folders)?10:35
unkrI m getting an error while running command " apt-get update" . the error is unable to fetch "ppa.launchpad.net  public key is missing " ???10:35
szaldang..  how the how do I get rid of this "Waiting for network configuration" at boot?  the workaround described in bug 811441 doesn't help here..10:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in Release Notes for Ubuntu "duplicate for #811441 incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85812210:35
llutz_red: find path/ -type f -iname '*.jpg' -exec cp "{}" targetdir/ +10:36
phiscibeunkr: install thekey or the missing keyring program, or take out the PPA source10:36
unkr@red - try  " mv *.jpg  <destination folder>"10:36
unkrphiscribe: from where i do install that key??10:37
phiscibeszal type cat resolv.conf what does it say10:37
redunkr: I said copy and recursive, that command is neither :P10:37
redllutz_: thanks, trying10:38
phiscibei dont know unkr, the PPA source is a url  if you can get it you might a=can go to thier site to get the key, but i cant see it form here, look in the source.list fiule if the error message doest give the the url10:38
szalphiscibe: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710744/ <- no idea what you expect to find there10:38
arthur_red: what are you trying to accomplish, sorry internet on train is pretty bad10:39
unkrphiscribe: there is one more problem when i try apt-get update  while updating some of the lines get IGNORNED  why is this happing??10:39
joytech22Can I get any help on my HTPC problem? Jumpy graphics with the right drivers installed? It's not as smooth as it was on Ubuntu 10.10. (Now running 11.10)10:39
W32new ubuntu looks peepy10:39
redllutz_: find: missing argument to `-exec'10:39
unkrphiscrible: i had remove the ppa10:39
jattW32: is that good or bad?10:39
redarthur_: to copy all images from a deep folder structure into a single folder10:39
phiscibei wanted to see if you had active dns servers in your network you do10:39
phiscibewhat about iwconfig10:39
NukeadorCan someone confirm this bug? Libreoffice Calc is unusable without the functions :S https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libreoffice/+bug/87370210:39
ubottuUbuntu bug 873702 in libreoffice (Ubuntu) "some function names in Calc appear in english others in local language (mixed up) " [Undecided,Confirmed]10:39
W32good or bad lives in the eye of the beholder10:40
llutz_red: find path/ -type f -iname '*.jpg' -exec cp "{}" targetdir/ \;10:40
jattwhy not: 1) create a .tgz with the jpg images. 2) copy the .tgz to the new destination.10:40
ju2efhi guys,  got problem with sound on my ubuntu studio, it was working normally, then after reboot t disappeared, someone told me that it can be issue with randomly numbering card, i disabled my onboard card in BIOS, but i've got oe more on my graphic card (HDMI shit), the card i want sound to run on is M-Audio 2496 can someone help, sorry if i didnt provide nough technical info10:40
=== p1l0t is now known as Guest90279
NukeadorIn fact, for most non-English users, Calc is broken for most of their saved files since they use localized function names.10:41
Yuezianyone has quora invitation?10:42
phiscibetypos in the file? corrupted sources.list permission problems on the file, pinned packages, trolls in your cpu10:42
redllutz_: seems to be working, great!10:42
llutz_red: -exec  doesn't work with "+" at the end, so use "\;". my bad10:42
redyup ok10:43
W32whats the default virtualization solution in ubuntu?10:43
reddoes it return to prompt after its done?10:43
red(still in a blinking _)10:43
llutz_red: it should10:43
redthanks a lot10:43
phiscibeju2ef: normaly im not for brute force, but with multiple sound cards on diffrent busses, i would delete the pulseaudio configuration, reboot and hope10:44
ju2efhow do you do that, im a n00b10:44
osmosis_pauldc5ala, hi again, rename the folder does not work10:44
phiscibewell in that case MOVE the configuration in caseyou needed, works like delete10:45
osmosis_pauldc5ala, but now it is clear that is something related with my account what could be?10:45
ju2efwhere do i find this conf10:45
osmosis_pauldc5ala, remove completely compiz? and remove manually . Nvidia folder10:45
dc5alaosmosis_paul, then probably could take a look into your ~/.xsession-errors for a hint, you can paste it via http://paste.ubuntu.com10:46
phiscibeopen dolphin or what ever file manager set the view to show hidden files, find in your home folder a folder  called .pulse  renmae it to .pulsebackup10:46
ju2efcheers, gonna try that now10:46
phiscibenow i am thinking ubuntu studio uses pulse like the other ubuntu's if not, look elswhere10:46
ju2efgonna try it anyway, rebooting now10:48
conntrackCan I use in iptables?10:48
LachezarAny reason why upgrade has installed i386 packages on my x86 machine?!?10:49
Fudgehi ubuntu one, what do i click on to sign in and set my account up on a machine10:49
SwedeMikeLachezar: you do realise that i386 and x86 is the same thing?10:49
dhruvasagarHi I have upgraded to ubuntu 11.10 I have a simple yet weird audio issue, the auto mute mode works perfectly, but when the speaker is muted, the headphones are muted too. I can't hear. If I disable automuting, I hear sound from both speaker & headphones. Can someone help ?10:50
LachezarDOH! I mean x86_64...10:50
W32whats the default virtualization solution in ubuntu?10:50
dhruvasagarW32: I don't think there is one by default, virtual box is good.10:51
SwedeMikeLachezar: what packages are that? perhaps those packages aren't available in amd64 format.10:51
W32virtual box isnt GPL10:51
LjLW32: actually it is, there is both a closed version and a GPL version10:51
phiscibethere is no default10:51
rommhey guys. ubuntu 11.10 is very slow on my vm. i want to switch from unity to xfce. what's the easiest way to do that?10:52
phiscibepick your own poison10:52
W32linus complained about poor coding from the virtual box folks10:52
rommi was thinking apt-get install xubuntu-desktop as a starter...10:52
SunTsuI just upgraded Maverick -> Natty -> Oneiric. Booting bails out when trying to mount my lvm2 root from /dev/mapper/system-root - /scripts/loca-top/cryptroot tries to use /dev/mapper/system instead, although root kernel option is set correctly10:52
dhruvasagarW32: LjL actually he's partially right, the open source version doesn't support several things, even basic things like USB.10:52
LjLW32: Linus complains about everything10:52
phisciberomm is it a recent install10:52
Kaapaok, dist-upgrade finished. Now lightdm doesn't start10:52
LachezarFor instance qdbus. I had to manually remove it and reinstall the x86_64 version.10:52
rommphiscibe, ya installed it yesterday.10:52
llutz_W32: do you use gnome? he complained about it too10:52
osmosis_pauldc5ala, take a look http://paste.ubuntu.com/710757/10:52
KaapaI noticed gdm works, but can I fix it in order to have the standard lightdm?10:52
LachezarAnd something is wrong with aptitude... Shows installed packages as not installed...10:53
W32i complain about gnome too10:53
SunTsuI made my system boot again by linking system-root to system in initramfs - anybody an idea how to fix that permanently?10:53
Kaapaalready did dpkg-reconfigure gdm10:53
dhruvasagarllutz_: W32 seeing how unity / gnome3 is, I am actually with Linus on that one :)10:53
phiscibedelete it get a xubuntu cd install fressh10:53
oberststenHello! Is there any way to "cage" ssh users? I have an Ubuntu server, so I want to set up git, but just "cage" the git user under his home folder, is that possible?10:53
Kaapabut it stays stuck a bit after "checking battery..."10:53
Myrttioberststen: set their shell as rbash or similar10:53
phiscibeu cold install the xfc desktop in this one, b ut for me that always gives you grief down the road10:54
SunTsuoberststen: you could allow them git only10:54
rommhmm... well that's disappointing.10:54
dhruvasagarKaapa: did you logout after doing the reconfigure ?10:54
SunTsuoberststen: there are restricted shells that allow certain commands only10:54
rommmaybe i can change to some non-demanding version of gnome on this install?10:55
Kaapadhruvasagar: I think I even restarted the laptop - but retrying10:55
rommanything but this awful unity.10:55
ju2efstill no sound, thanks for trying to help, gonna try ubuntu studio irc10:55
dhruvasagarromm: I agree :(10:55
phiscibegood luck, try the mixer settings form alsamixrt10:55
dhruvasagaroberststen: how re you planning on set up git ?10:55
Kaapadhruvasagar: yes - stucks even after reboot10:56
oberststenSunTsu: I have the git user with the "git-shell" thing, maybe this is really silly, but I wan't to be able to set the git repository folder as git@server:/repository.git instead of git@server:/home/git/repository.git10:56
dhruvasagaroberststen: you should perhaps consider solutions such as gitolite, in that approach you do create a user yourself and hence can limit him in the way you want.10:56
ju2efi tried, thing is apparently it randomly chooses hw0 device, there was a config example for that but i lost the link10:56
dc5alaosmosis_paul, that is not the one when you tried unity and not unity2d? Maybe try starting Unity and then take the .xsession-errors, there is also a .xession-errors.old which should be your previous one10:56
switch10Does anyone know how to start a chromium web app from the command line?10:56
wakejagrjust installed 11.10 with basic ubuntu server in tasksel.  at the end of the boot process, virtual term 7 is selected (blank b/c no x11 is installed).  is there a way to have term 1 selected automatically (so i don't have to ctrl+alt+F1)?10:56
phisciberomm:  it is no big problem to swithc in  polace it is just my preferenc eto to, you get too many controls on system settings that might  over lap login sessions get confuessed, but u can live with it10:57
[4-tea-2]Upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 broke audio in a weird way. Less than half a second of audio - a second of silence - and that repeats over and over again. Any advice?10:57
dhruvasagarKaapa: that sucks, what type of login screen do you see ? In lightdm you would see a textbox way left, whereas in gdm you see a dialog box in the center of the screen...10:57
Kaapaah, there's an error in lightdm's logs10:57
Lachezarswitch10: chromium-browser -app http://....10:57
oberststendhruvasagar that's an option, but not right now, we are just 2 in the team and we are going to share a single user10:57
phiscibesudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop and your off  to the races10:57
Kaapafailed to load session file /usr/share/xgreeters/lightdm-gtk-greeter.desktop: no such file or directory10:57
switch10Lachezar: Thanks!10:57
osmosis_pauldc5ala, that much better http://paste.ubuntu.com/710759/10:57
dhruvasagaroberststen: I would still recommend gitolite, I think it will be quit painless and easy to manage / administer10:57
phiscibeor the funny farm10:57
phiscibepick xfce at the log in screen for the session10:58
dhruvasagarphiscibe: I did that, but didn't like that so much either...I have problem with how Alt+Tab works, looks like 'workspaces' are obsolete :(10:58
Lachezarswitch10: My bad: chromium-browser -app=http://... You need a = .10:58
dhruvasagarphiscibe: besides that I am fine with other things, but the alt+tab behaviour is really annoying and weird10:58
phiscibechange the keyboard shortuts10:59
Kaapaok - installing lightdm-gtk-greeter10:59
rommphiscibe: i'm hoping i can uninstall unity after installing a different VM10:59
PeloI just upgraded to 11.10 , what the F happened here, all my customising is gone half the stuff I use is no longer available what is wrong with this ting ?11:00
rommphiscibe: in order to dodge all those overlaps.11:00
dhruvasagarphiscibe: where ? how do I get back to original alt+tab behaviour ?11:00
switch10Lachezar: perfect!  Thank you!11:00
phiscibeis the desktop you are configuring a virtual macine?11:00
phiscibeyour window manager has a seeting, i dont know where you are though in xfce or unity11:01
Pelowhat can I do to get the panels to behave as they use to , ie  right click customising ?11:01
Kaapaok, fixed11:01
jattPelo: you can install xfce4. doing that with unity or gnome 3 is an uphill battle.11:01
Kaapa(and I actually think unity is a breath of fresh air, I like it)11:01
Pelojatt, thanks11:01
phiscibeinstalling xfce to fix tabbing ids like cracking open an egg with a bulldoze11:02
* Pelo mutters about using linux for the customizing , might as well go back to effing windows now11:02
jattof course not, install xfce doesn't fix anything11:02
jattis just an alternative11:02
dhruvasagarphiscibe: I am in unity, I tried changing it from compiz settings but that's not orkign11:02
jatta very good one btw11:02
[4-tea-2]I want my fscking audio back. UBUNTUUUU! *shakes fists at sky*11:03
Pelothis is the second upgrade in a row where I have less then I had before , it's getting annoying,   Dapper was such a great experience11:03
dhruvasagar[4-tea-2]: check alsamixer, it might just be muted.11:03
dhruvasagarPelo: I agree11:03
[4-tea-2]dhruvasagar: it's not muted, it works about 0.2s per second.11:03
dhruvasagar[4-tea-2]: I am not sure what that even means.11:03
phiscibei under stand, upgrades can almost brick a systme, but the bugs are getting ironed out, you keep adding more COMPLEXITY to the system and it always makes it harder to figure out whats happening11:03
[4-tea-2]0.2s audio, followed by 0.8s silence, followed by 0.2s audio11:04
Pelobye for now11:04
dhruvasagar[4-tea-2]: that sounds funny...11:04
[4-tea-2]As if someone was playing with my volume.11:04
[4-tea-2]dhruvasagar: it's at least completely unexpected behaviour.11:04
enchiladoSir Brian Blessed. That would be epic.11:04
phiscibedelete pulseaudio configureation, reboot11:04
dhruvasagar[4-tea-2]: true...11:04
jattPelo: in principle ubuntu 11.10 is a good system. most of the underlying software like the new kernel, C-library, etc, are worthy to upgrade to. unfortunately the quality of the released desktop environments is pretty grim (with the exception of xfce).11:05
fritschjatt: i would not say that11:05
fritschjatt: it is different from all that was before11:05
phiscibehttp://blog.sudobits.com/2011/09/04/ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-ocelot-keyboard-shortcuts-for-unity/  dhruvasagar11:05
[4-tea-2]Also, I got the impression that the multiarch stuff is only half done. My 32bit apps stopped working, apparently because I can't have a 32bit libSDL.11:05
fritschjatt: i forced myself to use unity for the last 6 weeks11:05
fritschjatt: it was very hard :-)11:06
dhruvasagarI have a problem with audio myself, the 'auto muting' works, but when I plug in my headphone and it mutes the speakers, for some reason that mutes the headphones (not in alsamixer, just physically), if I disable alsa mixer, then even if I plug in headphones, both speaker & headphones play music11:06
fritschjatt: but gnome3 is even harder imho11:06
jattafter I replaced unity/gnome3 with xfce4 my system feels as robust as before the upgrade11:06
dhruvasagarphiscibe: thanks, I am sure that will be helpful11:06
jattso 11.10 is not a bad release overall11:06
fritschjatt: jep, i thought about this alternative11:06
enchiladoI've been using Unity for nearly a year and I still don't like it :S11:06
phiscibethey changed the 64bit code to add more suport for running 32 bit apps in 64 system, or course that means buggs11:06
dhruvasagarphiscibe: actually that does not, I know them all.11:06
fritschjatt: some things are pretty bad. "dont dim my screen when i am on battery every 2 minutes"11:06
fritschjatt: such options are just missing11:07
fritschjatt: no chance to change this stuff11:07
dhruvasagarphiscibe: my problem is with the way they've changed the behaviour of 'Alt+Tab'11:07
dhruvasagarphiscibe: previously Alt+Tab switched between windows on the current workspace, but now it does so for windows on all workspaces. That is my problem.11:07
jribenchilado: plenty of alternatives, I would use something I liked11:07
enchiladoYeah, I've considered many times using Arch Linux.11:07
dhruvasagarphiscibe: workspaces seams to have become obsolete by this change, I don't understand what purpose they solve anymore11:08
enchiladoBut I'm not pro enough yet. I will eventually.11:08
jribenchilado: well arch is fine, but you can just use a different window manager/desktop environment on ubuntu...11:08
dhruvasagarphiscibe: seems*11:08
wakejagrwhere in the startup scripts is the virtual console selected?  i want 1 instead of 7 since i have no x11.11:08
enchiladojrib: oh I know11:08
enchiladobut I don't see any point in using Ubuntu if I'm going to do that.11:08
jribwakejagr: look at your kernel line in your grub configuration, it probably says something like "chvt"11:09
[4-tea-2]phiscibe: breaking stuff in a release in a way that will stop users from using their existing applications is bad, mmmkay?11:09
phiscibeyou prbably have to set the alt tab behaviour in copiz11:09
jribenchilado: oh?11:09
wakejagrjrib: thanks.  i'll look at that11:09
llutz_enchilado: so you use ubuntu because unity which you don't like? stupid...11:09
* Lachezar is seriously considering going back to Windows after 6 years of Ubuntu.11:10
enchiladollutz_: I use Ubuntu because I used to love it. :/11:10
jattunity gets too much credit/visibility. is just a desktop environment which can be easily replaced leaving the underlying system intact.11:10
LjLLachezar: meh try another distribution if you're not content with Ubuntu11:10
llutz_enchilado: what do you love if changing the WM/DE kills this "love"?11:10
phiscibeBUT, as they got bugs galore for the laucher and dash and menus, might have to live with it11:11
LachezarLjL: Used to do that... Been with Slacker, RootHad, Delirian...11:11
phiscibeit is frustrating11:11
phiscibefeaure creep is very human though11:11
phiscibewe all are platforms for DNA kernels11:11
LachezarUbuntu seemed like being the best... Now it's more like a test bed for half-brain designer miss-decisions.11:11
sriniis there anyone knows about kernel?11:11
th_time to give new change for kde i guess11:11
LjLLachezar :\11:12
dhruvasagarsrini: just ask11:12
phiscibethe kubuntu relase is buggy too11:12
dhruvasagaranyone for my audio issues ?11:12
dhruvasagarphiscibe: yeap11:12
phiscibepretty but buggy11:12
srinidhruvasagar, how to port the linux kernel to arm processor?11:12
LachezarI'm so damn frustrated... After tralking ALL my colleagues into switching from Windows to Ubuntu, I am nearing a breaking point...11:12
dhruvasagarsrini: that's a tad out of my area of expertease. ask everyone.11:12
jattanother advantage of using xfce is that it requires fewer resources so you will have more CPU and memory for the applications you use.11:13
rommsrini: linux already runs on arm, of course...11:13
phiscibethis ihas been done, unless u just like compling11:13
jribLachezar: what are you having an issue with? unity?  Just use a different window manager11:13
dhruvasagarLachezar: I can understand your frustration, and share the same :(11:13
Lachezarjrib: Which one? All suck dounkey balls compared to Gnome2.11:13
dhruvasagarexpertise :)11:13
jattxfce doesn't11:13
jribLachezar: a lot of people that like gnome2 also like xfce11:13
LachezarGnome shell is next to useless, Unity goes even further.11:13
phiscibethere  have been ARM kernels around for awhile11:14
LachezarXFCE is good, I'll admit, but it's a bit on the light side on me...11:14
jribLachezar: light in what way?11:14
llutz_xfce4 is far away from being lite11:14
th_xfce has even messier configuration tools than KDE, and that's an accomplishment11:14
LachezarBetween my problems with video (Artifacts alover the screen), the completely haywire Keyboard layout controls, upgrading mishaps...11:14
jattI disagree, xfce4 settings manager is not messier at all11:15
LjLLachezar: it's very possible that someone will fork GNOME 2 at least for a while, anyway, if they haven't already...11:15
LachezarI loose 3-4 months fixing my upgrade, then decide to reinstall, and the next «release» comes.11:15
sriniromm, it runs but i want to see how to port it in arm11:15
phiscibeLXDE is pretty good11:15
th_win7 is pretty good11:16
jattLXDE runs good on phones and on laptops11:16
rommsrini: if you want to know how it's done, search for "cross compiling kernel" in google.11:16
Lachezarjrib: I'll have to look at XFCE again, but I use many Gnome-integrated programs.11:16
wakejagrjrib: i found a vt.handoff option passed to the kernel at boottime.  thanks for the tip11:16
ju2effuck it, im installing debian, more stable, and i can see your opinions on ubuntu, i didnt know it suchk so much, will see how debian manage my studio, do you know if i can get real time kernel on debian11:16
jribwakejagr: yeah, that's it :)11:16
* Lachezar apologises for rambling...11:16
th_install debian and enjoy gnome2 for years to come :PP11:16
onlylonlygnome 2 fork: https://github.com/Perberos/Mate-Desktop-Environment11:16
rommsrini: read the documentation of tools like crossdev and gentoo's cross compiling docs.11:16
jribju2ef: please watch the language in this channel11:17
ju2efwont do it again11:17
phiscibedeb is easy to use flux or icewm or enlight11:17
jribju2ef: #debian for debian support11:17
soulnafeinWhat's going on with gwibber in 11.10? It's really slow.11:17
sriniromm,without arm processor,is it possible to port the kernel like beatle board? i need the cheapest hardware wherein i can go and port the kernel.can u please suggest?11:18
phiscibecould be anything, gete some coffe and open all your log files, tell your family ull be gone for a efw days in bug land11:18
rommsrini: you mean beagle? it does have an ARM...11:18
soulnafeinphiscibe: lol :P I've already done that yesterday to fix a problem with the wifi11:19
rommyes, it's a good choice for playing with kernel compilation and installing on an embedded board.11:19
sriniromm, ya beagle only11:19
phiscibewhats a beetle board11:19
=== caddoo_ is now known as caddoo
F1skri'm trying to install 11.10 to a SSD using bootable live USB. the installation seems to work fine, but when i try to boot i just get an error: "Read Error", i have tried to reinstall grub on the disk but that does not help, any ideas?11:20
sriniromm, beagle board has ARM Cortex A8 processor....see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BeagleBoard11:21
phiscibeoh beagle, it omap arm will compile11:21
sriniphiscibe, can u give me the solution?11:22
ubuntu_Which file manger does 11.10 uses?11:22
[4-tea-2]Oh, I think they "improved" SSH keyring management up to a point where it's broken for me now. I guess I'm either reinstalling 11.04 or I need a new distro.11:22
ubuntu_I want to copy a folder with root permissions11:22
gsommerHow do I create a custom launcher on the desktop? (Using Unity)... The google posts I find is for 11.04, which does not work for 11.10.11:23
phiscibei missed your prblem, do u have a beagle board and ...what do u want to do11:23
Kaan_is there a way to make /proc/sys/kernel/hung_task_timeout_secs permanent? It defaults back to 120 every boot.11:24
phiscibeit should run ubuntu debian android, oen embedded, java, probabgly the windows embedded soluiton11:24
NCS_Oneon ubuntu 10.04 LTS when checking for updates I get this error: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710786/11:24
NCS_Onewhat should I do to fix it?11:25
sriniphiscibe, :i want to port the linux kernel to arm....either it can be beagle board or anything...but the processor should be arm....i need the cheapest one wherein i can go and port the kernel11:25
jattthe kernel has been already ported to arm11:26
TehDGMsrini: cheap ARM board that runs linux: http://www.acmesystems.it/?id=FOXG2011:26
yezariaelyI think this is a question asked very often, but I could not find a suitable solution: 11.10 with old-style gnome panels, and no unity?11:27
zaapielwindows 8 will make arm so much more popular than it is now11:27
zaapieldesktop arm11:27
phiscibeNCS_One: http://ubuntuforums.org/archive/index.php/t-1221323.html11:27
Abhijiti installed torbutton but still tor is not working. help. error Firefox is configured to use a proxy server that is refusing connections.11:27
microcai弱弱地问下,我的谷歌拼音在openoffice write里使用,如果是单独输入一个字,选择后会出现第一个字和选择的这个字,就是同时出现两个字。如果一次输入两个或者两个以上,就不会出现重复。但在浏览器下使用则不出现这种情况。而我切换成Ibus不会出现类似google拼音的情况。请教下这是怎么回事。11:27
sriniTehDGM, how much it costs?11:27
zaapielfucking japs11:27
zaapielpearl harbor11:27
zaapielnever forget11:28
FloodBot1zaapiel: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.11:28
phiscibesrini the linxu kernel is already ported to arm, i dnot know why you want to to it again11:28
sriniphiscibe, i am doing it as mmy mini project....so i need it11:28
conntrackall your cars belong to us11:28
jattyezariaely: the best alternative is xfce now. there is a backward compatibility mode in gnome 3 but it gives you a desktop environment which cannot be customized as gnome 2.11:29
jattporting the kernel to arm cannot be a "mini project"11:29
dabukalamis there a command that can gimme a list of packages installed?11:29
jattis a huge task that requires a good pool of engineering talent11:29
llutz_dabukalam: dpkg -l11:29
jamilwhat is the cause of theis error:  assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed11:29
jattand as a said, it has already been done.11:30
phiscibeits already ported, i mean it took teams of people years, you want to redo that?? or do you just want to COMPOILE  alinux kernel for arm??11:30
phiscibecompile even11:30
yezariaelyjatt: this is really sad… but thank you anyway11:30
milliganAnyone here familiar with dhcpd? If I define a subnet from i.e to .. And then I add a fixed address (static ip) to a mac, that's inside that scope i.e .. will dhcpd reserve that IP, or can I get conflicts because the IP gets distributed in the dynamic scope AND given to the static MAC?11:30
evelynhi i just installed 11.10 and i am seeing strange issues with window management - ie i cannot move windows and the maximise/minimise buttons are gone11:30
TimLoalHi everyone.  I've just moved to Ubuntu from microsoft because windows is soo s***, but i've spent all afternoon solving one problem, when i should have been working to pay my rent etc, only to run into another.  I'm home now and want to get this set up well or go back to wasting my time with the devil i know11:30
sriniphiscibe, i need to compile its enough ...11:31
TimLoalwill someone help me?11:31
dabukalamllutz, awesome and now a way to view more than half of it? That's a terminal setting I assume, right?11:31
Abhijit!ask | TimLoal11:31
ubottuTimLoal: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:31
dabukalamllutz_, awesome and now a way to view more than half of it? That's a terminal setting I assume, right?11:31
th_evelyn: gnome3 removed maximizing and minimizing windows11:31
evelynth_: really, what about moving a non-maximised window? on my second laptop that i installed 11.10 on i could definately do that11:32
th_evelyn: that should still work. unity or gnome-shell?11:32
phiscibedpkg –get-selections11:32
sriniphiscibe, mention it to whom u r suggesting11:33
yezariaelyTimLoal: describe your problem please11:33
phiscibeim using bifocal glasses can t see them in the chattter11:33
evelynth_: unity as far as im aware ("ps aux | grep compiz" returns true)11:34
ahhughezis it possible for me to give a more meaningful name than sda1 to my hdd's?11:35
sriniphiscibe, :y no one are giving me any solutions?11:35
phiscibeunity in 11.10 LOOK MA no windows11:35
th_evelyn: hm, try alt-f2 (run dialog) and run "compiz --replace" if that helps11:35
evelynth_: and obviously have the left hand unity bar11:35
rommsrini: we already gave you 2 solutions11:35
rommwhat more do you need?11:35
romm(not to mention you keep using the phrase "porting linux to ARM" as if it wasn't ported about 10 years ago already)11:35
phiscibeinstall a comiler gcc will work, get the source code compile11:35
tabakhasehi there, my "yesterday working" LiveCD(s/CD/USB/) now stops booting (in the same computer) after "[15.721567] aufs test_add:261:exe[710]: uid/gid/perm //filesystem.squashfs 0/0/0755, 0/0/0777" (freeze >5 minutes)11:36
jamilwhat is the cause of theis error:  assertion `G_IS_OBJECT (object)' failed11:36
phiscibeThis is by DESIGN  When an application window is maximized the window controls, to much controversy, hide by default. Although you only need to mouse over top the panel to access them, many early adopters have reacted negatively to the change citing it as ‘unintuitive‘ and potentially confusing to newcomers.11:37
jattsome gtk gunk11:37
phiscibehover the mouse and you should see the controls11:37
KartagisI'll upgrade, but apt-get upgrade will not upgrade release, yes?11:38
TimLoalyezariaely: ok i installed at the weekend on both my laptops, first i had a problem of firefox, libreoffice and occasionally the whole system freazing, caused by ACPI: EC: Input buffer not empty, aborting solved by "xset dpms force off" now it is stuck at the loading graphic and starting firefox takes about 4 minutes to load11:38
yezariaelyKartagis: yes.11:38
Kartagisyezariaely: yes what? it will not?11:38
TimLoalyezariaely: I'm a very technical person and am ok with following instructions so hit me :)11:39
asdaspihjNeither unity nor gnome3 is loading here, can somebody help?11:39
polanskiya estoy11:39
yezariaelyKartagis: Yes it will not do a release upgrade11:39
polanskibueno no me convence mucho el classic ya que no es igual como la 11.411:39
Kartagis!es | polanski11:39
ubottupolanski: En la mayoría de canales de Ubuntu se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español o charlar entra en el canal #ubuntu-es. Escribe "/join #ubuntu-es" (sin comillas) y dale a enter.11:39
evelynth_: i tried to doing a compiz --replace -> however still having the same issue11:39
Kartagisyezariaely: thanks11:39
ahhughezbest cd/dvd burning app please11:40
asdaspihjIm on oneiric, upgraded from the previous one at alpha 2 or 3 not sure11:40
phiscibetey dmesg | tail when u load fire fox, check the system log, some control is whacked11:40
yezariaelyTimLoal: unfortunately I have no idea how to help you. maybe someone else here can.11:40
th_evelyn: :/ i have no clue what it's about then. of course if you have /home on separate partition, quick clean install is the fastest way tbh, takes like 10 minutes11:40
TimLoalyezariaely: I'm thinking maybe if i go back to a previous stable version minus unity that i might have better luck? and be able to spend more time working than playing IT support11:40
sidewalkhow do i increase the number of workspaces in "Gnome Classic" in Ubuntu 11.10?11:40
yezariaelyTimLoal: you could try that, yes11:40
yezariaelyTimLoal: and i recommend looking into the log messages to see where the problems come from11:41
szal!best | ahhughez11:41
ubottuahhughez: Usually, there is no single "best" application to perform a given task. It's up to you to choose, depending on your preferences, features you require, and other factors. Do NOT take polls in the channel. If you insist on getting people's opinions, ask BestBot in #ubuntu-bots.11:41
evelynth_: haha that would be defeat! :) i will try a couple of things first before i reinstall11:41
phiscibetim check the release notes there are number of issues reported11:41
th_evelyn: best guess i guess is that you have some old gnome config files floating around11:42
TimLoalI WANT SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP ME OR I'LL FORGET ABOUT UBUNTU/LINUX and go back to M$, not that i want to11:42
th_evelyn: so, try creating new user account if it has the same problems11:42
yezariaelysidewalk: how did you install gnome classic for this version11:42
th_evelyn: if not, then you can11:42
th_evelyn: then you can just move off .settings files from your home dir to get "clean install" :p11:42
yezariaelyTimLoal: your choice, but stop yelling around...11:42
szalTimLoal: then do that, we don't dig on threats like this11:42
phiscibeif you cant get a specific error message i cant tell u what else to do, if u start firefox from the command line terminal might give u output, the are system.log kernel.log xorg.logs11:42
jribth_: ask an actual question. Threats are not going to make people more willing to help you (probably the opposite)11:43
jribTimLoal: ask an actual question. Threats are not going to make people more willing to help you (probably the opposite)11:43
th_jrib: huh?11:43
phiscibei want crybabies to wake up on the planet zorn in the middle of a galatctic battle, but bugs are bugs and it takes time11:43
TimLoalszal: i've spent all day trying to get this os to work and its ment to be easy, i have work to do11:43
TimLoaljrb i have11:43
phiscibenow let me cry about my bugs, stupid upgrade11:43
jribTimLoal: you didn't just now.11:43
TehDGMTimLoal: it is easy.11:44
TimLoalread up11:44
kaolc2how do I move the panels in Ubuntu 11.10? I can't find the option anywhere and it's looking UGLY right now11:44
th_kaolc2: unity panel can't be moved11:44
phiscibeidle cpu utilization runs at 80% until you plug in or unplug a cd or usb, flash video hangs the system if you let it run for a few hours11:44
TimLoali just want my computers to work i don't care on what11:44
phiscibeupgrade wigs out if you have any ppa repositories11:44
kaolc2th_ I'm using the Classic Gnome theme.11:44
jribTimLoal: that's fine.  But please stick to support (asking or giving).  The rest isn't productive11:44
NCS_Onephiscibe: thanks11:45
TimLoali have asked but its only when i shout that anyone talks to me11:45
th_kaolc2: installing xfce is probably the best bet :) afaik classic environment in gnome3 is pretty limited11:45
jattkaolc2: you can install xfce4 (a different desktop environment) which fully supports configurable panels. the classic gnome panel doesn't provide the same configuration capabilities as gnome 2.11:45
TimLoalok i installed at the weekend on both my laptops, first i had a problem of firefox, libreoffice and occasionally the whole system freazing, caused by ACPI: EC: Input buffer not empty, aborting solved by "xset dpms force off" now it is stuck at the loading graphic and starting firefox takes about 4 minutes to load11:45
kaolc2jatt: Can I downgrade to 10.04? This is horrible.11:46
TimLoalI'm a very technical person and am ok with following instructions so hit me :)11:46
jattkaolc2: I doubt you can and if it is possible it cannot be reliable. I also had that horrible experience but fortunately xfce4 saved my system.11:46
phiscibedude im jsut as guy sitting at my house, in the middle of a bunch of carpentry work, in a little bitty town, ill help you but you didnt say if you can see alog eerror or terminal output , i cant read your mind11:46
=== Pupuser is now known as Guest41250
eipi-1in testdisk, how can i select all files in a directory? Maybe even recursive?11:46
ahhughezoh c@#p. how I can I list all the hdd's on this machine... one is missing... `sudo lshw -C disk` ?11:47
yezariaelysidewalk: still there?11:47
phiscibecommunity support, nerds herding cats11:47
=== Guest41250 is now known as LittlePuppy
kerzewho know best ubuntu game?11:47
TimLoalphiscibe: was that to me, please use my nick as this is a busy channel11:47
jattkerze: eboard (if you like chess)11:47
kaolc2jatt: I will give xfce a try, but I really am not content with Ubuntu right now.. We'll see how things turn out, thanks for the help. Any other suggestions? :)11:47
phiscibeoh so the constant scrolling is hrd to follwo hmmm11:48
evelynth_: new user account is a good idea. also "unity --reset" seems to have fixed it in some videos11:48
Semtexhey guys I have just upgraded to 11.11 from 11.04 and am using gnome-session-fallback. Is there anyway to stop ubuntu booting back into unity and force gnome classic as default?11:48
jattkaolc2: there is also kde but I'm not a kde fan so have no opinion on it, but you can give it a try.11:48
TehDGMyou could remove the unity packages11:48
sriniPhiscibe ,please consider me11:48
phiscibesorry its 7 am i havent slept im also naturay annoying, look in system.log or auth./log or kernel.log TimLoal11:48
Semtexalso is there anyway to stop the password prompt on the screen saver in 11.11? I think its there from when I upgraded11:49
arand_kerze: No such thing as best, I like frets on fire, sauerbraten, assaultcube...11:49
kaolc2jatt: I'll try xfce first then.. Thanks.11:49
sriniPhiscibe , wru from?11:49
phiscibesrini: what do u need? you want a link to where to get ARM source?11:49
=== caddoo_ is now known as caddoo
TimLoalYOU ASK ME TO ASK BUT WHEN I DO NOTHING !  sorry for shouting but when i talk i get nothing11:49
Semtex11.10 sorry not 11.1111:49
TehDGMTimLoal: if anybody knew they would've replied by now.11:49
yezariaelyso what is the reason that there is no gnome classic in 11.11, but only this unity thing?!11:50
Semtexyezariaely: yes11:50
TehDGMi'd help you if i could but i've never heard of the problem11:50
phiscibeyezariaely: progress  (style over substance)11:50
jattthere is a backward compatibility mode but it ain't as configurable as gnome 2.11:50
TimLoaltehdmg is there a better channel for ubuntu support?11:50
Semtexyezariaely: but you can do 'sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback'11:50
fritschTimLoal: there is for sure, but not at cost zero11:50
yezariaelyphiscibe: interessting to call this a progress...11:50
fritschTimLoal: could you paste a dmesg into a pastebin?11:51
arghx!attitude TimLoal11:51
yezariaelySemtex:  any problems with this aproach?11:51
TimLoalTehDGM: how much?11:51
Semtexyezariaely: a few minor problems but its useable11:51
fritschTimLoal: xdpms force off will blacken your screen, so this cannot really have solved sth.11:51
Semtexyezariaely: I am having it randomly start up with unity11:51
yezariaelySemtex: If this works, you made my day :)11:51
kerzewhich is the fastest xubuntu or lubuntu11:51
TimLoalarghx: yes just restarting for a clean run11:51
Semtexyezariaely: it does11:51
jattxubuntu is pretty fast11:51
Semtexbut you need to choose ubuntu classic11:51
starbrackhi, does anyone know how to make the unity launcher not auto hide in 11.10 ?11:51
Semtexfrom the login screen11:52
phiscibethe only way to get better suport is ot pay a profeswsional for tech suport, im guessing 100  bucks an dinstance?11:52
ActionParsnipkerze: lubuntu uses fewer resources11:52
Semtexbit like in 11.0411:52
kerzejatt : how about lubuntu11:52
TimLoalfritsch: yes it did for a split second but then ubuntu was super fast11:52
ActionParsnipstarbrack: its configured in ccsm11:52
th_starbrack: install 'compizconfig' from software centre, click for unity plugin, disable panel dodging11:52
fritschTimLoal: the dmesg could help11:52
starbrackcompizconfig didn't help11:52
jattkerze: don't know haven't used. I know LXDE runs on my phone. So it must be pretty fast on a laptop.11:52
th_it does11:52
th_unless you run unity2d11:52
fritschTimLoal: plus lspci if you are just at it11:52
kerzeActionParsnip : What is the effect for taht thing?11:52
starbrackyeah i'm running unity2d indeed11:52
Semtexyezariaely: to get 'ubunu classic' in 11.10, open a terminal and run 'sudo apt-get install gnome-session-fallback', one you have done that log out, click on the cog icon and choose 'ubuntu classic' then log back in11:53
starbrack(if you know how to make unity work with bumblebee, that would be welcome too)11:53
th_starbrack: in that case, (this is a bit harder but not overly), install 'dconf', run dconf, find for unity2d keys there, there's value for panel hiding11:53
yezariaelySemtex: sure already doing it11:53
ActionParsnipkerze: lxde gives a smoother OS as the CPU will need to work less11:53
sl__Hi. I just upgraded from 11.04 to 11.10 and after that my apache2 won't start after reboot. If I start it manually, it works just fine. I have checked init.d stuff and also used bum to confirm startup / shutdown of service. service apache2 start and restart also does work beautifully.11:53
th_can't check the exact key, at owrk11:53
TimLoalfritsch: i'm a bit new to ubuntu/linux so give it to me slowly, i'll use your nicks when replying to you to help you follow our conversation  thanks :)11:54
ActionParsnipsl__: ad an entry in /etc/rc.local   to start the service there. Add it above the exit 0 line11:54
th_starbrack: http://askubuntu.com/questions/62941/how-do-i-set-the-launcher-to-always-show-in-unity-2d there's exact answer, actually11:54
sl__ActaionParsnip: I'll check that right away. Thanks.11:54
phiscibeActionParsnip: look at the kernel log and see if it is at least trying to start11:54
th_starbrack: might need relogin to activate11:54
fritsch!pastebin | TimLoal11:55
ubottuTimLoal: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.11:55
Semtexyezariaely: few things you should know right click no longer works on the panels (to move, add, remove items), you have to press alt & right click instead11:55
jribActionParsnip: why would he need to do that?11:55
fritschTimLoal: you go onto the command line and do: dmesg > ~/mydmesg.txt11:55
fritschTimLoal: after this you paste the content of this textfile into one of the above pastebins11:55
starbrackthanks th_11:55
ActionParsnipjrib: its not starting at boot, but can be started manullay so adding in rc.local will run it last and should make it run11:55
kerzeit's same if i install lubuntu from ubuntu via synaptic and directly install lubuntu11:55
fritschTimLoal: the same you do with lspci: lspci ~/mylspci.txt11:55
sl__ActionParsnip: But why it needs to be added? Was it removed due update. When it's in normal init.d stuff start levels. Shouldn't it start anyway?11:55
jribActionParsnip: but it /should/ be started at boot unless he's configured it not to11:55
fritschTimLoal: lspci > ~/mylspci.txt, forgot the >11:56
yezariaelySemtex: you MADE my day. It is still very ugly, but better than this unity thing...11:56
icerootkerze: if that was a question, yes its the same11:56
yezariaelyit is a sin to call this progress ...11:56
ActionParsnipsl__: not sure, check for bugs but the edit should make it work until it gets fixed11:56
phiscibeActionParsnip: unless we see an actual error message is all guess work,11:56
icerootkerze: or better, its the same when you remove "ubuntu-desktop" and all it dependencies, then its the same11:56
kerzeiceroot: thank you11:56
Semtexyezariaely: also the screensaver is a bit werid it keeps asking me for a password even tho I dont use one at boot, and it occasionally boots into unity (but logging out and choosing 'ubuntu classic' fixes that)11:56
iceroot!purelxde | kerze11:56
ubottukerze: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »11:56
phiscibethe system.log might be a better place to look11:56
Semtexyezariaely: but yeah it works11:57
TimLoalfritsch: i have pastebinit installed :)11:57
ActionParsnipphiscibe: true but the hack will restore normal service11:57
sl__I did check for startup bugs, but there wasn't anything reported which would exactly correspond my situation. I also removed apache2 using bum and set it back. Everything seems to be fine, but it still fails to start. And logs won't contain anything helpful.11:57
yezariaelySemtex: I use ubuntu in office and at home. But this decision makes me think to choose some other distro.11:57
Semtexyezariaely: your not the only one11:57
ActionParsnipsl__: check for bugs reported. It may be a known issue11:57
cdavisWhere would I look to find out why tn5250 is included in natty but not in oneiric?11:57
TimLoalfritsch: http://paste.yubuntu.com/710883       dmesg11:58
Semtexyezariaely: but I am lazy for the moment it will do11:58
sl__ActionParsnip: Thanks for "work-a-round". These seem to be quite common in linux world. Just make it happen the alternate way if the way it is supposed to work doesnt. ;)11:58
starbrackth_ another thing: how to enable shadows around my windows?11:58
jribsl__: ls -l /etc/rc*/*apache2*11:58
th_starbrack: uhm, you'll need compiz for that11:58
phiscibeyes if there is NO entry for the when the server starts when there should be, that is diagnostic info11:58
yezariaelySemtex: we could file a "bug"11:58
th_starbrack: try alt-f2, "compiz --replace" to use compiz as windowmanager11:58
phiscibeif there is a fail to start message, thats helpful too11:58
th_add that to startup programs if it works11:58
kaolc2Semtex: He's definitely not the only one11:58
tabakhasehi there, my "yesterday working" LiveCD(s/CD/USB/) now stops booting (in the same computer) after "[15.721567] aufs test_add:261:exe[710]: uid/gid/perm //filesystem.squashfs 0/0/0755, 0/0/0777" (freeze >5 minutes)11:58
TimLoalfritsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710883       dmesg   (sorry for the typo)11:59
sl__jrib: hit, rc0-6 all levels linked to init.d/apache211:59
jribsl__: can you just pastebin?11:59
starbrackoh that sounds like a rather big change th_, or isn't it?11:59
fritschTimLoal: sorry, this pastebin does not exist11:59
yezariaelykaolc2: so why do we not ask people to reinclude the classical variant or is it technically impossible?11:59
th_not really11:59
fritschTimLoal: correct link?11:59
th_just replacing the windowmanager11:59
Semtexunity is good for netbooks and tablets but it just feels wrong on my desktop with a 22" and 32" dual screen setup11:59
yezariaely(which could be the place!)11:59
=== Alex`aw is now known as BaNz
sl__jrib, naturally. http://pastebin.com/DGC0Z5rk11:59
TimLoalfritsch: http://paste.ubuntu.com/710833       dmesg   (sorry for the second  typo)12:00
starbrackso it doesn't completely replace unity then?12:00
th_nope, it's unity2d with compiz as windowmanager12:00
=== Mud is now known as Guest955
th_whereas unity3d itself is a full plugin for compiz12:00
fritschTimLoal: ah okay, i see you have an nvidia card?12:00
Semtexyezariaely: its a controversial decision made by the ubuntu management12:00
jribsl__: the releases notes says there were some changes to how upstart handles the sys-v-init scripts, I'd start there.  Anything interesting in /etc/default/apache2?12:00
th_starbrack: but why you don't just run full unity3d? :)12:00
Semtexyezariaely: but I dont think its going to change12:00
fritschTimLoal: try to use the nvidia proprietary drivers12:00
th_starbrack: it has many handy features that aren't present in 2d12:00
fritschTimLoal: go to SystemSettings Additional Drivers12:01
yezariaelySemtex: so let's take over the management :D12:01
ActionParsnipSemtex: there are other DEs you can use if Unity isn't for you....12:01
fritschTimLoal: and install nvidia drivers12:01
starbrackth_: my laptop has this videocard that needs bumblebee to use it12:01
TimLoalfritsch: yes ok12:01
starbrackand i don't know how to tell unity to run with optirun12:01
sl__jrib, not as far as I know. http://pastebin.com/nHi7utVp12:01
jattCanonical shares aren't on market.12:01
starbrackif you know how to do that, that would be better indeed12:01
fritschTimLoal: click right in the corner this icon, choose System Settings, then you will find Additional Drivers (i do not have the exact translation)12:01
yezariaelyActionParsnip: I am looking for gnome classical, not xfce, kde or something any chances?12:01
jattyou cannot take over the management without shares :)12:02
CarlFKhow do I turn off the login sound? (the one that plays after you have logged in, as the desktop is coming up12:02
jribsl__: "more reliable handling of legacy sysvinit scripts" I'd try to figure out what that means :P12:02
fritschTimLoal: there you can select the nvidia drivers. after successful installation - you have to reboot12:02
[4-tea-2]Anyone else using a SB X-FI audio card with oneiric? Problems?12:02
TimLoalfritsch: nothing seems to be loading from the dock, ahh actually it is juts taking a looong time, pls bare with me12:02
fritschTimLoal: let`s see what works better afterwards12:02
th_CarlFK: there's mute button at top of lightdm login screen12:02
kaolc2yezariaely: I have no clue - don't ask me, I'm just here to rant :)12:02
ActionParsnipyezariaely: there is a fork of gnome2 called 'mate' it isn't developed by Gnome team and isn't official. I suggest you go to XFCE, it runs a lot like Gnome 212:02
erle-how do i get applets in gnome shell? i installed the applets 3.2 package12:03
sl__Yep. I did fair share of Googling before ending here. Because I didn't find anything that really would solve the issue. But I'm sure googling after a while or some update will fix the problem. The trick by ActionS works just fine before that.12:03
TimLoalfritsch: hard disk seems to be constantly active12:03
yezariaelyActionParsnip: I tried it a while ago, but I didn't like it. I am looking for mate, then...12:03
yezariaelymaybe they are in need of a programmer12:03
ActionParsnipyezariaely: could try LXDE too, there are lots of DEs to try12:03
fritschTimLoal: there is no error in dmesg - so first let`s see what happens after driver installation12:03
fritschTimLoal: it is an acer laptop though :-)12:04
TimLoalfritsch: can i launch the system settings from a prompt?12:04
ActionParsnipyezariaely: http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/08/gnome-2-forked/    your choice12:04
sl__I do use piping to logrotate, if it could have anything to do with this. Otherwise all configs are pretty simple.12:04
TimLoalfritsch: is that good or bad?12:04
fritschTimLoal: just run gksu jockey-gtk12:04
jribsl__: do any other scripts in /etc/init.d fail?12:04
Semtex‘Mate’ is currently only packaged for Arch Linux users.12:04
fritschTimLoal: sorry, meant: gksudo jockey-gtk12:04
mononofu_does anyone of you know how to change the desktop wallpaper from the terminal? for a cron script12:04
=== mononofu_ is now known as mononofu
Semtexfrom that article12:05
ActionParsnipfritsch: gksu will run too :)12:05
jribmononofu: use gconftool-212:05
jribmononofu: erm, not sure if that's true with unity actually12:05
mononofujrib: the method I use before (using gconftool-2) broke in 11.1012:05
fritschActionParsnip: okay :-)12:05
sl__jrib, nope, not anymore. But used to, because some paths were missing. lock pid paths etc...12:05
ActionParsnipSemtex: thats all I know. I haven't used Gnome extensively for ages now12:05
jattyou can fork gnome 2 but gtk3 is the future so it makes no sense to support legacy code in the long term12:05
mononofujrib: also, I can't stand unity, so I'm using gnome fallback with Xmonad12:06
Semtexno worries12:06
sgs2_usrmy ubuntu 11.10 unity 3d breaks now :(12:06
Semtexcheers for your help anyways12:06
starbrackAnyone knows how to make unity run with bumblebee?12:06
TimLoalfritsch: looks like this might be a slow one till be get this fixed.  Thanks for your help in the meantime :)12:06
sgs2_usri can't resize window with the bottom icon12:06
sgs2_usrbut it works on the top and top sides12:06
sgs2_usrany idea?12:06
sl__jrib, my friends server failed to start sphinxsearch due /var/run/sphinxsearch path missing12:06
fritschTimLoal: does it still not start?12:06
wendicoim sorry to ask this question here, but im in urgent need of a Veterinarian. Any of you is a Vet? How can i connect to a medicine or veterinarian chat? please help me, i dont know how to use irc to find the correct chat12:06
sl__So it seems quite common that some paths need to be created after dist-upgrade.12:07
VIPER-IIgood day to you all.12:07
CarlFKth_: that mutes eveything, right?  (guessing the smile = not really helpful, which is fine.. just making sure)12:07
mononofujrib: nvm, I think I found a solution: http://www.entirelyunlike.net/?p=6612:07
th_CarlFK: it should just mute the login manager sound12:07
kaolc2When I close the lid of my Ubuntu netbook, it automatically hibernates. About 30% of the time, when I turn it back on, all I will get is some weird purple pixels sprayed all over the screen,