fr-zpantone palettes i mean16:07
scott-workoh, fr-z is gone already16:41
knomehey scott-work 18:27
scott-workhi knome 18:42
scott-workhow are you today?18:42
knomekind of inspirated to work on something, but i have a few things i should do before i can get to US stuff :)18:47
scott-workthat sounds good :)18:47
scott-worki know holstein is quite keen to get the website stuff moving again...and more importantly, finished ;)18:48
scott-workknome: are you in the running for xubuntu project lead?18:49
scott-worksomeone mentioned that18:49
knomescott-work, yup, i am18:49
scott-workoh, that's exciting, i may need to keep up more closely with the xubuntu mailing list18:50
knomeheh, i think so ;)18:50
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