ju2efhi, can anyone help me with sound, I've got M-Audio 2496, i had a working sound, then after reboot silence, everywhere, ardour, firefox etc, i disabled my onboard card, but there is card also on graphic card (HDMI shit), im on 11.1011:01
fr-zHi ju2ef are you using ubuntu or studio?12:11
ju2efubuntu studio12:24
transhour_got a quick question :)14:54
holsteinsure... its always question time :)14:54
transhour_a friend of mine recommend to me trying out the ubuntu studio kernel, i was wondering the repository address for ubuntu studio's kernel image14:55
holsteintranshour_: as of now, we dont have a kernel14:55
holsteinits the -generic one14:55
holsteinyour friend is probably talking about https://launchpad.net/~abogani/+archive/ppa14:55
holsteinor the kernel PPA here http://kxstudio.sourceforge.net/KXStudio:Repositories14:56
transhour_he calls it the "studio ubuntu realtime kernel"14:56
transhour_if that helps14:56
holsteintranshour_: he can call it what he wants14:56
holsteinwe dont have a realtime kernel14:56
holsteinyou can add one via one of the PPA's above14:57
holsteinwe have the same -generic kernel the main ubuntu has as of now14:57
holsteinthere is a realtime kernel in the 10.04 repos14:57
transhour_ah okay, he's typically a slackware user, so he probably just assumed it used a different kernel14:57
holsteinright, and we still should probably have one14:57
holsteintranshour_: the fact is, you probably dont need one14:57
holsteinmost dont14:57
holsteinthe -generic kernel is quite RT capable these days14:58
holsteinsometimes, a -realtime kernel can just caust more trouble than its worth14:58
transhour_yeah, i've been using the generic one since 8.04, never saw any improvements really doing a customized one14:58
holsteinon some laptops, i "dual-boot" -generic and -realtime kernels14:58
holsteinand there is a kernel called '-lowlatency' that is in the middle14:58
holsteintranshour_: i see improvments to latency14:59
holsteintranshour_: if you are not using JACK, doing realtime effects processing, or software synths, you dont need it14:59
holsteinand wont have any way to notice14:59
transhour_nope not doing any of that stuff, was just doing some game testing in wine, and was getting a lot of suggestions to improve it, and that was one of the suggestions brought up15:00
holsteinmost folks come here with internal sound cards, and other inappropriate hardware, and think adding a differnt kernel will make them magically have an awesome studio15:00
holsteintranshour_: nah... im pretty sure nothing in either of those kernel will help with WINE, but it wont hurt to add that PPA, and test15:01
transhour_yeah, i don't have a seperate sound card, i just use the integrated one that came with my board, i'm a programmer so never really needed a good sound card :)15:02
transhour_i will check out the ppa's and the kernels15:03
transhour_thanks for your help, i do appreciate it :)15:03
holsteintranshour_: anytime15:04
holsteinabogani's PPA is the one to go for15:04
holsteinfor your situatio15:04
holsteinthe other one has extras in it AFAIK, that you wont need15:04
holsteinand they are built on abogani's anways, just patched for nvidia (or so i was told)15:04
transhour_yeah i use a nvidia card15:06
holsteinthen, maybe you need the KXstudio one15:07
holsteinyou're savvy though, im sure you'll sort it out15:07
holsteinjust no, thats probably the issue if you boot one of those kernels, and you dont get X15:07
holsteinjust know*15:07
transhour_aye, have gotten quite good over the last 4 years with recovering linux :)15:08
transhour_run slackware on my servers, debian testing on my laptop, ubuntu/fedora/opensuse on my desktop15:09
holsteinim not of the skill set to run slack15:10
transhour_its easier than you'd think15:10
holsteinlast time i tried debian i had a hard time too15:10
holsteinim learning though15:10
holsteinim a musician, so i have limited time to give to tech15:10
holsteini enjoy it though15:10
holsteinim about to reinstall on a server, and i might try debian again there15:11
holsteinkeep X and wifi out of the scenario15:11
transhour_debian stable is awesome, its just outdated most of the time, by 6 months to a year, testing is fairly stable, but for all intents and purposes its a rolling release, so it can break15:11
holsteinyeah, i think i'll need stable15:12
holsteintheres mint debian edition too15:12
transhour_yeah my personal server is a old p4, thats headless, only ssh into it, it does what i need it to do, without much complaints15:12
transhour_i have yet to try linux mint debian15:13
holsteinyeah, i have the same hardware for a server pretty much15:13
transhour_debian server should run well on it then15:13
holsteini moved over to an EEEpc for now while i figure out what im going to do with it15:13
transhour_yeah my "laptop" is a netbook, first generation acer with a intel celeron in it15:14
holsteini have an HP mininote, and eeepc90015:14
transhour_has like a 8.9" screen, that drives me insane most days15:14
holsteinand an eeepc 1001p15:14
holsteinyeah, the older ones i have are tiny too15:15
transhour_waiting for amd to pull their heads out of their butt, and come out with decent drivers for their apu's, there is this llano i've been eyeballing for the last two months15:15
holsteinyeah, i used to preffer AMD15:16
holsteinstill might15:16
transhour_i prefer whatever is inside my budget :)15:16
transhour_i lie, i will always prefer nvidia over amd, unless amd does better drivers15:17
transhour_does ubuntu studio use that god aweful unity DE?15:18
holsteinwe just went to XFCE15:18
holsteinseems the most like gnome215:18
holsteinwe were going for the least amount of change15:18
holsteinand the xubuntu team is quite active, and awesome, and helping us out :)15:18
transhour_nice, xfce 4.8 was a really nice improvement15:19
transhour_i'm currently testing out gnome shell 3.215:19
holsteini wasnt using it because it really didnt seem all that much lighter then gnome2 these days15:19
holsteinbut, now that thats over, i think XFCE is where im going to go15:19
holsteini dont want to tweak (fix) gnome3 for hours just to make it like gnome2 was15:20
transhour_i've always been a kde user15:20
holsteinsee, i cant get into it15:20
holsteinnever liked it15:20
holsteini used it with mepis when i first switched to linux15:20
transhour_yeah, its not for everyone, kde team has some really odd ideas15:20
holsteinand when i found antix, which is mepis with fluxbox (or was) i used that15:21
holsteini look at, and like KDE15:21
holsteinits slick, and much lighter than it used to be15:21
holsteinbut still, its not for me15:21
holsteinim still trying to be open minded about unity15:21
transhour_yeah i had to add docky to gnome 3 to make it usable to me15:22
holsteini thought it was a great idea til i saw how similar unity and gnome3 are15:22
transhour_i use dual monitors on my desktop, on a single monitor its great (unity that is), but it blows with dual monitors15:22
transhour_actually, they don't have a lot in common once you start using it, cause that is what i thought when i first used gnome 3, gnome 3 is a lot more stable and better put together than unity15:23
holsteinwell, i just think they are both answering the same question15:23
transhour_gearing up for the tablets15:23
holsteinand i think its a bit of unnecessary duplication of efforts15:24
holsteinwhen, whoever is working on unity could be helping with gnome3 development instead15:24
holsteinbut, whatever15:24
transhour_lol spend enough time in opensource, you will realize how many times the wheel has been reinvented :)15:24
holsteinubuntu has its own look and feel now15:24
holsteinand thats something15:24
transhour_yeah ubuntu realized they shouldn't be targeting the windows users, so they are going after the mac users now15:25
holsteinyeah, odd call, but someone's gotta do it15:26
transhour_which isn't a bad thing, as i like mac's ui15:26
holsteinyeah, the UI is not awful15:26
holsteinits just old15:26
holsteinthe mac UI is not going to be the mac UI very long15:26
transhour_not sure about that, hasn't changed all that much since the 80's, yeahs it gotten prettier and they added the doc15:27
transhour_mac's always been about adding features and improving existing features, not switching things up15:28
holsteinwell, iOS looks different15:28
holsteinand i wouldnt be surprised if thats where they go15:28
holsteinits not even apple *computers* anymore15:28
holsteinjust apple15:28
transhour_guess you haven't seen mac os x 10.7 lion :)15:28
holsteinwell, im assuming it looks like the others15:28
transhour_they have a "launcher" now, that makes the ui look like iOS15:28
holsteinOH... interesting15:29
holsteini was wondering which way that would go15:29
transhour_you click on it, and it brings up your programs, in icons like on a ipad15:29
holsteinhow ineffecient15:29
holsteinfor a desktop15:29
holsteinbut, whatever15:29
transhour_i believe kde has a plasmoid that does something similar now too15:29
holsteinyeah, and unity does that15:30
holsteinits not my thing15:30
holsteinim missing the desktop UI :/15:30
transhour_give it a few years, i'm sure mac will launch MacBook Pad, that has os x or os xi, that will have a unifying UI like windows 8 plans on having15:31
holsteinyeah, win8 looks slick too15:31
transhour_all i can say about windows 8, i'm just glad i'm happy with linux :)15:32
fr-zhi guyz15:32
transhour_hi fr-z15:32
fr-zplease dont speak about unity ^^15:33
transhour_try to steer all my minions towards kubuntu or xubuntu now days15:34
transhour_grew tired of all the "where did my program go when i minimized it?" questions15:34
fr-zfor me the best combo, for now, is US with compiz.15:35
fr-zUbuntu studio15:35
transhour_ah okay :)15:35
fr-zhey  holstein :)15:35
holsteinfr-z: o/15:35
transhour_so is studio an official release of ubuntu?15:36
holsteintranshour_: yup15:38
fr-zno, ubuntu is an official platform of studio :P15:39
fr-zmusic is older that linuz trovald :P15:39
fr-zi am going to test ubuntu studio on my graphic station. lets see how it goes15:41
fr-zanyone tested studio with xeons?15:42
transhour_i have a xeon 344015:42
fr-zi hope he works well with this combo cause the board is not common15:43
fr-zhas 2 x xeon slots its a tyan15:44
transhour_but i don't have studio, i use kubuntu, just came here to ask a question about the kernel in studio and the company was nice so i stuck around :)15:44
fr-zyes and someday you will wake up and you have US at your side lol15:44
transhour_i don't see it having much of a problem with it, intel invest heavily into linux15:45
transhour_:) i really don't have much of a need for studio, i might grab it and test it out, i'm a programmer, do websites occasional and some video encoding here and there15:46
fr-zm8 websites that are made outside US will explode in 201215:47
transhour_doesn't bother me, already been paid for them :)15:48
transhour_i should do some work, i got a bug report friday that stated when the "O-F-F option was selected in control" panel of one of the programs i built for this machine, the machine stops working...15:52
transhour_just not sure how to approach this, my partner stress's that i remain civil15:55
transhour_well its been good chatting with you folks, i'll drop in from time to time and see how things are going15:56
transhour_later :)15:57
fr-zcya :)16:00
fdsaHow do i enable Jack so that ardour will work?18:39
fdsai think it might be because i tried to overwrite an existing jack install18:40
fdsaand i cant get it to work now18:40
fdsai can play mp3s and stuff, just cant open certain programs like ardour18:40
holsteinfdsa: you should take some time to familiarize yourself with JACK19:10
holsteinwhen first running JACK...19:10
holsteini'll assume you are using in internal sound card19:10
holsteini would open a terminal and type19:10
holsteingksudo qjackclt19:10
holsteinthen, click setup19:10
holsteini would like to note that running JACK as root is temporary*19:11
holsteinin setup, you change the settings to match this...19:11
holsteinuncheck the realtime checkbox on the left side19:11
holsteinmake sure you are using the ALSA driver19:11
holsteinframes/period 102419:12
holsteinsamplerate 4100019:12
holsteinperiods/buffer 319:12
holstein*then* click ok to save and close19:13
holsteinthen, try starting JACK19:13
holsteinreport any errors, and we begin troubleshooting19:13
holsteinif no errors, then stop JACK, and close qjackctl19:14
holsteinopen jack control again as normal user, and try starting19:14
holsteinreport all errors, and troubleshoot from there19:14
holsteinfdsa: it can be slow here, try #opensourcemusicians if you need help :)19:14
fdsahow do i start jack?19:14
holsteinfdsa: ?19:14
holsteinits *not* trivial19:15
holsteinyou'll need to follow the steps i just outlined19:15
holsteinand report errors as you go19:15
holsteinfdsa: im running out though, so try #opensourcemusicians if needed19:15
fdsaim using a usb soundcard, not an internal19:17
fdsaif that makes any dif19:17
holsteinfdsa: i would suggest starting with the internal one19:17
holsteinlearn using JACK there19:17
holsteinthen, you can learn about using JACK with USB19:17
holsteinin 'setup' t19:17
holsteinthere are a few drop down menus for 'devices'19:18
fdsathe gksudo qjackclt didnt do anything19:18
holsteinfdsa: right19:18
holsteingksudo qjackctl19:18
fdsathat didnt do anything either19:19
holsteinfdsa: maybe you dont have JACK installed19:19
holsteinyou can report errors19:19
holsteinyou open a terminal19:19
holsteintype this19:20
holsteingksudo qjackctl19:20
holsteinyou can let the terminal autocomplete too19:20
holsteinfdsa: try just sudo qjackctl19:20
holsteintry just starting jack control from the terminal19:20
holsteintry alt+F2 and type qjackctl19:20
holsteintry something19:21
holsteinits not going to be easy19:21
holsteinand if you want to click open something and just record, i suggest audacity19:21
holsteinthe folks in #opensourcemusicians and #ardour are very helpful though19:21
holsteini gotta run...19:21
LehthanisI just installed onto a laptop, and am having some problems with wireless internet and getting jackd configured...anyone wanna help?21:59
Lehthanisalso, I was wondering if I should upgrade to 11.10?22:01
holsteinLehthanis: should?22:40
holsteinim still running 10.04, and dont plan on upgrading til 12.0422:40
holsteinbut, that has nothing to do with studio22:40
holsteini installed 11.04 in virtualbox, and tested the upgrade to 11.1022:41
holsteinyou will need to manually select XFCE session on the first login after upgrading22:41
holsteinother than that, its fine22:41
holsteinshould you?22:41
holsteintheres no sginificant rev's of anything22:41
holsteinLehthanis: you should typically *not* be using wifi and JACK22:42
Lehthanisso no gain to updating to 11.10 from 11.04 then?22:42
holsteinLehthanis: gain?22:42
holsteini mean, you get longer upgrades22:42
holsteinlonger support22:42
holsteinnewer pacakges22:42
holsteinassuming you want that22:42
holsteinanyways... if its dead in here, and you want help with JACK, i would go to #opensourcmusicians and/or #ardour22:43
LehthanisWell, let me give you some background on the use of this machine...I'm fairly new to using any linux desktop/laptop22:43
holsteinwith the wifi, who knows22:43
holsteinyou can always try the windows driver22:43
holsteinor, and im assuming is broadcom... you can try the other broadcom driver22:44
LehthanisI got the broadcom proprietary driver.22:44
Lehthanisbut there's no option to connect to wireless.22:44
holsteintheres another one22:44
Lehthanisall of my audio work will happen offline btw.22:45
holsteinJACK is just a bit tricky to setup the first time22:45
holsteinim about to put a walkthrough together22:45
holsteinfirst-time general howto or something like that22:45
holsteinyou also might not *need* JACK22:45
Lehthanisyeah, that would be awesome...I'm not even sure it will work properly on this laptop.22:45
holsteineitherway, #opensourcemusicians is a great resource22:46
LehthanisI need a stereo in and a stereo out, and thats all...this laptop has a mic jack and a headphone jack...probably won't work huh?22:46
holsteinLehthanis: if ALSA sees it, it should be fine22:46
LehthanisI think the jacks are reconfigurable under windows, but not sure about linux.22:47
holsteinLehthanis: it can work, i usually say... you know what professional recording studio uses internal sound cards?22:47
holsteinnone of them22:47
Lehthanishow can I tell if alsa can see it?22:47
holsteinif you want clean sound, its worth getting something with nice ins and outs22:47
holsteinsomething USB or firewire22:47
LehthanisI know...I plan on getting a better sound card..but for now, this is just for recording sermons.22:47
holsteinright, and you can do that with audacity and pulse22:47
holsteinyou dont *need* JACK22:48
holsteinand if you dont, then, dont bother with it22:48
Lehthanisaudacity I've played with before.22:48
Lehthanisits not included in the ubuntu studio build is it?22:49
LehthanisI see audacious but not audacity22:49
holsteini dont think so22:49
holsteinyou can add it22:49
Lehthanisok, whats pulse?22:49
holsteinyou can add that to normal buntu22:49
holsteinLehthanis: pulse is what is doing you sound now22:49
Lehthanisohhh...so I don't need to change anything except for installing audacity for now?22:50
holsteinsudo apt-get install audacity22:50
holsteinor, the software center, or synaptic22:50
Lehthaniswell, thats helpful...thanks!22:51
holsteinLehthanis: sure, anytime22:51
holsteinalso, it sounds like to me, you dont *need* ubuntustudio22:52
Lehthaniswe do plan on doing some video recording and editing...and I also want to do some web editing on this machine also...so thats why I chose this build22:52
holsteinyou can always install the vanilla ubuntu, and add what you want from our packages22:52
holsteinyou might have a better time since you are primarily a desktop user22:52
holsteinLehthanis: O I C22:52
holsteinwell, welcome to ubuntustudio22:52
holsteinwe have some great things planned22:52
holsteinand i can talk you through setting up JACK sometime22:53
holsteinim just about to run to the gig22:53
Lehthanisso using ubuntu studio was basically getting ready for the future...I want to learn the advanced stuff while letting the easy stuff work in the meantime22:53
Lehthanisaudacity will help with that...22:53
Lehthanisthe gig?22:53
holsteinim just checking in while having dinner before the gig22:54
holsteini play bass22:54
holsteincheck out http://www.mikeholstein.info/ if you'd like22:54
Lehthanisohhh...I used to play drums...may set them back up again once I get this thing recording ;)22:55
holsteinLehthanis: alright... good to meet you... BBL22:57
Lehthanisthanks again, have a good gig!22:57
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