pmjdebruijnhi again11:16
pmjdebruijndoes start on stopping networking11:16
pmjdebruijnblock networking until the job where it is defined finishes11:17
pmjdebruijnbecause it seems it's not11:17
jhuntpmjdebruijn: yes - as shown in upstart-events(8), "stopping" is a hook type event, which blocks.11:31
pmjdebruijnhmmm very odd11:39
pmjdebruijnstart on (stopping networking) should execute this script before bringing down the networking11:40
=== Md_ is now known as Md
pmjdebruijnoh wait11:41
pmjdebruijnnetworking is a boot only job11:41
pmjdebruijnwhich explains me issue11:42
pmjdebruijnnetworking down is an rc job11:42
pmjdebruijnjhunt: thanks11:51
vaxerdechello, i am looking for a way to modify environment of upstart itself, so that all children will get certain environment variables.  i.e. global export19:50
vaxerdeceither that, or some way to run a job that exports stuff in the environment prior to execution of any job19:51
vaxerdeci read section on environment in cookbook, and in manual, and doesn't seem to be a way.  i'd have to manually change the environment in all job scripts19:52
vaxerdecwhich is enormous duplication of course...19:53
vaxerdecany way to do this?19:53
SpamapSvaxerdec: interesting idea... while I look at the source code to see whats possible.. what environment variable do you want to override?22:48
SpamapSvaxerdec: far as I see its not really doable in an obvious way22:56
vaxerdecit's perfect candidate for use of /etc/init/init.conf23:26
vaxerdecunless there are some other plans for that23:26
vaxerdecwell in particular i want SYSTEMCTL_SKIP_REDIRECT=1 and DBUS_SESSION_BUS_ADDRESS=23:27
vaxerdecbecause (1) i have to contend with some systemd infection on this (fedora15) system and (2) i do not use dbus at all for any purpose and don't want it starting up as it seems to want to do, annoyingly23:29
vaxerdecprobably i'd use it for pulseaudio too, another irritation 23:30
vaxerdecalthough /etc/pulse/client.conf using autospawn=0 might be all i need for the latter case23:30
SpamapSvaxerdec: yeah I agree, /etc/init/init.conf would be a good place for global environment variables23:31
vaxerdeceveryone seems to forget that not everyone is using a huge bloated gnome operating system on their machine23:32
vaxerdeci mean what about people that just want to run twm or something23:32
vaxerdecat least you can do it with upstart.  systemd just puts its hands in everything.23:33
vaxerdecpulls in all kinds of requirements23:33
vaxerdeci mean look at this statement in shutdown(8) on a systemd-infected  system:23:34
vaxerdecNOTES This is a legacy command available for compatibility only.23:34
vaxerdeci mean "shutdown" is a legacy command?23:34
vaxerdecnext /bin/sh will be "legacy"23:35
vaxerdecit's going to be unrecognizable... not unix anymore23:35
vaxerdecit's nice mr pottering wants to make his own operating system but why does everyone else have to be sucked into whatever willy nilly new paradigm and program requirements that he feels like 23:37
SpamapSvaxerdec: thats why we like upstart .. it does one thing well.. glad you see that. :)23:37
vaxerdecyes, i'm trying to run my fedora system with it and it's working but i don't know if i'll be successful with fedora1623:39
vaxerdeci may have to jump ship to ubuntu, i dare say23:40
vaxerdecor gentoo or something23:40
SpamapSslangasek has been working on making upstart an alternative in debian23:40
vaxerdecthat's great, i hope they don't go the systemd way23:41
vaxerdecupstart versus systemd is a big split...23:42
vaxerdecbig pain for upstreams too23:42
vaxerdecwell, upstart does have their own too23:43
vaxerdecnative init scripts that is23:44
vaxerdeci guess upstreams will be forced to make a sysv, an upstart, and a systemd23:44
SpamapSYeah, it would be good if the two shared a common "start things this way" format. :p23:47
SpamapSLSB-init wasn't so bad.. this idea that the shell slows things down too much is kind of crazy IMO.. dash is lightning fast.23:47

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