* lameGuy is an inquisitive idiot; please help04:50
lameGuydoes anyone know the process id/name for that annoying 'quick link' bar at the bottom of my xfce desktop?04:51
lameGuynvm, thanks for the help05:20
Olbi[15:24:47] <Olbi> I cant boot from 32 it img of Xubuntu13:26
Olbi[15:25:12] <Olbi> checking on 3cds and 3 optical drive and allways same error, cant read from sectros13:26
Olbi[15:25:41] <Olbi> it is LiveCD 32 bit Xubuntu 11.1013:26
Olbicould some1 check this?13:26
arjanosalve! sono passato a xubuntu 11.10 da 11.04 pero adesso ogni volta mi fa entrare come ospite e mi chiede la password. cosa devo fare .grazie!15:50
charlie-tcaGood morning17:43
Unit193Welcome back, charlie-tca!17:43
ochosiwb charlie-tca 17:44
charlie-tcaHad to pack and fly to Las Vegas to visit my other daughter17:44
charlie-tcaAnything important happen while I took the break?17:44
Unit193Had a "nice" talk with a FSF person :P17:45
micahgcharlie-tca: yeah, we decided to skip P and move on to Q :)17:45
charlie-tcaI like that idea a lot17:45
micahgcharlie-tca: heh, just kidding, welcome back :)17:46
Unit193What's the name?17:46
charlie-tcaWhat's what name?17:46
charlie-tcaP or Q17:46
charlie-tcaP == Precise Pangolin, Q == Quebec Quandary?17:47
knomeQ = queer quelea?18:28
davmor2Quintessential Quip18:29
madnickQuality Quality19:27
micahg\o/ we already have build failures from the xubuntu packageset20:46
knomemr_pouit, ^ FIX IT21:17
knomemr_pouit, the buttons not so descriptive...21:17
knomemr_pouit, "PLUS" for stick???21:17
knomemr_pouit, and the weird orange arrrow for minimize??21:17

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