kensanataHi! I just finished installing Ubuntu 11.10 on my iBook G4 running xcfe. My trackpad no longer works and 'sudo trackpad show' gives me a "no trackpdad !" response. Where can I learn more?00:00
w30well_laid_lawn, can xubuntu run compiz?00:00
well_laid_lawnw30: sure00:01
well_laid_lawn!compiz | w3000:01
ubottuw30: Compiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz00:01
well_laid_lawnkensanata: have a look at the X log at /var/log/Xorg.0.log00:01
kensanatawell_laid_lawn: Thanks. I see the log ends with lots of entries regarding my external Logitech USB mouse and the ADB mouse. The ADB section ends with "Adding input device ADB mouse (/dev/input/mouse0)..."00:05
w30well_laid_lawn, where does the term window decorator fit in? what's xubuntu's window decorator?00:05
pinkydwken are you running ubuntu or xubuntu?  I"m upgrading now and curious how its going to go00:06
well_laid_lawnw30: xfwm does that00:06
well_laid_lawnkensanata: does the log mention the synaptics device at all?00:07
kensanatapinkydw: I installed Ubuntu some time ago and switched to Xubuntu using "tasksel install xubuntu-desktop" last year.00:07
kensanatawell_laid_lawn: I don't get any matches for "syna" in the log file.00:08
pinkydwk, thanks kensanata00:08
kensanatapinkydw: Also note that I'm talking about an iBook G4, ie. PowerPC architecture and all that entails.00:09
w30well_laid_lawn, thanks, for taking the time to help out stupid people00:09
pinkydw... never messed with those to be honest, I'm updating a toshiba00:09
pinkydwI thought the G4 was intel...00:09
well_laid_lawn!ppc | kensanata00:09
ubottukensanata: PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ00:09
* ball used to have some PowerPC machines00:10
ballCome to think of it, I still have a beige G3 somewhere.00:10
ball...need to recycle that one.00:11
well_laid_lawnbeige ftw :)00:11
pinkydwfriend gave me a G3 once, couldn't find a terminal so I passed it on00:11
pinkydwtried a live cd that was supposed to be powerpc friendly, wouldn't boot00:12
kensanatawell_laid_lawn: Hehe. Sure. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ#How_do_I_control_trackpad_behaviour.3F worked for 11.04 -- I had a working trackpad before the upgrade. Installed powerpc-utils, ran trackpad tap and drap from rc files and all that.00:12
kensanatapinkydw: G3 ... wow! :)00:13
well_laid_lawnthere used to be a #ubuntu-powerpc00:13
ubottuA list of official Ubuntu IRC channels, as well as IRC clients for Ubuntu, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat - For a general list of !freenode channels, see http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#channellist - See also !Guidelines00:13
kensanataHehe, channel topic says "Ubuntu 10.10 released!"00:14
kensanataI'll ask anyway. Thanks for the pointer.00:14
pinkydw*sigh* 17 minutes remaining00:15
pinkydwhmmm, its asking me for the default display manager, but all it gives me is "gdm" and "lightdm"... thought I wanted xfce or xfwm or somesuch00:39
pinkydweh, screw it I'll try out something new00:44
well_laid_lawnthe display manager is the login screen00:50
well_laid_lawnto keep things simple00:50
pastiHi, has anyone else got unity, gnome, gnome classic in their login menu after upgrading/, and if you have how do you get rid of them?, they're dong my head in!00:51
pinkydwI thought ubuntu used gnome by default, are you saying I"ll have xfce based once I get logged in?00:51
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »00:52
GridCubepasti, ^^^00:52
pastiyeah I saw that after I googled, does it work? how safe etc00:52
GridCubedunno never did it i always do clean installs00:53
pinkydwoohhh, thanks GridCube00:53
GridCubepinkydw, xubuntu is x(fce)ubuntu00:53
pastiI think I should have done a clean install as well, this is the first time after an upgrade I got all that crap though00:54
GridCubeif you cleaninstall xubuntu you wont have gnome/kde or anything else00:54
pasticheers, gridcube I'll give it a whirl00:54
pinkydwI know where the name comes from, but I"m doing a install from upgrade, and that might come in handy, not sure this is working right00:54
pinkydwat any rate, its getting bookmarked :p00:55
GridCubeI never install gnome stuff on my machine00:56
pinkydwI run it on my debian system, been tempted to change over, getting pampered with the "open terminal here" option00:56
pinkydwniiiiice, worked great01:27
pinkydwthanks for the info guys, peace out01:28
steampunknyanjaHey, is there any easy way to get itunes working and to sync an ipod through it on xubuntu?02:21
GridCubeitunes no, synck ipod yes02:35
GridCube!ipod | steampunknyanja02:39
ubottusteampunknyanja: For information on how to sync and add tracks to your iPod, see the guide at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/IPodHowto - For the iPhone and the iPod Touch, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/PortableDevices/iPhone - See !RockBox for information on liberating your iPod02:39
williammwquestion: in xubuntu.... where is my network folder? cant find it any where03:10
williammwanyone in this room?03:11
Unit193williammw: Try opening Gigolo - Menu > System > Gigolo03:11
williammwnope its not there either03:13
williammwnor is it in mt file manager03:13
Unit193You have to "connect" to them with Gigolo, but I have it right in the side of thunar :P03:14
williammwi don't know what the"URL" is to my network folder03:16
Jack-xubuntu-I am having the same problem03:17
Jack-xubuntu-I really want to get my shared folder up03:17
williammwoh thank goodness im not alone and crazy03:17
Jack-xubuntu-no problem03:17
Unit193williammw: Type the "server" IP or hostname, then hit the "scan" button03:18
Jack-xubuntu-I have benn having the same problem all day03:18
williammwthis is what i get...Connecting to "(null)://(null)/" failed.03:19
williammwand also says... volume does not impliment mount03:20
Unit193You need to fill out the IP or hostname and hit the blue icon next to "Share"03:21
Jack-xubuntu-Is the IP or hostname your router's IP (ex:
williammwunder service type i only get custom location03:22
Unit193No, what you have the network folder on03:22
Unit193williammw: That's odd, should have Windows Share03:23
Jack-xubuntu-So my computers "router assigned" IP03:23
williammwi have no "network folder" period03:23
Jack-xubuntu-Ex: mine is
Unit193williammw: You are using Oneiric? Type this into a terminal dpkg -l |grep gvfs |pastebinit   and give me the link it spits out03:24
williammwand yes im using ooo03:25
Unit193There's your problem, install  gvfs-backends03:26
williammwok i'll get it and let u know what happends03:28
Jack-xubuntu-I'm still having trouble here... can you please help?03:29
Jack-xubuntu-Thanks in advance...03:29
Jack-xubuntu-I want to create a shared folder on my networkthrough gigolo, how would I do that03:30
Unit193Jack-xubuntu-: Tell me the output of    dpkg -l |grep fuse03:30
Jack-xubuntu-ii  fuse-utils                             2.8.4-1.4ubuntu1                           Filesystem in USErspace (utilities)03:31
Jack-xubuntu-ii  gvfs-fuse                              1.10.0-0ubuntu1                            userspace virtual filesystem - fuse server03:31
Jack-xubuntu-ii  libfuse2                               2.8.4-1.4ubuntu1                           Filesystem in USErspace library03:31
Jack-xubuntu-Thats what popped up...03:33
Jack-xubuntu-Looks legit03:35
Jack-xubuntu-Ill try and see what happens :)03:35
williammwunit193: u are awesome, thank you very much i now have my share to my server now03:38
Unit193williammw: Great, glad it helped!03:39
williammwnow i can download from my browser to my server03:39
bitsodaHmm, I tried a live CD of Xubuntu 11.10 on a MacBook Pro and got the: 'intramfs unable to find a medium containing a live file system' error. Any thoughts on why this is happening? The imagee was burned using OS X's disc utility.03:54
philipballewbitsoda, with a mac you have to use something before for the boot loader03:58
philipballewi think03:58
bitsodaoh, do you know what it is?03:58
bitsodai'll try doing an md5 check03:59
philipballewlet me look03:59
bitsodaalright thanks03:59
philipballewThers a online article that i saw last week about it03:59
philipballewbitsoda, http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/dual-boot-os-ubuntu/04:01
philipballewthat should explain it better then i would04:01
bitsodaah, so rEFit04:01
bitsodaalright, i'll give this a shot. thanks a lot for your help04:02
philipballewno worries, :)04:02
johnnyzeroI have another question04:06
johnnyzeroMy mute button works on my keyboard04:06
johnnyzeroBut the volume up and down buttons don't04:06
johnnyzeroSo yeah how do I get those working04:06
johnnyzeroIt used to work on the old Gnome 2 Ubuntu04:07
johnnyzeroIts a Logitech MK550 Not exactly sure what to select it as in the Setup program04:07
johnnyzeronevermind I'll try keytouch editor04:08
johnnyzeroSee if that works04:08
* lameGuy is an inquisitive idiot; also new to IRC...04:53
psycho_oreosmmhmm.. hi04:53
lameGuydoes anyone happen to know the name of that hideously annoying 'quick link' think on my otherwise beautiful xfce desktop?04:53
lameGuyI would greatly appreciate having the process name so i can kill it.04:54
* ball wonders what it is04:55
balllameGuy: Is it some sort of dock at the bottom of the screen?04:55
lameGuyyes, thats the one,04:56
balllameGuy: Is that a Xubuntu thing or a new Xfce thing?05:00
johnnyzeroOk I created a file in keytouch05:01
johnnyzeroBut I'm not sure what to do next05:01
lameGuyi saw something similar in a different disto, was called docky, I would think it would be an addon/theme/whatever..?05:01
johnnyzeroThere is no documentation as to what to do with the file05:01
johnnyzeroOr where to load it05:01
johnnyzeroHence the volume up and down is still not working05:01
lameGuythanks for the reply, btw05:01
williammwis there a way to get gmusicbrowser to play more than one song at a time from my server?. right now it wont, all my music is on my server. its better there05:15
williammwif i do it with parole it says"could not open resource for reading"05:17
williammwvlc locks up05:20
williammwi just want to select all my songs and hit "play" every media play i know of wont work or locks up trying to queue. except windows media player.05:24
peeps[lappy]hello, i have upgraded my ubuntu from 11.04 to 11.10 recently and was having a lot of trouble with gnome, so i tried installing xubuntu-desktop.  when I run xfce4-taskmanager, it doesn't show any processes.  does this happens for others?05:26
peeps[lappy]i wonder if i should just do a fresh install05:27
peeps[lappy]so many issues this upgrade05:27
williammwmine shows processes just fine05:28
peeps[lappy]also i added "CPU Graph" to a panel and i can't move it or right(or left) click on it to configure it05:29
SysiI think cpu graph just is like that now, in panel preferences you have items-tab where you can move it and change preferences05:33
williammwsys1: thats how i configure mine05:35
ubottuYou can use your <tab> key for autocompletion of nicknames in IRC, as well as for completion of filenames and programs on the command line.05:36
peeps[lappy]hmm, and i opened gnome-system-monitor and i can see xfce4-taskmanager using up basically 100% CPU05:36
Sysiyou could try reinstalling it05:36
peeps[lappy]do you think i need to reboot after initially installing xubuntu-desktop?05:37
peeps[lappy]i only logged out of gnome fallback and into this session05:37
Sysican't see reason why should you05:38
zenroxwilliammw, try audacious05:38
zenroxits what i use for 25000+ mp3s05:38
Sysiplayer with pretty bad search for that many files? :o05:39
williammwzenrox: i might try that, thnx05:39
zenroxi like just to do randem05:39
zenroxi dont seach05:40
peeps[lappy]and the colors of some thing in the panel do not match the background, is that normal?05:40
williammwzenrox: yeah thats all i wanna do. select all and play05:40
zenroxits what your lookiing for05:41
williammwok brb05:41
Sysipeeps[lappy]: if you changed theme after logging into that session you might need to relogin05:41
peeps[lappy]eh, i'll just reboot for good measure05:41
peeps[lappy]the panel still has different background colors05:43
peeps[lappy]task manager still not working :-(05:44
peeps[lappy]also, the first time i load thunar, it displays no files in the right pane.  then i close it and open another instance and it's ok05:44
williammwzenrox: thx. that player queued quick w/o locking up or opening thousands of windows. thnx05:46
zenroxyour welcome05:47
zenroxits a winamp clone05:47
zenroxor xmms clone05:47
zenroxlong storie05:47
williammwzenrox: lol i love winanp too.05:48
zenroxyou can make it look like winamp2x with a theme change just slect classic05:48
williammwwell.... now i will have to fondle this program some more hehe05:49
zenroxfile-> preferances05:50
williammwwelp this is my default player now lol06:09
* ball wnaders off06:10
IdyllThoughtHi, I'm new here and would like to register my nickname.  I'm not sure what "nickserv" I should use for the command.  Can anyone tell me that?06:10
ubottuInformation about registering your nickname: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - Type « /nick <nickname> » to select your nickname. Registration help available by typing /join #freenode06:11
Sysi/msg nickserv $SOMETHING06:11
IdyllThoughtoh, so I don't substitute something for "nickserv".  I was thinking I had too...06:12
Sysinickserv is bot handling registration06:12
zenroxtry /msg nickserv help06:13
johnnyzerook I need some help06:14
johnnyzeroI can't figure it out for the life of me06:14
johnnyzeroI followed the directions and even generated the file though keytouch06:15
johnnyzeroBut I don't know what to do with the file06:15
johnnyzeroand also I am still getting no control of my volume up/down button after setting the keys up06:15
IdyllThoughtHey, I did it!06:16
IdyllThoughtThanks for the help.06:17
Sysijohnnyzero: pop a question and see if somebody knows06:17
johnnyzeroWell ok what I would like to do is get the volume to go up and down using my keyboard. I tried to get the keys set up VIA keytouch to do it. The problem is it made a file that I don't know what to do with. Also I'm still not able to move the volume up and down VIA the keyboard. I can only mute the volume.06:18
johnnyzeroIf it helps I can show the keytouch file VIA Pastebin06:19
IdyllThoughtOn my desktop instance of XFCE I am missing the menu in the top right that has my username and pulls down to allow me to restart, logout etc.  It is present on my laptop though.  Is there a way I can get that on my desktop machine as well?06:19
SysiIdyllThought: right click → add new items and find the right one on the list06:21
johnnyzeroThis is the file: http://pastebin.com/pErVc95q it is displayed on my hard drive like this: /home/johnny/logitech06:21
johnnyzerologitech BTW is the file name06:21
johnnyzeroNot a directory06:21
Sysijohnnyzero: open keyboard settings, hotkey tab, can you put "amixer -q set Master 5%+" to command, press enter and get your key recognozed at the next step?06:23
IdyllThoughtSysi, I've done that process, but can't figure out which one would provide that functionality.  I may need to boot my laptop and try to inspect that object's properties to figure it out I guess...06:23
SysiIdyllThought: both are 11.04 or newer?06:23
johnnyzeroI don't see a section for hotkey tabs06:24
IdyllThoughtYes.  My laptop is still at 11.04 and my desktop is 11.1006:24
johnnyzeroUnless I'm in the wrong keyboard menu06:24
Sysijohnnyzero: settings -> keyboard → middle tab06:24
johnnyzeroOnly has Behavior, Application Shortcuts and Layout06:24
SysiIdyllThought: for me it's Session menu06:24
Sysijohnnyzero: the shortcuts one06:25
IdyllThoughtWow, that was it!  Thanks!06:25
johnnyzeroYay that worked06:25
johnnyzeroThanks Sysi06:25
johnnyzeroOh wait06:26
johnnyzeroStill no volume down06:26
johnnyzeroShows the command06:26
johnnyzeroBut won't do it06:26
IdyllThoughtI don't know why that was missing on my desktop.  I just have deleted it by accident or something.06:26
Sysijohnnyzero: command for volume down is "amixer -q set Master 5%-"06:27
johnnyzeroSysi, yeah neither volume down nor volume up works for some reason06:28
Sysisorry guys, I need to go, wait for someone to pop up if you got more questions (ask and wait)06:28
IdyllThoughtI really am glad that 11.10 now knows how to wake from sleep mode for me.06:28
IdyllThoughtThanks Sysi.  Goodnight.06:28
IdyllThought11.04 would never wake from sleep successfully for me.06:28
johnnyzerook tc sysi06:28
IdyllThoughtWhy would someone want to wear a cloak to hide their hostname?  Is it a security issue of some sort?06:30
johnnyzeroMy keyboard is a logitech mk55006:31
johnnyzeroMaybe there is an issue with that06:31
johnnyzeroI dunno06:31
IdyllThoughtJohnnyzero, I'm able to use the volume buttons on my keyboard and I didn't do anything to set that up.  Does every keyboard model require a config file of some sort and your keyboard is so new it doesn't have that file supplied with the distribution yet?06:32
IdyllThoughtJust looked it up on the logitech website.  Looks like a nice keyboard.06:34
johnnyzeroYeah its not too bad man06:34
johnnyzeroBut yeah it worked on Gnome 206:34
johnnyzeroBut I dunno06:34
johnnyzeroWon't seem to on this06:34
IdyllThoughtJohnnyzero, You are running 11.10 XFCE and having trouble with the volume keys on your keyboard?06:35
johnnyzeroyup IdyllThought06:36
johnnyzeroYet 11.04 Ubuntu Gnome 2 worked fine06:36
johnnyzeroThe mute button works though06:37
IdyllThoughtJohnnyzero, have you seen this:06:37
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
johnnyzeroUnfortunately I don't have any settings from my old gnome config06:39
johnnyzeroMaybe thats what I need to so with that xml file I have generated06:40
johnnyzeroOK this is what I see in the file06:41
johnnyzero<property name="XF86AudioLowerVolume" type="string" value="amixer -q set Master 5%-"/><property name="XF86AudioRaiseVolume" type="string" value="amixer -q set Master 5%+"/>06:41
johnnyzeroIn another one generated I see this06:41
johnnyzeroname>Volume Down</name>06:42
johnnyzero      <usb-code>0xc00ea</usb-code>06:42
johnnyzero      <keycode>VOLUMEDOWN</keycode>06:42
johnnyzero      <default-action>&quot;xfce4-mixer&quot;</default-action>06:42
johnnyzeroMaybe I should replace it?06:42
johnnyzeroI dunno06:42
IdyllThoughtThe first set seemed closer to what was listed in the last link of that post:06:42
IdyllThoughtI'm not exactly sure how to find my config file, so I can share with you what is in it...06:44
johnnyzeroWell what I could try is06:45
johnnyzeroTo see if the volume up and volume down work with another key06:45
johnnyzeroIt could be just that maybe it just doesn't like that specific rocker vol up and vol down switch06:46
IdyllThoughtWhat is the path to that config file?06:46
johnnyzeroYeah ok tried other keys06:48
johnnyzeroIt seems like it is any keys I select for that action to up the volume or lower it06:49
IdyllThoughthmmm, but you can't assign that to the volume keys?  Just any other keys?06:50
johnnyzeroYeah I even hit x and z as the keys06:51
johnnyzeroAnd it still won't seem to do it06:51
johnnyzerohmm I want to see something06:52
IdyllThoughtI'm not finding any lines in that same file that have either the word "amixer" nor "volume"  Weird.06:55
johnnyzeroThe command to use the mixer in XFCE4 is xfce4-mixer06:55
johnnyzerothough that doesn't seem to work06:56
IdyllThoughtJohnnyzero, This looks promising:06:59
johnnyzeroTried that07:00
johnnyzeroYeah still no good07:00
johnnyzerofor some reason07:00
johnnyzeroagain seems like an overall thing07:01
johnnyzeroCause it won't work with the z or x keys either07:01
johnnyzeroUnless it is working07:01
johnnyzeroand just not showing in the XFCE Mixer panel07:02
IdyllThoughtCould be.  Try playing some music.  :)07:02
IdyllThoughtWhen I hit my volume up/down keys I do get a pop-up in the top right corner of my screen showing the volume level...07:04
johnnyzeroYeah I get that for mute07:04
johnnyzeroBut not vol up and vol down07:04
johnnyzeroWhich is weird07:04
IdyllThoughtYes, weird.07:04
johnnyzeroThough the button clearly works07:04
well_laid_lawn!info pavucontrol07:04
ubottupavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.99.1-0ubuntu1 (oneiric), package size 136 kB, installed size 1024 kB07:04
johnnyzeroI'll try it07:05
johnnyzeroLets see if it works07:05
johnnyzeroOk heres what is happening07:06
johnnyzeroThere is a little picture of a speaker with a red x07:07
johnnyzeroThis blinks when I hit on the keyboard vol up or vol down07:07
johnnyzeroProblem is07:07
johnnyzeroNothing happens07:07
well_laid_lawnit's prob muted in alsamixer07:07
well_laid_lawntry in a terminal   alsamixer -c 007:08
johnnyzeroS/PDIF 0007:08
johnnyzeroand thats it07:08
johnnyzeroNo volume meter07:08
johnnyzeroThe sound is HD BTW07:09
johnnyzeroIts going through the radeon07:09
well_laid_lawnalsamixer has F5/6 buttons for selecting the default card07:10
IdyllThoughtJohnnyZero, have you tried working with xfc4-mixer?07:10
johnnyzeroIdyllThought, the volume will go up and down if I select it manually07:10
johnnyzeroBut not with any key control07:10
well_laid_lawnpavucontrol does the same sort of thing07:11
IdyllThoughtMy sound was muted at one point and I had to choose Sound card:  Playback:Internal Audio Analog Stereo (PulseAudio Mixer) and then add the Master control and unmute it.07:11
johnnyzeroOddly the meters blink07:11
johnnyzeroThough the volume doesn't go up or down07:11
johnnyzeroMaybe I should show you what I get in Alsamixer07:12
IdyllThoughtThere is a button there labeled "Select Controls".  Perhaps try finding which control is muted...  Unless it truly is a keymapping issue.07:12
IdyllThoughtThat doesn't tell me too much...???07:15
IdyllThoughtHave you tried the "Select Controls" thing in xfce4-mixer?07:15
johnnyzerook I did a test07:16
johnnyzeroWith the App Shortcuts07:16
johnnyzeroI selected for the calculator button to mute07:17
johnnyzeroThat didn't work07:17
johnnyzeroSo I guess maybe that amixer command isn't working07:17
IdyllThoughtHave you added that Master control to your Playback source?07:18
IdyllThoughtin xfce4-mixer?07:18
johnnyzeroWait a minute07:18
johnnyzeroI got it07:18
johnnyzeroof course a mixer won't work07:18
johnnyzeroBecause I am not using alsa07:18
johnnyzeroI think I am going through Pulseaudio07:18
TheSheepyou are07:18
johnnyzeroI get the feeling anyways07:18
TheSheeppulseaudio uses alsa07:18
johnnyzeroNot sure then why amixer can't be controlled07:19
TheSheepbut switch the mixer to pulseaudio and check that too07:19
johnnyzeroWith the buttons07:19
TheSheepwith the dropdown at the top07:19
johnnyzeroOh you know what I see07:19
johnnyzeroThere are volume meters for pulseaudio07:19
johnnyzeroThe Alsa mixer meter is blank07:20
johnnyzeroIt just has a checkmark07:20
johnnyzeroThat says IEC95807:20
johnnyzeroI will show you guys what it looks like07:21
TheSheepis your user in the 'audio' group?07:21
IdyllThoughtI'm going to have to go to bed guys.  Good luck on this.  Seems like you are getting closer.  I have a feeling your sound is just muted somehow.07:22
johnnyzerohttp://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/257/screenshot1017201103204.png/          http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/853/screenshot1017201103205.png/          and finally          http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/853/screenshot1017201103210.png/07:22
johnnyzeroThats the entire XFCE Mixer panels07:23
johnnyzeroAs you can see Pulseaudio works through it07:23
johnnyzeroBut Alsa doesn't07:23
IdyllThoughtWhen you play a sound track do you hear anything at all?  or no sound?07:23
johnnyzeroYou mean through aplay or just sound in general07:24
johnnyzeroCause I get sound in general07:24
johnnyzeroI just haven't tried sound VIA aplay07:24
IdyllThoughtmusic of some sort?07:24
IdyllThoughtor a podcast07:24
IdyllThoughtgot to sleep now.  Goodnight.07:27
johnnyzerotc thanks for trying to help07:27
IdyllThoughtyou're welcome.  night.07:28
johnnyzeroFile plays in Parole07:28
johnnyzeroI will try it in APlay07:28
johnnyzeroStatic in APlay07:29
johnnyzeroSounds like a TV set when you hear fuzz07:29
william12lol i know that sound all too welll07:30
johnnyzeroIt would seem Pulseaudio is working fine07:30
johnnyzeroBut not Alsa07:30
johnnyzeroOr to be more specific07:30
johnnyzeroAlsa components07:31
johnnyzeroLike Volume Control and APlay07:31
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:31
johnnyzerowell_laid_lawn, you are not helping07:31
well_laid_lawn!guidelines | johnnyzero07:32
ubottujohnnyzero: The guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines07:32
johnnyzerook I believe I was direct with my question though it seems nobody can help me07:33
johnnyzeroAccording to the guidelines I'm supposed to sit here and say nothing until someone can07:33
well_laid_lawnyou did ignore some suggestions along the way07:33
johnnyzeroNo I tried them07:33
johnnyzeroThey did not work07:33
ubottuPlease try to keep your questions/responses on one line. Don't use the "Enter" key as punctuation!07:34
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:35
johnnyzeroI need help getting my keyboard sound working. Can you help me?07:35
johnnyzeroNo response means no. Thank you well_laid_lawn07:38
johnnyzeroIf you can not help me I will find someone in here who can and I will stick around to find someone who has enough patience to do so.07:40
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/07:40
johnnyzeroRight and none of those resources help me either. What do I need to do? Submit a bug to bugzilla and get ignored there?07:41
william12try the #ubuntu channel07:42
johnnyzerowilliam12, they will say its not their problem and to go to the Alsa room and take it up with them.07:43
johnnyzeroIt has happened to me before07:43
johnnyzeroI remember going into Ubuntu once having issues with Gnome Panel and they told me they didn't want to help and to go to the freenode gnome room.07:44
johnnyzeroand a freenode server op turned around and told me "You were given an answer, regardless of whether you like it or not it doesn't matter."07:46
william12sorry about ur keyboard issue, it sounds like a driver problem to me. but im no wizz07:46
johnnyzeroWell I suppose I don't understand something. If Ubuntu is a collaborative effort and Alsa is a portion of Ubuntu products than why would the Ubuntu community dump me over at the Alsa community. That makes no sense. And its not just Ubuntu who does this. Fedora Community does the same thing.07:48
william12u have a good question. they all work together but separately.07:52
marcus_hello someone in here ?07:53
marcus_good morning07:53
william12they all know linux but each one specializes in different flavors07:53
marcus_does any1 has got a clue, why the ugr-team doesnt can hold their roadmap-plan ?07:54
william12i don't.07:56
marcus_neither do I07:57
marcus_but do you know how to make this gpoint settings thing work in xubuntu 11.10 ?07:58
william12there for a sec i was waiting for a punch-line07:58
marcus_I think you ran out of luck *g*08:00
marcus_but do you know how to make this think work ?08:02
william12no, i come here to learn a little while its busy08:03
william12sitting here on this channel helps me transition from windows a lil bit easier08:09
cjsSo, I wonder if I do want to go with xubuntu rather than lubuntu; the latter seems a bit flakey.09:30
cjsxfce is pretty mature, at this point, right? Does it change all the time like Gnome does with every release?09:30
well_laid_lawnit does have updates cjs09:32
well_laid_lawnlike everything does09:32
cjsI guess what I'm asking is if the UI keeps changing. Every time I upgrade, things seem to be deleted from Gnome. Such as the ability not to show the names of all the users in the display manager.09:34
cjsOr the huge mess now with the UI changing, gnome-panel vanishing, etc. etc. (I use fvwm, so that sort of stuff tends to force massive changes to my environment.)09:34
knomecjs, we did have some kind of migration in oneiric, with lightdm and all, but no, the interface should not dramatically change09:35
well_laid_lawnthere was recently a major update of xfce but things have settled down with it now09:35
knomeimo even that major update didn't really change much UI-wise :)09:36
knomea few things got organized better, easier to manage etc. but isn't that hoped? :)09:36
cjsThat's what I like to hear. And xfce is pretty mature?09:40
cjsWell, I guess I'll do another install tomorrow, then, and see how it works out. Or will just installing the xubuntu-desktop package on my lubuntu system work ok?09:43
knomethat should work09:43
knomeof course, you'll still have the lubuntu packages09:44
cjsI can live with that.09:45
cjsI've got plenty of disk space.09:45
knomeyeah, that's usually not a problem ;)09:46
cjsWell, thanks, then!09:48
incorrectis there something like gigolo that can remember the mounts i setup and reconnect at startup?09:49
mtrgis there any reason why the middle mouse click to pan page content in evince is not working?10:17
mtrgis it part of the gtk3?10:17
jatthow do a change the governor using the CPU Frequency Monitor? There is a drop down box Available governors but it always uses "ondemand" no matter what I choose10:29
AlanThank you Xubuntu for existing. :D10:43
well_laid_lawn!fstab | incorrect10:45
ubottuincorrect: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.tuxfiles.org/linuxhelp/fstab.html and !Partitions10:45
incorrectwell_laid_lawn, oh yes i could do it via fstab10:45
Alanalso, how reliable are upgrades?10:46
AlanAs a software developer, i'm suspicious of OS upgrades since there are soooo many possible edge cases10:47
Alanand every time i try an upgrade on any OS, I always seem to end up with a cruft-tastic OS installation10:48
well_laid_lawnnothing in life is 100% ... mostly they're fine10:48
incorrectAlan, depends how you like to write your software10:48
reonAlan, I only tried an upgrade once and it was not without a few issues. I prefer to start with a clean slate.10:48
Alanyeah, my usual approach is a separate /home partition10:48
incorrecti write all my python stuff in a virtualenv avoiding any changes i don't want10:48
well_laid_lawnthe more ppl that try the beta the better the release will be10:48
Alanmove /home/alan to /home/alan-old10:48
Alanand then fresh install over the top of the old root partition10:49
incorrecthowever i am now left on my own if there is a bug fix in python10:49
Alanincorrect: i've recently started using virtualenv10:49
incorrectAlan, good move10:49
Alanincorrect: but my point was more that "as a software developer i know how difficult a problem it is", not "it screws up my development environment"10:49
incorrectAlan, look at it as, cost/benefit  ok you get shiny new desktop10:50
incorrectwhat does shiny desktop give you? more stuff to play with?10:50
Alanhow much has actually changed between xubuntu 11.04 and 11.10?10:50
Alanwondering if it's worth setting aside any time to upgrade my work machine10:51
incorrectAlan, if you don't care stick with 11.04 imho10:51
incorrect11.10 has too many ugly gtk3 apps10:51
well_laid_lawnthe lts releases are there for this reason10:51
incorrectthey work, just ugly10:51
ablomenAlan, i just upgraded (forgot to do a seperate home partition, so had to really) and it works pretty well10:51
incorrectwell_laid_lawn, well siad10:51
Alanand so the gnome3 cruft makes its way into all aspects of linux distributions... :(10:51
ablomenonly problem i'm having is that gedit 3 is not backwards compatible10:52
Alanwell_laid_lawn: the problem with LTS releases is that they freeze versions...10:52
ablomen(with plugins)10:52
well_laid_lawngnone3 is just evolution in progress10:52
Alanso they get horribly out of date...10:52
incorrectAlan, but does it matter?10:52
AlanI've already hit this problem on my servers, trying to use python 2.7 features on ubuntu LTS which froze on 2.6, with no 2.7 in the repos, IIRC10:52
well_laid_lawnthere's backports10:52
ubottuIf new updated Ubuntu packages are built for an application, then they may go into Ubuntu Backports. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuBackports - See also !packaging10:52
incorrectAlan, sandbox your python10:52
incorrectmight consider building your own10:53
incorrectthe distro is there to provide your desktop10:53
Alanincorrect: kinda defeats the point of having a package manager :P10:53
incorrectnot at all10:53
Alanwell i'll have a play in a VM first10:54
Alansee what xubuntu 11.10 is like10:54
incorrectAlan, good choice10:54
Alanthen i'll decide if i care enough right now10:55
incorrectAlan, 11.10 is fine10:55
incorrectyou just have to spend some time removing gtk3 apps10:55
incorrectbut it doesn't give you anything in xubuntu land10:55
incorrectnew shiny kernel10:55
incorrectpython didn't get an upgrade10:55
Alanyeah, i got the impression that the biggest changes really are ubuntu infrastructure changes10:55
Alanno real XFCE changes10:55
well_laid_lawnI'm sure there's a changelog10:56
ubottuchangelogs for Ubuntu packages can be found on http://changelogs.ubuntu.com10:56
mstevensHow do I get xbuntu to do the ssh-add thing on login?11:52
oimonhi guys. long time gnome user, just tried xubuntu 11.10 and seems great. any links to tweak guides to mod my xfce setup?11:54
mstevensoimon: I'm just trying it for the first time too. Can't stand the new gnome/unity.11:55
oimonmstevens: tried on and off for a year with unity, but it really does suck in many ways. as does gnome shell11:55
mstevensI thought so too11:55
oimonhowever, i'm sure there's some extra tweaks i can do that i'm not aware of11:56
oimoni like how the theme looks like gnome shell but actually works properly :D11:57
mstevensoimon: I'm wondering how to get the same ssh key behaviour as with gnome11:57
oimonmstevens: not sure what you mean? ssh-agent?11:57
mstevensoimon: I used to be able to have it remember ssh keys forever, without needing to constantly enter the passphrase.11:58
mstevensnot quite ssh-agent, it'd retain them between sessions11:58
mstevensoimon: I'd accept just running ssh-add on login as an alternative11:58
AlanI'm terrible... i just enable gnome services (some checkbox somewhere in the settings)12:12
Alanget ssh agent and a few other things for "free"12:12
mstevensif it works12:13
AlanI'm so glad XFCE exists... not every DE is trying to turn its users into fat-fingered touchscreen automatons12:13
mstevensAlan: I'm fleeing unity12:13
Alanyeah, i used unity for a few months12:13
Alanand then i tried XFCE again and learned 2 things: XFCE has improved a lot since 4.0, and i'm so much more efficient when my window management and stuff isn't dumbed down12:14
mstevensit seems very fast12:14
Alan(i'm a "focus follows mouse" person, adapting to unity was painful)12:15
AlanI am morally opposed to windows not being self-contained entities12:15
Alanthe moment you break the menubar out to somewhere else you break all kinds of workflows...12:15
mstevensand it has proper scrollbars!12:16
ward_how do i get icons aligned on the left and right side?12:55
ward_and why are seperators always 100% invisible?12:55
ward_now everything is crammed together on the left side and its driving me crazy12:55
jattward_: trying to configure unity is an uphill battle, try another alternative such as xfce4 or kde.13:14
Sysijatt: this *is* #xubuntu13:18
Sysiward_: add separator left to things you want to be at the right and set it to expand13:19
Sysiyou can also try different looks for separator in those settings, though many of them are hardly visible13:20
OlbiI cant boot from 32 it img of Xubuntu13:24
Olbichecking on 3cds and 3 optical drive and allways same error, cant read from sectros13:25
Olbiit is LiveCD 32 bit Xubuntu 11.1013:25
Sysihow did you burn the disk?13:27
Olbinormally, on 8x speed :)13:29
Olbidao mode13:29
Olbiclose session13:29
Olbi2 times I downloaded img for sure it doesnt have errors13:30
Olbistrange is that, tha virtual img works good13:31
Sysiyou need to burn it as image, not as data13:31
OlbiI burn it as image ;013:32
Sysido it should be right13:32
Olbicause it boot, I can choose language and13:32
Olbiand than after 1 minute it types errors13:32
reonhow do I disable the nvidia splash screen at startup?13:33
reonwill Option "NoLogo" "True" under Section "Device" do it?13:35
Sysiit should13:35
Olbii think so13:35
OlbiSysi: what do you think with my problem?13:36
reonlet me reboot and see if it worked13:36
SysiOlbi: don't really know13:36
OlbiSysi: I check for 64 bit now13:37
OlbiSysi: yes, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/xubuntu/releases/oneiric/release/13:37
OlbiSysi: from that address13:37
reonworked a charm;)13:38
Olbireon: good to hear that13:38
reonI'm also happy ;)13:38
reonanyone know what resolutions plymouth can handle? I dont get full coverage on my 1920x1080 lcd?13:39
Olbiok, so I have problems only with 32 bits LiveCD :P13:49
Olbi64 bit works good13:49
Olbibut sometimes it stops and type errors too13:51
reonOlbi, what if you copy it to usb with dd and try booting via usb?13:52
Olbithis computer is too old for it :P13:52
reonwhere does plymouth save it's images13:53
ward_jatt, this is #xubuntu.... i didnt speak of unity13:57
ward_Sysi, thanks, i found the same trough google a while back, works fine now13:57
ward_it seems to be the closest i can get to gnome2 which i still like the best :(13:58
ward_also WOW, now i can actually choose a screensaver :-O (thisseemed impossible in unity)13:58
reonOlbi, how about alternate install image, I always prefer to use those as i've had issues with the desktop images before.13:58
Olbireon: I will try it13:58
reonOlbi, other nice thing of alternate image is you can do base installs with them that does not pull in the desktop environment.14:00
reonAny idea why Ristretto won't display most of the images in /usr/share/images/grub ?14:04
Sysiwhat type of images are they14:05
reon.tga, it displays two of them but not the rest, also noticed thumbnails for the problematic ones arent displayed in thunar14:06
Sysisounds obscure format14:08
Sysidoes thunar tell their size?14:09
reonnot the image size14:10
Sysimy oneiric installation doesn't have /usr/share/images/14:15
reoni have a folder there for grub & desktop-base14:19
pimperlehas the xfapplet been removed from oneiric?14:24
pimperleaptitude search xfapplet doesn't find it anymore14:26
reonpimperle, synaptic says it's part of xfce4-goodies ?14:32
reonsorry, it's a recoomend/suggest14:32
reonI can't find it14:33
Picipimperle: Looks like it may have depended on some gnome2 things.14:35
Picipimperle: See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xfce4-xfapplet-plugin/+publishinghistory14:35
Sysiit was for using plugins of old gnome, those plugins are gone now14:37
babble__hurgh, finally. hehe.14:37
babble__hey all: in Xubuntu 11.10, some apps (Thunderbird) will switch to an already running instance if I click their panel launcher; others (Chrome) will start a new instance instead. Is there a way to set all apps to behave like Thunderbird, instead of like Chrome?14:38
=== babble__ is now known as babble
reonHehe, we have a win, removing desktop-base got rid of the crappy debian grub splash image!14:45
pimperlei see. where the plugins ported then?14:46
Sysipropably not14:47
pimperlealso after the oneiric upgrade, gedit doesn't use proper gtk decorations but looks like some gtk defaults. where should i look into that?14:47
Sysiuse theme that has gtk314:47
Sysigreybirf for example14:47
reongedit probably uses gtk3 now so your stuck14:47
pimperleis there a list of gtk3 themes?14:48
Sysicheck out gnome-look.org14:48
Sysibasically greybird and adwaita14:48
Sysicopying gtk-3 folder from greybird or adwaita to your theme's folder works too14:49
pimperleadwaita is not in my list apparently14:49
Sysiyou need to install it14:49
reonRistretto also won't allow me to scroll forwards and backwards between images. Can someone test theirs pease?14:49
Sysicheck settings14:49
pimperleSysi: will copying make gtk-3 apps look similar to the gtk2 ones, or will it look like in the gtk3 theme?14:49
Sysilike gtk314:50
babblepimperle: I made a symlink of the gtk-3.0 folder in /user/themes/greybird in /home/(me)/.themes14:51
SysiI guess gnome/unity theme also is double-gtk.. ambiance14:51
babbleGTK3 apps will see that as your active GTK3 theme14:52
babble(I *think* any app that wants a gtk3 theme will look for one; I don't think there's a way to force them to use a gtk2 theme)14:53
babbleargh, not /user/themes, but /usr/themes, I'm an idiot. hehe.14:53
ElderDryasWhat about the Widnow Manager styles, are the going to show a gtk2/3 problem down the road (14:57
Sysino, they're not related to gtk15:00
ElderDryasSysi: thanks15:01
reonhow do I find my network attached scanner in simplescan?15:02
metap0dHi everyone, perhaps a foolish question but I am a complete beginner. Is Xubuntu literally the exact same software set as Ubuntu but using the Xubuntu wm?15:02
ElderDryasmetap0d: no15:03
ElderDryasnot the defaults15:03
metap0dElderDryas: What would be the major differences aside from xfce??15:03
reonmetap0d, default installed applications15:04
ElderDryasgmusicbrowser instead of banshee, leafpad-gedit, parole-whatever ubuntu uses, thunar-nautilus come to mind15:05
ElderDryasmetap0d: you can unistall the software you dont like and install replacements thru software center and synaptic15:06
reonabiword/gnumeric etc vs libreoffice15:06
babbleprobably a dumb question, but is gtk3 on the roadmap for Xfce?15:11
ElderDryasdown the road, maybe 4.10 in the spring, but maybe after that for xubuntu (lts and all)15:12
babbleoh, I'm not really worried about it right now :)15:12
babbleI'm happy enough with Greybird. hehe.15:12
reonI actually like greybird15:13
babbleI really do too :)15:13
ElderDryasso do I, as I modified it :)15:13
babbleafter getting used to Ambiance on Ubuntu, this feels. Like a breath of fresh air, hehe.15:13
reonElderDryas, what mods did you do?15:14
babblesorry to ask twice - is there a way to have all apps switch to a running instance instead of making a new instance if I click on the app's panel launcher? (i.e. Thunderbird does this in 11.10)15:14
reonOnly thing I would like is an option to change the top corners to square instead of rounded15:15
ElderDryasreon, I use basix as the wm, which squars things up a bit, so I squared the slider; and changed the basic background color15:15
Sysibabble: not anything very straightforward, right kind of script in launcher might do that15:15
Sysireon: it would be quite easy to edit theme pixmaps to be like that15:16
babbleHm. I thought about that, but it doesn't look like the launcher for Thunderbird is doing anything special.15:16
Sysithunderbird.desktop maybe is15:16
babbleyeah, that's what I was looking at15:16
babblesec, lemme go open it again.15:16
babblethe exec line for thunderbird.desktop is Exec=thunderbird %u15:17
babblemust be a t-bird thing. hehe.15:17
reonbable, you could always ditch the bottom panel and install a dock or something that behaves the way you want15:17
babbleapp developers: implement this, plz? Plz plz plz?15:17
babblereon: yeah, I thought about that too, but everything is waaaaaaay too blingy15:18
babbleone of the reasons I like Xfce is that it gets out of my way :)15:18
SysiI kind of like docks, but none of them is really good15:19
Sysicairo dock might be after tons of setting up..15:19
babbleI tried Cairo for a couple of days, and AWN15:19
babbleeverything seemed. eech.15:19
babbleLike a weekend in vegas with everything bleeping at me. heh.15:20
Sysiawn was pretty good with litle tweaking15:20
babbleI can't even look at OS X anymore without seeing a ton of chrome. heh.15:20
babbleI may try AWN again, then, if I can get it pared down to a low-fat environment. hehe.15:20
Sysiosx dock is lame, no way to open new window without going trough pop-up menu15:21
Sysican't hide window from dock etc.15:21
babbleSysi: oh, that's more-or-less a philosophical design choice on the part of OS X app developers. They're moving away from multiwindow apps15:21
reonGot simple scan to work, installed hplib-gui and after that all is good15:21
babbleoh, you mean a linux app called 'osx dock?', sorry.15:22
babble(you can hide from the OS X dock, but that's probably neither here nor there.)15:22
reonbabble, you could also just ditch the bottom panel and add a launcher on the top panel next to the menu15:22
mstevensI hate the way scrollbars are going in, well, everything these days15:22
Sysibabble: yeah, trough menu15:23
babblereon: oh, I'm happy enough with the panel launcher I have.15:23
babbleIt just seemed odd that thunderbird did x and everything else does y15:23
SysiI hate that you need to use scrollbars somewhere15:23
babbleit's okay; I can live with it15:23
babbleit's not a panel-placement issue; it's an app-behavior issue. but again, it's not a dealbreaker.15:23
Sysirhythmbox and transmission are like that too15:24
babbleSysi: (off-topic) You can still hide a given app by option-clicking on the desktop, among other things.15:24
babble(in OS X)15:24
allenmcan anyone tell me how to default to xubuntu-desktop? I have to hit enter every time I power up which isn't a big deal but if there's a setting or a script I'd rather set XFCE as the default.15:25
reonyou guys tried running e4rat yet?15:25
Sysiallenm: autologin you mean?15:26
zusis there an iconset that will display a percentage (%) for wireless signal? these bars arent as accurate,  but at least i can get a better idea with %'s .15:26
allenmSysi: Yeah.15:27
Sysizus: propably not, hovering over icon may work15:28
zusSysi,  no hovering doesnt display anything for me. which is why i thought id ask15:29
babbleoh, my one other niggle - is there a way to get the Directory Menu panel plugin to look at a .menu file so I can make a custom layout with separators?15:30
allenmSysi: If I set autologin I have to do it from a Unity session. If I do that I can't select Xubuntu since I don't see the session login dialog.15:35
Sysithat config file should contain default session too15:37
Sysiif setting it on unity and logging to xfce and rebooting fails15:37
reonHow does one mount a iso image in thunar?15:40
SysiI think it doesn't have that functionality15:42
babblereon: file-roller will open .iso images, if that works. I dunno if Squeeze does, but it may15:43
reonbabble, I would prefer to mount them, I see it can be done with custom actions and scripts15:44
babbleah, if mount works (I didn't bother to check) you can save that as a custom action for Thunar.15:44
babbleI did for SqueezeFS images.15:44
babbleSquashFS, rather.15:44
babblekeenbean. mount does work :) hehe.15:47
zushow can i disable "TAP-TO-CLICK'? is it possible to copy the xorgfile from 1010 or something and where did the mouse settings go where i can click the button?15:48
oimoncan someone verify a bug for me? run gnome-do in 11.10 xfce and try to click on the preferences in the menu16:01
allenmSysi: I set autologin in Unity and I get Unity which I don't want. That's why I loaded up xubuntu-desktop. So I'm looking for a way to do autologin with xubuntu-desktop as the default.16:01
william12zus: should be in  menu>settings>settings manager>mouse16:03
zuswilliam12,  but there is  no check for disabling Tap-to-Click.16:04
zuswhen i tried xubuntu 10.10 and linux mint 11 and linuxmint debian edition XFCE, theyre all disabled. but in 11.1016:07
ElderDryasallenm: I <think the only way to set autologin in xubuntu w/LDM (other than during the install) is to edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.conf   Here's mine http://pastebin.com/DALtJBMx16:07
zusnot so much16:07
ElderDryaszus: /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf  change Option "TapButton1" "1" to "0".16:08
ElderDryasThat should work16:08
zusElderDryas,  ill give that a go16:09
ElderDryaszus: Do ou want to disable the "tap" or the touchpad altogether when a mouse is pluged in?16:10
zusdisable tap to click.16:10
ElderDryasok, that should do it...WFM :)16:11
zusdisableing touchpad while typing is nice too, coupled with disable tap to click.16:11
ElderDryasThe mouse/touchpad config in xfce leave a lot to be desired :(16:12
zusall i find are gsynaptics workarounds that i have to  enable  every boot up16:12
ElderDryaszus: Also check your xorg.conf, sometimes mouse/touchpad configs are in there also16:13
zusyeah cos i dont have an 50-synaptics.conf16:13
zuswell there is nothing in the xorg.conf  really.16:14
william12zus: maybe this GUI will help u http://live.gnome.org/GPointingDeviceSettings16:15
zuswilliam12,  hmm that looks like the gui i refered to from linuxmint11! -16:17
ElderDryaszus: Also look in SC for "touchpad".  The Pointing devices looks interesting.16:20
ElderDryassoftware center16:21
zusim making sure i didnt  over look it16:21
zusyeah  lol16:21
zusi just  tried in synaptic  and i didnt get anything16:21
william12zus: its named "pointin devices" in the software center16:22
william12sorry "pointing"16:22
allenmElderDryas: I do believe that's done it. Times like this make me wish there were ways to do more then say "thanks" since I've been trying for a couple of hours to do this seemingly simple thing.16:23
allenmwell that sucks. I couldn't even say thanks.16:24
zusit's the same as the link william12 . how ever this is much closer to the once i have used...im going to try this....16:24
william12zus: hope it helps16:25
zuswilliam12,  me  too and thanks... the install went ok it's just not showing up in menu>settings>pointing devices as stated16:26
ElderDryaszus: I can't find it either16:27
zusbrb suppose a reboot or  relogin?16:27
ElderDryasI'm not sure where the menu entry is but  in  terminal will bring it up16:28
ElderDryascut-n-paste didn't work16:31
zusnope, nothing.16:34
allenmElderDryas: thanks. Your solution worked quite nicely.16:34
ElderDryaszus: WFM :)16:35
ElderDryasallenm: What solution ? :)16:35
zusauto login?16:35
zusElderDryas,  wfm?16:36
ElderDryasI've been busy and my memory isn't what it used to be.16:36
ElderDryaszus: Works For Me16:36
zusoh, ? where is the setting?16:36
ElderDryaszus:    Maybe a reboot is necessary, I did do that when looking for the menu entry16:36
allenmthis solution - "I <think the only way to set autologin in xubuntu w/LDM (other than during the install) is to edit /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf.conf   Here's mine http://pastebin.com/DALtJBMx"16:37
zusi did both first i  relogged, then i rebooted16:37
ElderDryasallenm: I remember once proded :)16:37
ElderDryasallenm: I've been told it's a LDM problem...I used auto login from the install...that seems to work, but once installed you can't chage w/o editing the file16:38
zusbrb shutting down, then restarting cos nothing is in my menu's and  SC has it marked as installed16:38
ElderDryaszus: reboot then use the terminal command...16:39
ElderDryasNo menu entery as far as I can tell16:39
zuswhats the terminal command?16:39
zusi got it.16:40
zusbut also got16:40
zusAn X error occurred. The error was BadAtom (invalid Atom parameter).16:40
ElderDryasin the terminal, yeah.  Don't know what it means. Don't care :)16:41
ElderDryasYou get lots of errors when using a terminal to start apps, that's why it's often used to debug why an app won't start16:42
zuswell tapping is disabled!16:44
zusthanks william12  and ElderDryas16:44
ElderDryaszus: np16:44
zusone day when i can be arsed ill figure how the mint guys got it right and by default16:44
zusthis should put an end to pasting links right in the middle of a comment, when the cursor moves16:45
ElderDryaszus: IIRC. the LMDE-xfce is the same as xubuntu, guess they didn't want to put another gnome app in an xfce distro16:46
zusi can understand that? where do i begin to learn the code to write something for  xfce then? something so simple frustrates  me so much,16:47
ElderDryaszus: pick a language and study...there are many...some hard to learn, some easy...but all are hard to learn correctly.  Grab the source to something you would like to change and start from there.16:48
ElderDryasPython seems to really popular now16:49
zuswell, if  the point would be to make an xfce version so as to not have another gnome app. if theyre both in python for example the would changing the dependencies and libraries be a solution?16:50
ElderDryasI'd have to look at the code, but I doubt it's going to be that easy :)16:51
zusi bet.16:51
ElderDryasAnd I gave that up yeasr ago...too damn lazy now.  That's why I'm usinig 'buntu, not arch or slack16:51
ElderDryasor gentoo16:52
zusalright, ElderDryas  thanks again.16:52
xubuntu914hi !17:04
xubuntu914tchat in french please ?!17:05
xubuntu914what the chan ?17:05
reonhow do I make libreoffice look 'normal'?17:09
ElderDryasxubuntu914: !fr17:11
ubottuCe canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.17:11
ElderDryasreon: define "normal"  back to the default?17:12
ElderDryasreon: nm, I misread17:12
reonThe theme does not match at all, it looks really weird17:12
ElderDryasreon: So I've heard...I'm not sure there is an answer at this time...goggle was no help.17:18
kakoytou could someone tell me how i can see cyrillic letter on xubuntu17:19
ElderDryaskakoytou: http://askubuntu.com/questions/63178/how-to-set-up-keyboard-layout-switching-and-indication-in-xubuntu might help17:20
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:26
ElderDryaskakoytou: You also might try here^^17:26
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
kakoytoui'm from Bulgaria, not from Russia17:27
shishireJust installed 11.10, I'm having trouble getting compiz working.  I enable compiz, but I get no window decorations.  If I manually run the default command "kde4-window-decorator --replace" it complains "QGtkStyle was unable to detect the current GTK+ theme.", and exits.17:28
kakoytouElderDryas thanks for the link17:28
kakoytouI fix it17:29
ElderDryaskakoytou: no problem17:29
ubottuCompiz (compositing window manager), for a howto see http://help.ubuntu.com/community/CompositeManager and more help #compiz17:29
kakoytoui'm new on xubuntu17:29
kakoytoubefore i was a little on ubuntu17:29
kakoytoubut i don't like unity17:29
kakoytouand i choose to try xubuntu17:30
shishireElderDryas, reading through that now, thanks17:30
kakoytouand it's perfect for me17:30
kakoytouplease for last can you tell me how can i install google chrome17:31
kakoytoui download a .deb file17:31
ElderDryaskakoytou: double clicking on the icon in thunar should work17:32
kakoytoubut when i click on it , it shows Internal Error17:33
kakoytouthe file could not be opened17:34
reonkakoytou, sudo apt-get install chromium-browser17:34
ElderDryasHave you tried chromium in the Software Center, it's <supposed> to be chrome w/o the branding...never used it though17:35
kakoytoubut this is chromium browser17:37
kakoytouis this a google chrome browser17:37
reonwhy do you want chrome?17:37
kakoytouor something else17:38
reonchromium is essentially the same thing17:38
reonkakoytou, what file did you download?17:39
likemindeadJust upgraded from Xubuntu 11.04 to 11.10 & it went brilliantly!17:42
likemindeadThanks, all!17:42
likemindeadFirst time I upgraded instead of doing a fresh install.17:43
likemindeadWas a bit nervous.17:43
reonand rightly so :)17:43
VlynUhm… it tells me “new Ubuntu release 11.10” but I won't get unity with it when I upgrade?17:43
likemindeadNot in Xubuntu, Vlyn no.17:43
VlynAnd the option menus?17:43
VlynAre they the same as before?17:44
Vlyn(Ubuntu limited the options really strong)17:44
VlynHm, reon ran away O.o17:45
ElderDryasAnyone know what happened to rhythmbox in 11.10?  It seems to 1) have list the icon in notifications area, and 2) lost the streaming radio function (and the plugin in synaptic doesn't appear to work)?17:47
VlynDamn! Ok, I’ll upgrade. And when the option menus are limited like in Ubuntu 11.10 I’ll go to Linux Mint xD17:47
TheSheepVlyn: I don't even know what you mean by "option menus"17:47
VlynEhh… Settings Manager17:48
VlynFor example: Appearance17:48
VlynAt the moment I got 4 tabs17:48
VlynUbuntu 11.10 has 117:48
TheSheepit's the same as in previous versions of xubuntu17:48
TheSheep*but*, some of the applications, like evince, went gtk317:49
lordjjVlyn, well you can always install extra stuff, like compiz, which'll give you a whole bunch of appearance options and effects17:49
TheSheepand most themes won't work well with them17:49
VlynTheSheep: Alright, I’ll just try the upgrade. Not much to loose :-)17:49
reonhelp, network manager does nothing to my connection, wireshark tells me I have no interfaces, huh?17:59
reonnetwork manager say my connection has never been used and when i disable the network it still carries on working18:00
lordjjAaah, too much white, need darker themes, it burns!18:02
ElderDryaslordjj: what theme are you using?18:02
lordjjI've scrolled through all of them -using the default (Bluebird)18:03
lordjjXfce Dusk was kinda ok, but buttons looked weird and title bars unclear18:03
likemindeadYeah, I like Dusk but it makes some text unreadable in Firefox & a few other places.18:04
likemindeadLight text on light background problems.18:05
ElderDryaslordjj: Here's what I did.  1) Copy greybird  to ~/.themes; 2) open gtkrc and change base_color: to something less white (I use #EBEFF3)18:06
lordjjElderDryas, will try it out.18:07
ElderDryasgtkrc is in  gtk-2.018:07
ElderDryasin gtk-3.0 change @define-color base_color to whatever you choose18:08
anicholsPlease help me.  I need to turn off edge scrolling on this touchpad in XUbuntu 11.10.18:08
ElderDryas#EBEFF3 is the slightly green/blueish color used in thinice18:08
anicholsSettings Manager -> Mouse doesn't have any option to disable, like in Ubuntu (recently changed to XUbuntu)18:09
ElderDryasanichols: edit /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/50-synaptics.conf  Option "VertEdgeScroll" "1" change "1" to "0"18:09
anicholsThank you, ElderDryas!18:10
lordjjElderDryas, .themes is in which directory?18:10
ElderDryasor install "pointing devices" in software center.  There is no menu added that I can find, but type "gpointer-device-settings" in a terminal and the app will start, make your changes there18:11
lordjjits not in my home folder18:11
ElderDryaslordjj: /home/YOU  you may have to make one18:11
lordjjOh, then where do I find the greybird theme from?18:12
anicholsUmm...there's no VertEdgeScroll option in this file? :(18:12
ElderDryaslordjj: /usr/share/themes18:12
ElderDryasanichols: the add one18:12
anicholsGot it!  I think.... *tests*  It worked!  Thank you again.18:14
ElderDryasanichols: np18:15
anicholsI wish there was a GUI way to do that in XUbuntu, but ah well, at least I got the behaviour I want.18:15
anicholsNow I can go to sleep without stressing over it.18:15
ElderDryasanichols: see my comment above re: pointing device app in SC18:15
anicholsAh, I missed that note.18:16
reoncan someone tell me wht network manager does not pick up my eth interface?18:18
ElderDryaslordjj: You will want to rename the greybird folder so you can find it easily in the listings :)18:18
lordjjHeh, yeah.18:18
lordjjI see, it changes the background color. Howabout title bar/window color?18:19
ElderDryaslordjj: you can change almost anything in the theme there (if you know what you're doing...I don't).18:19
lordjjHeh, ok. Trial and error it is.18:20
ElderDryasI found enough to change what I wanted and stopped :)18:21
ElderDryaslordjj: Be sure to change things in the gtk3 folder also, or they may not show up in those gtk3 apps.18:22
lordjjThanks, ElderDryas18:23
ElderDryaslordjj: np18:23
ElderDryastime to go...laters all18:25
johnnyzeroCan someone clarify this for me? http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=10248963&postcount=1018:26
lordjjwhat's wrong with the panel? Everytime I try yo move an item it resets18:27
johnnyzeroI do not understand this portion of what is being said: "Create two links to that script, named pa_vol_up and pa_vol_down, then they can be run without parameters to step up/down by 1% or with a single parameter to make that the step. E.g.;18:27
johnnyzeropa_vol_up 1018:27
johnnyzeropa_vol_down 1518:27
johnnyzeroWhere and how are these links created? I'll wait for someone to respond before talking more.18:28
lordjjwhy doesn't the "move" option for panel items work?18:34
charlie-tcalordjj: it does work. Did you unlock it?18:35
lordjjpanel preferences / untick lock? Yeah. Still.18:35
johnnyzerowell_laid_lawn, I asked my question and I asked it with minimal lines and politely. Now may I please receive assistance with my question?18:36
charlie-tcaThen grab the handle on the end of the panel and move them. To move the from horizontal to vertical, you use panel preferences18:36
lordjjcharlie-tca, no I mean items, not the whole panel. You see when I add an item, its automatically inserted at a certain place and I can't move it.18:37
TheSheepjohnnyzero: to create a link, drag a file in thunar using your right mouse button, then select 'link here' from the menu18:39
TheSheepjohnnyzero: alternatively, you can use the commandline "ln" command with the "-s" switch, which is used the same way as the "cp" command, if you are familiar with the command line18:40
TheSheepjohnnyzero: hth18:40
TheSheepjohnnyzero: also, if nobody knows, nobody will answer, it's not like we don't want to talk to you18:40
johnnyzerowell well_laid_lawn criticized me saying I type line by line and I don't give people a chance to answer.18:41
TheSheepjohnnyzero: that's just a cosmetic advice :)18:42
johnnyzeroWell how much time does one need to answer a question I have?18:42
TheSheepjohnnyzero: sure, it's now wasier to read you18:42
TheSheepjohnnyzero: I tried to answer, does that explain it, or do you need more information?18:43
johnnyzeroI'll try what you told me to do18:43
johnnyzeroLets see if it works18:43
johnnyzeroI already made the volume script so we shall see if this works18:43
johnnyzeroLet me just confirm ln pa_vol_up 2  ln pa_vol_down 218:45
johnnyzeroThat should work to activate the script according to the post in the thread18:45
TheSheepjohnnyzero: no18:46
TheSheepjohnnyzero: ln is the command for making a link18:46
TheSheepjohnnyzero: "ln -s yourscript pa_vol_up" will make a symbolic link named "pa_vol_up" pointing to "yourscript"18:47
johnnyzeroahh ok I see18:47
TheSheepjohnnyzero: you call it the same way as you would call the script18:47
johnnyzeroand then you need to make one for vol down18:47
johnnyzeroThats what the thread is saying18:47
johnnyzeroOk I see18:47
johnnyzeroWell cross your fingers18:48
johnnyzeroHopefully this works18:48
TheSheepif you do 'ls -l' it will list the files,  and will show you your links with an arrow pointing to where they point18:48
johnnyzeroOk now I'll see if executing those works18:50
johnnyzeromaybe I'm not doing something right18:51
TheSheeptry ./pa_vol_up 218:52
johnnyzeroNo such file or directory18:52
TheSheepcan you pastebin the result of 'ls -l'?18:53
johnnyzeroWe are on the right track though with the solution at least. Thankfully I found that thread.18:55
TheSheepthere is no 'volume' file in there18:56
johnnyzerothe volume file is on the desktop18:56
johnnyzeroooh ok18:57
johnnyzeroIt has to be in the main directory18:57
johnnyzeroNot on the Desktop18:57
johnnyzeroLets give that a try18:57
TheSheepactually, you can put them wherever your want, it's most convenient to make a 'bin' directory and put them all there18:57
TheSheepthen you don't need to use that ./18:58
johnnyzeroWell I ran the command18:58
johnnyzeroThough it did not work18:58
charlie-tcalordjj: Oh, I got ti18:59
johnnyzeroOh wait19:00
johnnyzeroYes it did19:00
johnnyzeroLet me try it again to confirm19:00
charlie-tcaclick on the panel, click panel, preferences, choose the items tab. You can highlight the one to move and then click the arrows to move it up and down19:00
johnnyzeroYes works fine19:00
TheSheepgreat :)19:00
johnnyzeroSo now TheSheep this means I should use this command in the keyboard settings correct?19:01
charlie-tcalordjj: yes, it is a big change from being able to grab the icon/launcher/etc and move it by moving the cursor.19:01
johnnyzeroand then I could use the vol up and vol down keys on the keyboard19:01
TheSheepjohnnyzero: yes, you need to specify the full path to the files19:03
TheSheepjohnnyzero: like /home/johnny/pa_vol_up19:03
johnnyzeroand I would need a number also right?19:04
johnnyzerolike pa_vol_up 1019:04
johnnyzeroTheSheep, we're on the right track, however oddly enough by the volume key it doesn't work19:06
johnnyzeroIn the terminal it does though19:06
johnnyzeroalso vol up works19:07
johnnyzeroin the terminal19:07
johnnyzerovol down doesn't19:07
johnnyzeroIn fact vol down raises the volume19:07
TheSheepwhat happens when you call it with -10 as argument?19:08
knomeanybody know how to get altgr+- working? in terminal, i get a space, in firefox, nothing. the combo is supposed to create an ndash19:08
TheSheepknome: I just use the compose key for that19:08
johnnyzerohmm lets see19:08
knomeTheSheep, isn't altgr the compose key?19:08
TheSheepknome: of course not19:08
johnnyzerook the minus works19:08
knomeTheSheep, what is then? is it available in all keyboards?19:09
TheSheepknome: there is normally no compose key on a pc keyboard, I always map capslock to it19:09
johnnyzerohmm this is very odd19:10
knomeTheSheep, that isn't really a solution though. i'm very used to the altgr+- combo, as it's so easy19:10
johnnyzeroAs it works in the terminal but won't as an Application Shortcut19:10
Sysiknome: do you get other unicode like altGr M for µ19:10
TheSheepknome: well, you can map anything to it with xmodmap, no?19:10
knomeSysi, yeah.19:10
knomeTheSheep, i suppose.19:10
johnnyzerohence this works just fine19:11
johnnyzerojohnny@homepc:~$ ./pa_vol_up 8019:11
johnnyzerojohnny@homepc:~$ ./pa_vol_down -8019:11
TheSheepbtw, for me altgr+- produces \19:11
TheSheepand with shift it gives ¿19:11
johnnyzeroIts just linking it thats not working19:11
knomeTheSheep, US/PL layout?19:11
johnnyzeroLet me try another button19:11
johnnyzeroand just test that19:11
TheSheepknome: pl19:11
knomeTheSheep, those come from my "+"19:11
knomeTheSheep, that's just a difference in the layout19:11
johnnyzeroOk TheSheep its the button for some reason19:11
knomeSysi, do you know xmodmap-fu well?19:12
johnnyzeroThe Vol Up and Vol Down button on the keyboard itself won't sync with the command however using a normal keyboard key does19:12
TheSheepjohnnyzero: change your keyboard to some model that has multimedia keys in the keyboard settings19:12
Sysiknome: xmodmap -pke > .Xmodmap and check it out19:13
johnnyzeroOh wait thats weird19:13
johnnyzeroIt just worked now19:13
johnnyzeroBut only lowered19:13
johnnyzeroNow it doesn't work19:13
johnnyzeroThat was really weird19:13
johnnyzeroOk I'll see if I can change the keyboard model19:14
TheSheepkeycode  20 = minus underscore minus underscore backslash questiondown19:14
TheSheepthat explains it19:14
knomekeycode  20 = plus question plus question backslash questiondown19:14
melteris there a way to remove the "filesystem" icons from the desktop?19:14
TheSheepknome: no dash though anywhere19:15
TheSheepmelter: sure, in the desktop settings19:15
knomeTheSheep, i have "minus" in keycode 6119:16
TheSheepkeycode  61 = slash question slash question dead_belowdot dead_abovedot19:16
knomenow how do i know what i should put in there to get the ndash?19:16
TheSheepknome: try ndash :)19:16
johnnyzeroAhh ok yeah19:16
johnnyzeroIts the media keys in general that are buggy19:17
johnnyzeroBut the vol up and vol down will work with normal keys like z and x19:17
johnnyzeroFor example19:17
knomedo i need to do something for the new xmodmap settings to kick in?19:17
melterTheSheep: thanks19:17
johnnyzeroEven with a changed keyboard model19:17
TheSheepknome: yeah, you need to load it with xmodmap19:17
knomei suppose thats same as "space"19:18
TheSheephyphen is not ndash19:18
TheSheepit's a different character19:18
knomebut it shouldn't be space either19:18
knomebut it is space19:18
TheSheepare you sure?19:18
knomewhere do i find the list of these aliases?19:18
knomei can't see anything in terminal: ->­<-19:19
knomeand nothing in FF19:19
melteris there a way to not count hard drive partitions as "Removable Devices" in desktop settings?19:19
knomemelter, i suppose that depends on your fstab settings, but i might be wrong too19:19
TheSheepknome: I would look under /usr/share/X11/xkb/19:19
knomeTheSheep, thanks!19:20
TheSheepnot sure where exactly though19:20
knomei'll look there19:20
lordjjcharlie-tca, is there no way to leave a long blank space on the top panel? (I disabled Window buttons and now all the items are on the left side of the panel, with nothing on the right)19:20
TheSheeplordjj: use a separator19:21
TheSheeplordjj: you can set it to be a space and to autoexpand iirc19:21
knomeTheSheep, thanks. i owe you a beer. seriously. :)19:21
TheSheepknome: when we finally meet we are going to get so drunk on the beers we own each other ;)19:22
knomeof course19:22
knomethat'll happen we i meet jussi too, though he's not going to get drunk, but i'm going to be under the table under no time :P19:23
knomebtw, is .Xmodmap loaded by default on boot?19:23
knomeor do i have to add the xmodmap command to my autostart19:23
johnnyzeroTheSheep, would it help if I provided the output of executing xev?19:23
Sysiif have right xfce keyboard settings19:24
knomeSysi, what does that mean?19:24
johnnyzeroFor the volume up and volume down keys19:24
Sysiknome: IIRC if you have "use system default" it works19:24
knomeSysi, okay. i think i do19:24
knomeSysi, i'll try that. not a problem really, but would be nice if it worked automatically :)19:25
knomei need to write a blog article about this19:25
TheSheepjohnnyzero: I can't really help you here, sorry19:25
lordjjTheSheep, ah I see, with the separator. Thanks. Seems everything's done the long way here :P19:25
TheSheepjohnnyzero: I know that picking the right model for my keyboard fixed it for me19:25
johnnyzeroOh I see. Because my model isn't listed. Its an MK55019:26
TheSheeplordjj: yeah, it's more elaborate, but in the end you have more control19:26
TheSheepjohnnyzero: I have Logitech UltraX, it has multimedia keys, so you could try that19:26
johnnyzerohmm ok19:26
knomeTheSheep, magically, i have the same keyboard... :)19:27
Sysisetting gnome-panel was nightmare, stuff popping around totally randomly :P19:27
knomeTheSheep, i preferred the old model with no/less (can't remember anymore) multimedia keys19:27
johnnyzerothanx Sheep!19:27
TheSheepknome: magically, when I visited googleplex in mountain view, they also had the same keyboards there ;)19:27
SysiI had some flat logitech but it was bad, I later heard older models of it were good though19:27
johnnyzeroThat worked perfectly19:27
knomeheh, yeah19:27
knomeSysi, ultrax is good.19:27
knomeSysi, it's like a full-size laptop keyboard19:27
knomeSysi, good for your wrists!19:28
TheSheepit's very sensitive to breadcrumbs though19:28
TheSheepso no eating by the computer19:28
johnnyzeroWait uhm that was weird19:28
johnnyzeroworked once19:28
johnnyzeroBut then wouldn't work again19:28
johnnyzeroI raised the volume19:28
johnnyzeroTried it twice19:28
knomeSysi, especially if you tend to get tenosynovitis (jännetupentulehdus)19:28
Sysiknome: I'm pretty sure it was that one.. looks totally the same19:28
johnnyzeroDidn't work19:28
johnnyzeroThats odd19:28
lordjjHeh, why does the panel refresh itself If I try to grab & move an item? :P19:28
knomeTheSheep, or, one extra kb in the closet;)19:28
knomeTheSheep, vacuuming works quite well too, and just flipping the kb over and shaking :)19:29
TheSheeplordjj: it segfaults and restarts19:29
knomeTheSheep, (or you can always take the keys off too)19:29
TheSheeplordjj: known bug19:29
SysiI tried to take mine apart and then it went totally horrible19:29
johnnyzeroThe volume raises19:29
johnnyzeroBut doesn't lower19:29
johnnyzeroOk well19:29
knomeSysi, et vaan osaa19:29
johnnyzeroI suppose thats a start19:29
Sysiwe're hitting offtopic old man19:30
knomei know.19:30
TheSheepjohnnyzero: I suspect that the script does some magic to guess the file name to see whether to lower or to raise the volume, and it cannot guess the filename when it's called from that keypress19:30
TheSheepjohnnyzero: I would just remove that magic part from the script and use two separate scripts instead19:31
johnnyzeroahh ok19:31
johnnyzero:D Sheep I found a solution19:52
johnnyzeroI am using the prev and next tracks to up and lower the volume19:52
johnnyzeroThe issue was that Linux doesn't seem to like the volume up and volume down buttons on my keyboard19:53
johnnyzerofor some reason19:53
johnnyzeroBut it does just fine with those other two multimedia keys19:53
johnnyzeroI think its just the button in and of itself that doesn't bode well for XFCE19:54
lordjjwhat's the bar and number next to devices in the Mount Volume applet (on the right)?19:57
=== `mOOse` is now known as m00se
sandra_Hello my fellow Xubuntu inmates :-)20:23
sandra_I trust your all doing well today.20:24
sandra_Could someone kindly tell me how I can go about changing my desktop font color from black to white .20:26
TheSheepsandra_: you might try asking at #xfce20:32
sandra_TheSheep, Thank you20:32
TheSheepsandra_: it will be something similar to removing the icon label outline, but I don't know the names you need to put in there20:32
sandra_TheSheep, btw thank you for that tip :-)20:33
sandra_worked like a charm20:33
TheSheepglad to hear that, I think I picked it up at the forum or one of the blogs20:34
mattymanxAnyone here install Xubuntu 11.10 an just have the install sit there doing nothing after a bit???20:39
w30mattymanx, I just installe with the update files as installing and it paused numerous times; patience!20:41
ElderDryasmattymanx: Doing an -upgrade, I did...don't remember about the fresh install. It looked like It wasn't doing anything, then all of the sudden it finished and all well20:42
ElderDryasNot like the normal install that told you everything and more20:42
mattymanxIm doing a clean install off dvd.  I did not opt to update to help avoid any messes20:45
mattymanxI see no HDD activity either20:45
ElderDryasmattymanx: same behavior...how long has it been "idle"?20:45
mattymanxAbout half an hour.20:46
mattymanxthe terminal on the installer shows 20:11 and my watch states its 16:4720:47
mattymanxJust glad it lets me run this chat via FF.20:47
ElderDryasDepending on how new/fast you hardware is, I'd say give it another 15 minutes and the call it. You can always check the dvd for errors on the next install20:48
mattymanxDid the error check first.  Screwed myself in the past by not doing it.  Checked it yesterday too and both times it shows as clean20:49
mattymanxWhats weird is that i installed the 32bit version in VirtualBox a few nights back and it did not do this20:50
ElderDryasTell you what, let's leave it running, you can run out and get a 6 pack, drop it by my house, and if it's not done when you get hoome, call it :)20:51
mattymanxIt slowly moved along and finished.  This is only about 1/3 the way at best20:51
mattymanxI dont drink.20:51
mattymanxBut I do have coffee in hand20:51
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ElderDryasI have tea, but if you read it carefully I said "get a 6 pack, drop it by my house" :(20:52
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mattymanxWell, my front door is about as close to your place as its going to get! :P20:53
ElderDryasis the light on the dvd player ever showing activity?20:53
mattymanxNo.  Only time is does is if I am doing something in FF right now20:54
ElderDryashuh...well, it's your call...IMO 45 min-1hour install time is too long.20:54
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ElderDryasespecially with no update DL during install20:55
mattymanxI will give it a few more min to see if it changes20:56
mattymanxThere is a ¨Skip" button but it does nothing20:56
mattymanxand i cannot type in the console20:57
mattymanxWell, not that I want to but its time to call it.  Time of death, 16:11 pm EDT.  Time to reboot and see if i can correct this.20:59
mattymanxI will keep an eye on it.  If I have to do it a third time I may try installing from the live session though i prefer not to21:00
ElderDryasGood Luck21:00
mattymanxmay stop in later to say if it worked or not.21:00
mattymanxThank you everyone!21:00
ElderDryasnp..have fun21:01
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kakoytouhow can i view cyrillic letter21:19
kakoytouon xubuntu21:19
kakoytoubecause now21:19
knomekakoytou, settings -> language support?21:19
kakoytoui'll try21:20
knomenp, hopefully that is the solution21:20
xubuntu463I just wanna say21:26
xubuntu463Xubuntu kicks ass.21:26
xubuntu463That is all.21:26
knomexubuntu463, thanks, and enjoy21:27
xubuntu463Installing in a VM as we speak, but I put it on my laptop earlier... Flawless.21:27
xubuntu463Loving 11.10 right now, all the fun of Linux 3.0 without the madness of Unity.21:28
kakoytoui try, i change my regional language to bulgarian21:28
kakoytoubut it won't work21:28
knomekakoytou, can you explain a bit further what the problem is?21:29
mattymanxWell, second install attempt seems to be motoring along just fine21:30
kakoytouwhen i open text file with gedit letter is not cyrillic21:31
kakoytouit's something unrecogniize21:31
knomekakoytou, try to change the gedit font maybe21:31
mattymanxInstalled this time from the live session.  Should be done shortly21:32
kakoytoui'm on deja vu sans bold21:33
mattymanxinstall done.  Time to reboot21:33
kakoytoucould someone tell me how can i fix it21:36
knomekakoytou, try another font; the "ubuntu" font should have cyrillic stuff, too21:36
kakoytouand ubuntu don't work21:38
kakoytoubut when i try to write a new document21:38
kakoytoufor example in abiword21:39
kakoytoui can write on cyrillic21:39
knomekakoytou, have you tried leafpad instead of gedit?21:39
kakoytouthe problem is when i try to open cyrillic .srt file21:39
knomethe same problem?21:40
knomemaybe a problem detecting the right encoding21:41
pteague_workin oneiric xfce terminal is it no longer using ssh-agent for storing ssh keys? because i use `ssh-add` & it seems to add my ssh key, but then when i attempt to ssh to something it then pops up a window asking for the password to my ssh key21:49
likemindeadInstalling all the extra xscreensaver packages is the awesomesauce.22:05
gNewPowerhi - can you guys point me to the HOTWO which shows how to completely remove all GNOME components after moving from Ubuntu to Xubuntu? thanks22:40
drcThere's a web page for that...let me see if I can find it again22:41
ubottuIf you want to remove all !KDE and !Gnome packages and have a default !Xubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purexfce »22:41
Unit193knome: Just before :P22:42
gNewPowerthat is the one I was looking for22:42
drcdamn bots!  :)22:42
knomedrc, i am only a bot, don't think i'm intelligent22:43
Unit193I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)22:43
drcknome: I don't...22:43
drcsmarter than I, sure, intelligent, never22:44
drccharlie-tca on vacation?22:48
knomewell he was online today22:48
pimperlesince my upgrade to oneiric, the pulseaudio volume applet in the system tray is missing23:14
pimperlehow can i reenable it? do i have to start a certain service?23:14
lordjjpimperle right click panel > add item > mixer ?23:21
pimperlelordjj: indeed, that brings the icon back23:22
pimperlehowever before the upgrade i could right-click it to bring up the pulseaudio settings where i could manually adjust the volume for single applications23:22
pimperlethis now looks more like an xfce panel widget than like pulseaudios applet23:23
drcand the mixer does nothing that the icon in the Indicator Plugin doesn't do23:23
pimperleindicator plugin?23:24
drcthe tray with the sound and network icon23:24
pimperlewell, there is no sound icon anymore23:25
pimperlethe network icon is still there23:25
drcthere is on mine :)23:25
pimperlecan you somehow determine the process which shows it?23:26
pimperlei think i'd only have to start the right process23:26
pimperlehowever i cannot find a binary to bring it up23:26
drcSessions and startup>application autostart> chack PulseAudio Sound System?  I'm guessing here.23:27
pimperlei even have an entry for volume control in this menu (which is activated without success)23:28
pimperle"Show desktop volume control"23:28
drc11.04 or 11.10  fresh install or upgrade?23:29
pimperle11.04 -> 11.10 and it worked in 11.0423:29
pimperlei cannot check the commands associated with the entries in the autostart list23:30
drcMy App Autostart shows no "Show desktop volume control", it did in 11.04, but never on my fresh install of 11.10.23:30
pimperleah, i started gnome-sound-applet manually and there it is23:31
pimperlethe config files for the entries in the autostart configuration dialog are in /etc/xdg/autostart btw23:31
pimperlenow i only need to find a gtk3 theme which looks similar to xfce-4.623:32
drcGood luck on that23:33
pimperlewill the xfce themes be ported to gtk3 someday?23:33
drcIIRC, gtk3 for xfce in 4.10 (spring)...whether it will make 12.04 is another question.23:36
drcporting themes or making new ones?  Dunno, greybird is starting to add gtk323:36
pimperleyes, but i don't like it that much23:37
pimperlei'd prefer xfce4.6 if i could23:37
pimperlehowever the icons in thunderbird also are messed up23:37
pimperlefrom time to time i should create a new user and copy its gtk config into my home folder23:38
pimperlethey are black and white23:39
pimperlelike in the high contrast theme but i selected elementary23:39
w30What graphics viewer do I want to use in the file manager to view graphic files with? Default Gimp is a little heavy just to quickly view a jpeg.23:40
pimperlew30: eog23:41
pimperlei find it easy to use with a reasonably quick startup23:41
pimperlegnaa, i just figured it uses gtk3 as well23:41
drcw30: but you have to add it in the Software Center, I think xubuntu default to something else (gthumbs?)23:42
w30pimperle alright, I too will use it, thanks23:42
w30drc, mine defaults to Gimp, sigh...23:42
pimperleright, i think they added gthumb as default in oneiric23:43
knomew30, right-click -> open with, and you get to select the default app23:43
knomeyes, gthumb is default in oneiric23:43
drcw30: right-click>properties>Open With23:44
w30drc, got it, thanks23:46
pimperleselecting a gtk3-theme somehow changes only half of the colors. the result look nothing like the screenshots on gnome-look.org23:47
pimperleare the themes missing something or will they just not fully work with xfce?23:47
pimperlei tried restarting xfwm, but i'm not keen to relogin and close all windows23:48
pimperlewill this help though?23:48
conbot123wtf is wrong with unetbootin?23:49
conbot123it can extract 10.04 perfectly23:49
conbot123but when i boot 11.10 it drops to a busybox prompt23:49
conbot123i am installing 10.04 right now ... :(23:49
pimperleconbot123: tried 11.04?23:50
drcconbot123: I was having problems with unetbootin 555 and 56Something in 11.10.  Installed from Software Center (549?) and it worked23:50

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