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sabdflDholbach, hi09:32
dholbachhey sabdfl09:32
sabdflCool, just checking comm from kiwi land09:33
dholbachsabdfl, still 1h30m to go, right? :)09:33
sabdflCatch you in 9009:33
dholbachawesome :)09:33
sabdflWe going to get all hands?09:33
dholbachI'm aiming for "most hands" - I'll round up as many as I can, but with some living in SF, I doubt we get all09:34
sabdflOk, till then09:35
dholbachsee you :)09:36
sabdflHello all10:59
beunogood afternoon sabdfl11:00
sabdflWho do we have from the CC?11:00
* YokoZar waves11:00
technovikingmorning all11:01
sabdflBeuno, London?11:01
dholbachit looks like we have beuno (new CC), YokoZar (new CC), popey (old CC), czajkowski (new CC) and Gwaihir (maybe new CC), technoviking (old CC)11:01
beunosabdfl, not this week, back home now. Was adjusting to your NZ TZ  :)11:01
sabdflThanks Daniel11:01
Gwaihirhello all!11:02
sabdflDaniel, can you take us through any agenda items, then I'll lead a general welcome and discussion11:02
dholbachoh, and akgraner :)11:02
dholbachour agenda wiki page is empty, but I think it's worth talking about handover and making sure we announce the final new CC11:03
sabdflOk. Any word from emmet?11:03
dholbachbut that's something we can easily do after the welcome and discussion11:03
dholbachno, unfortunately not - I texted him, mailed him, PMed him and sent a memo through MemoServ :-(11:04
YokoZarpersia is in the channel, at least11:04
sabdflPersia, around?11:04
czajkowskiand idle over a day11:04
czajkowskiso active in some way at least11:04
dholbachczajkowski, or his irc proxy/relay merely reconnected11:05
czajkowskidholbach: aye perhaps11:05
sabdflRegardless, we've not heard, we'll move on11:06
dholbachwhatever the decision is we take here, I'll try harder to hear back from him and if it's just to make sure that he's OK11:07
sabdflGwaihir, I understand you are willing to serve on this term of the cc, welcome11:07
Gwaihirsabdfl, yes, I'll be willing to step in, as confirmed to dholbach11:07
Gwaihirand thank you for the welcome!11:08
sabdflDaniel, you and I should follow up with Persia as you say, but the role is bigger than the man, and we have clear guidance on the need to participate or step down11:08
* dholbach nods11:08
sabdflI'll update LP on the morrow11:09
dholbachand I'll add Milo to the CC list11:09
czajkowskiGwaihir: welcome :)11:09
sabdflRight, we have good representation of prior and new CC11:09
* Gwaihir thanks czajkowski11:09
sabdflI want to offer an open mike to departing cc members11:10
dholbachalso I'll take an action to summarise the "open items" of the old CC and try to provide sufficient background on all of them11:10
sabdflGood idea dholbach, let's do that by email11:10
sabdflBig picture, old cc, what do you want to see from the new team?11:10
popeyi think i used up my open mike at the last meeting  ;)11:10
sabdflYeah, I read all about it ;)11:11
sabdflI think we can put that on te agenda tonight11:11
popeyyup, I'm happy with the progress jono etc are making there11:12
popeybe good for the new cc to keep tabs on it though.11:12
sabdflI thought about it and came to the conclusion I blogged11:12
YokoZar~persia, I don't know how long he's been mia but personally I wouldn't feel compelled to replace him until UDS11:13
sabdflW haven't reduced the places community participates, but we have added scope for product definition11:13
sabdflYokozar, it's done11:13
sabdflI thought Martin Owens take was interesting11:13
sabdflSine he was one of those most taken aback when we started to step up on design11:14
beunosabdfl, this was his comment on your blog post?11:15
YokoZarMartin and I have discussed it in the past11:15
sabdflYes. As I read it, he was saying 'I was upset when this started, but it's actually headed in a good direction, let's see where it goes'11:16
sabdflThere are a few hard truths that I think floss folk need to accept11:16
sabdflThe first is that corporate teams can do heavy lifting that cannot be done by consensus or consortia11:16
sabdflMob in and meego and limo are samples of failures on the consortium front - as will tine11:17
sabdflRed hat is playing this role in Gnome, regardless of the populist story of community design11:18
sabdflThe second is that it's pointless to aim for total transparency11:18
sabdflAny company has to figure out what it an commit to on it's own time and dime11:19
YokoZarMartin hinted at improvement, but I think the cynicism he's referring to is still very much out there.11:19
sabdflRed hat, intel, canonical, Duse11:19
czajkowskisabdfl: I think we can improve our communications about what has been disucssed and come to the conclusions of11:19
akgranerSo I don't think the majority of the people mind that Canonical does the heavy lifting, I think that people just want to know with certainty how and where they fit into the bigger picture11:19
beunohaving been talking to a lot of people about this issue, I think there's a subtelty to the design issue that hasn't quite been expressed, the direction we're moving in is no longer heavily focused on power users, which our community is mostly composed of, making them feel Ubuntu is not for them anymore. I think there's a gap there we need to figure out how to fill.11:20
sabdflI don't really care about the cynical view, it's poorly informed and cannot actually turn into a viable force11:20
akgranerand where they can be most beneficial11:20
sabdflI'm not sure I agree11:20
sabdflPower users are adopting MacOS in droves11:21
YokoZarThere's a pretty big gulf of difference between total transparency and the opacity of Mac11:21
sabdflTere are vastly more opportunities to participate in ubuntu than MacOS11:21
beunoright, sorry, I didn't mean related to transparency in decision making11:22
czajkowskiindeed which is great to see and more oportunities for people to express themselves11:22
sabdflFrom an actual participation point of view, I think we are incredibly accessible11:22
czajkowskithere are many ways for people to intereact and join in if they chose to do so.11:22
sabdflI'm not interested in the griping of a person who wants to be able to put the launcher St the top and add xeyes to it11:22
sabdflEspecially if they won't contribute a patch, with tests, and commit to maintain it11:23
YokoZarWell put11:23
sabdflThere are plenty of places for that in the broader *bunt universe11:23
beunoright, and maybe that's something to explore as a way to channel some of these folks11:24
dholbachI agree that things have improved, especially in the unity world where there's loads of people contributing nowadays, but I see the concerns brought forward in the last meeting as something a bit broader - we have a lot of people who do fantastic work and who are perceived as the leaders in their domain - this is great, but at the same time can be intimidating and leaving contributors in a spot where they don't exactly know how and what t11:24
dholbacho contribute because a possible perception by bold plans and actions could be the question "where do I fit in there?"11:24
czajkowskiyup, if people have issues and do want to change things, I'd rather see them giving a soltion rather than pointing out flaws, eveyrone can do that If you want to be part of the community, provide a solution11:24
YokoZarWhat about messes we create?11:25
sabdflIn that light, at UDS I'll outline a lot more of the big picture we've been working towards11:25
sabdflIn other words, what Ubuntu could be by 14.0411:25
popeyIt's been pointed out to me on more than one occasion that we're chasing 'users' and losing 'contributors'.11:25
sabdflNow, it can only be that with broad engagement with a passionate community11:25
sabdflOf contributors ;)11:26
GwaihirI agree with dholbach, even in our community we feel that people are willing to contribute, a lot, but they are a little bit lost where to start and on how to start11:26
akgranerI think it all fits together - 1) acknowledge the flaw as a flaw 2) if determined it is a flaw plan to fix the flaw 3) implement said plan 4) measure the success...so pointing out the flaw is the first step11:26
sabdflAs Daniel said, we've established a good pattern of contribution to unity11:26
sabdflThat's crucial11:27
czajkowskiyup, I think the unity developers get an unfair amount of flack for unity and do a great job11:27
sabdflPretty cool that we have both contributions to the core, and apps integrating11:27
sabdflSo how do we put the boot into the griping?11:28
YokoZarI think there are two kinds of griping11:28
YokoZarThere's the classic kind that you mentioned earlier11:28
sabdflI'm sick of it, it's very demotivating11:28
popeysabdfl: +111:28
sabdflAnd it's basically uninformed11:28
sabdflWe tried to help gnome and got the finger, now we are going to find our own way11:28
beunoso one of the challenges is how do we take something centrally designed, not necessarily 100% in the open, and help everyone feel like they're part of it11:29
sabdflAnd in that regard, we are leading, others are following, and it's easy to participate11:29
YokoZarI worry most about regressions11:29
sabdflRegressions would be a great focus for contribution11:30
YokoZarI think griping there has a legitimacy to it, since in that case the solution the griper proposes can be for us to simply not have done whatever we did that broke it11:30
sabdflBecause they are easiest to detect and fix on a crowd sourced basic11:30
akgranerIf people have skin in the game they are less likely to grip, whine, moan etc - so let's make sure we communicate all the ways there are to contribute and where to go to get started and put some skin in the game, mentor new leaders to step up, train new people to do the roles that other people have held for years etc11:30
YokoZarFor simple bugs like hardware and stuff, yeah.  Those are mere quality regressions.11:30
czajkowski skin?11:31
YokoZarBut sometimes this bold new design of ours causes a regression in experience in some case that used to work well, and we don't clean up our own mess.11:31
sabdflI wish folk realised how much canonical spends on doing bugs that after hardware which is not certified11:31
akgranerczajkowski, skin=it means they have a stake in the outcome11:31
sabdflWe could of course reduce the team, and just focus on hardware that we're paid to make work, leaving the community to fix hardware that the community cares about11:32
YokoZaroh man I sympathize totally, hardware is a complete beast.  But at least the solution is straightforward in most cases, and not particularly controversial11:32
akgranersabdfl, so how can we as a team work on making sure we have a clear picture so we can effectively communicate that to the community11:32
akgranerso we aren't misinformed first and foremost11:33
marianomhi everybody11:33
sabdflAkgraner, I think the good news is, we've swallowed all the bitter pills already11:33
YokoZarPerhaps an explicit example of the kind of thing I'm talking about might help here11:34
sabdflIn the move to Unity, and U1, that's all the hard stuff I can think of11:34
sabdflNow, we need to figure out two things11:35
sabdflFirst how we build a community that is behind those choices, and thick skinned to those who want something else, because at the end of the day we cannot be all things to all people11:36
sabdflAnd second, how we make those things *great*11:36
YokoZarThere are still things out there (and users that relied on them) that were regressed by some of the tradeoffs Unity made, for instance.  And we haven't fixed all those "regressions".  In some cases we've probably not even acknowledged them.  You'd need thick skin indeed to be able to deal with the kind of resentment that might breed.11:37
beunoyeah, I think there's some middle ground here11:37
sabdflRegressions that don't involve splitting attention can be fixed, and patches welcome11:37
dholbachmoving forward I think it's important to deal with gripes about quality, because they might have actual fact to them and then celebrate our successes and create an environment that contributors want to be part of (team atmosphere, ease of getting started, knowing what to do, etc.) - whoever doesn't like the decisions has alternatives11:38
sabdflFor example, if the move to compiz broke a shortcut which is still useful, let's take a patch11:38
sabdflIf the regression is that one cannot add a gnome applet to the panel, tou11:38
czajkowskiREgression happens, patches welcome, unless it affects key ares such as a11y and making it totally unusable11:39
czajkowskithen those need to be fixed11:40
sabdflWe are the only commercial grade platform that anybody can participate in shaping as an actual final product11:40
YokoZarsabdfl: Well put.  Perhaps the diffculty out there is that some people are expecting Canonical to fix every kind of regression, when that's not quite feasible.  So instead Canonical focuses on its own priorities, and the lack of a fix gets interpretted badly11:40
sabdflSome sector of the floss community finds that exciting, that's our audience11:41
czajkowskiYokoZar: +111:41
sabdflWhat we do is not a prototype or a concept or a community edition or a developer-only offering11:41
AlanBellwhat I think needs a bit more definition is the use case for Ubuntu, home or office. At the moment it is kind of both. This also defines the community.11:42
sabdflYokozar, daniel can speak eloquently to the ease with which fixes can land; if issues are really widely relevant, the communityis completely empowered to fix em11:43
beunoI'm not sure we've gotten any closer to figuring out how to improve the current situation, though11:44
YokoZarsabdfl: Yeah.  I wonder if there may be an expectation problem though...I personally, for instance, am much more likely to take up a task when I know no one else is going to do it unless I do.  So when I have false expectations that something will be taken care of by someone else then things stay broken.11:44
sabdflWell, being clear about mutual interests and commitments is a start11:44
sabdflAlanbell, I think you're right, and we can nail that at UDS11:45
YokoZarI think it's a good discussion to have.  First thing that comes to my mind is that, eg, Mono has a nice "Stuff we're not working on but would totally accept community contributions for" wiki page that's really easy to find.11:46
sabdflAs a start, we're going to split out the corporate and consumer use cases11:46
czajkowskithat s agood start11:46
YokoZarUniverse/Main is a similar thing we do well11:46
sabdflI'd like Canonical to do a corporate desktop remix, where we focus on corporate needs like thin clients and acrobat11:46
sabdflWith Ubuntu itself focused on the consumer and home user11:47
sabdflThat would be a good start11:47
YokoZarWould that involve Canonical products like Landscape?11:47
sabdflYokozar, we could tag unity bugs to get the same effect11:48
dholbachYokoZar, I think you're mentioning an interesting problem - maybe less in the world of bugs and code, where you can easily see to whom a bug is assigned - but in the world or planning and organisation I've experienced expectations that led to nothing happening (ie: "I thought Jono and his team would deal with this") - but maybe that's a separate discussion to have, probably at the leadership mini sprint at UDS11:48
sabdflYokozar, more streamlining of ubuntu, sans gwibber and games, adding things like remote desktop clients and adobe bits11:48
czajkowskithat does make a lot of sense really11:49
sabdflWho's coming to UDS?11:51
AlanBellsabdfl: that would be great, and you can have a community of consumer app developers, a corporate support and integration ecosystem (including Canonical), and end user customers of the OEM channel11:51
Pendulumsorry, I just had to catch up, but I would like to point out that sometimes there are regressions where the users being affected can't do the fixing (this is currently an issue with an accessility bug that means that there's no working screen magnifier for all of either version of Unity)11:52
popeynot me ☹11:52
czajkowskipleia2:  is also11:52
akgranerlyz will be there too11:52
czajkowskinoe me :(11:52
YokoZarsabdfl: Yeah, I think some sort of mechanism in Unity in particular would be useful here (well, any Main app really, especially ones where Canonical is upstream), since there the default assumption probably isn't "community needs to take care of this"11:52
sabdflMy turn on the bull, Daniel has the floor ;)11:52
czajkowskiI thinkn 7/8 of the CC will be there11:52
AlanBellthough for the corporate desktop I would focus on LDAP and configuration management (like ensemble) rather than thin clients11:52
technovikingI will not11:52
czajkowskitechnoviking: morning11:53
dholbachI haven't done so yet, but I'd like to thank everybody for their hard work on the CC. Big big hugs! :)11:53
Pendulumdholbach: +111:53
technovikingczajkowski: morning11:53
akgranerdholbach, +111:53
Gwaihirdholbach, +111:53
* technoviking hugs dholbach 11:53
dholbachI'll try to get the summary of open CC items out tomorrow, so I hope that'll spark some interesting conversations, and hopefully let us find solutions to all of them. :-)11:54
akgranerthanks dholbach11:54
czajkowskiexcellent plan thanks dholbach11:54
dholbachare there any questions from new CC members?11:54
czajkowskinope I think this has been a productive 1st meeting11:54
sabdflAgreed, welcome aboard, and see most of you in Orlando!11:55
dholbachthat's all I can think of for now11:55
akgranernot at this time....interesting 1st meeting though11:55
akgranersabdfl, thank you!11:55
Gwaihirnot for me now too, I think I already have a big picture of the tasks ahead11:55
YokoZarThank you folks11:55
sabdflAdios e gracias11:55
dholbachit looks like our next CC meeting will be during UDS11:55
YokoZardholbach: postpone it, hold a room?11:56
dholbachso let's try to figure out a way of how we can do this, or maybe move it - we can do that via email I think and update the wiki page accordingly11:56
YokoZariirc it's at a reasonable hour florida time11:56
Gwaihirdholbach, what time will be the meeting in Orlando timezone?11:56
dholbach21:00 UTC is what ... 18:00 Florida time?11:57
dholbachif that's the case, it should be right after sessions, which should be alright11:57
dholbachlet's figure this out via email :)11:58
highvoltageman I wish I could've woken up 40 minutes earlier :)11:58
dholbachI'm getting hungry :)11:58
* beuno will miss this UDS11:58
* dholbach hugs you all11:58
dholbachthanks everybody, you all rock!11:58
Gwaihirthank you all for this first meeting!11:58
* beuno waves11:59
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jonotime for the Canonical community team meeting15:00
* jono tries to figure out the bot15:01
popeyhash startmeeting15:01
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Oct 18 15:01:14 2011 UTC.  The chair is jono. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.15:01
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jonook, so this is the first Canonical community team meeting on IRC15:01
jonothe goal here is to provide a more transparent view of what the team is doing15:02
jonoin each meeting we usually kick off with a set of roundtables where every discusses what they have been doing over the last week15:02
jonoobviously confidential topics will not be mentioned, but 99% of topics are open anyway15:02
jonoso, let's kick off15:02
jonodholbach, want to go first?15:02
jcastrohe's giving a class15:03
dholbachjono, giving an UOW session right now - dpm has my notes :)15:03
jonoslacker, even on the first one15:03
dpmjono I'm here!15:03
jonodpm, can you post dholbach's notes?15:03
dpmSo here are dholbach's notes:15:04
dpm ∘ CC election + hand-over to new CC15:04
dpm ∘ dev survey15:04
dpm ∘ uds sponsorship - almost done15:04
dpm ∘ email - down to 10 in my inbox!15:04
dpm ∘ discussion on ubuntu-devel about NEW packages15:04
dpm ∘ updated 12.04 plans15:05
dpm ∘ stitched together pic of all uploaders (with LP profile pic) to oneiric for weekly dev update: http://people.canonical.com/~dholbach/oneiric.jpg15:05
dpm ∘ set up precise vm15:05
jonothe uploaders pic was awesome15:05
* dpm +1's15:05
dpm ∘ set up patch pilot schedule15:05
dpmAnd that was Daniel's most relevant activities for the week15:06
kim0super time efficient!15:06
jonoseriously :-)15:06
jonook, dpm want to go next?15:06
dpmjono, sure15:06
dpmSo my week was divided in translations and mostly app developer stuff:15:07
dpm* Ensured translation stats are ready for release (they're now updated automatically every day at http://is.gd/aTv7eu )15:07
dpm* Sent skaet the release notes for translations to go into the general release notes15:07
dpm* Filed a bunch of translations bugs, mostly software-center-related. Some were fixed pre-release, some might have to be SRU'd15:07
dpm* Some discussions on the mailing list. Highlight: Oneiric post-release language pack updates schedule15:08
dpmApp devel15:08
dpm* Went through some of the bugs in the ubuntuappdeveloperportal project in Launchpad15:08
dpm* Fixed the simple-player tutorial on developer.ubuntu.com (there were some out-of-date parts)15:08
dpm* Started regular calls with jpugh to ensure both the community and the business sides work together on promoting app development15:08
dpm* Went through app-development-related questions on askubuntu and tagged them as 'application-development'. We've now got more than 100!15:08
dpm* Some discussions on integrating the ARB process into MyApps15:09
dpmOther - community15:09
dpm* Had a call with kim0 to discuss 12.04 strategy15:09
dpm* Worked with johnoxton from the web design team on a revamp of the ubuntu.com/community page15:09
dpm* Made a list of the active community teams and their resources15:09
dpm* Bank holiday last Wednesday15:09
dpmAnd that was my week15:10
jonothanks dpm, also thanks for the u.c/community discussion15:10
jonodid John reach out to you regarding reqs?15:10
jonoI met with him in London15:10
dpmjono, no worries - yeah, we've been having some calls and working together on this15:10
jonogiven that they are tight on time, I think his plans look great for outlining five or so key roles15:10
jonodpm spins his d.u.c magic15:11
jonothanks dpm15:11
jonokim0 next?15:11
kim0I don't have it pre-written .. so typing fasst ..15:11
kim0- was off half last week .. so did some general catchup15:12
jcastroI am lucky I get to go last!15:12
jonono worries kim015:12
kim0- Finished off the strategic plan15:12
jonojcastro, see what I did for you there?15:12
* jono hugs jcastro15:12
kim0- Had a talk with dpm on that as well (thanks)15:12
kim0- Needed to push the reviewed serverguide on Oneiric release day!15:12
kim0-- For that, reviewed the remaining 3 chapters myself15:13
kim0-- sent out coordination emails on server list asking every volunteer to review their chapters15:13
kim0-- created 5 merge proposals for chapters .. reached out to doc committers list15:13
kim0-- reached out to translators list to get confirmation, we can push and that no translator is on it15:13
kim0-- finally all chapters merged .. success15:14
kim0- Created nice green visulasion and blogged it http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/10/ubuntu-serverguide-community-review-100percent/15:14
kim0- Created wiki page on using juju to control an orchestra server fleet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/OrchestraJuju15:14
kim0- Created wiki page on install ubuntu-cloud (openstack) using juju charms on top of orchestra : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ServerTeam/UbuntuCloudOrchestraJuju15:15
kim0- Blogged an article with pointers to all four needed pages: http://cloud.ubuntu.com/2011/10/ubuntu-cloud-deployment-with-orchestra-and-juju/15:15
kim0- Also created a video demo'ing ubuntu-cloud-live today .. apparently youtube chokes on OGV15:15
kim0so converting to whatever and pushing today15:16
kim0- smaller stuff: Fill cloud part in dpm's new community overview page, review UCD for Amber's checklist document, cloud portal maintainence (answer comments)15:16
kim0that's mostly all15:16
jonothanks kim015:17
jonojcastro, your go15:17
jcastro- Plenaries are all done (2 left from Linaro)15:17
jcastro- We have a car for UDS for the week before the sprint.15:17
jcastro- Reviewed upstream linkages in release notes for Kate.15:17
jcastro- Finished the mobile schedule, should be public any day now.15:17
jcastro- Submitted talk with Clint for SCALeS awesome cloud day.15:17
jcastro- Went to Puerto Rico this weekend and drank from a coconut, and then ate the coconut. It was awesome.15:17
jcastro- Openweek stuff.15:17
jcastro- Random "how do I schedule a session?" questions from ubuntu developers.15:17
jcastro- Send people here: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UDS/Scheduling15:17
jcastro- Random UDS things, updating the website.15:17
jcastro- Still procastinating on my goals and blueprints, but I promise to start today, for real. Actually can we set a deadline?15:17
jcastro- Ping from some developers on app indicator support, sent them to DX.15:17
jcastro- Messing with juju local dev, this will be wicked.15:17
jcastro- Working with guy who is porting the AU and reddit lenses to 11.10. He's blocking on a bug, followed up with didrocks, mikkel's got a patch in hand and it's been reviewed by Tomau upstream, waiting on an SRU to make Python lenses actually work.15:17
jcastro- Telling the world about the Ubuntu Friendly thing, because it's awesome15:17
jcastroIn an unprecedent move to improve transparency, I am making my TODO list public, and prototpying this with akgraner and pleia, anyone is welcome to join in and assign me stuff. You can see what I am working on in real time, holla at me if you want to give this a shot and see if it works for us:15:17
jcastro- https://trello.com/board/community-team/4e6febfb247e35000000aab115:17
jcastro- https://trello.com/board/classroom/4e94f7afaef5aa0000a5d2ea15:17
jcastroany questions?15:17
kim0man u should paste line by line15:17
dpmjcastro, showoff!15:18
jonohate that guy15:18
jonoone of the nice things about this meeting format is that I am listening to Dio right now :-)15:18
jonothanks jcastro15:18
jonook, I am up next15:18
jono-- Week before in Boston for OpenStack Summit - good event, JuJu demo went really well, the team did an awesome job.15:18
jonoAlso sat in on their governance/foundation session - was interesting, but I think they are going to face more challenges than they face15:18
jonothe real challenge is when all the companies want things outside of the published governance15:19
jono-- In London last week for the release sprint - sat in management meetings for half of it15:19
jonodiscussed as range of topics in mgmt meetings such as new quality processes for 12.04, localized isos (dpm need to discuss this with you), derivs and the release process15:19
jonooutside of that discussed Mark's opening talk at UDS, the design<->community process and how we open it up more, caught up on the ARB15:20
jonowas great to hang with some of the QA folks, jibel and gema are awesome15:20
jonoalso had a bunch of calls with community members over the recent feedback and concerns about motivation - merged that into my notes15:20
dpmjono, on localized isos, the main point to resolve now is testing. I had a chat with skaet and arranged a call with her and jibel next Monday15:20
jonohit up the release party which was fun, and I still blame popey for my head on the flight back15:20
jonodpm, yeah, I want to ensure we tightly scope that work15:21
jonoall you should focus on is connecting the translations leads to the release process15:21
jonowe don't want to spend too much time on this one with everything else going on15:21
jonogot back on Friday and I am behind on email15:21
jono-- UDS related bits15:21
jonosocial events finished15:22
jonofinalizing Linaro requirements - they all seem set now15:22
jonoblueprinting going well, badgered engineering managers and tech leads about it - the schedule is starting to form now15:22
jonojcastro, we need to keep an eye on the BPs to approve them - I approved 55 last night15:22
jonopgraner and I also discussed plans for Allstars :-)15:22
jcastrowait, I don't approve blueprints15:22
jcastroor am I supposed to now?15:22
jonojcastro, oh, I thought you did15:22
jonojcastro, I know I can, who else can?15:23
jcastrotrack leads15:23
jonoahhh cool15:23
jonoI will pester them again15:23
jono-- spent a bunch of time working on gathering and processing community feedback to resolve community concerns15:23
jonooh, hang on15:23
jonojcastro, did you get that Nokia session scheduled15:23
jonoI am not sure if Claire reached out to you15:23
jcastrolet me check15:24
jonoI will carry15:24
jonosurvey is still gathering results, plan on closing that off tomorrow and then start processing results15:24
jonomore calls15:24
jonoemail feedback was plentiful, some patterns observed in common concerns15:24
jonodiscussed with folks at OpenStack and London about this, got some great feedback from some ex-Canonical staff for areas of focus15:24
jonoalready started providing some responses and solutions, but plan to start releasing the data later this week, and next week15:25
jono-- 12.04 plan15:25
jonoworking with the team to finalize 12.04 plans15:25
jonoswitching around some team responsibilities15:25
jonoI think that is mostly it from me15:25
jcastroI'm unaware of any nokia session15:26
jcastrois this a session or a plenary?15:26
jonojcastro, remember how we discussed having a Qt plenary but we were full so we suggested a session15:26
jonowe discussed this at OpenStack15:26
jonoI will ask clan to ping you to coordinate15:26
jcastroah ok15:26
jcastroI can ping her15:26
jcastrono worries, sorry, I verbally agreed but didn't write down15:27
jonoon UDS related business - jcastro can you keep an eye on the leadership summit and ensure it keeps getting moved back to Bonaire 2?15:27
jcastrois it moving around?!15:27
jonoit was last night15:28
jonosorry, pal15:28
jonoI know you hate doing this15:28
jcastrohuh, weird15:28
jcastrook I will keep an eye on it15:28
jonook, so does anyone have any agenda items?15:28
jcastromaybe someone else is moving it15:28
jcastrojono: yeah15:28
jonojcastro, I doubt someone else moved it, the room was empty15:28
jonoI think it must be the autoscheduler15:29
jcastrohmm, we'll look into it, it's not supposed to move things after you manually set them15:29
jcastroone thing we do need to fix15:29
jonoso any agenda items folks?15:29
jcastrois mhall119 is still struggling with IS on the memory errors on the server hosting summit15:29
jcastrowe might need your ticket bumping powers if the next thing they try doesn't work15:29
james_wwe hope that is resolved15:30
dpmI've got nothing for the agenda today15:30
james_wsome changes were made that hopefully will fix the memory problems15:30
james_wI haven't heard any reports of problems since15:30
jonook cool15:31
jonoso I have a few short agenda items15:32
mhall119I haven't gotten any error emails since the change15:32
jonokim0, jcastro, dpm, dholbach UDS related bits:L15:32
jonoI have asked msm to book us a few private meetings to discuss team related bits after the plenaries on the Mon and Wed15:32
jonoalso could you all ensure you get your blueprints registered this week15:33
jononext week we will be at the pre-UDS sprints and things are gonna be crazy then15:33
jcastrook, so by friday?15:33
jonojcastro, no urgent date, but get most of it in this week15:33
jonojcastro, we need to review youe 12.04 plan before then15:33
* jcastro nods15:33
jonoone other topic15:34
jonofor those of you who are not aware, which should be everyone apart from the team, Eric Ward left us last week15:34
jonoEric was working as the new QA Community Coordinator15:34
jonounfortunately Eric felt like the role was just not right for him15:35
jonoand he left part way through the release sprint15:35
jonothat's it from me really15:36
jonoany other business?15:36
jcastroI believe dholbach wanted to talk more about Dio15:36
jonohe always does15:36
jonoMetallica vs. Megadeth ;-)15:37
dpmdholbach, don't start them15:37
* kim0 jumps 10mins into the future15:37
jonowe can talk about the Jonas Brothers if you guys want15:37
jonokim0, LOL15:37
dpmmetal trolling15:37
jonoI have the fever15:37
jonoalright, we are done15:38
jonothanks everyone!15:38
dholbachI'll read and try to understand the logs later on. :-P15:38
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meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-10-18-15.01.moin.txt15:38
dr3mrogr8ingz from Egypt ubuntu team !!!!15:55
Ursinhait's that time of the week16:00
AlanBelldpm: I am interested in doing an en_GB iso16:00
smbThough probably not more to say than "get that blueprints running"... :)16:00
SpamapS#startmeeting ServerTeam16:01
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Oct 18 16:01:10 2011 UTC.  The chair is SpamapS. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.16:01
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SpamapS#TOPIC Review ACTION points from previous meeting16:01
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SpamapSzul: is the action list on the wiki page at all accurate?16:02
zulSpamapS: i think so16:02
SpamapSlast edit before mine was 10/0416:02
zulalthough s/oneiric/precise/g16:02
SpamapShggdh and SpamapS to discuss SRU verification work for bug 750371 at next meeting or before (hggdh to test)16:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 750371 in squid (Ubuntu Maverick) "squid causing /var to stay busy during shutdown" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75037116:03
SpamapSwe'll talk about that when its his turn :)16:03
SpamapSjamespage to follow up with jhunt on udev/lvm bugs including 80149416:03
SpamapSguessing that got solved before the release16:03
jamespageSpamapS, I think the worst of it did16:03
SpamapSsmoser, utlemming and smb to follow up on Bug 85405016:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 854050 in linux (Ubuntu) "BUG at /build/buildd/linux-2.6.38/mm/swapfile.c:255" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85405016:03
Daviey^^ in smb's section. yeah?16:04
smoseri believe that smb has just put some content there.16:04
smbSpamapS, Just preparing some patches for sru. Unfortunately kernel.org down thing slows things down a bit16:04
smoserhe added an SRU justification16:04
hallynjhunt, were you going to look into the remainibg lvm+udev issues at all?16:04
Daviey(Shall we let him respond in AOB?)16:06
SpamapSutlemming to figure out qemu image situation (carry-over)16:06
SpamapSutlemming isn't here, will carry that one16:06
SpamapS#action utlemming to figure out qemu image situation (carry-over)16:06
meetingologyACTION: utlemming to figure out qemu image situation (carry-over)16:06
SpamapSDaviey to talk to ttx and keystone honcho for guidance about oneiric package16:06
SpamapSguessing that was handled last meeting?16:07
jhunthallyn: kinda bogged down trying to get the upstart feature destined for oneiric into perfect atm... Happy to look at it, but might be best for an lvm expert to be involved :)16:07
DavieySpamapS: sort of, it's not great shape - but acceptable, until the bugs roll in ;)16:07
SpamapS#topic Precise Development16:07
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DavieySync, Sync, Merge, Sync!16:07
DavieyStart thinking about blueprints you want to achieve. (A formal request will be sent soonly!)16:07
SpamapSHuzzah! a new release is upon us16:07
DavieyLook over bugs and features that were not resolved last cycle, and help consider if they need driving for this cycle.16:08
smosers/perfect/precise/ i think jhunt16:08
DavieyThis is also a good oppertunity to help drive the bug lists down.. We all need to put more time into this process (not just step 1)16:08
DavieySync, Sync, Merge, Sync! - This is the time in the cycle, where the heavy lifting is achieved.  Thankfully, we are merging from debian testing (wheezy), meaning that it should be an easier ride.  If you have any questions regarding this, please do ask.16:08
DavieyNew release tracking issues, http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html - if you are working on something that is not on that list, please make it known.16:08
SpamapS#link http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html16:08
jhuntsmoser: :) Odd as I have no problem remembering the Pangolin element.16:09
* SpamapS pokes the bot16:09
SpamapSAnybody have any perfunctory predelections before I move on?16:09
DavieyWait. nobody is working on bugs not on that list?16:10
SpamapSOne thing .. NICE JOB EVERYONE on 11.10 Server16:10
smoserjhunt, its probably more just your general perfection that makes you want to improve the adjective.16:10
zulSpamapS:  yes stop using big words16:10
SpamapSDaviey: have not reviewed the list16:10
SpamapSdidn't even know it existed, or what the report means really.16:11
DavieySpamapS: That is issues that are being worked on to be tracked.16:11
SpamapS#action ALL: review http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html and make known any other bugs that need to be added to the list.16:12
meetingologyACTION: ALL: review http://status.qa.ubuntu.com/reports/ubuntu-server/release-bugs.html and make known any other bugs that need to be added to the list.16:12
SpamapS#topic Ubuntu Server Team Events16:12
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SpamapSWinter is coming, and so is UDS-P16:13
Ursinhabrace yourselves16:13
SpamapSAnybody else attending conferences/meetups/tea parties in the near future?16:14
lynxmanSpamapS: LISA'11 in December (that's near enough)16:14
SpamapSlynxman: link?16:14
lynxmanSpamapS: http://www.usenix.org/events/lisa11/index.html16:14
SpamapSalright, if thats all then..16:14
SpamapS#topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the QA Team (hggdh)16:15
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zulwohoo...i get to wear shorts in november16:15
SpamapShggdh: bug 750371 needs a maverick verification.. can you make that happen?16:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 750371 in squid (Ubuntu Maverick) "squid causing /var to stay busy during shutdown" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75037116:15
hggdhSpamapS: yes. I did test it, but I still see fs messages during boot (but no recovery)16:16
hggdhwe need to talk about that16:16
SpamapShggdh: roger that, lets talk after the meeting16:16
SpamapSanything else?16:16
hggdhno, no news from teh QA front, except getting ready for UDS16:17
SpamapS#topic Weekly Updates & Questions for the Kernel Team (smb)16:18
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smbDon't think I got anything exiting right now... Except the get-ready-for-UDS thing...16:18
* SpamapS is certain smoser has *something* for smb16:18
Davieysmb: hola!16:18
* smb is sure there is something. There always is. :-P16:18
smoseri can say i dont have anything.16:19
Davieybug 790712 :)16:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 790712 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "20110531 i386 server ISO: order 5 allocation failure during install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79071216:19
DavieyDid you get the info you needed?16:19
* smb cannot remember having seen something...16:19
Davieyhmm, in that case, hggdh / jamespage - are you able to extract the data from jenkins that smb needs?16:20
hggdhDaviey: I will do it -- need to lower memory allocation, and re-run i386 until we get the failure16:21
* jamespage looking at bug16:21
smbMaybe best thing would be to meet up at UDS and brain storm a bit16:21
SpamapSShall we move on, and work this one out before next week's meeting?16:21
DavieySpamapS: can you action?16:22
SpamapS#action smb, jamespage, hggdh to work on triaging bug 79071216:22
meetingologyACTION: smb, jamespage, hggdh to work on triaging bug 79071216:22
ubottuLaunchpad bug 790712 in linux (Ubuntu Precise) "20110531 i386 server ISO: order 5 allocation failure during install" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79071216:22
SpamapSNCommander: you here?16:22
Davieysmb: A general thanks for giving us a great Oneiric Kernel! :)16:22
smbDaviey, will relay that to the rest of the gang. :)16:23
DavieyI think NCommander is in a call16:23
SpamapS#topic Weekly Updates & Questions from the Ubuntu Community16:23
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SpamapSwe'll skip Ncommander for now then, will check back in16:23
SpamapSHELLO community!16:23
DavieyI suspect they are all busy.16:24
SpamapSindeed, some might say our community is the busiest. ;)16:24
cprofittSpamapS: what do you need?16:24
lynxmanit is indeed16:24
lynxmanbkerensa: oh hey :)16:25
bkerensalynxman: Hi Marc16:25
SpamapScprofitt: as always, users, bug reports, and suggestions are what we need. :)16:25
SpamapS#topic Open Discussion16:25
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cprofittSpamapS: /whois SpamapS16:26
SpamapSspying on me eh? ;)16:26
cprofittjust curious I am not seen the name before :)16:27
Davieyworst. spy. ever.16:27
smoserfreenode-server: SpamapS is a superfly ubuntu super star16:27
SpamapSSeriously tho, people, can we all take a bow for 11.10? Good, bad, ugly, whatever you think, its done.16:27
smoserluckily there are things to improve on. ;)16:27
zuland now back at the meat grinder :)16:27
smbdoes it blend?16:28
cprofitt11.10 was very good.16:28
hallynsilly q16:28
smosermom always said, if you dont have anything nice to say, dont say anything at all.  but i seem to have failed to take that advice.16:28
SpamapSsmb: +1 for an automated testing framework to see if ubuntu server blends16:28
zulnumerous times :)16:28
Davieyjamespage is all over that!16:29
smbJust need a blender big enough. :)16:29
SpamapSjava blends16:29
dr3mroplease make ubuntu 12.04 the best linux ever .. overlay scrollbars integration to all apps .. boot speed .. please we need it to be bugless16:29
jamespagewell I will be once i have sorted out component mismatches :-(16:29
SpamapS#topic Announce next meeting date and time16:29
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Ubuntu Meeting Grounds | Calendar/Scheduled meetings: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs | Meetingology documentation: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology | ServerTeam Meeting | Current topic: Announce next meeting date and time
Davieyunity-acsii is on the roadmap.16:29
* smb runs16:30
SpamapSTuesday 2011-10-25 16:00 UTC right here in #ubuntu-meeting16:30
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Ubuntu Meeting Grounds | Calendar/Scheduled meetings: http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar | Logs: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MeetingLogs | Meetingology documentation: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Oct 18 16:30:33 2011 UTC.16:30
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-10-18-16.01.moin.txt16:30
lynxmannicely done16:30
Davieythanks SpamapS16:30
Ursinhathanks SpamapS16:31
hggdhSpamapS: in a call right now, can we talk in -- say -- 30 min?16:34
SpamapShggdh: ping me when you're ready16:34
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_stink_yay ubuntu-us-mi!19:56
MutantTurkeyubuntu-us-pa REPRESENT.19:57
* greg-g waves19:57
itnet7hey there greg-g !19:58
greg-gyo itnet7 ! long time no see!19:58
itnet7How're you?19:58
greg-gI'm good. In CA now. Working for CC.19:59
greg-ghow's life in itnet7 land?19:59
* pleia2 waves20:00
snap-lHello from ubuntu-us-mi20:00
tp0x45ubuntu-me here20:01
jonoLoCo Council meeting now?20:01
LogicalDreamHi all20:01
MutantTurkey4:01, jono. you're late.20:01
snap-ljono: that's what my calendar says. :)20:01
itnet7jono: it should be starting shortley20:01
jonoMutantTurkey, :-)20:01
beunomarianom, unimix, ^20:01
Ursinhahello from ubuntu-br20:01
jonohey itnet7!20:01
jonoubuntu-us-ca here :-)20:01
UbuntuserHi Ursinha ..:P20:01
snap-ljono: No fair. ;)20:02
snap-lWe just say we're rockstars, but jono has to go and be a rockstar20:02
* snap-l packs up his bags and moves to Toronto20:03
jonosnap-l, haha20:03
jonobtw, you know how much I love Ubuntu?20:03
jjesseenough to get a tatoo?20:03
mhall119echo to listen to Yanni20:03
jonowe are giving up a Judas Priest support slot so I can be at UDS20:03
Ursinhajono, omg20:03
snap-ljono: Ugh, that's awful20:03
jonoJudas Priest, Thin Lizzy, and Black Label Society20:04
snap-lRob Halford gives you a disapproving glance.20:04
snap-lWell, I can understand not hanging with BLS. ;)20:04
popeyczajkowski is unavailable20:04
itnet7Hey there popey20:04
popeypaultag is afk until 10 past20:04
popeyand people just turned up and my house!20:04
popeyI shall school them about Ubuntu meetings!20:05
greg-g"now see, this is IRC..."20:05
huatspopey, you might want to call the police the :)20:05
popeywho else is here? huats itnet7 ...20:05
* snap-l notes this for next time "Instead of showing up in IRC, show up at popey's house"20:05
huatspopey, I am here20:05
jjessesnap-l you buying us tickets if we have to support the loco again?20:05
* popey locks the door20:05
itnet7met too, and leogg20:05
* popey hides behind the sofa20:06
leoggI'm here as well20:06
popeycould someone else please chair?20:06
* popey runs to shove people back outside20:06
itnet7I have a vendor here, I can't really chair20:06
itnet7leogg huats ?20:06
huatsif nobody steps up I can, but honnextly if leogg it would be better because I might have a connexio break20:07
leoggdo we have quorum?20:07
itnet7we have 4 here20:07
huatswe have we are 420:07
huatsleogg, can you chair the meeting ?20:07
itnet7and paultag should be along soon20:07
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Oct 18 20:08:25 2011 UTC.  The chair is leogg. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.20:08
meetingologyAvailable commands: #accept #accepted #action #agree #agreed #chair #commands #endmeeting #endvote #halp #help #idea #info #link #lurk #meetingname #meetingtopic #nick #progress #rejected #replay #restrictlogs #save #startmeeting #subtopic #topic #unchair #undo #unlurk #vote #voters #votesrequired20:08
leogghi all!20:08
* greg-g waves20:08
leoggwelcome to the loco council meeting20:08
tp0x45hi again from ubuntu-me20:08
leoggthe agenda is over here ---> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda20:08
* unimix waves20:09
leogg#topic Ubuntu China reapproval20:09
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Ubuntu China reapproval
leogg#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ChinaTeam/ApprovalApplication20:10
leoggso, who's here from ubuntu-cn?20:10
snap-lIt has to be around midnight in China20:11
snap-lif not later20:11
leoggok, let's move on20:11
leogg#topic Ubuntu Argentina reapproval20:12
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Ubuntu Argentina reapproval
leogg#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ArgentinaTeam/ApprovalApplication20:12
leogganybody from ubuntu-ar around?20:12
unimixleogg: marianom, juancarlospaco and me20:13
unimixat least20:13
leoggoh, hai there unimix ! :)20:13
unimixleogg, o/20:14
leoggunimix, care to tell us about your team?20:14
unimixok, As you can read, we have an intense activity from the last 3 years to now20:15
juancarlospacohello friends...20:16
leoggjuancarlospaco, hola!20:16
flomincuccihey juancarlospaco, logg :)20:16
unimixthe most important events were Ubucon 2010 and the two edition of CISL with gov support20:17
juancarlospacohello flomin20:17
leoggflomincucci, o/20:17
unimixamong others20:17
leoggunimix, nice20:17
leoggunimix, I didn't see any team reports on the app?20:18
huatshow do you coordinate your team since argentina is large country ?20:18
huatsplease answer leogg first20:18
huatsany answer ?20:19
unimixok, I have done team reports in irregular basis, but the last months are uo to date20:19
huatsunimix, what about my question on the coordination in your team?20:21
unimixwe have main activities in Buenos Aires and use the mailing list to coordinate and encourage the other to make events in the rest of the country20:21
leoggunimix, I can only fin https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ARGENTINA/TeamReports20:22
huatsleogg, I have found the august/september/october on too20:23
paultagsorry I'm late20:23
unimixleogg, there are thre months of team reports at least i have done by myself20:23
unimixthats right leogg20:24
unimixthere are some othe reports for 2010, for sure20:25
leoggunimix, you should spend some time on reporting, otherwise it's difficult to see what you guys been doing20:25
leoggunimix, for example, there's a lot of events in 2009 and 2010, but I don't see much activity in 201120:26
_stink_i have to jet, but i want to make sure i say that i'm a member of ubuntu-us-mi (which is up next) and i am overflowing with wub for ubuntu-us-mi.  please excuse my out of turn wub.20:26
unimixok, leogg, that's my fault cause i'm in charge of that task.20:27
paultag_stink_: noted :)20:27
paultag_stink_: go bucks!20:27
leoggunimix, you should delegate :)20:27
_stink_paultag: i'll just ask Nebraska about that here... :D20:28
leoggunimix, there are other active members on your loco?20:28
unimixleogg, yeap20:28
paultag_stink_: oh, burn! :)20:28
paultagunimix: are they here?20:28
unimixyes, leogg, five more20:28
unimixubuntu members20:28
huatsunimix, I think the question of leogg is that they should step up to show us you are not alone...20:29
unimixhuats, i get the point20:30
flomincuccifor active members do you mean ubuntu members?20:30
marianomhi there20:30
flomincuccii'm part of the loco, but still not a ubuntu member20:30
paultagall members are encouraged to participate :)20:30
juancarlospacohello im active member of ubuntu-ar loco20:30
huatsflomincucci, active member in the loco are great !20:30
leoggunimix, I think you're an awesome team, but having no recent activity reports doesn't help20:30
huatsterrific !20:31
marianomhi leogg, hi paultag, hi again unimix (hi flomincucci and juancarlospaco)20:31
paultagunimix: do you have photos or any sort of documentation of recent events in 2011?20:31
paultagmarianom: Hiyya!20:31
malevhello! unimix is not alone20:31
leoggmarianom, hey! o/20:31
huatsthat is what we want to "see" : people supporting there team20:31
unimixleogg, we have the last month done !20:31
unimixpaultag, we have a lot of pics, some of them are in the wiki20:32
paultagunimix: would you mind linking us to a few events from like 2-3 differente events from 2011 and why they are special?20:32
marianomwe added a couple of pictures from this year events in the application Iguess20:32
marianomlet me check20:32
juancarlospacoi see pics there20:32
paultagah right right20:33
paultagthose look like they're from 2010 from the way it's set up20:33
unimixpaultag, do you see it ?20:33
huats(the link on the agenda is wrong)20:33
paultagunimix: I see some photos, but again, nothing from 201120:33
paultagI found them, though20:34
marianomunimix, paultag: there are two photos for the nevet36 in august20:34
paultag(both of them)20:34
paultagmarianom: yep, got it20:34
marianomthe photos for the piratefest were horrible20:34
paultagIt's OK. I'm ready20:34
marianomthere is no one you could tell anything20:34
marianomI mean there was no way to tell anything from the photos20:35
leoggok, we're ready to vote20:35
leogg#voters huats itnet7 paultag popey leogg20:35
meetingologyCurrent voters: huats itnet7 leogg paultag popey20:35
leogg#vote on reapproval Ubuntu Argentina20:35
meetingologyPlease vote on: on reapproval Ubuntu Argentina20:35
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:35
meetingology+1 received from popey20:35
meetingology+1 received from paultag20:35
meetingology+1 received from itnet720:35
meetingology+1 received from huats20:35
paultagWell done. I like it20:35
meetingology+1 received from leogg20:35
jedijfnice, congrats20:36
meetingologyVoting ended on: on reapproval Ubuntu Argentina20:36
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:020:36
meetingologyMotion carried20:36
paultag'grats guy! :)20:36
popeyCongratulations Team AR!20:36
leoggcongrats -ar20:36
marianomthanks guys!!!!20:36
paultagplease do do some team reports for 2011, though20:36
popeyKeep on rocking!20:36
flomincucciThanks \o/20:36
malevwow!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!20:36
tp0x45congrats -ar20:36
unimixthanks dudes !!20:36
paultagand 2012, it's coming up soon :)20:36
juancarlospacowoot, amazing!  :)20:36
leoggunimix, but you should really start  to do the reports!20:36
huatsI agreewith paultag20:36
itnet7I think that all of you have done some really nice work, congrats20:36
juancarlospacothank you people ! :P20:36
popeyand blogging :D20:36
marianomwe appreciate your confidence on us20:36
marianomwe have been working non stop since day one20:36
paultagOK, who's up next, we have a long agenda leogg :)20:37
leogg#topic Michigan Team reapproval20:37
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Michigan Team reapproval
unimixpaultag, yeah, i get the point about TR :)20:37
paultagunimix: :)20:37
leogg#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MichiganTeam/ReApprovalApplication201120:37
UbuntuserCongrats Argentina! ;)20:37
marianomwe have a great team and we appreciate the support from the community20:37
paultagFirst, I'd like to say, for the record:20:37
paultagGo bucks.20:37
leoggmichigan team? anybody here?20:37
brouschi am here!20:37
* greg-g waves laggily20:37
marianompaultag: +120:38
snap-lHello there20:38
leogghey guys! welcome!20:38
paultagah, there's craig20:38
leoggso, who's going to tell us about your team?20:38
snap-lI can speak for our team20:39
leoggsnap-l, go ahead!20:39
snap-lWe're comprised of the state of Michigan, with two centers of major activity20:39
snap-lMetro Detroit, and West Michigan20:39
snap-lWest Michigan is headed by brousch20:39
paultagnice, decentralized.20:40
snap-lWe've been active now for a while now20:40
leoggvery nice indeed20:40
snap-lOur team regularly meets on IRC every day, and at least once a month to discuss loco business20:40
greg-gwe were officially founded way back in 200720:41
snap-lmostly we socialize on IRC, but have been known to discuss Ubuntu from time to time. ;)20:41
leoggsnap-l, what would you say is your teams biggest strenght?20:41
snap-lWe originated the Jam concept20:41
snap-lleogg: I'd say our ability to group together and organize20:42
snap-land also to innovate new ideas20:42
greg-gand cross group work (eg: we work well with many other linux-focused groups in the area)20:42
snap-lgreg-g: ++20:42
leoggok, let's vote then!20:43
paultagI think we're all good to vote20:43
snap-lWe work very closely with our local LUG20:43
leogg#voters huats itnet7 paultag popey leogg20:43
meetingologyCurrent voters: huats itnet7 leogg paultag popey20:43
paultagno question at all20:43
popeygreat work20:43
paultagOh crap20:43
leoggeasy guys!!20:43
paultagwe need leogg to kick it off20:43
snap-lThank you20:43
leogg#vote on Michigan team re-approval20:43
meetingologyPlease vote on: on Michigan team re-approval20:43
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:43
meetingology+1 received from huats20:43
meetingology+1 received from paultag20:43
paultagwell done, keep it up guys :)20:43
meetingology+1 received from leogg20:43
meetingology+1 received from popey20:43
meetingology+1 received from itnet720:44
popeysorry, got excited :D20:44
meetingologyVoting ended on: on Michigan team re-approval20:44
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:020:44
meetingologyMotion carried20:44
itnet7me too!!20:44
paultagwell done -mi!20:44
itnet7Great Job!!20:44
tp0x45congrats Michigan!20:44
leoggcongrats guys! really amazing work!20:44
brouschyeah us!20:44
greg-gthanks all20:44
jonocongrats snap-l20:44
leogg#topic Pennsylvania Team reapproval20:44
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Pennsylvania Team reapproval
paultagAlright, who's here from -penn?20:45
* jedijf pulls over20:45
MobileTurkeyI am from PA20:45
jedijfi am here20:45
andurilIm here20:45
leogg#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PennsylvaniaTeam/ReapprovalApplication20:45
MobileTurkeypvl1 is also here20:45
MobileTurkeyand pleia220:45
leoggwelcome guys!20:45
MobileTurkeythanks :)20:46
leoggplease talk a bit about your team20:46
jedijfUbuntu PA is great! Philly area is active.20:46
jedijfirc is active. Forums and mailing list have slowed.20:46
jedijfThis is probably more to the success of Ubuntu in general;20:46
jedijfless issues/problems and questions.20:46
MobileTurkeywe do a fair bit of troubleshooting on the IRC20:46
pvl1yeah the irc is definetly more active than the forum20:46
jedijfGetting the other areas of PA involved in meatspace stuff20:46
jedijfis an ongoing goal.20:46
MobileTurkeyjust general pointers and tips20:46
pvl1we talk a lot about technologies as well. lots of interesting stuff20:47
jedijfI *love* the unity debate, even if solely for the passion that20:47
jedijfit has brought back. There is no bad press.20:47
popeyhttp://ubuntupennsylvania.org/ <- should that work?20:47
MobileTurkeymany seasoned vets as well as some new comers20:47
MobileTurkeythat is our website! :D20:47
popeydoesnt work here20:47
andurilloads here20:47
MobileTurkeyloads here as well20:47
itnet7Loads for me popey20:47
pvl1i see it20:47
popeymy stupid isp20:48
jedijfpopey just imagine greatness20:48
* popey imagines ponies20:48
leoggjedijf, I have to say that your app is extremely difficult to read, sorry...20:48
MobileTurkeypopey: here is google cache http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:UIWEWyreZPQJ:ubuntupennsylvania.org/+ubuntu+pa&cd=1&hl=en&ct=clnk&gl=us20:48
popeyleogg: agreed20:48
paultagleogg: yeah, totally20:48
itnet7ponies on trampolines20:48
paultagjedijf: if I might ask, how many people worked on the app?20:48
jedijfleogg: i was trying to make it easy to reference the events20:48
paultagjust as a sidenode20:48
jedijfjust me20:48
jedijfrather than have vague references and then go to a timeline20:49
MobileTurkeyjedijf is our fearless leader...20:49
jedijfso each reference would show corresponding data20:49
paultagpopey: itnet7: huats: anything else?20:50
itnet7No, I'm ready20:50
paultagwe have a few more minutes20:50
paultagand 3 more teams, I think I have an idea20:50
jedijfIn the past we were spoiled by having pleia2 do the blogging, photographing,20:50
jedijfand wiki administriva. That is an area that I would like to delegate.20:50
paultagjedijf: I tink looking into that would be wise20:50
paultagpopey: huats: ?20:50
pleia2we've been working over the past few months to get all the administrative keys moved over to active, local members (since a bunch of us moved away)20:51
leoggpaultag, +120:51
huatsnothing more20:51
paultagleogg: let's hit this. We're good20:51
leogg#voters huats itnet7 paultag popey leogg20:51
meetingologyCurrent voters: huats itnet7 leogg paultag popey20:51
paultagwe can't keep waiting if we have a queue20:51
leogg#vote on ubuntu-penn reapproval20:51
meetingologyPlease vote on: on ubuntu-penn reapproval20:51
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)20:51
meetingology+1 received from paultag20:52
meetingology+1 received from itnet720:52
meetingology+1 received from popey20:52
meetingology+0 received from leogg20:52
paultag*BUT* I'd like to qualify that - please do revamp some of the administrative things jedijf20:52
paultagjedijf: your app is a bit of a mess, but I can see the team it's self is stable20:52
leogghuats, ?20:52
paultagjedijf: I think your goal on the next cycle might be getting some people to support you, because you're really working hard20:52
jedijfpaultag: ok20:52
meetingology+1 received from huats20:52
meetingologyVoting ended on: on ubuntu-penn reapproval20:53
meetingologyVotes for:4 Votes against:0 Abstentions:120:53
meetingologyMotion carried20:53
pleia2congrats pennsylvania :)20:53
MobileTurkeydance party...20:53
tp0x45congrats - pennsylvania20:53
pangolinYAY PA!20:53
paultag'grats PA :)20:53
leogg#topic Montenegro team approval application20:53
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Montenegro team approval application
itnet7good work!!20:53
leogg#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MontenegroTeam/ApprovalApplication20:54
paultagWe're going to run over, who's got the meeting room after this, and can we get a few more minutes?20:54
tp0x45we hope so :)20:54
MobileTurkeydoes it look bad if the whole ubuntu pa team leaves the meeting?20:54
leogganyone from Montenegro?20:54
Ursinhaplease please please20:54
paultagMobileTurkey: nah :)20:54
popeyI can't stick around long20:54
LogicalDreamIm form ubuntu-me20:54
MobileTurkeypaultag: well then, thank you and keep up the good work20:54
paultagpopey: me neither20:54
paultagMobileTurkey: back atcha20:54
tp0x45I am from ubuntu-me team20:54
leogghey magio081 LogicalDream !20:54
leoggtp0x45, o/20:55
tp0x45hi all20:55
LogicalDreamHi all20:55
paultagok, ubuntu-me - who's the contact?20:55
leoggso, care to tell us about your team?20:55
tp0x45I can be a contact for today: Tomo POpovic20:55
tp0x45we are a team coming from a small but proud nation of 600,00020:55
tp0x45we unofficially exist since 2007 with on and off activities with collaboration with other teams in the region20:56
tp0x45since 2009 we formed a Facebook (I know) group that has been fairly active20:56
tp0x45It has over 100 members now20:56
paultagCool. How would you use the new-found approved status (if granted it) to help the end-goal of promoting Ubuntu?20:57
gibMIchigan team +120:57
tp0x45we see it as a big motivational boost, as we just recently started the website, forum, planet, etc20:57
paultaggib: jcastro: a bit late, they already got the +1 :)20:57
tp0x45we are hoping to organize more events such as our recent release party the other day20:57
tp0x45we established a good relationship with university of Montenegro20:58
tp0x45and it just so happened that one of the major local newspaper reported on the event and team activity today20:58
gibHad to run an errand for the wife.20:58
paultaggib: np :)20:58
paultagtp0x45: that's really cool!20:58
leoggtp0x45, very nice!20:59
tp0x45we have lots of very young mombers and I think would be very cool to have them get more involved and see that our efforts are being recognized20:59
tp0x45we are also trying to educate facebook users to use our forum, site, IRC, etc...21:00
paultagtp0x45: this sounds really cool :)21:01
tp0x45the activities in last 3-4 months were really result of a team work ... and I hope with the approval of the team we will get even more people that were active in past to reactivate again :)21:01
LogicalDreamfrom 2006 when Montenegro got back Independent status , This is the first time that we are officaly applaing for approval21:01
leoggtp0x45, you've done a great job so far, but I think you need a little more experience21:01
paultagI think the work so far is absolutely monumental21:02
tp0x45thanks paultag :)21:02
paultagOK. I'm ready to vote21:02
huatsThe thing is that even with a terrific work like your we like to have an activity on a wide period of time21:03
huatsready to vote too21:03
leogg#voters huats itnet7 paultag popey leogg21:03
meetingologyCurrent voters: huats itnet7 leogg paultag popey21:03
tp0x45well the activity spread back to 2007, we hope to get  more people involved21:03
leogg#vote on Montenegro LoCo approval21:03
meetingologyPlease vote on: on Montenegro LoCo approval21:03
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)21:03
meetingology+0 received from leogg21:04
meetingology+0 received from paultag21:04
meetingology+0 received from popey21:04
meetingology+0 received from itnet721:04
* paultag pokes huats 21:04
popeyI agree with paultag, I'd like to see a few more months of building the team, and writing up events first21:04
popeyperhaps come back at the start of the new year?21:04
LogicalDreamWe will defenetly :)21:04
meetingology+0 received from huats21:04
tp0x45OK, thanks :)21:04
LogicalDreambut Thanks for support anyway21:05
meetingologyVoting ended on: on Montenegro LoCo approval21:05
meetingologyVotes for:0 Votes against:0 Abstentions:521:05
meetingologyDeadlock, casting vote may be used21:05
paultagdon't take this the wrong way21:05
paultagbecause your work is huge21:05
paultagand to get in a newspaper is massive21:05
paultagso keep it up21:05
paultagbut I'd personally like to see a bit more activity over a few more months21:05
popeycompletely agree21:05
leoggtp0x45, LogicalDream, great job! and we really hope to see you guys in a couple of months21:05
itnet7tp0x45: you all have done great work so far looking forward to the next time you apply21:05
paultag(this was *not* a -1)21:05
LogicalDreamThank You all !21:05
leogg#topic Ubuntu Brasil reapproval21:06
=== meetingology changed the topic of #ubuntu-meeting to: Ubuntu Brasil reapproval
paultagUrsinha: you're on!21:06
* Ursinha takes the stage along with Andre_Gondim and Ubuntuser21:06
Ursinhahello #ubuntu-meeting21:06
leogg#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BrazilianTeam/ReApprovalApplication201121:06
paultagthanks again, tp0x45!21:06
leoggLogicalDream, tp0x45, thank you!21:06
leogghi guys!21:06
tp0x45thank you for good feedback!21:06
paultaglet's do this - we're 6 minutes over :)21:07
leoggubuntu-br, the stage is yours!21:07
Ursinhaall right21:07
leoggtp0x45, no problem... just ping us if you need anything21:07
UrsinhaBrazil is a *HUGE* country, with 26 states plus the capital (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_of_Brazil :))21:07
Ursinhawe are an active Ubuntu community since 2005, and we've been working really hard since last approval to find a way to coordinate and organize all of these people21:07
paultagOn the Ubuntu Brazilian Users team on Launchpad we have more than 1431 members, which all of those have signed the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.21:08
paultagWow, how do you enforce that?21:08
popeyjust. wow.21:08
paultagdid you guys translate it? That's really impressive21:08
Ursinhapaultag, by having a process that asks users to do that21:08
Ursinhawe check pending requests and email them21:08
Ursinhaasking them to do so21:08
Ursinhalet me find you the link21:08
paultagUrsinha: Do you help them set up a GPG key if they don't know how to use it?21:08
Ursinhapaultag, yes21:09
Andre_Gondimpaultag, yeah, we have a default mail to learn it21:09
Ursinhathere's a canned email to send them21:09
Ubuntuserand wiki too21:09
Ursinhaand eventually we have some requests21:09
leoggyep, really impressive21:09
Ursinhapaultag, http://wiki.ubuntu-br.org/ComoParticipar/MembrosPendentes21:09
Ursinhathis is the page21:09
paultagthanks Ursinha :)21:09
leoggUrsinha, I don't see any team reports?21:09
Ursinhaleogg, no, because we haven't got there yet21:10
Ursinhaleogg, it's a LOT of people and teams, we're studying how to make all of them talk in a more effective manner21:10
Ursinhawithout a lot of noise21:10
Ursinhathere are 26 groups21:10
Ursinhawe consider splitting them per brazilian regions, so we'd have like five teams, that coordinate each one its region21:11
Ursinhathis is a *HUGE* problem and it's basically the main topic discussed for improvements21:11
popeyyeah, can't be easy with such a giant country21:11
Ursinhawe have the local teams mailing lists and the national support one21:11
Ursinhawe announce things in the national one, things that we carry from the regional lists21:12
UbuntuserFacebook and Twitter too.. ;)21:12
Ursinhaalso, Andre_Gondim does an awesome job blogging about the events21:12
paultagand translations (from what I read) - which is mighty awesome work21:12
leoggreally nice work!21:12
Ursinhapaultag, yeah, he's awesome like that :)21:12
Ursinhalast years we worked on reviving the existing working groups, and creating new ones, such as the ubuntu-br-artwork and ubuntu-br-dev teams. Still not much activity on them, but we're working on it21:13
Ursinhawe wrote "first steps" for people that want to participate with translations or docs or any other teams21:13
Ursinhaso it's easier to coordinate across the country21:13
huatsUrsinha, coordination on such a big country is clearly a key I think21:14
Ursinhayeah, I was interested in the answer when you asked argentina :)21:14
Ursinhabecause it's tricky21:14
Ursinhabut we're working on it21:14
Ursinhababy steps, but we're WAY better than a few years ago, that's for sure21:14
leoggok, let's vote then!21:15
leogg#voters huats itnet7 paultag popey leogg21:15
meetingologyCurrent voters: huats itnet7 leogg paultag popey21:15
leogg#vote on Ubuntu Brasil reapproval21:15
meetingologyPlease vote on: on Ubuntu Brasil reapproval21:15
meetingologyPublic votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)21:15
meetingology+1 received from popey21:15
meetingology+1 received from paultag21:15
meetingology+1 received from leogg21:15
meetingology+1 received from itnet721:15
paultagcrazy easy for me21:15
popeyawesome work in difficult circumstances21:15
meetingology+1 received from huats21:15
Ursinhathanks popey21:15
meetingologyVoting ended on: on Ubuntu Brasil reapproval21:15
meetingologyVotes for:5 Votes against:0 Abstentions:021:15
meetingologyMotion carried21:15
Andre_Gondimé nóis que voa21:15
paultagkeep up the work - and do try to work out the issues with team reports21:15
UbuntuserThanks guys21:15
paultagI know it's not easy21:15
itnet7Great work!!21:15
UrsinhaAndre_Gondim, o/21:15
leoggcongrats guys! this was really easy!21:15
Andre_GondimUrsinha, \o21:15
Ursinhathanks all21:15
Andre_Gondimthank you all21:15
UbuntuserUrsinha, Andre_Gondim \o/21:15
leoggthank you everybody for coming!21:16
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meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-10-18-20.08.moin.txt21:16
Ursinhathanks all for staying late for us!21:16
popeythanks for chairing leogg21:16
leoggpopey, np :)21:16
itnet7Thanks leogg !!21:16
paultagthanks leogg :)21:16
paultagall of you rock21:16
paultagso much21:16
paultagI love you all dearly21:16
paultagthanks for coming out!21:16
leoggitnet7, paultag :)21:16
jedijfthank you all for being in service21:16
jedijfthank you all for being in service21:16
snap-lThank you, everyone!21:17
snap-lYou're IRCing while dricing?21:17
* paultag facepalms21:18
snap-lAnd I thought texting while driving was bad enough21:18
jedijfnow *that's* dangerous21:18
snap-ltrying to set IRC modes on an iPhone keyboard while driving would put me in a ditch21:18
LogicalDreamGood Night to all , Greetings from Montenegro21:23

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