snadgebummer.. still has the annoying right click bug in firefox00:01
snadgeanyone know how to reproduce that one?00:02
snadgeit just did it again whilst im playing minecraft01:05
snadgeleft clicked the window.. right clicked.. menu disappears when mouse moves over it01:06
snadgeselected a different tab, went back to the same tab.. right click, menu works properly01:06
snadgefirefox window that is01:06
snadgealso, minecraft on intel gpu seems to make unity extremely choppy. like 3 fps01:07
Amaranthminecraft is good at that01:07
snadge90% cpu idle01:07
snadgeunity-2d is a lot more responsive whilst playing minecraft, with higher frame rate01:08
AmaranthOh, that menu thing happens for you on the desktop version of unity?01:08
AmaranthI'm getting that on my unity-gles port and thought maybe I broke something01:08
snadgeright, release version, oneiric01:08
snadgei was getting a bit frustrated yesterday with unity.. but i notice today an update with a heap of bug fixes.. including 2 that i mentioned yesterday01:09
snadgeare there any cheap/easy ways to improve minecraft performance with unity running?01:10
AmaranthI normally play minecraft on my windows machine01:11
AmaranthIt beats the crap out of it too01:11
snadgeat home im running it on fglrx, and its flawless01:11
snadgeso i suspect this is because intel gpus arn't really gpus.. and minecraft doesnt like them to begin with01:11
snadgeyou cant even run minecraft on windows, with most intel gpus.. because of the drivers01:12
snadgeon linux, mesa fills in the gaps, with expectedly average results01:13
smspillazAmaranth: ohai :)01:14
Amaranthsmspillaz: Can't look at your compiz branch right now01:23
Amaranthmaybe next week01:23
smspillazAmaranth: no problem :)01:25
smspillazAmaranth: do you want me to do the patches ?01:25
Amaranthsmspillaz: Patches for what?01:33
smspillazAmaranth: the patches from collabora01:36
Amaranthoh, right01:36
AmaranthI thought you gave one of them commit access01:36
smspillazI did, but not all of them are committed yet01:36
smspillazI'm going to check with fred as to what the status of them are01:36
smspillazthanks :)01:37
* smspillaz -> uni01:37
Amaranthweird, the patches in the oneiric patch seem to refer to code I don't have in my branch01:41
Amaranthsmspillaz: Can I get your branch URL again?01:42
AmaranthMine seems to be broken01:42
AmaranthBecause fuck bzr-git01:42
smspillazAmaranth: lp:~compiz-team/compiz-core/compiz-core.gles2_support01:43
smspillazthe only big changes I had to make was that I needed to change the startup order somewhat to workaround a bug in an unamed proprietary graphics driver01:43
Amaranthand here i thought I was almost done01:43
smspillazhm ?01:43
AmaranthMy oneiric-gles branch seems to be horribly out of sync01:43
smspillazoh, don't worry01:43
smspillazI can handle this01:44
AmaranthYeah well I've got to release something :P01:44
smspillazI'm "not working" at the moment so I'm free to like actually help and not deal with emergencies01:44
smspillazAmaranth: ok, well the plan is for P to drop as many distro patches as we can so that there is no need for the /oneiric branches anymore01:44
smspillazwhich I've almost done01:44
smspillazso yay for simplicity01:45
Amaranthhrm, we have a lot of differences01:46
smspillazits not *too* substantial01:46
smspillazmostly just stuff that moved around in the context initialization01:46
smspillaz(I needed to add a hook for the workarounds plugin to change some state before the egl/glx contexts are created in order to work around a bug in said graphics driver)01:46
Amaranthyour branch seems to be an upstream branch with my patches applied?01:47
smspillazI merged the gles branch from git into lp:compiz-core01:47
AmaranthOh, I'm working on the oneiric branch01:47
smspillazwhich still need to go upstream01:47
smspillazyeah, it's all a bit ... confusing :/01:47
AmaranthYeah, I now have no fucking clue what is going on01:47
smspillazsorry about that01:47
AmaranthAnd I'm afraid I've been wasting my time01:47
smspillazthat's why I'm doing this :)_01:48
AmaranthBut the problem is I need an oneiric branch01:48
smspillazanyways, I'm off to uni, but just a heads up that this is there. I'll do the oneiric branch merge later today01:48
AmaranthI don't give a crap about upstream right now, I need a "what you have in oneiric + gles" branch of everything done by tomorrow01:48
AmaranthAnd I've apparently been working on the wrong branches01:49
smspillazas soon as I get back01:49
smspillazI will merge all this in :)01:49
AmaranthWhat is the oneiric branch?01:49
smspillazanyways, really really have to run01:49
AmaranthWhich one can I currently pull, combine with the packaging branch, and get what is shipped in oneiric?01:49
smspillazsorry about this01:49
smspillazI'll be back in about01:50
smspillaz3 hours01:50
neorosbobHi all, can anyone tell me why my applications can not browse to mounted file systems like smb mounts? I can't get some of my apps to see the remote file systems but I can browse to them in nautilus.02:28
neorosbobI should add, I just switched from gnome classic and I am struggling02:28
neorosbobhow about this one, when I log in with unity (not unity-2d) and I want to whitelist and app so it displays in unity panel, I go to the Configuration editor -> desktop looking for unity -> panel but all I have is unity-2d and no panel option. Am I logged in as unity-2d or am I missing libraries?02:34
cwillu_at_worksnadge, I don't have the details offhand (and had some trouble finding it again when I was looking earlier today), but there's some flags/environment vars for java to make it not fall back to software 3d rendering on intel video03:55
cwillu_at_workminecraft being the only 3d game implemented on java, there's not as much info on the topic as one would like :p03:56
* cwillu_at_work goes to bed03:56
Amaranthneorosbob: The mounts is going to be because not all of your apps are using GTK+, I guess04:03
smspillazAmaranth: ah, you're still here. I've just merged everything in to the oneiric branches, pushing in about 10 minutes (just testing to make sure that the merge didn't clobber anything)04:04
neorosbobAmaranth: thanks, are you aware of a workaround for this?04:04
Amaranthsmspillaz: Awesome04:04
Amaranthneorosbob: Nope04:04
neorosbobgnome-classic here I come04:05
Amaranthneorosbob: Classic won't help you04:06
AmaranthThose are GVFS mounts in classic and in unity, that's not a unity thing04:06
neorosbobAmarenth, yes it will. Everything works fine in Gnome classic, it's unity that it doesn't work in.04:06
neorosbobMaybe it's caused by something else but it does work in gnome classic04:06
Amaranthneorosbob: You've either hit the oddest bug I've ever heard of or aren't explaining it enough for me to understand then, I guess04:07
AmaranthEvery app using GTK+ should see the mounts because GTK+ talks to GIO for the file browser and when you select a file the app is given a ~/.gvfs/ FUSE path so they don't even need to use GIO themselves to read/write from it04:08
AmaranthI could maybe see something not getting setup correctly for Qt apps to see these files04:08
AmaranthBut everything that uses GTK+ should see them, no matter what shell you use04:08
neorosbobLet me do some more testing and see if I can come back with anything more useful. I need to put gnome classic back on this machine. With more testing I can offer a more useful explanation. Thanks for your input04:09
Amaranthneorosbob: What apps are having this issue?04:09
AmaranthI just realized Qt apps should still be using the GTK+ file browser on GNOME desktops (which Unity still is) so even they should work04:10
AmaranthAlso are you sure this is a Unity thing and not a GNOME 3 thing?04:11
neorosbobkeepass and gvim are what I have noticed so far, gedit seems to work fine04:12
neorosbobtesting some others real quick04:12
neorosbobno I can't say for sure if it's gnome or unity either04:12
neorosbobto be honest I don't know much about the desktop environments04:13
smspillazwho doesn't love bzr foo04:13
AmaranthUnity pretty much just replaces gnome-shell, the rest of the desktop environment is the same04:14
AmaranthI mean, unity pulls in other stuff to do what it does but I can't think of anything being left out04:14
AmaranthOr, from a place point of view, it just replaces metacity and gnome-panel04:14
AmaranthErr, someone said place to me right as I was about to type classic04:15
AmaranthSo yeah...04:15
neorosbobmakes sense. After testing other apps it's for sure just a handful of apps, keepass, truecrypt and gedit. Sadly some of my most used apps that I need to edit network files on.  So it sounds like a gnome3 issue after your explanation04:18
smspillazthat was fun04:52
smspillazAmaranth: bzr thought that all the work I did was a conflict :)04:53
Amaranthyeah, i noticed that04:54
AmaranthI tried to do it earlier :P04:54
smspillazTEMPLATE ERRORS :)04:58
AmaranthIs it because of pq's argument count changes?04:59
AmaranthI don't think I ever applied that one locally04:59
smspillazoh yeah, ICS got announced today05:03
smspillazoh, pretty meh05:06
smspillazAmaranth: wewt: lp:~compiz-team/compiz-core/compiz-core.gles2_support05:10
smspillazAmaranth: are you on ~compiz-team ?05:10
* smspillaz checks05:10
smspillazAmaranth: err, I meant bzr push lp:~compiz-team/compiz-core/oneiric.gles2_support05:11
smspillazthat one05:11
smspillazoh fun, we need to do the plugins too05:15
snadgehmm.. firefox doesnt appear to show visited links anymore.. is this a bug? :P05:33
snadgeyeah it does nm.. weird, just one site05:35
didrocksgood morning05:37
snadgei miss weather applet :(06:39
Amaranthsmspillaz: Did you ever push your oneiric+gles branch?06:56
snadgeis this so we can run oneiric on our mobile phones or something?07:14
kamstrupAmaranth: I don't thin kit's pushed. But smspillaz send a call for testing recently (yesterday, or was it monday?)07:26
davidcallekamstrup, hi07:28
kamstrupyo davidcalle!07:29
davidcallekamstrup, I'm looking for a way to merge and triage results from different scopes before they are passed to dee. Any idea?07:30
Amaranthkamstrup: He just did a merge of my upstream branch and the oneiric branch and said he was pushing it for me07:31
Amaranthbecause apparently I fail at bzr-git07:31
kamstrupdavidcalle: the Lens class in libunity already does that for you no? Or do you mean you need to intercept the changes and do something with them?07:33
kamstrupAmaranth: ah, ok, I think you know more than me then :-)07:33
kamstrupdavidcalle: what I am pondering is if you can somehow get away with sticking a Dee.FilterModel in between the scope and the lens. The FilterModel is based on a filter callback that you can use to change the filter/change the data on the fly07:38
kamstrupbut I am not entirely sure that is possible right now...07:39
kamstrupmaybe it is...07:39
davidcallekamstrup, that's exactly what I'm looking for. :)07:39
kamstrupdavidcalle: the 'results-model' and 'global-results-model' properties on Unity.Scope are read-only...07:40
davidcallekamstrup, in fact, what I want to do is to reorder the results globally without caring about which scope it comes.07:42
kamstrupdavidcalle: a Dee.FilterModel is very well suited to do that as it can do it without allocating any extra storage really. The question is how to jank it in somewhere :-)07:43
davidcallekamstrup, I understand07:44
davidcallekamstrup, I'm going to try to pass the results from each scope to another one, which will be dedicated to ordering results, then will pass to dee.07:46
kamstrupdavidcalle: yeah, oughta work... If not entirely elegant, but it may be your only option for now... Sorry. But I think figuring out a clean way to do this with libunity is a reasonable request07:47
kamstrupdavidcalle: I just dpm to update the libunity docs on http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.10/GIR/python/Unity-4.0.html07:49
kamstrupnot that it helps for this particular purpose, but might be nice to know :-)07:49
kamstrupdavid planella, he's in charge of developer.ubuntu.com07:50
davidcalleOh, dpm the guy, I thought it was some kind of technical term :)07:51
kamstruplol, sorry :-)07:51
davidcallekamstrup, I'm seeing two renderers I didn't know about. Weird, I need to try that.07:52
kamstrupdavidcalle: hehe I think they're untested - caveat emptor :-)07:52
kamstrupdavidcalle: in fact, I think they might be unimplemented at this point... :¨-(07:53
kamstrupdavidcalle: hmmm, looks like Dee.Filter and Dee.FilterModel is not working very well from Python...07:55
kamstrupso my idea based on those are dead anyway07:55
jussiMorning all07:58
kamstrupmhr3: davidcalle has a reasonable request ^^ we should allow lenses to intercept the results from scopes before they are added to the results-model, to change, filter, or re-sort them on the fly07:59
davidcallekamstrup, the two renderers just fallback to vertical. *sad*07:59
jussiIs there a unity tips and tricks some place for new unity users? (so as they get the most out of it). Several of our software programmers are unising 11.10 now, and Id like to educte them abit.07:59
kamstrupdavidcalle: but I think chances are good to have them working for P... you should punk gord or njpatel08:00
davidcallejussi, you should find a thread about it on askubuntu.com08:00
davidcallekamstrup, I sure will ;)08:01
jussidavidcalle: hrrr, do we not have somehting directly from the people who designed it? perhaps even a bit marketing styled, that illustrates all these super new features. ie. how lenses work, that the super key can do super stuff, etc etc08:02
davidcallejussi, don't think there is one. Nevertheless, you really should have a look at http://askubuntu.com/questions/36274/tips-and-tricks-for-unity . Oh, and the Unity documentation in the Ubuntu help is suprisingly good.08:04
jussidavidcalle: right, I guess thats pretty much what Im after, Im just suprised its not coming from unity/canonical marketing people.08:06
jussi(and thanks very much)08:06
mhr3kamstrup, yep sensible request for sure08:06
davidcallejussi, to be fair, they are really active to make askubuntu an excellent source of information.08:07
jussidavidcalle: fair enough.08:07
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Amaranthhrm, this is a PITA to merge08:34
AmaranthI really hope smspillaz doesn't already have it done, would hate to duplicate work08:34
gordkamstrup, what renderers?08:47
kamstrupgord: http://developer.ubuntu.com/api/ubuntu-11.10/GIR/python/Unity-4.0.html#Unity.CategoryRenderer08:49
gordkamstrup, ah right yeah list/flow we ignore - right now, renderers are real easy to make now, so i'll sit down and add some sometime08:52
kamstrupgord: so just to make it clear, you're promising davidcalle new toys for P, right? ;-)08:53
gordask me that again after orlando ;)08:53
gordi'm assuming list renderer is just one tile per row right?08:53
gordmaybe i'll sneak that together later, its just a big horizontal tile08:54
davidcallegord, what about flow?08:55
davidcallegord, have you any idea what it should look like?08:56
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oSoMoNgood morning08:58
gorddavidcalle, yeah but its non trivial, we'll see :)09:00
davidcallegord, I have a small issue with non square icons in the dash. They don't fill the tile as much as they should. http://ubuntuone.com/29XotWHHPDyQ2tpk98kxr8 Or maybe it's by design?09:10
gorddavidcalle, nope thats certainly a bug :) can you file it on launchpad and poke me with it? i'll assign myself to it, the code there is something i want to take another look at09:12
davidcallegord, sure, I just wanted to check with you before filing it.09:12
gorddavidcalle, are those stars unicode stars? because thats awesome ;)09:12
davidcallegord, yes they are!09:13
gordvery cool :)09:14
davidcallegord, thanks :)09:14
davidcallegord, https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity/+bug/87801509:21
ubot5Ubuntu bug 878015 in unity "Non square icons don't fill result tiles as much as they should" [Undecided,New]09:21
Amarantharg, why is upstream compiz so much different than what shipped in oneiric :/09:22
Amaranththought I had this merge done twice now but I'm either pulling in all of the upstream changes and figure the diff is too large or using very old versions of everything without realizing09:22
gordthanks :)09:26
zniavregood morning09:29
zniavrewhy some indicators are working with gnome-panel (weather-indicator , dropbox) but others  not  (session/sound-indicators etc...)09:30
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Zhenechpulling indicators into debian…12:00
Zhenechindicator-messages now uses gtk3, for gtk2 you have to install the -gtk2 version12:00
Zhenechwhat's a sane upgrade path here?12:00
Zhenechcurrently users just have the old gtk2 version in indicator-messages installed12:01
hyperairZhenech: have the -gtk2 depend on the gtk3 one?12:05
hyperairtransitional metapackage style12:05
Zhenechhyperair, well, no, doesnt sound to good12:11
Zhenechthat would actually mean:12:11
Zhenechi-m depends on i-m-gtk212:11
Zhenechand pulls gtk2 into systems that are gtk3 only (at some point in the future such systems may or not may exist)12:12
=== MacSlow|lunch is now known as MacSlow
Zhenechi-m-gtk2 already depends on i-m12:18
smspillazAmaranth: didn't I post the link ?12:20
Amaranthsmspillaz: You didn't push12:20
smspillazAmaranth: lp:~compiz-team/compiz-core/oneiric.gles2_support12:20
AmaranthThat's still upstream+gles branch12:21
AmaranthI've got all of oneiric+gles branch done with a minimal diff except GL context setup now12:21
smspillazuhh ?12:21
AmaranthBut it completely fucks the branch doing this so I'll have to do it all over again from scratch next month12:21
smspillaznope, the one I pushed is definitely the oneiric branch12:23
Amaranthsmspillaz: Oh man, that's not what you linked last time12:23
smspillazreally ?12:23
AmaranthYou linked the upstream+gles twice12:23
smspillazah, fun12:23
Amaranthsmspillaz: Is that a brute-force merge or did you ensure only needed changes were merged?12:23
smspillazI ensured that only the needed changes were merged12:23
AmaranthOh, I see12:24
smspillazAmaranth: I basically rebased all your stuff on top of what's there and then resolved the conflicts12:24
smspillazwhich was pretty straightforward12:24
Amaranthlast time you gave the upstream+gles branch then said oops and gave the right one12:24
Amaranthbut I missed the second line12:24
smspillazah :)12:24
smspillazok, anyways12:24
AmaranthWell there went a couple hours12:24
smspillazif people ask you to merge branches again just defer to me, I don't want to waste your time12:25
AmaranthWasn't straightforward for me, either I'm failing at bzr or you did voodoo magic12:25
smspillaz(that's why I did it :))12:25
smspillazoh, I probably did voodoo12:25
AmaranthI made a copy of the oneiric branch, pulled in your upstream+gles branch to one of them, then opened the two dirs in meld and wiped out all non-essential changes12:25
Amaranthgot stalled on you changing the way the GL context is setup, made things too much of a diff12:26
smspillazyeah, don't worry about that12:26
smspillazI spent a good hour or two working all that out as well12:26
smspillazAmaranth: be glad that you didn't have to track down a random crash that was happening because of a subtle change in initialization order :p (I fixed that :))12:27
smspillaz(was a typo)12:27
smspillazAmaranth: anyways, like I said, I actually have some time now that I'm not dealing with emergencies every day :p so I'll handle the merges and such with my bzr foo12:28
Amaranthsmspillaz: Wanna tackle plugins-main then too? ;)12:29
smspillazAmaranth: heh, plugins-main is going to be ... fun12:30
AmaranthI actually haven't even updated it myself in 4-5 months I think12:30
smspillazmainly because I reshuffled and refactors a lot of the expo plugin's rendering code to get the layout you see in ubuntu (but obviously couldn't have that upstream since it would make certain people (not naming names) upset)12:30
Amaranthooh, goodie, expo12:31
smspillazlike I said, I can handle it12:31
smspillazI don't think the changes required to get it working with the vertex buffer classes were really that complex, it was more just the rendering of the "ground surface" needed to use GL_TRIANGLES, clipping planes had to be reworked somewhat, and s/glDrawGeometry/vertexBuffer.begin () glAddGeometry vertexBuffer.end ()/12:32
smspillazAmaranth: next cycle will be awesome though, as we'll be back to one branch (upstream)12:33
smspillazsince I have done the work so that we can drop pretty much every distro customization that we have12:34
smspillaz(had to have two branches this cycle because we have to do gtk_init inside of compiz because gtk3 doesn't like it when you do gtk_init twice12:35
Amaranthwon't you still need that?12:35
Amaranthalso unity-window-decorator12:35
smspillazunity-window-decorator is being dropped, I'm using the mutter keys to do the borders now12:35
smspillazs/is being/has been/12:36
smspillazand (my) plan at least is to remove the gtk dep from unity entirely, since we don't really use it for much except the utility stuff12:36
smspillazbut failing that we can just put it in a separate plugin now since we have the framework now to be able to change user's settings when they upgrade (so that gtk_init can just go in a plugin which is loaded at the front of active_plugins)12:37
smspillazwhich means that we don't need it in core anymore \o/12:37
smspillazwhich means yay, one branch12:37
smspillazand more sanity12:37
smspillazand less people asking me to revert particular commits for certain distro versions12:38
smspillazoh, with the gles stuff merged in12:38
Amaranthalso, quilt is your friend12:38
smspillazquilt based patches are nice12:38
smspillazexcept when they substantially change functionality and then you're asked to fix bugs in the patches12:39
smspillazthat happened a few times in natty12:39
smspillazor when, in order for unity to run, you need a distro patch on compiz which makes developing unity on trunk compiz impossibe12:39
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AmaranthOur first compiz package ended up carrying ~100 patches maintained with quilt12:39
AmaranthAccumulated over 6 months12:39
smspillazAmaranth: I bet that was fun to maintain12:40
AmaranthProbably why that maintainer burned out actually12:40
AmaranthThen I took over and we ended up with 20 or so12:40
smspillazgosh, I start freaking out when we have 26 distro patches (all sru fixes)12:40
AmaranthI carried ~20 for 18 months or so12:41
smspillazdid they all touch the same part of the code ?12:41
Amaranththey were more all over the place12:42
AmaranthBut we also aggressively pulled in git snapshots12:42
smspillazyeah that would be annoying for patch maintainence12:42
Amaranthquilt refresh aggressively too :)12:43
smspillazAmaranth: it kinda got to a point in last cycle where we had distro patched a plugin from plugins-extra into core, and then unity-window-decorator into core and then it was all so ahhh such a pain to maintain12:43
smspillazand it extended debugging sessions from "a few minutes" to "hours"12:43
Amaranthlargest we did was the checks that ended up being the detection and bailer plugins12:44
smspillazwhich is now unity_support_test12:44
smspillazdetection and bailer was an idea that we were playing around with that got dropped and then the code never went with it for some reason12:44
AmaranthI noticed unity_support_test grew a bit :)12:45
smspillazI still think its worth having, so that we can switch to unity-2d on the fly in case your graphics card decides to crap out or mesa dies or whatever12:45
smspillazbut gnome-session makes that more painful12:45
AmaranthThe only pain there is unity-2d is several processes12:46
smspillazand also gnome-session is a set of "registered components" that can't be changed at runtime12:47
AmaranthWhat? That's the dumbest...12:47
AmaranthOh, of course, they tried to drop classic session support12:47
AmaranthSo they put their own thing in then put classic session support back in next to it12:48
smspillazwell the idea is that you have a "test thing" which is run at session startup which determines if you can actually get the clutter supported session or not12:48
smspillazso if the thing returns 1, you get components A, B and C, else E, D and F12:49
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TrevinhoGuys I'd need an info for the UDS... I need to buy a plug for my notebook, is this fine to be used during sessions http://is.gd/elmxVh ? Or is it better to buy a not grounded one... ?14:37
jcastrothat should be fine14:38
TrevinhoOk thanks jcastro14:39
TrevinhoI was thinking to an adaptor, but it maybe uses too much space...14:39
TrevinhoHowever if the ground pin is not a problem, I'll take that14:39
zniavregood afternoon15:15
zniavrethere is a way to re-arrange the indicator-applet please15:16
davidcallezniavre, I believe this is a question for Trevinho15:19
zniavredavidcalle,  ok thank you  im always shy to ask a strange question at devs guy cause im using quite unanormal installation15:22
zniavregnome (from 11.10) with xfce4-panel to get indicators thingy but there are in reverse order15:24
davidcallezniavre, unusual indeed. I know that Trevinho has worked on indicators on the unity panel, maybe he will be able to answer.15:25
zniavreTrevinho,  if you do not find my question stupid please help me to put indicator in good order thank you15:28
Trevinhozniavre: the xfce4 panel16:11
Trevinhowhat is using really?16:11
TrevinhoAn applet to do that?16:12
TrevinhoI mean, to show the indicators...16:12
zniavreyes indicator-app-menu and applet-indicator16:12
TrevinhoMh... So the old gnome applet?16:12
zniavrethere are in gtk216:13
zniavrethey *16:13
TrevinhoOk... Well, I didn't touch that part in this cycle16:13
Trevinhoalso if I did for the natty cycle...16:13
zniavreim trying this cause my pc is too old to use unity or gnome-shell but i missed indicator-stuff in gnome-panel session (fallback)16:14
Trevinhozniavre: I know.. .There's no indicator applet for gnome3 yet16:14
Trevinhois something that should be ported I guess16:14
* zniavre agreed :o)16:15
TrevinhoBut I think that is something that the community should do, since I don't think that canonical wants to support it anymore...16:15
zniavrei hope somebody will do it (im not dev)16:15
TrevinhoTry unity-2d if you want, maybe it works better there16:16
TrevinhoHowever, for xfce, I think that the indicator order is embedded into the applet code itself16:16
TrevinhoBut... *MAYBE* this still works for you: http://www.webupd8.org/2011/06/how-to-change-application-indicators.html16:17
Trevinhohowever that seems to work just for indicator-application's items16:20
zniavreyes like nm-applet and/or dropbox-appler weather blabla etc...16:24
zniavrei ll try tonight16:24
zniavrethank you very much answering16:24
zniavreat least i got appmenu well working16:29
m4n1shdoes file lens use information provided from only zeitgeist or does it have any other scope?17:23
OldUbuntuLoverso who at Canonical decided that my screaming fast (i7 + 1TB (2x500) + 16GB Ram (2x8)) development desktop should look and behave like a mobile device?18:11
OldUbuntuLoverUbuntu (-1).  Just lost a LONG time user (pre-6.06).  thanks Canonical for destroying my Ubuntu experience.18:12
Andy80hi all19:03
Andy80is there any known bug regarding LibreOffice and Unity? I'm working to a presentation and it LibreOffice is not visible in Launcher, neither on task list (ALT+TAB switching) and its menu is not "unified"...19:04
jderosetedg: what's the proper way to destroy an Indicator (short of closing the app)?19:11
tedgjderose, NUKE IT FROM SPACE :-)19:12
tedgjderose, You should be able to just g_object_unref() it.19:12
tedgAndy80, I can't comment on the launcher issue, but to get the menus you need to install lo-menubar19:13
jderosetedg: hmm, differencing the Python object (PyGI) doesn't seem to be doing that I guess... does that sound like a bug, if that's the case?19:13
Andy80tedg: ehm.... I think it should be installed by default :P19:13
tedgAndy80, I agree.  Working on it :-)19:14
tedgjderose, Yeah, it does... might be in the Python bindings?19:14
tedgjderose, Are you using the GIR based ones or the hand built ones?19:14
* tedg has more faith in the GIR ones19:14
jderosetedg: GIR, PyGI... and from Python3 :-D19:14
Andy80tedg: nice to know :)19:14
tedgjderose, Hmm.  Interesting.19:15
tedgjderose, Yeah, I'd consider it a bug.  You can hide it by changing the state and then it'll "go away"19:16
tedgjderose, That's a work around though.19:16
jderosetedg: so the dbus object will still be there, just hidden in the UI?19:16
tedgjderose, Yeah, not ideal, but it'd work.19:17
jderosetedg: i'll look more closely... maybe i'm retaining a reference somewhere that i didn't notice19:17
jderosetedg: and if is in fact a bug, i'll file one :)19:17
jderosetedg: in a simple example, dereferencing the indicator is working fine, so i'm just being dumb somewhere and keeping a reference i guess - http://paste.ubuntu.com/713600/20:44
tedgjderose, Woot!21:06
* tedg does the "not my bug" dance21:06
jderosetedg: hehe :-D21:07
* jderose does the "oops, my bug" shuffle21:07
=== m_conley is now known as m_conley_away
jo-erlendI need to configure my terminal server to run unity 2d. What is the command to use?22:09
jo-erlendI mean... What is being run when I log in with the Unity 2D session?22:15

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