pooliehi all00:18
* slangasek waves to poolie 00:31
slangasekdoes anyone here know why the openldap import is failing? the error message looks pretty wrong, openldap didn't exist in Debian woody. http://package-import.ubuntu.com/status/openldap.html#2011-06-15%2000:44:51.44254000:32
slangasek(and that version number never existed for the openldap package)00:32
slangasekwell, actually, I guess openldap *might* have existed in woody... but it was a completely different package back then, *before* it was renamed to openldap2 :)00:32
poolieperhaps that's connected to the '2' epoch00:33
pooliei need to reboot and perhaps debug something weird here, biab00:33
poolielet's file a bug first00:33
* slangasek files00:34
* fullermd questions the meaningfulness of the microseconds term :p00:34
pooliepatches welcome :)00:35
fullermdI've been looking for the proper place to submit patches to physics for _years_!00:36
slangasekpoolie: bug #877827 filed00:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 877827 in Ubuntu Distributed Development "openldap fails with "marked but not imported" for an ancient package version" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87782700:38
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vilahi all :)06:34
vilapoolie: ping06:35
pooliehi vila06:35
vilapoolie: I pushed the importer too much ? :)06:35
pooliehow's it going?06:36
pooliei think that trying to catch up with Precise opening made it too excited06:36
vilathat was me, I progressively raised max_threads to 24 and it was going well for several hours06:37
vilalooks like it's at 2 right now06:37
vilaI'll have to look at the logs06:37
vilaI'll put it back to its regular 8 now06:37
pooliemm. if you want to06:37
poolieplease don't06:37
vilawhy ?06:38
vila(just reverted it to 2)06:38
pooliewhy did you think you should?06:38
vilato catch up the ~18.000 pending imports faster06:39
poolieit's an operational issue for lp so we shouldn't put it back up until we can do so without slamming them06:39
vilaoh, we did ?06:39
poolieyes, i replied in gz's mail thread06:39
vilaoh, I should read that then06:40
poolieoh i thought you had06:40
psycoseHi I got the following error while using bzr https+urllib://......    bzr: ERROR: wanted 1433 bytes but next hunk only contains 848: 'gcb1z\n1417\n2632\nx\x9c\xcdV'    I did bzr check and bzr pack on all side, any tips ? thanks       Repository tree (format: 2a)06:41
pooliepsycose: my guess would be there is a proxy interfering with traffic06:41
pooliethough that seems a bit unlikely for https06:42
AuroraBorealisoh god that error sounds terrible06:42
vilapoolie: I replied to the thread06:44
psycoseAs it seems to be an application level error, it does not seems to come from the HTTP server, if ever you have any tips for me to investigate, the server and the client are on the same computer.06:45
pooliewhat's the server software?06:51
mgzmorning all.07:51
pooliehi mgz07:59
vilamgz: hey !08:02
marcamillytrying to install bazaar on os x lion08:24
marcamillygot the dog from the canonical site08:24
marcamilly*dmg i mean08:24
marcamillyinstalled it08:24
marcamillybut when I go to terminal, bzr returns 'command not found'08:25
AuroraBorealisare you on lion08:25
marcamillyi did set Python to 2.608:25
AuroraBorealishave to do something08:25
AuroraBorealisthat worked for me08:25
marcamillywhat else do I have to do?08:25
marcamillydo I do that after the install?08:25
AuroraBorealisthats what i did and then it worked08:25
marcamillyjust did it again08:25
marcamillystill doesn't work08:25
AuroraBorealisis it bash saying that the command isn't found?08:26
AuroraBorealisdid you open a new terminal?08:26
marcamilly-bash: bzr: command not found08:26
marcamillyclosed terminal altogether08:26
marcamillyand re-opened it08:26
AuroraBorealisnot sure why its not working then since it worked for me08:26
marcamillymaybe restart machine?08:26
marcamillybut that's sooooo windows08:26
vilamgz: did you see http://www.themacaque.com/?p=954 ?08:27
AuroraBorealisyou can try, but it should of installed it to your path...08:28
AuroraBorealisnot sure why its not working for you08:28
AuroraBorealisor you did the python 2.6 thing wrong08:28
marcamillyk, lemme try restarting08:29
marcamillybefore doing anything more drastic08:29
marcamillylike installing the 'Test' version08:29
AuroraBorealisthat dmg really needs to be updated =/08:30
mgzvila: they don't actually say what the problem is in that post08:40
vilamgz: wrong encoding ?08:41
mgzbut not having access to the environment block in unicode does break people who want to languages other than their system install08:42
mgztheir test would work on my box downstairs, because it would return CP932 that could then be correctly decoded08:42
vilamgz: I didn't look to closely, but we rely on expanduser here and there and I thought you will be interested08:46
mgzso, his question about whether it's fixed in Python 3 is funny08:46
mgzthe environment is unicode already in Python 3.08:46
mgzvila: it's interesting.08:47
marcamillystill no dice08:48
marcamillyeven after reset!08:48
mgzbut an edge case, most spanish users don't give themselves japanese user names08:48
vilamgz: yup, let's handle the rare case befor the hairy one ;)08:50
mgzvila, do you know anything about installing on osx for marcamilly?08:51
vilahmm, not for a long time and never on lion, but let see08:51
vilamarcamilly: what's your PATH ?08:51
AuroraBorealisthere is an issue on lion08:52
marcamillyhow do I see that at the command line?08:52
AuroraBorealisbecause it doesn't adapt for the fact that python2.7 is default08:52
vilaenv | grep PATH08:52
vilathat's because noone with a lion setup has stepped up to build the installer :)08:53
marcamillymy PATH: https://gist.github.com/129776908:54
vilait's pretty easy once you installed the dev dependencies08:54
vilamarcamilly: can you check that bzr is in /usr/local/bin ?08:55
marcamillyhow do I do that?08:57
marcamillyjust tried cd-ing to that folder, but it wouldn't allow me08:58
vilals -l /usr/local/bin/bzr08:58
marcamillypermission denied08:58
marcamillyls: /usr/local/bin/bzr: Permission denied08:58
vilals -l /usr/local/08:58
marcamillyk got that, sec09:00
AuroraBorealisseems bzr didn't install or something o.o09:01
vilamarcamilly: ugly, '502' seems to be an unknown user and you miss 'x' there anyway09:02
vilamarcamilly: which means you cannot read the directory content09:02
marcamillyso how do I change it?09:02
vilamarcamilly: are you an admin on this machine ?09:02
vilathen 'sudo bash' and 'cd /usr/local/bin/09:03
vilamarcamilly: be aware that you get root powers once you 'sudo bash' and that you can destroy stuff (just mentioning in case)09:04
marcamillyok i see bzr09:07
marcamillyin /usr/local/bin09:07
vilamarcamilly: any idea about who '502' is ?09:07
marcamillyhow do I find out?09:07
marcamillyand how do I replace it, if it's not 'legit'?09:07
marcamillycould it be a Lion role/user?09:07
vilawell, that's the issue, a number is used because it's not known :)09:08
viladid you upgrade from a previous osx release ?09:08
AuroraBorealiswould the lion upgrade really screw things up that badly?09:09
marcamillyyeh i did09:09
marcamillyfrom Snowleopard09:09
vilawell, if a user of a previous release did the install and wasn't migrated to lion...09:09
vilathen its id is hanging around09:09
marcamillybut i didn't have 'many' users09:09
marcamillyactually, just had one09:10
marcamillythe main one09:10
marcamillyand MAYBE guest09:10
vilaiirc, osx starts at 500 and increment so we're talking about the third created user but that also takes deleted users into account09:10
vilaanyway, is there something else than bzr in /uzr/loca/bin ?09:10
marcamillyyah, lots of other stuff09:11
marcamillycoda, compare, Magick++-config09:11
marcamillydot display djpeg diggimg09:11
marcamillyand lots of others09:11
marcamillyhow should I proceed?09:12
vilameh, given the path you pasted, I was expecting to find those in /opt/local/bin instead09:12
vilaso, that rules out deleting bin and reinstalling, let09:12
vila's try a more delicate fix then09:12
vilain /usr/local do:09:13
vilachown -R root:wheel bin09:13
marcamillycome out of sudo bash?09:14
vilayou need to be root to CHange OWNer09:14
marcamillydrwxr--r--  61 root       wheel  2074 Oct 19 03:11 bin09:15
vilachmod -R go+x bin09:15
marcamillywhat's 'wheel' though?09:15
marcamillywhich folder should I be in?09:15
marcamillyor can I run that command from anywhere?09:16
vilalet's backtrack then09:16
vilain a new terminal (keep the sudo's one around): ls -l /usr/local/bin/bzr09:17
marcamilly-rwxr-xr-x  1 root  wheel  5439 Sep 13 17:45 /usr/local/bin/bzr09:17
marcamillyseems to work09:17
marcamillybzr version works09:17
marcamillydo I need to do anything else?09:17
vilaprobably add /usr/local/bin to your path, how did you run 'bzr version' ? With the full path ?09:18
marcamillyjust bar version09:18
marcamilly'bzr version'09:18
marcamillyso it seems to have been added to my path09:19
vilaoh ! Missed /usr/loca/bin in your paste, you already have it09:19
vilashould be fine then09:19
marcamillythanks much09:19
marcamillybtw, what's 'wheel'?09:19
marcamillyadmin user09:19
AuroraBorealishe probably just saved you from some serious headaches09:19
AuroraBorealisits the group for "sudo"09:19
marcamillynah I am pretty sure he did09:19
marcamillythnx much meng09:19
marcamillyyou were pleasant too09:19
marcamillyrare combo in these here relay chatts09:20
vilawheel is some king of group for admining, I never bother searching the details ;)09:20
marcamillywell this is fine09:20
marcamillyi really appreciate it09:20
vilaerr kind not king (it's an interesting freudian lisp though ;)09:20
AuroraBorealisThe wheel group is a group which limits the number of people who are able to su to root. This usually consists of a group named “wheel” and a set of users that are permitted to use the utility ‘su’ in order to change to root.09:20
marcamilly*slip you mean ;)09:21
marcamillynot lips09:21
marcamillyok thnx again gents09:22
marcamillyi'm off09:22
vilaAuroraBorealis: weird, sudo is preferred over su these days iiuc but who knows09:23
vilait may be a BSD heritage ? fullermd ?09:23
AuroraBorealisjust got that off some unix website09:23
vilaoh, ok09:24
AuroraBorealisbasic idea is the same09:24
AuroraBorealisbut i doubt that the osx installer would ruin the permissions on /usr/local/bin o.o09:25
mgzyeah, I never use su09:26
AuroraBorealisapple's mantra is usually to try and not cause a terrible failure of the computer haha09:26
AuroraBorealisand how easy is it to build the mac os x bzr dmg?09:27
AuroraBorealisor installer09:27
mgzlikely a pre-borked system, lucky we have vila.09:27
mgzthe good thing about windows is restarting *would* have worked :)09:27
mgzwhere as with unix you need someone who understands it to tell you what commands to type :)09:28
vilaAuroraBorealis: pretty easy, see https://launchpad.net/bzr-mac-installers09:28
millunbzr-explorer stopped working for me. i am looking for a good alternative09:28
vilamgz: :)09:28
AuroraBorealisbzr explorer is pretty good, define stopped working09:29
mgzmillun, can you be more specific than "stopped working", ideally with a traceback or screenshot?09:29
AuroraBorealisvila, would i have to do anything because lion has python2.7 as the default?09:30
millun/usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/pygments/plugin.py:39: UserWarning: Module pygments was already imported from /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6/pygments/__init__.py, but /usr/lib/pymodules/python2.6 is being added to sys.path09:30
AuroraBorealisi think thats the main problem with it at the moment09:31
vilaAuroraBorealis: not sure but if you have it should be pretty straight forward, doxxx really did a good job there09:31
millunimport pkg_resources --> bzr: ERROR: exceptions.EOFError:09:31
jelmerpoolie: ^\09:31
vilaAuroraBorealis: the main issue is to setup the initial dev requirements (TeX is pretty big to download iirc)09:31
millunoic. i did run out of space some weeks ago. that could be it? i will try to reinstall bzr09:31
jelmerpoolie: it was that sort of error that we were seeing for lazr.restfulclient as well09:31
AuroraBorealisi'll look into it when i have time, hopefully this weekend09:32
vilajelmer: wasn't it related to eggs or something ?09:32
vilaAuroraBorealis: that would be awesome09:32
jelmervila: nope, this is on Debian/Ubuntu which don't install eggs09:32
mgzmillun, if you have truncated pyc files, that could help09:32
mgzbut I need to see a full traceback to have an idea what's wrong.09:33
ubot5For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.09:33
mgzif you do `bzr explorer` on the command line, and put the full output up, that would help.09:34
poolieyeah for the channel that was https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lazr.restfulclient/+bug/79699209:34
ubot5Ubuntu bug 796992 in lazr.restfulclient (Ubuntu) "pth file overrides pythonpath" [High,Triaged]09:34
vilaoh, I thought .pth were related to eggs 0.O09:34
pooliei don't think so09:36
millunmy bad :-)09:36
poolieshould i even click that?09:36
millunnot really, unless you want to09:36
pooliei'm glad you're mistaken not a spambot :)09:37
millunlooking for an xmas present :-)09:37
poolieor at least a clever one09:37
poolienight all09:37
vilapoolie: night09:37
jelmerg'night poolie09:37
mgzvariation on bug 81415109:37
ubot5Launchpad bug 814151 in Bazaar Explorer "bazaar explorer no longer opens" [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81415109:37
vilamgz: from JS Bach ?09:38
mgzdelete ~/.bazaar/explorer/history.dat09:38
mgzand explorer will magically start working for you again millun09:38
milluna lot09:39
mgzguess I better fix that bug09:43
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mgzRiddell: when you mark bugs you've fixed, set yourself as the assignee and put in the milestone so you get blame on the release page11:03
Riddellmgz: release page?11:06
mgzRiddell: eg https://launchpad.net/bzr/+milestone/2.5b311:10
Riddellcor, I've never seen that before11:10
Riddelldo we use that, don't we just use the release-notes ?11:10
mgzI've found having the info in launchpad can be useful for seeing just from a bug entry what version has the change11:11
mgzvila: GlobalConfig.get_editor is telling bzr-explorer it's deprecated, what's the replacement?11:22
mgzsearching release notes for 2.4 and my mail archive isn't telling me.11:23
jelmermgz: would you perhaps be able to review a branch for me?12:16
mgzjelmer: yes, that's on my list of stuff to do today12:23
mgzis there a a paticular one you want me to look at before I go and have lunch?12:23
vilamgz: that should be config.GlobalStack().get('editor')12:24
mgzvila: and how far back does that work?12:24
mgz...current explorer wants to support bzr 2.3+ as far as I can see12:25
vila2.5 probably, let me check12:25
vilanope, valid in 2.4 already12:26
jelmermgz: Cool, thanks :) https://code.launchpad.net/~jelmer/bzr/build-commit-parent-ids/+merge/79707 should be fairly simply and would unblock one of my other branches12:28
mgzvila: but not 2.3 then so I'll need to do a dance of some kind I guess12:28
vilamgz: what's the context ?12:29
mgzjelmer: what confused me a little with that mp is you also add a allow_leftmost_as_ghost param12:29
vilabzr-explorer ?12:29
mgzvila: yup12:29
vilano targeted branches for it ?12:30
mgzjelmer: is that just being pulled out of the **kwargs or is it also new?12:30
jelmermgz: it's new12:30
mgzvila: it's a little less strict than qbzr about having one series per bzr series12:30
jelmercommit() doesn't take a parent_ids argument12:30
vilamgz: well, the sooner the better then ;) Or more trouble is expected12:31
mgzright, lunch lunch.12:34
jelmermgz: thanks!12:54
vilajelmer: could you give feedback on https://code.launchpad.net/~bzr/bzr-svn/stacks/+merge/78259 ? Or should we just discuss it ?13:04
jelmervila: I'll have another look at it this afternoon13:07
jelmersorry for letting it slip13:07
mgzbug 878132 looks like a config interface change too13:29
ubot5Launchpad bug 878132 in bzr-reserved-edit "Unable to run bzr red-enable" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87813213:29
jelmerwow, we should really ahve another look at pypy13:50
jamjelmer: I agree, with the main caveat that our actual performance sensitive code is written in Cython/C14:08
jamwhich is often not compatible with pypy14:08
jamit also depends a lot on JIT performance, and bzr is a process that starts and stops a lot14:08
jamso may never 'warm up' enough to get the JIT effect.14:08
Lo-lan-doHi all :-)14:35
Lo-lan-dojelmer: You say "bzr-git plugin is quite stable" — does that mean what I hope it means, and did I miss something important?14:36
jelmerLo-lan-do: it doesn't mean roundtripping works, but dpush/pull work pretty well14:37
Lo-lan-doAh.  How about multiple branches?14:37
jelmerLo-lan-do: there is basic support for those in bzr 2.514:42
Lo-lan-doAha.  Good news :-)14:42
briandealwisHi all.  I'm currently using branch.revision_id_to_dotted_revno in tiplog to map a number of revision-ids for a branch.  It's quite slow if I go across the network.  Is there anything I can do to speed it up?14:44
briandealwisWill obtaining a read lock on the branch help?14:50
briandealwisnever mind — I didn't read the report correctly14:59
jelmerhi briandealwis15:08
briandealwishi jelmer15:08
jelmerLo-lan-do: basically, you can do something like "bzr dpush git+ssh://git.debian.org/git/collab-maint/heimdal,branch=experimental"15:09
jelmerLo-lan-do: local support for colocated branches still needs some more improvements (having to use "bzr switch file://`pwd`,branch=bar" rather than "bzr switch bar" is annoying)15:09
Lo-lan-doThat's just a matter of a shell alias :-)15:11
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fullermdvila: hmmwhut?16:08
vilafullermd: what is the wheel group origin and use ?16:08
fullermdControls access to su (and repurposes for other similar uses by everyone of course).  I think it came out of Berkeley early on, like 2BSD era.  I'd have to dig around.16:09
fullermdThere's no wheel group in the SysIII dist at least.16:10
vilaI thought su was close to being deprecated by sudo (at least to become root) but it seems to be all over the place in osx16:11
vilarhaa, s/it/wheel/16:11
fullermdI can't imagine it will ever be _deprected_ in existence.16:12
fullermdI hardly ever use it interactively of course.  But still, it's there in base, and gets used all over the place programmatically.16:12
fullermdAnyway, I use the wheel group to control who can sudo   8-}16:12
vilaright, so it will never disappear because no one will even try to delete it ;)16:13
fullermdOh, people will try.  I hope not too many more, though.  The hole in my back yard is getting full.16:14
vilahehe, time for BBQ instead16:14
* Lo-lan-do uses "su" daily16:15
fullermdProbably more likely that 'operator' will get retired.  And I'm sure that won't happen anytime soon...16:16
vilaLo-lan-do: really ? To get root access or to other users ?16:16
Lo-lan-doMostly for root, but often to other users too.16:17
Lo-lan-do"su - postgres -c 'psql gforge'" is one command I use quite often.16:17
mgzsee, I didn't even know the syntax for switching user with su16:19
mgzjust use dumb basic option of act-as-root sudo16:20
vilaLo-lan-do, fullermd : what I still don't get is why files and dirs get group wheel...16:20
fullermdWhich files?16:21
Lo-lan-doAh, I have no idea.  Never had anything to do with wheel myself.16:21
fullermdI use the group to let just wheel people see stuff...16:21
fullermdConsidering that 'su' means 'switch user', it isn't hard to guess the syntax   :p16:21
vila /usr hierarchy for example16:21
* fullermd shrugs.16:22
vila(never ever type an absolute path at the beginning of a chat msg)16:22
fullermdBy default I s'pose.  The group doesn't mean much through there really.16:22
fullermdRarely has differnt perms than 'other'.16:23
fullermdAnd usually when there are, it's a different group anyway.16:23
fullermde.g. -r-sr-x---  1 root  network  412392 Jul 30 21:53 /usr/sbin/ppp*16:24
vilaso yeah, used as a default as *one* group is needed16:24
fullermdAnd being gid 0, it's a good excuse for default  ;)16:24
vilahmpf, silly me !16:24
vilamakes sense, uid(root) == 0 because he's here first, then gid(wheel) == 0 because root *may* have friends16:26
vilathe rest is optional ;)16:26
fullermdIf root gets friends, why don't I?  :(16:26
vilafullermd: they are in your backyard :)16:27
fullermdHm, yeah.  Always present.  But they suck at bowling.16:27
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mgzI've hung vim, with cpu pegged at 100%, how the hell did I manage that17:44
fullermdMaybe it's trying to start emacs.17:45
mgzit died politely at least and...17:45
mgzwith an interestingly giant number in the output17:46
mgzI think I may have accidentally told it to do something thousands of times, by not being in insert mode when pasting a bug number17:46
mgz814151 is pretty big.17:47
fullermdIt takes it a while to do brace matching on meg+ JSON files too.17:47
fullermdSeems like that should be faster.17:47
mgzyup, I seem to have a file with that number, probably repeated that number of times17:48
mgzI'll get used to modality in the end...17:48
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wonzaHi, I have a little bzr problem in that I can't seem to create a new branch while logged into my work computer over ssh from home. http://pastebin.com/DCWj0LCF has the error listed. If anyone could help, that'd be really great :) (commits, and updates seem to work just fine btw)20:33
wgzwonza: looks like bug 79687320:41
ubot5Launchpad bug 796873 in launchpadlib "ec2 land generates gnomekeyring.IOError if run over an ssh session" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/79687320:41
wgzso +affectsmeto that at least, and you can likely catch the error in the 'custom' plugin as suggested in the discussion there20:44
wgzthe change for this issue in bzr-gtk was basically just that: <http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~bzr-gtk/bzr-gtk/trunk/revision/685>20:46
wonzathanks for the suggestion, I'll take a look20:48
thumperis there a "stock" presentation for bazaar internals?21:20
thumperI'm wanting to describe how revisions work, branching and merging, and why mainline is special21:20
thumperalso pipelines if one is around21:20
fullermdI've got some of that piled up in my SpotDocs...21:50

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