StarnCan't wait till I get the ATRIX laptop dock maybe irc will be easier haha00:00
StarnKubuntu is loading. Its almost done00:02
StarnNo internet.00:02
StarnSnowhog it also no longer shows eth0 in ifconfig -a00:03
SnowhogStarn: Okay, then it is an issue with the network interface and the newer kernel. We are talking about the wireless connection, yes? Or the wired lan connection?00:04
StarnWired lan.00:04
StarnMy desktop does not have a wireless card.00:04
StarnWow hold on I fixed it!!"00:05
SnowhogStarn: Yes? Details please?00:05
starn_i typed sudo modprobe b44 than i typed ifconfig by it self.. than noticed an ip address and looked down and i am connected.00:06
starn_so i guess your idea to reboot snowhog was right?? but i should've typed modprobe ? o.O00:07
starn_hey i'm down with having to type sudo modprobe b44 everytime i boot as long as nothing else breaks haha00:07
Snowhogstarn_: That implies that the new kernel doesn't have the b44 support compiled into it. Just using sudo modprobe b44 doesn't make the action permanent. There is a command that loads an external module to the kernel permanently.00:08
starn_i think i had to do that in ubuntu 7.10 or w/e...00:08
starn_but this is a new machine and stuff..00:09
starn_snowhog i just don't remember what it was.. heh... i am a super forgetful person.. like if i don't make a sticky note of what i did tooday i would be back in here tomorrow asking the same question.00:11
SnowhogDaskreech: How does starn_ add the b44 so that the kernel loads it automatically when booted?00:15
starn_soo daskreech and snowhog.. i like the blingyness of kubuntu.. but is there away to tone it down a lot.. kinda makes music lag when i load chrome...00:15
Daskreechstarn_: you can add the modprobe to /etc/init.d/boot.local I would guess00:17
Daskreechthat gets run everytime you boot00:17
Daskreechstarn_: probably can just turn off blur on the desktop effects00:17
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starn_sooo seeing how this is first time i've used kubuntu how would i edit this /etc/init.d/boot.local ??00:20
starn_i do have konsole open already so skip that step :P00:20
Daskreechsudo nano /etc/init.d/boot.local00:22
Daskreechor you can press alt+F2 and type kdesudo kate /etc/init.d/boot.local00:23
starn_wha?? it's a new file..00:23
Snowhogstarn_: You can edit /etc/modules (as root) and add to the end, b44 (ensure there is a blank line after it), save, and close. This should load the b44 module at boot time.00:23
DaskreechSnowhog: that works as well :)00:23
starn_ok i think i got it..00:25
starn_i'll be right back [ i hope]00:25
starnuhh.. i still had to type it.... manually..00:29
Snowhogstarn: Do you have a broadcom file in /etc/modprob.d ?00:30
starnumm what would the name of the file be snowhog??00:32
Snowhogstarn: blacklist-bc something. If 'no', then look in the blacklist.conf file and see if there is an entry for b44. If there is, comment the entry.00:33
starnonly thing close to what the netowrk card is blacklist-bcm43.. but my card is bcm440100:34
starnno b44.. or bcm44 Snowhog00:35
starnit is listed in blacklist-bcm43.conf00:36
Snowhogstarn: It is listed in blacklist-bcm43.conf? Okay, edit that file (as root) and comment the b44 entry.00:36
starnlisted as blacklist b44 and under that is install wl modprobe -r b43 b44 b43legacy ssb; modprobe --ignore-install wl ; modprobe --ignore-install b4400:38
starnand snowhog by comment do you mean add # at the front of b44?00:38
Snowhogstarn: Yes.00:39
starnsoo KDEsudo Kate /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-bcm43.conf  ?00:40
Snowhogstarn: yes.00:40
Snowhogstarn: all lowercase letters.00:41
starnso now when i reboot i should automatically be connected to the internet?00:42
Snowhogstarn: That's the idea.00:43
starnalright i'll test this out now.. than i gotta go to windows to play a game with my team haha00:43
starnoh! one more question before i go.. is it bad to type sudo reboot in konsole?00:44
Daskreechstarn: no more so than to click reboot from the GUI00:44
Daskreech does more or less the same thing00:44
starnalright i kinda perfer to type it for it's kinda faster for me..00:45
DaskreechTells everyone running we are going down now pack your stuff then get out00:45
Daskreechstarn: you can press alt=F2 and type restart00:45
starnalright brb and i'll let you and snow if it worked. haha..00:45
starnand daskreech my terminal is always open00:45
Daskreechit is faster then :)00:45
starnit worked Snowhog and Daskreech thanks guys for helping me. one reason i love linux so much better support00:50
DaskreechSoooooo much better00:50
Daskreech :)00:50
Daskreech go frag some non penguins00:50
starnnow i need to figure out how to turn blur off see if it improves fps00:50
starnand i am gonna play command and conquer 3 kanes wrath as node against my buddies haha they use tunngle which can not run on wine :\00:51
RickKnightAny tweaks to speed up 11.10? I upgraded to 11.04 a couple of days ago and then to 11.10 yesterday. It seems to be much slower than 10.10. Any way to speed it up?00:51
Snowhogstarn: blur. System Settings > Desktop Effects > Advanced and uncheck Blur.00:51
Snowhogstarn: The issue with b44 might be resolved with a later kernel update. But at least now you know what to do it this happens again. Make a sticky note! :)00:52
starnhaha no joke!00:52
starn58-61 steady fps for desktop good?00:53
Snowhogstarn: What's good, is what you feel comfortable with.00:53
Snowhogstarn: On my Intel GPU, I get 60.377 FPS according to glxgears. Nothing to write home about, but I don't game, and all my used Desktop Effects are more than responsive.00:55
Daskreechstarn: alt+F3 -> Desktop effects00:57
starnyeah snowhog when on linux i normally don't game but recently leard a lot of games i play work fine on wine.. haha loading amarok droped to 40 than back to 61 than loaded chrome up after playing a song lowered it to 30 than back to 61.. so i guess it's fine now everything is running faster. after turning blur off.00:57
starndaskreech which is better opengl or xrender?00:58
SnowhogDaskreech: Alt+F3 equal Desktop Effects? Not here.00:58
Snowhogstarn: Blur effect on slower/lowlier GPUs slows things down ALOT.00:59
starnwhen it says desktop effects can be toggled anytime using this shortcut alt+shift+f12 does that mean it turns the effects all of em on and off?01:00
Daskreechstarn: depends on which is better :)01:00
Daskreechstarn: yes01:00
Snowhogbetter is the one that works better. :)01:00
DaskreechIf you want to play a game or somethign hit alt+shift+F1201:00
starnsnowhog i have xfx geforce 8600 gt overclocked. with 512mb vram..01:00
DaskreechWhen you are done hit it again to get back nice thigns like Ctrl+F901:00
starnalright sounds like a better plan to me haha01:01
DaskreechSnowhog: alt+F3 is the windows menu. Desktop Effects is the first entry01:04
starnalright thank you Snowhog and Daskreech for all the help. very appraicated.. [hope i spelled that right]01:05
Daskreechstarn: Close enough!!01:05
Daskreechappreciated :)01:05
Snowhogstarn: You're welcome01:05
RickKnightAny suggestions for speeding up Kubuntu 11.10? It's sloooooow. Takes about 75 seconds to open Dolphin. Other apps start equally slowly. Windows scroll is very jerky.01:05
DaskreechThanks for the patience01:05
DaskreechRickKnight: What's your resources?01:05
Daskreechwhat's slowing it down?01:05
SnowhogRickKnight: Turn off Blur Desktop Effect.01:05
starnwelp gtg. probably talk to you guys later.. never know01:05
macocan also turn off the slide animations01:06
RickKnightDual core 3.4 Ghz 2GB ram01:06
macoRickKnight: but with intel graphics?01:06
Daskreechmaco: :)01:06
RickKnightNo. nVidia 8600 series with 51201:07
* maco also wonders how old, as "dual core" can be anything in the last 5-6 years01:07
maco(omg i feel old saying that)01:07
RickKnightPentium D 3.40 GHz01:08
macooh hey nvidia.... are you using nvidia's binary drivers or the default nouveau ones?01:08
RickKnightLatest drivers from nVidia, unless the upgrade replaced them. How do I check01:09
RickKnightxorg.conf shows the "nvidia" driver not "nv". That may be the problem?01:10
Daskreechnv would be the open drivers. nvidia should be the ones from the site01:13
barbyi updated my kubuntu, and now i've a problem with libkdeprint.so.401:17
RickKnightOK. GLXGears shows a frame rate of about 70. That seems real slow for nVidia.01:17
RickKnightWhen I'm working or just move the mouse it drops as low as 14!01:18
RickKnightGuess I'll try to reinstall the nVidia drivers.01:18
NJLmy computer seems to hang for a min with a black screen before showing the boot splash01:42
NJLis this a grub issue?01:42
Daskreechbarby: what's the problem?01:45
barbyhi Daskreech01:45
barbyi need to install a software01:45
barbybut after upgrade01:45
barbyfirst software was installed yet01:46
barbybut if i open it, i receive  a problem with  libkdeprint.so.4 in output01:47
barby(from commandline)01:47
barbynow, if I try to reinstall01:48
barby error: The important program kde-config was not found!01:48
barbycan you help me???01:48
claydohbarby: what software are you trying to install?01:49
barbymmm is a stupid software :P01:49
Daskreechclaydoh: I think it was just an update of all  the programs01:50
DaskreechAh wait no it was a program :)01:50
barbyto embroidery01:50
Daskreechbarby: What's the name?01:50
jmichaelxwell, my taskbar icon bug has finally made it onto the KDE top ten most hated bugs list01:50
macohm ive used kxstitch01:50
* maco tries01:50
ubottuVai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)01:51
Daskreech!info kxstich01:51
ubottuPackage kxstich does not exist in oneiric01:51
macoi guess it was removed because of it being a qt3 app?01:51
DaskreechHmm I should mention this to valorie or annma they were looking for something like this01:51
Daskreechmaco: likely01:51
macohmm not in natty either01:51
barbywonderful maco :D01:51
Daskreechbarby: Where did you get kxstitch from ?01:51
barbyDaskreech, form web01:52
macoyep, rmadison confirms, maverick was the last version that had it01:52
macoi dont think its being maintained upstream anymore :-/01:52
Daskreech!info kxstitch maverick01:52
ubottukxstitch (source: kxstitch): cross-stitch pattern creator and editor for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version (maverick), package size 482 kB, installed size 1464 kB01:52
barbyis my version01:53
barbyoh no sorry01:53
macoOH OH01:53
macoit got ported to kde401:53
barbyi've a
macothe kde4 version hasnt had any releases yet though...packaging it would be a git snapshot :-/01:54
macoi dont think youll get the kde3 one working on a recent version of kubuntu though. you might have to build the kde4 version from source01:54
macoor wait til i sort out how to package a snapshot from git01:55
Daskreechmaco: what's the git repo?01:55
Daskreechbarby: are you using maverick ?01:55
ubottuUbuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) was the thirteenth release of Ubuntu. Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/101001:55
Daskreechbarby: Kubuntu 10.10 ?01:56
barbyDaskreech, no i'm 11.1001:56
macoDaskreech: the version barby is using is downloaded from the kxstitch homepage01:56
DaskreechOk Jsut checking which version barby is using01:56
barbymore thanks to all01:57
LinkmasterDaskreech: ping02:00
Daskreechbarby: could you try sudo apt-get -f install02:00
DaskreechLinkmaster: pong02:00
LinkmasterThat was fast xP care to continue where we left on to attempt and solve my internet crisis?02:01
DaskreechOk but ping me I"m working on something and may get lost in it02:02
barbyapt-get -f install kxstitch??02:02
barbyi try02:02
barbymmm but from git i can download ???02:04
Daskreechbarby: might be a lot of trouble. Have you ever compiled code from scratch?02:06
Daskreechok :) that might work then02:08
Daskreechmaco: I can probably e-mail the maintainer and see when they expect to make a release02:08
DaskreechBah never mind forgot Google locked my account02:08
Daskreechbarby: what is the error that you are getting?02:09
barbywhen i try the ./configure02:14
barbyconfigure: error: The important program kde-config was not found!02:14
barbyPlease check whether you installed KDE correctly02:14
barbysorry for output02:14
LinkmasterDaskreech: I'm back, sorry about that, I had to deal with a personal matter02:14
DaskreechSure Linkmaster. You still can't see the essid? is that only true at school?02:15
LinkmasterUhm..school's been the only place I can check(I live in a boarding school)02:17
LinkmasterDaskreech: I think I have a different wireless card I can pop into the computer though, just to see if its a borked card02:18
DaskreechFind a starbucks!02:20
LinkmasterI can't, they don't let us leave the school(and its in the middle of bum-crud nowhere, there is *nothing* out here)02:21
Daskreechbarby: hmm hold on02:27
=== Linkmaster is now known as Guest89065
=== Guest89065 is now known as Linkmaster
barbyi'm here Daskreech02:35
=== allquixotic_ is now known as allquixotic
DaskreechLinkmaster: still here?02:36
Daskreechmaco: is there a packaged kde-config ?02:36
LinkmasterDaskreech: kind of, internet is spotty like usual02:37
macoDaskreech: there are many packages that start out kde-config-*02:38
macoi suspect some -dev package is whats actually needed02:38
RickKnightHelp. X won't start. I ran sudo aptitude reinstall nvidia-current. system said nvidia-current wasn't installed. Also, prior to that I removed Akonadi. Now I can't start X!02:40
DaskreechYes but I don't see kde-config in the git02:40
Daskreechbarby: This is from the git master ?02:41
RickKnightThis is on a freshly upgraded to 11.10 system.02:41
DaskreechRickKnight: can you login on the command line?02:41
Daskreechbarby: I'm looking for a ./configure and all I see is a build.sh02:42
macoDaskreech: cmake, not autotools02:43
macocmake is how most kde stuff builds02:43
LinkmasterDaskreech: I tried out that other card..I don't think its a wireless card, since my computer didn't even register it02:43
DaskreechYep that's in the build.sh02:43
DaskreechOh :-/02:43
DaskreechThis is the OPenSuse laptop?02:44
RickKnightDaskreech: Yes, I can login to the cammand line.02:44
macobarby: try  "mkdir build ; cd build ; cmake .." ?02:44
macoor is that how youre doing it?02:44
DaskreechRickKnight: type X02:44
Daskreechjust the capital letter X02:44
Daskreechtell me if that works02:44
LinkmasterDaskreech I'm using the openSUSE, my kubuntu is the one being the total pain02:44
RickKnightDaskreech: When I do that I get a black screen.02:45
DaskreechLinkmaster: Right just wanted to know if you have a command line there? can you run iwlist on that machine?02:45
DaskreechRickKnight: Ok so X works02:45
DaskreechRickKnight: do you know how to get back to the virtual terminal ?02:45
LinkmasterUhm...command line is sketchy, let me try02:46
RickKnightDaskreech: F6?02:46
RickKnightCTRL-ALT F602:46
DaskreechRickKnight: if that's where you logged in sure02:46
LinkmasterDaskreech: nope, no command line. I tried 'iwlist' and it states that the command is not found02:46
RickKnightDaskreech: When I do that I get a blank screen with a blinking cursor in the upper left. No text or prompt and the system seems locked.02:48
barbyi don't understand sorry02:48
barbywhat i must download?02:48
DaskreechLinkmaster: you may have to type /sbin/iwlist  :)02:49
Linkmasterno such file/directory02:50
RickKnightDaskreech: No errors in Xorg.0.log either.02:50
DaskreechRickKnight: try alt+ctrl+F102:50
DaskreechLinkmaster: fair enough. does /sbin/ifconfig work ?02:50
LinkmasterDaskreech: yes. but we have a different problem now...my computer won't allow me to allow wirelss through knetworkmanager. I'm going to attempt to bring up my wireless real fast, but its being....a pain. it sees the card, but won't let me activate it02:52
RickKnightDaskreech: That also gets me to a command prompt, X is still running.02:52
DaskreechRickKnight: press Ctrl+C02:52
Daskreech should kill X02:52
DaskreechLinkmaster: ok02:52
Daskreechhi seshagiri02:53
Daskreechbarby: Looking for a easy tarball for you02:53
seshagiriDaskreech: hey Brother02:53
RickKnightDaskreech: In KDM I have just two choices. Default and Failsafe, neither works. I no longer have the KDesktop option.02:53
DaskreechRickKnight: default doesn't work?02:54
RickKnightDaskreech: No. And CTRL+C doesn't kill X. I need to boot into maint mode.02:55
RickKnightDaskreech: I think removing Akonadi messed up my Kdesktop install.02:56
DaskreechRickKnight: Most likely02:56
LinkmasterDaskreech: I uhm....don't know what to do o:02:56
LinkmasterDaskreech: I uhm....don't know what to do o:02:56
DaskreechRickKnight: before you reboot try this. sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:56
Daskreechseshagiri: Hey02:56
seshagirisudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop02:56
RickKnightDaskreech: Neither do I!02:56
seshagirifrom tty102:56
LinkmasterDaskreech: I tried 'ifconfig eth1 up', but that isn't bringing it up..02:58
DaskreechRickKnight: get to a virtual terminal and type sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop && sudo init 602:58
DaskreechLinkmaster: what does sudo ifconfig -a give you ?02:59
* colstrom waves to the room, and anyone alive.02:59
RickKnightDaskreech: OK. I'll try that.02:59
LinkmasterDaskreech: that shows eth1, and it says that its working(UP broadcast, multicast) but knetworkmanager shows the 'enable wireless' checkbox as greyed out03:00
Daskreechbarby: can you type sudo apt-get install git && mkdir ~/kxstitch && cd ~/kxstitch && git clone git://kxstitch.git.sourceforge.net/gitroot/kxstitch/kxstitch03:00
barbymore thanks Daskreech03:01
RickKnightDaskreech: Another issue I have with the upgrade is now /etc/resolv.conf is being written as a blank file. I have to manually enter my nameserver after each reboot.03:01
Daskreechcolstrom: that's about 7 billion people that's very inclusive of you :)03:01
DaskreechLinkmaster: Ah ok03:01
DaskreechRickKnight: sounds like a network manager issue03:01
RickKnightDaskreech: I can see that a lot of the things that were removed with akonadi are being reinstalled with kdesktop.03:02
LinkmasterDaskreech: any idea what the hell is wrong with my computer? Should I just install 11.10 on it?03:03
DaskreechLinkmaster: can you run apt-cache policy kdenetwork and tell me what version it has installed03:05
DaskreechRickKnight: correct03:05
Daskreechmaco: is there a one shot package for cmake and kde build dependencies ?03:06
DaskreechLinkmaster: No no idea. could be 1/2 a dozen things but I'm guessing that it may be a hidden essid issue.03:07
LinkmasterDaskreech: it says none....?03:07
DaskreechLinkmaster: Ah that might be a problem03:07
Linkmasterwell, my card won't even work right now, so thats my more pressing issue. I might just reinstall it03:07
RickKnightDaskreech: That worked! My desktop is loading now and KDM has the Kdesktop choices. Thanks for your help.03:07
DaskreechRickKnight: you are welcome. You should get back /etc/resolv.conf as well I thin03:08
RickKnightDaskreech: And my frame rate is up at over 3000 now. More better. I'll reboot a couple of times to make sure resolv.conf works. At least manually setting it is trivial.03:09
macoDaskreech: if kxstitch was still in the repo "apt-get build-dep kxstitch" wouldve helped, but no... :-/03:10
colstromDaskreech: Well, I wouldn't want anyone to feel left out. That's hardly a way to make a good impression.03:10
macoDaskreech: kdelibs4-dev is probably needed, and cmake's package is just cmake03:10
colstromRickKnight: You could always set it once, and mark it immutable.03:11
colstromRickKnight: sudo chattr +i /etc/resolv.conf03:11
colstromThen it couldn't be overwritten.03:11
colstromRelated, though not relevant, I'm not sure philosophically how "immutable" that truly is, since the flag can be unset later, which seems to suggest... mutability.03:12
RickKnightcolstrom: Thanks, I'll do that. It's still not working right.03:13
RickKnightsounds like I need to some research anyway, but I'll try this for now.03:13
colstromJust remember, if you want to edit it ever, you'll need to remove the flag.03:14
barbyit works Daskreech03:14
colstromI've forgotten I set that more than once.03:14
Daskreechcolstrom: :-)03:16
colstromSo... new to Kmail, long time Claws user... figured I'd give it a spin. I skipped the wizard when I accidentally launched Kontact before my wifi card was configured.... how do I get back to that?03:18
colstromPoking around in the menus, hoping to find a big obvious "Run Setup Wizard" button. Not seeing one.03:19
Daskreechbarby: Hope it works otu well for you :)03:20
barbymore thanks Daskreech03:24
Daskreechbarby: if it works well then please e-mail the developer and let him know. He will appreciate it03:26
barbydome :)03:34
TheHganavakGuys, whenever I try and install software through the software center I get an auth error. Software Updates just popped up and I clicked install and I got the error too 'This operation canot continue since proper authorization was not provided'03:47
colstromAre you in the /etc/sudoers file?03:47
TheHganavakNo, should I be?03:49
SnowhogTheHganavak: No. But you do have to be a member of the admin group.03:53
TheHganavakWhy wouldn't it be prompting me for permission...?03:54
jmichaelxDaskreech: there is something seriously f'ed up with kubuntu oneiric and audio03:54
TheHganavakI've only been using Kubuntu a day, installed kde-desktop over Ubuntu03:54
jmichaelxDaskreech: would you believe that on about my 3rd reboot, my audio is hosed again?03:55
SnowhogTheHganavak: It should. Have you by chance ever launched a graphical application using sudo??03:55
macoif it's poorly-supported hardware...yes03:55
* maco has gotten close enough to audio hardware to be surprised that it works at all03:55
TheHganavakYou gonna recommend I sudo run it Snowhog?03:55
Daskreechmaco: DSP engineer?03:55
jmichaelxmaco: what hardware were you referring to?03:56
macoDaskreech: no, i was dtchen/crimsun's flatmate a few years back03:56
SnowhogTheHganavak: NO! But if you had done so in the past, in this release, you can muck up your user account.03:56
Daskreechmaco: Lol yeah that's close enough03:56
TheHganavakUh, I probably have done in Ubuntu at some point03:56
DaskreechTheHganavak: on the command line type groups03:57
macojmichaelx: hardware manufacturers are made of pain and suffering, lets go with that :P03:57
Daskreechdo you see admin in the list ?03:57
jmichaelxmaco: no one needs to do any convincing with me on that03:57
maco"i found a model that works!" *manufacturer changes internal component but not model number* "wait this is the same model and doesnt work. maybe its a different revision at least? no? FAIL"03:58
jmichaelxmaco: boy does that song get repeated a lot03:58
TheHganavakDaskreech: sam adm dialout cdrom plugdev lpadmin admin sambashare03:58
jmichaelxi am not going to be able to use kubuntu oneiric on this machine03:59
macodid natty work?03:59
jmichaelx(the way things appear right now, at least)03:59
macoand does "sudo alsa force-reload" do any good?03:59
maco(i osmosis'd a little bit of audio debugging from crimsun :P)03:59
DaskreechTheHganavak: ok it should ask you for permission then04:00
TheHganavakDaskreech: It should, it doesn't.. I'm updating through konsole atm and hoping there's some fix I'm missing04:00
jmichaelxmaco: yes, i believe lucid was the first kubuntu iteration i had installed on this nettop, and have dist-upgraded twice... had no audio trouble in lucid, a few small issues in natty, major issues in oneiric04:01
TheHganavakDaskreech: Restarting04:01
SnowhogTheHganavak: Make sure you are in your user /home directory, then type: ls -lR | grep root   You should not get any results. If you do, what file(s) are identified as owned by root?04:01
jmichaelxmaco: i am not sure how much good force-reload does, without me first changing some configs.... but you probably know better than me04:02
jmichaelxin an environment as convoluted as kubuntu, what exactly decides what your default audio device is?   alsa? pulse? phonon?  and i would not have expected that the settings i entered and saved would get constantly overridden, but that is what is happening04:04
Daskreechjmichaelx: pulseaudio if it loads in fast enough04:05
jmichaelxi also think that it would be only logical to NEVER mac a darned microphone the default audio device, which this system is doing nearly every time i reboot04:05
jmichaelxDaskreech: i thought pulse would let the user decide?04:06
jmichaelxDaskreech: in other words, pulseaudio should respect the user's settings, shouldn't it?04:07
macojmichaelx: was thinking if something wedged it, force-reload would kill whatever was grabbing the lock04:07
Daskreechjmichaelx: I could make snarky remarks about it being done by  a GNOME designer here but yes04:08
macoif you install pavucontrol you can pick which device pulse uses04:08
macoi usually go with telling phonon to use pulse then adjusting pulse to send whatever streams to whatever outputs i want04:08
jmichaelxmaco: bu sadly, pavu will not work (nor will phonon) is pulse has made a microphone the default audio device04:08
macothatd be rather *headdesk*04:09
jmichaelxand pule is INSISTING on making a device that it clearly identifies as a microphone the default audio device04:09
jmichaelxi have seen several others inthis channel complaining about their audio setting being overridden upon every reboot. that just should not happen04:10
macopulse is supposed to save its state in a cookie04:15
jmichaelxmaco: Daskreech spent something like an hour helping me iron this out a few days ago... and it worked for 2 reboots, and now has reverted back04:20
jmichaelxpeople in #pulseaudio are saying they believe this is something that kde is doing04:20
Daskreechjmichaelx: You could ask in #kde-multimedia They might be better informed04:21
=== Ukikie is now known as Unit193
Daskreech there are people there who cross over both chans so they would be a little better placed to say04:21
DaskreechI would suggest coling as a good source04:21
jmichaelxDaskreech: my experience is that kde irc channels tend to be fairly unhelpful04:21
Daskreechjmichaelx: well apachelogger is there so that makes it instantly cooler :)04:22
jmichaelxDaskreech: i could well be wrong, but my hunch is that this is dues to k/ubuntu messing up somewhere04:23
DaskreechCould be but between those two people you are looking at some of the best developers in pulseaudio, phonon and kubuntu so again I think you will be pretty well covered04:24
DaskreechIt's just going to be super quiet at this point in the night04:24
phiscibei think thid system is sound now...more or less04:35
jmichaelxi just unplugged the webcam (and hence the offending microphone), did an alsa force-reload, and audio is working04:36
macoooh i wonder if the webcam is being initialized BEFORE the internal04:37
DaskreechThis house is now clean04:39
Daskreechmaco: Still doesn't quite explain why a input device is given the sound output default04:40
jmichaelxmaco: sure seems so04:40
macoDaskreech: technically many ports (on the board) are both-ways and the driver determines which it does04:41
jmichaelxi am being told that running alsa force-reload should be avoided altogether04:41
macoits a very large hammer, this is true04:42
macoit kills everything thats using sound then unloads and reloads the driver04:42
macolike a mini reboot04:42
macobut not quite so clean04:42
macoi used to have to do it a LOT til i patched my sound driver to keep-freaking-working after a resume from suspend04:43
DaskreechIt's an expensive operation and not really a good idea while other stuff is running04:43
DaskreechAh suspend04:43
jmichaelxmaco: yes, i am being told to just say no to force-reload, but am unsure what actually should be done04:43
Daskreechthe evil black cat of Linux currently04:43
macoDaskreech: this was in '08 actually04:44
macoand thats when crimsun taught me that command04:44
Daskreechthe cat is still black04:44
jmichaelxwhat gets me is that i could not get any audio on this machine when i tried to just strip pulseaudio out.... i had not run into that before04:47
jmichaelxi would be more than happy to ditch pulse, if my audio quality were decent without it04:47
DaskreechYou should be able to04:52
Daskreech it's optional04:52
jmichaelxDaskreech: i should be able to, and have done so in the past (even on this machine), but was unable to do so this time04:53
jmichaelxthe pulseaudio folks insist that the problem is with KDE... and in this case, i am prone to believe them04:54
jmichaelxultimately, the problem is with kubuntu04:54
jmichaelxfor choosing to install pulse by default, in a DE that does not completely support it04:55
Daskreechjmichaelx: To be fair there were some bugs in pulse recently that affect KDE04:55
DaskreechI'm not sure where you lay blame there but it's still probably better to get it sorted out04:56
jmichaelxDaskreech: kinda like the Xorg bugs that are effecting KDE04:56
jmichaelxkwin has also been an aweful mess... or is it Xorg? i have no idea how to tell04:57
DaskreechXorg bugs affect everything.04:57
DaskreechIt's the sole monopoly in FOSS04:57
macofrequently with sound its buggy drivers that only have a reliable test case once pulse tries to use them04:58
jmichaelxi guess... but if any window manager will be effected by a bug, you can bet it will be kwin04:58
macoare you in the audio group?04:58
jmichaelxmaco: yes, i know that's true04:58
macoused to be, ubuntu didnt put you in it (because it forced pulse) but kubuntu did, but now maybe neither does since both expect pulse now04:58
macoand kde theoretically got pulse support a release or two ago04:59
jmichaelxmaco: well, i should be..04:59
jmichaelxmaco: ok, i am not in the audio group, from what i am seeing04:59
macothatd prevent you from using alsalib directly, without pulse as an intermediary. add yourself to the group and ripping out pulse should work (for values of work hat may require using alsamixer to change volume)05:00
macohopefully that kwin/Xorg problem will be a bit better sooner, now that Xorg maintainers have been pestered about the "you guys only ever test your Xorg changes with Compiz" problem05:00
jmichaelxmaco: ok, you probably just explained exactly what i was running into05:00
jmichaelxmaco: i could very likely have saved myself a ton of effort (not to mention wasted CPU cycles) had i started using compiz instead of kwin starting a year or so back05:01
jmichaelxbut... i cannot get myself to run compiz on kde05:02
jmichaelxkwin  + mobile intel has been a very bad combination05:02
jmichaelxand i know much of the blame there is not with kwin/kde devs05:03
jmichaelxnow i want to start griping about android issues....05:06
macomy only gripe there is twitter's app causing memory corruption so that AV codecs stop working til reboot05:06
jmichaelxugh... i have a cheap (but until recently fairly decent) lg optimus s (sprint). got an OTA upgrade to gingerbread about 5 or 6 weeks ago... has basically blitzed the phone05:08
jmichaelxlg & sprint stopped rolling out the update, once they saw what it was doing.... of course, i got the upgrade while sleeping one night, before it was pulled05:09
jmichaelxit has ruined my battery life, and now often does not notify me of text messages, and other things05:11
=== TheHganavak is now known as {Hganavak}
jmichaelxso... i want to root this thing, and put cyanogenmod7 on it, as soon as i figure out how to do so05:11
Daskreechmaco: What's the downside to being in the audio group? why isn't it there as a backup?05:13
* jmichaelx was wondering the same thing05:13
macomore likely to result in a process locking alsa and preventing other things from grabbing it05:14
Daskreechjmichaelx: well ICS just came out05:15
DaskreechIce Cream Sandwich05:15
jmichaelxyea..  my phone runs at 600MHz, could never handle ICS05:16
jmichaelxplus, i'm mad at google for not having released their source code yet for honeycomb... remains to be seen whether or not they even intend to05:17
jmichaelxcyanogenmod is only possible due to the GPL'd code05:17
* jmichaelx wishes for a free-er phone OS05:18
jmichaelxi was actually sort of looking forward to there being meego phones on the market05:19
jmichaelxRIP meego...05:19
mase_workyeh i was hopign for meego also05:20
mase_workthe nokia n9 seemed ok05:20
mase_workbut i am uncertain of it's future and from a spec pov it's hardly cutting edge05:21
jmichaelxyea... i guess i don't always need cutting edge, but then there are limits05:21
mr-richI use evolution for e-mail ... after upgrading to 11.10, it doesn't look right ... fonts are bigger ... icons are missing ...05:21
jmichaelxi got this phone, because it was nearly "free".... single core 600MHz. compared to all the 1-1.2GHz dula-core nvidia tegra phones out tthere, you'd think this thing would be pretty sad... but until this OTA fiasco, i have been very happy with it05:23
jmichaelxare there mplayer key combos for volume?05:25
jmichaelxok, mplayer has a few mighty weird default key bindings05:28
Daskreechjmichaelx: they don't intend to they are releasing the code for Android 4.005:29
jmichaelx* to increase volume, / to decrease05:29
Daskreechjmichaelx: Yep but I've been so used to them it's secondnature now :-/05:30
jmichaelxDaskreech: there are some folks predicting that google is going to go closed-source with their tablet distros... dunno, may all be vicious rumor05:30
Daskreechmr-rich: Not sure. It should have the icons at least05:30
Daskreechjmichaelx: doesn't make sense for them05:31
mr-richDaskreech: it did before I upgraded ... been using evo for 10 years .... hate to switch now ...05:31
Daskreechmr-rich: I don't think you have to :) Probably just need to ask in #ubuntu they would have more idea about packaging for it05:32
mr-richDaskreech: they'll prolly tell me to ask here ... since I use kubuntu ...05:33
eshloxsomeone have idea why i cant connect to sftp with kdevelop/krusader (permission denied) but using console sftp its ok? ;-S05:34
Daskreechmr-rich: it's evolution that you want fixed. Just see if there was a package split or something No idea why you would split up icons form the program05:35
phoenix_firebrdis the package gir1.2-networkmanager part of kubuntu/kde?06:01
Sad_BeagleWhat is the name of the binary that launches the KDE preferences?06:04
Sad_BeagleI need to recreate my panels...06:04
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: hi06:05
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: what do you mean by "I need to recreate my panels"?06:05
Sad_Beaglephoenix_firebrd: I deleted my panel. I want to launch KDE's preferences but I do not know which binary to invoke.06:07
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: you mean the default panel at the bottom of the desktop?06:07
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: you can do it in a simple way06:08
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: right click on the desktop, in the menu select add panel->default panel06:08
Sad_BeagleI looked right over that06:09
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: solved?06:09
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: enjoy06:09
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: one more thing06:10
Sad_Beagleah, the binary is called "systemsettings"06:10
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: ya06:10
phoenix_firebrdSad_Beagle: are you a windows user previously?06:11
ispy_I just upgraded to Kubuntu 11.10. Wow, so nice... welcome enhancements... KDE 4.7 is looking great. Well done team.06:34
stepnjumpHi guys, I had 4 SMALL partitions at the end of my hard drive visible in gparted. I deleted them all and then made it to be a new swap partition because my acer netbook is too slow. Now when I rebooted, I was left at grub rescue menu. Now I'm logged on liveUSB. How could I repair my grub please07:26
alexdevillxgreen day07:27
alexdevillxhow to install e-plasma theme?07:29
drd20Just tried to install openjdk-7 using Muon, but the actual JDK isn't listed (openjdk7-jdk); why is this? (and why is the package called openjdk-7-jdk)07:29
alexdevillxBTW, is SSD better than HDD for linux07:30
stepnjumpSSD is always better07:35
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faLUCE hi, is there a list of 40' monitors compatible with ubuntu ?ù07:38
starnhow do i display hidden folders in kubuntu?? i know in ubuntu it's ctrl h but it does not work.07:40
kadobanwhy when i run "sudo dd if=/dev/random of=keyfile bs=1024 count=4" does it quit early? it's only writing like 100ish bytes.  shouldn't it just block until enough entropy in available?07:46
alexdevillxanyone uses AWN?07:48
stepnjumpare you trying to copy your boot sector kadoban?07:48
kadobanstepnjump: uh, no? i'm trying to make a 4k random file07:49
stepnjumpoh nevermind then... don't know07:49
starnhow do i display hidden folders in kubuntu?? i know in ubuntu it's ctrl h but it does not work.07:52
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alexdevillxstarn same problem08:06
kadoban? it's alt+. it's in the view menu08:07
alvinls -a08:08
alexdevillxhow to view hidden files in dolphin08:22
kadobani just told you08:22
kadobanscroll up08:23
alexdevillxhttp://kde-look.org/content/show.php/E-plasma?content=142801 forever08:27
alexdevillxis AmaroK wolf?08:30
alexdevillxsome one can gimme your screenshot08:36
progre55hi guys. after the release upgrade, sometimes (randomly) my sound is lost when I plug in headphones. Using kubuntu 11.10 64bit. Any suggestions, please?08:46
JorgeGarciaRI've installed a clean Kubuntu 11.10 with ATI propietary drivers and everything runs smooth and clean, but I cannot change the fonts for applications, menus, captions, etc. I can select them but the font doesn't change, it's blocked. I don't find any related bug or anyone in Google reporting something similar. Any light about this? Can you change fonts?08:49
faLUCE hi, is there a list of 40' monitors compatible with ubuntu ?08:55
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Peace-faLUCE: monitors?08:55
=== Guest71607 is now known as aron612
Peace-i guess is more importatn use a good video card08:56
faLUCEPeace-: I have to buy a 40' display for a customer08:57
well_laid_lawnif it's called a monitor it'll work ok08:57
faLUCEand I don't want surprises...08:57
faLUCEwell_laid_lawn: why are you so sure?08:57
well_laid_lawnmonitors don't have to do much to be used08:57
Peace-faLUCE: it depends from the video card08:58
Peace-if you have a video card that support high resolutioin08:58
faLUCEPeace-: I have it08:58
Peace-so you need a monitor with big resolution08:58
faLUCEPeace-: yes08:58
Peace-than i guess it's ok08:59
faLUCEPeace-: but how can I be sure?08:59
Peace-this is theory08:59
Peace-big monitor big resolution = no problem08:59
Peace-big monitor low resolution = mess09:00
faLUCEPeace-: how can I check that in the graphic card?09:00
faLUCEin the video card?09:00
Peace-faLUCE: google video card resolution09:00
faLUCEPeace-: you are right, thanks09:00
Fleckmy kmail is not sending mails after upgrade to 11.10, just stays in outbox, tried to remove sending accound, and created new one - still nothing, nothing happens, no errors, nothing... :(09:06
Fleck(yes, worked before os update)09:06
larsivithe kmail2 page doesn't work?09:17
larsivihmm, anything ssl on the kubuntu pages seems to not work09:19
noaXesshey all09:20
noaXessupgrading to 11.10 was as simple then driving a bicycle :)09:21
noaXessbut.. now i hvae two update icons.. one from muon and other from apper ;)09:21
szalyeah, and there's a couple of annoyances in 11.1009:22
szale.g. a non-functional horizontal scroll bar in LibreOffice Calc09:23
noaXessfirst question.. why are ther two software management apps? does this make sence09:23
well_laid_lawnthere's always been at least two; apt and synaptic/kpackagekit etc09:25
JorgeGarciaRCould any charitable soul try to change the font of Kubuntu 11.10 (64bits) and tell me if it works (in Appearance)? Thanks! :)09:37
mrhuupjoin /blackberry09:40
well_laid_lawnmrhuup: try /j #blackberry09:40
well_laid_lawnnp :)09:41
werner_I love KDE, but I don't use the built-in KDE PIM stuff09:49
werner_How do I get rid of the new AkonadiTray thingy in Kubuntu 10.11?09:49
werner_It keeps on buggin me about trying to access mail that fails (I assume it wants KMail)09:50
werner_Is there a way to just eliminate the little AkonadiTray tool?09:51
sb1980hi! i've switched from ubuntu to kubuntu by installing it via apt from my ubuntu. now my user rights are completely wrong, e.g. i can't update packages from the KDE, i need to manually run it with sudo from shell. is there an easy way to fix this?10:09
fernandoanatomiawhy kubuntu takes so much time to shutdown? With ubuntu when I press the power button it shutdown very quickly...10:14
Riddellsb1980: ensure you have polkit-kde-1 installed10:15
Riddellfernandoanatomia: nobody has looked into that I'm afraid, I'd be interested to know (some process will be slow to shut down)10:15
larsiviI get SSL error whenever trying these kubuntu wiki pages - anyone else?10:17
fernandoanatomiaRiddell: I know bootchart a tool to mesuare the time and to dissect the boot process, is there any "shutdown chart" tool?10:17
sb1980Ridell: ok installed it now, i'm going to restart and report. thx10:20
Riddellpossibly bootchart would work too10:20
Riddellit might not be the fault of one process though10:20
larsiviRiddell: any ideas on the ssl issue?10:21
sb1980while i'm still here: i also got a big problem with kickoff and nepomuk. whenever i want to start one of them, i can wait literally minutes until something happens10:22
Riddelllarsivi: no, but I get "SSL negotiation failed" too, you would have to ask the sysadmins10:22
larsiviI don't now them :)10:23
larsivianyway, even after fixing the migration to kmail2, kmail2 is very far from being a _better_ client :(10:30
sb1980Ridell: updates from package manager work now10:31
sb1980but reaction times of controll bar and kickoff are still horrible.10:49
oxymoronDoes somebody know how to change size of Kubuntu installation if I installed trhough Wubi in Windows? I remember I set a size there, but I want to resize it.11:41
ubottuWubi is an Ubuntu installer for Windows users that allows you to install and uninstall Ubuntu like a Windows application, in a simple and safe way. http://wubi-installer.org/support.php and https://wiki.ubuntu.com/WubiGuide for troubleshooting. Please  file bugs at http://launchpad.net/wubi/+filebug. For Ubuntu Maverick/10.10 http://releases.ubuntu.com/maverick/wubi.exe11:44
oxymoronI know what Wubi is?11:45
well_laid_lawnthere's links in there11:46
well_laid_lawn http://wubi-installer.org/support.php11:46
gnumdkis there no way to get message indicator work with kmail2 ?11:49
oxymoronwell_laid_lawn: I found something now, but it feels kind of hard. I though Wubi had a built in configurator in Windows, to just resize it.11:51
well_laid_lawnI know nothing about it sorry11:54
oxymoronWhy isnt it possible to resize wubi virtual device inside the virtual disk running? I shouldnt change anything, just the size it takes on a NTFS drive.12:01
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=== Guest98293 is now known as Linkmaster
diego_hi all12:17
diego_why my kubuntu has lowed his performance with the new 11.10?12:18
diego_can I uninstall something useless?12:18
alvindiego_: akonadi/nepomuk/strigi/virtuoso12:18
alvindiego_: There are new 'low-fat' settings12:18
Linkmaster11.10 looks beautiful. How difficult is it to install it, when you have an 11.04  /  and  /home partitions seperated? Should be easy, right?12:19
diego_Can I uninstall them?12:19
diego_Is it safe?12:20
Linkmasterdiego_: go through akonadi settings and turn it off if you don't want it to do the indexing - you can't remove it, because the system depends on it12:20
oxymoronSweet, thanks to that someone who finally fixed the sound on Kubuntu/KDe after latest updates12:20
oxymoronNow I just miss, that when plugin HDMI cable, system should change output device to HDMI, and when unplug it it just change back to speakers.12:21
oxymoronFor now I need to do it manually.12:21
oxymoronOr why not both? :P12:22
diego_where is akonadi? :(12:22
LinkmasterGo to system settings, it should be under indexing I believe. I don't have my kubuntu computer on me, so I'm not 100% sure12:24
diego_ok, its under desktop search12:25
LinkmasterYeah, thats it. You can disable it there, and it shouldn't resume after that12:26
diego_I hope so, thanks12:27
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diego_why OpenGL dont work on  kubuntu 11.10? I was before, on 11.0412:36
diego_well, I made a little program, kind of "hello world" using opengl, and its dont work now12:38
LK-11.10 doesn't have the ability to connect to a core in quassel?12:38
oxymoronLK-: Try to install KOnversation instead ;) Much better IRC client12:42
LK-It can act as a BNC?12:42
oxymoronLK-: Not sure, but I think so.12:43
LK-seems to not support that12:44
oxymoronLK-: Not sure if any IRC clients do that :P12:44
LK-oxymoron: Yes, Quassel does. Weechat does and quite a few others12:45
obshey anyone that help me setting up my Elantech touchpad ?12:51
diego_thats my code http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/201110191447481280x800s.png/12:51
diego_thats my makefile http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/810/201110191447571280x800s.png/12:53
El_SavioreHello there.12:53
El_SavioreI'm giong to try asking these questions again today...12:54
diego_and this it what show when run it12:54
El_SavioreCan anyone tell me why I can't drag and drop a multiple selction in ark?12:54
El_SavioreI hear that it's possible, but I've tried on 2 systems with kubuntu 11.10 and it just wont work for me.12:55
El_Saviorealso, how do I make it that I have to double click to open a file/folder?12:56
El_SavioreAre there any tutorials (preferably video) for navigating around Kubuntu?  What are new users supposed to do?12:57
LinkmasterEl_Saviore: what are you wanting to do?13:04
jamil_1hello all13:05
El_SavioreI'm wanting to extract multiple folders/files all at once13:05
jamil_1there is an apparent discrepancy in the cpu load shown by top and cpu load graph show by the plasmoid13:05
El_SavioreI know I can dtrl click and stuff, but I can't click+drag the selction when I want to.  i've never come across that before.13:06
jamil_1top shows very little load while plasmoid show very high cpu usage.13:06
jamil_1any explanation ?13:06
El_SavioreLinkmaster:  Those last few were to you.13:07
El_SavioreLinkmaster: The behaviore is mostly what i expect just using dolphin.13:09
El_SavioreLinkmaster:however, when inside ark, the selctions are not persistent when I click+drag>unclick13:09
LinkmasterEl_Saviore: hmm....so it works in dolphin, but not directly in ark?13:11
El_SavioreLinkmaster: correct.13:12
LinkmasterHmm..I usually associate with just dolphin, I do my extraction/etc. in dolphin(using ark however) but I don't deal directly in ark. Is there something specific that you need to use ark for?13:13
El_Saviorei was going to use 7zip to see if that worked, but I can't get an interface to come up.  i noticed there were 2 when I did a program search, and one ended with an "a"...maybe that's what i should have used.13:13
El_Saviorenothing at all, it's just how kubuntu comes configured, and I'm a noob13:14
El_SavioreI've useed gnome for a few years now, and am trying to get well rounded.13:14
El_Saviorehow do you associate dolphin to behave that way?13:15
GirlyGirlsb1980: What is the exact error message?13:15
BluesKajHiyas all13:16
LinkmasterEl_Saviore: Well, in dolphin, you can right click on your .zip/.rar/.etc., and choose amongst the different extractions, such as "/here" or "to:..." which will allow you to choose where you want to extract it. In dolphin as well, you can highlight multiple .zip/.etc., and extract them into the same place(such as when you have a multi-rar, etc.)13:17
El_Savioremy situation is that i have many files, and only want a portion of them taht are in the compressed file.13:18
El_Saviorealso, I can't turn off the option to disregard the toplevel folder.13:18
Linkmasterso...~/filename.rar/filename.txt is what you want?13:18
El_Saviorei tried ignoring local paths, or whatever it was, but that still makes a top level folder.13:18
El_Saviorelet's just say i want to extracrt everyother file in an archive.  how can I do that in one shot by dragging and dropping?13:19
El_SavioreIt's not what I want to do, but that should help a visualization.13:20
El_SavioreI think I'm done the reinstall.  I'm going to see what I can see.13:20
LinkmasterI need to head to my next class(math). If you're around, and I am too, I'll see what I can do13:20
noaXesshey all13:33
noaXessstrange behavior.. since 11.10, if i plugin my headphone, i can hear sound on maschine and headphone.. :(13:33
SunTsumaybe somebody in this channel is able to tell me: Where has libchipcardd gone to?13:34
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noaXessdo i really need akonadi?13:35
BluesKajnoaXess, only if you need a file indexer13:36
macoit's the backend data store for kde in general, though not all apps use it yet. kdepim uses it though13:36
macoBluesKaj: are you thinking of nepomuk?13:36
noaXessBluesKaj: not need.. but how to complete disable akonadi?13:36
noaXessdon't use kdepim..13:37
BluesKajakonadi also uses kmail and kontact , but you can turn it of13:37
macothen you might not need it explicitly, though im not entirely sure you can uninstall it without dependency hell13:37
noaXessBluesKaj, maco: and what do i need to disable, that it doesn't run anymore?13:38
BluesKajmaco , you can't remove it , it takes most of the kubuntu desktop with it13:38
macoBluesKaj: thats what i thought13:38
macothere's a panel widget thingimabob that lets you turn off akonadi13:38
noaXessmaco: yeah but in reboot it's back..13:39
BluesKajnoaXess, system settings >startup&shutdown>service manager13:39
noaXessi'm there BluesKaj.. nepomuk search module?13:39
BluesKajyup uncheck and apply13:40
noaXessBluesKaj: ok.. thanks..13:40
noaXessBluesKaj: what app manager you prefer.. instead of apt-get :) muon or apper?13:40
BluesKajnow addit to session management13:40
BluesKaji have akonadi and nepomuk , in the applications to be excluded from sessions box, noaXess13:42
noaXessstrange behavior.. since 11.10, if i plugin my headphone, i can hear sound on maschine and headphone.. :(13:43
=== vsrao_ is now known as vsrao
BluesKajI just use synaptic as a package reference and guide , but rarely use any package managers to remove or install13:43
BluesKajnoaXess, did you see my post about 'applications to be excluded from sessions ' ? if you don't fill in the box , then akonadi and nepomuk will start on the next reboot13:45
DennisBagleyall - just installed new machine with kubuntu oneiric on 3 mdraid level 1 partitions [ boot, swap, root ] using the standard amd64 cd, [ manually installed mdadm in live env and then created /dev/md's ] - is just booting into busy box on reboot, I presume i need to install mdadm to system, or maybe kernel mods for mdlevel1 - any pointers more than welcome - please13:45
noaXessBluesKaj: aha.. yeah13:46
noaXessBluesKaj: space delimited, or semicolon?13:46
noaXesscomma ;)13:46
noaXessBluesKaj: done13:47
noaXessBluesKaj: any idea, why my notebook speaker are on, if headphone is pluged in? i hear sound in both, spealer and headphone since 11.1013:48
* BluesKaj wishes akonadi and nepomuk were optional rather than default ...most non-business home users won't use use or need them13:48
alvinDennisBagley: Why didn't you use the 'alternate cd' (which is really the wrong name for that cd)13:48
BluesKajnoaXess, do you have a speaker control in alsamixer ?13:49
noaXessBluesKaj: wait..13:49
DennisBagleyalvin: cos I is stupid - and this way worked last time I tried (few years back now)13:49
alvinI still like the idea of akonadi, if only it weren't so buggy. Nepomuk is another story. It doesn't add anything worthwile that slocate/mlocate does not have, but it eats resources.13:49
noaXessBluesKaj: http://i.imgur.com/ZNYRa.png13:50
alvinDennisBagley: Well, previous Ubuntu releases had a lot of problems with booting from mdadm. I'd expect that is fixed by now. It should work, so you probably forgot something.13:50
DennisBagleyalvin: thanks :-) sure I did - is there a nice guide to chrooting from live cd into HD so I can install more stuff - or again - is it easiest to use the recovery / chroot on alternative ?13:52
BluesKajnoaXess, mute or turn down you "speaker" control in alsamixer13:52
noaXessBluesKaj: if i do that.. also headphone goes down13:52
alvinDennisBagley: The alternative cd does have a rescue mode that lets you select a root device and gives you a shell13:53
DennisBagleyalvin: ok will fight it for another 30 mins then accept defeat13:53
BluesKajnox did you try both headphone outputs ?13:54
Fleckanyone can confirm this: ctrl + alt + V - use UP/DOWN keys on keyboard - select one clipboard value - press enter - nothing happens - clipper stays open?13:55
szalFleck: yep14:02
szaljust another bug in a long list14:02
Fleckyeah... and this is old bug too...14:02
szale.g. closing the calendar (from clicking on the digital clock) by pressing Esc isn't possible any more either14:02
szaland I'm gonna have to choose another widget style than Oxygen again for the time being just so that LO Calc doesn't become unusable14:04
shane2peruwow, thunderbird just went spastic, I moved Chrome (nothing to do with TBird) and Tbird started scrolling up through all the messages, I scrolled back down to the bottom, and let go fo the bar, and it flipped back to the top of the list?14:07
shane2peruis tbird possessed?14:07
obshey anyone that can help me setting up my Elantech touchpad ?14:07
noaXessBluesKaj: tried both headphone outputs ..:(.. grrr14:09
millunhi guys14:10
milluni am trying to send an email from domain.com to email@domain.com which is hosted ON gmail.14:10
millunRecipient address rejected: User unknown in virtual alias table'14:10
noaXessBluesKaj: if i pluged in in headphone1 and mute it.. it's muted and speaker are on.. if i mute then hp2 all is muted ??14:11
BluesKajnoaXess, try turning down the capture control , the headphone out could be looping back thru that14:11
millunthe thing is that the machine first tries itself instead of querying the MX records14:11
noaXessBluesKaj: no... doesnt' work14:12
BluesKajwell, dunno noaXess ...guess you newed to do some research ...I'm not real familar with audio on laptops14:13
BluesKajneed ^14:13
noaXessBluesKaj: but.. anyway.. thanks for tips ;)...14:13
rolandAny way to check from a bash script if the script was started from command line or from dolphin/nautilus window?14:17
diego_why OpenGL dont work on  kubuntu 11.10? I was before, on 11.0414:27
diego_well, I made a little program, kind of "hello world" using opengl, and its dont work now14:27
diego_thats my code http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/201110191447481280x800s.png/14:27
diego_thats my makefile http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/810/201110191447571280x800s.png/14:28
diego_and this it what show when run it14:28
diego_why dont work properly???14:28
=== vsrao__ is now known as vsrao
BlueAidanjust installed kubuntu 11.10, and it seems the battery icon in the systray always says ac adapter not connected15:03
BlueAidan(even though it is)15:03
BlueAidanbecause of that, it's putting the netbook to sleep after a bit, which is annoying15:03
BlueAidanit always says 100% left, so the battery is charging15:03
=== jee__ is now known as jeee
Deet`having a problem booting in  to a fresh install. after grub, the GFX card stops sending a signal to the monitors. upon booting to recovery mode, if get a hang up on 4 errors for "codec_read: codec 0 is not valid" any ideas?15:29
recsi'm trying to get the proper synaptics drivers for my touchpad installed15:30
recsif i try to open up synaptiks it says no touchpad found15:30
recsi've googled this quite a bit but to no avail15:31
recsmy touchpad is way to sensitive15:31
Deet`odd, i did about 5 different laptops, never had a problem like that. were you connected to the internet when you did the install?15:31
recsyeah, this is the first i've had a problem too, it is a very newer laptop, samsung really hasn't released them yet, just a watered down bestbuy model is out15:32
recsthe rest are still up for pre-order and haven't came out yet15:32
Deet`what computer are we dealing with?15:33
recsi had kubuntu installed on my girlfriends much older computer and didn't any problems, i dont know if the drivers were properly installed on hers or if her touchpad just wasn't as wacky as this one hardware wise15:36
Deet`could be too new15:36
recsyeah :(15:38
recsi tryed running the syndaemon and thought that would help a bit but it didn't work15:38
Deet`sadly i can't help you there :/15:38
Deet`you wouldn't know how to tell grub's command line to boot to kubuntu's command line would you?15:39
jamil_1how can I define some thing similar to ~ in bash ?15:39
recsdo you want kdm not to startup and have to start it up yourself ?15:41
Deet`never mind15:41
Deet`i'm getting a codec error and wanted to get in to try and update/upgrade to see if that fixes anything15:41
BluesKajDeet`, which graphics card ?15:43
Deet`ATI Radeon 955015:43
Deet`256, AGP 8x15:43
martijn81Hi, i can't get my external hard disk to mount. What can i do?15:43
Deet`don't know, haven't been able to reach the gui yet15:43
Deet`normal boot gives me no signal to the monitor15:44
BluesKajno Deet` I mean previously15:44
martijn81i have no permissions to write15:44
Deet`there isn't a previously. this is fresh install. first time on this particulat machine15:44
BluesKajmartijn81, mount -o remount,rw /path/to/drive15:45
BluesKajnew pc , Deet` ?15:46
Deet`more like cobled together old parts15:46
Deet`have windoze xp on it, works fine in there, usually15:46
BluesKajDeet`, ok, dunno if the nomodeset fix applies to ati cards15:47
BluesKaj!nomodeset | Deet`15:47
ubottuDeet`: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter15:47
Deet`cant hurt to try right?15:47
martijn81mount: can't find /dev/sdc in /etc/fstab or /etc/mtab15:47
BluesKajnope works for my nvidia pci, Deet`15:48
martijn81oops, mounting does work, but now i still not have permissions to write15:49
BluesKajmartijn81, is this ntfs?15:50
mr-richOk, this upgrade was not as smooth as the last one. Problems still remain ... The one I'm working on now is the internet connection. Under 11.04, I used /etc/network/interfaces to hard set my IP (I do some web dev). Upon upgrading to 11.10, eth0 now has 2 IPs ... the old one and one I had to set via DHCP ... How to fix?15:50
martijn81BluesKaj: nope, ext415:50
BluesKajon a usb external , that's unusual, martijn8115:51
martijn81i see...15:51
=== Linkmaster is now known as Guest23087
martijn81does is matther that i called it  /media/MEDIA/  ?15:52
Deet`BluesKaj, mine looks different from the examble. after "quiet splash" i have "vt.handoff=7" should i remove that?15:52
Deet`i added nomodeset after and it's didn't do anything15:53
=== martijn81 is now known as martijn_away
Deet`what i don't get it why the livecd work for 8.04 worked fine and the install for 11 doesn't :(15:55
BluesKajDeet`, I haven't seen that either15:57
Deet`well its only for one boot15:58
* Deet` erases offending words15:58
KingSphinxDeet': Speaking of 8.04, there's a spin of Kubuntu that uses the KDE 3 fork known as Trinity. www.trinitydesktop.org is where you'll find it.15:59
Deet`well, the screen didn't go dead, but the codec error shows up now15:59
KingSphinxThey're working on builds for Oneiric, should be here by the end of the month.16:01
Deet`does that need to be a fresh install or can you do so from another distro?16:01
BluesKajDeet`, if you have some older hardware that may have recognition probs , try the 'alternate install'16:01
ubottuThe Alternate CD is a classical text-mode install CD. It supports a wider range of hardware than the !LiveCD, and can also be used as an upgrade CD.  Look for the alternate checkbox on the Kubuntu download page - See also !minimal16:01
Deet`i used the alternate install for this computer16:02
Deet`what's the likelyhood of updraging from 8.04 and everything still working?16:02
BluesKajnot good16:02
Deet`well i might just go with 8.04 then. internet down here sucks and i don't feel like taking 6 hours to download another iso16:03
* Deet` just wants to use konversation and amarok, and use konqueror and hide from M$ :P16:05
Deet`KDE for windows despises Belize, i can't never get it to download right16:06
BluesKajkonqueror is no longer the default , dolphin is the file manager and firefox is the default browser16:07
Deet`i like konqueror16:07
Deet`and is firefox still a resourse whore on linux?16:07
BluesKajwell, you can still install it and use it16:07
spacebug-Deet`: you have rekonq also, more lightweight if you want that16:08
jamil_1is it possible to define something like ~ tilde expansion ?16:08
kbroulikwhy do I have to add this kubuntu-ppa/ppa thing for official KDE updates? why aren'T these pushed to my system automatically?16:09
kbroulikfor backports, understandable, but for oneiric the 4.7.2 packages? o.O16:09
Deet`hrm....i think i formatted the wrong drive last time through..... >_>;;;16:09
TheLastProjectDeet`: I am running Firefox with 2 tabs open right now, it is using 111540K memory, 32956K shared memory  and 0% CPU. The plugin container is using 6416K memory and 15368K shared memory - Probably won't help but hey, at least I tried16:10
Deet`ya know, maybe if i stop naming this computer after tthe murderous psychopath from elfen Lied, it might not be such a problem16:10
Deet`that's less that one tab does under windows16:10
TheLastProjectDeet`: It are two simple PHPbb forum pages, so nothing that should use a lot of power16:11
Deet`i get 150+mb of ram usage on one page of nothing but text16:11
Deet`the longer it's open, the more it eats16:11
TheLastProjectWhoa, that's bad16:11
Deet`and it's the same with most of the people i know on windows16:11
Deet`FF4 would take over all available RAM at times16:12
Jaican anyone suggest me how to speed up my kubuntu 11.1016:13
Jaiit seems running very slow16:13
Jaii have 2.5 ram and 160 gb hard disk fully dedicated for ubuntu16:14
Jaican someone help on dis?16:14
TheLastProjectkubuntu-less-fat package perhaps? (Not sure if that's the name, also not sure if it actually speeds general usage up as well instead of just bootup times)16:14
TheLastProjectShould reduce memory usage as well16:14
Jaiso u say dat i have to get using sudo apt kubuntu-low-fat-settings?16:15
Jaithe last project?16:15
TheLastProjectJai: I'm not saying you have to, but I say it's worth a try16:16
TheLastProjectUnfortunately I can't help any more, seeing as how I have to go AFK now16:16
rorkJai: try `top`, `ps aux` or system monitor to see if something is using excess memory/cpu, 2.5 GB RAM should be enough for kubuntu if you have a decent CPU16:16
TheLastProjectGood luck16:16
rorkAlso because I think KDE depends heavily on OpenGL installing graphics drivers might help16:17
pteague_workis there a way i can get kate to not freak out & pop up a message box every time i switch over to it when a file has changed on disk? & yes, in settings -> configure kate -> application -> general i have the "warn about files modified by foreign processes" *unchecked* so it shouldn't be annoying me with this all the time16:18
Jaii have nvidia gforce 75016:18
* mweijts goedenavond allemaal16:22
ubottuNederlandstalige ondersteuning voor Ubuntu (en vers gezette koffie) is te vinden in #ubuntu-nl16:23
Deet`well, 8.04 works like a charm16:25
rorkJai: it looks like your system is comparable to mine which runs a basic kubuntu 11.10 just fine, did you install graphics drivers and did you check for processes that use a lot of memory/cpu?16:25
Jaiout of 2.5 g ram16:25
Jai2 g ram is used16:26
FloodBotK2Jai: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:26
FloodBotK1Jai: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.16:26
Deet`w00t 300+ updates needed. good times16:26
=== martijn_away is now known as martijn81
rorkJai: can you paste the output of `ps aux` (type this in a terminal) to pastebin and give us the link (e.g. on http://paste.ubuntu.com)16:29
Jaihere is d link rork16:33
mr-richHello. This upgrade was not as smooth as the last one. Problems still remain ... The one I'm working on now is the internet connection. Under 11.04, I used /etc/network/interfaces to hard set my IP (I do some web dev). Upon upgrading to 11.10, eth0 now has 2 IPs ... the old one and one I had to set via DHCP ... How to fix?16:37
rorkJai: it looks like firefox is soaking up all the memory, is your computer also slow after a boot?16:37
pteague_work...ok, apparently the new kate is not usable for what i need... guess i try installing older debs for it16:39
Jaieveery time i open16:41
BluesKajpteague_work, what do you need that kate can't provide ?16:41
pteague_workBluesKaj, i can't get it to suppress *warnings* about files being modified on disk... i tell it to ignore & it's fine until the next time the file is modified & then it screams about it again... even though i've unchecked the option to "warn about files modified by foreign processes"16:43
rorkJai: do you start a new session each boot or does it open an old session?16:44
BluesKajmr-rich, use a static IP , http://www.cyberciti.biz/tips/howto-ubuntu-linux-convert-dhcp-network-configuration-to-static-ip-configuration.html16:44
Jaihow do i knw whether im in previous session or not.. generally i shut down my kde and den start it..16:45
BluesKajpteague_work, ok ... never experienced that so i won't be much help :(16:46
pteague_workBluesKaj, previous versions of kate would simply set a red icon in the file list... at which point if i really needed the different version i could simply f5 to refresh otherwise it never bothered me as long as i had that checkbox unchecked16:47
rorkJai: it's in System Settings > Start Up & Shutdown > Session Management, the options at the bottom. Generaly when you're in a previous session all programs that were opened when you shut down are opened again16:47
JaiVowwwwwwwwww rork thank u so much16:51
Jaiyeah it is restoring previous session.. i dint knw there existed a session management in system settings16:52
Jaigreat rork i guess dat is d main problem den16:52
Jaihmm welll16:52
mr-richBluesKaj: Thanks. I did that exact thing in 11.04. When I upgraded, networking did not work. I had to switch to DHCP to get it to connect. when I do a "ip addr", I now have 2 IPs on eth0: the one I assigned in 11.04 and the one assighed by DHCP ... I have deleted the old /etc/network/interfaces file ... still have the same problem ...16:52
Jaifor firefox issue.. i think we can use rekonq rite??16:52
rorkJai: did you test the new setting? (I guess you did)16:53
Jaiwell no16:53
Jaibt m sure dat is d problem16:53
Jailet me restart and come one min wait pls16:53
BluesKajmr-rich, take the new IP out of network/interfaces  , just make sure the IP that's listed is the same as the IP your router assigned theat pc16:56
BluesKajerr that pc16:56
mr-richBluesKaj: The only interface in /etc/network/interfaces is lo now ... when I reboot, I still have 2 ips on eth0. the upgrade did something and I can't figure out what ...16:57
BluesKajmr-rich, Im also assuming you don't use network manager16:58
BluesKajnetwork manager will overwrite /etc/resolv.conf and /etc/network/interfaces16:59
mr-richBluesKaj: I do now to get the addy via DHCP ... when I first upgraded, I had no internet connection ... then I changed it to DHCP and deleted /etc/network/interfaces ...17:00
Jairork u der?17:00
rorkJai: yes17:00
Jaino rork :( still it s slow17:00
diego_I have an example programm in opengl. I worked with kubuntu 11.04, but now with 11.10 it doesnt work! Why?17:00
BluesKajmr-rich, do not delete /etc/network interfaces !17:00
rorkcan you do a `ps aux` again? Check memory and cpu if that's full?17:01
diego_it worked well before!17:01
ryrychI have migrated to new kmail with success but I don’t have to-do lists migrated17:01
mr-richBluesKaj: actually I just copied the old one back ...17:01
Jaialmost 1.5 gb is used17:01
Jaiim checkin using top17:01
BluesKajmr-rich, I asked if you were still using network manager17:02
diego_that the "output" http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/201110191448141280x800s.png/17:02
aron612hi all17:03
rorkJai: I think that's the same for me, are there any specific programs that use a lot of memory/cpu?17:04
Jaioh so u say cpu usage of 1.5 memory is normal??17:05
Jaiwithout firefox usage?17:05
BluesKajmr-rich, if so you need to remove networkmanager in order to setup static IPs etc and let the /etc/network/interfaces file do the work for you , check this out,http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/17:05
rorkJai: yes, but with Kontact open17:06
mr-richBluesKaj: so, you can't use network manager to set a static ip?17:08
fernandoanatomiaI can't more folders to my collection in Amarock besides /home/music17:08
fernandoanatomiaI can't add ...17:08
BluesKajmr-rich, did you read the tutorial I posted17:09
mr-richReading now ...17:09
fernandoanatomiaI add the folder and ask Amarok search it but nothing happens.... the musics dont get listed....17:10
ryrychanyone, please? :)17:11
rorkfernandoanatomia: did you check "check folders recursively" and do a full rescan?17:12
aron612_всем привет17:12
aron612_есть русские?17:12
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.17:12
fernandoanatomiarork: yes!17:12
rorkJai: and with the amount of servecis you run in the background (like ftp, apache etc) it's not surprising to me17:12
dfrey_Is there a way to purge and then refresh the list of packages known to aptitude?17:13
fernandoanatomiaI also deleted /home/.kde/share/config/amarok*.* but it keeps the configuration.... How can I erase the current config?17:14
SunTsusomebody else having high cpu load for the xorg process when using kde 4.7.2?17:15
BluesKajdfrey_, apt-get and atitude see the same repos , hence the same packages ..you can use Muon to reload the the packages ...it does whenever you launch it17:15
BluesKajer aptitude17:15
InadaptadoSunTsu: Define 'high cpu load'17:16
genii-aroundfernandoanatomia: When you write /home/music  and /home/.kde/wherever ... do you mean instead /home/your-username/music /home/your-username/.kde/wherever ? or are you actually using /home/music and so on?17:16
dfrey_BluesKaj: One weird thing is that every time I'm reloading aptitude right now it is telling me I have the same new packages.  I tell it to "forget" and then those same packages are listed as "new" next time I run17:16
SunTsuInadaptado: er: > 90%, constantly17:17
InadaptadoWow, then definitely not17:17
BluesKajdfrey_, whay are you ignoring the new updates ?17:17
SunTsujust switched to xfce, now everything is normal. kde was insane17:17
InadaptadoWorks fine for me. Could be better, but I'm not complaining17:18
dfrey_BluesKaj: These are the "new" packages, not ones that I already have installed and wish to update17:18
BluesKajthese aren't new packages , they're updates to the packages you have installed17:19
BluesKajthen update them , dfrey_17:19
fernandoanatomia/home/myusername.... I just forgot....17:20
BluesKajSunTsu, do youn have anything to contribute , if not I suggest you join xubuntu17:20
fernandoanatomiagenii-around: /home/myusername.... I just forgot....17:20
dfrey_BluesKaj: No, something is messed up.  For example "aptitude" is listed as one of the new packages.  I'm running it already of course.  When I try to install the "new" aptitude, it tells me that aptitude conflicts with aptitude.17:21
ryrychhow can I import to-dos to new kontact17:21
SunTsuBluesKaj: Why would I join there? I don't have any problem with xfce, and I still want to use kde.17:22
BluesKajdfrey_, do you have some ppas or sources from other kubuntu versions in your sources.list ?17:23
dfrey_BluesKaj: all of my sources.list lines are for "oneiric"17:24
BluesKajSunTsu, you called kde insane , I assumed you weren't going to use it17:25
eagles0513875hey guys I'm having an issue i use a bootable usb to install oneiric onto my netbook yet for some reason even though i specified installation on my hard disk. for some blessed reason it installs grub 2 to the MBR of the pen drive instead of the MBR of the hard disk :(17:25
eagles0513875this seems to be a persistent issue since at least natty17:25
InadaptadoI think he meant KDE was making his computer unasable and wants to know how to fix it17:25
BluesKajdfrey_, aptitude is not what it once was ..even i switched to apt-get17:25
Inadaptadoeagles0513875: have you tried to select partitions manually?17:26
eagles0513875well netbook version of kde makes my netbook unusable17:26
SunTsuBluesKaj: you might want to try reading my sentences as belonging together. I had insane _cpu load_ using kde17:26
eagles0513875Inadaptado: it won't matter manual or not17:26
eagles0513875the installer seems to use the MBR of the pen drive granted i told the installer to install to the hard disk17:26
BluesKajSunTsu, I read that but without any details , it's difficult to help17:26
dfrey_BluesKaj: So what command should I issue with apt-get to ensure that I am all the way through the upgrade process?17:26
eagles0513875i need to file a bug on this its very annoying for a lot of netbook users17:27
ikoniaeagles0513875: someone told me the other day (I've not verfied this) that the option to select the install point of grub was removed in 11.04 - I still believe it shows up if you select manual partition first, but I can't confirm this at this time17:27
fernandoanatomiaI deleted ~/.kde/apps/amarok and didn't wonk....17:27
SunTsuBluesKaj: I know, I just wanted to know if somebody else had noticed that. If so we could have tried to see if there are common points and therefore try to figure out what's going wrong17:27
BluesKajdfrey_, upgrade process? are uograding the OS or just packages?17:27
Inadaptadoikonia: It does, I did it four days ago17:28
* eagles0513875 doesn't like the kde netbook look and feel not to mention plasma on that desktop is so slow. always reverts to the normal kde desktop which runs super well and fast on a netbook 17:28
dfrey_BluesKaj: Both?17:28
BluesKajSunTsu, system monitor is your friend17:28
eagles0513875there is another way to fix the issue is to install the grub  package then ill need to figure out how to get it to boot17:28
eagles0513875but that shouldn't be to tough to do17:28
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's not just netbook users, it's anyone installing from usb who's bios presents the usb before internal disks17:29
ikoniaeagles0513875: there is already a bug logged for it I believe17:29
eagles0513875ikonia: that isn't true17:29
ikoniaInadaptado: it does what ?17:29
ikoniaeagles0513875: what isn't ?17:29
eagles0513875i don't have that issue with my desktop17:29
ikoniaeagles0513875: did you read what I said /17:29
eagles0513875i don't have the issue mentioned above17:29
Inadaptadoikonia: I chose partitions manually and the installer allowed me to choose where to install Grub217:29
ikoniaInadaptado: that's what I believe also, but I can't verify this at this time17:30
BluesKajdfrey_, well, which is it ?17:30
ikoniaeagles0513875: it will be anyone who's bios presents the USB device BEFORE the internal disks17:30
ikoniaeagles0513875: that's netbook/non-nebook.17:30
eagles0513875is that a bug or not a bug the installer doing as is intended17:31
ikoniahowever what Inadaptado has suggested I also believe .17:31
phiscibeiim still on 11.04, i installed it fresh 2 days before 11.10 came out, i had tons of bugs, wanted to unsderstand 11.04 before going upgrade, 5 days later looking better, but now it is crashing during the night, cant find any thig in a log,m they look reset17:31
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's doing as intended, however check what Inadaptado said, as I also believe that, I've just not had a chance to confirm it17:31
dfrey_BluesKaj: I want the latest kubuntu installed on my machine without having to reinstall.17:31
* BluesKaj never thought a 3 yr old bios would be outdated17:31
ikoniaI believe this change was 11.04 and later17:31
Inadaptadoeagles0513875: Is you USB listed as first device to load?17:31
eagles0513875ikonia: ok when i had 11.04 and had this issue i installed grub to the main hard disk and had to do one other step for the system to pick it up and boot off of it17:32
eagles0513875on my desktop no but netbook yes17:32
InadaptadoThen that may be the issue17:32
eagles0513875in the current situation the grub 2 package isn't even installed to hard disk17:32
ikoniathat IS the issue17:32
BluesKajdfrey_, so all this time you were talking about an upgrade to 11.10 OS and not just an update with the OS ..correct ?17:32
ikoniaas I've stated17:32
CrellHi folks.  I'm on 11.04, recently installed on a laptop.  When plugged into an external monitor, everything's fine.  When I take it off the monitor, the task panel at the bottom of the screen still thinks it's at a larger resolution, so the right side of it is inaccessible off the screen.17:32
InadaptadoChange it, choose the starter device manually, and, just to be sure, choose partitions manually17:32
ikoniaeagles0513875: the grub2 package IS installed to the hard disk17:32
eagles0513875ikonia:  and i have understood17:32
BluesKajwithin the OS, rather dfrey_17:32
CrellHow do I fix that?  I've tried changing the Display settings, but they're already set correctly for this setup.17:32
ikoniaeagles0513875: the actual grub boot loader is put on the mbr of disk a17:32
eagles0513875ikonia: its on the MBR of the pen drive in this case17:33
eagles0513875not the hard disk of the netbook17:33
ikoniaeagles0513875: that's not the grub opackage though17:33
ikoniaeagles0513875: that is the grub boot sector, the grub package IS installed to the hard disk17:33
diego_I have an example programm in opengl. It worked with kubuntu 11.04, but now with 11.10 it doesnt work! Why?17:33
eagles0513875just did an apt-cache policy and the grub2 package is showing not installed17:33
diego_that's the "output" http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/201110191448141280x800s.png/17:34
yofeleagles0513875: but grub-pc is17:34
ikoniaeagles0513875: have you changed the name of the package correctly ?17:34
dfrey_BluesKaj: I guess so yeah.17:34
ikoniathis is like pulling teeth17:34
InadaptadoCrell: Are your graphic card drivers up to date?17:34
eagles0513875no i haven't changed anything i guess i wasn't looking at the right package grub-pc is installed yet what i don't understand is why its not booting off of it17:35
eagles0513875if its there17:35
CrellInadaptado: Should be.  It's an Intel X3100.  Open source driver, hasn't changed in years.17:35
ikoniaeagles0513875: I've explained why17:35
ikoniaeagles0513875: the grub binaries are not what boots the machine17:35
CrellThe video is fine, maximized windows are the right size.  It's just the bottom panel that didn't get the message.17:35
BluesKajdfrey_, so what have you done so far ...because i have no idea what the state of your install is ?17:35
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's the boot sector of the disk, which in this case was put on the usb disk incorrectly17:35
SunTsuBluesKaj: I don't think that this will be helpful, it's Xorg that's running wild and I already know that. I need to find out what's making it freak out, for that I prolly need to disable stuff until it behaves the way I know it17:35
InadaptadoI haven't had an Intel in ages, I'm a bit clueless right now17:36
BluesKajSunTsu, did you try system monitor ?17:36
SunTsuBluesKaj: yes, I do, in fact I'm watching it right now17:37
dfrey_BluesKaj: I changed my sources.list (just changed all URLs to oneiric) then I ran aptitude and updated the package lists.  Then I said to install all the updates.  Then during installation, I tried to resize my konsole window and X hung, so I had to ssh into my machine using my cell phone to try to complete the update process.17:38
SunTsuwhich is of course does not help with my problem, because I'm using xfce currently. I'll try it again with kde, but it does not seem to be more than a common process monitor like (h)top17:38
CrellAny thoughts?17:38
BluesKajSunTsu, so what in kde was using all your resources ?17:38
SunTsuBluesKaj: not all my resources, but _Xorg_ was using a single cpu > 90% constantly. As in the Xorg process17:39
BluesKajdfrey_, you don't change the sources.list to upgrade to anew OS by changing the names in the debs, 'sudo do-release-upgrade' is the command to use17:40
dfrey_BluesKaj: I'll try that now and see what happens17:41
dfrey_BluesKaj: of course now it's saying there is no new release because it thinks I'm fully updated17:42
BluesKajdfrey_, but you had better rename your list to the existing OS . so it can upgrade to the newone.17:42
BluesKajsources.list that is, dfrey_17:42
dfrey_BluesKaj: What was the previous version called again?  X isn't working so web access is challenging17:42
BluesKajdfrey_, natty17:43
dfrey_BluesKaj: right, thanks17:43
BluesKajdfrey_, wait I'll give you a command17:43
fosburgCan postscript fonts be used in Ubuntu?17:44
shane2peruno gui software update notification??17:46
BluesKajdfrey_, nevermind that command is out of date17:47
dfrey_BluesKaj: setting sources.list back to natty didn't convince do-release-upgrade that I needed to upgrade17:47
BluesKajdfrey_, run , uname -a please. post the output17:49
Inadaptadoshane2peru: Are you asking if there is or are you telling us you have lost it?17:50
shane2peruInadaptado: yes. :)  doesn't seem there is, and there used to be, is there a GUI update notification, or is it common knowledge that it isn't there.17:50
dfrey_BluesKaj: I can't easily paste the output into IRC because X isn't currently working.  It says kernel 3.0.0-12-generic #20-ubuntu17:51
InadaptadoThat's a new one. What version of Kubuntu are you using?17:52
shane2peruInadaptado: the latest, 11.10 Oneiric?  I upgraded.17:52
shane2perudfrey_: there is an awesome pastebin utility for cli.17:52
BluesKajdfrey_, ok that's 11.10 kernel , but just to be sure , run lsb_release -a17:53
shane2perudfrey_: sudo apt-get install pastebinit17:53
phiscibepastebinit  you can pipe staight to pastebin on a we17:53
phiscibeits cool as indoor plumbing17:53
shane2perudfrey_: then, command -options | pastebinit   that would output directly to pastebinit17:53
BluesKajok, guys let's not have too many cooks here17:54
dfrey_BluesKaj: that command says 11.10 also17:54
shane2peruBluesKaj: sorry, just couldn't help myself there.17:54
shane2peruInadaptado: at any rate, do you know what the package is called that provides GUI updates?17:55
dfrey_shane2peru: Good to know for the future, but I'm hesitant to try installing new packages right now given how messed up my install is17:55
InadaptadoActually, when I tried to upgrade I was installed both Muon and Apper. Both had GUI updates.17:55
shane2perudfrey_: oh, right, good point.17:56
shane2peruInadaptado: ok, i have Muon, let me see about Apper.17:56
InadaptadoThey were working at the same time, which I wouldn't be surprised if it could cause problems17:56
BluesKajok dfrey then you have 11.10 installed ...sort of ... run sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrde , the sudo apt-dist upgrade17:57
shane2peruInadaptado: oh, I'm all upgraded, I mean for the regular daily/weekly updates that come in, I'm not being notified of them.17:57
eagles0513875ikonia:  Inadaptado  problem solved purged the grub-pc package that was installed and reinstalled it and its working now :)17:57
dfrey_BluesKaj: Here's a clue: aptitude lists the number of installed packages as 366, but when I do dpkg --get-selections, I get 1951 lines of output.17:57
shane2peruInadaptado: I don't seem to have apper.17:57
BluesKajoops dfrey_ check the spelling in that second command17:58
InadaptadoMmm, that's odd, muon is working fine17:58
shane2peruInadaptado: right, my Muon is working too, but I didn't see the update options there.17:58
InadaptadoExcuse me for asking this, but, have you checked the configuration of Muon?17:59
BluesKajdfrey_, just run the command I posted , I have no confidence in aptitude17:59
eagles0513875well hell now even with my ath9k wifi driver it seems like my wpa2 wifi connections here at home aren't being picked up17:59
shane2peruInadaptado: no, I'm not real familiar with muon, matter of fact I just figured out there are two, or seem to be.  When I run muon from the command line, I get the updates thing17:59
InadaptadoGo to Muon package manager, and check the settings, under 'notifications'18:00
InadaptadoMaybe be misconfigured, for some reason18:00
shane2peruInadaptado: when I go to Applications -> System -> Software ? something It shows Muon package manager.18:00
BluesKajok, dfrey_ I have to leave for a bit, BB in 5mins18:00
* eagles0513875 will deal with the wifi issue tomorrow I'm brain dead tonight18:00
dfrey_BluesKaj: was the last bit of that command wrong?  Did you want me to run apt-get dist-upgrade?18:01
shane2peruInadaptado: Ok under settings in the package manager, I have Software Sources, Toolsbars, and Shortcuts that is it.18:01
BluesKajdfrey_, yes18:02
InadaptadoIt should be Settings> Configure Muon Package Manager... > Notifications, then check boxes are ticked18:03
shane2peruInadaptado: right, I seem to be missing that.18:03
InadaptadoThat would be the reason then18:03
InadaptadoYou may be missing muon-notifier18:03
shane2peruInadaptado: the funny thing is when I alt-f2 and type muon, I get the Muon Package manager, that is different that the Software thing that reads muon at the top.18:04
phiscibei am still sitting on 11.04 apt-get dist-upgrade see's nothing, it does not detect the distro upgrade, only kpackagekit will start it, they have muzzled the apt and apptitude somehow18:04
shane2peruInadaptado: when I run muon from cli, I get all those options, my question is, what is that other thing?18:04
shane2peruApplications -> System -> Software Center  (claims to muon too.)18:05
InadaptadoIt's a Muon in a prettier package18:05
shane2peruInadaptado: in the menu, where do I find muon package manager?18:06
shane2peruno wonder I'm confused. :)18:06
InadaptadoIt's where you said, Applications > System18:06
dfrey_BluesKaj: I got an update for "update-manager-core" and "update-manager-kde".  Other than that, the commands didn't seem to do much.18:06
InadaptadoI gotta check the oven, brb18:07
shane2peruInadaptado: thanks!  you are right, there it was!18:07
shane2perumany fixes on Linux, is fixing the person using it, and not the actual system itself! :)18:08
shane2peruOk, I have 25 packages that need updated, Muon is set to 'alert me' to new upgrades, I made muon check for updates, however it doesn't seem to let me know that there are updates.18:09
BluesKajdfrey_, do this and update and dist-upgrade afterwards. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/18:11
TheLastProjectIs it possible to set different settings to the KDE panel (that taskbar-like thing) depending on which desktop is used?18:16
BluesKajTheLastProject, new activity , maybe...don't use it myself18:17
TheLastProjectBluesKaj: The idea seems great, but I can't seem to configure every desktop to use a specific activity. Thanks for the tip though!18:31
TheLastProjectLooks like I lost all my widgets and desktop background, great =/18:37
diego_I have an example programm in opengl. It worked with kubuntu 11.04, but now with 11.10 it doesnt work! Why?18:38
diego_that's the "output" http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/201110191448141280x800s.png/18:38
BluesKajTheLastProject, wonder what that activity thing does except  screw things18:39
TheLastProjectBluesKaj: I'm not sure yet either. Seems you can use different desktop settings to quickly switch between fun/studying/etc. The idea is good, just has to mature a bit :P18:40
BluesKajheh , I just put stuff on diff desktops already18:41
k0sребят а как убрать ето меню в сетку на искре18:44
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:44
TheLastProjectOr is that Greek?18:44
ubottu#ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes18:44
TheLastProjectJust to be sure :P18:44
TheLastProject(Looks more like Russian though)18:45
BluesKajyeah ru , cyrillic18:45
TheLastProjectI always confuse the two :P18:45
BluesKajI think thge cyrillic is derived from the greek script18:46
adarshajoisamy okular can't read chm files. If i remember correctly, it used to read chm files when i was using opensuse with kde 4.6. is there any plugin i need to install?18:51
BluesKaj!KchmViewer |adarshajoisa18:54
BluesKaj!info KchmViewer |adarshajoisa18:54
ubottuadarshajoisa None: Package KchmViewer does not exist in oneiric18:54
TheLastProjectEver since I touched activities KDE is broken as hell, oh well :P18:54
BluesKajodd , it's listed in synaptic18:54
dfrey_I was in here an hour or so ago looking for solutions to my failed upgrarde.  These screenshots show the weird aptitude problem: http://dpfrey.dyndns.org/~dfrey/aptitude1.png  http://dpfrey.dyndns.org/~dfrey/aptitude2.png   Notice that the shots are showing the new packages and that there are many previously installed packages listed there.  Also note that there are two copies of every package listed,18:55
dfrey_but one doesn't have a proper description18:56
adarshajoisablueskaj, thanks. i just installed it and tried opening a chm document. it still gives the same error. do i need to logout or restart my system?18:56
BluesKajadarshajoisa, dunno , sorry18:57
adarshajoisaBluesKaj: it's ok. :) thanks anyway!18:57
BluesKajdfrey_, did you do this and update and dist-upgrade afterwards. http://repogen.simplylinux.ch/ ?18:57
adarshajoisai'll try rebooting when i have the patience. :P18:57
BluesKajsems there' alot of rebooting required for new app installs ...getting to be as bad as windows18:58
dfrey_BluesKaj: I reviewed the sources.list that it generated and it was equivalent to mine.  I also rebooted and chose to boot an older kernel.  That allowed me to get into KDE without hanging.  I think I found other people complaining about the same problems with aptitude here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/aptitude/+bug/84513619:00
TheLastProjectBluesKaj: I thought the same thing today when it said "you have to restart for the updates to take effect" - "Huh? Am I on Windows?"19:00
ubottuUbuntu bug 845136 in aptitude (Ubuntu) "Forget new packages doesn't save its action" [Undecided,Confirmed]19:00
adarshajoisahow do i find which process is using a usb device? when i try unmounting the device (usb hard disk), it says device busy. is there any command that lets me check which process has locked the device?19:02
BluesKajdfrey_, i've already given up on aptitude , unfortunately it's not working very well in some cases. try sudo dpkg --configure -a19:03
dfrey_BluesKaj: I think I'm on my way to solving this.  There was a comment in the bug I listed saying to remove the /etc/dkpg/dpkg.cfg/multiarch file and that seems to have fixed the problem.  I guess there must be some other bug that is preventing me from booting the latest kernel that comes with oneiric19:05
BluesKajdfrey_, the multiarch is for 64bit pcs and if you had 32bit flash installed then you could have trouble19:07
dfrey_BluesKaj: I have 64bit and probably did have 32bit flash19:08
pteague_workBluesKaj, considering your comment earlier on kate about not experiencing the issue with kate continually complaining about a file being modified externally i thought perhaps it might be due to old config files so i went & renamed those so it'd create new files... still getting the popup notification rather than just an icon next to the file19:10
yofeldfrey_: aptitude + multiarch = not a good idea would be bug 83176819:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 831768 in aptitude (Ubuntu Oneiric) "aptitude cannot handle conflicts with multiarch enabled" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/83176819:11
BluesKajdfrey_, yeah there's that wrapper / downloader / plugin mess that has to be sorted out on some machines19:11
dfrey_Is there a known bug regarding not being able to boot the latest kernel?19:13
dfrey_It seems to get part way, but then just hangs19:13
BluesKajdfrey_, did you see yofel's post above ?19:14
yofelthat shouldn't prevent the kernel from booting though19:14
BluesKajyofel, it's preventing his updates tho19:14
yofelah, *that* would be a reason19:15
yofelhe could've just used apt-get though...19:15
RickKnightAnyone know how to get rid of the all black icons in Thunderbird 7.0.1 installed in Kubuntu 11.10. They look awful19:15
dfrey_BluesKaj: That seems to be related to the aptitude problem, but not the fact that I can't boot the new kernel19:16
BluesKajhe reverted to an older kernel , obviously the 3.0 isn't working well with aptitude and multiarch19:16
yofeldfrey_: now that you have multiarch off, can you check if you have all updates installed?19:16
dfrey_yofel: I'm doing that now19:17
TheLastProjectRickKnight: I guess you could try grabbing a theme: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/thunderbird/themes/ - Sorry, don't hav eanother clue19:17
BluesKajdfrey_, don't use aptitude:)19:17
RickKnightThanks LastProject, I'll try that.19:17
yofelaptitude is fine, as long as you keep multiarch off19:17
dfrey_BluesKaj: The thing I like about aptitude is that it will automatically remove libs when they aren't needed anymore19:18
TheLastProject(Wow, only like 4 themes, that's... sad)19:18
BluesKajapt-get does as well , dfrey_ contrary to popular belief19:19
RickKnightAnother problem I've just noticed. Just a couple of days ago I upgraded from 10.10 to 11.04 and then 11.10. I notice I still have kernel 2.26.38-11-generic and my Grub menu lists the distro as 11.04. Did something go wrong? I got no error messages.19:19
dfrey_BluesKaj: hmm.  I don't think it used to.  I haven't really looked at apt-get in a long time though19:20
yofelRickKnight: if you open konsole, what does 'lsb_release -r' tell you?19:20
BluesKajRickKnight, run lsb_release -a19:20
BluesKajdfrey_, yes, apt-get has that capability now , and then some ..it's actually superior to aptitude handling and managing packages now19:22
RickKnightBoth lsb_release with -a or -r both show ubuntu 11.10. Codename oneiric19:22
yofelRickKnight: and uname -a ?19:23
RickKnightuname -a gives Linux rick 2.6.38-11-generic #50-Ubuntu SMP Mon Sep 12 21:18:14 UTC 2011 i686 i686 i386 GNU/Linux19:23
yofelRickKnight: does it list a 3.0.0 kernel if you run 'sudo update-grub' ?19:24
lenzzhi friends19:25
lenzzneed help19:25
lenzzi set up direct modem-modem connection19:25
lenzzon windows is ppp server19:25
lenzzand from kubuntu I use wvdial19:25
RickKnightupdate-grub finds both the 2.6.38 and 3.0.0 kernels. And gives me the chance to keep or replace my menu.lst.19:26
yofeloh, grub1...19:26
lenzzon dialing computer i set commands AT&i3 then ATX319:26
BluesKajahh, legacy grub ?19:26
lenzzon second A - manual answer19:26
lenzzbut result is --> Connected, but carrier signal lost!  Retrying...19:27
lenzz--> Sending: ATDT319:27
lenzz--> Waiting for carrier.19:27
lenzzwhat it can be?19:27
lenzznote: this is direct connection without call server19:27
RickKnightyofel: Thanks yofel. That appears to have worked. I'll reboot to see.19:29
yofeltry it, I'm a bit rusty at grub1 compatibility19:30
RickKnightLast problem so far, when I reboot, /etc/resolv.conf is being re-written without any data, just a single line saying it was generated by network manager. I have to manually add the nameserver and gateway addresses. How can I fix this?19:38
phiscribelenzz probably your init string on one end or the other, you need a modem formum, no body in here uses a modem now days, i used to work with them in the  90's19:38
BluesKajRickKnight, networkmanger will overwite resolv.conf while it's in use ...not sure how to get around it without disabling/.removing nm19:40
macoi know a very big hammer way19:40
macochattr +i19:40
macoi didnt just tell you that19:40
* maco whistles away19:40
phiscribeone of the locations net man uses you can modify so that when it does its resolv shuffle it will inject your change, can not remember where19:41
RickKnightBluesKaj: Yes, it's suposed d to re-write resolv.conf with valid info from the dhcp server. It gets the info and sets the IP, but blanks the resolv.conf.19:42
lenzzphiscribe, thnx, I try to ask there19:42
phiscribei often wonder if you could not just put your dns servers in the host file19:42
macophiscribe: oh right. thats dhcp3 config file19:42
RickKnightmaco: You may have told me last night. I've set the file immutable, haven't tried it yet.19:42
macoprepend domain-name-servers
macothat bit ^19:43
BluesKajRickKnight, just use the router IP nameserver . route -n in the terminal19:43
macoif you uncomment that line and put the domain server you want (i usually go with opendns then it should put that in instead of blank19:44
RickKnightI usually use opendns first and then my router. can I put both entries in dhclient.conf19:46
phiscribeseems like network managers breaking has been around forever, which ever one you use19:46
BluesKajopen dns is ok if you install their clint , otherwisw be prepared to scamble looking for you email after a reboot19:46
macoRickKnight: yes i believe so19:46
phiscribeon i used to use was command line based gui, ceni, it never failed19:46
macoBluesKaj: email?19:46
phiscribeuse the google dns servers they are fast19:47
macoopendns doesnt prevent me reaching gmail...19:47
macoor yahoo mail19:47
RickKnightThanks maco and BluesKaj, just about time for a re-boot.19:47
BluesKajyup, if you have a dynamic IP outside the US open dns doesn't track it without some tracher app19:47
macotrack what?19:48
macowhy would they need to track anything?19:48
macoall they have to do is respond to dns requests19:48
BluesKajdynamic IP19:48
macowhy would i want them tracking my IP?19:48
macoare you mixing opendns up with dyndns?19:48
phiscribei think he meant the way the names propagate19:49
RickKnightI use dyndns on my mail server, opendns for my nameserver it has always worked for me, but I'm in the US.19:50
BluesKajwell, my email was gone for 2 days with opendns. so i switched to google dns and email returned19:51
BluesKajCanada here19:52
macomail you host yourself?19:52
RickKnightmaco: yes, I host.19:52
BluesKajwife was not happy , her email which is hosted on our ISP wasn't coming in either ...I had the opendns IPs set in the router manual dns option19:54
BluesKajopendns should have a discalimer about their service being iffy outside the US19:56
kamilnadeemhow does one execute a .run file in kubuntu 11.1019:58
kamilnadeemit is of the game Trine19:59
yofelkamilnadeem: chmod +x <file.run>19:59
yofelkamilnadeem: ./<file.run>19:59
yofelreplace <file.run> file the actual file name19:59
=== skreech_ is now known as Daskreech
kamilnadeemyofel for that I would first have to open the folder in terminal right?20:00
yofelyou could add exectuable permissions in dolphin too though20:00
kamilnadeemI checked the permisions to executable of the file, it used to work on Ubuntu not sure why its not working here?20:02
diego_Anyone can help me? I have an example programm in opengl. It worked with kubuntu 11.04, but now with 11.10 it doesnt work! Why?20:02
diego_that's the "output" http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/201110191448141280x800s.png/20:03
kamilnadeemyofel how does one add execution permission to dolphin?20:03
yofelkamilnadeem: right click file -> properties -> permissions -> 'is executable'20:04
kamilnadeemon the file you are saying, I alreaady did that20:04
kamilnadeemnot working ?20:04
yofelhm, should work, maybe you need to run the file in a terminal?20:05
kamilnadeemopen with terminal then20:05
kamilnadeemnope , not working , terminal opens but nothing happens20:07
kamilnadeemby the way here is a great review of 11.1020:07
kamilnadeemI was going to update KDE to 4.220:07
lenzzand if you try to run from root?20:09
kamilnadeemis it a good Idea , following in the reviewer way?20:10
kamilnadeemlenzz  are you asking me?20:10
yofelkamilnadeem: getting 4.7.2 from ppa? yes, that's the only way right now20:11
szalwhose idea was it not to show the Pulseaudio streams in KMix any more?20:11
kamilnadeemlenzz I dont understand what you mean by that kindly explain20:12
kamilnadeemthanks yofel20:12
yofelszal: what version of kmix do you have installed?20:12
lenzzyou tried to run your programm from root account?20:13
szalyofel: 3.9 (KDE 4.7.2)20:13
greg3000guys I'm running KDE with desktop widgets on the latest ver of ubuntu.  I've enabled dual monitors and now I can't see program windows unless I mark them as "Keep above others" in advanced window settings, each time the window loads.  Any ideas what happened to make this necessary?20:13
yofels/from root account/with sudo/20:13
yofelszal: package version please20:13
szalone sec20:13
kamilnadeemNo I checked the permissions to execute then clicked on it20:13
szalii  kmix                         4:4.7.2-0ubuntu1~ppa120:14
kamilnadeemI am not much expert when it comes to terminal stuff20:14
greg3000yeah so unless I set the option to "Keep above other" on window options, windows are hidden on my KDE desktop.   Anyone got a clue?20:14
yofelszal: can you update to ~ppa2 and see if they show up?20:14
szalyofel: updating now20:15
lenzzkamilnadeem - in terminal - sudo /path/to/your/programm20:15
kamilnadeemoh that , ok trying20:16
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szalrestarting KDE, brb20:17
=== seegull is now known as Sad_Beagle
kamilnadeemsudo: home/mohammad/Downloads/Softwares/TrineUpdate4.32.run: command not found20:17
kamilnadeemmy mistake20:18
kamilnadeem1 sec20:18
greg3000does this issue of windows being behind the desktop by default have to do with plasma?20:18
szalyofel: yes, ppa2 has them, thx :)20:19
kamilnadeemkamil@kamil-MG-63MI-7109:~$ sudo home/kamil/Downloads/Softwares/TrineUpdate4.32.run20:19
kamilnadeemsudo: home/kamil/Downloads/Softwares/TrineUpdate4.32.run: command not found20:19
yofelkamilnadeem: sudo /home...20:20
yofelmissing slash20:20
yofelbut try it without sudo once20:20
yofeland see if it prints something20:20
kamilnadeem/home/kamil/Downloads/Softwares/TrineUpdate4.32.run: error while loading shared libraries: libglade-2.0.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory20:20
kamilnadeemneed to install liblade then right20:21
yofelyep, libglade2-020:21
kamilnadeemhow does one search for packages in Kubuntu like IN sabayon its equo search20:22
szalyofel: any idea if from the side of KDE anything can be done about the (almost) non-functional horizontal scroll bar in LibreOffice?  (I noticed it in Calc, reportedly the problem exists also in the other applications)20:22
* yofel runs calc..20:23
szaldidn't find a related bug report, but a blog post I found via Google indicates that the problem has been known since at least August20:23
szalaffects LO 3.4.x, not 3.3.x20:24
yofelhm, confirmed - I would file a bug against gtk2-engines-oxygen20:24
kamilnadeemWorking but as a normal user20:24
yofelthe bar is somewhat usable if I middle-click it20:24
kamilnadeemthanks guys20:24
szalyofel: yes, middle-click is reported to work, and the uppermost pixel row also reacts to left-click input20:25
kamilnadeemok will be taking your leave now20:25
diego_Anyone can help me? I have an example programm in opengl. It worked with kubuntu 11.04, but now with 11.10 it doesnt work! Why?20:27
diego_that's the "output" http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/201110191448141280x800s.png/20:27
diego_anyone can read me?20:28
yofeldiego_: we can, but I guess nobody here has knowledge of opengl... does opengl work on your driver in general? (/var/log/Xorg.0.log)20:30
diego_yea...It cant be the problem20:31
diego_because with 11.04 all worked20:31
BarkingFishdiego_, you could try it with google earth, i think that uses opengl for rendering20:33
BarkingFishif google earth doesn't work, then it could be an opengl issue20:33
BluesKajBarkingFish, is GE working om 11.10 ?20:33
BarkingFishnot tried yet, been too busy setting up my devel stuff after the upgrade, BluesKaj20:34
diego_the program isnt the problem....its too simple20:34
diego_a kind of "hello world"20:34
BarkingFishis this a program you wrote yourself?20:35
diego_yea...but BEFORE its works properly...when I update to 11.10...It begin to fail20:35
diego_the program cant be wrong20:36
diego_How can it be? I thought the updates improve the things20:37
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yofeldiego_: did you rebuild the program under 11.10?20:39
diego_at first It could compile neightr20:39
BarkingFishdiego_, it may be that how you implement opengl has changed between 11.04 and 11.10 - a lot of stuff has been changed20:39
diego_here was the solution for the compile http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=186082820:40
diego_how I implement it?20:40
diego_Its suppouse to be a standart library20:42
BarkingFishBluesKaj, just as a heads up, no. GE does *not* work on 11.10 - i just tried installing it and QApt crashed20:43
BarkingFishtried again using GDebi and that went too20:44
diego_thats my makefile http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/810/201110191447571280x800s.png/20:44
diego_thats my code http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/26/201110191447481280x800s.png/20:44
diego_that the "output" http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/38/201110191448141280x800s.png/20:45
diego_its too weird20:45
uliohi, who can i disable the update notification popup for the oneiric in  natty ?20:46
genii-arounddiego_: If you are running a 64 bit box perhaps make sure you have both 64 and 32 bit versions of the dev files20:46
diego_no...im using a 32bit version20:46
BarkingFishulio - press ALT+F2, and type sudo software-properties-kde   it'll open a password box, type in your password and hit enter.  When the next box opens, you'll see a tab at the top marked Updates - click it, and the very last entry at the bottom is a dropdown for showing new releases - simply set that to "Never", and hit ok.20:48
genii-aroundProbably want to use kdesudo there and not just sudo20:49
alexdevillxDoes this look infected?20:50
diego_If I could...I rollback to 11.0420:50
BarkingFishdiego_, you still can. I assume you still have an ISO of 11.04 and if not, you can get one and reinstall.20:51
BarkingFishNothing forces you to upgrade, at least until we stop supporting 11.0420:51
diego_I cant save my files before20:51
grmlHi, i want akonadi to sync with google calendar but i get the error: "akonadi_gacal_resource_1: Failed to retrieve events." Can anyone help?20:52
diego_and I need to solve my opengl problem to pass a university subject20:52
ulioBarkingFish: thanks I have found it :-)20:52
grmlsyncing the contacts works20:53
BarkingFishyou're welcome, ulio :)20:53
ADI installed an application using Muon which I noticed was outdated, so I uninstalled it and downloaded and ran the relevant .deb file for the latest version. It appears in the Kickoff menu, but clicking on the application just results in the icon bouncing up and down for a few seconds and then disappearing.21:00
ADIs there anything I shpould have done differently?21:00
BluesKajBarkingFish, thanks ..I tried as well with dpkg -i and the installer , GR is in the kmenu , but it crashes21:08
BluesKajert GE21:09
BarkingFishdang.  I wanted GE up as well.21:09
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jmichaelxso i have a server that has apparently been compromised, and is being used by bots... what would a good way be to find the malicious code, etc?21:56
museele_How do you use CMake with qtcreator?21:57
phiscribenegative consequences for removing /var/cache/apt/archives/  and /var/cache/apt/ and the partial folder?  will kubuntu not likey?  is should i use an apt command to get rid of them?22:02
phiscribejmichaelx, what specificaly are they doing, the bots....what are the symptoms22:02
phiscribejmichaelx, also what type of server22:03
jmichaelxphiscribe: it is a sever that right now is being used exclusively as a pure-ftp server22:06
jmichaelxphiscribe: i have received a few notices from our ISP that attacks appear to be coming from this box22:07
phiscribewhich ftp server, id look at the ftp server's own logs first, then the system auth.log, you need to find their entry point and how far they got in, see if they made new user accounts22:09
phiscribejmichaelx, are they just using the ftp server or do they have your whole box22:09
phiscribethats is the question22:09
jmichaelxphiscribe: i am planning on moving to a new server.... although i do not want to move bots, etc, along with data22:10
jmichaelxphiscribe: i am not yet sure of that22:10
phiscribejmichaelx, you neeed a way to look at the network traffic too22:10
phiscribemaybe at the router level if it logs22:10
jmichaelxphiscribe: i have the public internet connection disabled now22:11
georgehello again. I'd like to know the default option for mic on alsamixer or volume control. Since the 11.10 update, mic volume appears to be editable (mic in /line in). I'm asking this because after that, my mic on jitsi doesn't not appear to be working.22:11
jmichaelxphiscribe: could ftp just be used remotely by bots, without the server itself having been hacked?22:12
jmichaelxphiscribe: i have been rummaging through auth.log and syslog for a bit now22:13
phiscribejmichaelx, when you say bots im not sure what kind do you mean, were they just using you for storage?  was email coming out of the box?  where you a proxy server?22:13
jmichaelxthis machine was basically a sitting duck22:13
OerHeksif there is a backdoor left, open ..22:13
jmichaelxphiscribe: email appears to have been coming from the box22:13
phiscribejmichaelx, the logs will not go back so far at default settings, the rsyslogd is the system log writer, it does not have all options enabled by default,  and it just writes text files, might be better to make it write to a database, and enalbe more output, like a user log and a deamon log22:14
phiscribejmichaelx, then you were not runnning a pure ftp server, most likely the mail server was on, default configuration, and they got into it22:15
mr-richAnyone here help set up samba?22:16
jmichaelxphiscribe: this machine is using syslog-ng.. it is an old gentoo box, that when i started working here had nt seen any patches in close to 2 years22:16
jmichaelxphiscribe: i do not know the history, but i do not believe this machine has ever in its life been a mail server22:16
jmichaelxall it does now is run as an ftp server for our customers22:17
georgeI'm also receiving the message the some components were removed and if I want that KDE forget them (22:18
georgeHDA Intel, STAC92xx Analog (Default Audio Device)).22:18
jmichaelx(it does have sendmail installed)22:18
phiscribeit is now lol   unless they are just using as a proxy server22:18
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jmichaelxphiscribe: yes, i think they are managing to use it as a mail server, though it had never been one before.22:18
phiscribeis mail logging turned on?  see if there is a mail.log22:19
jmichaelxphiscribe:  there is a mail log, but it does not contain much.... just errors reporting that SMTP cannot connect to a mail server we retired some time back22:20
phiscribejmichaelx, you might be able to look at system file dates and get a clue, need to find the uploads22:21
phiscribeif they put in a root kit could be hard to find, try tools rkhunter or chkrookit22:21
jmichaelxphiscribe: i ran chkrootkit... one problem is that it is several years out of date22:25
phiscribethere is no way id trust anything from that box22:25
jmichaelxphiscribe: i do see a lot of "(root) MAIL (mailed 976 bytes of output but got status 0x0001" in /var/log/messages22:25
phiscribeit might not be send mail they might not even be using your mail server, they may just be using the box as  proxy to masq the ip of their own mail22:26
phiscribeis the mail server port open and exposed to the internet?22:26
phiscribedoes your router have logs? that would be most informative22:27
jmichaelxphiscribe: i don't have the auth to access the router, but i could get that info tomorrow22:28
jmichaelx(i could probably get authorization to access the router, but have never requested it)22:29
phiscribeu just want logs showing traffic22:30
phiscribeif the data the ftp was serving are not executables, it should be safe to back it up and build a server from scratch, if they are could be trouble22:31
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jmichaelxphiscribe: most of the ftp data is actually NFS mounted from another machine22:32
jmichaelxphiscribe: not much of the FTP data is executable22:33
phiscribethe other machine is in jeoporady to, unless it is mounted read only22:33
jmichaelxno, not read only...22:33
jmichaelxthe other machine is running nexenta (ubuntu userland/opensolaris kernel)22:34
phiscribespend hours and hours figuring out, then hope you got it all, or start all over.......common choice22:34
jmichaelxi am just not too experienced at this sort of thing (which i am sure is obvious), and customers are really crying about FTP being down22:35
phiscribewell, bring it back online, watch it like a hawk, but harden it some, change all the passwords on root and users, close every port but the ftp port and mount port to the other machine,22:36
phiscribecheck ownership on everything22:37
giusehi all22:37
phiscriberename the guest account the ftp server was using and make the ftp sever us it22:37
phiscribewhen it is back up watch the net traffic and input output to disk by process try to find them22:38
phiscribecheck the ntfs system for hidden streams22:39
phiscribegood luck22:39
poldoRosi ve a problem with pulseaudio preference ... the window it s all grey and i cannot choose nothing ... os oneiric ... any ideas ?22:40
giuseI have a problem with my bluetooth, I installed Kubuntu now but I do not detect the bluetooth in ubuntu apple detects without problems, I have a notebook hp dv5. thanks22:40
jmichaelxphiscribe: many thanks for all the advice.... i am going to grab some food, and may will be trying to work on this way into the night.22:41
jmichaelxmay well*22:42
georgeGuys, it seems that Kubuntu 11.10 uses at least 180 MB more memory than 11.04. Can anyone confirm this?22:44
phiscribegeorge, it would be suck a machine specific value22:45
phiscribesuch i meant22:45
phiscribeare you running out of memory, that is does it have to use swap?22:46
georgephiscribe: don't quite get it.22:46
georgephiscribe: no,22:47
phiscribeusing more memory isnt nesecarly bad as long as everything has enough, actualy its good22:47
phiscribeand if your not hitting the swap, then its not hitting peformance22:47
georgephiscribe: but it IS using more memory. it used to be (lots of desktop effects) around 700 MB idle (somethimes 500), and now its around 850 (sometimes 900 MB).22:48
phiscribewhich of the 100 programs durning and upgrade changed the way they used memmory, how to tell no clue22:48
georgephiscribe: well, it did hit swap a couple times...22:48
phiscribei know that the flash bug has hit a few thouasand people, flash in a browser will chew memroy till it runs out and crashes on some systems22:50
phiscriberight now my 11.04 is using over 3 gb of ram22:51
phiscribebut its fine, as 2gb free22:51
phiscribenot using any swap22:51
georgephiscribe: I use flash plugin only if necessary, since for most videos on the internet I use flash replacer.22:52
georgephiscribe: but, something you've said.... why using more memory is good?22:52
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phiscribeprograms in memory run faster22:53
phiscribeif you had enough memory you would want every thing in it, your mp3's and  games ad all22:53
phiscribesome people do that in part, make a ram disk,  say put your browsers cache in it, browser goes faster22:56
georgephiscribe: I see...22:56
phiscribeperformance dies when you run out and it has to go to swap22:56
phiscribehas to shuffle ram around to give you enough to work with the program in front of you22:57
phiscribeso i was saying its hard to simplify memory usage to one single factor in this complex soup22:58
georgephiscribe: I understand.23:06
phiscribedoes any one know how to prevent kubuntu from dimming a background window if it is on another  monitor?  the second monitor is not much a monitor with 50% birghness23:09
muntiKubukubuntu doesn't seem to have a decent video player?23:10
well_laid_lawnthere'slots of 'em23:10
muntiKubuif only dragon player has a playlist23:10
g0rsmuntiKubu: dragon player is pretty good , if not you can try vlc or gnome movie player23:11
muntiKubu<g0rs  iknow but has no playlist as I mentioned above23:12
phiscribedragon is just a player u need media center23:12
g0rsmuntiKubu: try vlc then23:12
muntiKubuvlc for some reason has more static than in gnome same box23:13
muntiKubusame media file23:13
well_laid_lawnmplayer does playlists23:13
muntiKubu<phiscribe> is moovida in repo?23:14
phiscribemuntiKubu, yes, but im not try recomending it23:14
muntiKubu<phiscribe> ok then.  I have bangarang but sometimes goes crazy and seems not actively developed atm?23:15
phiscribemuntiKubu, it is great for what it does, a whole media center, music vids streaming network sharing, but it takes over the whole screen, fine for certain things23:15
muntiKubu<phiscribe> like I said dragon player + playlist would have been ok for me23:16
phiscribemuntiKubu, we are forgeting this is Kubuntu, try kafffeine23:16
phiscribeget cha some KAFFEINE woo23:17
muntiKubu<phiscribe> I do but looking for a better alternate23:17
* phiscribe goes for coffee23:17
phiscribemuntiKubu,  kaffeine is a player with a playlist23:18
muntiKubu<phiscribe>kaffeine UI seems to need upgrade23:18
chris123i have an problem using kubuntu 11.10. since last update my opengl does not work anymore. when i run an opengl program i get error messages like "libGL.so.1" not found. but i can find this lib in /usr/lib. the graphic is intel hd 300023:18
myerswhat type of video card whould this be:23:34
myers01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Silicon Integrated Systems [SiS] 661/741/760 PCI/AGP or 662/761Gx PCIE VGA Display Adapter23:34
myersand where would i find the drivers23:34
phiscribei have no experience with those cards, most likely it is intergrated with your mother board,  what drver is it using now?  if the driver isnt in the repositories already might be a challenge23:41
phiscribemyers, sis is an Xorg driver for SiS (Silicon Integrated Systems) and XGI video chips. The driver is accelerated and provides support for colordepths of 8, 16 and 24 bpp. XVideo, Render and other extensions are supported as well....should alrady be on the sytem or at least rachable23:43
phiscribereachable i meant23:43
myersdo i need to download anything?23:44
phiscribeis it working?23:44
phiscribedont know enough about that chipset myers, try here https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-video-sis/+bug/30195823:48
ubottuUbuntu bug 301958 in xserver-xorg-video-sis (Ubuntu) "[needs-packaging] no working driver for sis 671/771 video cards" [Wishlist,Triaged]23:48
OerHeksthis post sounds promising for your card > SIS 661/741/760 PCI/AGP drivers - Solved http://ubuntuforums.org/showpost.php?p=11099183&postcount=1223:49
phiscribethats for ubuntu 8.10, .............23:50

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