jk-hey folks02:13
jk-any way I can get my username updated in the summit system (https://bugs.launchpad.net/summit/+bug/865886) ?02:13
ubot5Ubuntu bug 639772 in Summit "duplicate for #865886 New user name after LP login" [High,In progress]02:13
wgrantjk-: Summit just uses login.launchpad.net for authentication -- it isn't managed by the Launchpad team.02:15
wgrantYou'll need to talk to whoever maintains summit these days.02:15
jk-wgrant: ah, so it's a different group? OK.02:16
jk-wgrant: cheers :)02:16
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mwhudsongosh, the link to bug ajax isn't very good when the bug you enter doesn't exist (or is private i guess)03:27
mwhudson(linking a branch)03:27
mrooneyhey all, are there any gotchas for uploading to a PPA with dput? I keep getting stuck at 1K/2K of the .changes file04:05
pooliejk-: it's ISD i think04:33
jk-poolie: ok, cheers04:37
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nigelbjk-: What do you need done in summiit?05:07
nigelb(summit is community maintained, not ISD)05:07
jk-nigelb: I'm looking to have my username changed to match my lp username, so that I have the correct privs.05:08
nigelbjk-: This needs mhall119. Its an openid update.  I'll get it tomorrow morning EST.05:09
jk-nigelb: awesome, thanks.05:09
pooliehi nigelb05:33
nigelbHey poolie :)06:15
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miglohow to correctly close a bugreport in launchpad? which status shall be selected to indicate the proposal fixed the problem I have reported?08:25
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DavieyAre requested sync's for Wheezy -> Precise for Ubuntu working properly?09:20
DavieyAh, seems the builders are just really busy.09:22
geserthe auto-syncs or manually filed syncx?09:22
geserdon't know if the archive admins had looked at their bug queue yet09:24
DavieyI just noticed some i fired 16 hours ago seemed not yet built.09:24
Davieygeser: no, i mean API fired ones, not bug driven ones.09:24
gesereven if not built yet, LP should have at least published the source package till now09:25
Davieygeser: it has09:26
wgrantDaviey: The first autosync run happened on Monday.09:29
wgrantThe builders may be busy for a few days.09:29
Davieywgrant: thanks.09:29
wgrantAlthough it looks like i386 will catch up in a couple of hours.09:30
wgrantDaviey: Do you know about https://launchpad.net/builders?09:30
Davieywgrant: that is how i saw they were backed up :)09:31
Davieybut thanks09:31
OnkelTemhi all11:15
OnkelTemHow to file a bug? https://bugs.launchpad.net/~webupd8team - here11:15
OnkelTemI don't see report link or something11:15
OnkelTemOh, this is not a project... Just usabulity sucks11:16
OnkelTemOk, how to file a bug here: https://launchpad.net/~webupd8team/+archive/gnome3 ?11:17
bigjoolsOnkelTem: bugs cannot be filed on PPAs11:17
OnkelTembigjools: then how can I report a bug for 'gnome-shell-extensions-aleternate-tab' for example?11:18
bigjoolsOnkelTem: contact whoever packaged it in that PPA11:22
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gnumdkHello: is uploading package to ppa that long ? I've upload one package 2 hours ago and nothing, no mail, no package on launchpad :-/12:59
bigjoolsgnumdk: https://answers.launchpad.net/launchpad/+faq/22713:00
mrevellHello everyone, I'd like to welcome danhg, who has joined us on the Launchpad Product team today. He's based in London and is our new Usability and Communications Specialist.13:41
rick_h_wohoo! congrats danhg13:47
nigelbjk-: hey, still around?13:55
jk-nigelb: yup, on the phone though13:55
nigelbjk-: could you logout and log back into summit to check if its working now?13:55
jk-nigelb: woot! logged in as jk-ozlabs13:58
jk-nigelb: thank you :)13:58
nigelbjk-: np \o/13:58
jk-i owe you a $preferred_drink13:58
jk-offer reedemable at UDS13:59
nigelbjk-: I won't be at UDS, but you can buy mhall119 a drink. He's with ISD ;)14:00
czajkowskimrevell: figure out a sim card?14:00
czajkowskidanhg: aloha and welcome14:00
mrevellczajkowski, Hallo!14:01
mrevellczajkowski, Not yet, no.14:01
czajkowskimrevell: look at maxroam sim14:01
mrevellczajkowski, Ah, ta, I shall.14:01
jk-nigelb: ok, deal.14:02
danhghey rick_h_ and czajkowski!14:02
czajkowskidanhg: where abouts are you based in London ?14:04
czajkowskidanhg: if you're not already a member join the #ubuntu-uk team/channel/ML and keep up to date with the events http://loco.ubuntu.com/teams/ubuntu-uk14:05
danhgczajkowski: I'm based in Angel, right on the main street - and you?14:09
danhgjoin/ #ubuntu-uk14:10
czajkowskidanhg: elephant and castle14:10
czajkowskidanhg: /j #ubuntu-uk14:10
mrevellczajkowski, I'm in London btw14:14
czajkowskimrevell: now you tell me14:15
* czajkowski wallops mrevell 14:15
czajkowskimrevell: here for long ?14:15
mrevellczajkowski, Ugh, sorry. I'm going home tonight.14:15
mrevellSo, just one day14:15
czajkowskimrevell: :( there are words for you so no catch up lunch14:16
Laibschlaunchpad oopses: OOPS-2118DT8115:02
SpamapScan somebody explain why this bug can't be turned into a question: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/87390715:30
ubot5Ubuntu bug 873907 in juju "Security group on EC2 does not open proper port" [Undecided,New]15:30
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and471I have a build recipe that keeps failing16:06
and471on kutjera, mercury and seaborgium16:06
and471build log is this:16:06
and471doesn't seem ot be anything to do with me, but the builders failing16:07
and471I should say it is building for oneiric16:07
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and471Ok I got it working but now I have exceeded my quota...17:04
and471can this be reset?17:04
and471Can someone reset my daily build quota for oneiric? Username is and47117:09
rockstarand471, looks like danilos is the help contact right now17:12
and471rockstar, he also seems away xD17:14
rockstarand471, abentley is probably the ultimate authority on daily build stuff right now.  Maybe he can help.17:15
abentleyand471: Sorry, we don't have a way to override the daily build quota.17:16
and471abentley, or just rest it for today?17:16
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abentleyand471: we don't have a way to do that.17:17
and471abentley, rockstar, thanks anyway17:17
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sgnbI'm getting the following error while uploading to my PPA: Uploading grisbi_0.8.8-1~ppa+oneiric1_source.changes: 550 Changes file must be signed with a valid GPG signature: Verification failed 3 times: ['General error', 'General error', 'General error'] : Permission denied., even though the changes file is signed with my usual key19:00
sgnband earlier today, I got an error page while accessing https://launchpad.net/~glondu/+archive/ppa ... is there some maintenance going on that affects PPAs?19:01
sgnbit has been accepted nonetheless... never mind19:10
yofelseems the gpg server is down19:49
yofel*and* the login server o.O19:49
Laibschlaunchpad still oopses: OOPS-2118DQ103 (same URL as a couple of hours ago)20:17
pdtpatrickQuestion .. im getting this error21:33
pdtpatricki have several ssh keys .. but i've also added my keys to launchpad21:33
pdtpatrickahhh looks like i'll have to add a definiton to my .ssh/config file for launchpad21:35
maxbpdtpatrick: No, there are no SSH keys registered on launchpad for that user21:38
pdtpatricki guess they were assuming subgenius as a user. . and i should change that to my name?21:38
pdtpatrickyup that was it :(21:39
micahgLaibsch: I don't suggest playing duplicate wars with sinzui22:19
Laibschthanks. I'm generally trying to be peaceful ;-)  and solution-minded22:27
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