holmescnI am going to be crazy. After I upgrade my lubuntu from 11.04 to 11.10, everything become very slow.00:57
holmescnI am using btrfs as my root fs.00:57
holmescnbtrfsck said there are some error inode, but why can't them be fixed?00:58
holmescnnow, each operate that will access the hard disk will spend a lot of time.01:00
holmescncan anybody help me? any advice is welcome.01:01
holmescnthank you01:01
phillwwb holmescn01:10
holmescnoh, my week internet connection01:11
holmescni didn't recieve any message before I relogin.01:11
phillwas far as I recall, btrfs was not ready for being for the root fs, still had some gremlins.01:11
holmescnI think so.01:11
holmescnso I decided to reinstall my Lubuntu this weekend.01:12
holmescnback to ext401:12
holmescnbut before I upgrade to 11.10, everything seems very well01:12
holmescnand I read some news that said kernel 3.0 improve the performance of btrfs.01:13
phillwholmescn: as there are no entries for 11.10 at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/btrfs I'm pretty stuck as to what to advise. That is the active area for reference to.01:14
holmescnperhaps back to ext4 is the best advise.01:15
phillwI suspect they are holding back for 12.04, as they did for ext4 under the 9.10 series which brought ext4 to the masses.01:15
phillwI have not really kept up with things for btrfs, last time I looked it was not a suitable boot area fs. Things change rapidly, but it is still on 'beta' release, so there will be gremlins.01:17
phillwholmescn: as one of the guru's states at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1389279 It is only tested on pre 11.10, they are still working things out.01:19
* phillw omg, Iane has the 'knights that say "Ni"' as his logo.... 01:21
holmescnI am trying the btrfs just because i think the `copy on write' will take a better performance.01:21
phillwholmescn: Iane is a good guy, feel free to drop a note onto that thread & follow it.01:22
holmescnthank you, phillw. I am reading it.01:25
* phillw is still chuckling at the knights that say 'Ni', sorry..... 01:25
Unit193phillw: It's Monty Python week on the forum01:26
phillwHe he.... as I would expect from Iane, a great logo :)01:27
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piousminionWhat is the difference between the ubuntu and lubuntu installer?   Are there lubuntu netboot images somewhere?03:37
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wxlweird. my ssid (a decimal number) gets translated in connections into hex making it all but impossible for autoconnect05:50
wxlediting the ssid back to decimal allows it to connect05:50
wxldeleting previous entries and connecting-- no problem05:51
wxlso is that a problem with networkmanager?05:59
wxlwhere should i file this bug i guess is the question05:59
bioterroragainst nm-applet06:14
wxland not network manager?06:14
bioterroryou use network-manager-applet or something like that06:14
wxl(since it actually saves the settings)06:14
wxlthe dialog in "edit connections" isn't the applet itself is it?06:14
bioterroror you can use network manager06:14
bioterroruse it06:14
bioterrorthey will forward it to correct place06:15
wxlah ha found a similar one06:15
wxlaw sweet and there's a possible fix06:16
wxlin case someone else faces this issue of decimal being translated to, ultimately, unicode: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/network-manager/+bug/87432806:16
ubot5Ubuntu bug 874328 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "numeric SSID becomes "e" on the connection" [Medium,In progress]06:16
lobbyuserhi just installed  Lubuntu 11.10 Standard x64 Need help with sound options. i right click on speaker icon at bottom right of system tray and i am unable to get control panel for sound settings08:46
lobbyuserSound works just not able to pick from speakers to head set08:47
aldoshi :)08:48
aldoshow can i set the default session in lubuntu?08:48
lobbyusernot getting much help here aldos seems like a dead channel08:49
aldoswhere can i go to get help?08:50
l33_still sometimes lubuntu desktop dissapears - but no problem here, using the filemanager then :)09:16
zappusHello everyone11:37
zappusi just found out about lubuntu and it seems pretty awesome11:38
zappusdoes anyone know why exactly ubuntu chose LXDE as official windows manager spin?11:39
KM0201that question doesnt make sense11:43
KM0201LXDE is not the "official" ubuntu windows manager11:43
bioterroractually, Lubuntu uses Openbox as a Window Manager and LXDE is just taskbars and applications on top of that ;)11:44
_8sVnanyone ever had the trouble of chromium crashing the X server in a pretty unpredictable fashion when started in 11.04?? =)12:10
_8sVnguess there is a connection to the gma500 chipset of my eeePC1101, but i dindt find any forum posts directly connected to this issue with chromium or the emgd drivers12:12
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zappusHow can i configure ubuntu one on lubuntu?12:57
KM0201ubuntu one, is that that online storage thing?12:59
zappusubuntu is supposed to give away 5gb of cloud space just for using the os12:59
zappusafter about a year i finally found some use for it :D13:00
zappusbut i cant seem to find the client anywhere...13:00
zappusi think i found it in the synaptic, installing13:01
bioterrorI use ubuntuone in Lubuntu. You need to install ubuntuone-client-gnome to get the menu entry and gui.13:02
bioterrorsays last posting13:02
preyashey sir my task panel icons are getting dislocated on wallpaper plzz help13:06
ErwinJungeIs there a way to get rid of the notifications in the systray? I don't mind (actually quite like) the pop-up notifications, but the list of notifications that keeps popping into the systray is very annoying.14:41
KM0201list of notifications?15:05
rezbdhow can I create a bootable USB in Lubuntu?15:08
rezbdanybody knows please?15:10
KM0201use the usb creator?15:13
KM0201rezbd: should be the same way as you would in ubuntu15:13
rezbdno it doesn't work in that way15:13
KM0201what did you try to do.15:13
rezbdI'm trying to make a bootable usb for puppy linux15:14
KM0201ok, then download unetbootin15:14
rezbdthe given instruction for Ubuntu is like >> System > Adminstration > Startup Disk15:16
rezbdthank KM0201 , gonna check it15:16
KM0201rezbd: youneed to install usb-creator... install it from synaptic (i think thats the name of the package, usb-creator)15:17
KM0201then its under system tools on lubuntu15:17
rezbdthere are no "Startup Disk" under system tools KM020115:18
KM0201did you install them?15:18
KM0201did you miss where i said.."you need to install usb-creator"15:19
rezbdKM0201, I'm gonna try it right now. thanks :)15:19
KM0201the package is called usb-creator-gtk15:19
KM0201install it and its dependencies15:20
ErwinJungeKM0201: Sorry for the late response, was afk for a while. The "list of notifications" is what I call the little envelope icon with a plus that appears in the systray if you ignore a notification.15:21
ErwinJungeIf you still don't understand, I can provide a screenshot :)15:21
KM0201ErwinJunge: are you using Lubuntu?... i've never saw that on Lubuntu15:21
KM0201Ubuntu, yes.. not Lubuntu15:22
rezbdKM0201, finished to install15:24
KM0201did you install usb-creator-gtk?15:24
rezbdfor Gnome? yes15:24
rezbdI've just avoided kde15:24
KM0201if so, look under system tools, and "startup disk creator" is there15:24
ErwinJungeKM0201: http://tinypic.com/r/ap6uf7/715:24
ErwinJungeThis is lubuntu 11.10 (installed during beta 2)15:25
rezbdyes it's there, thank you so much KM0201  :)15:25
KM0201right click your panel, add remove panel items15:25
KM0201go down, and see what is right before the "clock"15:26
KM0201(dont remove sys tray15:26
KM0201or notification area15:26
ErwinJungeThat would the System Tray and above that Volume Control15:27
KM0201so its in the system try for some reason15:28
KM0201i wonder why  i dont hve that15:28
ErwinJungeYup, like I just said :)15:28
ErwinJungeMaybe it's a top vs bottom thing? There was a vanishing menu bug in beta that only affected top panels15:28
ErwinJungeJust verified, and I also have this when setting the panel to the bottom.15:30
ErwinJungeSo not a top vs bottom thing. Maybe it's a remnant from beta and I should do a clean install?15:30
rezbdKM0201, does Lubuntu run on a core i3  processor? it's may be a stupid question but I'm serious15:32
KM0201acutally, i jsut thought of something, you're on 11.10, i'm on my desktop which is using 11.0415:32
KM0201rezbd: yes, it will15:32
KM0201why do you think it wouldnt?15:32
rezbdbecause I've failed today15:32
rezbdI've installed Lubuntu from a bootable USB15:33
rezbdbut using same USB I failed to run it on my friends notebook15:34
KM0201well, if it failed,it had nothng to do w/ an i3...15:34
KM0201i've installed lubuntu o machines much slower than i3's15:34
rezbdI didn't understand why it didn't run on a core i3 processor. it surprised me a lot.15:35
ErwinJungerezbd: I'm on an Atom N450 at the moment, so am very doubtful that it would not run on an i315:35
ErwinJungeWhat did it fail with exactly?15:35
rezbdErwinJunge, it just shows a black screen,15:36
ErwinJungeCould be a lot of hw related causes, possibly video related. Does an i3 have integrated graphics?15:36
rezbdI'm sorry I don't know15:36
ErwinJungeblack screen, or black screen with blinking cursor?15:36
rezbdmy netbook is a Atorm processor15:36
rezbdwith blinking cursor15:37
ErwinJungecan you type in it?15:37
rezbdno I couldn't15:37
KM0201it'll boot on an atom processor to.15:37
rezbdyes it did boot on my atom processor15:37
rezbdand I'm running it on my atom processor right now15:38
KM0201well if it will boot on an atom, what on earth makes you think it won't boot on an i3?15:38
rezbdit surprised me a lot15:38
KM0201or i should say, that it *shouldn't* boot o an i3.15:38
ErwinJungeIt's very unlikely to be related to the processor in question. You've found a bug though15:38
KM0201.. there's som eother underlying issue if it didn't boot on the i3.. has nothign to do w/ the OS15:38
rezbdI think nobody think to run Lubuntu on a core i3 processor15:39
ErwinJungerezbd: Can you try installing plain Ubuntu on the i3 machine?15:40
rezbdno I didn't ErwinJunge15:40
rezbdI don't have Ubuntu right now15:40
rezbdand my netspeed is so slow that I'm afraid to download it15:40
ErwinJungePlease do, it's most likely a bug upstream from Lubuntu, so in Ubuntu or the Linux kernel.15:40
rezbdErwinJunge, mmm so should I try Ubuntu on it?15:41
ErwinJungeIt would help localize the problem15:41
rezbdit will take up to 8 hours to download an iso :S15:42
rezbdfor me15:42
ErwinJungeIf Ubuntu has the same problem -> not related to Lubuntu specifically. If Ubuntu does work --> Lubuntu bug.15:42
ErwinJungeWow, so that test is out of the question :)15:42
rezbdhaha but if it's a serious issue, I will do it15:43
kvarleyHow can I enable audio in LUbuntu 11.10 64-bit via HDMI? I've just moved over to lubuntu on my pc, never had to do this on my netbook.15:43
ErwinJungeThe other option is waiting for more knowledgeable people to appear here to tell you what to test/do/report based on what you have now. I don't know enough to help you any further, sorry.15:44
rezbdErwinJunge, that's a lot of your concern :)15:45
ErwinJungeHappy to help :)15:46
rezbdErwinJunge, this is what my internet connectiohttp://www.speedtest.net/result/1543866861.pngn speed is15:48
rezbdso I think now you can guess why am I afraid to download an Ubuntu iso15:48
ErwinJungerezbd: Are you on a mobile internet connection?15:49
rezbdErwinJunge, yes I am15:50
rezbddial up15:50
ErwinJungeOh, so not only is it slow, it's also expensive. The "wait for more knowledgeable people" option is definitely better :)15:51
rezbdhaha thanks15:51
kvarleyIs there a way to install pulseaudio instead of alsa in lubuntu?15:52
kvarleyCan't get HDMI audio working16:25
kvarleyHow can I get it working?16:25
KM0201kvarley: did you get pulse audio installed?16:29
kvarleyKM0201: Doing it now16:29
KM0201and are you sure your audio device is recognized by lubuntu?16:29
kvarleyKM0201: I don't think it is by Alsa but I know it works with Pulse so I'm going to install pulse16:29
KM0201so sudo apt-get install pulseaudio pavucontrol16:30
KM0201if you're already installing pulseaudio, when its done, install pavucontrol16:30
kvarleyKM0201: Thanks =)16:30
Stephen-ieDoes anyone here have experience installing Lubuntu in a PowerPC. I've download the official Lubuntu PowerPC Alternate Install ISO. I an installing from CD. I can boot into the CD and the installer loads to ram, but when the installer goes to detect the CD to install Lubuntu in cannot detect the CD-Rom. Any suggestions?16:32
kvarleyKM0201: Which applet can I install so I can control the volume? PulseAudio works, just would like an applet =)16:32
KM0201kvarley: now that, im not sure...16:33
kvarleyKM0201: No problem, thanks for all your help =)16:33
wxlStephen-ie: still here?16:50
wxl(assuming you are)16:51
Stephen-iewxl: Yep16:51
wxli'm the (lone?) ppc guy16:51
wxlso i can help you with the process16:51
Stephen-iewxl: lol, poor you16:51
wxlare you using the minimal install?16:51
wxlyeah you're using alternate16:51
Stephen-iewxl: I am using the Alternate Instal16:51
wxlso i had the same problem with mine16:51
wxli could not get it to read no matter wat16:52
Stephen-iewxl: from here16:52
Stephen-iewxl: http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily/current/16:52
Stephen-iewxl: hmm, bugger16:52
wxli ended up using the live cd16:52
wxlwhich has its own set of problems but they're not insurmountable16:52
wxli tried EVERYTHING to get the alternate going16:52
wxlsadly there is no netboot cd that i could find16:53
wxlbut another alternative is getting the ubuntu netboot16:53
wxlinstalling ubuntu16:53
wxlinstalling lubuntu16:53
Stephen-iewxl: Which live CD did you use16:53
wxland then removing all the extra crap16:53
wxlan older one from like 30 sept16:53
wxlshould be same difference16:54
wxlactually if you want to help me test something on that, i'd be quite grateful to you16:54
Stephen-iewxl: Ah you mean the Ubuntu Live CD not a specific Lubuntu Live CD16:55
wxlwrong url sorry16:55
wxlthere's where it's hiding16:56
wxlso i'll give you the heads up on three problems you are likely to face:16:57
Stephen-iewxl: one sec16:57
wxl1. ubiquity fails because it needs some updates. copy/paste the list and sudo apt-get update it16:57
wxl2. pygobject bug causes ubiquity crash: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/ubiquity/+bug/856669 .. solution is sudo apt-get install python-gobject16:58
ubot5Ubuntu bug 856669 in pygobject (Ubuntu Oneiric) "pygobject 3.0.0-0svn1 does not work with custom python GTK widgets" [Critical,Fix released]16:58
wxl(both of those fail right at execute)16:58
wxl3. half-way through installation fails to connect to mirrors16:59
wxlthat's the annoying one16:59
wxlbasically it's going to make you connect to the internet and download packages16:59
wxli don't care if you uncheck the option at the beginning and/or if you don't have a connection16:59
wxlit will still try and fail17:00
wxlso you must be connected17:00
wxlsolution is supposedly to edit /etc/hosts and have mirror point at ports.ubuntu.com17:00
wxlwhich works17:00
wxlbut i was thinking the other day a better solution would be to edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change mirror to ports.ubuntu.com17:00
wxlan example of a bad line in sources.list: "deb http://mirror/ubuntu oneiric main restricted" which of course should be "deb http://ports.ubuntu.com/ubuntu oneiric main restricted"17:01
wxli didn't realize that was ultimately the cause until after the install17:02
Stephen-iewxl: Ok I am kind of following you, I've never had to mess with an Ubuntu install, so this is kind of new to me. I am not an experienced Mac PPC or Lubuntu user. I am doing this for a friend, trying to breath some life into an old iBook. I needed something light, hence why I chose Lubuntu17:02
wxlit's a good choice, and don't worry-- i can make this super simple for you17:02
Stephen-iewxl: Are you the only person so far that you know of doing a PPC install?17:03
wxlStephen-ie: no there are some others on the ubuntu forums in the apple section17:03
wxlStephen-ie: i think i'm the only one on oneiric tho17:03
wxlStephen-ie: i've yet to encounter any other ppc'ers here17:03
wxlStephen-ie: so anyways after you download the iso and get a disc made and get booted in there, let me know and i';ll walk you through the rest.17:04
Stephen-iewxl: Ok cool, before I get as far as actually doing the install. I need to find out what capabilites does the installer have in regard to partitioning and existing OS X installation17:04
wxlStephen-ie: it makes it super simple.. the default set up will be to install them along side one another17:05
wxlStephen-ie: i just don't know if it defaults to booting to lubuntu or os x.. but we can tweak that if need be17:05
Stephen-iewxl: Ok, but I will need to reduce the size of the existing OS X install. It takes up all the drive space  (20 GB drive) but it could be reduced to 5 GB's17:06
wxlStephen-ie: are you usually a ubuntu user? if not, what's your preferred platform?17:06
wxlStephen-ie: yeah well i'm pretty sure that's what it does, but i can't tell you with 100% certainty because i just wiped it clean17:07
wxlStephen-ie: i was going to use mac on linux .. that's a project for another day tho17:07
Stephen-iewxl: so I need to know if the installer can reduce the size on an exisitng OS X installation, without out destroying that partition and partition table17:07
Stephen-iewxl: Ubuntu is my distro of choice yes, I just want things simple and ubiquitous17:08
Stephen-iewxl: So before I go down the road of down the install I will look and what Distro Installers can successfully resize and exisiting OS X install.17:09
Stephen-iewxl: So far I haven't found one that can. The Debian PPC installer can't resize in can only wipe or install alongside17:10
Stephen-iewxl: The PPCRCD http://ppcrcd.pld-linux.org can boot to a PPC Mac and has the Apple Mac Partitioner for Linux http://www.debian.org/releases/woody/powerpc/mac-fdisk.txt which appears to be able to resise and exisiting partition but it's as complicated as hell, well to me anyway. I do have an original Mac OS X Install CD and you can edit the parition from that, but if you resise and exisiting partition with it, it just wipes both 17:15
Stephen-iewxl: My main goal is to be able to install and light Linux distro that is also easy to use, alongside and exisiting OS X install. Something I thought would be easy, but it appears not.17:16
Stephen-iewxl: holding17:16
wxlStephen-ie: working, oin phone..17:16
Stephen-iewxl: no problem17:17
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KM0201you'd think dual booting w/ a mac, would be easy, for some reason though, it's a PITA17:26
wxlStephen-ie: debian is a little poopy that way but looks like ubuntu should have no problem https://help.ubuntu.com/community/GraphicalInstall17:28
wxlKM0201: how so? it would seem fairly simple.. couple yaboot entries, no woop17:29
KM0201i dunno, just always gave me issues.17:29
wxlintel macs still use yaboot?17:29
Stephen-iewxl: Ye I am aware of Ubuntu's general ability to resize partitions successfully, hence why I thought this would be easy17:30
KM0201i was referring to PPC macs17:30
wxlKM0201: yah should be too troublesome.. don't think.17:30
KM0201wxl: well, i only have 1 real experience, and it was a pain for some reason, might have been my lack of experience at the time (it was quite a while ago)17:31
KM0201but even then, dual booting w/ windows was very easy17:31
Stephen-iewxl: But it appears when it comes to PPC's they use a partitioning table which is not easy to resize and this mac-fdisk seems to be the only thing that claims it can do it17:31
wxlKM0201: admittedly yaboot is not.. uhhh.. quite as easy as with grub but it just takes a little knowledge17:31
wxlStephen-ie: oh right you have hfs+17:32
wxlStephen-ie: why not resize in disk utility in os x?17:33
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Stephen-iewxl: Yap, it seems all PPC pre OS X 15 use HFS+, not that I know what the implications of that are17:33
wxli'd personally just try to run it through and see what happens17:36
wxlif it gives you a warning about wiping, then get out of there17:36
Stephen-iewxl: Using and OX X Install CD does give you the option to use the Disk Utility to modify the partitions on and exisiting HDD. So I was going to try this, but in modifying the HDD with OS X 10.2.8 on it, it gave me the option to split the partition in two, so I was thinking I keep one half as the OS X Install and the other for Linux. But then I go to confirm this it warns me that in modifity the partition it will delete the data 17:36
wxli tried something similar in 10.4 but it couldn't handle the resize for some odd reason17:37
wxl(different problem)17:37
wxllike i said i'd just try to run through ubuntu installer17:37
Stephen-iewxl: I can't reinstall the OS X that is there, It has purchased software on it, Word, Photoshop with no backup disks. And the Mac OS X install disk I do have is not the original, it is a torrent download, I just needed it to boot into the Disk Utility17:38
Stephen-iewxl: Ye I am downloaded the regurlar Lubuntu PPC installer ISO Now. How I didn't find that before I don't know. The Lubuntu page is a bit sketchy with it's links, I couldn't find links to PPC stuff anywhere, only found the CD Image pages through a Google Search17:40
wxlyeah well they're sort of holding off on officially 11.10 ppc support17:42
wxlwhich is the first canonical lubuntu release.. which is where ppc kind of comes into the picture17:43
wxlbefore that there was no ppc at all17:43
wxlso be thankful :D17:43
Stephen-iewxl: Yes of course, although from looking at DistroWatch it seems even Ubuntu only support PPC from time to time, not on all versions. So there seems to be no consistency of PPC support in all Ubuntu Family Derivatives17:45
wxlit is not "officially" supported17:46
wxlof course i think the universe and multiverse repos aren't either :D17:47
Stephen-iewxl: My other option is MintPPC which was built by a guy that got Lubuntu running on PPC before there was a PPC version, was impressed with results but felt he could do better. So it looks like MintPPC is a stripped down version of Debian/Mint. His install process is a net install17:47
wxland they exist as an easy-to-click option on EVERY SINGLE buntu17:48
wxlyeah i saw that but didn't like his install process17:48
wxli think debian's is annoying enough17:48
Stephen-iewxl: I'd like to try the Lubuntu version and the MinPPC version and compare them17:48
wxli was kind of thinking about doing a multiboot with debian and mintppc17:49
wxlbut that's a rainy day project17:49
wxlat best17:49
Stephen-iewxl: what stalled me is the ability to edit the partitions. If I can confidently understand and use mac-fdisk I might be ok. I am just afraid of fucking up his partions which I can't recover from, well not with 100% certainty17:50
wxlStephen-ie: again, what's your platform of choice?17:50
Stephen-iewxl: Mine is Ubuntu, just for ease of use an ubiquitous17:51
wxlStephen-ie: what's your command line experience like? any experience with partitioning?17:51
Stephen-ieI love using Linux, but at the same time I don't things to be difficult just for the sake of it17:52
Stephen-iewxl: None17:52
Stephen-iewxl: I always used GParted on Parted Magic whenever I want to mess with partitions, its easy to use and gives me some confidence I won't mess it up. But GParted doesn't support PPC17:53
Stephen-iewxl: I have basic command line experience that comes with being a new Ubuntu user, been a user for a 2 years now17:54
wxlyeah i'm wondering if you can do this at all17:54
bioterrorStephen-ie, what do you mean gparted does not support PPC?17:55
wxlbioterror: s/ppc/hfs+17:55
bioterrorhfs+ is steaming pile of :-----)17:56
bioterrorsomething what my son generates into his diapers17:56
micahghfs+ needs hfsprogs17:57
Stephen-iebioterror: I downloaded the GParted Live ISO and it wasn't recognised by the PPC machine and I don't remember seeing support for booting on a PPC machine on their site17:57
wxlStephen-ie: read the end of that mac-fisk man page.. it really suggests against it17:57
micahghuh?  why wouldn't gparted support PPC?17:58
bioterrormicahg, still you need to disable journaling for example if you're accessing it from GNU/Linux system17:58
wxlit's not about ppc17:58
wxlit's about hfs+17:58
bioterrorit's about a LiveCD system that does not have a PowerPC version ;)17:58
micahgtry an (L)Ubuntu PPC live CD then17:59
bioterrorsqueeze (stable) (gnome): GNOME partition editor17:59
bioterror0.7.0-1: amd64 armel i386 ia64 kfreebsd-amd64 kfreebsd-i386 mips mipsel powerpc s390 sparc17:59
bioterrorfor example17:59
wxlmight do it17:59
wxlof course, isn't that what the installer uses?17:59
Stephen-iewxl: How the f*k do you do that "To avoid this issue, create MacOS partitions within MacOS and then don't resize them in mac-fdisk." ah now I am really messed up18:00
wxli assume they're talking about using disk utility18:01
wxlof course that only works non-destructively in like 10.4 on18:01
Stephen-ieOk as far as GParted goes, I know it can create and possiblly edit HFS/+ partitions as I had to create a HFS partition on my external drive in order for Mac OS X 10.2 to read it. So GParted supports HFS18:02
HyperShockHi all, is there a way to make the desktop backgrounds change every so often, like we were able to do in gnome 2.0 or ubuntu 11.04 classic?18:03
wxlStephen-ie: so follow bioterror's advice.. use a live cd, then install gparted and use it18:03
Stephen-iebut if I want to use GParted Live CD, I need one that can boot on PPC architecture, which I don't see that GParted CD's not Parted Magic CD's can18:03
wxl(or just go through the installer which i think will have the same effect)18:03
bioterrorStephen-ie, be more creative18:03
Stephen-ieok hold on, let me digest these suggestions18:04
bioterrorI've used about any graphical livecd and installed gparted for that kind of dirty work18:04
wxla live cd is a live cd18:05
bioterrornever used gparted live cd or parted magic18:05
bioterroror what ever that was18:05
wxlassuming you have enough ram you could "install" all kinds of crap18:05
bioterrorRAM is almost free18:05
* HyperShock wants to install some crap so h e can have an animated desktop in lubuntu18:06
bioterror10 euros and you can pick 4GB of 1333MHz DDR3 from my front door18:06
Stephen-iewxl: I was under the understanding that Live CD's are architecture dependant. So you need a different Live CD for X86, amd64 and PPC18:06
* wxl sighs18:06
bioterrorthose are samsun branded with serial numbers starting with KN18:06
bioterrorStephen-ie, for real?18:07
wxlStephen-ie: i have you a link way up there for where you can download a ppc lubuntu live cd, remember?18:07
bioterrorhttp://releng.archlinux.org/isos/2011.10.19_04-00-01/archlinux-2011.10.19_04-00-01-netinstall-dual.iso here's a livecd with x86 and i686 ;)18:08
Stephen-iewell I have live CD's for Ubuntu x86 and amd64 and Parted Magic x86 which this iBook PPC cannot see when it boots18:08
wxloh my god18:08
wxli feel like i'm talking to myself18:08
Stephen-iewxl: I'm following18:08
bioterrorStephen-ie, that's becouse PowerPC is not x8618:08
bioterroryou see18:09
ubot5PowerPC.  Formerly used by Apple for the Macintosh line of computers. Variants are now used in popular gaming consoles. PPC was a fully supported Ubuntu architecture up to and including edgy. It is now a community port, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCFAQ18:09
Stephen-iewxl: I've just finished downloading the Lubuntu PPC Live CD now, going to try in a minute18:09
wxlStephen-ie: good come back to me when you got it loaded18:09
* wxl glues his hair back on18:10
bioterrorwxl, did you pull your hair like homer in simpsons when he heard marge was pregnant? :D18:10
Stephen-iebioterror: That's my point, Live CD's are architecture dependent, you need a Live CD for PowerPC, which GParted nor Parted Magic don't provide18:10
bioterrorStephen-ie, whine to them18:11
* HyperShock would like to know the name of the package that has to be installed that allows the desktop to have automatically changing backgrounds in lubuntu (ubuntu 11.10)... ? :) thanks a bunch.18:11
bioterror"your livecd is a "RACIST"!!" ;)18:11
wxlHyperShock: really? ok. well, do you want rotating backgrounds that are static or animated ones?18:12
Stephen-iebioterror: I am not winning, I am just trying to find a program that can edit and resize and exisiting Mac OS X install on a PPC, which I have not been able to find except for mac-fdisk which seems very risky, in their own words18:12
Stephen-iewxl: I away to try this Lubunu Live CD now, will be you be here long?18:13
bioterroris that Mac OS X 10.3?18:13
HyperShockstatic rotating ones would be nice. animated ones would be exceptional. and. animated ones that rotate with each others would be spectacular! :D18:14
wxlStephen-ie: all day long18:14
bioterroror newer?18:14
wxlbioterror: he's on 10.218:14
bioterrorfor real?!18:14
Stephen-iebioterror: Mac OS X 10.2.818:14
bioterrorTRASH IT!18:14
bioterrorold and crappy HFS+18:14
Stephen-ieIt's an old iBook I want to breath some life into with a light linux distro, but I also need to retain the existing installed OS X partition18:15
bioterrorwhat's so precious in 10 years old OS X?18:15
wxlHyperShock: try wallpapertray for static and compiz with xwinwrap for dynamic18:15
Stephen-ietrashing it aint an option for now18:15
wxlbioterror: he bought some crappy ms apps18:15
bioterror10.4 got a case sensitive HFS+18:15
HyperShockwxl thank you18:15
bioterrorand some other tweaks18:15
bioterrorI preferred UFS over HFS+ on my 10.318:16
wxlbioterror: the way i look at it, he's doing his friend a favor at least by getting linux on it18:16
wxlbioterror: ..and said friend will probably learn to embrace it and eventually can os x18:16
wxlbioterror: so be nice :D18:16
HyperShockStephen-ie: what software on the old partition are you REALLY trying to salvage (save) for your friend?18:16
wxlhe mentioned word and photoshop18:17
wxlso yes, he could do libreoffice and gimp18:17
Stephen-iebioterror: The iBook doesn't belong to me, it has two owners, both complain its too slow, but are sceptical about linux and they want to be able to revert back to OS X if their now happy, and the current OS X install has purchased software on it with no original disks to reinstall from18:17
wxlput there ARE people that whine about that crap18:17
bioterrorgsus :D18:17
bioterrortell them to move on with their lives ;)18:18
bioterrorand not stuck in year 200218:18
wxldude's doing a community service and you're giving him crap18:18
bioterrorI purchased MS OFfice 2004 or something too18:18
Stephen-ieHyperShock: Word and Photoshop, and the actuall OS X. They don't have the original disks for anything. I have a torrent download of OS X 10.2 but not sure if I will have problems actually using it to install, i.e. license key's etc18:18
bioterrorOS X doesnt have licenses18:19
HyperShockStephen-ie: can you find or obtain another hard drive that will install in the old laptop? if so, put a full install of the appropriate linux on it, with gimp and libreoffice. then go show your friends how awsome it is, if they are still unsatisfied then you can simply reinstall their old hard drive18:19
wxlthat's actually a decent idea HyperShock18:19
bioterrorHyperShock, you have no idea what you're talking about18:19
wxlof course opening up an ibook ain't exactly easy18:19
wxlor ANY apple laptop for that matter18:19
bioterrorHyperShock, I want to see when you replace a iBook G4's hard drive18:19
wxli replaced a g3 and a g4 powerbook18:20
wxland actually took apart an ibook so i could salvage it's hard drive18:20
bioterrorI will bring popcorn and coke with me ;)18:20
=== UBTCouncil is now known as bodhizazen
wxlit's not impossible18:20
wxlit's just really flipping hard :D18:20
bioterroryeah it's not, but it's not "hotswap" ;)18:20
wxlHELL NO18:20
bioterroryou have to tear that apart and count all the screws18:20
=== bodhizazen is now known as Guest16401
wxlon the hotswap scale, it's like antarctica18:21
=== Guest16401 is now known as bodhi_zazen
wxli usually make maps of all the screws18:21
wxlyou ahve to18:21
wxlfirst time i did it i learned the value of a spudger18:21
Stephen-ieUsing another drive is an option yes, but I was doing this on the basis I might get it done in a day or too with minimal hassle, that's what I thought it would be. Now I am considering having to go get another HDD. Then there is probems with that of, getting into the iBook, will the drive me compatible, I don't know if Apple use proprietary hardware connections. I am no a Mac person18:23
wxlStephen-ie: then don't bother. give us a jingle when you're all booted up on that live cd18:24
bioterrortake usb drive, copy ~/'s into it as a backup and install lubuntu all over it ;)18:25
bioterrorif they dont like it, put 10.5 ;)18:25
Stephen-ie What I did to was use some Hard Drive cloning software (shareware) to clone he  HDD to my external drive. Now I could clone that to a another HHD to install into the iBook if needed, if I can get into it. Or I need a Firewire external drive that the iBook can boot from18:25
bioterrorthey can probably use some decent software with it18:25
bioterror10.4 had problems running anything decent like latest transmission18:25
wxli wpied my 10.418:25
bioterror"your version of os x is not supported anymore"18:25
bioterrorhow so?18:26
wxlobviously i haven't used transmission in a while18:26
HyperShockwhat about booting off a usb drive? is that possible with the mac book in question?18:26
bioterroryes it is18:26
wxlbioterror: i only have lubuntu on my powerbook. no more os x. f the dual boot.18:26
bioterrorwxl, one os, one love18:26
wxli'll do mac on linux if i can figure it out. rainy day project, that.18:26
bioterrorwxl, I'm a fixed gear bike dewd ;)18:26
wxlno shit18:26
wxlme too :D18:27
Stephen-ieya ya none of the solutions are ideal, and partitioning was my favoured option so I am going to stick with that for now. Ok off to try Lubuntu Live CD. Lets hope the iBook can read the disk and parition :-)18:27
wxl(of course i also have a 27 speed touring bike so i know there's different tools for different jobs)18:27
Stephen-iethanks everyone for your input, appreciate it18:27
wxlmy work place: http://bikefriday.com18:27
Stephen-iewxl: Care to give me your email, so I can follow up with you18:27
bioterrorwxl, I have a box there full of shimano 105's and FSA's carbon cranks waiting for a frame ;)18:27
wxlStephen-ie: i'll be here, just come back18:27
wxlbioterror: hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... :D18:28
bioterrorwxl, ~$170 chinaman's frame :D18:28
bioterrorand ~$100 carbon fork from chinaman too18:28
bioterrorgoing to be a "hater's gonna hate" bike18:28
Stephen-iewxl: I may be gone for a good while have to consult with the owner and get food. Are you always in this room with this User ID wxl?18:29
wxli guess i'm more of the sheldon brown school of fixies.. practicality18:29
wxlStephen-ie: almost always18:29
bioterrorwxl, conversions? :)18:30
wxlbioterror: oh yeah18:30
wxlbut like brakes are nice18:30
wxli've done the whole brakeless thing before18:30
wxli was a bike messenger way back when18:30
bioterrorfront brake is nice18:30
wxlactually rivendell's quickbeam is very consistent with my school of thinking18:31
wxlbut i'd much rather have a bilenky "hetchins-ish" frame18:31
Stephen-iewxl: If I don't get back on later I'll catch you tomorrow, you can reach me at steve@steveanon.e4ward.com if you want to18:31
wxlwe better quit this or someone's going to call us on being off topic, bioterror18:32
wxlanyways if you want to talk bike there's always #bikefriday tho it's a wee slow as of late18:33
wxland when i say "wee slow" i mean "lifeless"18:33
Stephen-iewxl: I am trying the Lubuntu Live  CD now19:11
wxldid you click the install?19:11
Stephen-iewxl: Litterly booting now19:11
wxlStephen-ie: let me know when you get there19:12
Stephen-iewxl: Am at yaboot prompt19:12
Stephen-iewxl: Proceed with command 'live'?19:12
Stephen-iewxl: Loading19:13
Stephen-iewxl: Text like Ubiquity display of Lubuntu 11.10 show19:13
wxlyou know ubiquity is the graphical installer?19:14
Stephen-iewxl: Looks like its trying load, the 4 dots are pulsing19:14
Stephen-iewxl: Yah, that what on the standard Live CD right?19:14
Stephen-iewxl: been sent to a BusyBox display with (initramfs) prompt19:16
Stephen-iewxl: The list of BusyBox commands doesn't explain much19:17
Stephen-iewxl: Ok, I've no idea where to go from here19:18
Stephen-iehi leszek19:22
HyperShockStephen-ie: for the lubu 11.10 ppc live cd? and it dumped you into a busybox?19:22
Stephen-ieHyperShock: yep19:22
Stephen-ieHyperShock: It showed what looked like the Lubuntu loading screen for a minute, you the screen with Lubuntu 11.10 in the center and the four dots pulsating under it, then it sent me to the BusyBox prompt19:23
leszekStephen-ie: what does the log file say ? casper.log ?19:27
HyperShockwhere did you get this cd again?19:30
Stephen-ieleszek: How do I load the loag file19:31
Stephen-ieHyperShock: I got the PPC ISO from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20111011/19:31
leszekyou can cat it or if (I'm not sure if its included in lubuntus busybox) its available vi it :P19:31
Stephen-ieHyperShock: suggested to me by wxl19:32
HyperShockoh, that would be an experimental, we need to find a stable one19:32
Stephen-ieHyperShock: ah crap I should have downloaded from here http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/current/ right?19:33
Stephen-ieleszek: Can you explain this 'cat' command for me19:34
bioterror!cat | Stephen-ie19:34
ubot5Stephen-ie: The linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. Open a terminal via Applications -> Accessories -> Terminal (Gnome), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal19:34
leszekhah ;) i love bots :P19:34
bioterrorno cat in there :o19:35
leszekcat filename                                                          will show the contents of a file19:35
Stephen-ieHyperShock: Ah I can't get it from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/current/ there is no PPC live iso, it seems http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/lubuntu/daily-live/20111011/ is the only page that has a PPC ISO19:35
HyperShockyeah its sad, that makes me think they are all experimental.19:37
Stephen-ieleszek: With # cat casper.log I got 'Unable to find a medium containing a live file system'19:37
Stephen-ieHyperShock: Yah, from what wxl told me, he got his ISO from there and it mostly worked, there were some problems with the ubuntu download mirrors or something, but he fixed it, I think he got further than I am now19:38
wxli'm installed19:39
wxlso yeah, a bit farther along19:39
Stephen-ieHyperShock: There is also a current PPC Alternate Install Live ISO, but it couln't see my CD-Rom during the install19:40
wxlas i said into the wrong channel :D all linux is experimental. if you want otherwise, there's something called unix19:40
Stephen-iehey wxl , do you see the error I am getting, being sent to BusyBox19:40
wxlStephen-ie: never had it19:40
wxlthe fact that you can't see the cd file system is troublesome19:40
wxli would try making a new cd personally19:40
Stephen-iewxl: I did check the ISO and Physical Disc MD5's and the all matched, does that make a difference19:41
wxlhah i'm baffled19:45
Stephen-iewxl: me too19:45
wxltry adding break=top to the yaboot prompt19:46
HyperShockStephen-ie: found the following >>> http://distrowatch.com/dwres.php?resource=ppc     --- which appears to list the known ppc distributions19:46
wxle.g. live break=top19:46
bioterrorStephen-ie, http://www.finnix.org/19:47
wxlfinnix RULEZ19:47
wxlthey don't have an "install" per se19:47
wxland yeah i'm pretty sure that Stephen-ie alone will struggle with the GUI19:48
wxllet alone his friends19:48
Stephen-ieHyperShock: Thanks for the link, ye I would say there are better supported linux distros out but what I want to be sure of is (A) it's light, hence trying Lubuntu , (B) Easy to user for a new Linux user, hence trying something Ubuntu based19:48
bioterrorbut PPC is just community driven on ubuntu19:49
wxlStephen-ie: any luck with the yaboot option?19:49
bioterrornot the best19:49
Stephen-iewxl: Going to try now19:49
Stephen-iewxl: I got brought to BusyBox almost straight away, with 'Spawning shell within the initramfs' displaying just above the BusyBox prompts19:52
Stephen-ieand now am at a initramfs promt19:52
Stephen-ieI did a cat casper.log but it found no casper.log file19:53
bioterrorCruxPPC seems interesting19:56
HyperShockalso you can try the pure debian one: http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/6.0.3/powerpc/bt-cd/19:56
HyperShockunfortunately it comes on 8 cds19:57
bioterrordebian has no live for ppc19:57
Stephen-ieLooks like I might have to abandon Lubuntu for now and try MintPPC19:57
bioterroronly i386 and amd6419:57
HyperShockhere it as a dvd: http://cdimage.debian.org/debian-cd/6.0.3/powerpc/iso-dvd/19:58
Stephen-ieYah Downloaded the Debian PPC ISO alright, I hadn't tried it yet as I was keen to get Lubuntu working20:00
bittinStephen-ie, #debianppc and #debian-ppc :)20:01
Stephen-ieOne suggestion was to download the Ubuntu 11.10 Minimal CD ISO and install Lubuntu on top of that20:01
bittiniam using debian on an eMac myself :)20:01
bioterrorhe still wants to get a X11 session from LiveCD just to run gparted20:01
Stephen-iebittin: How do you find it, would you say it is easy to use for a Linux beginner20:02
bittinStephen-ie, yea its not that hard20:02
bioterrorit's as easy as you want it to be20:02
HyperShockwho is the beginner you or your friends?20:02
Stephen-ieHyperShock: My friends20:02
bittinyou need to configure more yourself then in *buntu tough20:02
bittinbut its not as hard as slack / gentoo20:03
Stephen-ieHyperShock: I'm not hugley experience either, been using Ubuntu for 2 years20:03
Stephen-iebittin: Could it be called light weight, would it run fast or faster than Mac OS X on an iBook20:04
bioterrorStephen-ie, you can install openbox and required lxde components20:05
bittinStephen-ie, i never used it on an iBook20:05
bittinbut i guess20:05
bioterroror you can install just openbox and use tint2 for example20:05
bittini use pekwm and tint2 :)20:05
bioterrorgrab configs from lubuntu20:05
bioterrorall the good parts you like ;)20:06
Stephen-ieOk, I don't really know much about the components of Lubuntu. But if I was to install Debian and then pull in some Lubuntu components, could you give me a shopping list of what I should grab20:07
Stephen-iewhat does Lubuntu use in place of Nautilus, Firefox, Totem Player, OpenOffice in Ubuntu20:13
bioterrorGnome Mplayer20:14
bioterrorand ubuntu does not use openoffice anymore20:14
bioterrorit forked and that's called LibreOffice20:14
Stephen-iesorry ye I'm still on Ubuntu 10.10 myself, still got OOo. So if I install Debian with LXDE, PCManFM, Chromium, Gnome Mplayer and LibreOffice, do I have a close to Lubuntu build?20:16
leszekStephen-ie: ubuntu has a newer and better pcmanfm build than debian20:18
wxlwell if you're going to go ubuntu to get it trimmed down to the lubuntu base, you've got some work to do20:19
wxljust install lubuntu-desktop20:19
wxland then do !purelxde20:19
wxloh was that the wrong one?20:19
wxl!purelxde | please20:19
ubot5please: If you want to remove all !KDE, !GNOME and !XFCE packages and have a default !Lubuntu system follow the instructions here « http://www.psychocats.net/ubuntu/purelxde »20:19
wxlthere you go :D20:19
DagonITI just installed Ubuntu 11-10 and it apparently didn't bother to install grub, is there any way of installing grub sepertely20:21
Stephen-iewxl: Do you mean install Ubuntu Desktop, then do purelxde20:21
wxl1. install ubuntu20:21
Stephen-iewxl: ya20:21
wxl2. install lubuntu-desktop (by synaptic or apt-get or aptitude or whatever you like)20:21
wxl3. follow the purelxde instructions to get rid of the pieces of ubuntu not required by lubuntu20:22
Stephen-iewxl: ok20:22
Stephen-iewxl: Ah right I get you now20:22
Stephen-ieI think this is a good option20:22
wxlyou also might try the other two possible live cds20:22
Stephen-ieNext stop, download Ubuntu PPC ISO and try to install that. I've enough useless live cd's now to build an art installation20:23
wxli've got some bsd ones if you want20:24
wxlone personal word of warning:20:24
wxldo NOT install 11.0420:24
Stephen-ieI should probably post on the Ubuntu forum or somewhere suitable my experience of trying to install Lubuntu on PPC so the Lubuntu Dev's and others can work with it20:24
wxlit was running WAY too hot20:24
wxlthat's a good idea20:25
wxllubuntu mailing list would be good20:25
Stephen-ieok will do20:25
Stephen-ieI'll be going to Ubuntu 11.1020:25
leszekStephen-ie: as far as I know actually the ppc builds are not worked on by anyone. They are simply automatic builds by the ubuntu build system20:25
Stephen-ieleszek: I didn't know that, if they are automated build then why was there Ubuntu releases in the past without PPC builds, that's odd20:26
leszekStephen-ie: I guess because the build system failed building ppc builds :P20:27
wxlthey're "community supported" which is to say there are still people working on them but not like with regular ubuntu20:27
Stephen-ieleszek: and nobody probably even noticed :-)20:27
leszekas ppcs are not a priority its a not so high ranked problem to not release20:27
wxli think the reality of it was they were well supported until mac switched to intel20:27
leszekyeah thats true20:28
Stephen-ieya I can understand that. However Linux Distro's like Lubuntu and maybe Xubuntu and built to be lightweight and therefore should be a perfect match for older PC's, such as older PPC computers. So these lightweight distros should place higher focus on trying to run successfully on plder PC's and architectures20:29
wxlit was 06 that the switch to intel happened20:30
leszekStephen-ie: lubuntu was (including 11.10) only focussing on 32bit x86 systems. This might change in the future. But it needs more then 5 people which find those ppc builds useful20:31
wxlyeah even amd and/or 64bit systems aren't incredibly well suppoprted20:32
Stephen-ieI am thinking of a charity here in Ireland I worked with, Camara, we refurbished old PC's, put Edubuntu on them and shipped them to schools, villages and Uni's in Africa then went over to teach the locals how to use and maintain them. However we were only using Edubuntu, and  remember working on some very very slow PC that really struggled to run Ubuntu but we still shipped them.20:32
wxlcheap donated pcs are less likely to be macs imho20:32
Stephen-ieThey would have been better suited with Xubuntu and Lubuntu and other lightweights, except I didn't know about these distros at the time. We even had to dump some old Apple G4's cause we couldn't get Ubuntu to install on them. That was a waste in my view20:33
Stephen-ietrue we rarely go cheap Macs, but we got plenty of very old under power'd x86 PCs that could really have benefitted from lighter weight distros than Ubuntu20:35
Stephen-iemy point being that sometimes some distros are better suited to embracing the Old20:36
Stephen-iewell on that I going to head off. Thanks for everyones help and advice. I will have a go and stripped down Ubuntu LXDE etc. and see how I get on, if fails, I'll try MintPPC, if fails, I'll try Debian PPC LXDE20:37
Stephen-ieif fails I try the iBook out the iFrickenWindow20:38
bioterrorrecycle it!20:39
bioterrorit has copper and other valuable things for scavening20:39
Stephen-iebioterror: Sure, but I will take out me rage on it first, then give it back to its owner for them to morne and recycle20:40
easygoinghey guys is anyone else having the problem where whenever you come out of sleep" your panel adds an invisible icon that cannot be clicked on or removed without a fresh rebbot21:39
easygoingthese invisible icons have moved my wifi, chrom, and volume control to the center of my panel.21:40
easygoingwhat is causing these invisible panel icons?21:40
=== silverlightning is now known as silverarrow
easygoingsilverarrow is much better. :)21:44
silverarrowyes, cumbersome nicks21:45
silverarrowI don't think my laptop goes dormant?21:46
silverarrowonly screen21:46
silverarrowmight have to doe something about it21:46
silverarrowI would have chosen either arrow or lightning, but they were taken21:46
easygoingwell my hard disks spin down blah blah... i shut screen it goes to sleep i open screen it then creates new untouchable unseeable unremoveable icon.. all goes away on fresh reboot...also considering setting up tint2 if i can flippin figure it out.21:47
silverarrowyou have tried all kinds of key combos?21:49
easygoingexcuse me? i dont understand yor statement.21:49
silverarrowctrl-alt-F4, ....21:49
silverarrowmaybe it can be unlocked21:50
silverarrowa tricky one you have there21:51
silverarrowif you press ctrl alt F1 you should get a terminal21:52
silverarrowor black screen21:52
silverarrowthen "sudo service lxdm restart" should get you in with out reboot21:52
=== silverlightning is now known as silverarrow
phillwhi l33_23:12
l33_hi ühillw23:18
l33_hi phillw23:18
l33_2 beers too much here ;)23:19
phillwnothing wrong with that, if you prefer a chill out, hop over to #lubuntu-offtopic. It is not logged, so we can chat offtopic :)23:21
l33_didnt know that chan23:23
wxlhey phillw remember this letter/ https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg04942.html23:34
ikr111when I open a window with a keyboard shortcut it goes straight to the background (behind other windows), Any ideas?23:34
phillwwxl: did they do a PPC version in the end?23:35
wxlwell not in the final but that funky one is still there23:35
wxli figured out the problem. purdy easy, really.23:36
wxlthere was a lively ppc discussion here earlier23:36
wxlsuffice it to say i think there's certainly a desire for lubuntu ppc23:37
wxlmore so than with bloatware, i mean ubuntu23:37
phillwwxl: is still a generic ubuntu issue, or just lubuntu?23:37
wxlTHAT problem is an ubuntu issue from what i can tell23:37
wxlsources.list has http://mirror instead of http://ports.ubuntu.com23:37
wxlediting sources.list or /etc/hosts (pointing mirror to ports.ubuntu.com) fixes it23:38
phillwI can flag it back up to qa team if it has not been corrected. Could you update the log & I'll make the qa / build team aware of it. Also if you have a fix that can be applied to lubuntu iso that can be added at installation time I can add it tou our FAQ area until it gets fixed upstream.23:40
wxlphillw: kewl, where's the log at again?23:41
phillwyou had it pointing to bug 756719 > in Launchpad.23:42
ubot5Launchpad bug 756719 in choose-mirror (Ubuntu Oneiric) "PowerPC Natty Beta LiveCD Hangs Bad Mirror" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/75671923:42
phillwThey have it has fix released?23:42
wxlah so you mean just add a comment23:42
wxlwell yeah they do and i left a comment that it wasn't.. no response.23:42
phillwis this for Oneric?23:43
phillwwould you please email Colin directly? I can do it, but as I do not have access to a PPC it would be better for you to contact him directly. Colin is not scary, he's a really nice guy.23:45
phillwuse his cjwatson@canonical.com  address, and yes, you can say I sent you :P23:46
wxldoes lubuntu inheriently lack smb support?23:47
wxloh nevermind figured it out23:48
wxlweird i can't use go > network shares but smb://server works23:48
phillwsamba should be automatic with pcmanfm23:52
phillwnetwork shares is a diffirent app. Please raise a bug against it if it is not working. bugs not reported only ever get fixed by chance :)23:54
phillwin the past we had pyneighbourhood, but that wouldn't "play' either, so pcman added it to pcmanfm to save grief :) (He's a darn good guy).23:55

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