cwillu_at_workbjsnider, yeah, I commented on it :p03:43
cwillu_at_workas did chris, josef, and so forth :p03:44
cwillu_at_workhonestly, the article missed most of the interesting points of the debate  ("what did you mean by fsck exactly?")03:44
cwillu_at_worknotable that some of the most vitriolic comments were demanding chris' head for not releasing the tool that's already been released for 2 years now :p03:45
cwillu_at_work(the diagnostic)03:45
* cwillu_at_work grumbles03:46
* cwillu_at_work goes to bed03:46
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DoverOsso i installed ccsm and it broke my unity10:40
DoverOsall there is, is the top bar with the default desktop options10:41
DoverOsis there anyway to reconfigure unity without a reinstall?10:44
Ian_Corneunity --reset10:47
Ian_CorneI trust you're on 12.0410:47
Ian_Corneand not sneekingly trying to get help about 11.10 in here!10:47
DoverOsoh ya, i'm on the bleeding edge and all that jazz10:48
Ian_Cornegood :)10:48
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akgranerDay 3 of Open Week just started - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek13:02
akgranerUp next for Ubuntu Open Week in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat at 1400 UTC is How to contribute translating Ubuntu -- David Planella (dpm)14:00
FernandoMigueloh and gnome-do is broken after the update14:38
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: where were we?14:39
akgranerUp next for Ubuntu Open Week in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat at 1500 UTC is Volunteer Leadership -What does it take? - akgraner14:52
sharpshooterhai all any Idea for how to remove dots from lightDM ?15:49
sharpshooterhai all any idea how to remove dots from lightdm ?16:17
farciarz84hi I've added ppa xorg-edgers and .... I cannot log in into ubuntu session. Other sessions 2d and gnome classic are supported16:54
jbichafarciarz84: have you ever used ppa-purge ?16:54
farciarz84jbicha: no16:54
jbichayou should use ppa-purge to reset the updates from the PPA back to their usual versions and disable the PPA16:55
farciarz84jbicha: but updates improved usability of sandy bridge intel gpu17:01
farciarz84in simple words I'd like to use them17:01
farciarz84will ubuntu 11.10 be shipped with mesa 7.12?17:02
Pici11.10 is already out.17:02
farciarz84Pici: with 7.1117:02
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Picifarciarz84: I wouldn't think so, I don't see that we've done that in the past with prior releases and mesa versions.17:04
AlanBellevening all18:07
AlanBellis there a guide somewhere on installing precise?18:08
jtaylorsed -i -e "s/oneiric/precise/g /etc/sources.list18:08
jtayloronly update when you know what you are doing18:09
AlanBellonly doing a VM and I kind of know what I am doing18:18
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oratedHello! Does Canonical and Kubuntu backports for Oneiric up and ready for sun-java6-* and new KDE version?21:43
oratedIs Canonical* ..21:45
maxbfind, leave then21:47

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