AlanBellSeaJay: ok, I will check the first one again later, might have been something wrong with the encoding process06:19
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freglmaco: I am coming to UDS. I am not sure how to make kde apps happier... I don't really have time to dive into this. There might be some fixes that are easy to backport to Qt 4.7 but there are enough patches already...08:56
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PendulumTheMuso: jono asked me to pull together a list of accessiblity bugs/issues that need to be priority for Precise as a way of seeing if we can pull together something to attract community developers (to supplement the wonderful work you and apinheiro are doing). Should I include things on your blueprint? (the idea is to pull together the list in the next week so that we can look at them/e-mail Jason about the ciritical ones) and then 09:46
apinheiroPendulum, well, I think that it is a good moment to update that blueprint, afaik it is somewhat outdated09:47
apinheiroso for me it seems a good idea09:47
PendulumI'll look at the blueprint (I'm thinking of the one that Luke started today)09:49
Pendulumapinheiro: you're not going to be at UDS, are you?09:59
apinheiroI fear that not10:00
PendulumI didn't think so, but wanted to double check. Hopefully at some point we'll be in the same place at the same time as I'd like to meet you!10:03
TheMusoPendulum: Feel free to include stuff on tha blueprint. What I have put there is currently a dumping ground for things I intend to tackle this cycle. At this point, I feel I can get through them all, but I need to go through them again and work out what will take more/less time etc.10:10
TheMusoPendulum: But things like the eZoom unity rendering bug IMO is high priority, and something which DX will need to be onboard with.10:10
TheMuso...and you are up late.10:11
Pendulumyeah, the eZoom bug is one of the things I discussed directly in conversation with jono yesterday10:14
PendulumTheMuso: do you want me to e-mail you the logs?10:14
PendulumI'm actually up early :)10:14
TheMusoPendulum: If you don't mind, thanks.10:16
TheMusoI'm on doing vinux related work.10:16
Pendulumcool :)10:20
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macofregl: we'll be on 4.8 in 11.10 anyway13:03
freglmaco: in 11.10? isn't that just released?13:04
macoi mean 12.0413:04
freglnp, I figured13:04
macowhat year is it again?13:04
macoanyway, some kde widgets are too far off from anything in qt, right? so theyll need special code13:06
macoTheMuso: i read that blueprint's name as the other "Polish"13:18
webczatmmmm fsckin net13:20
freglmaco: I don't know. which ones? khtml definitively... but I'm not aware of so many really custom widgets. kratingwidget, but that's not as widely used...13:30
freglall in all kde works surprisingly good with just the qt accessibility13:31
macoi definitely remember khtml being bad. did konsole have issues too?13:31
webczatfregl: about qt-accessibility, I still have small problems with qt accessibility of skype, for example text/password fields not recognized and some things with the html being read13:42
freglI bet konsole has issues13:42
freglwebczat: I'm still surprised anything works with skype13:43
webczatfregl: why?13:43
freglwebczat: normal lineedits not working are probably missing a patch from Qt 4.8. the backporting was not done in the most careful fashion.13:43
freglwebczat: cause nobody tested it at all and who know what kind of hacks they use13:44
freglit's good to hear though13:44
webczatfregl: I actually wanted to say that I see the text but the text box is not seen as a text box etc13:44
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webczatand I do not want to wait till ubuntuu 1213:52
freglwebczat: file bugs with ubuntu and I am happy to help along but I can't do the work by myself.14:07
SeaJayAlanBell: I saw your message last night (my last night), but I dropped off line not long after that.17:04
SeaJayAlanBell: Any luck finding out what my problem was with that first video link you sent me? Also, I haven't checked with anything other than Orca, but any idea why I can't find those links off of your web page?17:05
macoPendulum: should i copy over postponed items from oneiric to precise?17:06
maco(on the new blueprint i mean)17:06
macoSeaJay: i think he said he'd accidentally forgotten to include the links on the webpage17:06
SeaJaymaco: Ah, that's right. He did mention that yesterday. Sorry, I forgot!17:07
SeaJaymaco: Actually I read that message too quickly, and I thought he meant that he'd forgotten to paste them into this chat, but that was my bad.17:08
AlanBellSeaJay: not done it yet, and not updated the blog post (couldn't find my password to log in to it!)17:14
AlanBellSeaJay: updated the blog with links for the first two videos, I am going to re-record the third one about onboard as there are some fairly big changes to it in an update17:59
AlanBellSeaJay: the first video was just of the installer process, It doesn't get to the login screen, just the end of the installer then I describe what happens when you restart18:03
SeaJayAlanBell: Gotcha! thanks! Did you find anything wrong with that first video? Was it accidentally truncated?18:03
AlanBellI will check the second video as I might have given you the links the wrong way round!18:03
SeaJayAlanBell: Ah, I'm probably talking about the 2nd video on the page. I'll go check in a bit. I think it was the first link you gave me in this chat though. sorry for the confusion.18:04
AlanBellah crap, yes the audio cuts out18:04
Pendulummaco: technical ones, ask Luke18:05
SeaJayAlanBell: It starts off with you describing the log on screen and then you just cut out abruptly after mentioning the volume button and the power indicator.18:05
Pendulummaco: technical ones, ask Luke18:05
AlanBellSeaJay: yes, it does18:05
macoPendulum: i was thinking of my technical ones that i didnt get around to because im a lazy goodfernuthin :P18:06
AlanBellok, I have two videos to re-record then I think18:06
maco(also because kubuntu's installer was broken til almost beta)18:06
Pendulumyeah, I'd just double check with Luke first18:06
PendulumI need to set up the community blue print18:06
SeaJayAh, OK, thanks AlanBell!18:06
Pendulumand possibly a blue print for Accessibility from the Start18:06
AlanBellmaco: is there a guide somewhere on installing precise yet?18:07
macoAlanBell: i havent even installed oneiric18:07
macodont ask me!18:07
macoi think the giant laptop is going to come to uds. not great with my back, but it can run on battery and it can compile stuff in a reasonable time18:08
macohalf of which can be done by my netbook, and half of which can be done by my small laptop18:08
* AlanBell installs an oneiric VM to upgrade to precises18:49
AlanBelljoanie: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology does that look good?21:11

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