airtonixanyone else had experience dual booting ubuntu on the latest macbook pro? (comes installed with macosx lion 10.7 and what i think might be bootcamp)01:32
airtonixrefit fails to produce a boot screen, and i can actually get 11.10 live cd running without any modifications to the macbook01:33
airtonixmy next step is to investigate how to resize the main partition to make room for a ubutu install, which is going to be done in terminal most likely since there isn't any available function to resize the main partition01:34
xannenOMG the queens is in canberra!06:58
gorillaxannen: You royalist! :-)07:40
xannengorilla, actually no.  im' just dramatising. :P07:41
gorillaxannen, I was being sarcastic. :-D07:42
xannenI know that too.  It's all sarcasm and I play along.  :D07:43
gorillaand anyone who wants Australia to become a republic hasn't thought it through. You need to amend just about every law in the country!07:44
xannenincluding migration act and 18 carbon tax bills.  :D07:45
xannenand bye bye gillard.07:46
gorillaxannen: not with the way that Abbott is carrying on. Happy to wreck the economy by repeal the carbon tax.07:48
* gorilla wonders how the heck we got onto politics... I hate it.07:48
xannenare you pro carbon tax?07:48
xannenqueen -> republic -> politics policies.  :D07:49
gorillaxannen: We are stupid bunch of apes that take too much for granted.07:49
gorillagahh.. I'm out of here.07:50
airtonixfinally worked out how to get ubuntu 11.10 on the latest macbookpros08:20
xannenyou need hammer, 9" nails, and 2x4's.  :D08:21
airtonixhad to perform a "disk repair" through the recovery partitions disk utility08:21
airtonixthen i could resize the partition08:21
xannenyou should installed 11.04, more reliable and stable.08:23
xannenwow ubuntu 8.04 still supported until april, 2013!  so long! (TS).08:25
airtonix11.10 is more stable for me actually08:30
airtonixhot enough today ikt?08:30
xannenairtonix, i have graphics issues.  :(  and sometimes, when i click on system tray, the pop out menu won't stick, and other minor issues.  :(10:00
xannenalso, there was an openjdk bug.  with dependency on openjdk-6, even though you have openjdk-7 installed.  :S10:01
xannenhey guys...11:35
xannenI have technical question. :D11:35
sagacidoes aarnet mirror the security updates for ubuntu or do you have to get them off the main server13:46
ikti don't think anyone mirrors security updates13:59
iktbut I get them off the main server anyway13:59
iktsagaci: mainly because of the fast updates13:59
iktbetter to have security updates asap14:00
sagaciyep, thanks for the info14:00
iktsagaci: do you happen to know what the package is called which decrypts dvds?14:02
iktheh translation session starting in #ubuntu-classroom14:03
sagaciikt: libdvdcss2?14:03
iktthat's the ticket14:03
sagaciikt: do you want to install it?14:04
iktdoes it need mediabuntu?14:04
iktcan't find it in normal repos14:04
sagaciikt: I always install it on a clean install via ubuntu-restricted-extras, but it's a simple script in the libdvdread4 package, if you have that installed, just run sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh14:05
sagaciwhich installs the medibuntu package14:05
ikti remember that14:06
iktwe were talking about it on whirlpool14:06
sagaciyeah, I remember that path like the back of my hand14:06
ikthaha nice14:07
ikti'll brb just need to restart cuz of updates14:07
sagaciikt: how'd it go14:44
iktyeah great14:50
iktjust watching the dvd now14:50
iktgot a few dvds to watch14:52
sagacijust been troubleshooting a keyboard mapping issue -- finally fixed it with sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration ... since I'm on a server and can't use xmodmap, setxkbmap, etc14:56
sagacifrustrating but glad it's fixed14:56
iktwhat was happening?14:58
xannenhi guys15:08
xannendoes anyone have win7/ubuntu dual boot?  what do i do with win7 system reserve  partition?15:08
iktxannen: keep it15:10
xannenoh... okay...  i was going to override it with /boot15:10
Guest16895Anyone here from Adelaide22:18

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