duanedesignNiya: /300:07
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bnmorganhaving an error after first reboot trying to get my monitors to un-mirror01:29
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tabaxter_A quick query. If I am mid-distribution upgrade, is it possible to hibernate my computer without completely screwing the process? I need to have the computer powered down in the next ten minutes in order for an electrician to work on the property.02:32
pleia2tabaxter_: there isn't really a safe way to do that, no (unless you're still in just the download phase)02:47
tabaxter_pleia2: I'm not, unfortunately. Thanks. is there a way that is more likely to result in a usable system?02:50
pleia2tabaxter_: not really, in the middle of an upgrade lots of things will be half configured and such :\02:51
pleia2it may not be bootable if you shut it down in the middle02:51
tabaxter_pleia2: If I do break it, would I be able to do an upgrade with a live CD to fix it?02:54
pleia2hard to say, doubtful02:54
pleia2you may be able to debug what is wrong with a livecd and bring the system back up so you can complete the upgrade, but even that is dicey02:54
pleia2and if things really go bad you can use the livecd to make a backup of your data at least so you can reinstall02:54
tabaxter_most of my valuable data is in dropbox/ubuntuone, so I'm not too concerned there. the big problem is my printer, etc. config and a number of apps which I'd have to reinstall and reconfigure.02:56
tabaxter_Do you know if I can stop it once it has reached the cleaning up stage?02:57
pleia2tabaxter_: stopping it any time in the upgrade process is risky (sorry, I'm at work, can't reply immediately)02:59
tabaxter_pleia2: no, that's okay. I wasn't intending to be pushy. I was just making sure it gave  an alert and you didn't think I hadn't replied. Thanks heaps. I'll just have to try to keep him occupied on other needless tasks for a while.03:01
M0hibodhizazen: /j -team03:40
bodhizazengood lord, 8703:53
M0hibodhizazen: Congrats and have a nice time with the list :P03:54
soulfHi, does anybody here happen to use the search-app (similar to gnome-do) synapse? If so; in order for synapse to find anything in a certain music folder I always have to have opened a files from the folder previously, do you know if there's a way to tell synapse to index several folders without having to open a file in them?03:56
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shivaram_mamindlHello all06:06
shivaram_mamindlhi Mohi..06:09
shivaram_mamindlhow r u#06:09
coalwateris there a way to limit the bandwidth globally on the whole computer, i want to do an upgrade but at the same time i don't want my pc to eat up the whole bandwidth while doing so12:06
geirhaChew on the internet cable12:07
geirhaI'm not sure how. ##networking might know of some software you can use to achieve that.12:08
ppcblastertried to install skype, didn't launch, trying to reinstall getting"Breaks existing package 'skype' conflict: skype ( )"12:09
ppcblasterthink I tried to install 32 instead of 6412:10
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bobweaverHi there I was wondering if some one could help me with using sed13:46
geirhabobweaver: Sure.13:47
bobweaverunder /usr/share/applications/bob    I have a bunch of files13:47
bobweaverwhich is good13:48
bobweaverbut how do I use sed to change all the gnome-terminal | konsole ?13:48
bobweaverchanging out words with sed :>)13:49
geirhaChange gnome-terminal or konsole to what?13:49
coalwatercan't u just replace with nano ?13:49
bobweavergnome-terminal to konsole13:49
geirhaWell, for editing files I generally prefer to use a file editor, not sed.13:50
bobweaverthere are 700 + so using nano13:50
geirhafor file in /usr/share/applications/bob/*; do printf '%s\n' 'g/gnome-terminal/s//konsole/g' w | ed -s "$file"; done13:50
RivieraWhat's bob?13:51
bobweaverRiviera: thats my name13:51
RivieraNice to meet you, Bob.13:51
bobweaveryou too13:51
RivieraYou have a directory with your name in /usr/share/applications?13:51
coalwaterin nano u can do a ctrl+w to find, then ctrl+r to replace, then write the word to use, then the word to replace, then shift +A to replace all, just saying lol13:51
RivieraWhat does that do there?13:52
coalwatero u mean u have 700+ files, not occrences?13:52
bobweaverlet me show you guys  ls  /usr/share/application/bob13:52
coalwateri hope ur planning to use pastebin13:53
RivieraAnd I hope you did not miss geirha's solution to your problem.13:53
coalwateri really need to read sed's man13:53
geirhacoalwater: /topic ##sed13:54
geirhacoalwater: The sedintro there is quite nice.13:54
coalwaterok ty13:54
bobweaveras you can see I have been using nano but there is just so many13:54
RivieraHm, but what is that?13:55
geirhaYou can put desktop files in ~/.local/share/applications btw13:55
bobweaverI also need to change all the things that say bob into opt13:55
RivieraShouldn't files like these be stored in ~/.local/share/applications?13:55
geirhaYou generally shouldn't modify anything under /usr, except for /usr/local13:56
coalwater /topic ##sed13:56
bobweavergeirha: wjy not ?13:56
coalwaterwoops lol13:57
geirhaYour homedir is /ect?13:57
geirhabobweaver: To stay out of the way of the package manager13:57
bobweaverif I want to change for good(after using remastersys) I have to change in thouse files13:58
geirhaI see13:58
bobweaverearly here I just put the cup of coffee under the coffee pot and he coffee pot in the microwave I think that I should drink some coffee before going any further :>)14:02
bodhizazen'lo Lorizean15:05
SuicideSheepi try install ubuntu on my laptop but its say bootmgr is missing, what i need to do??15:15
holsteinSuicideSheep: seems like you dont have a boot manager15:20
holsteinSuicideSheep: talk about your setup... dualbooting, whatever... what you used to install15:20
holsteinwhen i google 'ubuntu bootmgr missing' i get to http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=829456 which might be helpful15:21
SuicideSheepbut i have windows on my laptop15:21
SuicideSheepso i have boot manager for sure15:21
holsteinthe windows boot loader wont boot anything but windows AFAIK15:22
SuicideSheepso how i can boot linux15:22
holsteinSuicideSheep: lots of ways... hte default is that GRUB is installed when you install15:23
holsteinSuicideSheep: you are wanting to dual boot some version of ubuntu with some version of windows?15:23
holsteinwhat versions?15:23
SuicideSheepwin 715:23
holsteinand how are you trying to install said version of ubuntu? USB? a live CD?15:23
SuicideSheepubuntu 11 0415:23
holsteinSuicideSheep: ubuntu 11.10 is out now as well15:24
SuicideSheepbut if i cant install 11 0415:24
holsteinSuicideSheep: if it were my machine, i would boot a live CD, and i would look at the hard drive... i would want to see the windows partition, and the linux partition/partitions15:24
SuicideSheepi cant 11 10 too15:24
holsteinthen, if all is looking as expected, and its just GRUB that is missing, i would use15:25
SuicideSheepi did not install linux yet15:25
holsteinto reinstall grub using that live CD15:25
SuicideSheepbecouse i cant15:25
holsteinSuicideSheep: you'll need to elaborate on why you cant15:25
holsteinif you are getting that error when booting the USB installation stick you made, then...15:26
holsteini suggest using unetbootin15:26
holsteinthat *always* works for me, where the other tools occasionally fail15:26
SuicideSheepi used him15:26
holsteini would suggest formating the USB stick as well15:26
holsteinand, you can also confirm the downloaded iso image has no errors15:27
SuicideSheepi tryed make usb bootable with cmd and with programs15:27
SuicideSheepbut all say bootmgr is missing15:27
ameer-ahmadSuicedeSheep, I think you should your Win 7 recovery CD again to fix the problem., :D15:27
SuicideSheepwin 7 works normaly15:27
holsteinSuicideSheep: right.. so *now* you format the USB stick, and try wht unetbootin15:27
holsteinSuicideSheep: have you tried that?15:27
SuicideSheepi tryed 10 min ago15:27
holsteinformatting the usb stick?15:28
holsteinthen creating with unetbootin?15:28
holsteinSuicideSheep: did you confirm the downloaded iso image is not corrupt as well?15:28
holsteinameer-ahmad: the computer is not broken, thats what i first though when i read the post15:28
SuicideSheepi tryed install ubuntu and openSUSE both bootmgr miss15:28
holsteinits the USB stick thats not booting15:29
SuicideSheepusb and cd15:29
holsteinSuicideSheep: right, but did you actually confirm the downloaded images?15:29
holsteinthat is a constant in your scenario, your internet connection that you use to download the images (or so i am assuming)15:29
SuicideSheepyes i did15:30
holsteinSuicideSheep: so, on your machine, it wont boot USB or CD, correct?15:30
holsteinhave you tried something more simple, like a gparted live CD?15:30
holsteinhave you checked *all* the settings in your bios?15:31
holsteinSuicideSheep: what machine is it? maybe we can google around about that specific model and learn something helpful15:33
ameer-ahmadSuicideSheep, I think this would have help you solve the problem, http://pcsupport.about.com/od/fixtheproblem/ss/bootorderchange.htm15:36
holsteinSuicideSheep: same again?15:37
holsteinyou mean, a gparted live CD gives the same error?15:37
holsteinwhat is the same again?15:37
holsteinthe only constant i can see here is that machine unfortunately15:38
holsteinis there something in the bios that locks that feature down?15:38
SuicideSheepi tryed install ubuntu inside windows15:38
SuicideSheepbut i get some eror15:38
SuicideSheepwin32 or something like this15:39
ameer-ahmadSuicideSheep, you means by wubi install?15:39
holsteinSuicideSheep: if it wont boot *any* live CD's, then this is not an ubuntu issue... i think you'll save some time going ahead and researching why that particular machine wont boot USB or CD15:39
SuicideSheepi will now try install it with wubi15:41
SuicideSheepubuntu 11 1015:41
holsteinSuicideSheep: ?15:41
holsteini thougth wubi fails as well?15:41
SuicideSheepand if i get the error i will ss and send here15:41
SuicideSheep11 0415:41
SuicideSheepbut i didnt try 11 1015:41
holsteinyour machine is not booting live media, that is the issue15:41
ameer-ahmadI never try install ubuntus with wubi installation methode in my life.,15:41
holsteinive used wubi before15:41
holsteinSuicideSheep: mabye this is some corporate machine? something you got from that environment? with something added to 'lock down' booting other installation media?15:42
ameer-ahmadAll I've done is that Live CD/ liveusb15:43
SuicideSheepthis windows are hp edition15:43
SuicideSheepmaybe they block other os15:43
holsteinit could be something that got added after the fact15:43
jesper_LF help. fresh ubuntu 11.10 logged in and my desctop is gone. all i see is a gray line on top of screen with the text arkive and so on15:43
holsteinif it were my machine, i would take the hard drive out, and mess with it til it boots a live CD15:44
SuicideSheepthe problem is that i am not home15:44
holsteinjesper_: how did it boot live? any graphics problems? have you used linux on that machine in the past?15:44
SuicideSheepi need linux for college15:45
holsteinSuicideSheep: run it in virtualbox15:45
jesper_holstein: ye i have had ubuntu earlier just wanted a fresh install15:45
SuicideSheepi think i will need15:45
SuicideSheepbut that will be my last option15:45
holsteinSuicideSheep: i could be wrong, but this will tell you exactly what the issue is... take the hard drive out temporarily15:46
holsteinthen, you'll know that its the machine/bios15:46
deej1976SuicideSheep: can you get into the bios on your HP E15:46
holsteinjesper_: i would also take that machine, and see what it takes to get to the desktop with a live CD... nomodeset, or whatever 'safe graphics' options15:47
holsteinyou can always add a custom xorg.conf file at that point too, assuming you need that15:47
jesper_holstein: why? i think it can be some problems with the ati driver i installed from amd.com15:48
holsteinjesper_: yup, thats what im thinking as well... graphics driver issues15:49
SuicideSheepyes i can15:49
jesper_holstein: is there a command to remove it in terminal?15:50
holsteinjesper_: there should be a readme file in the downloaded pacakge15:50
holsteini usually just use the one in the repos whenever possible15:50
holsteingood luck guys, i gotta run :)15:52
jesper_can i install the repo driver in terminal?15:52
deej1976SuicideSheep: Can you change the boot order under the advanced tab?15:53
bobweavercprofitt: hi do you know sed well ?15:53
cprofittI do not15:54
cprofittDr. Anderson does though15:54
SuicideSheepyes i can15:55
SuicideSheepi put usb on first place15:55
bobweaverThanks cprofitt15:55
bobweavercprofitt: he is the one that did the regex talk ?15:56
ameer-ahmadSuicideSheep, goog luck.,16:01
SuicideSheepsomeone here16:07
nlsthzn... only us sheep ...16:07
SuicideSheepdeej is not here?16:08
ameer-ahmadwhat's up guys?16:10
SuicideSheepthis i get when i try install with wubi16:10
ameer-ahmadI've no experience working on wubi16:11
ameer-ahmadSuicideSheep, you should try this http://unetbootin.sourceforge.net/16:13
SuicideSheepbootmgr missing16:16
SuicideSheeptryed before16:16
ameer-ahmadI've just finished putting simplelinux on my flash drive and I'm going to reboot now!16:16
holsteinSuicideSheep: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3115811.016:18
holsteinhttps://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/468664 for you to join16:18
ubot2Launchpad bug 468664 in wubi "Installation fail on Windows 7" [Medium,Confirmed]16:18
holsteini think you have 2 unrelated issues going on personally16:19
holsteini think if you took the hard drive out, you'd still have that live CD/USB error, and i think something with that windows install is making wubi fail16:20
SuicideSheepi get this eror when i try instal ubuntu with wubi http://pastebin.com/RLDCUPST16:22
holsteinSuicideSheep: you mind to put that here? http://paste.ubuntu.com/16:26
holsteinsays pastebin is 'under heavy load'16:26
SuicideSheepi uploaded now16:26
SuicideSheephow will they connect me16:27
holsteinubuntupaste is like pastebin, you paste in what you want, and give me the link16:27
holsteinSuicideSheep: right, thats the same error you had before16:29
holsteincommand=C:\Windows\sysnative\bcdedit.exe /set {27ad149c-0c19-11e0-93b2-f9dc21d699f8} device partition=L:16:29
holsteincould be because you are installing to drive L: ?16:29
holsteini forget where mu wubi install was16:29
SuicideSheepbut i dont want install linux on the same partition like windows16:30
jesper_how do i fix this http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/545/skrmbild20111019184216.png/16:49
wisevoyagerbb everyone! :D16:56
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coalwaterSELECT * FROM content WHERE content_id IN (5,6,42,8), how can i force the return to be with the same ordering17:43
coalwaterthe return comes sorted by content_id17:43
Snicksiehm, i guess add " ORDER BY column_name" and "DESC" or "ASC" behind it :p17:44
Snicksie@ coalwater17:44
coalwateri want the ordering = 5,6,42,817:46
coalwaterlike i entered it17:46
coalwaterok anyway, i just did a swap after the select, bad hack code lol17:56
geirhaYou'd need a separate table for the ordering18:14
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Russ_i have a question if anyone can help me?  im trying to install ubuntu but keep getting an I/O error when booting from the CD18:31
Russ_im trying to do a dual boot with windows 7 and ubuntu (same hard drive)18:32
bioterrorthat happens18:32
bioterroryou're not first one to report I/O errors with 11.1018:32
Russ_is there a work around or should i go to an older version?18:33
geirhabioterror: Even when burning at low speed?18:34
bodhi_zazenRuss_: did you check the md5 sum of the iso and CD ?18:34
geirhaWeird. Maybe a bug with the iso's cd drivers.18:35
Russ_honestly not sure what md5 even is18:35
bodhi_zazenRuss_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowToMD5SUM18:35
geirhaRuss_: Do you have a usb stick >= 2GiB?18:36
bodhi_zazenFirst step when someone has a problem booting the cd/iso should always be to check the md5sum, saves a lot of headaches =)18:37
Russ_im reading that link right now and i will check it, should i check the .iso or just disk im trying to boot from?18:38
bioterrorit has disappeared18:38
ubot2Launchpad bug 245794 in base-installer "[Errno 5] Input/Output Error during Live CD Installation " [Undecided,Confirmed]18:39
geirhaRuss_: Checking the md5sum of the iso is quicker, and given that bug, testing the CD probably won't help much.18:44
geirhaIf the md5sum of the iso checks out, apply the iso on a usb stick and install from that.18:44
Russ_ok testing iso now but md5 sum stopped responding will post back in a min18:44
Russ_there diffrent18:45
Russ_was it just a download problem of the iso? redownload and try with USB?18:46
geirhaYou're comparing with one of these? http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/MD5SUMS18:46
geirhaThat page hasn't been updated with 11.10 hashes :/18:47
Russ_there the same with your link18:47
Russ_so im going to try and install on a flash drive and try taht way18:48
Russ_thank you for your help!18:49
geirhaThe instructions for putting the iso on a usb stick is on the download page18:49
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throsturI'm trying to do killall but the processes just restart!21:35
duanedesigntheunsureguy: \22:15
fosburghow do you install fonts into the linux OS22:59
Unit193fosburg: Still looking for Mac?22:59
fosburgthats correct---have a bunch of postscript23:00
Unit193ubot2: info t1utils23:00
ubot2Unit193: t1utils (source: t1utils): Collection of simple Type 1 font manipulation programs. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.36-1 (maverick), package size 97 kB, installed size 292 kB23:01
Unit193t1unmac might be what you're looking for (In that package)23:03
fosburgI'm a user of apps but not to computer smart. 'tlutils' I assume that is a utility app?23:03
Unit193Yes, you use synaptic package manager to install23:04
fosburgok,  my mac is dead and I know have ubuntu os on an old pc.  tuutils or tlumac--what should I use23:06
Unit193fosburg: I'm on a crappy connection right now, does this help? http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=31376923:07
fosburgthanks--i'll give it a shot!!!23:08

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