akgranerjcastro just shared the googledoc with you about UbuntuWeeks/Days00:13
mhall119akgraner: it's 8:30, stop working00:27
akgranerI took a break00:27
mhall119yeah, like 5 months ago00:27
akgranerno like an hour ago00:27
mhall119sitting on the couch eating bon-bons, I'm sure00:28
akgranerIf I don't do something while I am thinking about it - I'll forget to someone reminds me00:28
akgranerbon-bons? What are those? :-P00:28
mhall119I don't know, but evidently non-overworked people love them00:29
akgranergoing through various wiki pages and boy some of the really need updating...00:36
akgranerDOC evening at UDS :-) who's in00:36
akgranerj/k sorta00:36
akgranerok more tomorrow :-)00:38
akgranercrap - tomorrow is wednesday - I need to put the finishing touches on my Open Week Session :-/ DOH!00:41
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akgranerok I think my session may be drinking from a fire hose - me trims some information01:06
akgranerPendulum, you around?01:29
akgraneror nigelb ?01:29
akgranermhall119, guess what I am learning? - http://learnpythonthehardway.org/book/02:17
akgranerI told nigelb I was going to bug him if I got stuck02:17
akgranerI keep running into reasons I need to learn python :-/ so I give I'm learning :-)02:18
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macoakgraner: assimilate!02:41
dholbachgood morning06:53
bkerensagood morning dholbach07:09
dholbachhi bkerensa07:10
dpmgood morning all07:13
nigelbGood morning!08:00
nigelbGoogle is down o_O08:00
dholbachGwaihir, happy birthday! :)08:25
Gwaihirdholbach, thank you! :)08:25
Pendulumakgraner: sorry I was in bed. Let me know if there's something I can do this morning to help?09:59
akgranerPendulum,  no need to apologize - I really should have been doing something other than being on the computer but oh well :-)11:28
akgranerI was going to ask you to look over my session notes for today and see if i missed anything11:29
akgranerI think as long as I don't get copy n paste happy - I should be ok11:29
akgranerand still have time for questions :-)11:30
mhall119holy crap akgraner, don't you sleep?11:30
akgranermhall119, I'll sleep when I die :-)  j/k - I got like 3-4 hours :-)  I'm happy with that11:31
mhall119you're crazy11:31
akgranerwe established this many years ago - I'll own it11:31
akgranerit's part of my charm11:31
akgranerahathaway, great edits to /BuildingCommunity  :-)  Thank you!11:43
ahathawayHopefully I did not overstep11:44
akgranerno not at all11:44
jussiakgraner: your statement actually reads rather badly out of context... :P11:44
ahathawayI was not sure how much freedom to redesign I was allowed11:44
jussi[14:31:06] <akgraner> mhall119, I'll sleep when I die :-)  j/k - I got like 3-4 hours :-)  I'm happy with that11:44
jussireads like you have 3-4 hours to live... :P11:45
akgranerjussi, I would die happy then :-)  so it's all a win to me :-P11:45
jussiakgraner: though youd leave very many unhappy people if you did that.... I forbid you to die so soon.11:46
akgranerahathaway, have at it - it's wiki pages  - if something needs to be tweaked we can just tweak them :-)  there in is the beauty11:46
akgranerjussi, don't worry I'm not going anywhere...:-)11:46
akgranerI'm making a list of pages that I know need updating but I need someone else to fix them - the /Teams page is a mess11:47
jussiakgraner: good. Ill kill you if you die on me :P :P :P :P11:47
ahathawayOh BTW does anyone here have a blog post or a writeup about your community building experience or any aspect of community leading?11:47
jussiakgraner: also, I beleie you owe me some questions...11:47
akgraneror at least I need to track down the right information as the leads listed on some of them are old11:47
akgranerahathaway, we have some tat we just started putting together on the leadership team11:48
akgranerbut I don't think they are pubic yet11:48
akgranerb/c people are still editing them11:48
ahathawayOK.  I am looking for personal experiences that people want to share on the build site11:48
akgranerahathaway, but let me get you the wiki page they will be added to once they are finished - this way you can link to them or just crosspost11:49
ahathawayGreat thanks11:49
akgraneryep - the leadership team is documenting 'use cases' etc around various skill sets11:49
ahathawayOff to work11:50
akgranerahathaway, thanks again, laters...11:50
Pendulumjcastro: out of curiousity, if I were to do a lightening talk at UDS, would we be able to sort a way for me to get on the stage?11:58
jcastrowe could have you go first or something12:19
mhall119jussi: +112:20
mhall119.w 2912:21
akgranerjcastro, you doing a day 2 summary?12:22
jcastrodoing it now12:22
jcastrowoke up early!12:22
akgraner:-) awesome yay12:22
akgranersince today's event's start at 1300 UTC :-)12:23
james_wdpm, hi, you put #ubuntu-channel in your translators and app developers mail :-)12:32
dpmargh!, thanks james_w12:32
nigelbjames_w: hehe, I was about to say that a well  :D12:32
dholbachdpm, be careful, james_w is watching you12:34
* dpm is glad that james_w is a friend12:34
jcastroI am james_w fan #1!12:35
james_wwhen do you lot arrive in Orlando?12:35
jcastroI'll be there the tuesday before12:36
* mhall119 is already here12:36
mhall119well, 30 minutes away anyway12:36
* james_w arrives on Sunday12:36
dholbachSunday too12:37
mhall119jcastro: are you sprinting the week before, or helping with setup?12:38
* mhall119 would like Ubuntu to start using ksplice or something12:40
mhall119I hate having to reboot every other month12:40
nigelbjcastro: This sunday on?12:43
nigelbOH GOD.12:43
nigelb2 WEEKS TO UDS.12:44
jcastromhall119: from what I've been told the hard part is running the server bit12:44
nigelbmhall119: ksplice is Oracle product now :(12:44
mhall119nigelb: oh, I thought it was in the kernel source12:45
jcastroanyone on android or iphone can you see if the UDS schedule is there?12:45
mhall119maybe I meant kexec12:45
mhall119jcastro: did you remember to pay them?12:45
jcastroheh yeah12:46
nigelbI wonder what happened to the KDE folks' android app.12:46
* popey tickles jcastro 12:51
akgranerjcastro, I shared the Planning article with you  - (I think) let me know if you didn't get the invite12:51
jcastroI saw the invite12:51
akgranerok coolieo12:51
jcastroheya, put "Review blah blah" on a card and assign it to me12:51
akgranerok - I'll add the trello stuff :-) and put links to what we already have12:55
akgranerjcastro, I can't remember people can see the information right  - it's all public12:57
akgranereven if they aren't subscribed12:57
jcastrotransparency means people can look in13:02
akgranerDay 3 of Open Week just started - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek13:03
jcastrosummit folk13:04
jcastroany idea why this isn't being scheduled?13:04
nigelbjcastro: when was it approved?13:05
jcastroasking now13:06
jcastrowhat's the time lag on that?13:06
nigelbabout an hour13:06
nigelblol. https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/thisisbogus-removeitfromtheudsschedule13:07
jcastrohe says they did it a week or two ago13:07
jcastrothe other ones got scheduled13:07
jcastrojust not this one13:08
nigelbI see it on the xml13:08
nigelbso definitely something's up in summit.13:08
nigelbjcastro: do you see it in summit admin?13:08
jcastrobut the track doesn't seem set13:09
nigelbwe do have a security track right?13:09
jcastroI set it just now13:09
nigelbthe plenaries look intersting.13:10
nigelbHopefully, I can stay up late enough to watch it.13:10
jcastrook so now the next run it might schedule?13:11
nigelbmhall119: do you have any comments? ^13:11
jcastrojames_w: any idea what happened there?13:11
* jcastro then waves his hands13:11
nigelbIts less of that thes days13:11
james_wI just ran the commands from cron13:11
nigelbautoscheduler right?13:12
jcastrois there a way we can blame cjohnston for this? he's not around, sounds like a good idea to me13:12
nigelbI probably touched it last.13:12
nigelbmhall119 / james_w: I'm thinking of making launchpad.net a setting. Thoughts/oppositions?13:13
nigelbthat way we can switch it out to staging locally for testing.13:14
james_wno opposition13:14
nigelbMaybe I can get the "nigel broke summit" award from jcastro :D13:14
nigelbUgh, I wish launchpad blueprints showed me more information.13:14
mhall119nigelb: I'm okay with it, but it's not going out until after UDS13:15
jcastroI had this amazing dream that blueprints were accidentally deleted in launchpad13:15
mhall119james_w: can we do a deployment today/13:15
jcastroand there was no way to get them back13:15
nigelbmhall119: Darn. No chance of the award then.13:15
jcastroand I cried with joy13:15
nigelbjcastro: lol13:15
mhall119jcastro: there's always the wiki13:15
nigelbjcastro: summit has invaded your dreams as well?13:15
jcastronigelb: no, launchpad did13:15
jcastroI don't know which would be a worse dream13:16
nigelbjcastro: you join the chosen elite.13:16
jcastromhall119: I think we should rename the wiki13:16
mhall119aka, the damned13:16
jcastroto "Contributor Remover"13:16
mhall119I call it the WikiWall13:16
nigelbI have nightmares about Daviey having some code in summit that's not chcked and it screwing up and us getting blamed.13:16
akgranerjcastro, you need an intervention you dream about bp, lp, lists and trello - even I don't do that...13:16
mhall119it's like the Berlin Wall13:16
jcastro"oooh, jono thinks this is a good idea, awesome, I love ubuntu, I'm in, hell yea, how do I get started? I feel empowered!" then SLAM. Right in the face.13:16
james_wmhall119, no opposition from me13:16
jcastro"Wait, you want me to USE THIS?"13:16
mhall119akgraner: you don't sleep enough to have dreams13:17
nigelbjcastro: heh13:17
james_wI'd like my unsubscribe change in if possible13:17
akgranermhall119, DOH!13:17
mhall119james_w: is it waiting for a review?13:17
nigelbI should get that IRC channel change in13:17
nigelbI've been working on it forever13:17
james_wI thought so13:17
nigelbmhall119: can you hold for 2 hours for an IRC channel change?13:17
mhall119james_w: okay, I'll check up on it13:17
nigelbOr adopt from mine if you want to do it.13:17
mhall119nigelb: are you going to get it done?13:17
nigelbmhall119: yes.13:17
mhall119ok, then I'll wait13:17
nigelbexcellent, ok. let me leave for home now.13:18
akgranerjcastro rick's session is tomorrow13:26
jcastroit's WEDNESDAY13:26
akgranerjcastro, I am so going to do an interview with you - "Don't sweat the small stuff by Jorge Castro!"13:37
akgraneralso dholbach and dpm I added the interview questions for your UDS interviews to the spreadsheet please feel free to modify or add to them13:38
jcastro"People might think I'm looking at the big picture and focusing on what''s important, but what I'm really doing is just not caring."13:38
akgranerjcastro and kim0 I haven't added your questions yet but I'll work on that soon...13:38
akgranerjcastro, and I bet you don't have high blood pressure either - we need to get you a shirt with that on it...13:39
jcastrono, I am dying for other reasons, heh13:39
akgranerand people think I am the crazy one - akgraner rolls her eyes in the direction of jcastro...13:40
jcastroyou're the publicly crazy one, it allows the rest of us to fly under the radar13:43
akgranerI so resemble that remark :-P  let's face it someone has to do it...13:46
nigelbdpm_: ohai13:56
dpmnigelb, hey ho!13:56
nigelbare you using this nick or your clone without _ for the irc session?13:56
dpmthis one13:56
nigelbexcellent, ok.13:56
james_wGave up scheduling thisisbogus-removeitfromtheudsschedule13:57
nigelbIs that what went wrong?13:57
james_wjust thought it was funny13:58
* cjohnston throws sharks at jcastro 13:58
nigelbjcastro: heh, I liked that earlier :)13:59
nigelbjames_w: err, I linked that earlier13:59
nigelbI fail at typipng tooday.13:59
akgranerUp next for Ubuntu Open Week in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat at 1400 UTC is How to contribute translating Ubuntu -- David Planella (dpm)14:00
dpmakgraner, other channel :)14:01
nigelbdpm: /That/ was impressive.14:11
dpmnigelb, I'm glad you liked it :)14:11
akgranertotally wish I spoke another language14:13
akgranerbut my second language is only as good as google translate :-(14:13
nigelbI speak about 4 :)14:14
nigelbBut I can't type anything other than English very wwell.14:14
nigelbpangolin: Th irony :)14:15
jcastrocan anyone with an iphone/android see if the UDS schedule shows up for them?14:35
macoshows up where14:35
jcastroin guidebook14:35
macowhats guidebook?14:36
akgranerjcastro, showing up here14:39
jcastroakgraner: can you check something for me14:39
jcastrocompare the social events with this: http://uds.ubuntu.com/evening-programme/14:39
jcastrothere should be a few14:39
jcastromissing events14:39
akgraneronly two are showing up on Guidebook14:40
macowhat is guidebook?14:41
akgranerMeet and greet and UDS/Linaro Connect closing party14:41
akgranerevent app14:41
akgranermaco ^^14:41
mhall119akgraner: I don't think guidebook has social events14:42
mhall119since they're not in the summit-generated ical14:42
akgraneryes it does - I'm looking at it14:42
mhall119oh, *only* those are showing up14:42
* mhall119 needs to go get his phone14:43
jcastroit does14:43
akgranerjcastro, yep you're right  - it's missing all but two events14:44
jcastrothe guidebook people put it in there for us14:44
akgranerthe ones I listed above14:44
jcastroright, the ones I just added, awesome14:44
jcastronow to post about it14:44
* mhall119 loves having a private personal ical feed14:45
jonohey all14:50
czajkowskijono: morning14:50
jcastrothis mobile schedule is AWESOME14:50
jcastroblogging it nowish14:52
jcastrohey mhall119 nigelb and co14:57
nigelbwhats up?14:58
jcastro<iframe src="http://gears.guidebookapp.com/static/assets/badge.html" frameborder="0" width="334" height="94" style="width:334px;height:94px;overflow:hidden;" scrolling="no"></iframe>14:58
jcastrois what they gave me for the QR code14:58
jcastroours in summit works though14:58
jcastroso I don't know if we want to mess with it14:58
jcastrosorry I mean button14:58
jcastrobut I think we should leave the QR code14:59
jcastrosorry I am backwards14:59
* nigelb is cofnused.14:59
jcastroI'm dumb14:59
* mhall119 is very confused15:03
dholbachhey jono15:07
jonohey dholbach15:07
mhall119anyone know of a command line tool that'll convert mutiple lines of text into a comma-separated string?15:07
popeymhall119: tr15:08
popeycat foo | tr '\n' ',' > newfoo15:08
mhall119popey: perfect, thanks15:08
mhall119now I just need to get rid of the trailing ,15:08
Pendulumjcastro: hit the pool? don't you mean the bar? ;-)15:39
jonojcastro, can you reach out to John Lea to ensure they are planning their sessions correctly15:45
jonoI am not seeing any blueprints15:45
jcastroI thought charlene was the track lead?15:48
* dholbach_ calls it a day - see you all tomorrow16:49
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jcastrojono: uhhhhh18:55
jcastrodude I totally missed this18:55
jcastro7 years!18:55
jonojcastro, yikes!19:02
jonotechnoviking, grabbing lunch, may be a few mins late for our meeting, but will strive to get back on time19:03
technovikingjono: ok19:13
jonotechnoviking, I am back in time :-)19:23
technovikingjono: hey19:24
technovikingjono: so I was looking for some insight on how to get some traction on the power users group especially about it help with Ubuntu Tweak19:30
jonosounds good19:30
jonotechnoviking, can bring me up to date on work that has happened recently?>19:30
jonoI heard some concerns that the group was stalling a littlq19:30
technovikingnone really, I brought up this idea a few times during the oneiric cycle, both in the mailing list and irc19:31
technovikingsome discussion has happened but no movement19:31
jonotechnoviking, I think what that community really wants is a sense of leadership19:32
technovikinglast we I asked for help in designed a list of action items for getting tweak in the repos19:32
jonoas in, things to work on, areas of focus19:32
technovikinghoping that maybe making it smaller bites would help19:33
technovikingonce again, some discussion, but no traction19:33
jonoI have a few suggestions that might be useful19:33
jonoI think the community needs to know how they can participate19:33
jonosome ideas:L19:33
jono * improvements to Ubuntu Tweak19:33
jono * creating a power user documentation resource19:34
jono * organizing some power users events (E.g. Open Week for power user related content)19:34
technovikingi have fail leading this group, due to lack of time19:34
jonodo you feel you have time now?19:34
jonoI think you can do it technoviking19:34
jonobut you will need the time for sure19:34
technovikingnot reall (can no longer work on Ubuntu community stuff at work), but would hate to see this group die19:35
technovikingI'm snecking this meeting in during lunch:)19:35
jonotechnoviking, is there another person who you feel could lead the group?19:36
technovikingi could ask the list19:36
jonoI think this is the next natural step, find someone who has the time19:36
jonogetting the group going is going to need a lot of up-front time19:36
technovikingI will ask on the list, think James Gilford would be a good person19:37
technovikingalso, I think the group may need more folks who understand the Ubuntu devel process19:38
jonowell I think you want to evaluate who could be the next successor19:38
jonowho has the time, positive mentality, and leadership skills to help lead the community19:38
jonomaybe once that person is in place we can start discussing next steps?19:39
technovikingI will ask the list, could you blog about it and maybe get some interested in leading this group19:40
jonowell, I am not sure if I should blog about it as I don't want folks to think that I am leading it - there has been some mis-conceptions there19:42
jonoI recommend you find a leader and then that person reaches out to planet and brings people in19:42
jonoand then I point to that19:42
jonomake sense?19:43
technovikingsounds good19:43
technovikingI will work on that and ping you if I need anymore feedback19:46
jonothanks technoviking - I just want to make sure that I don't steal any thunder from the new leader19:46
jonothanks, technoviking, let me know if I can help with anything else19:46
technovikingwill do19:47
jcastro+1 to asking James to do it19:50
jcastrohe did a decent job working on the quicklists, he's motivated, going for membership tomorrow, etc.19:50
jonotechnoviking, let me know how you get on, happy to talk with the new leader and help19:53
jonojcastro, can we start now?19:56
jcastroNO. FOUR MINUTES.19:57
jcastroj/k sure19:57
jcastrog+ me!19:57
czajkowskifor those who get Fawlty Towers. Great commedy dinner show last night http://pix.ie/czajkowski/album/424615  entertainment at your table20:27
czajkowskiabuse at your table20:27
akgranerjcastro, if you have time for a call I need your help re summit and session filming...20:34
jcastroakgraner: tomorrow fine?21:31
akgranerafter 4 - I'll be a VA most of the day - will that work21:32
jcastrothe filming will be just like last time, let's link up with the AV company guy and just bash it out with him21:32
akgraneryeah but they (the black shirt crew) wondered if it would be possible to lock in the rooms being filmed - so they aren't mad dashing all over the place with cameras21:33
akgranerI said I would ask :-)21:33
jcastrooh ahead of time?21:34
jcastromaybe, a day ahead of time?21:34
jcastrolet's do this21:34
jcastrolet's see how full the schedule is on like, wednesday21:34
jcastroand if it's fullish we can do those ahead of time21:35
jcastroI know what they are trying to do, I tried it and failed21:38
akgranertoo much to type right this second but I'll fill you in on everything tomorrow if that's cool with you21:38
jcastrothey'll just end up thinking that they won't have to move21:38
jcastroand they'll end up having to move21:38
akgranernods - they just emailed sean ans asked21:39
akgranerand I just got off a call with Sean and told him I would ask the question21:39
jcastrowe can certainly try to at least be a day ahead21:39
jcastroso they're not totally doomed21:39
akgranerSo I am trying to use Monday to knock out all the Linaro interviews  - since Monday is usually a wasted day for Canonical/Ubuntu Community interviews21:40
akgranerNovacut will be there so I'll meet with them and the AV guys on Sunday21:41
akgranerso if you are there will you come with so we are all on the same page?21:42
akgranerso no call needed - I'll tell Sean we'll talk to them on Sunday21:43
akgranersound like a plan?21:43
jcastrobut also21:44
jcastrodon't touch, never ever steal21:44
jcastrounless you're in for the kill21:44
akgranerdude do you work Metallica into everything :-P21:45
jcastromercyful fate actually21:46
jcastrobut covered by metallica, well done21:46
jcastro46 minutes after close-of-business for me, the silliness gloves come off21:46
akgranerwhen you start quoting severed fifth we are getting you some serious help21:47
jcastroakgraner: it's hard to quote severed fifth21:47
jcastroI've never had my throat punched repeatedly by a rhinocerous21:47
akgranerdamn - now that's funny!21:48
jcastroyeah, type faster before he notices21:48
jcastromaybe he won't scroll back21:48
akgraneryou know what's funny, my son has all his friends listening to them21:49
akgranerand my daughter dogs them out - it's hilarious - she wants every other song for all-stars to be a nickelback song just to mess with jono :-)21:50
akgranershe thinks it's funny that he doesn't like them21:51
akgranerher humor is very much like Pete's so you know where that gets her half the time21:52
akgranerjono but she means it the best way possible :-)21:54

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