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dumb1224Hi,I have trouble connecting to a hp printer using smb://ip/printer15:39
dumb1224I can logon with the provide windows active directory usr&pwd using smbclient15:41
dumb1224but the printer state is giving me NT_STATUS_ACCESS_DENIED15:43
Belgarathdumb1224: are you sure you have permission to use the prnter18:48
BelgarathI mean on the wiondows box18:48
Belgarathare you in the groupo that have printer access18:48
tdr112airurando: is there a wiki page up about tonight19:37
airurandohi tdr11219:38
airurandonothing on it yet19:38
tdr112can u add things for me, i am on my phone19:39
airurandowill do19:39
tdr112ubintu cds19:39
tdr112ubuntu hour this week19:40
airurandothat all?19:40
tdr112and that day you were talking about next month19:40
tdr112thats all i will log off until 9 to save power on my phone19:41
airurandosee ya19:41
airurandomonthly team meeting due to start in 5 minutes19:55
* ebel waves from the pub19:57
airurandolucky you19:58
tdr112ebel: has the right idea19:58
* tdr112 is on the bus 19:58
ebelgotta love smartphones.20:00
tdr112ah you do , but they dont love big fingers20:00
ebeltis technically 9, shall we wait a few before starting the meeting?20:02
airurandodisappointing :(20:02
airurandois there any point with just 3?20:02
airurandohowdy czajkowski20:03
tdr112airurando: you can tell us about this day next month20:03
airurandoright oh20:04
airurandowill we start?20:04
tdr112good to go20:04
airurandoas some are on phones I'll offer to chair.20:04
ebelyeah, lets statt20:05
airurandoebel don't get too drunk20:05
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airurandoevening all and welcome to the Ubuntu Ireland Team meeting for October20:06
airurandoThe agenda for this evenings meeting can be found:20:06
airurando#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IrishTeam/IRCMeetings/2011-10-1920:07
airurandocan those here for the meeting please indicate so by typing PRESENT20:07
airurando#topic Review of previous action items20:09
airurandono meeting last month20:09
airurandono outstanding action items for August either20:10
airurandoon to agenda items proper20:10
airurando#topic Ubuntu 11:10 CDs20:11
airurandotdr112 the floor is yours20:11
tdr112so we will be getting cds soon20:11
tdr112what do we do with them20:12
czajkowskicollege comp socs ?20:12
tdr112send them to the same epople we did last time20:12
ebelFYI i have appljed, as official address contact, and shall let the loco know when the arrive at my address20:12
tdr112how about a ubunut hour in dublin to give them to people and save on postege20:12
airurandoI have a spreadsheet with all recipients from the last lot20:12
airurandotdr112 slashtom suggested that yesterday.20:13
airurandoebel I'll email the spreadsheet to you20:13
ebeli suppose, in general, posting them around, but would auggest reciepients should send a SAE, rather than 1 person (me) paying all postage20:14
tdr112yep its not my idea20:14
tdr112its a good one20:14
airurandoI like the Ubuntu Uk approach20:14
tdr112which is20:14
airurandodoesn't really work for the bigger packs though20:15
ebelhere's an idea: email mailing list, solicit people who want them, if there arent a lot, follow up on people from last time?20:15
airurandoebel need to keep costs down though20:15
airurandoall Dublinites or groups should collech at UH20:16
ebelyes, agreed20:16
ebelcould require peollhr who dont collect to semd sae?20:16
airurandofor groups around the country we should try a cheap delivery or collection approach20:17
airurandodoesn't have to be instantaneous this time20:17
ebelsolves the cost problem, since means i wouldnt have to pay anything20:17
airurandoI ebel: indeed20:17
tdr112good stuff20:17
airurandoI have a request in relation to this20:17
ebeltbh it costs aboit 3 or 4 eur for a sae, not a lpt20:17
airurandoI've been chatting to Cathal Garvey of Nexus Cork about the possibility of the hackerspace running a linux workshop for beginners as part of the Lifelong Learning Festival in cork in 201220:19
airurandoCathal seems positively disposed to this idea20:19
ebel(for dublin hackerspace, tog should get some, but not as much as last tome, tjere were too many left over)20:20
tdr112ebel: yep 20 max20:20
ebelsurely all these people will come out of the woodwork when we email ubuntuie mailing list20:21
daxrocAre these the CDs n Stickers?20:21
tdr112just cds20:21
ebeli doubt (from experiemce) that we'll run out of people to send em too20:21
daxrocCan I request some, I'll pay the shipping  for 4 copys20:22
airurandocould we possibly 'ringfence' a good few for the possibility of a workshop at the Cork Lifelong Learning Festival for April next?20:22
ebelfinding people to give fancy cds to is jot a problem.20:22
airurandodaxroc where are you based.20:22
ebelaitab suppose, how many?20:23
airurandohard to say20:23
airurandomight not even happen20:23
daxroc4, or if you want to leave a few more here for people to collect, im between north and south wexford daily ( mon - fri )20:23
ebela lot will depemd on who requests cds. i predict i'll get the cds within the next weel or 220:24
czajkowskiairurando: sounds like a plan20:24
czajkowskiairurando: also the limerick learning hub20:24
tdr112czajkowski: what is the story with the packs you can order20:24
tdr112are they free20:24
tdr112for eventw20:24
ebelidea: see who requests cds, then have an irc meeting allocate them?20:25
airurandoczajkowski: they got some last time through Michael Yonker so yeah20:25
ebelratjer than me deciding unilaterally who gets em?20:25
airurandoebel good idea20:25
airurandoebel will you send the mail20:25
ebelAince ATM we're talking about thjngs we have no idea20:26
airurandoany objections20:26
czajkowskiairurando: grand20:26
ebelsute ill send the email to the list asking for requests, and again whwn we get them, inviting peoplhr to a meeting to 'plead their case'20:26
airurando#agreed hold seperate meeting to consider requests for CDs20:27
ebel(and i'm ircing over ssh, so get no autocorrect, its not that im drunk :P)20:27
tdr112ebel: sure :)#20:28
airurando#action ebel to mail list seeking requests for 11:10 CDs20:28
meetingologyACTION: ebel to mail list seeking requests for 11:10 CDs20:28
airurandoare we done with this20:28
airurandonext topic20:28
airurando#topic Ubuntu Hour Dublin (next Sunday)20:29
airurandotdr112 you again.20:29
tdr112its on this weekend all welcome20:29
tdr112i dont have a link to hand20:29
czajkowskiwhere are ye off to20:29
tdr112its a day time ubuntu hour20:29
tdr112so come and join us for a cup of tea20:30
airurando#link http://loco.ubuntu.com/events/ubuntu-ie/1321/detail/20:30
ebelwe're goijg to a cafe in templebar20:30
tdr112we will send a reminder out on the mail list20:30
czajkowskiI would do if I could fly in :)20:30
airurandoI'm looking forward to this20:30
czajkowskisounds like a great idea lads20:31
tdr112any questions20:31
airurandonice follow up to the excellent release party20:31
airurandonot here20:31
czajkowskiif ye have a write up and pics of the -ie20:31
czajkowskirelease party mail me and I'll blog them for you20:31
airurandowill do20:32
airurandowill we move on to the last agenda item proper?20:32
airurandodaxroc you can definitely get some of the CDs somehow.20:33
airurando#topic Community Appreciation Day20:33
airurandoI saw this on twitter recently.20:34
airurando#link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UCADay20:34
airurandothe title says it all but more info on the page20:35
airurandoI was thinking that we should hold a second UH on 20 nov 1120:35
airurandocombine UH with Community Appreciation Day20:36
daxrocairurando: thanks20:36
tdr112it sounds like a good idea20:36
airurandoalso a good opportunity for the bulk of Dublin CD distribution20:37
airurandoebel any thoughts20:37
airurandoczajkowski what do you think?20:38
tdr112gtg my stop20:38
ebelqeh, no real opiniom.on community appreviation day, havent really neen following it, dont know mich aboit ot20:39
airurandofat fungrs20:39
airurandono big deal we can talk about it again.20:40
airurandomoving on20:40
airurando#Any Other Business20:40
tdr112ok bye20:42
airurando_anyone there?20:45
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airurandoebel I think it's time to finish up20:46
meetingologyMeeting ended Wed Oct 19 20:46:27 2011 UTC.20:46
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