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dholbachgood morning06:53
ajmitchmorning dholbach07:00
dholbachhi ajmitch07:01
ajmitchmaking progress on something for a change :)07:02
geseralso the number of open IRC channels/queries ajmitch has07:26
dholbachbdrung, could it be that precise's ubuntu-dev-tools is missing a depends on python-distro-info?07:32
nigelbajmitch: pfft only 60-ish channels?07:36
ajmitchnigelb: I know, I should do better07:36
geserdholbach: tumbleweed fixed it already in r118407:36
nigelbajmitch: Yeah, you need a few more networks :P07:39
ajmitchnigelb: obviously07:40
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showardhey MOTUs, I'm looking for a sponsor for an SRU, bug #86526614:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 865266 in arduino (Ubuntu) "[SRU] Ethernet library: read from Socket broken" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/86526614:45
showardit's complete and ready. It's for the Arduino platform, a very popular 8-bit AVR development platform14:46
showardI uploaded the fix to debian experimental and will also like a sync with that. requestsync can't see it yet though14:48
sagaciwill 'pbuilder-dist precise create' download from the lines of my sources.list or off the main ubuntu servers?14:59
tumbleweedsagaci: pbuilder-dist only uses the main archive servers, not mirrors. There's a bug filed for having configurable mirrors15:11
sagacithanks for the info15:12
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bdrungdholbach_: no, distro-info was split in version 0.316:04
dholbach_bdrung, pbuilder-dist was exploding without python-distro-info16:09
bdrungdholbach_: sorry, i misread your question. it's needed in precise, but not in oneiric16:11
bdrungdholbach_: if you missed my response: sorry, i misread your question. it's needed in precise, but not in oneiric16:32
bdrungdholbach_: i uploaded u-d-t 0.133 to unstable (with that change)16:32
dholbach_ok :)16:32
bdrungdholbach_: distro-info 0.3 recommended python-distro-info, but that wasn't the best solution for the moval16:40
* dholbach_ nods16:40
debfxbdrung: I think we should backport vlc 1.1.12-2 to oneiric-proposed, -1 makes it unusable for me due to wrong channel mapping17:05
bdrungdebfx: yes, i noticed that, too. i am unsure how to backport it (wich version to use, new changelog entry?)17:20
debfxbdrung: I would just create a new changelog entry and append ~oneiric1 to the version17:21
tumbleweedbdrung: right, and u-d-t 0.133 doesn't give us default syncing-from-testing which 0.132ubuntu0.1 would have done if copied up17:27
tumbleweedbut I guess that's not very urgent17:27
c_kornhum, I get this error during a package build process in a schroot for oneiric i386: http://pastebin.com/tGQF2qaB is there something different in packaging for oneiric?17:52
tumbleweedc_korn: I configure my chroots to not allow daemons to start (and I made mk-sbuild do that)18:00
tumbleweedso I don't see that, just a policy-rc.d denied execution of start, and dpkg exits successfully18:01
* micahg thought that was the default now18:03
c_kornhum, so I have something configuered wrong18:09
c_kornmicahg: with default you mean in more recent versions of schroot on the host? because I created the oneiric schroot on a lucid server18:21
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micahgc_korn: possibly18:29
tumbleweedyeah, I made that change post-lucid18:30
tumbleweedc_korn: grab a more recent mk-sbuild18:30
tumbleweedor just set it up by hand, it's not complex :P18:31
c_korn/usr/sbin/policy-rc.d [options] <initscript ID> <actions> [<runlevel>] <-- where do I get the initscript ID from?18:31
c_kornoh, thanks, tumbleweed. seems I was on the wrong way ;)18:35
bdrungdebfx: ok, done that19:28
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pdtpatrickQuestion .. im getting the following error. ..19:38
pdtpatricki already have keys on launchpad19:38
pdtpatrickhowever i have different keys on my server.. is there a way to tell bzr which keys to use?19:38
tumbleweedpdtpatrick: #launchpad for launchpad questions. No I don't see any ssh keys registered on https://launchpad.net/~subgenius19:40
debfxbdrung: thanks19:52
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