qwebirc57865Folks, since upgrading to 11.10 I've getting double keypresses from my mce remote.  It appears both lirc and X11 are processing the keypresses10:54
qwebirc57865Any idea how to stop X11 from processing them?10:55
qwebirc57865In 11.04 echo lirc > /sys/class/rc/rc0/protocols solved it, but this doesnt seem to work any more10:57
TandyUKlucky you lol, i upgraded to 11.10, and havent had a display since11:07
TandyUKthe backend is fine, just forget about watchign abything lol11:08
qwebirc57865I'm in the same boat, recodings have been banking up for 4 days :)11:12
xavieronassisI switched from cable to satellite (Directv) and would love to use Myth again - is there a capture/TV card that will receive everything yet?12:35
tgm4883xavieronassis, HDPVR13:05
rhpot1991xavieronassis: this ^13:40
rhpot1991qwebirc57865: that is caused by lirc and the kernel both seeing your remote13:41
rhpot1991disable one13:41
baggar11I'm seeing a lot of people having issues with the upgrade process to 11.10. Is there any issues with a clean install of 11.10?15:39
superm1baggar11, there are issues with lightdm upgrading wrong16:38
superm1that's the biggest one16:38
superm1we're trying to work that out and push a fix to the archive16:38
superm1i don't know of any others that will stand out, and that won't affect a clean install16:38
baggar11sure, so that's mainly just during an upgrade process and not a clean install?18:12
superm1baggar11, correct19:03
superm1if you upgrade and hit it, there's a forum post explaining how to fix it at least19:03
baggar11superm1: thanks19:14
TandyUK[17:38:00] <superm1> baggar11, there are issues with lightdm upgrading wrong23:35
TandyUK[20:03:54] <superm1> if you upgrade and hit it, there's a forum post explaining how to fix it at least23:35
TandyUKmind sharing the link?23:36

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