LjLseriously though, is help with running Universal USB Installer on Windows off-topic for #ubuntu, when #windows will probably have no clue what it even is, there is no particular place dedicated to it, and it's ubuntu.com itself that suggests and gives instructions for it?12:01
jussiLjL: its the thing for making usb's from iso's for ubuntu, right?12:01
LjLjussi: yes, alternative to Unetbootin12:02
jussiLjL: I didnt see the conversation, but I assume you were making an ubuntu iso?12:02
LjLjussi: well i didn't specify that, but yes12:02
jussiI personally (this is not a policy decision) dont have any issue with that in #ubuntu - as its related to making ubuntu run on your pc. Its similar to wubi advice in #ubuntu imho.12:03
LjLjussi: i thought the same. and also isn't it weird for someone using a tool recommended by the official site to find themselves told to go to other places?12:04
jussiLjL: yes, but again, I havent read the conversation, so Im not sure what happened exactly.12:05
jussi(how long ago was this)12:05
LjLjussi: 14:46:30 your time12:05
jussiLjL: looks like a throw away comment made without understanding the situation (lunatik) - might be worth a PM to chat about it.12:07
jussior did I miss something12:07
LjLjussi: i think i'll drop it for now, if i see him being uber-strict again about topic i'll have a word12:09
jussiLjL: fair enough. good you brought it up though, its a good thing to have thought about what we consider the limits for #ubuntu are.12:10
PiciI'd be afraid of explicitly drawing lines for that12:10
PiciI mean we help people compile non-repository software from time to time12:11
LjLjussi: i'm not one for excessive topic policing, of course if they're talking about cats it's not ok, but when it's somewhat relevant to Ubuntu, i don't see the need to scare people away. can always nicely point to a more appropriate channel if one knows of one12:11
PiciThats not really on-topic for #ubuntu, yet I don't think we're going to stop doing it.12:11
jussiI agree wth both of you, but as I think youll both agree, if things like that start to take over the channel, we would probably ask people to move on.12:12
LjLhey the Oneiric desktop CD can do upgrades, sort of anyway12:14
ikoniaI'll put that in the release notes12:15
ikonia"can sort of do upgrades"12:15
mneptokanother one for the quote DB: 08:36 < Mac_Weber> how to reboot the system keeping the Screen sessions?14:38
* mneptok prods ubottu 14:51
ubottuError: You are not identified14:52
mneptokmaybe the change in cloak?14:53
pangolinsee what happens when you become friends with staff14:54
jribikonia: hahaha14:54
pangolinthey break your access :P14:54
mneptoki think this new cloak is pretty good evidence that staff and i have a relationship where "friendly" is probably not the operative adjective. ;)14:54
pangolinWould you like me to do a search or something for you?14:55
* pangolin was raised to always help the old and gassy14:56
mneptoknah, it's OK14:56
mneptokbut thanks14:56
pangolinsure thing14:57
Myrttinever underestimate flatulence. Having had a lot of gastric trouble in the family it's something you learn to *ahem* value15:52
mneptokMyrtti: watch what you say. things like, "never underestimate flatulence" will move you rapidly up my "If My Wife Leaves Me ..." list.  O:)16:17
* Myrtti runs away, flailing her arms16:18
mneptok(i don't think you really want to be anywhere near that list. the leader right now is "Chee-Tos and Bourbon"16:18
jribcheetos eh16:21
ubottuiceroot called the ops in #ubuntu (lol)20:30
=== LjL is now known as lJl

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