drahstI can't seem to migrate from one qemu-kvm hypervisor to another00:01
drahstkeep getting "error: monitor socket did not show up.: Connection refused00:01
drahstI've looked everywhere for answers and can't find one that's applicable00:02
twbHow do you mean hypervisor?00:02
twbA kvm(1) process?00:02
drahsttwo chassis running the virtualization installation00:02
drahstvirt-manager on a desktop00:02
drahstcan connect to both qemu instances00:02
drahstas well as over ssh00:02
twbThat's libvirt's problem, kvm has nothing to do with that.00:02
drahstbut I can't migrate00:02
twbLurk here and/or try #virt on OFTC; I don't know much about libvirt so I can't help00:03
drahsthow do you do migrations?00:03
drahstwhat do you use?00:03
twbI stop the VM00:03
twbI use whatever the hell I'm stuck with, but for new deployments I use kvm and LXC if I can, and libvirt on top if I absolutely have to deal with stupid end users00:04
twbI have been... unimpressed with the state of libvirt as at lucid00:05
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uvirtbotNew bug: #877852 in samba (main) "samba failed to install when updating from ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87785201:36
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uvirtbotNew bug: #877882 in samba (main) "shared folder" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87788203:42
panfistis jeos still a thing? i am trying to find info about it and it all seems to date 2008/200903:43
twbI expect it got subsumed by this cloud shit03:46
TimRdoes anybody know what -O does in linux because I am trying to follow this guide:http://wiki.fusionpbx.com/index.php?title=Easy_Ubuntu_10.0404:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #877891 in ipsec-tools (main) "Racoon fails to load the crypto modules" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87789104:16
Ivan2-IanTimR, are you talking about the wget command?04:16
TimRi have no clue I am just following what that guide is saying04:19
TimRim trying to install the .sh part I guess04:19
twbSigh, freeswitch isn't packaged yet?04:26
twbhttp://bugs.debian.org/389591 bleh04:26
twbTimR: if you follow cowboy instructions like that, you'll end up with an unmaintainable mess04:28
TimRwell they got install script but it doesnt seem to work04:29
twbThat's because it was written by an idiot04:30
TimRit sure seems like it04:30
twbFFS, he's even installing the development head of freeswitch04:30
twbAnd his whizzo web UI frontend for freeswitch is written in PHP04:31
twbTimR: I can't vouch for it, but http://wiki.freeswitch.org/wiki/Ubuntu_Quick_Start seems to at least be using apt.04:34
Hdale85Why don't any of the ubuntu applications show network shares as save points?04:49
Hdale85I have a media server and I want torrents to save to a specific folder on that server but it doesn't show SMB shares at all in the list and when I try and write the path in it doesn't take it. Other programs do this as well.04:49
twbHdale85: what is a save point?04:49
Hdale85where it saves the completed files04:50
Hdale85download folder04:50
twbIs that some GUI thing?04:50
Hdale85blah didn't realize I was in the server tab sorry04:50
twbNo problem04:50
jiboumansSpamapS: in case your skype is being silly, hi06:03
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* RoyK just joined a puppet course07:20
jfb_h20RoyK, upgrading...07:21
jfb_h20actually, fresh install.07:21
jfb_h20if I use dpkg --get-selections > installed.txt, can I edit installed.txt to a subset before running it back through my fresh OS with dpkg --get-selections <installed_subset.txt?07:22
twbjfb_h20: I'm not stopping you07:23
twbI would normally only look at the packages explicitly requested, though07:24
twbaptitude search !~M~i07:24
jfb_h20twb, thanks. I was just looking into that.07:24
twb(Note: bash users will have to deal with its stupid special ! handling somehow.)07:24
twb## markauto everything that wouldn't result in an autoremove.07:24
twbaptitude --schedule-only markauto ~E '~i!~M(~Rdepends:~i|~Rrecommends:~i)' && aptitude --schedule-only keep ~aremove && aptitude install07:24
twb^^ you might also find that useful (or maybe not)07:25
uvirtbottwb: Error: "^" is not a valid command.07:25
twbIn principle these days most of that is supported within apt-get, but I wrote a lot of that kinda stuff back around 2006, where it was aptitude or gtfo07:26
Hdale85hmm more problems with my array07:26
RoyKjfb_h20: oh, it's you :)07:27
Hdale85I got it to recover the other day using UUID option, now today I had to reboot the server and once again it's not mounting the array07:27
twbHdale85: didn't I warn you to check that?07:28
Hdale85you may of07:28
twbHdale85: you have two arrays in there both called md007:28
Hdale85yeah that's what I thought07:28
twb*may have07:28
Hdale85why did it add it twice07:28
Hdale85both have the same uuid as well07:29
twbHdale85: no they don't07:29
Hdale85oh you're right07:29
Hdale85ones a bit different07:29
jfb_h20RoyK: yups... morning ;)07:29
jfb_h20...er morgen07:29
Hdale85so delete the incorrect one?07:30
RoyKmorning's ok :)07:30
Hdale85save it and restart mdadm?07:30
twbI don't bloody know07:30
twbI'd probably restart it because I don't trust it to DTRT07:30
twbFSVO it = the whole machine07:31
Hdale85so restart the whole thing07:31
Hdale85now.....what if neither of those uuid's are matching the one on the drives?07:32
twbIn that case fix your mdadm.conf07:32
Hdale85yeah that's weird07:32
jfb_h20twb, aptitude search `!~M~i' > installed_user.txt   returns the same (or close) as dpkg --get-selections > installed.txt  Is there a way to not return all the packages that were installed as dependencies of things I asked for?07:34
Hdale85hopefully it actually starts this time...kind of tired of dragging a screen in there07:34
twbjfb_h20: --disable-columns -F %p07:35
Hdale85looks like it's talking to the array on bootup so that's encouraging07:35
twbjfb_h20: and yes, that's what !~M does07:35
twbjfb_h20: except if you used apt-get or something that doesn't understand to set ~M in the first place, hence the second line07:35
jfb_h20twb, yes I've installed most things with dpkg, though more recently aptitude.07:36
jfb_h20sorry apt-get07:36
twb18:24 <twb> aptitude --schedule-only markauto ~E '~i!~M(~Rdepends:~i|~Rrecommends:~i)' && aptitude --schedule-only keep ~aremove && aptitude install07:37
jfb_h20can I remove the last call to aptitude and pass that to a file that I can read into aptitude on a fresh installation?07:38
Hdale85nope...... didn't boot all the way gotta take the screen back in there07:38
Hdale85it loaded the array fine this time07:44
Hdale85just had some error mounting it, probably something I did wrong in the fstab07:44
Hdale85i mount my array to /Files07:45
Hdale85in my fstab I put /dev/md0 under file system and then /Files under mount point and it gives me an error trying to mount it on boot07:46
trapmaxHdale85: how is your md-device partitioned?07:58
Hdale85all the drives are raided together not partition07:59
Hdale85so it's one big drive with one partition07:59
trapmaxmy bad08:05
trapmaxone does not partition md-devices08:06
ikoniayou can do08:06
ikoniayou can partition md devices08:06
_rubenhrm .. after upgrading my home fileserver i'm getting "Timed out." "Dropping to shell." at boot time .. I can resume booting by tapping ^D and ^C08:06
ersiCan, and should - are different things.08:06
Hdale85well it was my first array, and that's how it got done. Can't really redo it right now08:10
Hdale85so how do I make it work in the fstab so it auto mounts at boot?08:10
ikoniaHdale85: just put it inthe fstab08:12
Hdale85I did but it gets an error when trying to mount durring boot08:12
ikoniamake sure you have an mdadm.conf too, very useful to help it build at startup if there are any issues08:13
Hdale85yeah that's there08:14
ikoniait's that simple then08:14
Hdale85well there's my fstab and for some reason it gives me an error when trying to mount durring boot.08:15
Hdale85is it because I'm trying to mount it to a root director?08:15
ikoniaHdale85: that should not be an issue at all08:16
ikoniaHdale85: what is the error08:16
ikoniaHdale85: I assume there is a file system on it ?08:16
Hdale85think it's reiserfs08:17
Hdale85where can I see boot errors?08:18
ikoniaHdale85: why have you put reiser on it ?08:34
ikoniaHdale85: is reiser even in the kernel these days ?08:34
ikonia(as in an option for ubuntu)08:34
Hdale85yes it is08:35
Hdale85and back when I built the server it's what I knew08:35
Hdale85what's wrong with reiser?08:35
jMCgsmb: can I bother you re bug #613273 ?08:39
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613273 in udev "kernel panic on ec2 in system_call_fastpath" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/61327308:39
smbjMCg, I believe that this area was looked into by jhunt and jamespage. At least it seems to be a variation of it. I would want to speak to one of them before saying anything there.08:44
jamespagesmb, jMCg: looking now08:48
smbjamespage, I think it is another case of somehow udev not completely stopping, which then leaves some nodes undeletable in the initramfs. And that causes the panic (probably one thing one wants not to do even if that leaks a bit of memory)08:50
jMCgpanic? Doesn't seem very reasonable action there. But maybe that's just me :-/08:51
jamespagesmb: looks like that is the case but we could do with jhunt's expertise to confirm08:51
smbjMCg, No I agree that this seems overreacting a lot.08:52
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uvirtbotNew bug: #876413 in libcommons-net2-java (universe) "[MIR] xmlunit" [Undecided,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87641308:59
ikoniaHdale85: nothing wrong with it, beyond it being dead.09:06
ikoniaHdale85: I wondered if it was built into the kernel hence not being able to mount it (don't have an ubuntu machine here to check)09:06
ikoniaHdale85: can you mount it manually ?09:07
Hdale85I can mount it manually just fine09:07
Hdale85maybe that boot was juts a fluke of some sort09:07
ikoniaHdale85: from what you've shown me it should be fine,09:07
Hdale85yeah that's what I thought as well09:08
Hdale85we'll see next time I have to reboot again09:08
RoyKhm.. puppet seems like a jolly good idea :D09:10
brontosaurusrexwould denyhosts need a crontab (seems to be running as daemon) ?09:15
jMCgbrontosaurusrex: /etc/hosts.deny ?09:35
koolhead17brontosaurusrex: http://denyhosts.sourceforge.net/faq.html#2_1209:38
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Davieysoren: you conned me :)09:39
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MarcelT3hey there, i got a mysql dump file (UTF-8) that shows a <82> token in some data. but if i grep for '<82>' it returns zero lines.10:09
MarcelT3does someone know what´s going on there?10:09
jamespagezul: I was going todo the dovecot merge - that OK with you?10:15
sorenDaviey: Did I? Cool! How?10:18
Davieysoren: python-eventlet introduced a new universebuild-dep10:23
Davieysoren: python-zmq.. it builds fine without it, am i right in saying we don't need that support?10:24
DavieyI really don't want to pull zeromq into main unless we need it :)10:24
sorenDaviey: Oh, right :( Sorry about that.10:24
sorenDaviey: You can (or leave it to me, if you don't have time) demote the zmq dependency to a suggests and disable those tests for the test run.10:25
Davieysoren: Suggest build-dep? :)10:25
sorenSmart arse.10:25
sorenNuke the b-d, demote the runtime dep to a suggests. There is a runtime dep, isn't there?10:26
DawnLighthey how much is the ubuntu-standard installation on i386 does anyonw know?10:26
Davieysoren: seems not10:26
sorenIt's free.10:26
sorenDaviey: Oh. Easy.10:26
Davieysoren: Yeah, i just wanted to check that there was nothing you knew of meaning we might need it.10:26
sorenDaviey: In fact (and I guess that's what you're saying), the test suite skips the zmq tests if python-zmq isn't installed.10:26
sorenDaviey: Not at all.10:26
sorenDaviey: Are you doing it, or shall I?10:33
Davieysoren: done10:34
zuljamespage: k10:56
brontosaurusrexkoolhead17: sorry, what did you mean with that faq? the question was related with how this thing is packed for ubuntu basically ....11:02
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zuljamespage: ill trade you nut for dovecot11:14
jamespagezul: already started11:14
zuljamespage: do you mind if i take nut then11:14
jamespagezul: good with me11:14
uvirtbotNew bug: #878122 in samba (main) "Package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade duing upgrade from Ubuntu 11.04 to 11.10" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87812211:56
Davieyjamespage: are you tackling curl?12:12
Davieysneaky jamespage .12:13
jamespageDaviey: sneaky?12:22
Daviey13:12 < Daviey> jamespage: are you tackling curl?12:33
Daviey13:12 -!- jamespage [~jamespage@ubuntu/member/jamespage] has quit [Quit: Coyote finally caught me]12:33
jamespageDaviey: on my list12:39
jamespagesorry - had issues with my bip proxy for some reason12:40
Davieyjamespage: there problem is using bip.. znc ftw :)12:41
koolhead17zul: morning!!13:03
koolhead17its just i feel more sleepy after that greetings. :) its 18.30 for me :P13:04
koolhead17lynxman: hello sir13:04
lynxmankoolhead17: hey13:05
koolhead17lynxman: you were so right!! many commands has changed in oneiric :P13:06
lynxmankoolhead17: told you ;)13:06
koolhead17*oops diablo13:06
koolhead17am making complete list of all trying one after the other.13:06
koolhead17i have yet not touched the nova commands though.13:07
koolhead17i am eager to know how many weeks/days i have in my hand before keystone gets into Oneiric, this way i have more time to experiment and understand on same :)13:07
lynxmankoolhead17: that's a good question :)13:08
jMCgsmb, jamespage - while you guys and jhunt are looking into #613273 - is there anything I can do about it myself in the meantime? (My VMs don't boot. That's sort of limiting my progress/operation a little bit)13:09
* koolhead17 pokes zul Daviey jamespage soren and others!! :D13:10
koolhead17lynxman: you gonna be famous :)13:10
lynxmankoolhead17: someday... :)13:12
smbjMCg, We will. Right now you probably could try to play with /usr/share/initramfs-tools/scripts/init-bottom/udev (of the vm guest). Maybe try to add a sleep after the udev --exit (before the mount move) or something that resorts to pkill in a loop until none is left running...13:14
smbOh, and remember to recreate the initramfs (initramfs -u -k <kversion>). When playing there I mounted the guest fs and schrooted into it to do so13:17
jMCgsmb: my setup uses the host's /initrd.img: http://sprunge.us/OZSK so I guess I have to play with the host's scripts13:20
jMCgBut isn't udevadm control --timeout=61 --exit13:21
jMCgThis already a sleep of 61?13:21
smbjMCg, modifying the hosts initrd should be working then, yes. I would understand it as it is forcefully exited after that time... So in that case udev at least thinks it has.13:23
jMCgsmb: udevadm's control says about --timeout: "The maximum number seonds to wait for a reply from udevd."13:25
* smb wonders whether reply could be lying about the exit..13:25
jMCgLet's see what happens when I remove --timeout13:26
smbI am not sure whether I really read it somewhere ... Clearly it will help to find out what exactly may be preventing the nuke of initramfs. Has the move mount succeeded, are there still any udev processes alive?13:27
jMCgsmb: hart do say when it panics.13:28
smbI would maybe start adding echo of interesting data and a few delays to make it possible to read them13:28
jMCgWell, I can do break=bottom and check out myself.13:28
jMCgSo removing the --timeout=61 did nothing.13:29
smbjMCg, I put at least on our list to check whether we can just not panic in that case13:29
jMCgsmb: if I remove the panic script from bottom-init it should not panic, right?13:30
smbjMCg, afaik it is the kernel that does it...13:31
uvirtbotNew bug: #878186 in libslf4j-java (universe) "[MIR] libslf4j-java" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87818613:31
jMCgsmb: when doing it by hand it just works; I guess I'm too slow.13:33
jMCgEither that or the --timeout doesn't do a thing.13:33
smbNot having looked at any source I would not rule that out either13:34
smbBut you should be able to confirm by just adding a sleep <something>13:34
jMCgsmb: I'm adding ps :)13:34
ssureshotI've changed the root password but I can still log in with the old password.. and also the new password ??? how13:34
jMCgsmb: despite my removing of --timeout=61 there's no udev running: http://dpaste.com/637344/ - so I guess that's not the case13:37
jMCgssureshot: what, exactly, does the auth log say? (If you don't know where the auth log is, grep -ri auth /etc/*syslog*)13:39
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flatlineis there a migration wiki for the linux literate but those never worked on ubuntu?13:42
flatlinelike a brief summary of tools available general overview of /etc ish13:43
smbjMCg, Hm interesting. Unfortunately with the panic its hard to find out what is blocking here. The only thing to find out a bit simpler is whether something still in mounted on top of it...13:44
lynxmanzul: got puppet 2.7.5 ready for ya13:47
lynxmanzul: what do you prefer, branch... package... pony express?13:48
zullynxman: branch13:49
lynxmanzul: cool13:49
jMCgsmb: I just realized that my panic: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/613273/comments/13 and the original are.. different.13:49
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613273 in udev "kernel panic on ec2 in system_call_fastpath" [Undecided,Fix released]13:49
jMCgin my case run-init is run, and on.. oh.. That is the case for the original description as well.. otherwise "attempting to kill init" coulndn't occur.13:50
smbjMCg, The end is the same. As for the origin those could be completely different. All we know for sure is that something prevents all nodes from initramfs to be removed when it is tried to get rid of.13:52
ssureshotjMCg: here are the difference's in the auth log http://pastebin.com/e2QsZ4ii13:55
jMCgssureshot: what does your /etc/nsswitch.conf look like?13:58
ssureshotjMCg: http://pastebin.com/myLKpFu214:00
jMCgssureshot: well, there ya go. passwd will change /etc/shadow - so you'd have to do it three times: passwd -l files , passwd -l ldap , passwd -l winbind14:02
zulDaviey: okies cobbler patches sent upstream14:02
uvirtbotNew bug: #878215 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: sub-processo script post-installation instalado retornou estado de saída de erro 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87821514:06
jMCgsmb: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/initramfs-tools/+bug/613273/comments/1514:08
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 613273 in udev "kernel panic on ec2 in system_call_fastpath" [Undecided,Fix released]14:08
ssureshotjMCg: ah let me give that a try.. thats all local changes correct?14:08
jMCgssureshot: whoopas.14:09
jMCgssureshot: don't!14:09
ssureshotlol yeah I was just reading14:09
ssureshotdon't want to lock14:09
jMCgnot -l, sorry.14:09
jMCgI just checked. It's not even that way on Solaris, so I really have no idea where my confusion comes from.14:10
jMCgOh, FreeBSD.14:11
jMCg(sort of..)14:11
ssureshotjCMg: lol roger that.. let me research this to make sure its what I need and wont' break anything.. I will let you know shortly.. thank you sir14:12
jMCgssureshot: I don't know your setup or your policies. So my consulting is slightly limited.14:14
ssureshotjMCg: yeah np man... I've actyally taken this server out of the balance and disabled all services iee. samba, apache, winbind ect.. it's one of my internal web servers..14:17
scalability-junkhey guys, what would be your recommendation for a kvm lvm setup? one logical group for all vms or one lvm partition for each vm?14:28
koolhead17will someone please close this for me https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/85546714:37
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 855467 in keystone "Keystone fails to locate any configuration file." [Undecided,Incomplete]14:37
koolhead17or i should add few more issues am facing on the same?14:38
koolhead17as comment ?14:38
padhuQUESTION: Is it reuired latest relase of OS for translation?14:40
koolhead17okey guys we have released our oneiric/diablo version of openstack book!!15:03
lynxmankoolhead17: \o/15:03
koolhead17lynxman: hehe. it has your name too :)15:04
koolhead17hello kim015:04
kim0koolhead17: hey15:04
koolhead17kim0: how are you man?15:05
kim0going good15:05
kim0oh congrats about the book .. cool!15:05
koolhead17kim0: i thought you would have got mail by now!! :P15:07
kim0nah didn't get that one15:07
koolhead17kim0: you will get it soon!! :D15:09
kim0yeah have it now15:09
uvirtbotNew bug: #814038 in ipxe (main) "Please offer a grub-ipxe.deb package" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/81403815:12
uvirtbotNew bug: #877549 in stringtemplate (universe) "[MIR] jython build dependencies" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87754915:16
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jamespagecongrats koolhead17, thats great news15:31
koolhead17jamespage: :D15:31
koolhead17am filling a bug and adding patch for the solution but am not sure if am doing it right15:31
koolhead17its about keystone DB connection15:32
* RoyK finds puppet being rather NICE!15:32
lynxmanRoyK: it is nice :)15:32
RoyKlynxman: completed first day of training for it today...15:32
lynxmanRoyK: ooh cool, which course?15:33
lynxmanRoyK: I did the puppet developer one15:33
RoyKlynxman: http://puppetlabs.com/events/redpill-linpro-puppet-master-training-oslo/15:33
RoyKthey instructor is the debian packager15:33
RoyKso he knows a few things15:34
koolhead17okey here is the book http://cssoss.wordpress.com/2011/10/19/openstack-beginners-guide-v2-0-for-diablo-on-ubuntu-11-10-oneiric-is-here/15:34
RoyKStig something15:34
lynxmanRoyK: oh puppet maste, schweetr15:34
jamespageRoyK: stig is pretty cool - met him at puppetcamp earlier this year15:34
RoyKok :)15:34
lynxmanjamespage: he is15:35
lynxmanjamespage: is he related to the stig?15:35
RoyKI'll be looking into automating nagios^Wicinga stuff later15:35
lynxmanjamespage: does he wear a helmet while meeting people?15:35
jamespagehaha - no15:35
RoyKlynxman: Stig is a rather common Norwegian name :P15:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 878282 in keystone "keystone database connection error" [Undecided,New]15:36
lynxmanRoyK: I know :) but I couldn't avoid the question15:36
koolhead17i would be very happy if someone can check this for me as i have added a patch too15:36
RoyK ERROR: (OperationalError) unable to open database file None None15:37
* RoyK wouldn't be surprised if that was a configuration issue15:37
lynxmanRoyK: configuration for sure :)15:37
koolhead17RoyK: indeed15:37
koolhead17lynxman: so can i say i contributed a patch fianlly :)15:38
lynxmankoolhead17: well done ;)15:38
koolhead17lynxman: hehehe15:38
koolhead17i just wanted to know if what i did is correct or not o.015:39
hallynDaviey, so I should create a new qemu-kvm-spice source package for the binary package, right?15:41
hallynjust want to maek sure that won't cause problems15:41
blackxoredHey guys, I'm setting up some mgetty + pppd stuff, mgetty is irresistibly ignoring the options of three rings as in "rings 3" in config file or "-n 3" on command line, any of you have a clue about it???15:57
scalability-junkhey I'm trying to use ubuntu 11.10 with kvm and lvm and the question came up how easy it is to resize a vm running on lvm?16:03
scalability-junkand how it would be done? thanks for any help or suggestion...16:03
patdk-wkscalability-junk, same way you resize anything on vm16:05
RoyKscalability-junk: I guess just assign a new virtual disk to the VM and use LVM to add more space16:05
patdk-wkif you using lvm INSIDE the vm16:05
scalability-junkok just to make sure ;) The vm is running on lvm and I want to resize the vm16:07
patdk-wkI'm annoying, expand lvm, restart vm, fdisk to make partition larger, resize2fs16:07
scalability-junkfdisk and resize2fs would be inside the vm i reckon or?16:07
RoyKscalability-junk: are you using LVM inside the VM?16:07
patdk-wkif using lvm inside, you would have to expend the vg/lv also16:08
scalability-junkRoyK: not yet decided, what would you recommend?16:08
patdk-wkroyk's method of just using another disk is the most simplest, but can be annoying also16:08
RoyKscalability-junk: as patdk-wk said, my method is to create a sufficiently large disk for the root and use (a) separate data disk(s) for the data16:09
RoyKscalability-junk: without partition table(s) for the data drive(s)16:09
RoyKthat way expansion is simple16:09
patdk-wkexpantion then depends on lvm inside the vm16:09
RoyKpatdk-wk: yes16:09
scalability-junkseems more complicated^^ having lvm on the host and lvm with root and data inside each vm...16:09
patdk-wkI live without lvm here16:10
RoyKscalability-junk: it's not16:10
patdk-wkit's only more complex, if you edit the vm's on the host16:10
patdk-wkby mounting them on the host directly16:10
RoyKscalability-junk: just make sure the host has redundant data - if it has, you can just use striping with lvm for the guest16:10
RoyKgood point - why not nfs to the host?16:11
patdk-wkroyk, I'm assuming the vm won't work, that is why your fixing it via the host :)16:11
patdk-wkI like to edit /etc/ stuff via mounting it host side, when I replicate a vm16:11
RoyKpatdk-wk: NFS from the host should be rather simple _and_ easy to recover from...16:11
patdk-wkI don't see how nfs on the host has anything to do with this16:12
patdk-wkunless you mean, store all data on the host over nfs16:12
patdk-wkbut that wouldn't fix my /etc issue16:12
RoyKpatdk-wk: I do16:12
RoyKpatdk-wk: but then, I don't know what your /etc issue is :P16:12
patdk-wkcloning vm's16:12
patdk-wkcan't have two vm's running the same ip/mac/... at the same time16:12
RoyKpatdk-wk: the mac address isn't set in the guest's config, obviously16:13
patdk-wkbut ubuntu then screws up my eth0 device, so it needs fixing in the vm also16:13
RoyKpatdk-wk: not in the guest OS16:13
RoyKpatdk-wk: just rm /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules16:14
RoyKand reboot16:14
RoyKand eth0 will come up with the new mac addr16:14
* zul lunches16:14
patdk-wkyes and how do you do that?16:14
patdk-wkwith lvm in the guest, it's annoying16:14
RoyKpatdk-wk: you start the vm, obviously16:14
RoyKpatdk-wk: disconnected from the network16:14
patdk-wkyou fix it before you start the vm16:14
RoyKpatdk-wk: for mass rollout, I don't know16:15
patdk-wkcan't login to it when it doesn't have network :)16:15
RoyKpatdk-wk: you have a console, don't you?16:15
patdk-wknot to the vm's nope16:15
RoyKpatdk-wk: I use virt-manager for that sort of things16:15
RoyKgives me a good console or a vnc screen16:15
patdk-wkI could do vnc screen, but that is just annoying16:16
patdk-wkand ubuntu has been hanging on boot, if network doesn't work, and you have nfs in fstab16:16
patdk-wkdunno if that got fixed, but is a horrible issue for me in lucid16:16
RoyKpatdk-wk: not if you use _netdev in the mount options in fstab16:17
scalability-junkis it possible to make lvm based vms with virt-manager? (--raw)16:17
patdk-wkroyk, I am16:17
jamespagezul: around for a question?16:18
RoyKpatdk-wk: then boot in single?16:18
patdk-wkhow does one boot in single, without console?16:18
zuljamespage: me and my sandwich is available16:18
RoyKpatdk-wk: kvm gives you a vnc onsole...16:18
jamespagezul: marvellous16:18
RoyKpatdk-wk: if you configure it correctly :P16:18
patdk-wkya, not using kvm16:18
patdk-wkusing xen on these, and have vnc console disabled16:19
patdk-wkit's just annoying16:19
RoyKpatdk-wk: then don't blame me :P16:19
patdk-wkwould have to enable it, open firewall ports, redirects, ...16:19
RoyKhaving a VM without a console isn't very smart :P16:19
patdk-wkit is just so much easier to mount it on the host16:19
scalability-junkRoAkSoAx: any idea if virt-manager supports --raw?16:19
jamespagezul: so its with regards to the dovecot merge16:20
jamespagelatest debian version renames dovecot-common -> dovecot-core16:21
jamespage(which is fine - dealt with that just fine)16:21
jamespagedovecot-common is still there - but is a transitional package16:21
jamespageit Recommends: dovecot-gssapi, dovecot-sieve, dovecot-pgsql, dovecot-mysql, dovecot-sqlite, dovecot-ldap16:22
jamespagewhich I find odd16:22
jamespageas the old dovecot-common package never did16:22
jamespageso when I try to upgrade from the previous version it tries to install a load of extra packages16:22
zulthe gssapi, etc etc etc16:23
jamespagedovecot-core dovecot-gssapi dovecot-ldap dovecot-mysql dovecot-pgsql dovecot-sqlite libmysqlclient16 libpq5 mysql-common16:23
jamespagedovecot-core provides/breaks/replaces dovecot-common16:23
jamespageI could demote then to recommends but I can't figure out what the intent is (if any)16:24
jamespagesorry to suggests16:24
zulso bump the the ldap mysql to suggests16:24
zulor you could email the debian developer to see what crack they were on16:24
jamespagezul: ack16:25
RoAkSoAxscalability-junk: nope16:27
scalability-junkRoAkSoAx: thanks and damn :D16:27
* zul goes back to eating his sandwich16:28
* scalability-junk wants a sandwich too :(16:29
jamespagezul: does Debian install recommends by default?16:30
zuli dont think so16:30
jamespagethat might be it then16:33
* RoAkSoAx /WIN 1816:35
RoyKlynxman: ping16:40
* RoAkSoAx will be back in an hour16:51
lynxmanRoyK: pong17:17
RoyKlynxman: I know I should RTFM before asking, but from where does puppet include its manifests?17:23
lynxmanRoyK: by default /etc/puppet/modules17:24
lynxmanRoyK: is that what you wanted to know? :)17:24
* lynxman wonders if he got the question right17:25
RoyKlynxman: I'm very new at this - I added something to the manifest, for checking afpd etc, tried to kill afpd and waited for it to restore itself, which it didn't17:32
lynxmanRoyK: aah okay, a couple things then17:33
lynxmanRoyK: /etc/puppet/manifests/nodes.pp is where you define each node (or a node role) for puppet17:33
lynxmanRoyK: then there you "include" the modules17:33
lynxmanRoyK: node "aaa" { include afp }17:33
lynxmanRoyK: then the module will be in /etc/puppet/modules/afp/manifests/init.pp17:33
* scalability-junk tried to set up kvm +lvm with ubuntu 11.10 and tried to build the vm with vmbuilder, but it seems it won't start.17:34
RoyKso, service-centric, not host-centric?17:34
RoyKI guess I can ask again in a couple of days - more training tomorrow :)17:34
RoyKjust a bit eager.....17:35
scalability-junkI got no error while creating and it shows up as deploayed, but when I start it up and use the vnc too look into the vm all I get is SeaBios (...) Booting from Hard DIsk17:35
scalability-junkany idea?17:35
RoyK_jfb: wb17:35
_jfbRoyK: ;) trying to figure irssi.17:36
_jfbRoyK: what's your client of choice?17:37
RoyKheh - it's not that hard, but the config file can be troublesome for starters :)17:37
RoyK_jfb: imho we should have an IRC channel, or perhaps a server, for internal communications - I don't dare say that to Morten, he'll probably buy something from M$ instead....17:38
_jfbRoyK: god.. yes, I'm a bit worried that MS bought Skype... need to get folks on irc!17:39
HarryPandawhen AIM and MSN came out my only thoughts were "but... I have IRC, why do I need this crap"17:39
RoyK_jfb: see PM17:41
uvirtbotNew bug: #878361 in mysql-5.1 (main) "package mysql-server-5.1 5.1.54-1ubuntu4 failed to install/upgrade: le sous-processus script post-installation installé a retourné une erreur de sortie d'état 1" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87836117:41
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lynxmanRoyK: yeah it's node centric, or let's say nodeclass centric17:48
lynxmanRoyK: but I guess you'll see that tomorrow :)17:48
RoyKlynxman: thanks, but I guess I'll ask again after friday's session if I still wonder :P17:49
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lynxmanRoyK: sure :)17:51
blackxoredhello again guys, mgetty is answering after only 1 ring, and I've done almost everything, from passing "-n 3" in the command line to setting up "rings 3" in mgetty.config, still answer in 1 ring, any clues on what I might be missing ???17:58
blackxoredany clues???18:00
just-a-visitorblackxored: maybe your modem auto-answer is set up to answer in 1 rings.18:07
blackxoredjust-a-visitor, how can I check that?18:08
just-a-visitorblackxored: I'm reading the mgetty manual (http://mgetty.greenie.net/doc/mgetty_16.html#SEC16) it mentions the ATS0=... command. Not sure how to list the modem registers, though.18:10
blackxoredjust-a-visitor, I went there as well18:12
blackxoredATS0=<number of rings>18:12
blackxoreddoesn't work :(18:12
just-a-visitorWell, I'm afraid that was my tip. :-/18:13
blackxoredjust-a-visitor, thanks for it, really, but I went there, as I just said18:13
hallynDaviey, just wanted to point you to bug 878402 in case there's anything you can do to kick it along18:15
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 878402 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] qemu-kvm-spice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87840218:15
koolhead17hi all18:17
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hallynzul, anyone else - so has anyone looked into all these samba bugs?18:55
zulhallyn: not yet18:55
hallyni'd seen them mentioned so was wondering18:55
UrsinhaDaviey, what's your costume for the uds party? :)18:58
zula pineapple19:06
SpamapSzul: then he'd have to eat himself19:15
zulSpamapS: thatsso wrong19:16
SpamapSzul: maybe he should come as Johnny Knoxville19:17
zulSpamapS: heh and i can come as preston19:17
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tobbe_I need some help installing ubuntu server 11.10.19:47
tobbe_It does not find my sata raid 1 device19:48
hallynzul, any progress on libvirt merge?19:49
hallynshould I go back to looking at the two test failures?  (if you have it under control, i'll go do spec+blueprint work)19:51
hallynkirkland, the ubuntu 5-th grader story is neat :)19:54
kirklandhallyn: :-)  thanks19:55
uvirtbotNew bug: #878456 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87845619:58
koolhead17Daviey: ping19:58
zulhallyn: almost under control20:01
hallynzul, cool, thanks.20:03
zulhallyn: but im going to do some spec writing as well :)20:04
Davieykoolhead17: hola20:11
RoAkSoAxmarrusl: ping20:12
DavieyUrsinha: possibly wonderwoman20:12
koolhead17Daviey: the openstack diablo book is out :P20:12
Davieykoolhead17: Yeah, i've seen it :)20:13
koolhead17Daviey: it has no keystone if u noticed :P20:13
Davieykoolhead17: or dashboard :(20:14
koolhead17Daviey: yes. :(20:14
koolhead17Daviey: all because of role based access control. i got older dashboard working but was of no use as role based access control was not working well at all20:15
koolhead17although am able to run dashboard/keystone via github repo :P20:15
Davieykoolhead17: so Essex / Precise 12.04 will ROCK20:18
Davieyhallyn: does qemu-kvm need changing to remove the spice love?20:21
hallynDaviey, done20:22
hallyncheck the 0.15.0 now in archive20:22
koolhead17Daviey: yes am sure of it. because role based access will become more clear at Essex https://bugs.launchpad.net/keystone/+bug/84306020:22
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 843060 in keystone "NOVA RBAC Support" [High,Confirmed]20:22
Davieyhallyn: rocking20:23
Davieyhallyn: I don't thin there is much to review TBH.. it's the same source package, just slightly modified?20:23
Davieyhappy for me to upload it?20:23
hallynYes, I am.20:24
hallynwhen spice gets into main, we just delete that package, right?20:24
Davieyhallyn: should it depend on  qemu-kvm?20:24
hallynit certainly does20:25
hallynDaviey, is what i handed you *not* depending on it the right way?20:25
Davieyhallyn: No, i thought this package wouldn't need qemu-kvm, as it would ship it's own.20:26
hallynDaviey, no, all of the other cruft comes from qemu-kvm, to minimze chance of conflicts20:26
hallynso qemu-kvm-spice only ships the *-spice binaries, nothing else20:26
Davieyhallyn: did you see, W: qemu-kvm-spice source: debhelper-overrides-need-versioned-build-depends (>= 7.0.50~)20:27
hallynno i didn't.  nor do i know what that means20:27
hallynHm, yes I do see it in the .build20:28
Davieyhallyn: it's not a blocker i don't think.. http://lintian.debian.org/tags/debhelper-overrides-need-versioned-build-depends.html20:28
Davieyprecise has > dh 7, so we are ok.. it's really for backportability.20:29
hallynDaviey, i see20:29
hallynso just the version specified in debian/control woudl be updated to silence that?20:30
Davieyhallyn: yeah20:31
Davieyhallyn: i'll throw it in before uploading.20:32
hallynDaviey, thanks.  do you want to also toss a LP: #878402 tag in the changelog?20:34
hallynI'm unclear on whether I needed to create that bug or not.20:34
Davieybug 87840220:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 878402 in ubuntu "[needs-packaging] qemu-kvm-spice" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87840220:35
Davieybug 72379620:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 723796 in qemu-kvm "Enable spice in kvm (dup-of: 828789)" [Low,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/72379620:35
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 828789 in qemu-kvm "please enable spice support" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/82878920:35
Davieywhilst it's not quite a dupe, i'd be inclined to mark 878402 a dupe of 723796 :)20:36
hallynfine by me!20:36
Davieyhmm, i swapped the bug number out for the needs-packaging one..we can close the other one when it's fixed in kvm core?20:39
hallynDaviey, makes sense20:39
hallynwtf, my spec on wiki disappeared20:39
Davieyhallyn: blmae jcastro20:40
Davieyhallyn: ack this, and i'll upload - http://pb.daviey.com/AOK2/20:41
hallynDaviey, what is the ~ at end of version?20:41
hallynDaviey, ack20:41
Davieyhallyn: more of a Debian thing for backports.20:42
Davieyfoo~lenny < foo , and that is what dh would be backported as.20:42
hallyngot it, thx20:43
Rojikku<-- Technical DIFFICULTIES. I selected my eth0 card, it goes through all the setup, and after DHCP it leaves me at a purple screen with a white bar at the bottom. (Durring install of Ubuntu 11.10 64-bit..) e.e i thought it might be slow, but it still hasn't done anything, tried multiple times.20:46
Rojikkuand...there we go again...20:51
Rojikkuterminal is saying "mismatching client id"20:51
Rojikkuworked on my modem but not my router....straaaaaaaaange20:53
Rojikkuoh well.20:53
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philsfquick postfix doubt: to configure a forward in /etc/aliases to an external email, and preserve a copy, I should use:       login: external@gmail.com, login ? Or will this cause a mail loop?21:29
maxbIf you were using Exim, I could answer that :-)21:30
philsfwhat's the syntax for /etc/aliases in exim? would this work, or create a loop?21:35
* philsf thinks the syntax is common, sendmail-inherited21:35
maxbExim will understand what you said, and do the right thing21:38
Patrickdkwhy would you ask that in a postfix channel? when it's for exim?21:38
* maxb thinks Patrickdk is not in the channel he thinks he is in21:39
Patrickdkmaxb doesn't know better21:39
Patrickdkwhen philsf spammed every channel on freenode with that question :)21:39
philsf10 min is my wait time for an answer in a chan, lol21:40
Patrickdk10min isn't enough to do anything21:40
PatrickdkI normally get my answers a good 24-48h after I ask them21:40
Patrickdkand normally they are very good answers21:40
philsfright, unfortunately I can't leave my IRC client online for that kind of period21:41
Patrickdkthen maybe you should as a maillist/forum then21:42
Patrickdkas you don't have to maintain a connection for those21:42
philsfI'll keep that in mind, thanks Patrickdk. and sorry for the spam21:43
uvirtbotNew bug: #878525 in samba (main) "package samba 2:3.5.8~dfsg-1ubuntu2.3 failed to install/upgrade: ErrorMessage: package samba is not ready for configuration  cannot configure (current status `half-installed')" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87852521:46
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marruslRoAkSoAx, pong!  sorry.  I was away there.  still around?22:12
RoAkSoAxmarrusl: yeah for a bit22:16
PineappleClockis there any way to add a arbitrary directory to proftpd.conf ?22:27
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air_I just upgraded my home-server to 11.10. Works nicely, except I'm having some minor issues with netatalk (mac client connecting to server at ubuntu).22:49
air_It seems to work nicely for one share, but not for the other (large one, of another drive)22:49
air_throws errors like.22:49
air_Oct 20 01:42:26 g5 afpd[2460]: dbd_rpc: Error reading header from fd (db_dir /Volumes/RAID): Connection reset by peer22:49
air_If I try to run dbd on the drive, I get an memory error.22:50
air_Oct 20 01:50:03.842126 [2525] {dbif.c:648} (E:CNID): Failed to associate name index: Cannot allocate memory22:50
air_I guess, now dbd should be upgradeing the db, but something goees wrong.22:50
air_anyone got a clue?22:51
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blkperldid kickstart/preseeding change in oneiric?23:21
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