BotenAnnaja al ingen bot00:03
BotenAnnaplus all the necessary accents for that to be correct, ha00:04
BotenAnnaall the sweedish i know :D00:04
nhainesBotenAnna: hi!00:04
nhainesnhaines: Jag känner en bott, hon heter Anna, Anna heter hon.00:05
Faqtotumi was typing phonetically by ear, then looked it up and corrected00:06
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locodir-useranyone close to riverside?03:01
philipballewlocodir-user, inland empire huh?03:01
philipballewi am in san diego, ans there is a man who runs a ubuntu hour in Pasadena and also one in orange county03:02
philipballewwhat are you lookin for?03:02
locodir-userno too many persons use ubuntu here on riverside03:04
philipballewI'd send out an email on the email list03:04
philipballewis there a lug out there?03:04
philipballewlocodir-user, is that any help?03:07
* philipballew hopes it is03:11
locodir-userwell, i was looking lugie03:25
locodir-userphilip, i have a problem, why ,when i start ubuntu, and i can see my desktop, there's a black windows, like a terminal???03:26
locodir-userand i can not close it03:27
philipballewpleia2, you got a quick second for a ssh question?05:53
bkerensaphilipballew: ssh :)05:53
pleia2philipballew: sure05:53
philipballewI want to set up ssh on my schools network here and they have port 4444 open.05:53
philipballewis it possible to just ssh through that port without any special configuration05:54
pleia2depends on what "they" is05:54
pleia2and where you're coming/going to/from05:55
pleia2where are you setting up ssh, exactly?05:55
philipballewi will be coming from a server in sacramento and going to my desktop here.05:55
philipballewso im setting up ssh behind the schools network05:55
pleia2so you're desktop is on a private IP on the school's network?05:56
philipballewwell my router i use is05:56
pleia2what address would you ssh to?05:57
philipballewthe address that is my desktop.05:57
pleia2but that's a private address05:57
philipballewIt can be done, Im just not sure if it can be on a already busy port05:58
philipballewIf it can be tunneled through05:58
pleia2you could set up an ssh tunnel, but that needs to be established on the desktop side going to the server, not vice-versa (since you can't *go* vice-versa)05:59
pleia2once you have a tunnel, you can use it05:59
pleia2the only way to find out if it works is to try :)06:00
pleia2and I recommend making sure this doesn't break the TOS for your school, don't want to get in trouble over this06:00
philipballewyeah, I might go talk to them tommorow06:00
philipballewI dont want to either :)06:01
philipballewthank you pleia2 :)06:03
pleia2sure, good luck :)06:05
pleia2there are lots of great ssh tunneling how-tos online once you get to that point06:05
pleia2the syntax can be a bit funky, but it works well if both sides have a good connection06:05
philipballewI doubt they will open port 22 for me as that’s kinda insecure. I might see if they will open a port so I can play WOW or something if you know what I mean06:07
BotenAnnayeah reverse tunneling is a bit ridiculous and tricky but when it works it works16:37
BotenAnnai had something at work recently where i had to port forward from a computer on the same network as another computer that is connected via a reverse tunnel to my company, then to my desktop16:38
BotenAnnai got it to work with some help and a healthy dose of black magic, ha16:38
jyopleia2: FYI, not coming tonight; probably will see y'all in Mt. View tomorrow though.17:41
pleia2ok :)17:42
jyoJust wanted to ping you since you e-mailed about RSVPs. :)17:43
kdubDarkwing: nhaines, my membership board meeting is tomorrow, if you still are willing to write a testimonial.... https://wiki.ubuntu.com/KevinDuBois19:50
BotenAnna"I read a thing that kdub said once in irc, and he seems pretty cool. I nominate him for membership. I signed the code of conduct once, so I know what I'm doing. Anna Peeples 19-10-2011" :)19:52
BotenAnnaif anyone wants that on their testimonials i'll be happy to oblige, as long as you once said something cool in irc :)19:53
Faqtotumsomething cool in irc19:54
Faqtotum^^^^^^ there ya go19:54
bkerensaAnyone have a laptop and know there average CPU temp? Via like acpi -V?20:10
pleia2laptops usually range from 4020:13
pleia2-50C idle, and up to 75C when busy20:13
pleia2(that's 40-50 :))20:14
bkerensapleia2: If my laptop is running 80 C 24/7 could it cause issues? Its a new laptop and I have a ThermaPak cooling pad20:22
* bkerensa is doing a intense amount og BOINC cycles20:22
pleia2ah, so it's not idle20:22
pleia2no, 80C is still ok20:22
pleia2I wouldn't do boinc on a laptop though, their lifespans tend to be sorter than desktops by nature and keeping them running at high cpu all the time makes me wince a bit :)20:23
bkerensapleia2: Yeah well I mean if it dies in only a year I can just reach out and get a new one.... I dont anticipate to be ever unable to get a free laptop20:34
Faqtotumclearly, this does not apply to everyone: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/Can_i_have_the_piano_music_notes_for_the_song_Boten_Anna_If_so_can_you_give_it_to_me20:35
BotenAnnaWhat are the notes for the FUN song on the piano?20:37
BotenAnnaC C D E C A A B C A C C D E G D C C D E D C D A A B C B A G G A E D C Hope this helps!20:37
BotenAnnathis is an informative site~!!!!20:37
FaqtotumBotenAnna: i was referring to the answer on that page20:38
BotenAnnaahaha i didnt even notice it until you mentioned it because the design is so horrid20:38
BotenAnnaim sorry20:38
BotenAnnagood at distracting from the content :P20:39
bkerensapleia2: Do you know if it is possible to upgrade 32bit Ubuntu install to 64bit with out a clean install?20:48
pleia2bkerensa: you have to do a clean install20:49
Faqtotumyou can keep the home directory, though20:49
pleia2well, data files are fine20:49
bkerensapleia2: why do 64bit iso's say amd64? Do they not run on Intel 64bit chips?20:52
pleia2amd64 is the standard name, they run fine on intel20:52
BotenAnnaamd did 64 bit first20:55
BotenAnnai386, i686, etc. are all based off of intel trademarks and product names20:55
pleia2wow, our CDs came in!22:04
nhainespleia2: \o/22:11
nhainesI can haz CDs now?22:11
nhaines6 day turnaround time isn't bad at all.22:11
pleia2yep, same as last time, reply to my email to the list with shipping and quanitity details22:11
nhainesSounds good to me.22:12
pleia2btw, I pulled the countdown banner from our site because ubuntu.com fails at countdown banners no matter how much I nag them22:13
nhainesI never updated my site with the new one.  I should probably just pull the banner for another cycle.22:17
pleia2I just had the static link to banner1.png or whatever which they always use22:19
pleia2but since it's gone 8 days, 3 days, 2 days, coming soon and now back to 8 days...22:19
pleia2sladen had be submit a bug report which covers the saga https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu-branding/+bug/869602 (and this is after the nagging to actually get a contest going at all)22:20
Darkwingnhaines: ping23:59

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