ghuruwasnt looking at this :(00:00
ghuruwell, when you come back, it was just a couple of things i intend to test with it00:00
itnet7Hey there everyone... I didn't schedule a meeting for this week, does anyone have anything they'd like to chat about for a bit?00:59
govatentme. about uds 01:00
itnet7ghuru: I have used sugarcrm, it was kind of easy to get up and running01:00
itnet7not sure about vtiger though01:00
itnet7govatent: please say you're still going01:00
govatentyup. i wanted to know if you got the place? 01:01
govatenti have not looked into hotels or anything cause i was wondering if we were doing the same thing as last time01:01
govatentonly difference ill be here the whole week this time01:01
itnet7I was going to reserve the room tonight01:02
govatentcool. just let me know how much later and i got it covered. 01:02
govatentthat was my only concern was where i would stay :P01:02
itnet7I just wanted to try and touch base with maxolasersquad_h about whether or not he wanted me to try and get the room all the way until the following Sunday01:02
govatenti was planning on leaving saterday or sunday depending on the events after 01:03
govatentchrloic said that there is a release party this weekend? 01:03
itnet7We are having one in Melbourne, on the 23rd01:04
govatentme and chris were thinking about going up for it :)01:04
itnet7You guys are more than welcome!!01:04
itnet7You can stay at our house if you don't feel like driving home afterward01:05
ghurui already got vtiger working01:05
itnet7ghuru: sweet!01:05
govatentI have a play i am going to watch on the 22th at night in fort lauderdale. so ill see how i am doing the next day. what time are you guys starting? 01:05
ghuruhad to compile it from source..01:05
itnet7seemed kind of pricey01:05
itnet7ghuru: ^01:05
itnet76 - 9 pm01:05
govatentcool. i think we can def make it. 01:05
govatentill call chris tonight and make our plans 01:06
itnet7That will totally rock!!01:06
itnet7Hopefully I'll get the CD's in time01:06
govatentwe will likely have to leave that night cause chris has school 01:06
govatentghuru, you might be welcomed to tag along if you want 01:06
itnet7if you leave straight from the venue, you should get home around midnight01:07
govatentgotta confirm with chris as he is driving this one. 01:07
ghuruplease do not talk about it and show off :( i would love to go01:07
govatentits a sunday 01:07
X-ManHow many cd's did you order01:07
itnet7X-Man: the standard that an approved team gets, I think it might be 30001:08
govatentghuru, they are having a release party the 23th which is this sunday. we will go and comeback the same day. as long as you can wakeup on monday :P01:08
govatenti actually have a funny story about the cd's 01:08
ghurugovatent, wher?01:08
X-ManServer CD's too?01:08
govatentMelbourne 01:08
itnet7x-man I believe the breakdown is 50 Server (64-bit) / 50 Kubuntu 32-bit / 200 Desktop/Ubuntu 32-bit01:09
govatentI forgot to burn my 11.10 cd's 01:09
govatenti went to a clients where i needed ubuntu to do some work and had to use 11.04 on their computers 01:09
itnet7plus you should be able to get plenty at UDS01:09
X-ManCan bring some CD's for the Tallahassee LUG01:09
itnet7Sure X-Man !01:09
itnet7either way, I will bring our teams with me on the way to UDS. If Canonical puts out a bunch for the taking I would grab a few there, and I can give you some, and others if anyone wants them for their areas01:10
itnet7govatent: thumbdrives ftw!01:11
itnet7I can't believe that so many people at work have already upgraded01:11
itnet7They used to come and get me, and say... is it okay to update? Now it seems as though they're all (at least most of them) are paying attention!01:12
X-Manit prompted me to upgrade at 11:00 on 10/1301:12
itnet7That's probably what happened with/to them01:13
itnet7most of them left the default servers though, so it took quite a while01:13
govatenti did a clean install 01:13
govatenti kept waiting for the torrents to post01:14
itnet7I downloaded the cd in 16 minutes01:14
itnet7at work01:14
govatenti actually feel asleep waiting for the torrents and did it the next day 01:14
X-Manwow they must have amped up the servers to push out that much data01:15
govatenti love using torrent protocol for data downloads. 01:15
X-Manitnet7,  did you use the torrent?01:15
govatenti was just about to ask that lol01:15
itnet7X-Man: not originally, but I have downloaded it and seed whenever I have my deluge client runningg01:16
govatenthey X-Man are you by any chance in south fl? 01:16
itnet7govatent: tallahassee01:16
govatentah ok way off :P01:16
X-Mangovatent, nope up north01:16
govatentshould have guessed from the conversation before 01:17
X-ManI wish I lived in  Orlando, more Linux stuff down there 01:17
X-ManCan't wait for UDS it is going to rock :)01:19
X-ManAnyone staying at the Royal Caribe?01:19
itnet7It's going to be real fun01:19
itnet7X-man we are going to be a mile and a half away01:20
X-Manitnet, Which hotel?01:20
govatentChris is going to be going up 2 days after me itnet7 01:21
itnet7More than likely the Lake Buena Vista Resort and SPa01:21
itnet7govatent: that's cool01:21
govatenti don't wanna miss the first day again :P 01:21
itnet7govatent: Yeah, The keynote sets the pace!01:22
crashsystemsanyone else planning on watching the stream at http://www.youtube.com/android ?01:22
itnet7hey there crashsystems, how are you?01:22
govatentguys ill brb. going to relocate to a friend's house. 01:22
crashsystemsI'm doing well. how about you?01:22
govatenti forgot about it!01:22
govatentok ill brb gotta move quick to catch the stream01:23
itnet7Good, Thanks!01:23
itnet7crashsystems: I'm going to try and check it out, does it start at 10PM EST?01:24
crashsystems9:30 or 10 est01:24
crashsystemsI've been thinking of it in PST though, so I'm not sure01:24
X-Mangnight everyone talk to you later01:40
bluebomberHi, everyone!01:41
itnet7Hey there bluebomber !01:42
itnet7gnight X-Man01:42
bluebomberGood evening, itnet7. :)01:42
itnet7How're you?01:43
bluebomberI'm doing alright.01:45
bluebomberI just found out one of our hacking student organizations at USF has its own IRC server. :)01:45
bluebomberI really ought to join them (the whitehatters). http://wcsc.myweb.usf.edu/01:46
itnet7I may try shortly01:46
itnet7bluebomber: I've never added as separate irc server in irssi, will have to bust out the documentation01:54
itnet7plus, what about cloaks01:56
bluebomberitnet7: Heh.01:56
bluebomber...cloaks? o.O01:56
itnet7android talk starting now: http://www.youtube.com/android02:04
itnet7ice cream sandwich platform02:06
itnet7nom nom mmmm02:06
govatenthave i missed any ice cream talk on the stream? 02:20
govatenti just turned it on 02:21
itnet7govatent: you've missed some good stuff, but I am sure they will have a higher resolution video asap once the live feed is done02:33
itnet7that's awesome02:34
govatentI just missed the phone talk. i got the end of it. its alright. I feel soso about icecream so far. ui looks nice though 02:41
itnet7I was referring to the unlock facial recognition technology02:43
govatentoh that was cool. but to be honest i don't see me using it. i feel it faster to slide my finger up then wait on my phone to detect my face. 02:44
itnet7govatent: they were referring to using it instead of long unlock patterns02:45
govatentah yea. i always forget about that feature 02:45
govatenti don't secure my phone 02:46
govatentat this point i want to know more about the dev end of the OS02:47
govatentthe camera panorama is sweet 02:47
govatentI hope our phones get panorama when the OS hits our devices 02:48
itnet7wow, palm os beam?02:55
itnet7well proximity is better than IR02:57
raubvogelFor any of you who go around Gainesville, the local LUG will be running a coding competition probably next month.16:15
raubvogel$500 prize16:15
mhall119dantalizing: ^^16:16
raubvogelReason date is not set yet is because they are still slapping each other about the t-shirt design (freebie)16:16
raubvogelI work at the company who will be offering the prizes and the shirts16:20
mhall119what's the company?16:20
raubvogelFor those of oyu who did something similar, how do your guesstimate the shirt size ratio?16:20
raubvogelLike, how many XL L M and so on?16:21
MichelleQI've found, generally, you want more XL and L shirts than S & M.16:31
mhall119also, what those sizes means varies depending on who's making them16:32
mhall119we've had Larges that were more like Mediums before16:32
locodir-userIs there a minimum age to join?21:42
=== locodir-user is now known as soccermitchy
raubvogelsoccermitchy: to join what?21:45
mhall119soccermitchy: no, anybody can join the team.22:10
* mhall119 assumes it was soccermitchy who originally asked22:10
soccermitchyOk thamks22:12
mhall119soccermitchy: where are you from?22:23
mhall119I assumed that much23:35
mhall119we're mostly all from FLorida23:35
mhall119soccermitchy: I'm in Lakeland23:36
mhall119soccermitchy: if you're anywhere near Orlando and interested in Ubunutu, check out http://uds.ubuntu.com23:36

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