Nivexso why does xubuntu-desktop depend on so many GNOME packages?00:59
akgranerNivex, ask in #xubuntu :-)01:05
akgranerI think that's their channel01:05
akgraneror it could be #xubuntu-devel01:05
Nivexyeah, may have to do that sometime when I can sustain the discussion01:06
NivexI don't want to be "that guy" :)01:06
NivexBugeyeD: a friend of mine is up at MS for VSLive01:07
Nivex(yes, I have friends on the "other side")01:07
* Nivex mutters something about nvidia drivers, decides it's time for bet01:43
BugeyeDNivex: tell him to watch out, he s/he might end up with spittle on their shoes.15:00
BugeyeDhim/her, that is15:00

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