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Unit193Anyone hear about the animals in Ohio?17:28
paultaglions tigres and bears!17:33
* Unit193 doesn't want to visit that city right now17:35
paultagit was cbus iirc17:37
Unit193not Zanesville?17:38
paultagthat's the one17:40
paultagI remember thinking "lolwut? painsville?"17:40
thafreakwhat about animals in ohio?17:42
paultagthey got loose17:42
thafreakfrom the zoo?17:42
paultag17:33 <+paultag> lions tigres and bears!17:42
thafreaklike in the town?17:43
thafreakwhat a story...I was driving, and i hit a lion with my car...17:44
Unit193Just as long as it doesn't start with "I was walking home from the park...."17:45
jrgiffordAgreed, that's a mess down there.17:59
Unit193paultag: Guess who's back in control of UBT? :D21:38
paultagUnit193: who?21:39
Unit193paultag: Bodhi21:40
paultaghe never lost it :)21:40
paultaghe was always in control21:40
Unit193Well, he's fully taking over, reverting it back to older days21:40
paultagUnit193: because the council all idled away :)21:41
paultag(myself included)21:41
paultagdang. 4 years.21:41
Unit193paultag: Yep, they were supposed to just watch for issues too, not really tell you what to do21:42
paultagUnit193: I know, I created the council role 2 years ago :)21:42
paultagUnit193: but it's since become very very different from what I authored :)21:42
Unit193Oh XD21:42
paultagso I left21:42
Unit193It's gone21:42
paultagthat's fine :)21:43
paultagit needed a restructure because we had too many people21:43
paultagit seems the UBT no longer has that issue21:43
paultagit's far too much paperwork for it's own good now21:43
Unit193Heh, yep, that's why it needed changed21:43
Unit193You're not in Ubuntu stuff anymore? No point in asking about OpenWeek then :P21:44
paultagUnit193: Nope :)21:44
paultagUnit193: I left the UBT last year at some point a few months after I left the ubt council21:45
paultagand I've been leaving other stuff since21:45
paultagand I'm about to drop ubuntu-lococouncil in the next month or two21:45
Unit193Awww.... We still get to keep you?21:46
paultagubuntu ohio?21:46
paultagyeah, of course :)21:46
Unit193Well, more the older members anyway (Although I'd love to know what happened to the ones I knew back in '08)21:46
jrgiffordUnit193: UBT? /me is clueless21:53
Unit193jrgifford: #Ubuntu-Beginners-Team21:53
jrgiffordoooohhh. ok21:54
Unit193It's great, bodhizazen is getting a bunch of the forum people on there too now :D21:55
paultagthat's how it's always been :)21:55
paultagUnit193: look at the founders, we're all forums staff, mods or active21:56
Unit193Used to be21:56
jrgiffordI love how paultag is just like "It's always been this way. ;)"21:56
paultagit's more of a return to normalcy21:56
paultagwhich is a good thing21:56
Unit193Aye, how it should be21:56
Unit193He cleaned out the +V the other day, it was really fun since the channel was Verbose :D21:56
Unit193.... Wasn't trying to get you to join...21:57
paultagI'm not going to Unit19321:57

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