andurilanyways night all :)00:02
InHisNameI think my problems are burning a CD slow enough to not have installation problems.  Brasero seems to want to burn 28x - 37x  even when I specify 8.0x  !!!00:52
MobileTurkeycan't you set a option to go slower and also to do a md5 or sha1 sum of it?00:55
InHisNameSet setting to: 8.0x    ---> avg drive speed: 4338KiB/s(25.2x)   about 3 TIMES faster than my cieling !00:56
InHisNameOK, Brasero - out, GnomeBaker - out (no speed limit),  Now trying K3B - will limit down to 8x.  As it writes it seems to limited to 6.64x & 7.07x  both below 8x.  Also verifying CD after write.02:01
InHisNameAll done, not hung, eject works.  On to testing the install, now.02:01
InHisNameHmmm, the last disk seems to be still writing the install, maybe it's ok too.  Waiting some more......02:03
MobileTurkeyInHisName: dude get some better software.02:11
MobileTurkeyor just do a usb install....02:11
InHisNameneeds a motherboard that supports usb install to do that.02:25
MobileTurkeyhow old is that box?02:26
MobileTurkeyI mean most of my old boxes even support that02:26
InHisNameGettin' older every year.   I stumbled onto a Quad core cheap and bought a MB that was being clearanced. And that was several years ago.  2.4Ghz quad.  No reason to upgrade when I have NO income.02:28
MobileTurkeyme neither02:39
MobileTurkeylack of income is pretty crappy02:39
rmg51wet morning all;-)09:57
JonathanDSOunded like sometihng just blew up10:10
rmg51I didn't hear a thing10:19
InHisNameme neither11:39
InHisNameonly rain drop noises here11:39
andurilI can haz ice scream sammawich?12:05
teddy-dbearonly if you share with me :-D12:10
* InHisName jumps into the sharing circle too12:11
JonathanDIt was in bridgeport12:56
InHisNametoo far away for me to hear something from there.13:04
InHisNameany pidgin experts around ?    I see:  history plugin requires logging      when I start Pidgin.  That is due to a setting that may be incomplete.  Not sure where to find it.13:53
rmg51InHisName: look under preferences logging13:58
rmg51you can also find it in the top left corner   Options13:59
* JonathanD looks around.14:03
InHisNameoptions>enable logging-checked    not finding preferences nor buddy lists    unity sure hides stuff from old methods.14:07
rmg51try alt-tab14:12
rmg51see if it's there14:12
rmg51I have to ask, how did you get to plugins?14:14
InHisNamePidgin is all the chat rooms,  the buddy list is separate but is not running in alt-tab.  I used to click on envelope in upper left and see options - one was to start buddy list.  Not there now (in envelope)14:28
rmg51since I'm hot using Unity, not sure I can be of anymore help14:33
teddy-dbearsilly Unity :P14:34
fosburgcan MAC postscirpt fonts be installed Ubuntu OS?17:54
InHisNameMy  NetGear WNDR3700 arrived.  Now to fit it into my other routers/switches and to work well together.21:16
beta0x64what's up?22:46
InHisNameI'm sittin' down22:46
beta0x64just kidding22:47
InHisNameI'm sittin' down22:47
beta0x64not really.22:47
InHisNameCan a wireless router be configured to act more like a wireless switch ?22:49
andurilyou mean as a repeater or range extender?22:49
jedijfaccess point22:50
InHisNameNo so same network in wan and out the ports.    i.e.  192.168.101.x   same as my main router assignments to other devices.22:51
andurilyes the netgears can be configured that way22:51
InHisNameIs there a buzz word to search the pdf for ?22:52
beta0x64InHisName, what type of router is it?22:53
andurilare you hard wiring this router to your other router or you want it to grab wirelessly and broadcast that way?22:53
InHisNamea, b, g, n    is that the answer you are seeking ?22:53
beta0x64InHisName, what exactly do you want to do? Describe your desired response. You may just want to mess with routing tables22:53
jedijfInHisName: ^^^22:54
andurilIf you're hardwiring your new router to your old one and using the old one as the DHCP server then disable the DHCP server on the Netgear unit and hardware it in. Otherwise if you're wanting to connect the netgear to your other router wirelessly then you need to go into Wireless Repeating Function and set it up there22:54
InHisNameI have a linux box router -- then -- 16 port 100/10 switch   it want to attach wan to one of these ports and have IPs assigned by dhcp from same network (like a switch could do)22:55
InHisNameI have read thru 70% of user manual so far.   Down into security stuff now.   Maybe it is after security and before index.22:56
andurilOk I have the WNDR3400...go into LAN Setup, turn off "Use Router as DHCP server," change the Netgear 3700's IP address to something high in the range so it doesn't conflict with something else. Make sure its on the same subnet as your linux router22:57
InHisNameOk, starting to make sense with turning off.   I have a wndr3700.  Should be similar.22:58
andurilshould be netgear changed the interface only on their new top halo model22:59
andurilthey've get it the same otherwise since like ver 3 of the POS 614 brick model22:59
jedijfhey, i think i have that brick23:00
anduril:-p it wasnt until their last Linux model (dont remember exacty version but its the same as what I have now just without dual band) that I started recommending netgear again23:00
andurilI just hate how their admin page resets the router with the most triviol of changes. ticks the gf off to no end when Im messing around and boom goes the interwebs23:01
InHisNameLotta folks like the 3700, many like it better with ddwrt     I thought I'd try with supplied sw first then think about changing.23:02
anduriljust a word of warning if you're planning on using the USB port for sharing out a drive? Its SLOOOOOOOOW23:03
InHisNameno, not really23:03
andurilhmm Im way down on firmware rev23:07
InHisNameI was reading the setup manual,   I see the user manual has more useful info in it.23:11
andurilwho reads the manual? :)23:12
InHisNameI usually  read / skim to get the gist and get all running.   I'll probably FULLY read the security setup section.  I know too little and can't wing security.23:13
andurilthere isnt too much to the security section really. Run WPA2 (you have to for decent N performance anyways) and thats that for the most part23:14
andurilunless you're planning on doing DMZ (which you wont if you're using it as an access point) or guest networks or port forwarding or the like23:14
InHisNamedo I need to use WPS at all ?  What does it stand for ?23:14
andurilthats the quick setup thing if I remember correctly23:14
andurilhit a button on the router and a button on the wireless card and it auto sets up or something. never used it23:15
InHisNameI can skip it for manual setup ?23:15
InHisNamedinner, l8tr23:15
andurilyou'll probably also want to turn off NAT Filtering under WAN Setup but Im not 100% on that23:16
rmg51InHisName: did you ever figure out Pidgin?23:24
rmg51if you didn't here is the way to find preferences23:28
rmg51you need the buddy list to be visible23:30
rmg51if it's not there click on the envelope on the top panel23:30
rmg51Pidgin will show up there23:31
rmg51click on it and the buddy list will appear23:31
rmg51with it visible mouse over to the left top corner of the menu bar23:32
rmg51it will show Pidgin Internet Messenger23:33
rmg51when you mouse over it, it will change and show you four options23:34
rmg51Buddies, Accounts, Tools and Help23:34
rmg51click Tools-Preferences23:35
rmg51and stop asking questions about Unity23:36
rmg51I don't want to boot into Unity unless I don't have any other choice :P23:37
InHisNameok I got buddy list to appear.     Looking for what set off the Tools-prefs    not seeing those choices, yet.23:50
InHisNameTop left of WHOLE screen.   Uggh, keep forgetting it so way far away from the app.23:52
rmg51menu bar23:54
InHisNameI'm in prefs now.  looking thru it.23:54
rmg51it's under logging23:56
InHisNameI clicked it to see how it will do.23:57
rmg51your on your own from this point on23:59
InHisNameThanks     rmg5123:59

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