johnhaitascyberanger: ping00:40
johnhaitaswrst: you here?00:43
wrstwell barely johnhaitas thunderstorm and server issues :)00:44
johnhaitaswrst: you know of a reasonably priced CA? or how to self-sign ssl certs in a legit way?00:47
johnhaitaswrst: stay safe ;)00:48
Unit193We had a storm, but not big00:49
johnhaitaswe have rain00:52
johnhaitasi think i was programming during the storm00:53
johnhaitasi went outside and it was cold and wet00:53
johnhaitasit was warm and dry when i started00:53
Unit193curl or wget00:56
johnhaitasbut generally curl01:01
Unit193Both work for this, just didn't want to decide :P01:03
Unit193Not I have expand \o/01:04
cyberangerjohnhaitas: pong01:13
cyberangerthat storm seems to have made it here, just thunder & lightning, no rain yet01:14
cyberangerso I'm seeing 30-60 miles out maybe01:14
* Unit193 wonders why he's still in Freenode01:15
johnhaitascyberanger: you know the best way to produce/get a legit ssl cert?01:18
cyberangerjohnhaitas: define legit01:20
johnhaitaswill not be flagged by software as untrusted01:20
johnhaitaslike web browsers01:20
johnhaitasor jabber01:20
cyberangerah, so not legit, in a crypto sense, but a dumb software sense (self-signed is legit from a crypto perspective, but nothing to authenticate it's genuine except for the fingerprint)01:21
johnhaitasor rather ... how does one become a CA? ;)01:22
cyberangergonna cost time, money or both, it's gotta go through a Certificate Authoritiy01:22
cyberangerjohnhaitas: there's already so many, and it's gotta be trusted in each machine, now if this were a company, one could make an internal, corprate CA, but really sounds like you need to look at verisign, godaddy, startssl01:23
cyberangerthe very companies I never recommend (partially due to the flawed CA design)01:24
cyberangerstartssl has some sort of a free tier, they do aim to be good at what they do01:26
cyberangerUnit193: not an option, due to johnhaitas' requirement it be recognizied in jabber clients & web browsers (they're better than most CA's though, they really aim to follow the proper model)01:27
Unit193cyberanger: Some have it, but yeah, not all01:27
cyberangerjohnhaitas: http://www.startssl.com/01:28
cyberangerUnit193: too few for the requirements01:28
cyberangerit's disabled in ubuntu even01:28
Unit193Annoyingly, yes01:29
binarymutantdon't you have to pay for ssl certs?01:29
cyberangermozilla ignores it, apple too, can't see the status of microsoft, but come on, it's microsuck01:30
cyberangerbinarymutant: eh, few exceptions for that rule, but yeah01:30
cyberangerbinarymutant: and self signed fails to meet johnhaitas' requirement of passing a CA check01:31
binarymutantah bc clients have to accept it?01:31
binarymutantcomplicated process :/01:31
cyberangerbinarymutant: well, pretty much, not just accept it, but accept it without user intervention01:32
binarymutantya that's what I meant. Actually click a button or two01:32
cyberangerI could see doing that process though binarymutant if it were a company and IT were capabile enough to deploy & secure crypto (only seen fortune 500 companies & the DoD do that, or the little guy with an obsession for crypto)01:33
binarymutantdebian does it01:33
binarymutantit is annoying though to accept them :D01:34
cyberangerI've done it with the DoD's Common Access Card01:43
binarymutant^^ too scary for me01:43
cyberangeraccept three CA's, then thousands of sites are verified against the Dod's certs01:43
binarymutantwith debian all the different internal machine have to be accepted individually, quite annoying01:44
cyberangerthe dod is a two-factor mutual system though, and they verify the CA's by the fingerprints01:44
cyberangerbinarymutant: like one should do with ssh, DoD tries to keep good crypto protocalls01:45
cyberangerverisign, comodo, idk what they do, I don't trust them for it (little choice though, widely used)01:46
binarymutanteveryone uses verisign01:46
binarymutantit's like ~50$ though01:47
cyberangeryep, despite the fact there is little public scrutiny to how they operate01:48
binarymutantwell like all security, they've been broken before01:48
binarymutant<-- isn't down with the security loop though01:48
cyberangerbinarymutant: thing is, people have blind faith now, when the model is broken now01:48
cyberangerssl & tls are fine, but the CA model is shot to .... yeah01:49
binarymutantall ssl has been broken too, security is loop. Break&fix&repeat01:50
binarymutantmd5 collision or something idk01:50
cyberangerwell, enough effort & time, resources, you can brute force anything01:57
cyberangerbut that's beyond the NSA on a wide scale even01:58
cyberangernot aware of any attacks that work in a reasonable timeframe when everything is done correctly01:58
binarymutantidk I stray from sec.02:01
cyberangerI run headfirst into it with a tinfoil hat & a midevil javlin shouting charge02:10
* cyberanger has the bruises to prove it02:10
=== wrst_ is now known as wrst
chris4585I really wish my laptop wasn't a laptop03:55
chris4585I hooked all my desktop peripherals up to my laptop (28" monitor too) and it runs better than my desktop :/03:56
binarymutantbut it's a travelling desktop03:58
chris4585lol, basically but it puts my desktop to shame03:59
chris4585runs ubuntu smoother anyway03:59
binarymutantsame here, but I <3 my laptop04:00
Juzzyi gotta hand it to apple04:13
Juzzythey really got their shiz together04:13
Juzzyso we stuck an apple TV on the end of our projector04:13
Juzzynow i can take my ipad, load my VDI client04:14
Juzzyand take control of the project with any app i need from anywhere04:14
Juzzyit's pretty sick04:14
=== Ukikie is now known as Unit193
chris4585my laptop also seems to last way longer using only external monitor04:26
chris4585so I'm happy04:26
vychuneanybody round these parts?04:31
cyberangervychune: perhaps somebody is round, think I'm more of a stick figure04:32
vychunesup cyberanger04:32
cyberangerone horrible looking sky04:33
cyberangerok, first one was better04:33
cyberangernot too much04:33
vychunehmm i hear that04:35
vychunerain just stopped here a while ago04:35
vychunethe cold still looms04:35
vychunehow was work?04:37
chris4585I wish it was cold here04:39
vychunechris4585: where are ya?04:40
chris4585its slowly getting comfortable now04:41
chris4585but still in the 80's :|04:41
cyberangervychune: I want it cold enough to bring out the ice skates & snowboards04:42
* cyberanger was a yankee, hockey hockey, go penguins04:42
vychunei have a friend at Florida Christain College there04:42
vychunecyberanger: i heard that04:43
* vychune wants to learn snowboarding04:43
chris4585I just want it 45F year round04:43
vychunego Predators04:43
vychunehave fun with that lol04:44
vychuneor learn to say eh? and move to northern Canada04:44
chris458545 is great weather, I don't like waking up and sweating04:46
chris4585if not 45 then 55 is good too04:46
cyberangervychune: sorry vychune I like a team that knows what snow & ice is, without importing it04:46
xpistos\join #libreoffice16:45
wrstha ha xpistos :)16:52
johnhaitasat least he didn't do the following16:54
johnhaitas\msg NickServ identify passwordForXpistos16:55
wrstoh i have came close a time or two16:55
wrstand hello johnhaitas and xpistos :)16:55
xpistosmy brain is frzzeld16:56
wrstjoin the club my friend ;)16:56
xpistosI can figure out how to append something to a column in libreoffice16:56
xpistosI wouild think that would be the easiest thing in the world16:56
xpistosbut I keep cutting off the last character to add what I want16:56
* wrst has much more experience on the dark side of office software16:57
johnhaitashola wrst16:58
johnhaitasand xpistos16:58
johnhaitasxpistos: in the new job yet16:58
xpistosA-Holes at Libre office ignored me17:45
xpistosfinally I just concatenated what I needed copied it to note pad and pasted it back17:46
vychunehey guys19:16
vychuneforgot this was open19:16
cyberangerwrst: you use Lotus Symphony?19:21
cyberangerhey vychune19:21
vychunesup cyberanger19:22
cyberangernot much19:22
wrstcyberanger: I have before i found it a couple of years ago to be kinda slow19:22
wrstand bulky19:22
vychunelike lotus notes?19:23
wrstvychune: IMB'S take on open office19:25
wrstmore or less, pretty neat just a little slow19:25
vychuneoh ok19:25
vychunelike openoffice?19:26
wrstyes but slicker appearance but slow as christmas19:27
wrstor *was*19:27
cyberangerwrst: you did say dark side of office suites19:30
wrstwell i was referring to the darker side cyberanger MS Office :)19:30
wrstI would say IBM is friendly towards open source atleast not a jerk :)19:30
cyberangerthat's not dark, that's as bright as a fire in hell19:30
wrstha ha19:32
vychunegetting off need the bandwitdh19:35
cyberangerchatzilla eh, forgot that client existed19:56
Unit193Eh, can be helpful19:56
johnhaitasxpistos: good luck monday :)22:09
binarymutantDeep Space Window Manager = sweet name for a wm23:14
Unit193I would guess it's not as awesome as it's name though, am I right?23:16
binarymutantit might be, I don't like {{{lisp}}}{{{{though}}}}{and it's based}{{on stumpwm}}23:19
binarymutantso I haven't tried it23:21
binarymutantoh it's (((((lisp)))) not {{lisp}} oops :D23:24
chris4585nvidia 7025 or radeon 2100, which is better or are they equal crapola?23:30
binarymutantwhat's their speeds?23:31
chris4585thats the problem I can't really find specs lol23:31
chris4585one guy suggested the radeon23:31
binarymutantradeon one came out later...23:34
binarymutanthttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comparison_of_AMD_graphics_processing_units and the radeon is faster23:35
binarymutantby 75mhz23:36
chris4585ah thanks binarymutant23:45
chris4585well I'm glad I got that one then23:45
chris4585thanks to rush shipping I have a whopping $0.02 on my card lawl23:45
chris4585well regardless it'll be better than my old crappy nvidia 615023:46

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