Cheesehead27 minutes until we BREAK UBUNTU FRIENDLY01:34
CheeseheadOr perhaps bend it a bit...01:34
CheeseheadThree minutes until I break Ubuntu Friendly01:57
* Cheesehead updated the monthly report01:58
CheeseheadHello everyone here to try Ubuntu Friendly!02:00
* Cheesehead picks up a snack from the huge snack table.02:00
CheeseheadHelp yourselves to the virtual food!02:00
CheeseheadOpeining System testing02:01
CheeseheadError: Checkbox running. close it first02:01
CheeseheadWell, good start. Doing a ps -e to look for any checkbox processes02:03
ronochey folks02:06
ronocI don't have 11.10 to test, but I am reinstalling mythbuntu 11.0402:06
CheeseheadI'm trying to figure out why Checkbox thinks it's already running02:07
CheeseheadNothing in ps02:08
CheeseheadNothing in /var/lock02:08
CheeseheadNothing in /var/run02:08
CheeseheadNothing in /var/log/syslog02:09
CheeseheadNo useful logs in  /var/log02:10
CheeseheadWell, good for me. I think I won the prize and Broke Ubuntu Friendly!02:11
CheeseheadTime to check the bug reports02:12
Cheesehead15 open bugs02:14
CheeseheadLooking for an #ubuntu-friendly IRC channel02:16
CheeseheadNo IRC channel. Guess it's time to restart the session, then see if that fixes it.02:19
* Cheesehead restarts his system02:20
ronocwell we are all making progress. I think I finally have 6 good drives in my server's array!02:27
h00kHi, friends.02:35
ronochey anthony02:35
h00kI have already done Ubuntu Friendly on my hardwares02:35
h00kI just got done giving the dog a bath02:35
h00kapologies for being ate02:36
h00klate, rather02:36
ronocno worries, I am not even installing 11.1002:37
h00kCheesehead: hello.02:38
crogCheesehead: did you make it back?02:49
h00khey Cheesehead: Check your wiki.02:53
h00kI added my testimonial02:53
* Cheesehead returns03:24
CheeseheadUgh. Problems well beyond merely Ubuntu-Friendly03:24
Cheeseheadh00k: Thanks for the testimonial03:25
h00kCheesehead: oh, what problems?03:25
CheeseheadI'll look as soon as I get lightdm to run again03:25
CheeseheadUpon reboot, X crash03:25
CheeseheadAfter initial upgrade, no problems...Well minor problems.03:26
CheeseheadThis was the next reboot. I'm on command-line only until I get it fixed or reinstall.03:26
Cheesehead(Happily, I have backups...)03:26
CheeseheadLightdm tries to start, and fails. Dbus crashes.  Looking throughh syslog to see what's up.03:27
CheeseheadWeirdly, the initial reboot took a long time, like BIOS was slow. But subsequent reboots have been normal. So gotta check hardware and memory.03:29
CheeseheadHappily, I remebered how to manually configure my networkk settings.03:30
CheeseheadOn the upside, checkbox-cli runs now!03:31
* Cheesehead will worry about it all tomorrow.03:31
h00kCheesehead: good luck.03:31
* Cheesehead finishes the morning tasks and begins to work on his laptop17:44
CheeseheadGoing offline for a couple days (unless I get fixed faster)17:44
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