Pendulumakgraner pleia2 maco, do we have any plans for an Ubuntu Women dinner or anything for UDS?09:53
akgranerPendulum, I know michelle I think wanted to get together11:24
akgranerbut I don't think there has been anything formal planned as of yet11:25
Pendulum(I'm just trying to plan because I can't do everything like I do most UDSes ;-) )11:25
akgranerDay 3 of Open Week just started - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuOpenWeek13:03
akgranerUp next for Ubuntu Open Week in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-classroom-chat at 1400 UTC is How to contribute translating Ubuntu -- David Planella (dpm)14:01
pleia2nothing planned yet, when I first mentioned it hardly anyone was going so we weren't sure it would be worth it, but now there are a bunch of us15:35
pleia2Pendulum: ^^15:35
macosssshhh about me going :P im gonna just go to a11y sessions and otherwise hide from people15:36
Pendulumyeah, that wasn't a "we need to do something" necessarily15:43
Pendulummore of a "is there a plan so I can plan for it in the spoon count ;-)"15:44
PendulumMichelleQ: you hadn't been planning on having a UW dinner, right?15:44
MichelleQwas't planning on one, but can be arranged15:45
nigelbmaco: hah.15:46
PendulumMichelleQ: not meant as a pressure thing, just wasn't sure if there were things being planned at all by anyone15:46
MichelleQThe Florida team is doing something as a welcome Wednesday night, but other than that, not much going on.15:46
MichelleQI can host dinner here Tuesday night, if you want to have a U-W dinner.15:48
macoquestion: can Renaissance Woman be a superhero?15:51
MichelleQof course15:51
macoexcellent. in that case, i have a costume15:51
macothere are going to be like 5 iron mans probably15:51
MichelleQI'm of the personal opinion that any woman in that particular time period is a hero15:51
macoi was going to bring my renn dress for costume party but the thingy says superhero theme so im like -_-15:52
nigelbmaco: just dress up as yourself15:53
MichelleQpleia2, Pendulum, maco, does Tuesday night for dinner @ my place work for you all?15:53
nigelbmaco: I, for one, would totally believe you'er a superhero :)15:54
Pendulummaco: there was also a version of X-Men called 1492 that was out 2003-ish15:54
macoisnt tuesday night rackspace night?15:54
MichelleQI dunno15:57
pleia2yeah, thursday is the only completely free night15:58
MichelleQPendulum I think has to leave Thursday, though.  :-(15:58
pleia2I could do tuesday, I don't mind missing the rackspace happy hour (it's not even clear there is food)15:59
PendulumI'm around Thursday night, but I wanted to be at the hotel because akgraner's kids will be around and I'd like to see them15:59
Pendulum(I leave Friday morning)15:59
nigelbThe DX gaming night seems fun.15:59
akgranerPendulum, they are staying off property with friends so I'll make sure they stick around for a few...16:00
gordAll are welcome :)16:00
macogaming night was the bit i was thinking was skippable :P16:00
macohow do my boyfriend and i get along? he's a gamer and im like "oh..gaming...yeah, we can skip that"16:00
MichelleQY'all let me know what works out best for you.  My house is available.  :-)16:01
nigelbmaco: I wwas thinking it was skippable as wwell ;)16:01
nigelbgord: ^ :D16:01
MichelleQas long as it's not Monday, as per trick-or-treating16:01
pleia2maco: skipping rackspace ok?16:01
pleia2ok, let's do tuesday16:02
Pendulumbtw, rackspace last year was only drinks, no food16:02
pleia2ah, good to know16:02
macoPendulum: would that be gideon?16:02
MichelleQpleia2: Tuesday it is.  :-)16:03
MichelleQhow many of us are we expecting at UDS?16:03
Pendulummaco: hmm?16:03
macoPendulum: the 1492 thing16:03
Pendulumam looking for a link16:04
Pendulummight not be the actual title16:04
Pendulum(it's a year, but now I'm not positive that's the correct one)16:04
MichelleQoh, before I forget - any food allergies/sensitivities/preferences/etc. I need to take into consideration?16:08
maco<-- veggie with dairy issues, though my dairy tolerance has improved enough now that little pills can turn it from "sick" to "uncomfortable" (thats an improvement)16:09
maconote to self: bring little pills16:10
macoi dont expect lunch to be free of little pill necessity, so i'm going to have to bring them anyway16:10
MichelleQmaco: gotcha16:10
MichelleQI'll think about a menu and run it by everyone.16:12
Pendulummy only one is no cilantro, but I don't think that's an issue ;-) (and I'm fine as long as I don't actually eat it)16:12
MichelleQNope, no cilantro.  Tastes like soap.16:12
macoah youre both supertasters?16:12
PendulumI don't think it tastes like soap. It just makes me sick16:12
Pendulumwhich is annoying because I love Mexican and Indian16:12
macoif id managed to drag annalee down, a "no peppers" rule would be in effect for her. capsicum allergy16:12
MichelleQoh yikes!16:13
macoalso why she cant go to protests... get maced = ER16:13
MichelleQI'm inclined to do breakfast again, since it seemed to work well last year16:13
=== althara1 is now known as althara
Pendulummaco: I figured out the comic book I was thinking of. Unfortunately I was way off on the year :( it's 160219:57

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