inetprogood morning05:25
superflymorning inetpro05:28
inetprosuperfly: hoe goes it?05:30
superflyinetpro: sjoe, hectic, but OK thanks05:38
superflyand you?05:38
inetprosuperfly: same here thanks :-)05:39
magespawnmorning all05:49
superflyDecided to join us for real, magespawn? ;-)05:49
magespawnthis time yes the first was on the phone05:50
magespawnthought maybe you guys would miss me if i did not come back05:57
magespawnon another note i have found a way to indicate sarcasm05:58
magespawn*sarcasm font*05:59
Kilosmorning superfly and others06:17
Patriot7912Moring Kilos06:17
superflymorning sakhi, Patriot7912 and Kilos06:17
KilosMaaz, coffee on06:17
* Maaz puts the kettle on06:17
superflyoom Kilos, I found out what was wrong with the washing machine06:17
Kiloshi Patriot7912 whats news06:17
Kiloswhat was it superfly 06:17
superflyKilos: nothing.06:18
Patriot7912Morning superfly06:18
Patriot7912Nothing much Kilos06:18
sakhihiya superfly 06:18
Kiloshi sakhi 06:18
sakhithere was nothing wrong with the washing machine?06:18
sakhiit was not even on standby?06:19
superflyKilos: I had the outlet pipe lying on the floor, and washing machines use siphoning for their water movement06:19
superflyKilos: so as soon as I lifted the pipe up, no more water ran out06:19
superflysakhi: nothing wrong06:19
Kiloslol so gravity fed it out06:19
Kiloshee hee06:20
superflyjust ignorance on my part :-)06:20
Kilosim happy it was something so simple06:20
Kilosgeeks dont think of those things till the floor is wet06:20
Kilosnormally women do though because you messing their floors06:21
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!06:21
KilosPatriot7912, so we still gotta get samba working06:22
KilosMaaz, ty06:22
Kilosmethinks it was sakhi said the prob most likely in the .conf file06:22
MaazEnjoy Kilos06:22
Patriot7912Yup Kilos we need to but i did speak to Celeste, and we are going to work on that today06:23
Kilosgreat she seems to know what the prob was06:24
Kilosdid you get to see her mail at least?06:24
KilosPatriot7912, keep a record of how you fix it and you can help the next person with the same problem06:25
superflyI always blog about my problems and their solutions06:25
superflyhelps me remember :-)06:25
Patriot7912Will certainly do06:25
Kilosi must start again i suppose06:25
Patriot7912Yes, i did see her mail06:26
Patriot7912But the mail did not get to my inbox, i need to look at the archive to see the mail06:26
Patriot7912There were another person aswell that made a suggestion, but i can't reply to him06:26
Patriot7912Because the mail is on the webpage archive06:27
Kilosthen just send him a new one if celeste doesnt win06:28
Patriot7912No agreed, but i just wanted to inform him that i have tried the registry thing06:29
Kilosi didnt get that one06:30
Patriot7912Sorry Kilos06:31
Patriot7912That you didn't get that one06:31
Kilosoh , not a prob06:31
Kiloswindows registry is a pain i remember06:32
Kilosthere is quite a good tool for that called Ccleaner06:32
Kilosand was free as well last month i think when i had to fix my sisters xp06:33
Patriot7912Yeah used CCleaner works good06:36
Kiloslo Kerbero 06:43
Kilosthinking back i have done the same when moving superfly dont feel bad06:48
Kilosremember trying to vacuum carpets dry06:49
Patriot7912How would i know which authenticating mechanism is used for samba is it LDAP, kerbious active directory?06:51
Kiloshope that helps06:52
superflyPatriot7912: LDAP is just a directory, Kerberos is the authentication06:53
superflyPatriot7912: ActiveDirectory is Microsoft's implementation of LDAP+Kerberos06:53
magespawnsuperfly, you going to blog about the washing machine?07:06
Kilosha ha ha07:07
Kiloshey magespawn well spotted07:07
magespawnguys i have to go do a transfer, let me know if can help with the server or the washing machine.07:13
superflymagespawn: most likely, but not now07:13
magespawni'll probable be more help with the washing machine than the server anyways.07:14
magespawnKilos, who me or superfly?07:18
Kiloswell duh07:19
Kilosyou man he was feeling bad enough about the wet floor07:19
Kilosnow you rubbing salt in raw wounds07:20
superflyWhat wet floor? My floor wasn't wet - I'm a little more intelligent than that :-P07:20
* superfly is just *really* busy at work07:20
magespawnha thought i had said something wrong for a second.07:22
nuvolarieh? what does LDAP have to do with superfly's washing machine?07:43
nuvolarioh wait, I need to read some more :P07:43
Patriot7912Thanks Superfly, why i am asking is because i am just trying to find out which one i am using in samba07:50
=== sf55 is now known as skarr
Kilosafternoon all13:46
KilosMaaz, coffee on13:46
* Maaz washes some mugs13:46
Kilosbig storm starting here13:47
Kilosya magie13:47
magespawnhi kilos13:47
magespawnpowe failure13:47
Kilosno needed to sleep some13:48
magespawnno me for a change13:48
Kilosbut looks like power will go soon too13:48
magespawnyou need to sleep?13:48
magespawni thought you where a bot13:48
Kilosyeah when head thumps i go let the goblins thump it back13:49
magespawnwake up with the key impressions on the side of your face13:49
Kilosno man bed right behind me13:50
Kiloshope you all behaved today13:50
KilosPatriot7912, did you win with celeste13:50
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos!13:50
Patriot7912Ummmmm not as yet she wasn't online as yet13:51
magespawndoes Maaz just make you coffee now?13:51
Kilosno i asked at 15.4613:51
KilosPatriot7912,  is she coming here??13:52
Patriot7912Not as yet13:52
Kilosnever seen her here before. she is one of the mail peeps13:52
Kilosmail her again13:52
Kilosshe will most likely mail you instructions13:53
Kilosexplain to her nicely how to get on here13:53
Kilostell her install xchat as well13:53
* Kilos Stirs13:54
Patriot7912No we chatting on skype13:55
Kilosaw thats no fair13:55
zerefpew pew15:27
magespawnlater all.15:36
Kilosyay,    power has returned15:39
zerefload shedding15:40
Kilosno whenever it storms here power cuts15:40
zereffail electricity grid :P15:41
inetprogood evening 15:43
Kiloslo inetpro 15:43
inetprohiya Kilos15:43
Kilosbarco__, still no news?15:44
* inetpro had a bit of fun driving with the scooter in a hail storm15:45
inetproheh Kilos, at least it was only for about 2km 15:46
Kilosyou gotta be careful after a while of no rain the newly wet rodes kinda slippery15:46
inetproI noticed the weather earlier and scrambled to get home before the big rains came15:46
Kiloswe had about 15mm only15:47
Kiloslotsa donner bliksem15:47
inetpronlsthzn: wb15:48
nlsthznThanks inetpro ... and hello 15:48
Kiloslo neelsie15:48
nlsthznHi uncle Kilos 15:51
inetproKilos: it's raining again here15:57
zereflol, i lost one of my shoes16:00
inetprozeref: how do you do that? :-)16:06
zereffound it16:12
zerefin my computer case16:12
* inetpro wishes the impossible to happen18:32
inetproVodacom should just wake up18:33
inetproand so should all the other competitors18:33
zereflets start our own18:35
zerefemploy geeks, netowrk will be supe l33t18:35
Kiloscan i come mnage all the geeks18:37
Kilossee they behave18:37
Kilosbarco__, ping18:39
Kilosit sucks when you love ubuntu but have to use winsucks at work18:39
Kilosian coming just now18:40
zerefboot from usb, or cd18:40
Kiloshe wants to know how to install kubuntu in a virtual drive in works lappy\18:41
* inetpro 's signal varies between -87 to -105 dBm18:41
Kilosinetpro, how are you measuring that signal18:41
inetpropacket losses are as high as 97%18:42
Kiloswow thats bad18:42
Kilosfrom vodacom?18:42
inetproKilos: I have mobile signal widget installed on me droid18:42
inetproKilos: yep, VC18:43
Kilosoh not the pc18:43
Kilosnm shows signal in %18:43
WolfeyesI still rememeber how to get here18:43
inetproWolfeyes: wb18:43
WolfeyesEvening everyone18:43
WolfeyesHeya inetpro 18:43
Kilosfone shows full 5 bar signal but voda cuts it to 70% or less18:43
Kiloshey wolf18:43
Wolfeyesty inetpro 18:43
Wolfeyesyeh los18:44
Kiloszeref, Wolfeyes is my brat18:44
inetproKilos: obviously ICMP is low priority so I guess that the 97% of mine is not accurate18:45
Kilosinetpro, he wants to know the lpi course kb is doing will work on a kubuntu server18:45
inetprobut I have a very irritating delay when I work on me servers at the office18:45
Kilosare you using kubuntu servers inetpro 18:46
inetproKilos: no18:46
inetprokubuntu is not for servers18:46
inetprojust for desktop18:46
inetproKilos: but I have some Ubuntu servers18:47
Kilosyou reading Wolfeyes 18:47
WolfeyesYes Sir 18:47
inetprowhat's up with kubuntu Wolfeyes?18:47
Kilosalso superfly is running a 11.10 server18:48
WolfeyesWhat do you mean "what is up?"18:48
inetproWolfeyes: you don't run a server with a GUI interface18:48
inetproGUI is for weenies18:48
Wolfeyesi dont use any at the moment...18:49
inetproWolfeyes: ok18:49
inetproWolfeyes: you planning on running some server?18:49
WolfeyesBut I want to start studying it again in order to set up a server18:49
inetproWolfeyes: download the Ubuntu Server ISO18:50
WolfeyesMy computer with ubuntu was taken away from me for a time period18:50
WolfeyesNext question...18:50
inetproWolfeyes: but be warned, when you install that it does not install a gui at all18:51
inetprowhich is a very good thing18:51
inetproWolfeyes: question?18:52
WolfeyesOk now the rest of you guys please don't freak out. Can I install it alongside windows , or does it have to be on it's own? (Only for learning purposes)18:52
Wolfeyesthe serer will be linux only (of course)18:53
WolfeyesOr even in a virtual drive...?18:54
KilosWolfeyes, tell that you would like to install ubuntu servers for work but want to learn about how to work a server before switching over work servers18:55
superflyWolfeyes: VirtualBox, if you have the RAM18:55
Kilosdont expect people to know what you plan for the future18:55
WolfeyesLet me check.18:55
WolfeyesI have enough ram thank you.18:56
Wolfeyesinetpro I have a laptop (emphasis on the lap) from work I am working on, but need the windows to complete work on.18:58
Kilosgrr dont say enough man give megs18:58
WolfeyesI didn' t want to brag...18:59
Kilosthats not bragging its supplying needed info18:59
inetpronothing wrong with learning the basics in a VM19:00
WolfeyesSo I want to  use the laptop to study about linux servers whilst working, until I can set up the server at work.19:00
zerefWolfeys, what would be optimal is to setup a sever at home (using old comp)19:01
Kilosvirtual machine19:01
zerefthen play around like that19:01
Wolfeyesbut I don't have the required ram for that.19:02
Kilosnee man19:02
WolfeyesOnly have 512m in a desktop19:02
Kilosyou have enough ram on home pc to run a server19:02
Kilostheres no graphics19:03
WolfeyesIt battled to work with kubuntu19:03
zerefWolfeyes: that should be ok for a startup server19:03
Wolfeyesor it could have been the gigabyte mb19:03
inetproWolfeyes: I just replaced a server that was running on 256MB RAM for almost 10 years19:04
Wolfeyesbrb just googling virtualbox19:04
Wolfeyesok then it is the mb19:04
inetproGUI needs lots of RAM and kubuntu is not known for using little RAM19:05
KilosWolfeyes, ^^19:05
Kilosinetpro, how do you see whats happening in a server if there is no graphics19:07
Kiloseverything cli?19:07
inetproKilos: yep19:07
Kilosno xchat or nothing?19:08
superflyinetpro: I still have a server with 128 megs of RAM... a P2 350MHz19:08
inetpromuch faster and much more efficient19:08
Kilosyeah but then you need all the commans at your fingertips19:09
Kiloshehe you moved your mouse, windows needs to restart19:09
inetproI know guys at SITA who ran mail gateways for the whole of government on a 486 for many years19:09
superflyWolfeyes: I still have a server with 128 megs of RAM, a P2 350MHz :-D19:09
Kilossuperfly, what size drive do you need inna server19:10
inetproKilos: all depends on what you need it for19:10
Kilosi am totally lost as to what they are used for19:11
Kilosi have 2 spare p3's19:11
superflyKilos: I have a 6gig drive in it19:11
Kilosbut small drives only19:11
superflyor a 20gig, I can't remember19:11
zerefKilos: gief19:12
Kilosok superfly and what do you use it for19:12
Kiloszeref, huh19:12
zerefdonate one xD19:12
inetproKilos: could be a database server, file server, mail server, print server, web server, or many other services19:12
Kiloscome fetch19:12
superflyKilos: it controls my network at home... it hands out IP addresses to all the other computers, sets up my internal domain names, and controls access to and from the Internet19:13
Kilosi dont understand having a mail server when there is gmail out there19:13
inetproKilos: hmm... talking about that19:13
Kilosoh so i could run my p4 through a p3 server?19:14
* inetpro is looking for a solution at school19:14
superflyKilos: yes19:14
inetprowant to run a local mail server for teachers19:14
inetproKilos: gmail needs internet access all the time19:15
Kilosunless you use evolution?19:15
Kilosare you talking about storing all mail on your server19:16
inetproKilos: if you have a number of users on a local network you don't want all traffic to travel out and in again19:16
Kilosso your home server will do what gmail does for me19:17
inetproKilos: yep19:17
Kilosok but will need a large drive to store a bunch of peeps mail then19:17
Kilossuperfly, can i bug you when you get time at work for oneiric server too please19:18
inetproKilos: well you have to start somewhere and the measure the utilisation19:18
inetprothen measure*19:18
superflyKilos: you want me to send you the server ISO too?19:18
Kilosplease superfly 19:19
Kilosty sir19:19
superflyI already have it :-)19:19
Kilosi know you got it working there. arte there also updates every week19:19
superflyKilos: I don't know, I actually don't update my servers all that often... I should19:20
superflyKilos: but generally there are less updates19:24
superflybecause you're running less software19:25
Kiloslol blame vodacom not win719:29
KilosMaaz, coffee on19:31
* Maaz flips the salt-timer19:31
inetproMaaz: coffee please19:32
Maazinetpro: Sure19:32
Kilosso when i install server on a p3 i gonna have the samba probs?19:33
Kilosor do they only come with win peeps to linux19:33
inetproKilos: only if you want19:33
Kiloseish nee man19:33
Kilosubuntu is supposed to just work19:34
inetprosamba is just another package that you choose to install or not19:34
inetproKilos: oh and you could even install it on your desktop machine19:34
Kilosif the server works without it why do peeps then install samba as well19:35
Kiloswhat the server or samba19:35
* Kilos scared of samba19:35
MaazCoffee's ready for Kilos and inetpro!19:35
inetpromost if not all server apps could run on your desktop, but it's not advisable for a dedicated production environment19:35
inetproKilos: samba is typically used to set up shared printers for windows machines19:36
inetproor shared network drives19:36
Kilosso default ubuntu server can work without it19:37
inetproyou can even brainwash your linux machine and make it think that it is a full blown windows primary domain controller19:38
inetproKilos: of course19:38
inetproWolfeyes: but there are some relative cheap pre-configured solutions for that19:42
inetproand they mostly use samba19:42
Kilosdoes one of you have the link for oneiric repos please19:43
Kilosthe wolf gonna be downloading at work till dark time19:44
Kilosno rest for the wicked19:44
WolfeyesHow do you mean, preconfigured? And for what exactly?19:45
inetproWolfeyes: see http://www.shopbot.co.za/pp-seagate-blackarmor-nas-440-8tb-prices-204207.html19:46
inetproor just http://www.shopbot.co.za/nas-storage/networking/south-africa/69119:47
WolfeyesI'm a little lost now...19:48
WolfeyesWhy you showing me servers for sale please?19:48
inetproWolfeyes: NAS devices19:48
inetproor rather appliances19:49
inetpropurpose built to make life easier19:49
WolfeyesBut that is like upgrading the hardware.19:50
Kilosinetpro, his company has servers but they winsucks and wants to ubuntize them when he has the knowledge19:50
WolfeyesThat would be against the objective I am trying to achieve by learning.19:50
inetproWolfeyes: sure but sometimes you have to do the maths and then you will find that it's cheaper to buy19:50
Wolfeyesand what Kilos said...19:51
inetprolearning is cool19:51
Kilosna its bad for the head19:52
inetproMaaz: thanks for the coffee 19:56
Maazinetpro: no problemo19:56
Kilosoh my19:56
KilosMaaz, dankie man19:56
MaazGroot plesier my vriend19:56
inetproKilos: koffie is al koud :-)19:58
inetproMaaz: rusks please19:58
MaazSorry inetpro I only have Romany Creams today19:58
KilosMaaz, and rusks19:58
MaazI hid them away Kilos Pm me and I'll tell you where they are19:58
inetproMaaz: I don't like Romany Creams19:59
Maazinetpro: Huh?19:59
Kiloshey inetpro hou jy van uie en knoffel19:59
Kilosen nie bang vir bietjie werk nie20:00
inetproKilos: hmm... 20:00
Kilosek maak lekker koekies daarmee20:00
Kilosmet die groen blare20:00
inetproKilos: yep ek laaik beide knoffel en uie20:00
inetproKilos: maar ek is bang vir werk20:01
Kilosek weet nie wat is die afrikaanse naam vit spring onion puffs nie20:01
Kilosmammie kan miskien maak20:01
Kilosdis beter as grondboontjies20:01
inetproKilos: ek grap net, watse werk wil jy nou vir my gee?20:01
Kilosek sal my resep paste20:02
Wolfeyesha ha ha20:02
WolfeyesHy drink hom soe...20:02
Kiloswag ek vra sus20:02
inetproKilos: kan mens die koekies eet?20:02
Kilosui poffertjies20:02
Kilosja en dis lekker20:03
Wolfeyesha ha ha ha ha20:03
inetproyikes, nog nooit gehoor van uie in koekies nie20:03
Kilosmy , jou tanne sal water vir nog20:03
inetproKilos: dit herinner my, ek moet bietjie kyk of my uie opgekom het na die hael van die ander dag20:04
Kilosja hulle sal20:05
inetproKilos: nou waar's daai resep?20:07
Kilossuperfly, tell mommy to try these20:07
inetproKilos: ken jy die boerekos webblad? http://www.boerekos.com/20:08
Kilosnee, dankie ek sal dit save nou in my resepte folder20:08
inetprobaie baie resepte daar20:09
Kilosdankie my vriend20:09
inetpromaar jou resep lyk ook heel lekker 20:10
inetprodalk moet jy dit submit by boerekos20:10
Kilosjy sal sien, as julle begin eet is daar nie genoeg nie20:10
inetproeish, nou kan ek nie wag dat die uie kom nie20:11
inetpromy vrou sĂȘ nou vir my die uie is daar20:11
Kilosjulle kan die resep vertaal en vir boerkos gee as ui stormjaers20:14
superflyKilos: hmmm, dit lyke heerlik20:14
Kilosof ui en knoffel stormjaers20:14
Kilosdit was net ek wat wou speel en toe vra ek sus wat is spring onion puffs want ek het dit iewers gesien20:15
Kilosnou maak ek 3 of 4 keer n week20:15
Kilosstormjaers kom van sus. as daar reen en storms is dan is dit pannekoek of vetkoek tyd20:16
Kiloshierdie poffers is baie vinniger as vetkoek20:17
inetprolyk baie maklik ook20:17
Kiloswetkoek moet jy bry20:17
Kilosbaie maklik en vat seker n half huur20:17
Symmetriaheh, fun and games, so like, because I'm leaving TENET I gave up root on all our servers except mirror, then Im documenting something for them and realize I need root to see something, so I su into one of my colleagues accounts cause I know his password, then sudo bash and it lets me because he's in the admin group 20:18
Kilosvoor jy die eerste klomp klaar het vra almal vir nog20:18
Symmetriaheh, I woulda thought that sudo was smart enough to check if you were actually originally logged into an account with sudo rights 20:18
Kiloso inetpro en elke keer as n storm op pad was en sus het gou poffertjies gemaak het die storm weg gewaai20:20
Kilosdus stormjaers20:20
Kilosons is eintlik almal bietjie getik ek dink20:21
Kilosek het vandag gemaak toe kry ons darem reen20:21
Kilossubmit as poffertjies20:22
inetproKilos: klink vir my jy't  permanent uie in die tuin20:22
Kilosek maak hulle ook met fyn gekapte chilli sonder die pitte dan kan almal hulle eet20:23
Kilosja en in potte op die stoep20:23
Kilosen baie knoffel20:23
inetproai, 'n mengsel van rooi en groen klink nogal lekker vir my, word sommer weer honger20:24
Kilosso where can i get the repos, or is that only priviledged peeps20:26
KilosMaaz, google where to download ubuntu repositories20:30
MaazKilos: "Repositories/Ubuntu - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories/Ubuntu :: "Ubuntu -- Ubuntu Packages Search" http://packages.ubuntu.com/ :: "AptGet/Offline/Repository - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/AptGet/Offline/Repository :: "Medibuntu - Community Ubuntu Documentation" https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Medibuntu :: "Off-line custom repository [Archive] - Ubu20:30
KilosMaaz, ty20:30
MaazEnjoy Kilos20:30
inetproKilos: wat wil jy maak?20:31
Kiloswhats with the offline repos20:31
Kilosek wil laat ian vir my die repos kry ek bring as hy kom dan kan ek oneiric installeer20:31
Kilosrepos are the same for kubuntu and xubuntu and ubuntu hey?20:32
Kilosand server20:32
inetproKilos: yep20:32
Kilossee if he can bring them then i will just need data for updating a new install20:33
Kilos30 to 30m20:33
inetproKilos: the full repositories is a waste of precious bandwidth20:36
inetprolots and lots of stuff that you will never use20:36
Kilosian has uncapped inetpro 20:36
Kilosso can download while he is working on something else20:37
inetprolucky fellow20:37
nlsthznuncapped FTW20:38
Kilosso he has to get his stuff at work as well then take home20:38
Kilosuncapped at work that is20:39
Kilosand wet van tyransvaalat home20:39
inetproKilos: here's some older documentation on how to do it - Creating an Ubuntu repository mirror with apt-mirror http://popey.com/blog/2006/10/24/Creating_an_Ubuntu_repository_mirror_with_apt-mirror/20:40
inetpronot sure whether it will still work 20:41
Kilosoh my20:41
Kilosare they only available at varsities?20:41
Kilosthe weed will know20:41
* Kilos wonders where he is blowing around20:42
inetprohere's some more info https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Mirrors20:43
Kilosty got them with wget will look when i offline20:44
KilosSymmetria, will know20:44
inetproKilos: The Ubuntu archive, as of 2010-02-19, uses about 382GB of disk space for the Ubuntu package archive20:44
inetproand 39GB for Ubuntu release CD images20:45
Kilosyeah but thats all releases surely20:45
Kiloscant be so many gigs for one release20:45
inetproKilos: I guess so yes'20:46
KilosSymmetria, can you give me a link to get the oneiric repos please20:48
Symmetriaheh I dont have a link for specific repos 20:49
Kilosor even all of them with a choice to choose what you want?20:50
Kilosinetpro, does this look right20:53
Symmetriawell ALL the ubuntu repos are on za.archive.ubuntu.com20:53
Kilosoh ty Symmetria 20:53
* inetpro goes to hit the sack20:54
Kilosnight inetpro sleep tight\20:55
Symmetriaheh sad, I won't be around to see UCT finally get its 10gig link20:55
Kiloswhen will that be happening20:56
Symmetriaheh within the next 2 months20:57
Symmetriapossibly sooner20:57
Kilosyou inna hurry to leave hey20:57
SymmetriaLOL Im outta .za on the 20th of November20:57
Symmetriathough I'm in London from the 12th to the 17th as well20:57
Symmetriaand road tripping from the 5th to the 12 within .za :P20:58
Kilosnight all sleep tight21:03

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