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JamesTaitGood morning, all. :)08:39
karniGood morning!09:06
mandelgatox, morning!10:17
mandelgatox, how is the fix for the unicode issue going?10:18
gatoxmandel, well... i fix u1-client to return unicode from interaction_interfaces when the folders are requested.... but it only fix that part, u1-cp explote because is trying to parse the path, cutting off the first part: c:\users\username and is using expanduser10:21
gatoxnessita told me to not modify u1-cp yet... i have to talk with her today10:22
gatoxmandel, how are you this morning? do you need any review or something?10:25
mandelgatox, this morning.. is very slow, it looks like tests are borken on O so I'm creating an N machine to test..10:30
mandelgatox, major PITA10:30
mandelgatox, while I'm waiting I'm writing patches for python on windows :P10:30
gatoxmandel, which tests are broken in O.... i tried what you ask yesterday, but you were EOD when i answered10:31
mandelgatox, control panel ones10:32
mandelgatox, can you run them with no problem in o?10:33
gatoxmandel, yes, that's why i ask... i can run them again if you want10:33
gatoxlet me do it with trunk updated and i'll let you know10:33
gatoxmandel, nop.... u1-client was.... with cp i can't run the tests.. i have problem with some import.... i was trying to fix that since yesterday.... i was confusing cp and client tests10:35
mandelgatox, no, cp does not work because the twisted reactor uses the old gtk bindings and the control panel now use gi10:36
gatoxmandel, do you know what is this: http://paste.ubuntu.com/713059/10:36
mandelgatox, so things explote!10:36
gatoxyessssssss.... that!10:36
gatoxmandel, ahhhhhh i thought it was me!10:36
mandelgatox, yes, that is the problem I had, and the most annoying things is that when you do a simple import it works10:37
mandelgatox, dobey knew :P10:37
* mandel walks dog11:07
nessitahello everyone11:37
gatoxnessita, hi11:38
nessitamandel: ping12:08
gatoxnessita, is the installer working for you?12:09
nessitagatox: haven't tried lately... is not?12:09
gatoxnessita, i'm trying to run what is in trunk, nothing else, as always..... and i'm receiving this error:12:11
gatox  File "C:\Python27\lib\site-packages\twisted\internet\main.py", line 30, in ins12:11
gatox    raise error.ReactorAlreadyInstalledError("reactor already installed")12:11
gatoxtwisted.internet.error.ReactorAlreadyInstalledError: reactor already installed12:11
gatoxi tried to comment that lines and see what happend.... but the ui never show up12:12
nessitagatox: if you comment the reactor install it will never run12:12
nessitagatox: try looking at the previos revnos, what changed in each12:12
gatoxnessita, ok12:14
gatoxnessita, yes, i assume that about the reactor :P i wanted to try what happend12:15
nessitagatox: heh12:15
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nessitamandel: ping?12:30
gatoxnessita, he is walking the dog12:30
nessitaah, thanks12:30
ralsinagood morning!12:38
gatoxralsina, hi!12:38
ralsinahola gatox12:39
gatoxralsina, question: is the installer working for you?12:39
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ralsinagatox: that's a difficult question :-)12:39
gatoxralsina, ejeje why?12:39
ralsinagatox: have not tried installing it in a long time12:39
gatoxralsina, nono.... no installing..... executing ubuntuone-windows-installer from sources12:40
ralsinagatox: haven't either, I am kinda behind in other stuff, haven't looked at it this week12:40
gatoxralsina, ah ok.... no problem..... i'll keep looking what can it be12:41
dobeygatox: you or something you're importing is importing twisted.internet.reactor which installs itself, before you are installing a different reactor12:48
gatoxdobey, i'm trying in windows.... not linux12:49
gatoxdobey, ahhh12:49
gatoxdobey, i thought you were talking about the cp problem12:49
dobeywhat cp problem?12:50
gatoxdobey, i'm looking at that... it seems that something like that.....12:50
gatoxdobey, about gi12:50
gatoxfor the tests12:50
dobeyyeah, that's broken :)12:50
ralsinaSo, what's *not* broken today? I need good news ;-)12:51
dobeymy credit is good :P12:51
ralsinadobey: good to hear!12:52
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alecuhello #ubuntuone!13:00
nessitahi alecu!13:00
nessitaralsina, dobey, alecu, mandel?13:02
alecunessita, go13:04
nessitaDONE: reviews, bug triage, teaching duties13:04
nessitaTODO: meetings, reviews, more u1sdtool-multiplatform branch13:04
nessitaBLOCKED: nopes13:04
nessitaNEXT: gatix13:04
gatoxFixed Successful Page (trying to make ubuntuone-windows-installer work in order to test it IRL), trying to make u1lint work (with nessita's help).13:04
gatoxFind out what happend with ubuntuone-windows-installer, fix u1lint, propose the successful page branch and work in the multiplatform expanduser.13:04
gatoxalecu, go13:04
alecuDONE: took a day off, but before that: fixed non-ascii computer name bug #875331, pending just one review: https://code.launchpad.net/~alecu/ubuntu-sso-client/fix-get-token-name/+merge/7959413:04
alecuTODO: meetings, finish proxy support design document, discuss different proxy approaches with the team13:04
alecuBLOCKED: no13:04
ubot4Launchpad bug 875331 in ubuntuone-windows-installer (and 1 other project) "SSO Client does not work with non-ascii hostnames (affects: 1) (heat: 6)" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87533113:04
alecuNOTE: I'm taking this evening off and tomorrow moning for cleaning up and moving the old apt/office13:04
alecuNEXT: ralsina13:04
ralsinaDONE: mgmt call, thinking, mail catchup, thinking. TODO: team roadmap call, other calls, try to cleanup a couple of branches I have pending BLOCKED: no13:04
dobeyλ DONE: banshee fight, scheduled holidays, bug #872972, started moving banshee extension to LP13:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 872972 in libubuntuone (Ubuntu) (and 2 other projects) "Store URLs have to wait for main page to load (affects: 1) (heat: 38)" [High,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87297213:05
dobeyλ TODO: banshee/libu1 SRUs, bug #467397?, planning call, precise development setup, discuss release procedure with elopio13:05
ubot4Launchpad bug 467397 in python2.6 (Ubuntu) (and 6 other projects) "KeyError: 'ROUND_CEiLiNG' when using turkish locale (affects: 16) (dups: 9) (heat: 108)" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/46739713:05
dobeyλ BLCK: No.13:05
nessitaah! DONE: found a couple of bugs inside the windows IPC side13:05
alecunessita, what (else) was broken in the windows IPC?13:06
nessitaalecu: the calls to do "stuff" thru SDTool were supposed to replicate the linux behaviour where, for example, if you requested a folder creation, the sdtool explictely waits for the folder creation success/error signal13:07
nessitaalecu: but in windows, nothing was waiting on... so the calls returned way before the whole op was completed13:07
nessitaalecu: this is why the folder subscribal, on windows, was not showing the folder as subscribed when the backend returned13:08
nessitaand we had to add the ugly delay13:08
alecunessita, cool that you found that!13:08
nessitayes, but a lot needs fixing13:08
nessitaso, more lines to this already enormous branch! :-D13:08
nessita(yeah, I will try to split it on windows/linux)13:09
alecunessita, wait! can't you report that as a different bug, and let's do it as a different branch?13:09
alecu*and we'll do it13:09
ralsinaright, let's parallelize13:09
nessitaalecu: well... short answer: no. Long answer: I moved all the stdool and u1stool branches to a multiplatform place, so *the same* suite is run on both platform13:10
nessitaalecu: so, right now, the suite that is succeeding on linux, is not passing on widnows13:10
nessitaalecu: so, splitting on linux/windows for review sounds like the best choice here13:10
alecunessita, ack13:10
nessitaalecu: when I said "all the stdool and u1stool branches" I meant  all the stdool and u1stool *tets suites*13:11
alecunessita, I'll be marking a day or two in my calendar to review *those branches* :-)13:11
nessitabut after this, I will be much more confident on sdtool on windows13:11
ralsinagreat work nessita13:12
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alecuso, are we having the meeting in 45'?13:12
nessitaralsina: thanks, I think this will pay off a lot, specially since we will be able to run u1sdtool on windows (and then ask users a lot more of things for debug)13:12
alecuoh, and EOM btw13:12
ralsinanessita: indeed, u1sdtool would come handy for thememory leak debugging :-/13:13
ralsinaalecu: yes13:13
nessitaralsina: it will? what do you have in mind?13:13
ralsinanessita: for example, to know if the queue is just huge13:13
nessitaah, yes13:13
alecuralsina, hmmm13:14
alecuralsina, I see it in 15' in the google calendar13:14
ralsinaalecu: then it's in 15' ;-)13:14
* ralsina was not looking and trusted alecu13:14
* alecu wrongly trusted his flaky memory13:15
alecugatox, nessita, thisfred, joshuahoover, mandel, dobey, ralsina, Chipaca: mumble meeting in 13'13:16
ralsinaalecu: ack!13:16
gatoxalecu, ack13:16
joshuahooveralecu: yep13:16
alecuthisfred, mumble meeting in 13'13:17
thisfredalecu: wow, your ping crashed my xchat13:17
alecuthisfred, oh, sorry! :-)13:17
thisfredalecu: thx. what about?13:18
thisfrednext cycle planning?13:18
thisfredor more PM?13:18
dobeythisfred: yep13:18
thisfredI don't think I got the invite :)13:18
alecuthisfred, I didn't get the invite either13:18
ralsinathisfred, alecu: argh13:19
thisfredlet's see if mumble works'13:19
ralsinaIt's in the OLS calendar and everything13:19
thisfredno mumble on main machine, trying laptop13:24
dobeyOLS is such a horrible acronym for that13:24
mandelralsina, nessita sorry I missed the standup, I had an engineer comming to fix the interent and had to spend some time at home13:28
ralsinamandel: no problem13:29
nessitamandel: we're in mumble for the planning meeting13:29
mandelnessita, ralsina there already13:29
ralsinaalecu, mumble?14:51
ralsinaeveryone: sent email with the meeting notes14:52
ralsinaalecu, you left :-)14:56
ralsinanessita: can we have our 1-1 at say 2PM? I am hungry and my throat is sore15:18
nessitaralsina: sure15:18
ralsinanessita: cool, thx15:18
dobeyneed to get lunch, bbiab15:18
gatoxlunch! brb15:21
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mandelalecu, nessita I already asked ralsina for a review, but I know he is busy, so please: https://code.launchpad.net/~mandel/ubuntuone-windows-installer/fix-reactor-import/+merge/7984216:28
mandeltools does an import reactor and brakes things, so I had t do that work around16:29
nessitamandel: looking16:29
nessitamandel: I think the fix is not the best fix... but maybe I'm mistaken16:30
nessitamandel: where is the migrate code imported that makes 2 reactors be installed?16:30
mandelnessita, is in ubuntuone_installer/main/windows.py, there the qt reactor is installed16:31
mandelnessita, but is isntalled by main() which menas that utils cannot be imported until main() has installed the reactor16:32
nessitamandel: let me look at the code and I confirm or deny my theory16:32
mandelnessita, sure16:32
dobeysigh, twisted :)16:33
nessitamandel: right, so the fix should be move the utils import from the global space to inside the def's that need it16:34
nessitamandel: in fact, I'm wondering why those def's are in main() (besides the main() itself)16:35
nessitamandel: so, I would  move:16:35
nessitacheck_updates, check_credentials to utils, and then import the utils module inside the main() def, after the reactor was installed16:36
nessitamandel: that way we can also cleanup the passing of the CredentialsManagementTool class to check_credentials16:36
nessitamandel: since, if we move check_credentials to utils, which will be imported after the reactor was installed, we can import CredentialsManagemetTool globally in utils16:37
nessitamandel: you followed me?16:37
mandelnessita, so, move everything but move to utils and then simply import check_credentials, right?16:38
nessitamandel: hem.. that's a subset, yes16:38
nessitamandel: you can't move the reactor callbacks, for example16:39
nessitaso, stop, error_cb, and success_cb remain in main()16:39
mandelnessita, why can't I move success?16:39
nessitamandel: it creates a GUI16:39
nessitawe don't want to move that to utils16:40
mandeloh, true..16:40
mandelI hate that stupid import magic from the reactor, is making or code look horrible16:40
nessitamandel: yes16:40
mandelnessita, ok, can you add a needs fixing and I'll sort out this tom early morning, I ran out of hours16:41
nessitamandel: sure!16:41
mandelnessita, thx! I'll send you an email when done, it is not a lot of work16:42
ralsinacheck_credentials is in main because the contents used to be *in* main :-)16:43
ralsinaas in they used to be in the main function, then I moved them out so they became at least marginally testable16:43
mandelnessita, ralsina before I go, I have a control-panel branch blocked because the control panel tests do not work on O, what do we do about that?16:49
nessitamandel: I have no idea :-/16:50
nessitamandel: as far as I know, twisted will not work with gi bindings16:50
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nessitaso, we're kinda screwed in that front16:51
nessitadobey: did we reach any conclusion about that? ^ or only crying is possible?16:51
dobeyabout gi?16:51
dobeymandel: why is your branch blocked?16:52
mandeldobey, is not strinctly blocked, I'm blocking it until I set up a natty machine to test it, which is a PITA16:52
dobeymandel: tarmac is running on natty still16:53
mandeldobey, ok,then I'll propose it and will have a local natty for testing16:54
mandelanywas, EOD for me, catch you laters!16:54
dobeydon't let oneiric block you!16:54
dobeynessita: conclusion is we need to fix twisted, or stop using twisted :)16:54
nessitadobey: how fixable is twisted in that regard? :-)16:55
dobeynessita: well, i have a branch that's maybe 50% there. the other 50% is broken in glib :(16:56
nessitadobey: would you know if glib will be "fixed" in that regard?16:58
dobeynessita: theoretically, yes. and it is something we can probably work around, but i haven't had time to poke further into that, with the release and SRUs and everything. but hopefully will be able to test my theory shortly16:59
dobeyshortly being within the next week i hope17:00
nessitadobey: we can wrap up that during UDS17:02
dobeymaybe. some twisted folks will be there, so we can ping in person if need be; but hopefully will be able to make it work before then :)17:03
gatoxralsina, nessita review please: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/page-successful/+merge/79856  -  https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/successful-page/+merge/7985717:25
nessitagatox: ack!17:26
nessitagatox: whate ever happened with network-detect?17:26
gatoxnessita, i fix the things you mentioned... but i'm trying to have u1lint working to test it myself and fix anything else and then let you know17:27
nessitagatox: great17:27
gatox"fix anything else" i mean if there is another lint issue17:27
dobeygatox: are you on oneiric?17:29
gatoxdobey, yes17:30
dobeyoh, though u1lint should work, since it doesn't use twisted17:30
gatoxdobey, well, i was having some issues with some dependencies.... nessita was helping me to fix that17:31
dobeygatox: sure. i was just thinking of the introspection issue :)17:31
gatoxnessita, this branch should be ready: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/network-detect/+merge/7704817:33
dobeynessita: can you refresh my memory of what you were wondering about wrt stable branches process from the call this morning? i'm trying to collect all those thoughts in a few notes to write kup the e-mail and want to make i get everything covered17:56
nessitadobey: yes. For example:17:57
nessita* from "a feature should be ported from trunk to stable when is *ready*". What's the definition of ready?17:58
nessita* from  the definition of *ready*, if we mention QA, who is in charge of doing it? how?17:58
nessita* what time frames shall we handle to do ports? all together at the end? on demand?17:58
gatoxnessita,  and this one should be ready too: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntuone-windows-installer/network-detect/+merge/7704917:59
dobeynessita: what do you mean my "ports" there? supporting a new platform?17:59
nessita* what do we port? (I know this is a broad question, but I think you get my point?) like, anything we develop in trunk and is *ready*? or only things listed in *here*?17:59
nessitadobey: no, sorry, port == porting something from trunk to a stable branch17:59
dobeyah ok17:59
dobeynessita: is that all?18:01
nessitadobey: from the top of my head, yes. Fell free to add any other detail that may help be all in sync with the process18:05
dobeyyes of course. just wanted to make sure i am covering what you were asking about, since you brought it up in the meeting. didn't want to send an e-mail and not cover anything you asked about :P18:06
nessitagatox: ping18:56
nessitagatox: this MP is still failing with the errors I pasted in it: https://code.launchpad.net/~diegosarmentero/ubuntu-sso-client/network-detect/+merge/7704818:56
gatoxnessita, weird!! i run u1lint on that branch and didn't show any changes18:57
nessitagatox: is a test error18:57
nessitaactually, 218:57
gatoxnessita, ahhhhh tests18:57
nessitagatox: I pasted the error on the 18th18:57
dobeyman, this weather has me super tired19:07
dobeymaybe i should go get a snack full of sugar or something19:08
dobeynessita: got sidetracked, but i'll write up that e-mail in the morning. too exhausted now. :-/21:07
dobeyhae a good evening though21:07
nessitadobey: you too, get some rest21:07
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Reaperis ubuntu one not working?22:10
duanedesignhello Reaper22:16
duanedesignReaper: Currently the servers are experiencing very high loads22:16
Reaperahh thank god I was going crazy LOL22:16
duanedesignReaper: are you in Ubuntu?22:17
duanedesignReaper: if you are curious you can use this command to watch the logs:22:17
duanedesigntail -fn 50 /home/duanedesign/.cache/ubuntuone/log/syncdaemon.log22:17
Reaperin terminal?22:18
duanedesignof course change duanedesign :)22:18
duanedesignReaper: oh, yes. Sorry22:18
Reapervery cool thanx22:18
duanedesignReaper: in this instance you will likely see a lot of: Connection lost: [('SSL routines', 'SSL23_READ', 'ssl handshake failure')]22:18
ReaperI had about 4 machines tryin to upload lol22:20
duanedesignReaper: oh, and when you are done watching the logs scroll by use ctrl + c to quit the 'tail' command22:20
duanedesignReaper: Are you using Ubuntu 11.10?22:21
Reaperlol k22:21
duanedesigngood :)22:21
Reaperwhy is that good?22:21
Reaperjust for the command?22:21
duanedesignReaper: that is the newest Ubuntu ONe client.22:21
Reaperoh got cha22:21
duanedesignIt ocntains the latest fixes and improvements22:21
Reaperso when the servers arent all jacked up will it upload all my stuff?22:22
duanedesignwe are trying to backport all the changes but it is a time consuming process22:22
duanedesignReaper: yes.22:22
duanedesignReaper: If you click connect. It will kep trying to connect until it gets a connection.22:23
ReaperI have connection.. just need to upload the files now lol22:24
ReaperIf I add a folder the files in the folder will be uploaded once all is well, is that correct?22:34

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