ScottLhello again, got my laptop working :)00:42
* abogani waves all06:22
knomeScottL, :)09:03
falktxScottL: ping10:35
ScottLhi abogani 11:03
ScottLhi knome 11:03
ScottLhi falktx 11:04
falktxerr, now I'm gonna be out to lunch :(11:04
ScottLthat's okay, i'm on my way to work right now, i'll be there in about thirty minutes :)11:06
* knome is mostly afk today11:16
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scott-workknome: i will add my recommendation tonight, sorry for the delay15:06
scott-workoh, knome, i really like the greybird theme, if ubuntu studio wanted to use a similar but darker them is there one you would recommend?15:07
scott-workabogani: it has been suggested that the -generic kernel might rival the -lowlatency kernel for performance within a year, can you offer an opinion on this statement?15:10
holsteini hope by 14.04 it will be a non-issue15:13
holsteinthe kernel thing^^15:13
knomescott-work, thanks! re: dark greybird, i don't really know the dark themes well18:17
scott-workknome: that's cool, i really like greybird, it is very simplistic and easthetically pleasing, it "gets out of the way" and doesn't confuse users in my opinion18:24
scott-worki should also add that those are compliments ;)18:25
knomeit's mostly done by ochosi though ;)18:25
knomebut more seriously, maybe a theme like greybird, but dark, could be possible for pangolin, or p+118:26
holsteinknome: i have a question... what privs do you have to the xubuntu stuff?19:14
knomeholstein, what xubuntu stuff?19:14
holsteinthe repos and the site maintanance?19:14
holsteinwhat im wondering is, how to get access to some of our infrastructure19:15
holsteinget that access to ScottL scott-work 19:15
holsteinknome: and/or you for that matter19:15
knomeholstein, we push to the launchpad repo, which is owned by xubuntu-website team, and the IS pull from there to production19:16
knomeholstein, so i just need push rights to the self-created repository in LP19:16
holsteinknome: lets say several of those words mean something to me... is there anything i can do to help facilitate that?19:18
knomeholstein, do you have a website team for ubuntu studio in launchpad?19:18
knomeif not, either create one, OR19:19
knomeadd me to the ubuntu studio team,19:19
holsteinknome: i think all of that is do-able19:19
knomei think a us-website team would be a better idea19:19
knomebecause when the site is in staging/production19:19
holsteinknome: im about to run, but maybe i catch you and scott-work ScottL around idle, and we can hash that out a bit19:19
knomepeople in that group have admin access to the WP installation19:20
holsteinknome: thanks for your help :)19:20
scott-workright, then sounds like we verify we don't have a website team and create one if not19:22
knomethat's how xubuntu has it :)19:24
shnatselscott-work: oh, hi!19:30
shnatselscott-work: I've just replied to your email19:30
scott-workshnatsel: cool :)19:31
scott-workthanks for responding!19:31
scott-workbut yeah, it's cranking up again, and me and holstein and hella motivated to make things happen this cycle ;)19:32
scott-workcan i add your google doc link to the blueprint, shnatsel ?19:32
shnatselscott-work: it's already there19:33
scott-workah, i see it now :)19:34
scott-worki might be able to hook you up on getting your packages into debian19:34
scott-workshnatsel: ^^^19:34
* shnatsel looks up hooking up in a dictionary19:35
knomescott-work, hmm. i think xubuntu could also do with a package-selector install-time, can we collaborate on that?19:35
shnatselknome: would be AWESOME19:36
shnatselknome: but, are you sure you need that? I'm pretty sure that NOT having one is a huge win for e.g. usual Ubuntu19:36
scott-workshnatsel: i think that i can assist you in getting the packages into debian, i forget you are not a native english speaker, russian i believe?19:36
knomei don't think how much we can contribute to that really19:36
knomeshnatsel, maybe for something like "install the lightest system" or "install with firefox+thunderbird"19:37
scott-worki am always humbled how well people who do not live in the us can speak english and the majority of americans can't even speak english properly19:37
knomeshnatsel, we probably don't want individual package selection, but something like sets of apps19:37
shnatselscott-work: yeah, Russian, but I'm learning English and I'll get my English translator grad in a year, so the more real-life expressions I know, the better :)19:37
scott-workknome:   re: collaboration;  absolutely!19:37
scott-workshnatsel: wow, that is cool!  is there big money in translation?19:38
shnatselscott-work: nope. Very little money in translation, unless it's synchronous interpretation, but I like coding more19:39
shnatselknome: I hope by the time of 12.04 you won't have to pull in Thunderbird - Postler will get much faster and lighter19:41
shnatsel(but that's just me)19:42
knomeheh, i just prefer TB over postler, at least for now19:43
shnatselyeah, right now Postler sucks IMHO19:44
scott-workknome: i am unfamiliar with team heirarchies in launchpad, should a website team be create under ~ubuntustudio or ~ubuntustudio-dev?19:45
knomescott-work, -dev19:46
knomescott-work, like website team is a subteam of developers inside LP too19:46
scott-workgood, that parallels my thought too19:46
knomeerr, s/inside/outside/ :P19:47
scott-workshnatsel: in the upcoming weeks i will start looking at the edubuntu and xubuntu seeds then20:10
shnatselscott-work: great! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me or appropriate teams20:12
scott-workpersia: i am persuing getting permission to push bzr updates to the repositories, if you have suggestions about how i do this or want to discuss creating a ubuntu studio team this would be a good time ;)20:15
scott-workTheMuso: if you have any suggestions on getting upload permission i would appreciate it as well20:17
holsteinscott-work: i have an email out to jono as well with a similar question20:18
scott-workholstein: this is a pertinent wiki page:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuDevelopers#Ubuntu_Developers_.28from_delegated_teams.2920:20
scott-worki'm just unsure if i should apply for 'delegated team' or 'per package'20:20
scott-workif clarification isn't forthcoming relatively soon, then i will probably apply in more than one method to make sure it happens20:20
shnatseldo we have an UbuntuStudio Oneiric release out?20:34
shnatselMy friend doesn't seem to be able to find it20:34
shnatselthough I sent him a link to http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/oneiric/release/20:34
knomescott-work, https://launchpad.net/~xubuntu-website20:35
knomescott-work, xubuntu-dev seems to be SUBTEAM of xubuntu-artwork20:36
knomescott-work, so i think it should also be a subteam of xubuntu-website too20:37
micahgscott-work: I can discuss here with you as well about membership :)20:42
micahgjust maybe not today (and it's too late to be on Monday's agenda anyways), how about Sunday sometime?20:43
scott-worksorry, micahg i just now saw this21:15
scott-workmicahg: i will be at your convenience to discuss memebership :)21:15
micahgscott-work: ok, Sunday some time should work21:17
scott-workmicahg: may i ask your timezone, this might make a difference for when "sunday" actually is for me ;)21:19
micahgscott-work: CDT ATM21:23
micahgso, the same :)21:24

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