shivaram_mamindlhello all06:18
shivaram_mamindlI've installed ubuntu studio, however I cant see any multimedia softwares installed in it06:18
shivaram_mamindlcan i get help regarding this?06:18
l33_is the new ubuntu-studio configured with rtirq init script ?09:08
kora-chanhi guys, I just wanted to ask if ubuntu studio might be the solution for my situation. I mainly use my external soundcard (us 122-l) for playing my stage piano with high quality sounds (kontakt 4 samples) instead of the crappy ones that come with the piano. In windows I had a latency of 23ms while playing which is essentially unplayable. In OSX I could get 11ms with the same hardware, which was fine for me. My m11:30
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shnatseljust for clarification, are the images in http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/ubuntustudio/releases/oneiric/release/ stable? There are no website release announcements...20:45
holsteinshnatsel: right20:47
shnatselholstein: thanks!20:48
holsteinshnatsel: we are working on getting rights20:48
holsteinoh, you know that ;)20:48
shnatselyeah :)20:48
holsteinbut, they come out with ubunt proper20:48
holsteinat the same time as everyone elses20:48

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