jYi have to start a ruby script via rvm.. and it uses chdir to get into the correct directory.. but it runs as root00:52
jYhow can i run it as another user.. but still honor the chdir?00:52
Ush4Ohi, can anyone give me an example how to bring up an wlan interface (ifconfig, iwconfig, wpa_supplicant) using upstart?12:48
stsmith3i have a service that calling reload on does the wrong thing. how can i go about customizing the reload action?13:25
stsmith3been trying to google but can't figure out how to ask the question13:26
stsmith3found this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/upstart/+bug/9487313:26
stsmith3but cant find any docs on custom actions13:26
wraiden"initctl reload service" as far a i know is currently only using pid of a running service and sends a SIGHUP to it...13:38
wraidenthere are plans to allow a reload customization...13:39
jhuntwraiden, stsmith3: yes, we're considering that feature.13:53
stsmith3ok. unfortunately the service im working with does the wrong thing for SIGHUP. the master exits and leaves a bunch of children around.13:54
stsmith3so a way to customize would really help in this case13:55

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