zacariasDo you know how can we activate the 3rd level on Xubuntu 11.04? 3d level is the ability to enable the "at", the "euro" and other signs which you can do with the keys, not with shift but with one of the other (win/apple or alt) keys00:42
kg_hi I have just tried to boot xubuntu 11.10 on an emachines E443 (AMD E350 APU) system hangs with no messages any suggestions?02:09
cjsSo, the xubunu session menu on the panel doesn't give me the option to switch to a different user or the guest user, as the Gnome session menu does. Is there any way to add this, or is this simply not a feature in Xfce?03:09
cjsAh, seems that the xfswitch-plugin is what's needed?03:16
cjsHm. It gives me: "Unable to switch to new display." "The naem org.gnome.DisplayManager was not provided by any .service files."03:17
cjsBecause I'm using lightdm instead of gdm?03:22
cjsYup, that was it.03:27
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cjsHm. Maybe I can handle this just by starting a second DM on the "f7" virtual console?03:34
cjsOr "f8" or whatever the alternate is...03:35
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rootboxis it possible to use a extended monitor in xubuntu 10.11?07:08
rootboxsorry i lost connecton07:20
Sysiuse arandr or nvidia tool or ati tool07:20
cjsAh, looks like some people are back. If I wanted to run a display manager on two of the Ctrl-Alt-F7 etc. virtual consoles, logging in with Xfce on one and as a different user with Gnome on the other, does anybody know how I might do that?07:29
Sysilog in to virtual console (tty), run right kind of export and run gnome-session or startxfce407:31
Sysiexport DISPLAY=:0.1 or something, google should know07:32
SysiDM:s shouldn't work07:33
cjsHm. So, basically a startx solution.07:52
cjsDMs can work, though I've lost the page on doing it in older versions of ubuntu.07:53
cjs I can't seem to get that working, somehow.08:11
well_laid_lawnset up a .xinitrc and login to tty2 and do   startx -- :108:17
drvladimirIn my window list applet, I'd like to set it so that...  Say I only have one window open. I don't want it to just expand and cover the entire space of the applet.  How can I set a size limit for individual window tabs without shrinking the whole applet?08:40
cjswell_laid_lawn: Doesn't work.08:58
cjsComplains that an X server is already running.08:58
well_laid_lawncjs: then try startx -- :208:59
cjsAh, as a command line param rather than setting DISPLAY; that's where I was going wrong....08:59
well_laid_lawnin a tty08:59
well_laid_lawnset up a .xinitrc and login to tty2 and do   startx -- :109:00
cjsHm. Works until I switch back to my other session, and then back to the new one. Then I get the text console back.09:01
cjsI can hit ^C to shut down that X server.09:02
well_laid_lawnthe second X session will be on tty809:04
well_laid_lawnso ctrl+alt+F809:04
cjsOh! I see.09:14
well_laid_lawnheh :)09:16
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wakslobHello world09:49
wakslobany idea if alc889a can conflict with nvidia accelerated graphics drivers?09:59
cjsHm. So, do I want xfdesktop? If I don't use the icons or anything like that, what does it do for me?10:17
cjs(It does seem to prevent fvwm from getting the mouse button clicks on the background that would bring up menus.)10:17
well_laid_lawnmaybe just kill it and see10:18
cjsWell, that's a bit difficult, since it's set to auto-restart. I can't seem to find the config file for my sessions, either. (I have a standard one and an fvwm one, with a chooser that comes up when I log in.)10:22
well_laid_lawntry   pkill xfdesktop &   in a terminal and save the session10:25
cjsOh, man, Xfce lets me have different accel. settings for different mice! I'm in love.10:25
cjswell_laid_lawn: How does putting pkill in the background help?10:26
well_laid_lawnheh that was just a habit10:26
cjsOk, in that case, I've already tried that.10:27
cjsLooking at it in the Session tab of the Session and Startup configuration, it says that the "Restart Style" is immediately. If I pkill xfdesktop, the background that lightdm was using appears for a moment, and then xfdesktop restarts.10:28
cjsI think I need to find the config file that's got this in it; there seems no way to remove xfdesktop from that list. (It's not in the "Application Autostart" tab.10:29
cjsOh, wait!10:30
cjsYou think that big red button that says, "Quit Program" could be it? :-)10:30
cjsWow, I seem to have all the basics working.10:33
cjsI am free of Gnome at last! Break out the champagne!10:34
cjsGotta go. Thanks again!11:07
aboudreaultanyone updated to 11.10  successfully? :P12:15
aboudreaultI'm always afraid to update too early12:15
ablomenon 2 xubuntu's and 1 ubuntu pc12:15
Sysiupdate potentially causes problems, no need to hurry12:17
ablomenaboudreault, seems stable enough, only bug after a few days of use is a drag/drop crash problem with gedit, but your mileage may vary ofc12:18
aboudreaultok, will see if it's worthy12:18
metap0dSorry to everyone I was speaking with yesterday, i was disconnected12:51
ballHmm... the new version of Xubuntu doesn't boot on this machine.  I may have to try something older.13:24
gNewPowerHi.  After upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 my screen resolution is not properly configured.  My max resolution should be 1900x1200 whereas now X is set at 1920X1200.  Do I care?  Can I change it?  thanks13:30
ballOnly you can tell if you care, but you probably want it set to whatever the native mode is for your screen.13:31
ball(if it's an LCD)13:32
gNewPowerit is an LCD13:32
gNewPowerwhat file to I edit?13:32
gNewPowerI don't see a Xorg.conf13:32
* ball has no idea13:32
ballI don't have a lot of luck with X.org13:33
ball...and sadly they took away xf86config / xorgconfig so now we're screwed if autodetect doesn't.13:33
gNewPowercan I fry my screen by letting it at 1920 i.e. 20 pixels too high?13:33
ablomengNewPower, are you sure though... do you have a special monitor?13:34
ablomenbecause it should always be 1920x120013:34
gNewPowerablomen, lemme double check that13:35
gNewPowerablomen, yes, I have a dell 2405fpw Max Resolution: 1920x1200 (WUXGA)13:36
ablomengNewPower, http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/monitors/2405fpw/en/about.htm#Specifioications13:37
ablomenoh sorry13:37
ablomenso it should be good13:37
gNewPowerablomen, you are right13:37
gNewPowermy doc was wrong13:37
gNewPowerthanks for reassuring me ;-)13:38
ablomenhehe np13:38
gNewPowermy user's manual did have it wrong though.13:38
gNewPoweryou are right and I guess I am all fine13:38
gNewPowerone more thing: folks on this channel really rock!  you guys helped me out already many times.  so - THANK YOU!!13:39
ballLet's try 10.10...13:47
gNewPoweryou mean 11.1013:50
ballI mean 10.10.  11.10 doesn't work for me.13:50
gNewPoweryou are going to downgrade?13:50
* ball nods13:50
ballThat's my plan.13:51
gNewPowerXubuntu 11.10 is that bad for you?13:51
ballOnly if I can get 10.10 to boot.13:51
ballgNewPower: It's probably wonderful if you can get it to boot.13:52
* ball shrugs13:52
Sysi11.10 won't be supported very long13:55
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111013:55
Sysi10.2011 + 18 months13:55
gNewPowerball, I am really sorry to hear that.13:56
ballgNewPower: These things happen.  It doesn't dent my opinion of Xubuntu significantly.13:57
ballIt's probably my favourite Linux distribution.13:57
gNewPowermy last two upgrades 10.10->11.04 and then 11.04->11.10 were a massive pain in the ass each time.  I hate Unity so much I moved to Xubuntu (which I really like, btw) but I have to say that it is MORE buggy then Debian-testing.  If this nonsense continues I will move my family to Mint...13:57
gNewPoweryesterday, it took me 7 hours to fix all the problems of my last upgrade13:58
ballI'm not familiar with Mint (though I've heard the name). What desktop does it use?14:00
reoneven debian had some issues not so long ago after an update. I ran Chrunchbang before 11.10 and reccon it is great. Squeeze however has older packages, installing stuff from testing/wheezy I had spome dependency issues even with apt-pinning. I changed back to ubuntu dues to all the support/guides & PPAs. I still think crunchbang is great though!14:01
gNewPowerGNOME 3.214:01
serfushow would I hide the hidden files on my desktop?14:01
gNewPowerCrunchbang rocks, but its not really Debian.  I ran !# for a while, but Debian-testing comes with a system of support (community and applications) which is far superior14:02
serfusreon, dosen't work14:02
gNewPowerstuff like apt-listbug which only Debian has14:02
serfuson the desktop, not with a file manger14:02
gNewPowerserfus, you want to hide hidden files?14:02
serfusgNewPower, yes14:03
reonserfus, I have desktop icons disabled, just assume ctrl-h migt work14:03
serfusreon, it dosen't :(14:03
gNewPowerwhat hidden files do you see on your desktop?14:03
gNewPoweryour desktop should be pretty much empty14:03
serfusnot sure name and description can help here14:03
gNewPowerserfus, are you on Xubuntu?14:03
gNewPowerok open a terminal14:04
gNewPowercd Desktop14:04
gNewPowerthen type ls14:04
serfusokay, i got a list14:04
gNewPowerand show us some of these files (not all, just a few) here14:04
serfus(i know this command)14:04
serfusAstral Projection - People Can Fly .mp314:05
serfushow would this help?14:05
gNewPowerthese files have no business being here14:05
gNewPoweryou need to move them elewhere14:05
serfusi want them there14:05
gNewPoweryou probably downloaded on the desktop14:05
serfusi use the desktop14:05
serfusit's deliberately14:05
serfusi just don't want to see the hidden files14:05
serfusothers should stay14:06
gNewPowerok, but that is not a good practice. music belongs in a music file.  if you want to hide them, just add a period at the beginning of their names like '.Astral  Projection - People Can Fly .mp3'14:06
gNewPowerbut you are going to get desktop clutter very fast14:06
Sysiserfus: hidden as in starting with " . "?14:06
serfusSysi, no, but they have a ~, and look different14:07
gNewPowerwith Xubuntu you should at most have your home directory, filesystem, trash and removable devices on your desktop14:07
Sysiserfus: that doesn't mean hidden file14:08
Sysicould you take screenshot?14:08
serfuswith the file manger i can see them only after ctrl-h14:08
gNewPowerserfus,good idea14:08
Sysihum, weird14:08
gNewPowermake a screenshot14:08
* serfus has to leave, will be back with a screenshot later14:10
ballHmm... 10.10 doesn't boot either.  I just get "Error setting up gfxboot"14:15
ballPerhaps I should try an alternate install disk14:15
=== XubuntuKris is now known as ArmyKris
ArmyKrisHas anyone had an issue with Thunar taking forever to load the home directory ~14:33
Unit193This Bug #775117 ?14:35
ubottuLaunchpad bug 775117 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Thunar hangs on first launch of each session" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77511714:35
gNewPowerArmyKris, yes14:37
reonArmyKris, this is a known thunar bug, I had the same issue in debian testing.14:37
gNewPowerits only for the first time though14:37
ArmyKrisAny kind of "fix"?14:37
gNewPowerannoying, but not catastrophic14:37
ArmyKrisYeah, I can still navigate cause I know the directories that I need to get to.lol14:38
reonArmyKris, I read that there is a patch for it but I have not seen it filtered down yet and that fas a good few months ago.14:38
ArmyKriswell I just got 54 updates through update manager a few minutes ago...maybe it was in there?14:38
reonreboot and let us know, i have not done any updates yet :)14:39
ArmyKrisI'm a little to busy to reboot..lol14:39
ArmyKriswill do in a few minutes though.14:39
xubuntu658im installing xubuntu16:28
xubuntu658but the installation screen never end16:28
pteague_workwow, since switching to oneiric i seem to be getting alerts for everything every time i turn around16:37
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tobychhow do i stop the window manager maximizing windows when i open applications?17:16
TheSheeptobych: it remembers the last state17:18
TheSheeptobych: so just unmaximize them17:18
tobychokay, thanks. but what about telling it never to maximize apps i've not run before?17:19
TheSheepit shouldn't do that :/17:19
tobychTheSheep, ah. maybe i'l try to find the settings. like, proper settings. very few seem available in the UI17:20
TheSheeptobych: I don't think there are any that would cause this, but I don't know for sure17:21
tobychi see17:21
TheSheeptobych: one thing that comes to mind is that if the application requests a window size much larger than the screen size -- then maybe it would get maximized17:21
TheSheeptobych: not sure though17:22
tobychah, that might be it. i'm on a netbook.17:22
tobychi'd like behaviour to be configurable, for sure.17:22
Sysiif window is bigger than screen, xfce makes it maximized17:23
Sysishould /etc/rc.local be executed in 11.10?17:29
SysiI put vbox-mount there but it didn't work17:29
metaphilhi there17:33
metaphilany xfce-compiz experts 'round here? :)17:33
Sysipop a question and see17:33
reonmetaphil, I don't use compiz, never have as I don't see the need.17:34
metaphilreon: sure, it's a matter of personal taste :) i enjoy some usability tweaks for power user and total control over all the effects17:35
metaphiljust grabbed xubuntu 11.10 and a fresh compiz install. I disabled xfwm4's compositing but I'd like to use the default sleek xfce window decorations17:35
metaphilwhen i tell ccsm to use "xfwm4 --replace" as window decorator, it uses the decorations, but none of the effects work. fusion-icon tells me that compiz is running as window manager17:36
metaphilany ideas?17:36
Sysigreybird should contain metacity theme gtk-window-decorator can use17:36
Sysishould have emerald theme too, if default package doesn't contain them, download from shimmerproject website17:37
metaphilok, so you're recommending emerald?17:38
Sysinot really, but it's one possibility if it's not broken anymore17:39
metaphilapt-get tells me that there's no install candidate for emerald and i failed to compile it manually17:39
Sysifind out how to set gtk-window-decorator theme17:39
Sysiyou could try #compiz or something for that17:40
metaphilbut thanks so far!17:40
Sysikubuntu 11.10, xfce terminal opens ~/Documents when I launch it from menu or Ctrl Shift N, can I set in config it to open ~?17:50
Sysiwhopsi, slightly missed but please tell if you know :P17:50
SilverMonkeyanyone no how to get jupiter to work in xubuntu 11.10 i installed it but it keeps complaining about being whitelisted and need to log back on but it just keeps repeating the same message18:20
xrdodrxSilverMonkey, the power manager?18:30
SilverMonkeyrunning on eee pc but when i install it just says that its whitelisted and to log back on and when i do it just says that again but never displays the applet18:33
fisthey, i got a problem with the sound - it works perfect without headphones19:00
fistbut if i insert headphones, the sound is mutes19:00
fistand un-unmutable19:00
fist*not unmutable19:00
fistbut if i boot with the headphones inserted, the sound works normal19:00
fist(my laptop got a sensor to detect, if headphones are inserted)19:01
knomefist, have you looked at pavucontrol??19:09
niuniomartinezI was upgrading from 11.04 to 11.10 but a warning appears: (translated from spanish) "It looks like your grpahic hardware doesn't have full support on Ubuntu 11.04..."19:20
niuniomartinezBTW, I have some updates pending...19:21
niuniomartinez...some of them about graphics (XOrg, X, etc)19:21
knomeniuniomartinez, have you ran jockey?19:21
niuniomartinezI haven't.19:22
niuniomartinezSHould I?19:22
niuniomartinezI have "jockey-text" and "jockey-gtk"...19:22
knomeniuniomartinez, if you can get to GUI, use -gtk, otherwise -text19:24
niuniomartinezI've run jockey-text and nothing happens. It says "Searching drivers..." and exits.19:24
niuniomartinezJockey-gtk also searchs but it doesn't find nothing. :(19:28
niuniomartinezknome, can you help me? I you can't I'll upgrade the 16 packages pending.19:32
knomeniuniomartinez, apt-cache check ?19:33
niuniomartinezroot@guillermo-desktop:~# apt-cache check19:34
niuniomartinezE: Operación inválida: check19:34
niuniomartinezInvalid operation19:34
knomeniuniomartinez, erm, sorry, "sudo apt-get check"19:34
niuniomartinezWait a moment, please. :)19:35
niuniomartinez"Done". :)19:35
knomeokay... "sudo apt-cache upgrade" ?19:35
niuniomartinezYou mean "apt-get", don't you?19:36
niuniomartinezIn progress (16 packages)19:37
knomeheh, yeah...19:37
niuniomartinezAlmost done.19:38
niuniomartinezShould I try again now to upgrade to 11.04?19:39
niuniomartinezSame message (translated from Spanish): "It seems like your Intel graphic hardware doesn't have full suppor on Ubuntu 11.04. May be it will fail after upgrading"19:41
niuniomartinezOk: I'll try anyway. May be it explode or may be it works.19:46
niuniomartinezI'll see you on the other side.19:46
incorrecti wonder if i am the only one who really hates the gtk3 apps creeping in everywhere?20:09
Sysisoon it will be "damn why all these apps are still ancient gtk2"20:10
incorrecti don't know what the overhead for xfce to move to gtk3 would be20:11
incorrectit seems a logical progression20:11
Sysiit will happen, but not planned yet for next release20:12
niuniomartinezI did tested Gnome3 and I don't like it.20:14
incorrectniuniomartinez, unity/gnome3 are for non-computer users20:14
niuniomartinezIt would be great for "pads" but not for my good old IBM20:14
niuniomartinezincorrect: you're right.20:15
niuniomartinez3 minutes to start installing Xubuntu 11.1020:15
incorrectwell ubuntu says linux for humans20:15
incorrectclearly developers / sysadmins are not humans, we have known this for a long time20:15
antnashHey guys, where can I download the alternate cd so I can install onto existing LVM partitions?20:16
Sysicdimage.ubuntu.com for example20:16
incorrectcan i set a gtk3 theme manually?20:16
Sysicopy/symlink gtk3-folder from other theme to your theme's folder20:17
antnashCheers Sysi20:17
incorrectSysi, no ui to do it?20:18
incorrecturg, i should have stuck with 11.0420:18
Sysiincorrect: xfce sets gtk3 theme to be the same as gtk220:19
incorrectSysi, i guess there is no matching gtk3 mist theme20:19
incorrectyes that is it20:20
incorrectnow they look the same20:20
niuniomartinezI think I did something wrong...20:20
niuniomartinezIt asked and I push a button witout reading the message.20:20
incorrecthmm, now what package has more gtk3 themes20:21
niuniomartinezNo, 52 minutes...20:22
Sysigreybird, adwaita and ambiance are in repositories, there are some themes in gnome-look but not too much20:22
niuniomartinezNo, 1 hour 3 minutes?20:22
niuniomartinezOk: my Xubuntu is updating (about 1 hour) and it's late here in Spain. Time to dinner :)20:25
niuniomartinezThanks for your help, knome. :)20:25
niuniomartinezGood night.20:25
knomeniuniomartinez, :)20:25
niuniomartinezBye cha everybody! ;)20:25
incorrecthmm the only theme i have is greybird that sets for any gtk3 app20:26
knomeincorrect, mm-hmm.20:26
incorrectknome, any idea if i can apt-get some more themes?20:27
knomei don't know about any other themes that support gtk3 as well as greybird20:27
knomemaybe you can search gnome-look.org20:28
knome(gnome uses gtk themes too..)20:28
incorrecti am lazy, i just want to apt-get20:28
incorrectgnome? what is that20:28
knomethen i think you're out of luck, unless you get the ubuntu desktop themes20:28
knomegnome is a DE as xfce is20:28
Sysiincorrect: try adwaita or ambiance20:29
incorrectok i won't fight it, i will just stick with greybird20:31
fallonhello, I'm looking to make a .deb file executable so that I can install it21:10
fallonhow can I go about doing that?21:10
fallonI'm running 11.10, I'm just trying to install the opera browser21:10
lordjjfallon create a .deb from source?21:14
genii-aroundNot sure it needs to be executable. The usual way is sudo dpkg -i debfilename.deb21:15
fallonoh, that worked21:16
fallonwell, now I feel dumb..21:16
fallonthanks guys21:16
Sysiyou should use opera repositories21:17
antnashHey Sysi, do you know if it's possible to put a time out on the alternative CD language selection? my wireless keyboard doesn't seem to work on that screen21:26
niuniomartinezHello again.21:27
niuniomartinezSystem upgraded, seems to work.21:27
niuniomartinezThat's all.21:28
Sysiantnash: I don't know21:30
=== knome changed the topic of #xubuntu to: Official Xubuntu Support Channel | Xubuntu 11.10 is out! Please get it from http://xubuntu.org/get | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com | No one around? Use the mailing list at http://lists.ubuntu.com/xubuntu-users | Offtopic: #xubuntu-offtopic
zacariasMy xubuntu (11.04 running on powerpc) is quite slow sometimes. The CPU monitors indicate an usage between 80 and 100 %. Is it normal? The memory usage is around 10%.21:48
Reddexxcan me help, i have a problem21:56
knome!ask | Reddexx21:56
ubottuReddexx: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience21:56
Reddexxi have a error in the installation " Invalid Argument"21:57
knomewhere in the installation21:57
Reddexxi have windows 7, will Xubuntu for SubSystem21:57
knomeyou mean with Wubi?21:57
Reddexxsry my english is not good21:58
knomeright, i don't know much about that...21:58
knomewhat is your main language then?21:58
ubottuIn den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!21:58
knomeyou can try the #ubuntu-de channel21:59
knomethey should be able to help with xubuntu too, and i think that is a wubi-specific error anyway21:59
antnashAlright guys. I hav a problem with the alternate live disk. It doesn't recognise my wireless keyboard. Is there any way I can get it to boot straight in to a live session?22:00
knomeantnash, alternate installation does not have a live session22:00
antnashRight. How can I install on to existing LVM partitions?22:01
knomeantnash, do you have a spare, non-wireless keyboard?22:02
antnashwhere do I go from here?22:03
knomenot sure really. i don't know if any disc will recognise the cd...22:04
antnashIS there anywhere I can go without waiting until tomorrow and then getting a PS/2 kb?22:04
knomeat least i am out of ideas22:04
antnashThis sucks ass22:04
knomehas the keyboard worked with previous xubuntu versions?22:04
antnashit works fine once I'm actually into a session22:05
antnashjust not in the text parts22:05
antnashTried 2 diff wireless kbs22:05
antnashshould it work with wireless keyboards?22:06
knomei see no reason why it shouldn't. is it bluetooth or with usb-dongle?22:06
knomemaybe ask #ubuntu if they know about that stuff - this doesn't sound like a xubuntu-specific issue22:08
antnashlooks like I'll just have to get a PS/2 kb tomorrow22:08
knomeyeah. too bad it didn't work for you22:09
antnashFed up of Fedora. It's so much more hassle to get stuff to work properly22:09
knomei hope you'll have better experiences with xubuntu, even if it's not starting so well :)22:10
antnashyeah, I know I will22:15
antnashThis is all for my server. Just wanna get it all set up properly22:19
knomethere's ubuntu server too22:19
antnashI suppose I could just delete everything but my storage LVM partition and install the rest on standard logical partitions22:20
antnashIt's only a home fileserver22:20
antnashAnd I like the xfce desktop22:21
antnashAnd I just wanted everything as easy as poss22:21
antnashwell that's long gone!!22:21
knomesometimes that happens22:21
antnashwouldn't go for win server tho22:22
knomehah, that's a completely different world22:22
knomebtw, we have #xubuntu-offtopic for offtopic (non-support) chat, feel free to join22:22
antnashAlthough it's been a nightmare trying to set up NFS properly between my windows laptop and linux server22:23
antnashWell I could use help with the NFS22:23
knomeif i only can help...22:23
antnashBeen getting access denied when trying to transfer to the nfs shares22:23
knome(probably not though ;()22:24
antnashfull access given, no firewall22:24
knomehaven't been running windows systems in years22:24
ubottunfs is the network file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SettingUpNFSHowTo for information on installing and configuring NFS.22:24
knomehave you read that?22:24
deithrianI'm trying to turn NumLock key on on boot but i can't find the /etc/gdm/ folder in 11.1022:25
deithriancan someone help?22:25
knomedeithrian, 11.10 uses lightdm instead of gdm22:25
deithrianknome, so the tutorial on the website is useless?22:26
knomedeithrian, which website?22:26
deithrianalso this post http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=169484522:26
knomedeithrian, have you tried the startx method?22:27
deithrianknome, where can i read about it?22:27
knomedeithrian, it's on the NumLock page, more to bottom22:27
deithrianknome, should i also uninstall the numlockx package?22:27
knomedeithrian, you need that for the startx method too22:28
deithrianwill give it a try thanks knome22:28
knomenp, hopefully that works22:28
deithriani hope so :) oh and btw Xubuntu 11.10 is awesome22:30
antnashI'm hoping setting up apache and php is gonna be easier than on fed22:32
ubottuLAMP is an acronym for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP. However, the term is often used for setups using alternative but different software, such as Perl or Python instead of PHP, and Postgres instead of MySQL. For help with setting up LAMP on Ubuntu, see  https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ApacheMySQLPHP - See also the Server CD installation process (different in Edgy+)22:33
knomeantnash, for a pure server, i think debian might just be a little better than *ubuntu*22:33
knomeantnash, but if it's a home file server, and you want gui, then i suppose xubuntu is a good choice too22:34
deithrianwell unfortunately that didn't help22:35
=== deithrian is now known as Guest38805
antnashI do indeed want a gui22:35
antnashWant to be able to vnc in22:35
antnashif necessary22:36
knomeGuest38805, hhmh. you could try asking #ubuntu too, since this doesn't seem like a xubuntu-specific problem22:36
knomeantnash, yup, i can see that :)22:36
Guest38805ok knome thanks22:37
=== Guest38805 is now known as Deithrian
antnashhow long should it take to install the alternate from a usb?22:39
antnashwell, it SHOULD be installing from a 1 GB partition on a hard disk, but it was saying that it couldn't mount the CDROM22:39
knomeantnash, afaik, if you use the usb disk creator, you can't install alternate there, you need a desktop iso. but installing should take about the same22:40
knomei'm going offline for today22:41
knomegood luck everybody with your issues22:41
antnashcheers for your help man22:41
knomesee you later22:41
Deithriangnite and thanks :)22:41
hellothereI want to have all my windows maximized and all window decorations removed. I tried maximus, but it removes the window decorations only if i unmaximize a window and maximize it again. ideas?23:18
lorin`maybe edit a theme to remove window decorations from it? prelude-4 is close-ish23:35
lukinforehellothere, probably better ask on #xfce. with fluxbox it's easy, not sure about xfwm23:49
hellotherek, thanks23:53
gusnanhellothere, that can be done with devilspie23:54
hellotherethat looks promising, thank you23:55
gusnanhellothere, You could also try my project devilspie2 - Pretty much the same as devilspie, but LUA-based.23:59

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