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didrocksgood morning05:51
oSoMoNgood morning06:53
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mardySaviq: hi, how can you tell metacity to layout 9 workspaces in a 3x3 grid? I always get 2 rows, with 5 and 4 workspaces08:37
Saviqmardy: I can't ;)08:37
Saviqmardy: I hardcoded 3x3 in Workspaces.qml08:38
mardySaviq: ahhh :-) OK, I'll try that as well08:38
Saviqthat's something we need to address, too - when _NET_DESKTOP_LAYOUT isn't set08:38
Saviqwe should have sqrt(workspaces) rows08:38
eugenesanHi all, anyone here can answer specific question regarding unity-2d code?10:49
njpateleugenesan, Kaleo or mardy  should be able to help10:53
eugenesanThanks for tip, I suppose they are not here.10:54
mardyeugenesan: I'm here :-)10:54
eugenesanOh, nice.10:55
eugenesanmardy: I am trying to revive homebutton and fighting next issue: HomeButtonApplet::enterEvent@homebuttonapplet.cpp called twice and I can't figure why. Any ideas why?10:56
mardyeugenesan: is it the home button applet for the top panel?10:58
eugenesan`yes, the one removed in recent versions10:58
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Saviqmardy: the jumping background is a regression, I don't observe that in currently released version11:03
SaviqI've to relogin to check something, brb11:04
mardySaviq: I'm trying with the latest trunk, and it's there11:06
Saviqmardy: yes11:07
Saviqthat's what I meant, a regression between current release and trunk, sorry11:07
mardySaviq: ah, you mean that the current release works fine?11:07
Saviqmardy: if you spread from a workspace with a maximized window, does your launcher still contain the underlying window?11:07
Saviqmardy: yes11:08
mardySaviq: yes11:08
mardySaviq: might be because of that geometry change I made to ScreenInfo11:09
Saviqdo you remember if it wasn't like that before?11:09
Saviqmardy: but that's also there in current release11:09
mardycan't remember :-(11:09
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mardyeugenesan: I remember it was functional, but since it was removed I never tried to use it. Try to run the panel in gdb, and see who calls enterEvent11:23
eugenesanmardy: Thanks for the tip11:27
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htorque_hey everyone! i cannot build unity, getting lots of "error: ‘nux::State’ has not been declared" (i'm on nux trunk). is this known?12:04
Trevinhohtorque_: did you use the nux 2.0 branch?12:05
htorque_oh, probably not.12:05
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htorque_Trevinho: 'trunk' is actually the same as '2.0', but i guess recent nux commits cause the problem: http://paste.ubuntu.com/714142/ and http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/nux/2.0/revision/50412:39
Amaranthsmspillaz: Have you ever had any issues with override-redirect windows painting? It seems all my menus and notify-osd windows aren't rendering correctly, almost as if they aren't getting damaged12:49
smspillazAmaranth: nope. What graphics hardware ?12:50
Amaranthsmspillaz: It's intel with my gles changes :P12:50
AmaranthIn an hour or two I'll know if it happens on my panda too but I'm expecting it will12:51
smspillazI did make a change to have it so that decorations would paint on windows that didn't receive a damage event yet12:51
smspillaz(so if an application mapped a window, never drew on it then locked up you'd be able to close it12:51
AmaranthI get a flash of them drawing then the only part that draws is the part I have highlighted, presumably because the color change on highlight triggers a damage12:51
Amaranthand notify-osd windows only show up when fading in or out12:51
AmaranthIt's gotta be something I'm doing in unity, I'm afraid it's the FBO stuff12:52
smspillazAmaranth: ah12:57
smspillazAmaranth: yeah it would be12:57
smspillazAmaranth: check if the fbo is still bound after the nux stuff draws12:57
smspillazAmaranth: I remember I hit problems with this12:57
smspillazAmaranth: you know, its funny, I read over the blur plugin code the other day and finally had the "so that's how it works! moment"12:57
AmaranthnuxPrologue is handling that, iirc12:57
AmaranthGod blur would be so much simpler if it was using Nux APIs :P12:58
smspillazAmaranth: check the viewports are reset correctly12:58
smspillazAmaranth: it does use the nux api's. Kind of12:58
AmaranthOh, right, I think I don't do that anymore, oops12:58
smspillazI still have some pending SRU changes to that fbo code, but I don't think its relevant to what we're doing12:59
smspillazI think that the best approach is when the blur plugin itself is ported, we should make compiz specify a screen region to blur12:59
smspillazusing the same shader12:59
smspillazAmaranth: so I finally figured out that compiz does it by doing a horizontal blur on the backbuffer first, then doing a backbuffer-to-texture copy (eg glCopyTexSubImage2D) and then painting that texture into an fbo with a vertical blur shader13:00
smspillaz(took a bit of jumping around in the code to figure that out)13:00
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smspillazAmaranth: I dunno why it does it that way, reading off the backbuffer was hella expensive back in the days of not having a proper memory model13:11
smspillazAmaranth: but then again, gaussian blur required fbos which required a memory model, and memory models made it about as expensive to do glCopyTexSubImage2D and glBindBuffer anyways (since you have to flush the pipeline in both cases)13:12
zniavrehello im experiencing strange behavior of xfce4-panel and indicator-plugin > the indicators are in reverse mode , how can i change the diplaying?13:16
zniavre(if displaying exists as word ...)13:16
zniavrehttp://i.imgur.com/szLEx.png   > top right  check the system indicator(at left side of indicator13:17
zniavreshould i report a bug , against wich package ?13:18
Amaranthsmspillaz: But nvidia was clearly doing FBOs without a proper memory manager13:44
AmaranthSo that argument isn't entirely valid13:44
AmaranthAlthough it probably was for this particular case13:44
AmaranthActually I think onestone wrote that while using fglrx so...13:44
smspillazAmaranth: david wrote the gaussian blur code13:46
AmaranthAre you sure?13:48
AmaranthI thought blur was originally a beryl feature that required core changes and then onestone rewrote it for compiz in a way that didn't require those changes13:48
Amaranthalso, ugh, unity takes forever to compile13:49
Amaranthsmspillaz: hehe, resetting the viewport in nuxEpilogue actually makes things worse, now menus don't show up at all13:51
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smspillazAmaranth: the blur plugin for compiz was originally written by david. blurfx was dropped14:07
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kenvandinenjpatel, how can i tell if "All" is active in a CheckOptionFilter?14:11
kenvandineor didrocks ^^14:11
greybackthere goes that password :(14:12
kenvandinegreyback, hahaha14:13
kenvandinehate it when that happens :)14:13
Saviqgreyback: rotfl14:15
greybackkenvandine: at least it wasn't an important one *looks around suspiciously*14:15
Amaranthsmspillaz: So if I just wanted to disable UnityFBO usage entirely what would I need to do?14:42
smspillazAmaranth: replace the hook points ?14:44
smspillazunityfbo is not that complicated14:44
Amaranthsmspillaz: I must be missing something because when I disable using it nothing draws anymore14:45
AmaranthOh, actually...14:45
AmaranthI just forced allowWindowPaint to false all the time, seems to have done the trick14:45
smspillazAmaranth: that will force unity to go on top of everything15:00
smspillazyou probably dont want that15:00
smspillaz(unless you like it appearing on top of the lock screen too)15:00
Amaranthsmspillaz: Actually other than showing the name of the app I'm running that's a rather nice effect15:01
AmaranthI can't interact with the top bar but I can see the time, date, wifi status, battery status, etc15:02
AmaranthKind of like the gnome-shell lock screen, no?15:02
smspillazAmaranth: that's great, except when the app name happens to be "the big world domination red button" or whatever15:06
smspillazoh, and the launcher showing $not_child_friendly_app pinned to the launcher15:06
Amaranththe launcher doesn't seem to be showing at all for me15:07
smspillazoh and then the subsequent political crisis and emergency that occurrs claiming that window stacking is broken again and OH MY GOD THE WORLD IS GOING TO END15:07
Amaranthon the lock screen, I mean15:07
smspillazAmaranth: make it not autohide15:07
AmaranthI wish I could figure out how15:07
smspillazmove windows out of the way15:07
Amaranthsmspillaz: There are no windows in the way15:07
AmaranthExcept the screensaver window15:08
smspillazoh that would do it15:08
Amaranththere we go, now it listen to my "autohide must die" preference15:09
Amaranthand now it shows on the screensaver15:09
Amaranthsmspillaz: Got a better suggestion? I was supposed to have a release out already15:10
smspillazAmaranth: can I see the code ?15:10
Amaranthsmspillaz: lp:~linaro-graphics-wg/unity/unity-gles215:10
AmaranthThe unity plugin itself is running in to the same problem I had with the rest of compiz together15:11
AmaranthToo much state that you have to know to know what a given codepath is going to do15:11
smspillazyeah, its15:11
AmaranthDoesn't help that I would normally be in bed a couple hours ago :P15:12
* cwillu_at_work pokes lazy positioning with an smspillaz 15:12
smspillazmostly because there is no such support for inserting arbitrary obejcts into the paint stack15:12
smspillazcwillu_at_work: I'm not even meant to be working this week :(15:12
cwillu_at_workthere's a pill for that15:12
smspillazheh, I wish15:12
Amaranthhehe, you're not working, you're helping me ;)15:13
smspillazwell its more like15:13
AmaranthI don't know why Unity's FBO usage gives me so much trouble15:13
smspillazpeople can still harrass me15:13
AmaranthI just can't wrap my head around what it does and where15:13
smspillazbut then I have a legitimate reason to tell them to go away15:13
smspillazits like, the only difference is that being paid revokes that right to tell people to go away15:14
cwillu_at_workyou should log on with an appropriate nick when you're being paid15:14
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cwillu_at_workvery good.15:14
* cwillu_at_work nearly avoids making various snarky remarks about that nick15:15
smslaveAmaranth: you should just be able to disable it by making bind () and unbind () return false15:15
smslaveand paint () return15:15
Amaranthsmslave: That should be the same as commenting out the lines those are called on15:16
Amaranthsmslave: Which makes the screen stop painting15:16
AmaranthThat's why I ported this stuff to nux rather than disable it and leave it for someone else to port later :P15:16
smslave... so, why do we need to deactivate it again ?15:17
Amaranthsmslave: Menus (and presumably all override-redirect windows) aren't drawing at all15:18
cwillu_at_worksmslave, the lazy positioning fixes aren't in -proposed/don't exist yet, correct?15:18
* cwillu_at_work just wants to make sure it's not considered fixed, and will avoid pestering further if that's the case :p15:18
smslaveAmaranth: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~linaro-graphics-wg/unity/unity-gles2/view/head:/plugins/unityshell/src/unityshell.cpp#L46215:20
smslavecwillu_at_work: can you show me the bug # ?15:21
Amaranthsmslave: You change it to mActiveFbo, not me :P15:21
Amarantherr, changed*15:21
smslaveAmaranth: I added that becauset there was some nuxPrologue/nuxEpilogue wrappers around paintPanelShadow15:21
smslaveso what unityfbo did was it set the "active framebuffer" in unityscreen to the currently bound framebuffer15:21
cwillu_at_worksmslave, bug #874514 is what I reported15:22
ubot5Launchpad bug 874514 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Nothing on screen updates other than cursor when moving window" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87451415:22
smslaveso that when nuxepilogue gets called it will be bound back to the correct one or 0 when there is no buffer bound15:22
smslaveAmaranth: since you don't update mActiveFbo anymore when binding the nux framebuffers, that line can be nuked15:23
Amaranthwell, no, I can nuke mActiveFbo and set that to 0 though15:24
smslavecwillu_at_work: that should be fixed with the *next* proposed update (some event matching fixes came in there)15:24
smslavecwillu_at_work: the reason is because lazy positioning in its current form is really unsafe when we have made configure requests on that window15:24
cwillu_at_workincidentally, I still get the configure notify missed message thingy occasionally under the current -proposed15:25
smslaveright, those should be fixed with the *next* proposed (dunno when that was uploaded)15:25
smslavematching configure notify events is surprisingly hard15:26
Amaranthsmslave: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/4.0/view/head:/plugins/unityshell/src/unityshell.cpp#L95415:32
Amaranthyou set it to true then test if its true? :)15:33
AmaranthI sure hope the compiler optimizes that out15:33
smslaveret = gScreen->glPaintOutput(attrib, transform, region, output, mask);15:33
smslavestuff happens15:33
Amaranthyou didn't link to glPaintOutput code you linked to paintDisplay15:34
Amaranthwhich is what that if is guarding15:34
smslaveAmaranth: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~unity-team/unity/4.0/view/head:/plugins/unityshell/src/unityshell.cpp#L164215:35
AmaranthI have no idea what you're linking me and why15:35
smslaveglPaintOutput -> base glPaintOutput -> UnityWindow::glDraw -> paintDisplay (if condition met) -> doShellRepaint = false15:35
AmaranthYou set it to true, draw something if its true, set it to false, then another part of code checks if its true or false15:36
smslaveso the idea is15:36
smslaveset it to true15:36
smslavewait for a window to paint15:36
smslaveif we need to paint directly below that window15:36
smslaveset it to false15:36
AmaranthI'm pretty sure this bit is the cause of my problem when turning off FBO usage15:36
smslaveif it is still true, then we didn't paint15:37
smslaveso paint on top of everything15:37
eugenesanmardy: regarding duplicated HomeButtonApplet::enterEven, looks like appearance of launcher causes additional event.15:37
smslaveAmaranth: the cause of your problem was that15:37
smslaveAmaranth: an invalid fbo was bound15:37
smslaveso nothing was drawn15:37
AmaranthFBO 0 isn't invalid15:37
smslaveinvalid in the logistical sense15:38
smslaveand then nothing would get drawn until  the next paint pass when that state was released15:38
Amaranthsmslave: hello from metacity15:42
Amaranthsmslave: that wasn't the problem :(15:42
Amaranthafaik binding FBO 0 means frontbuffer15:43
Amaranthso that couldn't have been the problem15:43
smslaveAmaranth: you should remove that line anyways15:46
Amaranthsmslave: That line has existed since before your UnityFBO stuff15:47
AmaranthIt just used to explicitly set to 015:47
smslavebecause nux paints stuff, it was used to reset state iirc15:47
AmaranthBecause while blur and unityshell aren't doing something 0 is the wrong answer15:47
Amarantherr, 0 is the right answer15:47
Amaranththeoretically that line isn't needed because for every bind you do an unbind15:48
Amaranthbut it doesn't hurt to have it and it protects against accidents15:48
AmaranthI think I'm just going to get some sleep and work on this again when I'm more alert16:00
smslavesounds like a plan16:01
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smoseris there a keypress to make the launcher bar go away ?16:22
smoserwhen someone says my name in irc, and i'm working, it pops up (which is nice) but sticks around too long.16:22
smoseras the xchat icon wiggles16:22
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njpatelkenvandine, filtering == false16:49
kenvandinethere goes njpatel with a drive by answer, love that guy :)16:58
kenvandinealthough his answer is either not correct or i found a bug17:08
jo-erlendthe other day, I found a page with a description of how to use the launcher API. I can't find it again. Anyone?19:19
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kenvandinejo-erlend, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity/LauncherAPI20:24
jo-erlendsomeone is getting two launchers at the same time. Is that a known bug?20:40
jo-erlendhaha, he had used a screenshot as a desktop background :>20:46
* cwillu_at_work hands jo-erlend a knife, to be used in whatever way comes naturally20:47
jo-erlendactually, it was quite nice to be able to disprove a bug for once :>20:49
Andy80is there a known bug about drag&dropping files form Nautilus to Launcher? I cannot drop a pdf :\ the çauncher keeps staying transparent23:03
cwillu_at_workAndy80, yep;  I believe there's a fix in -proposed23:24
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