* Jilly wves01:03
Jillywaves even.01:03
Jillyis trying out plasma.01:03
Jillyis not sure what she thinks....nice eye candy though. :) 01:05
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jussiclaydoh: *hugs* 06:07
jussialso, are there any KC members awake atm?  Darkwing still up? 06:07
apacheloggerjussi: sup?06:08
jussiapachelogger: could you finally accept the  KC invitation to ~irc-kubuntu-ops, ~irc-kubuntu-devel-ops and irc-kubuntu-offtopic-ops ?06:09
jussiapachelogger: thanks :)06:13
Tm_TKalvin Clein members?06:16
Tm_T...why that was the first what came up to my mind is mystery06:16
ulyssesMay I close Launchpad bug 876606 as Invalid? I followed the steps at http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Features/KDE_PulseAudio_Integration#How_To_Test06:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 876606 in Ubuntu "kubuntu kmix in oneiric has no PA support" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87660606:36
ulyssesEverything OK, so the bug is invalid06:36
ulyssesmarked as invalid06:51
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schnellewhere to file muon bug? lauchpad or bugs.kde.org? 12:59
Quintasanschnelle: I think you can ask JontheEchidna when he gets here13:52
schnelleok will do that. thanks13:53
danttiapachelogger: ping14:37
james_wDarkwing, hi, https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kubuntu-docs/+spec/kubuntu-docs-precise isn't being autoscheduled for UDS currently as the name of the BP doesn't start with a track name, if you rename it to desktop-kubuntu-docs-precise then it will be autoscheduled.14:47
Quintasanapachelogger, shadeslayer: Wish me luck, flashing dual-boot android+ubantoo14:48
jjessejames_w Darkwing i changed the spec: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/kubuntu-docs/+spec/desktop-kubuntu-docs-precise14:51
jjessejames_w Darkwing does that work?14:51
james_wthat should work14:51
QuintasanHmm, it's alive15:21
Quintasanshadeslayer: The method on xda installs linux, but I can't see why you can't convert that ijstall into Kubuntu15:24
Quintasanshadeslayer, apachelogger: ah fucks, this shitty tutorial over at XDA's installs natty, and has a fuckton long thread and apparently there is a newer windows-based flash toolkit that apparently solves various problem including not working touchpad16:56
QuintasanI will try it tomorrow16:56
* Quintasan be pullin an update now16:56
Darkwingjjesse: Thanks.17:09
Darkwingjjesse: Thanks.17:09
DarkwingQuintasan: Did you get confermation on your vesa?17:09
DarkwingQuintasan: What android devel are you working on?17:10
jjesseDarkwing no problem the least i can do17:15
Darkwingjjesse: :D You going to be in Orlando?17:15
jjesseDarkwing nope17:23
Darkwingjjesse: bugger.17:24
DarkwingHey bambee 17:47
shadeslayerQuintasan: so you can install ubuntu?17:54
shadeslayerQuintasan: because I can't use nvflash :/17:54
shadeslayerthe miniloader in APX mode crashes17:54
QuintasanDarkwing: Kubuntu Mobile/Active/Whateverit'snamednow18:06
Quintasanshadeslayer: how can miniloader crash in apx mode?18:07
QuintasanIt means you're probably doing something wrong18:07
shadeslayerQuintasan: it's a known problem18:07
QuintasanAnd what precisely "crashing" is?18:07
shadeslayerthats what lilstevie told me18:07
Quintasanoh fuck18:07
QuintasanNow I wonder about two things18:07
shadeslayerQuintasan: did you manage to boot ubuntu?18:07
QuintasanUpdating to oneiric now18:08
QuintasanTwo things18:08
Quintasantouchpad not working18:08
shadeslayerok, can you check your sbk version?18:08
Quintasanwhy the hell it installs natty18:08
shadeslayerthe oneiric images don't boot18:08
QuintasanThose are shitty images then18:09
QuintasanAlso, the project is poorly coordinated18:09
Quintasanno wiki18:09
Quintasantwo different topics on two different forums18:09
shadeslayerQuintasan: talk to twb and lilstevie on #ubuntu-arm18:09
QuintasanWindows flashing toolkit is apparently more advanced than the Linux one18:09
QuintasanHe is in the IRC land? Splendid18:10
QuintasanDarkwing: Looks like it's going to be us and Riddell and claydoh I think18:10
Quintasanat UDS I mean18:10
shadeslayerQuintasan: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/19/%23ubuntu-arm.html#t23:2518:10
Quintasanshadeslayer: The biggest hindrance is that CWM goes to dust that way18:11
shadeslayerCWM? 0.o18:11
shadeslayerClockwork Mod?18:11
shadeslayeryou rooted it? you don't need to i think18:11
QuintasanWell, you don't18:11
QuintasanBut how do you expect me to stay on a shitty stock rom?18:12
Quintasanstock == shit18:12
Quintasanfor power users that is18:12
QuintasanWhy would I want for example, use ASUS cloud crap when I has dropbox? :P18:12
shadeslayerhehe :)18:12
DarkwingQuintasan: You weren't there at UDS N were you?18:13
Quintasanshadeslayer: What do you want me to do with the SBK stuff?18:13
QuintasanDarkwing: I was, I think.18:14
shadeslayerQuintasan: just check what SBK version you have18:14
QuintasanOh nope18:14
QuintasanDarkwing: I was at UDS O18:14
shadeslayerif you have SBKv2 then I'm doing something wrong18:14
QuintasanNow we are going to be precise18:14
DarkwingQuintasan: :P:P this your first time to the US?18:14
QuintasanDarkwing: Yeah, first time there. Is there money laying on the streets?18:15
DarkwingQuintasan: ROFLMAO!18:15
DarkwingI wish... I've been unemployed a year now.18:15
DarkwingQuintasan: We'll have to get the Kubuntu guys together one night for Dinner18:16
QuintasanDarkwing: Sometime ago my sister said that her coworker asked her if we have microwaves in Poland18:16
* Darkwing snickers18:16
jefferaiDarkwing: shouldn't you be quacking?18:17
Darkwingjefferai: Aye, prolly. 18:17
QuintasanDarkwing: I told her to tell him that we still cook on plain fire in dugouts18:17
DarkwingI had to loose my tap line though :(18:17
DarkwingQuintasan: XD Epic.18:17
jefferaiQuintasan: I totally read that as "we still cook in plain fire for doughnuts"18:18
QuintasanOh, I could have stopped myself but I did not want to :P18:18
jefferaiwhich didn't make sense, since they're fried, not over flame18:18
jefferaibut, who am I to argue with a doughnut maker18:18
jefferaifigured you knew what you were doing18:18
apacheloggerdantti: pong18:18
Quintasanjefferai: I think it's about the time you went a bought some doughnuts18:18
apacheloggerQuintasan, shadeslayer: you has kubuntu on tablet yet?18:19
Quintasanjefferai: I don't know if there is equivalent saying but in Poland we have "One hears what one wants to hear" :P18:19
Darkwingapachelogger: I've used Kubuntu on an Lenovo IdeaPad18:19
Quintasanapachelogger: upgrading to one eyed rick and pulling kubuntu-desktop18:19
DarkwingThe search and containment activity was epic on it.18:19
Quintasanand purging GNOME as well18:20
shadeslayerapachelogger: http://irclogs.ubuntu.com/2011/10/19/%23ubuntu-arm.html#t23:2518:20
Quintasanapachelogger: Basically, shadeslayer got a device too new18:20
apacheloggershadeslayer: what I do with logs/18:21
apacheloggerthere is no such thing as too new18:21
apacheloggerhack it18:21
Quintasanapachelogger: This retarded APX mode craps itself over18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: look at them18:21
apacheloggerHACK IT18:21
apacheloggerHAAAAAAAAAAAACK IT18:21
danttiapachelogger: can I commit a fix to the release-me script?18:21
Quintasanapachelogger: HE can't lol18:21
apacheloggershadeslayer: if I had time to read logs I'd have gotten myself a tablet :P18:21
apacheloggerQuintasan: yeah, like the ps3 was unhackable18:21
shadeslayerapachelogger: I'll have more time starting 6 PM IST today18:21
apacheloggerand the xbos18:21
apacheloggerdantti: if it is a good fix, yes18:22
Quintasanapachelogger: It's not unhackable. It's just broke for now lol18:22
apacheloggerfix it then18:22
jefferaiQuintasan: yeah, we have something similar to that18:22
* yofel missed that someone had tablets to share too18:22
shadeslayerQuintasan: check your SBK version when you get the time18:22
danttiapachelogger: k, just updating some stuff of apper.rb18:22
Quintasanthe hack mode - apx mode - craps itself over with some initialization magic18:22
apacheloggerdantti: ah, you can do in the script whatever makes you happen18:22
apacheloggerI only am responsible for the lib :)18:22
Quintasanapachelogger: ^ and this shit apparently doesn't have debugging iterface18:23
danttiapachelogger: right :)18:23
apacheloggeropen the device and get serial access18:23
shadeslayerreverse engineering binary blobs++18:23
apacheloggerchances are they still have the pins inside18:23
apacheloggeryou just need to wire them up and find the port18:23
* Quintasan sometimes wonders if apachelogger is reading what people are typing to him18:23
apacheloggeryou always can get info from serial18:24
* Quintasan purges gnome with fire18:26
shadeslayerQuintasan: you just used the script from lilstevie ?18:27
shadeslayerlike ... can you post the steps that you used?18:27
Quintasanshadeslayer: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=119114118:28
Quintasanfirst post18:28
QuintasanFirst 5 steps18:28
shadeslayerQuintasan: did you root or do anything to the tablet after you got it?18:29
shadeslayerany upgrades or anything18:29
Quintasanshadeslayer: charged, pulled ota from asus two times then installed angry birds, got bored, rooted, installed Revolver18:30
* shadeslayer grabs transformer18:30
QuintasanIf I somehow can get Ubuntu + Android + CWM on one device then I'm done.18:32
QuintasanNow what I get is Ubuntu + Android18:32
DarkwingI've been working on the same thing Quintasan, only with a Motorola Driod (milestone)18:32
QuintasanDarkwing: Oh, I see. Well, milestone is crap with locked bootloader sold to ppl in Euland18:33
Quintasanshadeslayer: What I lack is a fcking alt tab18:34
shadeslayerseeing how I didn't get the keyboard .... :P18:37
shadeslayerapachelogger: you did not wish me yesterday18:37
DarkwingQuintasan: The Difference from teh Milestone and Droid is that the Droid has an unlocked bootloader18:39
QuintasanDarkwing: That's exactly what I told you :P18:39
danttican I install libfoo amd64 and i386 at the same time with this multi arch support?18:41
yofeldantti: you can18:43
yofelas long as libfoo supports multiarch18:43
DarkwingQuintasan: Oh yeah :P:P18:44
danttiyofel: the problem I'm having is that aptcc randomly emits packages from i386 and amd64, what I believe it would be right is to emit them both as pk in fedora does..18:44
DarkwingI'm trying to figure out a way to change the bluetooth on it so that it looks like a keyboard/mouse for bluetooth control.18:45
danttiI'm new to the multiarch so I don't know how it's supposed to work :P18:45
yofeldantti: best ask JohntheEchidna when he shows up how he handled it in muon18:45
DarkwingThis way I can have it as a bluetooth keyboard and touch mouse.18:46
Quintasanshadeslayer: How come the tegra ppa is empty?18:50
danttiyofel: I can't see on apt-get/aptitude manual how to force an arch do you know how?18:50
shadeslayerQuintasan: i think oneiric isn't supported yet18:50
QuintasanIt's empty18:50
Quintasantotally empty18:50
shadeslayeriirc they had packages for natty last time i checked18:50
yofeldantti: aptitude doesn't have multiarch support, and for apt-get the command is something like this: 'sudo apt-get install libqtcore4:i386'18:51
shadeslayerQuintasan: i don't know18:51
danttiyofel: hm thanks18:51
shadeslayerI've been typing this email for the past 20 minutes18:51
danttiyofel: hmm it says it's already installed18:52
yofeldantti: can't help you then, I don't have multiarch enabled here18:53
danttiyofel: is it enabled by default?18:53
yofelit is18:53
Quintasanshadeslayer: I want kubuntu-mobile on my tablets?18:53
danttik, thanks18:53
shadeslayeriirc yes18:53
shadeslayerQuintasan: you also want plasma active18:54
QuintasanHow come it doesnt pull anything18:54
shadeslayerrbelem has builds for ARM ... somewhere18:54
shadeslayercheck rdepends?18:54
shadeslayerQuintasan: apachelogger messed something up then18:55
* Quintasan thinks installing kdm kde-baseapps and kde-runtime should do the trick18:57
rbelemshadeslayer, /me is waiting for ppa builds18:57
Quintasanrbelem: Do you has arm ppa?18:58
shadeslayerrbelem: where will they land?18:58
Quintasansudo apt-get install kde-baseapps kde-runtime kdm kubuntu-mobile kde-window-manager-gles18:58
QuintasanThat should do the trick18:58
rbelemshadeslayer, in the kubuntu-active ppa18:59
Quintasanrbelem: are those ARM builds there?18:59
rbelemQuintasan, probably not18:59
QuintasanThen how do you expect me to install that?: P19:00
QuintasanWhy the hell there is such a mess in this19:00
rbelemQuintasan, rsalveti didnt have time to submit to the arm ppa19:00
QuintasanHow is Mobile different from Active?19:00
rbelemjust the new name :-D19:00
Quintasanso our kubuntu-mobile will be actually pulling plasma active?19:01
* rbelem is thinking about build the packages with cross compiler on icecc 19:02
Quintasanrbelem: You coming to UDS?19:02
rbelemQuintasan, yup :-)19:02
rbelemQuintasan, yup19:02
QuintasanWe have to sit down and discuss this19:02
yofelrbelem: that would probably be faster - it would probably be even without icecc...19:02
rbelemoki :-)19:02
Quintasansince it's a pain in the ass to keep track of what's where and what's what exactly19:02
Quintasanso we can PRECISELY tell our users what to install :S19:02
Quintasanthis precise pun is going to haunt me19:03
rbelemyofel, cmake is not so cross compiler friendly afaik19:03
yofeloh, cross compiling...19:03
rbelemQuintasan, thats true19:03
* yofel has a qemu vm he uses for arm builds19:03
yofel_slow_ though19:03
Quintasanrbelem: You are not going to tell me that qmake is more friendly to anything ,are you? :P19:04
* Quintasan prepares to utter the ineffable19:04
rbelemyofel, i was thinking about start the build on the panda board and setup my icecc machines with the arm cross compilers19:04
Quintasanyofel: Stop laughing, I'd like to remind you of something19:04
Quintasanyofel: qtscriptgenerator19:04
yofelQuintasan: uh... I wasn't disagreeing...19:05
rbelemQuintasan, hum... not sure19:05
Quintasanyofel: My purpose was to remind you of that abomination :P19:05
QuintasanIt's not a laughing matter I believe19:05
yofelQuintasan: well thanks -.-19:05
QuintasanSomeone should either purge it with fire or fix it19:05
yofelyeah, the generator is a mess19:06
QuintasanBRACE FOR IMPACT19:06
* Quintasan watched dpkg process kubantoo packages19:06
yofelbtw. someone should do the SRU testing for 4.7.219:08
Quintasankeyboard doesnt work in kdm19:10
Quintasanstuff boots19:11
* rbelem laughs at Quintasan 19:11
QuintasanIt's alive19:12
Quintasanno plasma-desktop xD19:12
QuintasanNow I require two things19:13
Quintasanplasma-mobile or active or whatever it's called19:13
Quintasanhardware accel19:13
shadeslayerQuintasan: pics19:16
shadeslayerQuintasan: and how fast is it?19:16
Quintasanquite smooth I say19:16
QuintasanLet me reboot shit to look if it works19:17
Quintasanpower button should be mapped19:17
Quintasanone press is lock screen19:18
Quintasanand long press is the shutdown menu19:18
rbelemQuintasan, use xev to identify the keycode19:18
QuintasanWhat the19:20
Quintasantouchscreen is not working xD19:20
Quintasanor wait19:20
Quintasanit's working19:21
Quintasancan't add widgets though19:21
Quintasanshadeslayer: k, will post pics in a second19:23
shadeslayerQuintasan: please please please check your sbk version19:23
BarkingFishevening guys :)  Would someone mind checking from here if they can reach bugzilla.kernel.org please? I've tried it through downforeveryoneorjustme.com and that says it can't get to it either :(19:25
psychikafter a fresh install of kubuntu 11.10 , there's absqolutely no menu bar in all applications , anyone has a clue ?19:25
BarkingFishMy upstream kernel bug i spoke about last night, shadeslayer, needs to be posted there, and the guys on launchpad have asked me to report it.19:25
shadeslayerQuintasan: http://paste.kde.org/13608719:26
shadeslayermaye I should root it :P19:27
QuintasanAH GOD DAMN IT19:28
shadeslayerheh 19:29
shadeslayerQuintasan: is that your mobo on the left19:32
shadeslayerno youboontoo for me :(19:32
Quintasanshadeslayer: You kidding me?19:32
QuintasanThat mobo on the left is like 15 years old19:33
QuintasanI think19:33
Quintasanshadeslayer: Found APX mode device19:33
QuintasanChip UID: 0x380624540fff19719:33
QuintasanDetected SBKv119:33
* shadeslayer waves fist at Asus19:33
QuintasanOkay, now how the hell do I flash a custom androidz rom?19:34
QuintasanAh fcks you PRIME19:35
* Quintasan sticks with revolver19:35
* Quintasan goes off19:39
* Quintasan actually restores tablet to default19:40
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BarkingFishwell this is proving to be about as unsuccessful a night as I've had in a long time :)20:25
BarkingFishI've a bug to report upstream to the kernel.org bugzilla, which is down, I've tried subscribing to the linux wireless and kernel mailing lists to send a mail to them, and the dozy thing at the other end won't let me subscribe either...20:26
BarkingFishever had one of those days where you wish you could go back to bed and restart it?20:26
ghostcubehmm ok strange thing with k3b and data dvd. it burns perfect but its not readable20:34
ghostcubeanything known? or should i file a bug20:34
ghostcubetried with many options and settings even as iso nd then burning to dvd same probs. its not detected as dvd 20:35
BarkingFishghostcube, maybe point that at #kubuntu, they may be more able to help :)20:43
ghostcubeoki :)20:46
apacheloggershadeslayer: what was yesterday?21:54
apacheloggershadeslayer: and what did I mess?21:54
shadeslayerapachelogger: check yer facebook21:55
apacheloggershadeslayer: happy bday21:57
shadeslayerthanks ... :)21:57
apacheloggeralso isnt yesterday today in ca?21:57
apacheloggertimezones all confuse me21:57
apacheloggerkubotu: order birthday package for shadeslayer21:57
* kubotu is running to the corner shop to get a birthday present.21:57
* kubotu slides a birthday cake and a present down the bar to shadeslayer and gives everyone a nice frosty mug of beer.21:57
kubotuHappy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday shadeslayer, happy birthday to you!!!! - Wooooho!21:57
kubotuHappy Birthday shadeslayer :D21:57
kubotuTo your health!21:57
shadeslayerapachelogger: but I was born in IST :P21:57
apacheloggerit only proofs my point of time being a complete rip off :P21:58
shadeslayerThe entire world should run on pony time21:58
* apachelogger is going to do some badass rpm packaging tomorrow \\o/21:58
tazzshadeslayer, stuf and enjoy the cake...21:58
shadeslayeror unicorn time21:58
yofeloh right21:58
yofelshadeslayer: happy birthday :)21:58
shadeslayerthanks yofel21:59
yofeleven if it's late...21:59
tazzyou'll soon realize that the cake is a lie....21:59
shadeslayerhehe :)21:59
* apachelogger pokes into operating system code21:59
shadeslayertazz: yeah, i found that out last night :'(21:59
apacheloggergimme a thread and I will break it muhchahaha21:59
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DarkwingLOL! http://xkcd.com/963/23:36
claydohapachelogger: i am going to buy and wear the ugliest woodsman type boots i can find for UDS, just for you!23:56

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