charlie_Oneiric Ocelot display works terrible for me00:06
myersis there a code i could typed in the termanal? just to update it?00:07
charlie_can anybody feel me00:07
charlie_the oreiric upgrade sucks to use00:08
charlie_can anyone help00:09
charlie_Oneiric Ocelot00:12
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phiscribeis there a way to set desktop effects PER monitor01:01
phiscribeif i have one monitor open to read or watch chat or whatever, i dont want it to dim01:02
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epOkay, I keep getting an annoying popup "reminding" me to upgrade to oneric.  Happans every 10 minutes of so.  There no intuitive way to disable it.   Anybody know how?01:24
ep  What i f I don't wnat to upgrade?    11.04 is a LTS.   This is some braindead programming.  I can see a popup when I log on.  But every 10 minutes for etenity?01:26
epIt's the notification applet by the way.01:27
DarthFrog11.04 isn't an LTS.  Lucid, i.e. 10.04 was the last LTS.01:52
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diego_anyone knows glut library? glut.h?02:00
Demicolon9Hi I have quick question: How do I change the colors of GNOME applications in KDE? When I try and google it I get TONS of results for doing the reverse, but none for this way around. My guess is because it's probably simple/obvious, but I've somehow missed it.02:05
mase_workep: the braindead programmers apparently realise that 11.04 is _not_ and LTS02:05
epmase_work: my point still stands.  I don't want to upgrade.  THe popup is annoying.  THere's not an intuitive way to turn it off.02:07
mase_workep: fair enough. Have you submitted a bug report ? If so can you please provide me with the # and i'll have a look and see what is going on02:09
zico_btw What different Kubuntu Desktop with Kubuntu_low-fat-settings?02:10
epWell it's getting late here.  If I don't figure out a solution with a forum search.  I'll submit a bug report later, perhaps02:11
mase_workep: can you not just disable the service if it bugs you that much ?02:14
epmase_work: i can but i happen to like other notifications it gives me.  Don't really want to miss out on em.02:15
mase_workremoving it via the service manager should prevent the popup02:15
mase_workno not the notification manager02:15
mase_workactually in muon you can turn off distribution notices02:17
mase_workin the config02:17
mase_worknot sure if it's using muon by default, i think it is02:17
epmase_work: well i'm still kpackagekit.  moun is equivalent in 11.10, right?02:19
mase_worki don't have kpackagekit installed02:20
Demicolon9I found GTK+ apprearance options in System Settings, though this gives no way to adjust the colors : /02:21
phiscribeopen it when it pops up next  or open kpackage kit and go to settings, turn off notify when updates are ready02:23
phiscribeDemicolon9, i am not sure i have a gnome app to check, but i SEE the optio under system settings - application appearance, col ors,  option   Apply colours to non_KDE4 applications02:26
phiscribeif that doesnt work u probably need some gnome thingy to do it02:27
Demicolon9phiscribe, Awesome, thanks!02:27
Demicolon9phiscribe, Interesting that worked for everything but synaptic. Good enough for me =D02:29
Demicolon9Thanks again02:29
phiscribeany way to turn off the dimming of window without focus?  would like to turn it off per monitor , but might settle for off, can see anything on second monitor clearly that way02:29
phiscribeDemicolon9, restarting the app might change it, but ive seen some that dont budge02:29
Demicolon9phiscribe, What you're looking for is one of the desktop effects, AFAIK it's not configurable per-monitor, though.02:30
phiscribei kinda like the effect but not for two monitors, i have this chat for example on one, can barely read it im working on the other02:31
Demicolon9phiscribe, never mind.. there's two things that affect dimming: SystemSettings>ApplicationAppearance>Colors>Options>Apply inactive window color effects02:32
Demicolon9and SystemSettings>DesktopEffects>AllEffects> (Blur, Translucency, Dim Inactive) Would all affect how inactive windows look02:33
phiscribegonna have to turn em all off as purty as they are....mmm purty02:34
Demicolon9phiscribe, There's a way to do it per-application with the proper compiz configuration tools, but afaik no way to do it per-monitor, though I wouldn't be surprised for someone to prove me wrong02:34
hanasakihow much memory should I expect to be used with one login and no other apps running?02:35
Demicolon9phiscribe, So many shinies in KDE/Compiz.. Gotta tone it down myself, too, though else I'm spending more time playing with the windows/staring at the desktop than being productive02:36
Demicolon9hanasaki, depends on your setup, widgets, desktop effects and other options. I could create a new user account and check for you if you want. KDE isn't the most lightweight, but it isn't terrible per se on recent hardware02:37
hanasakiDemicolon9:  thanks.. just a ballpark number? 700mb? 1gb?1.2gb?02:37
Demicolon9let me check, brb!02:38
phiscribehow about a way to set default font size per monitor hehe02:38
hanasakirunning 11.10 / when I run kontact it it fails/// no resource agents found and akonadi control and server process not registered in dbus.   nepomuk search engine not registered in dbus02:40
phiscribehanasaki, linux uses as much avialble memory as it can without hitting swap, i always tries to fill it up so things run faster02:40
phiscribeit does that is02:40
phiscribemines using 3.5gb of ram atm02:41
phiscribebut zero swap02:41
hanasaki111019 21:42:25  InnoDB: Operating system error number 13 in a file operation.02:42
hanasakiInnoDB: The error means mysqld does not have the access rights to02:42
hanasakithat is from akonadictl start02:43
Demicolon9I'm using 1.3GB ram02:43
phiscribekmail and anything usein gthe akonadi servies took a hit with the upgrade, check the reelase notes they are working on it02:43
hanasakihmm about the same here thanks Demicolon902:43
hanasakiI have 8 .. so its ok02:43
Demicolon9that's with 6 dual-desktops (dual monitor), firefox, chromium and x-chat, actually02:43
phiscribei closed the browsser with about 20 tabs got freed another gig of ram02:43
Demicolon9Oo I'm surprised how little it is, considering02:44
hanasakiDemicolon9:  so its .3gig with apps closed?02:44
phiscribeit was horibble a few days ago i was plagued with bugs, i think mos are squashed now, it seem stable, though it diied over night, could not find anything in logs02:45
bbeckIs anyone using the E-plasma desktop theme (it's very nice), and if so, does your krunner dialog look white (which doesn't match the theme)02:45
hanasakican you run kontact ok?  I get the above error when it tries to run mysql02:45
Demicolon9hanasaki, Just closed everything but x-chat and with 6 dual-screen desktops  with individual wallpapers it's down to a gig flat02:46
phiscribekontact calander mail some notes broken on 11.1002:46
Demicolon9So I'd wager without desktop effects and a single desktop on a single screen I'd likely be looking at 0.4GB02:47
Demicolon9maybe 0.502:47
phiscribeMigration to KMail 2 does not work, see KMail 2 migration.02:47
phiscribehttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=259355   Bug 259355 - kmail terminates during startup with "Failed to fetch the resource collection."02:48
ubottuKDE bug 259355 in general "kmail terminates during startup with "Failed to fetch the resource collection "" [Major,New]02:48
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259355 in usplash (Ubuntu) "[Intrepid] GNOME session does not start" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25935502:48
Demicolon9now that's a useful bot02:48
phiscribeit is ALMOST useful,02:49
phiscribeit doesnt suggest those bugs much not sure what is triggers are02:49
Demicolon9i suppose not near as useful as, say, evalbot02:49
phiscribebut i paste the link and it pastes it again02:49
Demicolon9let me try BUG 259354 random text02:50
ubottuLaunchpad bug 94512 in nautilus (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #259354 Nautilus->folder Properties->Permissions: No recursive CHOWN" [Wishlist,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/9451202:50
Demicolon9Looks to be 'bug'+ string of numbers02:50
phiscribebug nautilus permissions02:50
Demicolon9bug terminal transparency nvidia02:51
phiscribethat us what should i think triger it, but it might have too many to list02:51
Demicolon9I guess it's just actual references rather than keywords.. not as useful as it could be, but meh02:51
phiscribehot bugs02:51
phiscribeubottu is a bug02:52
ubottuphiscribe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:52
Demicolon9out of curiosity bug 10000002:52
ubottuLaunchpad bug 100000 in Launchpad itself "There are still too many bug reports" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/10000002:52
phiscribeubottu needs a date with a markolv chain02:52
ubottuphiscribe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)02:52
phiscribethey got a bot in duckduckgo channel, it spits out bablee that is so close to coherant its funny a pig with lipstick02:54
saintdevhi, i'm having trouble connecting to wireless networks after upgrading to oneric. I'm using network manager, and it won't automatically connect to any network. in addition all my previously defined networks are now gone.02:55
saintdevwhen i try to edit a network it only asks for the wallet password once, and gives an error "No agents were available for this request" .02:57
phiscribesaintdev, could be this Bug #81144102:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in sysvinit (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #811441 incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85812202:57
phiscribedbus dies and it effecst network manager02:58
phiscribeor this Bug #26339202:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263392 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "MASTER NetworkManager crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26339202:59
phiscribeor this Bug #38900602:59
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389006 in network-manager (Ubuntu Lucid) "NetworkManager Internet Connection Sharing fails to route DNS" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38900602:59
saintdevdbus seems to be running fine. networkmanager never crashes. it's just like it isn't opening the wallet correctly03:00
phiscribewallet uses dbus03:00
phiscribeone problem is that there are new locations for /var /var/run ..lock and some others03:01
phiscribebut some apps dont know it03:01
phiscribeso everything breaks, solution, create the folders they are looking to use in the right location without breaking it for new updates03:01
Demicolon9phiscribe, ouch, that's messy03:01
Demicolon9as in that they released it that way03:01
phiscribeyeah, its right on the realease nots page03:02
Demicolon9Should have put some transitional backward compatibility in place03:02
Demicolon9Glad i added KDE-Desktop to my laptop 3 days ago rather than now =D Close call03:03
phiscribeah its getting over complex, they need to stop building these tools and start using them for awhile, take a big breathe, get drunk have a vision03:04
Demicolon9I usually run with something lightweight like peppermint or puppy until I get Shinies-deprived, then add kubuntu-desktop =P03:04
Demicolon9phiscribe, lol03:05
phiscribeim still on 11.04, i didnt know 11.10 was coming, i installed 11.04 two days before the upgrade and i found it buggy as the roach motel03:05
phiscribei aint gonna touch 11.10 until its settled abit03:05
phiscribetook forever to make this one behave03:05
phiscribekde is soo pretty though Demicolon9 sexy even03:06
phiscribenot so good in sack, needs to work on it03:06
Demicolon9phiscribe, It's strange: Whenever I try and install kubuntu from the official or alternate CD, it's bugville, but adding kubuntu-desktop to pretty much any non kde distro via apt-get is usually smooth sailing.. strikes me as really odd03:06
phiscribebut i was kinda looking for a trophy os03:06
Demicolon9I can see not wanting to touch things after a buggy setup for sure.. though i give the devs a bit less of a hard time after trying (and failing) gentoo for 'fun'03:08
phiscribecause its know two distro,s, two versions its all the same, people just rope parts into fences and called it this or that, when u start with  one and add the deksktop your more likely to ge t all the componets you need, makes it more robust03:08
phiscribebut then u never know what controls what03:08
phiscribeso makes it complex03:08
phiscribeu want compex or robust03:08
Demicolon9phiscribe, I want whatever I have now xD It's running beautiful and looking beautiful, haven't been happier in a while OS wise03:09
phiscribesame bugs u see here, in ever distro03:09
saintdevphiscribe: dbus is still running, and dbus-monitor shows messages being passed back and forth03:09
Demicolon9even got flash video working accellerated in HD without screen tearing on a dual monitor setup, I was excstatic03:10
phiscribesaintdev, can you find a log someplace to see what net manager is doing maybe syslog or dmesg, see if it is waiting or starts and does nothing else03:10
phiscribeKsystemlog maybe03:11
phiscribei think apparmor  is supposed to keep that alive03:13
phiscribe saintdev im diggin for u03:13
phiscribesaintdev, do a cat /etc/resolv.conf03:13
phiscribesee if you have correct dns nameserver03:13
saintdevthe only place NM prints anything is in syslog, but that is only related to establishing or tearing down a connection03:14
saintdevphiscribe: what does DNS have to do with anything??????03:14
phiscribei am not sure other than there is a chain of events where hetwork manger is loading, reading from one place, it erases resolv.conf at one point and writes back to in another, knowing if there is date there tells how far it got or if got anywhere03:15
phiscribei dont know the full logic of how it works just some of the symptoms03:16
saintdevit establishes a connection just fine (when i am able to tell it to), it just won't store (or read any existing stored) info.03:17
phiscribeso like now ability to get your wifi password and use,03:18
phiscribeno ability03:18
phiscribewhat does iwconifg show03:20
phiscribedoes it see the card and is it attached03:20
saintdevyes, i am connected right now.....03:21
phiscribeis it a broad com03:21
Demicolon9saintdev, Does it affect other applications accessing the wallet? (Browser,  IM client, etc)03:23
phiscribei was going to ask you that03:24
phiscribecan wallet start, can open the wallet configuratin03:24
saintdevphiscribe: yes, and yes03:24
phiscribehave you tried creating a new network and entering allthe info again03:25
phiscribea new wireless entry that is03:25
saintdevDemicolon9: i'm not sure. the only other thing that uses the wallet is Chrome, and I haven't noticed wallet password popup when i open it03:26
saintdevphiscribe: yes, but it creates a new one each time i try to connect anyway03:26
saintdev(so I end up with multiple networks with the same info in the management window)03:26
Demicolon9saintdev, try going to a website requiring a password, when latest logging in it should try and open the wallet03:26
phiscribenot if you told it not never ask again,03:27
Demicolon9phiscribe, true... forgot about that03:27
saintdevjust closed all wallets and restarted Chrome, got a popup03:27
Demicolon9when accepting, does the auto-fill work?03:28
saintdevneed a form to fill out ^_^03:29
saintdevall my passwords/autofill info seems to be there03:30
Demicolon9saintdev, good news so far, just try and get it to autofill a form03:32
Demicolon9if that works we know it's not an issue with the wallet system itself, but rather the way the network manager and wallet communicate.. or an issue with network manager itself03:32
phiscribestill he should be able to kill kwallet and do it manuly03:37
saintdevyeah, works fine03:38
phiscribewep or wpa03:41
saintdevdoesn't make a difference (i've tried with both, same thing).03:43
bkovacsCups printing still messed up with update in 11.1003:43
bkovacsI own a Epson Stylus Photo R340 and Cups does not recognize my printer at all. Only as a storage device. PCLinuxOS 2011 and Kubuntu 11.04 had no problems recognizing my printer.03:44
phiscribesaintdev, be nice to get some console out put from that thing, not sure how to do that with a plasma widget03:45
bkovacsI also had problems with Linux Mint Debian Edition and Mandriva 2011. Cups printing has done something to mess this up.03:45
bkovacsSeveral people with Epson printers are also listing this a a bug03:46
saintdevphiscribe: yeah, me either =P03:46
phiscribebugs are global now03:46
bkovacsI cannot use Kubuntu 11.01 without my printer working.03:46
phiscribei wonder03:47
bkovacsAlso when exiting system settings after trying to get my printer working. Getting crashes every time03:47
bkovacsI cannot use Kubuntu 11.10 without my printer working, what I meant03:48
bkovacsCups is broken03:48
bkovacsIf several of the new distros cannot get my printer to work, and Cups is a common denominator than Cups is the culprite.03:49
phiscribesaintdev, it should right to syslog   try   cat /var/log/syslog | grep NetworkManger03:50
phiscribebkovacs, im stil on 11.04, can you open your web browser at http://localhost:631    <---- click that03:50
saintdevphiscribe: yeah, but that is only when you connect/disconnect to a network, not when you're editing connections03:51
bkovacsphiscribe, I uninstalled Kubuntu 11.10 and am now on PCLinuxOS 2011. Tried that and the usb printer was not recognized . The only printer recognized was a new epson network printer. Not the one hardwired to my PC.03:51
phiscribeyeah we need thepoint of failure when it tries to get the password03:51
saintdevphiscribe: well, it just pops up the dialog asking for the password, instead of reading it from the wallet03:52
phiscribebkovacs, maybe you are missing ppd files i dont know, but can you get in to the cups admin via the web page03:52
phiscribesaintdev, what about the auth.log, maybe enter a bad password just to rack it03:53
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bkovacsIt should just work. Cups should automatically recognize my printer, like previous releases.03:53
bkovacsI shouldn't have to configure anything. It worked in the past release. What changed to cause it to fail this time. tat's the question03:54
phiscribeyes bkovacs  it should, but its not so can you open http://localhost:631 and see if  1 works  2  has any error messages03:54
bkovacsI'm not running Kubuntu 11.10 right now03:54
phiscribeany distro with cups http://localhost:63103:55
bkovacsI spent half a day trying to get it to work03:55
bkovacsGot rid of it, and installed a working distro03:55
phiscribeos it is working now in that one03:55
bkovacsYes!. PCLinuxOS 2011 works fine. Once I powered up my printer, it was recognized.03:56
saintdevphiscribe: wallet/NM don't write anything to auth.log03:56
bkovacsAll Kubuntu recognized was network printer in another room03:56
bkovacsKubuntu needs to go back to the version of Cups used in 11.0403:57
bkovacsIt asksed for a Device URI ID, but how am I suppose to know that. Or even find out what it is, without running a distro that works, and writing it down.03:59
phiscribesaintdev, can you check if you have a process called console-kit or console-kit-dae or kcoservative running04:00
bkovacsThe Kubuntu team needs to backtrack on Cups and update distro to an older version. New version is broken04:00
phiscribebkovacs, its not a broken cups, its mising package, maybe they need to repackage it, but it needs a ppd file, you could probably install it from the repository and would have worked04:01
bkovacsPlus why is system setting crashing all the tim. When I had been running 11.04 with KDE 4.7.1, no problems at all04:01
phiscribelots of em04:01
bkovacsIf we got bugs, than don't release tha damm product!04:01
saintdevphiscribe: i have console-kit-dae04:02
saintdevnothing would ever get released that way ^_^04:02
phiscribeclue less saintdev04:02
bkovacsSeems like Unity was the main focus of the release cycle.04:02
phiscribeyeah bkovacs it would be nice, but also, as crazy as releasing a new version with bad bugs is, upgrading to a release less than a week old is just dumb, so dont up it all on them04:03
phiscribeat  least if you do be happy with the blood of the bleeeding edge04:03
bkovacsYeah I learned my lesson!04:03
phiscribebut ido agree they could slow down a bit and let everyone not get gray hair any faster, user, developer everybody04:04
bkovacsBut unless we have a rolling release, I would like to have a distro with several years of support left on post install. Versu waith a year to update and than only having one year left for support04:04
phiscribei hear ubuntu 5 is almost bug free in back ports04:05
bkovacsI think every Linux distro should be rolling releases04:05
saintdevphiscribe: :( thanks for trying04:06
phiscribeubuntu has many sites with serious business needs, all us nerds in here are just banging around, the Long Term release stratagey is good for them04:06
phiscribesaint if i see something and ur one ill shout04:07
phiscribesaint id like to know who to debug a plasman widget more myself04:07
bkovacsWell Unity and Gnome 3 are far from reature rich, but they will be LTS. Ubuntu 10.10 should have been a LTS.04:07
saintdevphiscribe: thanks04:08
phiscribesaintdev, !!!04:08
bkovacsAt least KDE hasn't lost configure options04:09
phiscribethought u were leaving wanted to stop, check this     kdebugdialog  --help04:09
bkovacsAnd when is Kubuntu going to gets its own branding, versus vanilla KDE branding?.04:11
saintdevphiscribe: where does it output to?04:12
bkovacsAt least other KDE distros take the time to add their own touches to the KDE theme04:12
phiscribeto dev/console i  think , but if you do --fullmode   there is an optio to send to syslog04:13
saintdevdoesn't seem to04:15
saintdevhmm, looks like it might be .xsession-errors04:16
phiscribesaintdev, option to do into a database would be nice04:23
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phiscribeskreech was saved by the beel04:25
phiscribesaintdev, see anything or too much04:25
saintdevtrying to read through it, and figure out what is relevant04:25
phiscribewell i see a few04:33
phiscribeplasma-netbook(1394)/plasma StatusNotifierItemSource::refreshCallback: DBusMenu disabled for this application04:33
saintdevyeah, not sure which are relevant04:34
phiscribekcmshell(2008)/Network Management (NetworkManager backend) NMDBusSettingsConnectionProvider::onConnectionSecretsArrived: Secret fetching failed: "Did not receive a reply. Possible causes include: the remote application did not send a reply, the message bus security policy blocked the reply, the reply timeout expired, or the network connection was broken."04:34
phiscribeyou got some kinda dbus or ibus or that bus we all bus problem still04:34
saintdevthat seems to only affect NM =P04:35
phiscribedo you use ubuntu 104:37
phiscribesaintdev, is the process kwalletd running04:49
saintdevno, because i'm running plasma-netbook04:50
phiscribei dont see how wallet can work with out the deamon running04:51
saintdevoh wait, misread that04:51
phiscribebu tu saw chrome do it, is it one demand?04:51
phiscribeon demand04:51
saintdevyeah, it's running. misread what you were asking04:52
phiscribesaintdev, im spent, ill give this for you to chew on, not network manager specific but a bugg kwallet    s://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=26155905:00
ubottuKDE bug 261559 in config dialog "KMail stopped recognizing KWallet for password for specific SMTP server" [Normal,New]05:00
saintdevhmm, summary sounds similar05:01
phiscribeswitch to wicd or wifi radar...mabye05:02
saintdevno thanks, but i would like to get this sorted though.05:04
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eagles0513875hey guys im on a clean install of 11.10 and my wifi drivers are installed yet i cant find my wpa2 wifi network06:01
eagles0513875is there a known wifi bug with knetwork manager nto finding wifi networks06:01
eagles0513875at least wpa2 networks06:01
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phiscribehttps://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=259355   Bug 259355 - kmail terminates during startup with "Failed to fetch the resource collection."06:15
ubottuKDE bug 259355 in general "kmail terminates during startup with "Failed to fetch the resource collection "" [Major,New]06:15
ubottuLaunchpad bug 259355 in usplash (Ubuntu) "[Intrepid] GNOME session does not start" [Undecided,Invalid] https://launchpad.net/bugs/25935506:15
phiscribeor this Bug #26339206:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 263392 in network-manager (Ubuntu) "MASTER NetworkManager crashed with SIGSEGV in g_str_hash()" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/26339206:16
phiscribeor this Bug #38900606:16
ubottuLaunchpad bug 389006 in network-manager (Ubuntu Lucid) "NetworkManager Internet Connection Sharing fails to route DNS" [High,Fix committed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/38900606:16
phiscribeeagles0513875, was looking for it, id start with these two  ttp://uksysadmin.wordpress.com/2011/10/14/upgrade-to-ubuntu-11-10-problem-waiting-for-network-configuration-then-black-screen-solution/   BE CAREFULLY AND WRITE DOWN WHAT CHANGES06:18
phiscribeBug #81144106:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 858122 in sysvinit (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #811441 incomplete migration to /run (shutdown script order has been demolished)" [High,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85812206:19
phiscribethose two id start with06:19
eagles0513875phiscribe: i don have that issue06:19
eagles0513875phiscribe: for mr wired networking works like a charm06:20
eagles0513875wifi isnt finding my wpa2 wifi connection06:20
phiscribeup dpm tjave waiting for network configuration06:20
eagles0513875im already on my desktop06:20
phiscribeting for network configuration” message followed by “Waiting up to 60 seconds more for network”? This then might be accompanied by a black blank screen.06:20
eagles0513875not the issue06:21
eagles0513875as i am wired and successfully on irc from the netbook with the wifi issue06:21
phiscribeid look anyway becuase the bug description is understaded, real problem effects almost every system, other wise i dont know, could be a kwallet problem if you use that06:22
eagles0513875even before i setup kwallet it wasnt finding the wifi connection06:22
phiscribewhat does iwconfig show06:22
phiscribedos it show your adaptor and does it ssay attachted06:22
eagles0513875yes it does show it06:23
eagles0513875but doesnt show anything about attached06:23
phiscribewhat about iwlist06:27
phiscribemight have to be iwlist wlan0 scan06:27
kamilnadeemI have a prob in Kubuntu 11.10, Every time I start my system , the Volume gets set to mute?06:28
kamilnadeemThat means after every boot I have to uncheck mute from the mixer06:29
eagles0513875phiscribe: not allowed to scan even with sudo06:29
kamilnadeemis there a way to fix it?06:29
phiscribeno clue06:29
phiscribekamilnadeem, was takitn to eagles0513875 , for you maybe delete your pulse audio configuration and reboot06:30
eagles0513875phiscribe: shouldnt have to06:30
eagles0513875usually what kde does is save things the way they should be on shutdown06:30
phiscribeif yoru not sure about that move it ore rename it instead of delete, its in your home folder hiddne named .pulse06:31
eagles0513875if using command line previous settings the way they were set wont get saved06:31
kamilnadeemOK so If I have unmuted it now , that the way it will be on next startup right?06:32
kamilnadeemI guess , you say right06:33
phiscribeyes but its not working so well its not working, suggesting it cant save, , might not be able to write to the file, locked or permisions changed or structure changed06:34
LINKSWORD2O... Kay, then....08:34
phiscribesay what08:36
LINKSWORD2I logged onto my system and it randomly said something along the lines of "Your system has encountered a kernel error and may be unstable. Please restart to repair this."08:37
well_laid_lawnso reboot it08:38
LINKSWORD2Only time I've ever seen it, and the error-reporting window that came up said that it failed to submit...08:39
InadaptadoIt happens. Reboot, update, it will probably be fine08:39
LINKSWORD2Weird and random....08:40
LINKSWORD2I've NEVER seen it before.08:40
LINKSWORD2And yes... I've restarted.08:41
InadaptadoI've seen it a couple of times. It happens. So many updates, changes in configuration, etc... Nothing to worry about at first08:41
LINKSWORD2Have you heard of a widget/program called KShutdown?08:42
InadaptadoSounds familiar08:43
LINKSWORD2When the system told me to restart, I set KShutdown to give me a couple minutes to save my work & close programs. Then I left the room while it restarted the system.08:44
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phiscribesystem log viewer08:58
LINKSWORD2What the....??09:05
szalhmm..  at the current point KMail is 100% unusable09:09
szalI get the following message at each startup -> KMail encountered a fatal error and will terminate now. The error was: Failed to fetch the resource collection.09:10
szaliow, it looks as if I need to look for a new mail client after 6 years of using KMail09:11
alvinYes, it's a pain. I receive error messages every 5 minutes (or every time I fetch), but the mail can be read. It can't be marked as read, however,...09:14
szalas I said, I can't even get KMail to run09:15
szalor, rather, to stay running09:15
szalprolly gonna give claws-mail a shot, used Sylpheed-Claws on Windows years ago when it was pre-1.009:16
naftilos76Hi i have problem with the audio. I did a clean install of 11.10 and kmix had alsa controls. I noticed that the sound kept having ups and downs. Looking at the alsa controls i saw them going up and down by a small step which made volume go up and down. I never had any issues with the sound. I installed some updates before 10 minutes and i saw that kmix was in them. I hoped they fixed the bug but unfortunately the situation is the same. The only change09:17
naftilos76is that i can see pulse controls on kmix and not alsa! The abnormality is still there. The volume keeps going up and down. This is more intense when volume is close to max. Has anybody got any idea what is going on? My audio H/W is "Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)"   . Please help...09:17
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seshagiriDaskreech: hi09:36
seshagiriDaskreech,:kubuntu 11.10 is lucky for me. A great progress in my project happened within 2 days after the installation of Kubuntu 11.1009:38
seshagiriDaskreech: I am always thankful for your help :)09:38
CenbeIs my GTK theme setting being ignored? http://lyonlabs.org/gtk-theme.png09:45
diego_anyone knows glut library? glut.h?09:50
kamilnadeemI have a prob in Kubuntu 11.10, Every time I start my system , the Volume gets set to mute?10:07
kamilnadeemThat means after every boot I have to uncheck mute from the mixer10:07
kamilnadeemany solution?10:12
phiscribedelete pulseaudio configuration reboot, might do it10:15
kamilnadeemI am going to restart and see10:18
kamilnadeemGping to restart10:20
kynarionsince i have upgraded to oneiric, apt-get update keeps telling me, some sources couldnt be found (ppa:pidgin-developers/ppa)10:21
kynarionso i tried to remove this ppa via apt-add-repository -r or manually, but after restarting the pc it just appears again10:22
sagacikynarion, have you apt-get update 'd?10:24
kynarionuhm, apt-get update10:26
kynarionsry, enter pressed insted of del -.-10:26
kynarionthe problem occurs while apt-get update10:27
sagacikynarion, can you pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list10:27
kynarionand after removing the ppa it works well - until i restart10:27
kynarionthose pidgin-files where located in sourced.list.d/10:31
sagaciso it just keeps reappearing on reboot?10:33
obshello, anyone that can help me set up my elantech touchpad in kubuntu 11.10?10:34
kynarionsagaci: yes, exactly! i did some cat | grep pidigin randomly on other files in the apt folder, but i couldnt find something10:39
kynarioni think there must be a strange skript outside of apt, which re-writes the the sources.list file on every startup, maybe a relict of the upgrade process10:42
kynarionbut i dont have any idea, where to search for it10:42
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MatisseI accidently removed grub items which where added in the last update.11:32
Matisseeasy there an easy way to re-add them?11:33
Matissedpkg something?11:33
well_laid_lawnMatisse: dpkg -i /path/to/package11:35
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Guest5582hi everyone. I'm having a few wireless problems if anyone can help me? I've got a fresh install of 11.10 kubuntu with a rtl8192SE based edimax wifi card which won't work. I've downloaded the driver from Edimax for linux and on following the instructions it won't "make" let alone install. I downloaded ndiswrapper and the windows xp driver which installs ok but ndiswrapper says "Could not find a network configuration tool" could12:00
Guest5582anyone please help me fix this and get it working, i seem to have everything needed but nothing is working. Thanks for any help.12:00
prophethi, i'd like to have the "back button" on the left side of submenus in the kmenu back? is that possible?12:22
propheti think its kind of annoying to move the mouse onto the small text at the top12:23
Guest5582hi can anyone please help me with my wireless problem? I've got a fresh install of 11.10 kubuntu with a rtl8192SE based edimax wifi card which won't work. I've downloaded the driver from Edimax for linux and on following the instructions it won't "make" let alone install. I downloaded ndiswrapper and the windows xp driver which installs ok but ndiswrapper says "Could not find a network configuration tool" could anyone please help12:25
Guest5582me fix this and get it working, i seem to have everything needed but nothing is working. Thanks for any help.12:25
kamilnadeemJust wanted to know that , In the Software sources other software , should there be a check on the source code also?12:29
kamilnadeemanyone here?12:32
spacebug-I'm here12:32
kamilnadeemJust wanted to know that , In the Software sources other software , should there be a check on the source code also?12:33
kamilnadeemI did some changes in it now , I don't recall that was it ticked by default or not?12:33
spacebug-if you want to be able to get the source code for programs12:34
kamilnadeemDOn't want it12:34
kamilnadeemThanks, Unchecked12:34
spacebug-you don't automaticlly get the source code if that is checked but you can get it12:34
kamilnadeemI noticed it while updating from terminal , it was checking for the code12:36
kamilnadeemYe I am back12:39
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kamilnadeemspacebug also I have added the KDE 4.7.2 ppa and updated 11.10 ,  IS it ok?12:40
prophetsomeone here?12:45
shlomyJust installed kubuntu for the first time, and I cannot drag files from Krusader to an application through the application's task bar entry. Can anyone help? Thanks13:05
shlomyAnyone here?13:08
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BluesKajHey all13:59
obshello, anyone that can help me set up my elantech touchpad in kubuntu 11.10?14:03
thinhhoangHi, can anyone help me? I get this when trying to install build-essential: depends on g++ but it is not going to be installed.14:26
thinhhoanghas anyone ever encountered this? it's really annoying.14:28
mr-richobs: try this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/installed-10-04-on-lenovo-g560-touchpad-wont-work-845874/14:29
naftilos76Hi i have problem with the audio. I did a clean install of 11.10 and kmix had alsa controls. I noticed that the sound kept having ups and downs. Looking at the alsa controls i saw them going up and down by a small step which made volume go up and down. I never had any issues with the sound. I installed some updates before 10 minutes and i saw that kmix was in them. I hoped they fixed the bug but unfortunately the situation is the same. The only change14:29
naftilos76is that i can see pulse controls on kmix and not alsa! The abnormality is still there. The volume keeps going up and down. This is more intense when volume is close to max. Has anybody got any idea what is going on? My audio H/W is "Audio device: nVidia Corporation MCP51 High Definition Audio (rev a2)".Please help...14:29
BluesKajnaftilos76, what soun card is listed in alsamixer , in the top left14:31
genii-aroundthinhhoang: If you try: sudo apt-get install g++    ... does it give any more information about why it is not going to be installed?14:32
genii-around( if so please pastebin results )14:32
thinhhoanggenii-around: thanks for your reply. let me try...14:32
thinhhoanggenii-around: yeah, it works.14:33
naftilos76BluesKaj: As i explained above kmix now has pulse controls which are very few. There is no special name for the sound on kmix dialog. All i can see is four tabs with Playback, Recording etc14:34
genii-aroundthinhhoang: Can it install build-essential now? Or perhaps it wants a different g++ version14:34
naftilos76the sound device is decribed as "internal sound"14:34
thinhhoanggenii-around: yea. it works.14:35
thinhhoanggenii-around: i've changed the server to 'main server' and every packages here are fine.14:36
BluesKajnaftilos76, ignotre kmix for now , in the terminal type, alsamixer14:36
thinhhoangbut it's painfully slow14:36
thinhhoanggenii-around: so can i try different server?14:36
genii-aroundthinhhoang: Probably the mirror you were using was not quite syncronized, this happens14:36
thinhhoangoh, i see14:37
rolandwhat does the &-   in    "hash foo 2>&-" do?14:37
roland(bash question)14:37
thinhhoanggenii-around: btw, do you happen to know any server that is well-synchronized and close to the south-east asia region?14:38
genii-aroundthinhhoang: Were you using originally vn.archive.ubuntu.com ?14:38
thinhhoangyep. that's the one.14:38
genii-aroundthinhhoang: I do not know of any others nearby, sorry14:39
naftilos76BluesKaj: Alsamixer behaves the same way. Without me doing anything like pushing buttons etc, i see Master volume to keep going from Max to 70% (or so) at random times14:39
thinhhoanggenii-around: no prob. you helped me much. thanks a lot.14:39
genii-aroundthinhhoang: You're welcome14:40
BluesKajnaftilos76, what about the sound card listed in alsamixer14:40
naftilos76BluesKaj: I can adjust the volumes but this weird thing is happening. Master goes up and down which affects Center, Suround etc tongling from 100% to 0%. The info i see on the alsa mixer is Card: HDA NVidia, Chip: Realtek ALC88814:42
Sentynelhi guys, just upgraded to 11.10 and the shutdown process has started hanging. x quits and I get the blue kubuntu screen, as expected, then that clears and the console shows something that looks like it might be kernel trace stuff, but that clears before I can see anything. just hangs on a blank screen. I can switch to tty1, which shows the standard messages for stopping various processes. looked in the logs and stuff but I'm not really sure what14:43
Sentynel I'm looking for; any help?14:43
mr-richobs: also, there is this: http://forum.eeeuser.com/viewtopic.php?id=4844214:44
alvinSentynel: Do you have any NFS mounts?14:45
Sentynelalvin: nope14:45
BluesKajnaftilos76, kmenu>computer>system settings>multimedia>phonon>device preference, check the devices wiith the test button14:45
alvinI don't know then. Sorry. Logging isn't the best part of upstart.14:46
naftilos76BluesKaj: They work fine. The problem is this strange effect that makes volume going up and down.14:46
BluesKajnaftilos76, then choose the one that works and move to the top then apply14:46
BluesKajnaftilos76, dunno , what ealse to tell you , never encountered that before ...reboot ?14:47
naftilos76BluesKaj: Thanks - no problem14:48
genii-aroundSentynel: Do the last few lines of /var/log/dmesg have anything enlightening?14:48
Sentynelgenii-around: hm, there's this: [   12.220330] init: failsafe main process (1035) killed by TERM signal14:49
genii-aroundThats normal, init ( upstart ) being shutdown14:50
Sentynelsimilar messages for apport14:50
Sentynelcan't see anything else14:50
Sentynelgenii-around: there is also this, not sure if it's supposed to be doing that on shutdown: [   12.262445] sky2 0000:03:00.0: eth0: enabling interface14:53
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obsmr-rich: thanks for the links but its not working, also tried this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/804109/comments/32 with no luck again15:03
ubottuUbuntu bug 804109 in Ubuntu "can't enable touchpad in Ubuntu 11.10" [Undecided,Confirmed]15:03
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genii-aroundSentynel: Apologies, work required me. If this happens every time but you can still gain a tty, perhaps to try and check running processes with top. ( are there any zombies for instance )15:17
acer_My microphone isn't working on Skype.15:18
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Sentynelgenii-around: it happens every time, and I can't gain a tty; I can switch between them fine, but I can't log in (no response to keyboard input)15:18
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athena_is any one here?15:20
genii-aroundAh, OK15:20
athena_do you know how many mans are online now?15:21
athena_this chart room seems less bustling...15:23
genii-aroundathena_: This channel has 278 people, but it is a matter of speculation how many are active. If you have a question regarding your Kubuntu, it is best to just ask your question and then see if someone knows the answer and responds15:23
athena_My policykit do not works when I upgrade to Oneric15:24
CrellHi folks.  I'm having an issue with VPNs in the Knetwork manager (11.04).  I've setup a VPN connection in Manage Connections, but when I try to select it in the plasmoid, it does nothing.  I click and nothing happens.15:24
CrellThere's no error message for me to try and decypher, either.15:24
CrellAny clue how to activate a VPN connection?15:25
athena_When I want to commit an action with root permission, the crash of policykit prevents me from that, who can help me ?15:26
genii-aroundathena_: Does it give any useful information when it crashes?15:29
athena_the system only says that 'you have not the privilage to run this command'15:30
genii-aroundSo then it's not crashing, just not letting you execute something ( either itself or the application you were attempting )15:31
athena_When i run muon software-center, this bugg-lish bug is so puzzeling15:31
athena_In the edition of Natty, i commit the 'intall' action then the passcode-you-need-to-type box will jump. Now in the edition of Oneric it only shows me the error messages.15:33
BluesKajCrell, got openvpn client installed ?15:34
CrellYes.  openvpn, network-manager-openvpn-kde, and network-manager-openvpn15:35
genii-aroundathena_: Unfortunately I'm not very familiar with policykit.15:35
athena_Er, ..., thank you all the same15:36
athena_besides, regarding the problem of <Crell>, my Knetworkmanager also can not work with any DSL connection15:38
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Crellathena_: KNetwork manager < 11.04 was useless. I  always switched to the gnome one.15:39
CrellThe one in 11.04 at least can handle wifi. :-)  This is the first time I've tried it with a VPN.15:39
athena_Yeah, the gnome one called 'nm-applet' truely works, but it seems an alien in kde15:41
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onizuka45Hye there.15:42
onizuka45How can I make my microphone workking on all applications including Skype..?15:42
athena_But i heard that fedora 15 has fixed the bug with an update15:42
BluesKajnm is useless for ethernet connected pcs , it works with some wifi chips and that's about all it's good for IMO , but I don't use VPN so I'm not sure if NM necessary with VPN15:43
CrellIt was for me in older KDEs.  I was hoping that was no longer the case, but since knetworkmanager isn't giving me any feedback at all, I can't say.15:44
athena_I download the new sources from kde-project official website and compiled with Kdevelop, but it seems not useful15:44
athena_the bug-feedback site of fedora 15 marked this bug 'fixed' with an update from 0.6 to 0.6115:48
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athena_the rpm package is ready in F15's respository. How along would i wait for its deb package?15:50
genii-aroundhttp://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=nm-applet&mode=exactfilename&suite=oneiric&arch=any indicates that nm-applet is in the package network-manager-gnome15:52
athena_I hope that Canonical can  pay more attention on kubuntu15:55
BluesKajBBL ...stuff to do for a few mins15:59
athenaI made it! I locked the edition of policykit in synaptic and then upgrade to Oneric. Now there is nothing wrong with root-privlige actions16:04
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athenaThank god! Thank all of you friends!16:05
Deet`some how i managed to loose the use of my DVI port after closing out Warzone 210016:25
CrellThat's what you get for closing  a game.16:27
drakwhat is it?16:55
genii-arounddrak: Are you asking what Kubuntu is?16:56
draknot exactly. I used to use irc many year ago and I have totally forgotten how one uses it?16:56
Inadaptadohow one uses what?16:57
drakI need some help on editing wikipedia and I found there I can use IRC channel,16:58
InadaptadoNot the right channel, pal16:58
drakso I click 'test' in sofware center and THIS showed to me,16:58
drakI guess.16:59
kamilnadeemBig Prob, no sound in 11.1016:59
kamilnadeemIt was working when I shut It down the last time16:59
kamilnadeemItis still the same17:00
kamilnadeemThe mixer is always set to mute when I boot17:00
kamilnadeemI have a prob in Kubuntu 11.10, Every time I start my system , the Volume gets set to mute?17:04
kamilnadeemsome body said to delete pulseaudio configuration reboot17:05
kamilnadeemhow to achieve this?17:05
spacebug-what scan program is usually used in KDE?17:30
BluesKajspacebug type scanner in muon17:31
ubottuScanning software: simple-scan (GNOME), Gwenview (KDE), Xsane. For instructions see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ScanningHowTo and to see supported hardware: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HardwareSupportComponentsScanners - See also !OCR17:31
spacebug-BluesKaj: Can't find a way to scan in Gwenview17:33
BluesKajgwenview is strictly a viewer afaik17:34
notsladanyone else have trouble with KDE starting when they did a do-distribution-upgrade this past week?17:34
spacebug-ah ok17:34
BluesKajyou mean , do-release-upgrade17:34
notsladBluesKaj, spacebug-: gwenview does some minor photo editting (eg. rotating, and red-eye reduction, that sort of thing).. but mostly a viewer17:35
notsladBluesKaj: yeah.. that command :^)17:35
BluesKajnotslad, yeah , that's what i said17:36
BluesKajnotslad, what kind of trouble ?17:37
notsladBluesKaj: KDM starts, but X flickers out after authenticating.  I could see a konsole-ish looking window drawn just before X crashes and the kdm service starts it up again17:38
notsladBluesKaj: no errors in /var/log/Xorg.0.log or /var/log/kdm17:39
BluesKajnotslad, is X and kdm stable otherwise ?17:40
notsladBluesKaj: mostly.. sometimes when it comes back up I can't use the laptop's keyboard/mouse and have to ssh in to restart kdm17:41
BluesKajnotslad, sounds like a Xconfig problem , what graphics card and driver ?17:43
jmichaelxi now have two different systray icons informing me of available updates17:43
notsladBluesKaj: I don't have the laptop in front of me atm, but I think it was ATi17:43
notsladI don't think I'm using an Xorg.conf file.. but I'll doublecheck when I get back in front of the laptop17:44
BluesKajnotslad, well, in this case maybe once the recommended ati driver is installed then an xconfig file wouldn't hurt .17:45
notsladso I guess this sort of issue hasn't bee flying around the IRC channel or forums for the past few weeks, then.. I guess the problem is more speicifc to my setup then17:45
spacebug-tnx BluesKaj and notslad. Tried a program called 'acquire images' but simple-scan gave better result so will stick to that.17:45
BluesKajyes seems so , notslad , this is the first time I've heard of those symptoms17:46
jmichaelxsince upgrading, i have been getting a lot of complaints about virtuoso-opensource-6.1 not running/not being able to run. would anyone have a tip on this?17:46
notsladBluesKaj: k.  I'll check the things you mentioned and also try with a new user17:46
notsladBluesKaj: thanks for the help!  I'll probably lurk around some later if I can get X back up :^)17:47
pierrotEach time I reboot I have to manually restart eth0 with17:47
pierrot> sudo modprobe b4417:47
pierrotThen the interface work ok17:47
alexdevillxWhat is letterbomb17:47
pierrotI am at 11.1017:48
Picialexdevillx: What does that have to do with Kubuntu?17:48
BluesKajnotslad, kmenu>apps>system>additional drivers ..not sure about ati tho17:48
pierrotThe drivers are there17:48
pierrotI tried to edit /etc/modules17:49
pierrotand add17:49
pierrotbut to no avail17:49
FloodBotK2pierrot: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:49
FloodBotK1pierrot: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:49
Snowhogpierrot: Alt+F2 and type kdesudo kate /etc/modules and you will be able to edit the file "as root" which is required.17:50
pierrotI did that but then my laptop would no longer restart17:51
Snowhogpierrot: ??? Hmm. Did you put a blank line after the b44 entry?17:52
pierrotI don't recall having put a blank line17:52
jmichaelxis there any great harm in purging virtuoso and related packages?17:53
pierrotThen I had to create /run and /run/lock17:55
pierrotremove /var/run and /var/lock17:55
pierrotthen my laptop would reboot17:55
Snowhogjmichaelx: Open a console and 'simulate' the purge: sudo apt-get remove --purge --simulate virtuoso17:57
BluesKajjmichaelx, virtuoso is part of nepomuk , correct ?17:57
Snowhogjmichaelx: See what is reported as to what will be removed.17:57
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i have already purged and reinstalled everything virtuoso-related... i am getting this: error occurred while setting the password for the Virtuoso administrative user.17:59
jmichaelxit says i should check passwords for "dba" and "dav" users... i do not believe i have those users17:59
pierrotSo what do I change so that my eth0 interface will automatically restart?18:00
jmichaelxgod i hate nepomuk...18:01
* BluesKaj thought b44 was a wifi module not an ethernet18:01
BluesKajjmichaelx, I have nepomuk , but no virtuoso installed ..maybe they aren't linked18:03
pierrotb43 is wifi18:03
pierrotI have that entry in my /etc/modules18:04
BluesKajb44 is ethernet ?18:04
jmichaelxBluesKaj: maybe i can just leave this stuff uninstalled then18:04
pierrot> lspci18:05
pierrotgives me all the interface18:05
alexdevillxOMG i got a letterbomb18:05
BluesKajif you try to remove nepomuk , it'll take the whole kubuntu-dektop with it, jmichaelx18:05
pierrotEthernet controller BCM4418:05
jmichaelxBluesKaj: i am only removing anything with virtuoso in the package name18:06
pierrotNetwork controller BCM4318:06
pierrotso b43 is ok in /etc/modules18:06
pierrotbut if I put b44 the laptop no longer reboots18:06
BluesKajpierrot,  do you have wifi capability on this machine ?18:06
jmichaelxBluesKaj: actually it is looking like apt has died trying to remove this stuff...18:07
pierrotI've been googling for 2 days now18:07
pierrotwifi starts automatically at reboot18:08
pierrotbut not the eth0 cable18:08
alexdevillxKDE on windows?18:10
jmichaelxok, now the virtuoso stuff is gone... hopefully that will not be a problem18:10
alexdevillxBTW, whats an UI in Ubuntu?18:11
jmichaelxpierrot: i have not read everything you've posted, but i have run into situations where i had conflicts between broadcom wireless and broadcom ethernet drivers18:11
pierrotYes I believe that's the problem18:12
pierrotbut It was working fine at 11.0418:12
jmichaelxpierrot: in fedora 13 & 14, i had to blacklist the bcm ethernet driver to get wireless to work, and the other way around18:12
jmichaelxpierrot: that does not mean it will work fine in 11.1018:13
BluesKajpierrot, ethernet doesn't require network manager , and if you don't want wifi as default then blacklist the blacklist bcm43xx in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.conf . then check this tutorial to run wthout network manager ,http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/setting-up-an-network-interfaces-file/18:13
pierrotthe wireless and the ethernet are working18:13
pierrotbut I have to manually restart the ethernet each time I reboot18:13
alexdevillxIs ubuntu using an Qt for an UI in programs?18:14
jmichaelxalexdevillx: QT is what KDE uses18:14
alexdevillxOk, so if i start to porgramming in C++ i need to know Qt to make an UI?18:15
alexdevillxIn Visual Studio i didnt need to know it18:15
alexdevillxTHere is one and only quesdtion18:15
PiciThere are a number of different graphical toolkits, qt is only one of them.18:15
alexdevillxOk, can i develop apps in Eclipse?18:16
PiciWhatever you want.18:16
alexdevillxHow can i make apps with UI for linux?18:17
PiciThis isn't something that can be explained in one sentence.. There are just so many different ways to go about doing what you're asking.18:17
alexdevillx The best way?18:18
PiciThere isn't one.18:18
alexdevillxOk, i dont even know C++18:18
alexdevillxhow can i learn it in Linux?18:18
genii-aroundThis is a large subject.18:19
alexdevillxany books like Learning C++ in Linux or programming C++ in Linux?18:19
alexdevillxCoz i learned a bit linux with linux for dummies18:20
alexdevillxand have forgotten everything18:20
alexdevillxBut can recover wery quick18:21
jmichaelxKDE devs are making this DE way more complicated than the vast majority of its users probably want it to be18:21
ubottuWe don't need factoids for *everything*, or ten factoids for the same thing ;)18:21
alexdevillxman daemon | grep daemon18:22
alexdevillxor btw waht is the command to record thew desktop?18:24
=== icetea is now known as Guest23545
genii-aroundalexdevillx: This channel is primarily for Kubuntu support and not programming... but a couple good places to start for it would be http://www.learn-programming.za.net/programming_c_learn01.html and possibly to get ahold of the definitive work on the subject, Kernahan and Ritchie’s “The C Programming Language”. There is a development channel for Kubuntu, #kubuntu-devel ... but they will not have much patience if you are a beginner18:29
macoalexdevillx: the trick with learning C++ from kubuntu developers is that some dont actually KNOW regular ol' C++ if thats what you want to learn18:29
macoKubuntu & KDE use Qt, which abstracts away a lot of the more annoying parts of C++18:30
macoconsequently, i can handle writing a patch in Qt but not in C++18:30
maco(all i do is the same thing id do with PyQt except skip that step where i mentally translate C++ syntax into Python syntax because the docs are all in C++ syntax anyway :P)18:31
macoif you're cool with just learning the Qt way though... minions are welcome18:31
genii-aroundHeh, minions18:32
* DarthFrog thinks maco has recently watched "Despicable Me". :-)18:32
macono, thats how we refer to them in #kubuntu-devel...18:33
pierrotbcm43xx was already blacklisted in /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist.con18:33
macoespecially apachelogger, he's always talking about finding more minions18:33
macoone of my old local-community-team minions has turned into a debian developer now!18:33
lukefeilhow can i find out the ip adresse from a computer which i can see in a samba network?18:38
genii-aroundlukefeil: Can you ping it by that name?18:42
lukefeilno, already tried18:43
BluesKajpierrot, I meant to say blacklist b4318:44
bios`Hi there, I own a dv6 notebook, but I cannot change the brightness of my screen, the keys are working and they set up the brightness in the power options but this does not effect anything18:44
Peace-genii-around: :P18:44
Peace-hi guys :)18:44
pierrotok let me try that18:45
BluesKajlukefeil, do you have access to the router page , if so there should be a list of all pcs IPs on the network18:47
bios`Where is the xorg.conf located?18:50
bios`well I thought It is in /etc/x11/ but there is no such file18:53
genii-aroundlukefeil:  lsof -i:139   *may* show it's IP. If not you may have to get nmap and do: nmap -p 139 -sT #.#.#.*       where # is the first 3 of your lan range18:54
bios`any suggestions BluesKaj?18:55
BluesKajbios`,  /etc/X11/xorg.conf18:55
bios`there is no such file18:56
bios`in this directory18:56
BluesKajthen you have to generate one18:56
genii-aroundbios`: Did you uppercase the X in X11 ?18:56
bios`yes genii-around : )18:56
bios`BluesKaj: isnt this done automatically?18:56
rorkbios`: kubuntu doesn't use a xorg.conf by default for a few releases, but if you make one it uses it (or at least it used to)18:57
bios`ah ok. Well I guess if you remove the file again it wont miss the file either, right?18:57
genii-aroundThe xorg.conf file is deprecated, but sometimes may still be needed to pass values to a specific driver. Generic xorg.conf generation: http://goo.gl/UQyq0 ATI/AMD specific: http://goo.gl/3pThV NVidia specif$18:58
genii-aroundHangon for the nvidia one18:58
genii-around NVidia-specific: http://goo.gl/iprqH18:58
lukefeilthe lsof command didn't returned anything and nmap shows me simply all reachable hosts18:58
BluesKajbios`, not anymore , if you have nvidia  graphics then sudo nvidia-xconfig ... forgotten the command for other drivers18:59
genii-aroundlukefeil: The nmap should show all the machines which are using port 139 which is for samba/cifs19:00
genii-around( which should hopefully narrow it down unless you have dozens )19:00
lukefeilgenii-around: he gives me 9 ip adresses back19:01
lukefeil2 of them are my routers, 1 is my laptop19:01
genii-aroundlukefeil: You can then use: smbclient -L /<IPADDRESS>19:02
genii-aroundtwo // there19:02
bios`I am a little bit confused, bc I have a intel onboard gpu and an extra ati gpu, but would like to use the onboard gpu only in kubuntu. There is no such thing as nivida-xconfig19:02
genii-aroundbios`: the nvidia-xconfig is installed when you install the proprietary nvidia driver ( from jockey-kde for instance)19:03
bios`well seems the onboard intel graphic does not need any proprietary drivers19:03
genii-aroundbios`: Right. Although occasionally they also require xorg.conf to exist in order to set certain features there19:04
genii-around( i810 are especially notorious for needing thios to enable compositing )19:05
sburjan`Hello. I have accidentally deteled the .kde folder from my home dir and now some apps give me error. what could I do to restore it to a default state ?19:18
genii-aroundsburjan`: If the directory is gone, logout, then log back in and it should re-create it with settings as when you first installed19:19
sburjan`genii-around: I did that, I even rebooted. but applications such as Kontact give me errors like: "Failed to getch the resource collection"19:20
genii-aroundsburjan`: It might have screwed up the caches19:22
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genii-aroundsburjan`: Was kmail behaving properly prior to this?19:24
sburjan`genii-around: yes, but now that gave me errors too :)19:28
xskydevilxI'm getting Input/Output error during the installation procces. Please help!19:32
genii-aroundsburjan`: What's odd is that... if you normally remove the ~/.kde directory, it just recreates a blank template one then makes the files within it as you run the applications. So it looks like something else is screwy than just that.19:35
genii-aroundxskydevilx: If these are hard drive I/O errors it may not be an installation issue but a hardware issue ( eg: failing drive, usually )19:36
xskydevilxgenii-around: Other distros install just fine.19:37
genii-aroundxskydevilx: Did you run an MD5 check on the cd image before you made it, and then do a self-check on cd integrity the first time you booted to it?19:38
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xskydevilxgenii-around: I must have forgoten to do the MD5 check, and I'm running Kubuntu of a live USB I created. Can I check the MD5 now?19:39
genii-aroundsburjan`: In /var/tmp are there directories beginning with the name kdecache  ?19:39
sburjan`genii-around: yes, I have 3 cache dirs. kdecache-kdm, root and my username19:40
toumboHi people!Is there any way to make my kubuntu bottom bar a bit transperent?19:40
genii-aroundsburjan`: OK19:40
Snowhogtoumbo: Install a transparent Desktop Theme.19:41
sburjan`genii-around: should I delete mine ?19:42
genii-aroundxskydevilx: Is the iso file you downloaded someplace you can mount from there and then check that way?19:42
toumboSnowhog and where I can find those themes?19:43
xskydevilxgenii-around: I have it in my download folder on the hdd right know. How do I do the MD5 check=19:44
Snowhogtoumbo: K > System Settings > Workspace Appearance > Desktop Themes > Get New Themes... and search on transparent.19:44
khearafter i turned off nepomuk (because i don't need it), i keep getting notifications that nepomuk is disabled. is there a way to disable these notifications?19:44
sburjan`genii-around: back, I got disconnected. So should I delete my cache dir ?19:45
genii-aroundsburjan`: The main problem is that when you are in kde and altering the files it is using, it is still trying to use/recreate them on the fly. Chicken-egg type idea. I would suggest logout to kdm, drop to console, remove again /home/yourname/.kde  and then the /var/tmp/kdecache-yourname and also /tmp/kde-yourname*  and /tmp/ksocket-yourname*   ... then sudo restart kdm   and see if problem persists after login19:45
sburjan`genii-around: thanks19:46
genii-aroundxskydevilx: md5sum /path/to-iso/isofilename.iso         and then check the output against values at http://www.kubuntu.org/getkubuntu/download19:47
genii-aroundxskydevilx: If the value differs from the image you downloaded, then you know the original download got corrupted/wasn't good19:47
genii-aroundWork, back in a few minutes19:48
toumboSnowhog Many many thanks!!!!!!I found it!!! :D19:48
Snowhogtoumbo: Happy to help19:49
xskydevilxgenii-around: Yeah, it was corrupted. I guess I'll have to download it again.19:49
shane2peruhow do we get the libreoffice icon back?  I upgraded to 11.10, and ever since, don't have the icons for libreoffice, on the panel, just shows an X any ideas?19:50
sburjan`genii-around: error: personal contacts does not exist. from .local dir in my home folder19:52
BluesKajshane2peru, kmenu>apps>office , then right click on the icon,  "add to panel"19:52
sburjan`genii-around: mail dispatcher agent error again19:52
genii-aroundsburjan`: Looks like maybe you deleted more than just the .kde directory :(  the .config file is another directory entirely19:53
sburjan`genii-around: agent could not access the outbox folder (failed to fetch the resource collection)19:53
genii-aroundsburjan`: What was it you originally did that wiped out the .kde dir?19:54
TheHganavakAre there many/any applications that only function with Gnome?19:54
sburjan`genii-around: same as before... same error. /home/sorinello/.local/share/contacts does not exist19:55
well_laid_lawnsome have alot of gnome dependencies that seem like the whole of gnome19:55
ubottuGNOME is the default !desktop environment on Ubuntu up to 10.10 To install it from Kubuntu or Xubuntu, type « sudo apt-get install ubuntu-desktop » in a !terminal.19:55
rockingwinghello there... just updated to oneiric and now my teamspeak3 doesnt work anymore... any idea? it somehow tries to use system's Qt librariesm but normally it shouldnt :/19:55
rockingwingso no-one any idea? thats sad :(19:56
shane2peruBluesKaj: actually that adds a shortcut on my panel, what I mean, is when I open LibreOffice, on the panel, it just shows an X instead of the LibreOffice icon when it is running19:58
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jmichaelxis there a way at this point to stop the Kmail-related errors on startup?19:59
genii-aroundsburjan`: Does: ls -ld .local                                show that the .local directory exists?20:00
TheHganavakSo was that a yes, there's lots of apps that work on ubuntu that don't work on kubuntu?20:00
rockingwingwell, basically yes :D20:01
rockingwing@ TheHganavak20:01
well_laid_lawnTheHganavak: no you can run any app but they might have alot of dependencies20:02
rockingwingumm... guys?20:02
rockingwingcan I somehow check which Qt libraries are used by the system?20:02
TheHganavakrockingwing: Whataya mean by dependencies exactly, sorry, pretty new to Linux?20:04
genii-aroundrockingwing: kate -version               ( or the name of any kde app)20:06
BluesKajjmichaelx, do you use kmail and kontact ? If not you can safely remove them20:07
jmichaelxBluesKaj: ty, should have thought of that20:07
BluesKajanyway , nap time for old guys ...BBL20:08
SnowhogTheHganavak: Ubuntu, as opposed to Kubuntu, utilizes the Gnome Desktop, which uses a different programming language and libraries than does Kubuntu, which uses the KDE Desktop Environment. If you are using Kubuntu, and you opt to install a Gnome specific application, it may bring in a lot of required "other packages" that it is dependent on, and this 'taints' the pure KDE environment of Kubuntu. Nothing wrong with that, but Kubuntu purists20:14
Snowhogtend not to want to do that - nothing more.20:14
lanchi - what is the right way to install Chrome on Kubuntu? The downloaded package from google doesn't seem to get its dependencies fulfilled20:14
TheHganavakThank you for the clarification Snowhog. Could you clarify what you mean by tainting the KDE environment?20:16
lancah, got it, chromium-browser package.20:20
phiscribeit didnt crash over nigh, yeah20:22
TheHganavakI installed the KDE desktop from Ubuntu, because I hate Unity, and I hate having to keep switching back to Gnome. I'm loving KDE so far, but idk if I wanna stick with it if there's problems with applications not working20:23
SnowhogTheHganavak: Hmm. Analogy. You like only red apples, and any variety of apple that is red is fine by you. However, you find that there is a particular apple that has a flavor you like, and that has no comparable 'red' apple. But, in order to get that particular apple, you have to incorporate it into your red apples, and this new apple isn't red - it's green. And to further the issue, you are told that in order to get that green apple, you20:23
Snowhogwill have to accept many other green apples as well. Bad analogy,butmaybe you get the idea.20:23
TheHganavakOh okay. So does that often/ever have adverse affects on the whole KDE environment..? Or you just end up getting a laod of packages you ideally wouldn't have?20:25
TheHganavak@Snowhog ^20:25
SnowhogTheHganavak: adverse effects? Generally (I won't say never)? No. Getting a "load of packages you ideally wouldn't have" is more "correct".20:26
genii-aroundJust basically makes for a lot of cruft20:26
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TheHganavakAlright. I can live with that!20:27
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TheHganavakOh, one more question. Since I downloaded the KDE desktop, whenever I boot up Dropbox from my uhh toolbox(?) it opens it up and everything looks all screwed up. I assume this is because I installed the nautilus Dropbox. Do I have to completely redownload it to fix this, or is there some other fix available? I mean I can just use it the same if I go through Dolphin to my dropbox folder, but I'm a bit of  perfectionist.20:30
MDesadehello all, is there a run-level that i can run on kubuntu 11.04 that is multi-user and does NOT load KDE or the graphical interface??20:31
MDesadeso, i can make my machine be CLI only, and then should i need to boot into KDE i can just reboot into that runlevel, and then reboot back into CLI only?20:32
genii-aroundMDesade: Runlevels are not really used anymore. For instance 2,3,4, and 5 are the same.20:34
genii-aroundMDesade: You can just uninstall KDM/GDM etc. Then it will just drop you in a command prompt where you could manually startkde or so on20:36
fontisKudos to the Kubuntu community20:41
fontiskeepin' it real without canonical!20:41
bios`Hi I have the following problem, can anyone help ? http://askubuntu.com/questions/69896/trouble-creating-xorg-conf20:48
ghostcubeok guys, coming from kubuntu-de and kubguntu-devel to you. i tried burning an data dvd with 4 gig. k3b told me burned ok. ejected the dvd and then i wanted to reload it. it cant be read. tried on windows not able to read dvd.  tried different tims with different settings no chance. and i tried to first build an iso and burn this to dvd. same thing20:48
ghostcubeany ideas so far?20:48
well_laid_lawnthe drive is busted?20:49
ghostcubenope burning cd works fine20:49
well_laid_lawnnever say never20:50
ghostcubeburning the iso from k3b on nero works fine too20:50
well_laid_lawnfrom k3b on nero ?20:50
genii-aroundbios`: You can't run the command while X is running anyplace20:50
well_laid_lawnk3b is a burning app so is nero iirc20:50
genii-around( this includes the login manager )20:50
ghostcubeits not the drive20:51
bios`genii-around: tried it through recover modus through the boot menu20:51
bios`did not work the either20:51
genii-aroundbios`: Try this way: logout kubuntu. When you get to kdm screen, ctrl-alt-F1 ... then issue: sudo stop kdm          then issue the X -configure     ... then  sudo start kdm       then hit alt-F7 to return to login screen20:53
bios`give it a try brb20:53
ghostcubehmm ok i will use nero linux instead of k3b works fine :)21:15
TheHganavak_How do you shrink a folder view panel?21:21
peteteTheHganavak_: first make sure the plasmoids are not locked21:27
petetethen on mouse over there should appear a tab on the right of the plasmoid21:27
peteteclick and drag the first icon on the tab to resize it21:28
TheHganavak_Oh okay21:28
Tech-1I have (liqapt-runtime) up for dl, and when i try to dl it i get - (fix broken packages), but there are none showing that are broke.  Halp!21:37
lovelyguy1127After installing propriatery drivers, fonts are small and there is no font smoothing.21:47
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TheHganavakHow do you set your default activity?22:07
blip-hi all, I had ubuntu 11.04 and just did a distro upgrade.  When it reached the end it exited with an error (it told me completed but with errors).  I restarted and it works fine and lsb_release shows 11.10.  is there anything i should do at this point to make sure all is fine ?22:11
jmichaelxblip-: you should apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade again22:12
jmichaelxblip-: that should give you some indication of what might be wrong22:12
TheHganavakAnyone know how you set the default activity to start up when you log on22:17
blip-jmichaelx, I did this, there are no updates.   I also did an apt-get clean/purge.22:19
dacresnihow do I configure automatic system crash reporting with kexec ? it uses grub2 so i can't just add the crashkernel configuration to the menu.lst22:28
DaskreechTheHganavak: Might be in the session management22:34
TheHganavakWhy do files saved to my desktop only appear in my 'Show Desktop' activity, but not in others?22:41
yofelTheHganavak: the default desktop shows widgets, not the contents of the ~/Desktop folder. The show desktop activity uses folderview as desktop type. For another type you could add a folderview widget to the desktop and show the Desktop contents in there22:44
TheHganavakOkay thanks yofel. One more question: Anyone know how to add a website/url shortcut to the desktop22:45
TheHganavakWhat's the open Konsole shortcut in Kubuntu!?22:55
yofelTheHganavak: none by default, but if you go to system settings -> shortcuts -> custom shortcuts then you'll find one under Examples that you can enable - which is pre-set to ctrl-alt-t22:56
shane2perudoes anyone else use libreoffice?  On the panel, when you have libre office, does it show the icon?  Mine shows an X and that is annoying, a few other minor annoyances in Libreoffice, that makes me think something is wrong22:57
shane2peruI'm not sure how to fix it?  Should I purge it and re-install it?22:58
* yofel gets an X too22:59
yofelno idea why22:59
shane2peruyofel: drives me buggy, because I often overlook it, and can't find LO when I want to bring that window to the top22:59
shane2peruthen in Spreadsheet, seems as the tips or helps when putting in a formula come up black, and cannot be read.23:00
shane2peruwonder if it is just a theme issue??23:00
yofelno idea, the icon that the desktop file uses is in /usr/share/icons/hicolor/, so I don't see why it wouldn't find it. Or not show it23:02
Snowhogshane2peru: Read my post/thread on this, and the workaround/fix: http://kubuntuforums.net/forums/index.php?topic=3118694.msg274976#msg27497623:02
shane2peruSnowhog: thanks!!!  That looks like it will fix my tool tips, and that is one of the problems, I can live with the X on the panel, though I would prefer it be the LO icon23:05
shane2peruprobably about the time I get used to the X, it will be fixed and changed to the LO icon, and I won't be able to find it then. :)23:05
Snowhogshane2peru: Where on the Panel are you seeing the X for LO - how are you adding the app to the Panel?23:07
yofelSnowhog: the X shows up when you run LO23:07
shane2peruSnowhog: no, I'm not adding it, when I open LO (writer, spreadsheet) it just shows on the panel, as an open app23:07
Snowhogshane2peru: Ah. Never noticed that before. Given that LO apps in K menu all have icons, me wonders why the X.23:08
yofelsomehow the connection between the app and it's .desktop file is severed23:10
Snowhogyofel: not that LO .desktop file is severed, rather, I think, it's because the associated .desktop files don't have an Icon= entry.23:14
yofelthey do, and the icons are there23:14
Snowhogyofel: Yes, my bad. Wrong case in my grep. :/23:16
yofelI seriously don't get what's wrong though. Looking at the verbose logs of kwin and plasma, they seem to get the metadata from the desktop file when starting LO writer23:17
yofelplasma-desktop(2666)/kdecore (KStartupInfo) KStartupInfo::Private::got_message: got: "new:  ID="yofel-T510;1319152250;243774;2728_TIME58898890"   NAME="LibreOffice Writer" DESCRIPTION="Launching LibreOffice Writer" ICON=libreoffice34-writer WMCLASS="0" APPLICATION_ID=/usr/share/applications/libreoffice-writer.desktop SCREEN=0"23:17
shane2peruright, doesn't make sense to me, though you all seem to have a more integrated knowledge of those workings23:18
The_JagI've just installed the new 11.10 and I'd like to restore my old previous users and homes. Is there a convenient way to achieve this?23:25
Snowhogshane2peru: I'm testing the thought that it's java releated. Running libreoffice --writer from the console, and then closing LO after it loads, I'm left with this message in the console: javaldx: Could not find a Java Runtime Environment! Please ensure that a JVM and the package libreoffice-java-common is installed. If it is already installed then try removing ~/.libreoffice/3/user/config/javasettings_Linux_*.xml Warning: failed to read23:29
Snowhogpath from javaldx23:29
shane2peruahh, I think you may be on to something there.23:30
shane2peruSnowhog: ^^23:30
jamil_1smooth scrolling possible in kde ?23:30
Snowhogshane2peru: Well, that doesn't result in a LO icon in the Panel when LO is running, but it does do away with the message. I installed default-jre libreoffice-java-common23:31
shane2peruSnowhog: right, but it does point to a few lacking dependencies, that should be installed with the app? right?23:32
Snowhogshane2peru: Not sure. As LO installs and runs without those, they must be classified as recommends; not dependencies.23:33
shane2peruoh, right.23:33
Snowhogshane2peru: Seems it's been reported as a bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28402723:39
ubottuKDE bug 284027 in widget-taskbar "libreoffice icons incorrect in taskmanager" [Normal,Resolved: duplicate]23:39
shane2peruSnowhog: ahh, ok, thanks!  I will check out that bug23:40
Snowhogshane2peru: It is marked as a duplicate of this bug: https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=28401523:41
ubottuKDE bug 284015 in widget-taskbar "libreoffice icons incorrect in taskmanager" [Normal,Unconfirmed]23:41
shane2peruahh, didn't notice those are KDE bugs, not Ubuntu, I can only keep up with so much login info, At least it has been reported, and is being fixed.23:42
shane2peruThanks for the info Snowhog23:43
Snowhogshane2peru: As it's purely cosmetic, I doubt that it will be fixed quickly.23:43
shane2peruSnowhog: right, but at least it is known, and will be fixed sometime.23:44
Snowhogshane2peru: That is likely true.23:44
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khearanyone happen to know where the session management settings are in kubuntu 11.10? i'd like to make sure that kubuntu always starts with an empty session23:53
khearah, found it in Startup and Shutdown23:56

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