wxlpcmanfm can find the share but i'm having a hell of a time mounting it00:00
phillwwxl: is it password protected?00:00
wxlntfs share i should say00:01
phillwwxl: I've got to be honest, I'm not familiar. The only samba stuff I know of is for windoze.00:01
phillwntfs = windoze :)00:02
phillwwxl: been too long since I use windows :).... Is it an area you would like automounting?00:02
KM0201wxl: should work fine.. i use samba quite a bit (even w/o windows machines) cuz its just so easy.... just  open pcman   smb://192.168.1.xx00:04
wxlKM0201: what about in cli?00:04
phillwpcmanfm 'should' be able to see it. As not too many of us have drives that need samba, I'm at a loss as to who to suggest can help. I know how to alter the fstab to automount.00:04
phillwthanks KM0201 :)00:05
KM0201um, i've never tried to mount one from cli, but it shouldn't be to difficult i dont think00:05
phillwuse the same ops as for fstab table?00:05
KM0201so he's trying to automount a samba share?00:05
wxlno automount00:06
KM0201i thought he was just trying to mount it it.00:06
wxli don't have smbfs00:06
KM0201sudo apt-get install samba00:06
KM0201i dont think samba installs automatically00:07
KM0201did you have an smb.conf?00:07
wxlwell i have no problem accessing in pcmanfm00:07
phillwif it is ntfs, you may want the easy version of ntfs-config?00:07
KM0201ok.. so you have no problem accessing i pcmanfm.. so.. you want to automount a samba share? (thought you said earlier you didn't wanted "no automount".. or am i confused)00:08
wxlnope you're on it KM020100:09
KM0201wxl: http://tldp.org/HOWTO/SMB-HOWTO-8.html00:09
wxlproblem was smbfs was missing00:09
wxlnow mount -t cifs blah blah all good00:09
phillwwxl: I'm guessing the library eats up RAM... therefore not a default. I'll check with the boss.00:11
wxlphillw: i'd be interested to know00:13
wxli could see the argument made that few use cli and it's not necessary00:13
wxland that the hardcore user will figure it out and install what they want00:13
phillwwxl: does network share now work?00:22
wxlno problem phillw00:22
phillwthen, for network share to function, it needs smbfs - that is a bug :)00:23
phillwwxl: I've flagged it to our head of dev, but the mailing list archiving is 'down'. I've also forwarded it to the general mailing list, so if you are a member you will be able to track it.00:33
bodhi_zazenphillw: you should not need smbfs00:51
bodhi_zazenis cifs part of the smbfs package ? or is there a samba-client package ?00:53
pipo65option does not work Lubuntu 11.10 If netbook runs on openbox and Lubuntu02:23
pipo65I have to do02:23
pipo65hi silverlightning02:24
pipo65option does not work Lubuntu 11.10 If netbook runs on openbox and Lubuntu02:24
pipo65I should do?02:26
=== silverlightning is now known as silverarrow
silverarrowanyone having trouble with mplayer ?02:42
stlsaintsilverarrow: no sorry02:45
silverarrowI keep having picture not following frame size, audio out of sync02:46
smwCan anyone help me figure out why the battery monitor always says I have 100% battery and always displays that my battery is "critical"?03:26
silverlightningis linux a bit messy with deleted documents?03:33
silverlightningI mean, do the get stuck?03:33
stlsaintsmw: that is strange...sounds like possible bug03:33
stlsaintsilverlightning: what do you mean? Not that i have ever seen03:33
smwstlsaint, got any ideas on debugging? the cmd acpi gives the correct into03:34
silverlightningI have files showing I deleted a few days ago03:34
silverlightningand when I try to delete them, something goes wrong03:34
stlsaintsmw: not at this time - not on my lubuntu install03:34
stlsaintsilverlightning: what are you using to delete? cli or gui?03:35
silverlightningjust right click and delete?03:36
silverlightningin filemanager03:36
silverlightningare there any other way?03:36
stlsaintsilverlightning: you said "something goes wrong"...what is that something?03:37
silverlightningis this an unheard of problem?03:37
silverlightningI installed lubuntu from cd 11.1003:40
silverlightningI messed something up and reinstalled it all over03:40
silverlightningthinking I deleted the whole thing03:41
silverlightningbut it turns up a file or home from the last install03:41
silverlightningI used a different name and computer name on the install, that is why I am sure of the fact03:41
silverlightningI cannot delete them03:42
stlsaintyea something might have went wrong when you installed a os over itself twice03:43
silverlightninghowever I did choose delete in the install guide03:44
stlsaintsilverlightning: what file are you tring to delete?03:45
silverlightningI'm not being all that clear, sorry. The files I cannot delete is on a usb connected sata hd03:46
silverlightningthat is what I get03:46
silverlightningthe files are just left over stuff from torrents downloads, tv film03:46
silverlightningI moved my entire documents and folders to the other hard drive when I installed 11.1003:47
silverlightningI'm trying to tidy things up a bit, getting rid of useless stuf03:48
bodhizazensilverlightning, that looks like a permissions problem03:48
bodhizazenwhat exactly are you trying to delete ?03:48
silverlightningdata on a usb connected hard drive03:49
bodhizazensome old files on a flash drive it looks like03:49
bodhizazensudo -i03:49
bodhizazencd /media/your_mount_point03:49
silverlightningunwanted folders on a USB connected hard drive03:49
bodhizazenrm -rf bad_file03:49
bodhizazenrm -rf bad_directory03:50
bodhizazenrm -rf /media/your_mount_point/* will get it all03:50
silverlightningit's a SATA HD 320GB I put in a  caddie, for external storage03:50
bodhizazenso ?03:50
stlsaintbodhizazen: ppfftttt ah i was getting there :P03:51
* stlsaint is also trying to figure out why he cant install postresql to BT5 on his xoom ;)03:51
bodhizazensilverlightning, do you understand linux permissions ?03:51
silverlightningnot really, but I do know I need to be in root for some stuff03:52
bodhizazenwhat file system is this ?03:52
bodhizazenFAT ? NTFS ? ext4 ?03:52
bodhizazenwho owns the files ?03:53
bodhizazenls -l /media03:53
bodhizazensudo chown03:53
bodhizazensudo chmod03:53
silverlightninghmm, probably ext4, some of the drive is ntfs03:53
bodhizazenWell, it does vary with file system03:53
bodhizazennfts and vfat are set when you mount the partition03:54
bodhizazenext4 you manage with chown and chmod03:54
silverlightningI do, I mean, I just copied documents folder to the external hd03:54
bodhizazencopied the documents as root ?03:55
bodhizazenas your user ?03:55
bodhizazento vfat ? ntfs ? ext4 ?03:55
silverlightningI copied from filemanager, just dragged and dropped to the usb storage03:56
silverlightningall ext403:56
bodhizazenyou need to either give us more information (file system, ownership, etc) or understand permissions yourself03:56
silverlightningyes, all is on the ext4 part03:56
bodhizazenso, if you own the files, you should be able to remove them03:57
bodhizazenls -l03:57
silverlightningI am only user of this computer, I did all of the copying by dragging and dropping from filemanager windows03:57
bodhizazennow that sounds like a windows user03:57
bodhizazenthis is linux, you are not the only user03:57
bodhizazencat /etc/passwd03:58
bodhizazencat /etc/groups03:58
silverlightningyes, there are the odd lepracon when I turn my back03:58
bodhizazenyou are one of many users and each file has an owner, and a group03:58
bodhizazenpermissions are set for owner, group, and other as per the link I gave you03:59
bodhizazenwell, your thinking you are somehow the only user is as magical thinking as the unicorn03:59
bodhizazenit is a fallacy03:59
silverlightningI'm not sure I understand03:59
bodhizazenthis is linux, there are several users on your system03:59
silverlightningI am starting to get that04:00
bodhizazenwc -l /etc/passwd04:00
bodhizazenI have 45 users =)04:01
bodhizazenagain every file has an owner and a group04:01
bodhizazenyou can view them with ls -l04:01
bodhizazenor from your file manager -> permissions tab04:01
silverlightningI got 26 it seems04:01
bodhizazenlinux permissions are one of the foundations of security04:02
bodhizazenyou can not simply delete or alter files you do not have permission to alter04:02
bodhizazenthat is your home directory04:03
bodhizazenyou own that04:03
bodhizazenyou can delete anything you want04:03
bodhizazencd /media04:03
bodhizazenls -l04:03
silverlightningso, trouble is I coped to the external hard drive, and now it is not mine anymore?04:04
bodhizazensilverlightning, sudo apt-get install pastebinit04:04
bodhizazenls -l | pastebinit04:04
bodhizazenand post the url here04:04
bodhizazeni don't know, you are not telling me sufficient details04:05
silverlightningwhat am I installing now?04:06
silverlightningwhat haven't I told you?04:06
bodhizazenownersip and permissions of the files you want to delete04:06
bodhizazenyou are installing a tool to automate pastebin so you do not have to post pictures which is inefficient04:07
silverlightningdid't I just post that in picture bin?04:08
silverlightningI see04:08
bodhizazenI enter this in a terminal04:08
bodhizazen'ls -l /mnt | fpaste'04:08
silverlightningvery clever04:08
silverlightninghope I remember it04:08
bodhizazenyou are on ubuntu, so you need pastebinit04:08
bodhizazenls -l | pastebinit04:09
bodhizazenls -l /media | pastebinit04:09
bodhizazenI trust from my paste you can tell who owns what with what permissions >:)04:10
silverlightningwould it be root and bodi?04:11
silverlightningoh I see04:12
bodhizazenin this case the user and the group are the same04:12
bodhizazencould be root bodhi04:12
silverlightningI get computer name04:12
bodhizazensudo chgrp bodhi /mnt/Dragon would do that04:12
silverlightningwhich is same as root?04:12
bodhizazenwhat do you mean you get a computer name ?04:13
bodhizazenAnd if you want someone to look at your output, use pastebin04:13
bodhizazensome command | pastebinit04:13
silverlightningI need to get a list of commands04:14
bodhizazennaw, you just need to use the terminal more04:15
silverlightningyou are right, I sort of go for other options if there are any04:16
silverlightninglike package manager and other managers04:16
bodhizazenNothing wrong with a graphical interface04:16
bodhizazenbut the command line is easier to problem solve04:17
bodhizazenand it is much easier for us to tell you a command04:17
silverlightningyes, might be04:17
silverlightningI just don't get what I'm doing04:17
bodhizazenls -l | pastebinit04:17
bodhizazenthen all the various mouse clicks04:17
bodhizazenyou will get it fast enough04:18
bodhizazenthere are also help pages04:18
bodhizazenman pastebinit04:19
bodhizazenthere you go, see, easier and faster then a screenshot04:19
bodhizazenls -l /media | pastebinit04:19
bodhizazenyou can also04:20
silverlightningyes, ver fast04:20
bodhizazenmv *.png *.JPG Pictures04:20
bodhizazensort of keeps /home organized that way04:21
silverlightningthanks for your help04:21
bodhizazenyou can complete file names with the tab key04:22
bodhizazenls Pic<tab>04:22
bodhizazencd /me<tab>04:22
silverlightningI  need to use it a couple of times to get into it04:26
silverlightning; )04:26
silverlightningvery clever stuff04:26
silverlightningI have to go04:26
silverlightningsee you later04:26
* wxl yawns05:03
wxlthanks phillw05:03
wxlhey so i seem to have kernel/drivers/video/nvidia/nvidiafb.ko05:19
wxland kernel/drivers/gpu/drm/nouveau/nouveau.ko05:20
wxlwhich driver am i actually using?05:20
JohnDoe_71Rusnouveau i think05:21
wxlthen wtf on the nvidia?05:22
JohnDoe_71Rusfb- frame buffer. software and slowly05:22
wxli would like to see if i have better luck without the non-free drivers05:22
wxlwell nouveau can do framebuffer do05:22
wxladmittedly i don't think i have much ned for that05:22
JohnDoe_71Rusdriver from nvidia need compile05:22
wxllame additional drivers says i'm not using any proprietary drivers05:25
wxli can't suspend/hibernate which makes me wonder05:26
wxladmittedly there's no nvidia-settings05:27
JohnDoe_71Ruswxl: only russian manual http://help.ubuntu.ru/wiki/%D1%83%D1%81%D1%82%D0%B0%D0%BD%D0%BE%D0%B2%D0%BA%D0%B0_%D0%B4%D1%80%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%B2%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%B0_nvidia05:37
* wxl checks himself for russianness05:38
wxlnope, none there :D05:38
bioterroruse the chromium's translate option with right click :D05:38
wxlthat's one suck thing about ppc lubuntu05:38
wxlno chromium05:38
JohnDoe_71Ruscan't find the same english05:38
bioterrorworks like a dream05:39
JohnDoe_71Ruswxl: what kernel ?05:40
JohnDoe_71Rusif more 3.0 read this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/nvidia-legacy-drivers-with-slackware-13-1-and-kernel-3-0-a-894728/05:41
wxl$ uname -r05:41
JohnDoe_71Rususe 3.0.4-generic. unpack *.run and use patcn05:42
LSDragon25'ello guvna09:19
LSDragon25I can has the geek assistance09:22
bioterrormaybe greek also09:22
LSDragon25lol nice09:22
=== P4R4N01D1 is now known as P4R4N01D
LSDragon25lubuntu volume control settings non-functional09:24
LSDragon25any thoughts09:24
bioterroryou mean keyboard09:25
bioterroror a slider in your system tray09:25
LSDragon25"volume control" settings upon right click of volume icon09:25
LSDragon25err left click09:25
LSDragon25no right09:25
bioterrorwe mostly do that from terminal09:26
bioterroropen terminal09:26
bioterrorand run command: alsamixer09:26
LSDragon25just as I suspected09:26
LSDragon25oh yes...I DL'd a program that gives me this readout in gui09:27
LSDragon25master, master M, and everything in between doesn't work09:27
LSDragon25except for..09:27
LSDragon25and PCM09:27
LSDragon25those 2 and can adjust volume with09:28
LSDragon25further...I seem to have no functional system sounds09:28
bioterrorremove M from master ;)09:29
bioterrorit should be OO09:29
bioterrorand not MM09:29
bioterrorwith M -key you can mute and unmute09:29
LSDragon25uno momento por favor09:30
bioterrorPCM MASTER and hmm09:32
bioterrorwhat else are now OO?09:32
LSDragon25headphone, PCM09:32
bioterrorand they are also set to the MAXIMUM VOLUME? ;-)09:33
LSDragon25headphone is09:33
LSDragon25PCM I roll to acceptable level09:33
bioterrorput PCM and master on full09:33
bioterrorwe can lower them later :)09:33
bioterrorstill no sound, for example from youtube?09:37
LSDragon25I have audacious running...the only functional volume control is headphone09:38
LSDragon25if I mute that there's nada09:38
bioterroryou have only one sound card?09:38
bioterrorand you have connected speaker to right plug09:38
bioterrorit's usually the light green or something ;)09:39
LSDragon25lol uh huh09:39
LSDragon25I've run various versions of ubuntu on this machine never had an issue like this...usually it's some issue with the monitor or disc drive lol09:43
bioterroryeah, ubuntu uses pulseadio09:43
bioterrorlubuntu uses just plain alsa09:43
LSDragon25ah ha09:44
LSDragon25wondered about that09:44
LSDragon25is there a way to integrate pulseaudio09:45
bioterrorI'm a little busy atm. at work09:46
LSDragon25actually it's not a real big deal...just miss my volume knob09:46
LSDragon25I understand09:46
bioterrorbut if you can only control volume from headphones09:47
bioterrorthen something is wrong09:47
LSDragon25no doubt09:47
LSDragon25makes no sense to me09:47
bioterrorand I dont know if you're using a laptop with integrated speakers or desktop computer with external spearks09:47
bioterroror what09:47
LSDragon25dimension 240009:47
LSDragon252003 model09:47
bioterrorand you're 100% sure you have inserted speaks into a correct "Socket"?09:47
LSDragon25yeah the speakers are set up right09:48
LSDragon25it jams in fact09:48
LSDragon25dunno how the hell headphones became master09:49
bioterrorhard to tell ;)09:49
bioterrorbut you just checked the backside of your computer? :)09:50
bioterrorI'm asking this becouse I just cant understand how headphones can act as master09:50
LSDragon25oi....no...but I will....I'd crack up if that's the issue09:50
bioterrorand this is first time I hear something like that09:50
LSDragon25everything is kosher09:54
bioterrorkilled by slicing throat open and letting it to bleed till death? :)09:54
LSDragon25wonder if I'll spontaneously combust if I plug in the headphones09:56
LSDragon25appreciate you sparing your time...I'm o u t~10:04
Bulldozerhi...the best terminal for lubuntu?12:42
phillwBulldozer: I use the default (LXTerminal).13:39
SAKKEDwhy doesnt my lubuntu softwaare center work? :D18:27
SAKKEDsome kind of error message comes18:28
SAKKEDwhen i try to start it18:28
SAKKEDi have finnish version so its hard to tell what is it in english18:28
SAKKEDwait what18:29
SAKKEDok now it works... looks like reboot worked18:29
SAKKEDstill it floods some gtk-warning18:29
SAKKEDtheme parsing error: gtk-bars.css:208:16:18:30
SAKKEDThemeing engine 'adwaita' not found18:31
SAKKEDany1 can helP?18:31
bioterroradwaita is gtk318:41
SAKKEDso i donnt have GTK3?18:44
SAKKEDhow can i get TK#?18:45
bioterrorI dunno, I'm a Gnome3 user nowdays ;)18:47
SAKKEDcant stand gnome :D18:49
SAKKEDbecause that unity shell :D18:50
SAKKEDi dont know what kind of macfag made that unityshell :D18:50
bioterrorgnome shell, herp derp18:50
wxlew gnome?18:50
wxlwtf bioterror you give dude crap about old os x and then you go and use gnome18:51
KM0201i liked gnome 2.x18:51
wxlmight as well use windows while you're at it18:51
KM0201wsa a good mix of function, and kinda had a sexy simplicity18:51
bioterrorwxl, I'm using windows thru citrix ;)18:51
wxl"simplicity" is not a word i use with gnome18:51
* wxl shakes his head in shame18:51
bioterrormy system is ten times more up-to-date than his OS X from year 200318:52
wxlyep, with all the latest malware :D18:52
bioterrorwhere's the malmware?18:53
wxldoesn't it come pre-installed with windows? ;)18:53
bioterrorI dunno, I just use citrix18:54
morrihi guys anybody there?20:22
morriquick question: in the 11.04 version there was a way that I could make a mouse click on the desktop be both a short cut to the desktop menu(change background) and to the normal stuff like browser and all the lot you get , how do I get this in this version?20:23
wxlyou mean right click?20:24
morriand second , where do I change the default browser(as choosing browser on a desktop right click would choose epiphany always20:24
sonarticaHello people20:26
sonarticaHow are ya?20:26
sonarticaHow can i add programs to the startup list?20:26
morrihi sonarctica20:26
sonarticaThere's no button or text file to modify20:26
wxlmorri: it's an openbox setting20:26
wxlhold on20:26
wxlweird it's not behaving for me20:33
sonarticawxl: Told ya :)20:34
wxlsonartica: do you mean the little thing in the bottom left? that's easy20:34
wxlmorri: it should be a matter of cp /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.xml to ~/.config/openbox20:35
wxlbut don't work for me20:35
wxlat least not followed by openbox --reconfigure20:36
sonarticawxl: No, i want to add an application to the startup applications list20:36
sonarticaOr i just have to add it to the .xinitrc?20:36
wxlsonartica: oh you want something to autostart20:36
sonarticaI come from Arch Linux20:36
wxlmorri: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Openbox#Configuration20:37
wxlsonartica: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6cuQvQBIAo20:38
sonarticawxl: Thanks ;)20:38
sonarticawxl: You're such a cuttie :320:38
morria cuttie a cut-tie :p20:39
wxlthere was this steakhouse my dad always used to take me to20:39
wxlit was required you wear a tie there20:39
morriand you always cut it :P20:39
sonarticaThat was so bad jokes XD20:39
wxland like if you didn't eat all your food or something they'd cut it and hang it from the ceiling20:39
sonarticaI just can't get used to this distro20:39
sonarticaIt's just GUI and not CLI20:40
wxl(this is not a joke; true story)20:40
morriyou can get command as well if you open the terminal..20:40
sonarticaYou're a cuttie as well20:40
morriand if you got to the other interfaces youll find a command line one..20:40
wxlbeing fairly comfortable with cli i rather like lubuntu20:41
morrilike tty320:41
sonarticaI used to use awesome3 as a WM20:41
wxli LIKE the fact everything isn't all clicky20:41
wxlgnome is shit20:41
morrignome was way too slow for my old computer20:42
morrii used openbox first on linux mint but I wanted to try lxde , so I had this mag with a lubuntu cd20:42
morriactually after one "season" of mint it was too green for me in the end xD20:43
morriput me off green for a while20:43
wxlsonartica: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ/Guides#How_I_can_autostart_a_program_when_logging_in_to_Desktop20:43
wxli'm running on a ppc20:43
wxli'm half tempted to try mintppc and/or debian ppc20:44
wxl(i kind of liked arch, too)20:44
morriby the way what happened to the old lubuntu site? funnily it is still linked to from the lubuntu ubuntu site but it just redirects to the same site again which is a bit not clever?20:44
wxlbut there's something really endearing about lubuntu20:44
wxlmorri: yeah kind of an (un)happy accident sort of20:44
wxlbasically when ocelot came out they were worried it would devour the bandwidth so they just pointed at canonical20:45
wxlreally not much is lost20:45
wxlthe screencasts are still on youtube20:45
morriyea although I liked the blue lol20:45
sonarticawxl: Thanks cuttie pie :)20:45
wxlanything for you sweetie20:46
wxlwhat's weird: i generally loathe blue20:46
wxl(part of the reason why i like the ocelot theme.. it's more grey)20:46
morri blue is my favourite colour20:46
sonarticaGreen is my favorite color20:46
sonarticaI love reggae music20:46
wxlyeah i'm a greenie too20:47
sonarticawxl: Nice \o\20:47
wxlwho did that song?20:47
morriyea although a tiny bit of blue wouldnt harmed I mean the programme interface is just the same colour as the window in the light silvery colour20:47
morridreadlock holiday?20:47
wxlthere was a reggae song with the lyric "i love reggae music" :D20:47
morrihave a look on duckduckgo :p20:48
wxlfrankly i don't think the whole choice of distro matters all that much in the end. really it comes down to two things: packaging and support, imho20:48
SAKKEDwhat kind of DVD writing program do u recommend?20:48
morriwell I enjoy it because my comoputer is old and he enjoys starting up in 1 minutres time :D20:48
wxli figure canonical is the juggernaut on the support side.... but debian is darn close.20:48
wxli'm probably going to put debian on the darn computer20:49
wxlone thing that's very attractive about it is they ACTUALLY support ppc20:49
wxllast night i was trying to compile a test build of network-manager and i had like icepacks all over the laptop just to keep it from shutting down due to temperature. i think lubuntu ain't totally tweaked for the architecture yet20:50
sonarticawxl: UB40 - Reggae Music20:50
sonarticaThat's the song20:50
sonarticaI think :P20:50
wxlnooooo can't be ub4020:50
wxlno way20:50
SAKKEDK3b , gnome baker or brasero????????????????20:50
morriits not dreadlock holiday?20:50
wxlmaybe stel pulse20:51
sonarticawxl: Which one are you favorite bands? :P20:51
sonarticaSorry, english is not my native language20:51
wxloh i'm all over the place20:51
wxlbut i'd say autechre is my favourite20:51
wxla far cry from any reggae20:51
sonarticaOMG <320:51
sonarticaSame here, one of my favorites20:51
morrireh I actually like Indie, the stuff that came about just about 2003 to 2005 (and their continuation..)20:52
sonarticamorri: Indie like The Strokes?20:53
morriyes but also like franz ferdinand :D20:53
wxli'm old school i guess20:53
sonarticaOh, kk20:53
wxlcalling the strokes indie is like calling microsoft open source20:53
morriand secondly I grew up to queen and dire straits so I lvoe them too20:53
sonarticawxl: No way, really?20:53
wxlALTHOUGH i do really like franz ferdinand :D20:53
morriwell I wouldnt call them indie iether :p20:54
wxlif you want indie there's always neutral milk hotel <320:54
morriI like arcade fire and Muse from when they were hardly known :D20:54
sonarticaWell, i don't know that much about indie :P20:54
sonarticamorri: You mean before Knights Of Cydonia?20:55
morriyes way before20:55
sonarticaOh kk20:55
morrifrom the break of this century20:55
wxlyeah arcade fire's early stuff is fab20:55
wxlbut to be honest i think neon bible is my fave20:55
morrisame with arcade fire, first time i heard them was when they were on a show called up from the underground at the break of this century as well20:56
morriI love neon bible :D20:56
sonarticaWell, i have to go20:56
sonarticaSeeya guys around20:56
sonarticaCuttie pies20:56
wxlta sonartica20:56
morrisee you sonartica20:56
sonarticaWhat means "ta" ?20:56
wxl"bye" :D20:56
sonarticaOh, ya, right, my manners20:56
sonarticaThanks :)20:56
morriand hat too20:57
morrii should go too now- it is 23:00h and I have got university tomorrow20:57
wxlmorri: go find yourself some broken social scene if you ahven't already20:57
morrisee you later then ;)20:58
wxlhave fun20:58
morrigoing to have a look at them thanks :)20:59
wxlyou know i kind of wondered that too21:31
wxlwrong chan21:31

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