deithrianHello guys FUCK YOU for releasing 11.10 with broken DSL that is all thank you (:02:04
bazhanghttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/PrecisePangolin/ReleaseSchedule DoverOs06:14
DoverOsi see06:15
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m4yerich hab probleme mit wine auf einem 64bit-system ... es sagt, dass es opengl nicht finden kann ...11:26
m4yererr:wgl:has_opengl Failed to load libGL: libGL.so.1: Kann die Shared-Object-Datei nicht öffnen: Datei oder Verzeichnis nicht gefunden11:26
m4yererr:wgl:has_opengl OpenGL support is disabled.11:26
m4yerjemand zufällig eine idee, wie ich das fixen kann? wine:i386 wirft bergeweise abhängigkeitsprobleme auf11:27
m4yeroh, wrong channel, never mind ...11:28
bazhanggnomefreak, hi12:27
gnomefreakhi bazhang12:27
RafaelItproHello Guys!12:31
RafaelItproSomeone tell me how to make a VM of Ubuntu 4.12?12:32
sagaciRafaelItpro: desktop?12:32
Ian_Corneinstall 11.10 in the vm and upgrade12:33
Ian_Corneto 12.0412:33
RafaelItprook Ian_Corne thansk!12:35
RafaelItproWhere you live?12:36
RafaelItproI am Brazilian.12:36
Ian_CorneI'm Belgian12:37
patdk-wkI'm a mutt12:37
RafaelItproWorking at a university and use 100% of our Ubuntu servers.12:38
RafaelItproOn the desktop environment for Ubuntu is 80%.12:39
Ian_CorneI don't know what you're talking about :p12:45
gnomefreakhow do i use the cube? or any other compiz settings i have enabled. like water, wobbly windows, ect...13:31
Azelphurgnomefreak: install compizconfig settings manager13:32
gnomefreakit is , let me check but i think it is13:33
gnomefreakyes it isd13:33
gnomefreaki enabled them just cant get them to do anything13:33
Azelphurtry relogging, sometimes ccsm settings don't take effect for some reason13:33
h00kThis channel isn't for 11.10 support13:34
gnomefreakh00k: and im not on 11.1013:34
gnomefreakDistributor ID:Ubuntu13:34
gnomefreakDescription:Ubuntu precise (development branch)13:34
gnomefreakbrgb try signing in again13:34
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gnomefreakyeah im still not getting anything. example water effects key combo is alt+super andf nothing happens13:45
gnomefreaksorry ctrl+super13:45
gnomefreakctrl+super gives each icon in launcher panel numbers13:46
h00kgnomefreak: just Super by itself gives each icon numbers in the launcher13:47
gnomefreakctrl+alt+down does not use cube but brings up a desktop switer box13:47
gnomefreakso its ignoring the ctrl13:48
gnomefreakme is just going on key combos in compiz settings advanced search13:49
gnomefreakradeontool is installed by default but when you use show you get this message in description13:53
gnomefreakWARNING: Radeontool code has not been completely audited and may contain bugs that could damage your hardware. Use at your own risk.13:53
penguin42damage to wildlife may not be impossible; do not use if you plan on having children......13:54
penguin42gnomefreak: I like the collection of warnings on hdparm, the flags vary from DANGEROUS, through VERY DANGEROUS to EXTREMELY DANGEROUS13:55
genii-aroundShouldn't it be using sdparm now?13:56
* gnomefreak thinks we should *NOT* include packages with these warnings in default install. but hey thats just me13:57
gnomefreaksince hdparm in installed by default and sdparm isnt i would say use either but we are expected to ise hdparm maybe?13:59
gnomefreakise even13:59
penguin42gnomefreak: The problem is that they are useful tools to dig yourself out of a hole; but you can make a very big one with them14:00
GTRsdkHas anyone been able to successfully upgrade from Lucid to Precise?16:51
Stanley00GTRsdk: precise? It's not started yet...16:52
GTRsdkStanley00: I have th e sources.list entries, and  they work fine.16:52
carli2will 12.04 support the pandora platform?16:54
GTRsdkI didn't run any Lucid updates16:54
GTRsdkSo that could be an issue16:54
GTRsdkcarli2: I would imagine it would work, as lo ng as Debian works on it16:54
jbichacarli2: what in the world is the pandora platform?16:55
carli2jbicha: google for "openpandora"16:55
jbichabut maybe I don't want to open pandora! ;)16:56
GTRsdkcarli2: I think Debian would have to be able to run on openpandora first16:58
carli2GTRsdk: an other problem would be the proprietary gpu driver which needs EGL and enables GLES 1.1/2.0. but when precise introduces wayland, it should be no problem16:59
GTRsdkcarli2: It appears to use the ARM processor, so I think it would work if the graphics will work properly.17:01
jbichait also depends on what you mean by "support", Unity won't work well on an 800x480 screen17:03
carli2fail :D17:06
GTRsdkWould updating some packagies from Oneiric help?17:16
GTRsdkThat doesn't work, since Precise must have some new packages.17:17
bjsnidersomeone named a platform "openpandora"? you cannot be serious17:42
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penguin42bjsnider: Well, once it's open18:54
e\ectrowhat is the max character length of a username?18:57
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csgeekI'm having essentially the same problem as: http://serverfault.com/questions/321724/ubuntu-server-upgrade-over-ssh-hang19:20
csgeekanyone have any hints/suggestions?19:20
GTRsdkIt looks like Lucid to Precise isn't yet possible... E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)19:22
Ian_Cornewho the hell upgrades over ssh :p19:22
guntbertcsgeek: don't worry about the message for now - use top/htop/iotop to determine if there is any activity from the upgrade process19:22
PiciI do.19:22
PiciGTRsdk: Of course it isn't.  Precise is nearly the same thing as Oneiric at this point.19:23
GTRsdkPici: That's somewhat disappointing... Is there a way to rescure a Lucid computer that tried to upgrade to Precise?19:24
PiciGTRsdk: Restore from your backup.19:25
GTRsdkPici: deja dup?19:25
jbichacsgeek: I've upgraded several times over ssh, it requires a bit of babysitting as I regularly get freezes19:26
penguin42jbicha: That's somewhere between brave and foolhardy.....19:26
csgeekit's not the ssh part I'm concerned about.. it's the I'm stuck19:26
csgeekI'm sitting at the physical machine.. the error was identical19:26
PiciGTRsdk: whatever backup you made before you started this upgrade.19:26
jbichaGTRsdk: why do you expect a Lucid to Precise upgrade to work? most devs are still on Oneiric19:26
GTRsdkPici: I didn't make any backups, so how should I make one on Lucid?19:27
jbichacsgeek: I don't remember the exact commands I had to use, basically I used top to see what apt/dpkg command was stuck so I could kill it19:27
csgeekguntbert: it was stuck on that for over 20-30 minutes19:28
jbichaand do sudo dpkg --configure -a and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade repeatedly until it finishes19:28
jbichabut please don't blame me if you have problems doing that19:28
PiciGTRsdk: I don't know what to say.19:29
csgeekyeah.. I Ctrl+C ed it already19:29
csgeekI'm going back and forth between dpkg --configure + upgrade19:29
jbichapenguin42: what else can you do when you're renting a webserver you don't have physical access to?19:29
jbichaactually last time I used ps aux | grep apt or grep dpkg, a bit more "precise" than just using top19:30
penguin42jbicha: The company I use has a separate ssh access to the console, separate from the installation in the VM19:41
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icerootas it seems there are already 12.04 packages http://packages.ubuntu.com/precise/  but "sudo do-release-upgrade -d"  is not showing 12.04.20:12
yofeliceroot: it won't until alpha120:13
yofelfor now you need to s/oneiric/precise/ in your sorces.list by hand20:13
jbichaiceroot: upgrading to 12.04 isn't supported yet either, even for early adopters :)20:13
icerootah ok, so "do-release-upgrade -d" is doing more then just searching for the 12.04 repo20:13
arandIt does some sanity checks, disables PPAs, afaik20:14
icerootbut using stable isnt fun :( its mainstream *gg*20:14
icerootany timeline for alpha1?20:15
icerootah topic...20:16
PiciAnd it shouldn't need to be mentioned (...) but upgrading from Lucid isn't supported yet either.20:16
yofeloh right, LTS upgrade time, this'll be fun ^^20:17
icerootwithout wayland its boring :)20:17
yofelwell, that doesn't affect me at least, as I'm on nvidia20:18
icerooti think that change will affect alot20:18
icerootimo the biggest change in the last years much bigger then gnome2 -> unity or upstart20:19
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FernandoMiguelbjsnider: ping20:43
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: /j #ubuntu-mozilla20:44
FernandoMiguelcause you said you were willing to give chromium packing a help20:44
bjsnideri tried to build it here last night20:45
FernandoMiguelplease join20:46
bjsniderthe source of the latest code is 220mb compressed20:46
FernandoMiguelyou can get more help there20:46
FernandoMiguelchrisccoulson: is just trying to package a new build20:46
bjsniderthere's nobody there20:46
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: /j #ubuntu-mozillateam sorry20:47
bjsnidersource package is too big for my connection20:47
habananyanybody help ? im using a 4gb usb, what should be the parmeter to put in ... spaces used to preserve files across reboots ubuntu only size unebootin20:57
habananyforgot to mention , im istalling ubuntu 11.04 live persistent20:58
ubottuUbuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) is the current release of Ubuntu | Download http://releases.ubuntu.com/11.10/ - Release Info: http://www.ubuntu.com/getubuntu/releasenotes/111020:59
arandhabanany: Support for non-dev releases in #ubuntu20:59
arandI was looking for the !support factoid, rather :)21:01
PiciThe !$developmentversion factoid in #ubuntu normally pushes you to this channel, its sort of logical to think the opposite would work here.21:02
PiciBut it doesn't, too bad.21:02
FernandoMiguelanyone knows where I can get extra support for ARM?21:03
FernandoMiguelplanning to look to buy a arm laptop21:03
bjsniderFernandoMiguel, did you buy a new craptop?21:03
penguin42FernandoMiguel: What form of support?21:03
FernandoMigueland test run arm on it21:03
penguin42FernandoMiguel: There is a #ubuntu-arm21:03
FernandoMiguelbjsnider: laptop DIED :(21:04
bjsnideri know21:04
bjsniderit's not dead, it's just functionally challenged21:04
FernandoMiguelno GPU21:04
penguin42FernandoMiguel: There is quite a range of different ARM versions; make sure you get something fairly new; something based on a Cortex-a9 preferably21:05
FernandoMiguelworks great as a server ....21:05
penguin42FernandoMiguel: And preferably with Neon21:05
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johnjohn101anyone here?23:21
johnjohn101i was reading about the goals for pangolin and had some questions about multiple monitors23:23
penguin42hmm I don't know anything about the goals23:24
johnjohn101it's ok, just wanted to know what some of the issues with multiple monitors are are why they are hard to setup.23:24
johnjohn101Precise Pangolin will also offer better support for multiple monitors, Shuttleworth said.23:25
penguin42johnjohn101: The graphics drivers seem to be less stable on multiple monitors - memory allocation is difficult for them I think23:25
penguin42johnjohn101: There are also questions about whether Unity works well on multiple monitors - e.g. where do you put the dock and where do the menus live23:25
johnjohn101so it's really the proprietary drivers that have the issues and not x.org?23:26
johnjohn101i can understand those issues with the DE for sure.23:26
penguin42even the Intel drivers are touchy on multiple monitors23:27
johnjohn101yeah, it would be nice to get this addressed once and for all in the linux world23:28
johnjohn101just like the had the focus on hibernate/suspend and udev23:28
johnjohn101i really thought xorg.conf went away.23:30
penguin42it has mostly - most stuff is auto detected23:30
johnjohn101i appreciate the insignt23:31
penguin42multi monitor seems to work pretty well on the Lucid laptop (Intel graphics) i use for work; I can pick the laptop up and wonder into a meeting room and come back to my desk and plug my external monitor in with not too much hastle23:31
johnjohn101very cool.23:31
johnjohn101when my wife is getting dual monitors at work, you know it's becoming mainstream!!23:32
penguin42actually the one thing I'd like is a bit more intelligence about being able to remember preferences - e.g. Gnome on Lucid always defaults to it putting the new monitor on the right which is incorrect for my current desk at work!23:32
johnjohn101are you actually working on the next release?23:33
penguin42no, I'm just a volunteer23:33
johnjohn101i wish i had time to attend uds.  always love to read what comes out of there23:33
johnjohn101hard to believe ubuntu is 7 years old.   i installed the first version with the red shipit cds but didn't make it my make desktop until 9.1023:35

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