FudgeAlanBell  you fail :p01:27
Fudgelook forward to seeing/hearing these vids01:28
AlanBellFirst-class accessibility for those with special interaction needs <- with a link to the release notes we did06:53
FudgeAlanBell  is that link for videos08:21
AlanBellI have not re-recorded the vidoes yet (waiting for some time to do it, plus a fix for the epic fail with return mapped to "e" on the scanning onboard layout)08:22
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joanieAlanBell: Sorry, I needed to sleep. 13:14
joanieAlanBell: It looks good. How much hacking did you do to the original meetbot?13:14
AlanBellthats no excuse :)13:14
joanieI'm thinking of further hacking ours.13:14
AlanBellmainly adding voting to the debian meetbot13:14
joaniebut the diff for subtopic would be handy13:14
AlanBellthe original mootbot for Ubuntu was TCL/eggdrop, the debian rewrite was in python/supybot13:15
* joanie looks13:19
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gxoptghello. Can somebody help me? what mean 'click-type window' in OnBoard? I want to translate it into Russian16:41
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charlie-tcaAlanBell: ready for tomorrow?19:27
charlie-tcaOpen week session at 15:00 UTC19:27
AlanBellah, that!19:28
charlie-tcayeah, that one. You gonna field some of the questions, right?19:29
AlanBellI will do a bit of prep at some point19:31
AlanBellI am in a pub right now19:31
charlie-tcaOkay. I'm flexible. Let me know what if you want to do some of the briefing or just take questions. I hate most of the questions, so any help is great19:32
AlanBellmaybe set up an etherpad and put some notes in it, I will add stuff later19:49

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