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lilstevietwb, still interested in what sbkdetectv2 does02:41
stlsaintIm trying to customize the ARM release for backtrack. is that possible on a laptop system? would really prefer to rebuild02:46
twblilstevie: sure02:48
twblilstevie: although I really want u-boot.bin02:48
lilstevieheh , sorry about the delay with that btw, it is crunch time at uni, last week and a half before exams, many many assignments to hand in, havent had time to decrypt and dump02:49
lilsteviebut basically there is an encrypted blob compiled in, that blob is the usb command "queryrcmvers"02:50
lilstevieit gets sent via usb bulk transfer to the device02:50
lilstevieif the command decrypts correctly it replies in plain text02:50
lilstevieif not, it hangs up the device02:51
Lopistlsaint, yes it is possible02:51
lilsteviethe blob itself is encrypted with the new B7+ SBK02:51
lilstevieohai Lopi02:51
Lopistlsaint, simply remove/install whatever packages you want02:51
Lopistlsaint, switch to the DE/WM or your choice, etc.02:51
lilsteviefancy seeing you here :p02:52
Lopiohai lilstevie02:52
Lopibig surprise right? ;p02:52
stlsaintLopi: well im not sure how02:52
lilstevieyeah seeing as you haven't really even been on irc lately02:52
stlsaintLopi: i see that mounting/chroot is not the same as with regular iso02:52
stlsaintas wiht a .img file02:52
lilstevietwb, thing is though, the source for sbkdetect will probably not be released02:53
Lopistlsaint, for example, you could boot the img in qemu and install/remove packages, etc.02:54
Lopistlsaint, your changes will be saved and the img will still be intact02:55
Lopistlsaint, additionally, you can mount the image and edit config files if it's small changes02:55
stlsaintLopi: ah ok forgot all about qemu, how would a mount on the .img work? i tried and got nothing but errors.02:55
Lopistlsaint, I haven't done it personally, but typically like this: sudo mount -o loop file.img /media/BT502:56
Lopistlsaint, depends on what distro you use, you don't have to use /media02:57
stlsaintLopi: right that is what i thought and tried but it does not work that way02:57
Lopistlsaint, what's the error?02:57
Lopistlsaint, I'm going to have to do this eventually as I'm porting Ubuntu and BT5 to the iPad ;p02:58
Lopistlsaint, either way qemu is a nice work around02:58
stlsaintLopi: sorry i mistaken your words, the mount works fine and can edit configs, im still thinking the chroot method but you clarified that with qemu02:58
stlsaintLopi: btw there is already a BT5 image for the motorola xoom02:59
Lopistlsaint, native or chroot jail?02:59
stlsaintLopi: but you are unable to install mysql/postgresql for some reason that i cannot figure out02:59
Lopistlsaint, most likely chroot jail on top of android unless lilstevie or LIV2 did it ;p03:00
Lopistlsaint, yeah it's a chroot jail03:01
stlsaintLopi: sorry, yes chroot method03:01
Lopistlsaint, you'll need to make modifications by booting it with qemu first03:01
stlsaintLopi: oh ok03:01
Lopistlsaint, never played with it on android, but I assume you don't have write access to the rootfs this way03:02
stlsaintLopi: on tablet? tablet is rooted03:03
Lopistlsaint, yeah03:04
Lopistlsaint, I don't really know how it all works never looked into it03:04
stlsaintLopi: on the tablet the arm img just chroots (for now)03:05
stlsaintthe backtrack team has not shown or expressed any further plans for development on it03:05
stlsainta guy who makes roms for the xoom went ahead and threw together a script to automate the process of unpacking the .gz and scripts ,etc03:06
stlsaintnow im troubleshooting the mysql/postgresql issue to help with further development03:06
stlsaintjust never dealt with ARM before so its all new to me as well03:07
Lopiit's really not much different03:07
stlsaintLopi: so you say i will have to make some adjustments to boot the qemu image?03:09
Lopistlsaint, nah you should be able to boot the img in qemu without modifications03:12
stlsaintoh ok03:13
stlsaintLopi: hrm, errors given when trying to boot img03:21
twb-M is important03:21
Lopistlsaint, what are the errors and what command are you using to boot the img?03:21
stlsaintLopi: says booting from hard disk...failed: couldnt not read the boot disk...same for floppy of course...03:22
stlsaintthen for cd-rom03:22
twblilstevie: re exams -- no worries, BTDT03:22
Lopistlsaint, pastebin or pastie for me03:22
stlsaintLopi: 4999MB medium detected...Boot failed: Could not read from CDROM (code 0005)03:22
Lopistlsaint, please include the command you used to boot03:22
stlsaintLopi: aye one sec03:23
twblilstevie: is "B7+" an asus thing?  Or: what is is?03:24
twb*what is it03:24
Lopitwb, he's in class right now03:25
twbEh, I'll see his reply when he gets around to it, no hurry03:25
twbLopi: you in the same class?03:26
Lopitwb, nope we just work on a lot of projects online together03:26
Lopitwb, mainly the Ubuntu port to the iPhone until he moved onto the Galaxy line and the transformer03:27
twbHuh, I thought iphones were locked down out the wazoo03:28
lilsteviejust quickly, some B7 and everything above that have a new secure boot key03:30
lilstevieok back in a bit03:30
twbBut what is a B7?03:31
twbIs it an SKU, or a chipset like the Intel's P45, or what03:31
stlsaintLopi: http://paste.debian.net/138170/03:32
Lopistlsaint, do you have BT5 arm on a cd?03:34
MrCurious_wonder if there is a /proc file to tell a temperature on pandaboard under 11.1003:36
Lopistlsaint, heh okay03:36
Lopistlsaint, give me a few and I'll show you how to boot it03:37
Lopistlsaint, I'm a bit busy atm03:37
stlsaintLopi: gotcha03:37
lilstevietwb, it is the first 2 digits of the serial number03:39
lilsteviebut the SBK itself is a tegra thing03:40
lilstevieit is just ASUS changed the baked in key in some time during july03:40
lilsteviethus B703:40
lilstevieB = 11 :p03:41
lilstevieas in 201103:41
lilsteviex is the month03:41
lilsteviein BxO03:41
lilsteviethe rest still no idea about though03:41
lilsteviebut other devices like the picasso have the SBK set too, but it is a different key on those devices, as it is set at bring up03:42
lilsteviebut the picasso has a random SBK03:43
lilsteviewell pseudo random03:43
stlsaintman this dang img is frustrating03:59
stlsaintLopi: i must leave for a bit, if you wouldnt mind either posting here or in a pastebin for me on procedure in case i dont make it back i would appreciate it04:12
Lopistlsaint, yeah sure04:12
Lopistlsaint, just keep idling and I'll get to it eventually04:12
lilsteviethat will be the day04:26
Lopistlsaint, http://pastie.org/private/nwoi9z3kzp6utcghpk1qdw04:53
Lopistlsaint, refer to the Ubuntu wiki for more information04:54
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Lopililstevie, you around?05:17
lilstevieLopi: yeah I am back now05:47
lilstevietwb: btw, I now have 2 others who have successfully compiled u-boot06:11
twblilstevie: 32G or 16G ?06:11
lilstevieactually that is a good question06:12
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dollaso i was playing with qnx rtos on the beagleboard yesterday and i somehow accidently wrote to NAND flash11:29
dollawhenever i boot my beagleboard, i just get 40V11:29
dollaanyone know how to get out of this conundrum?11:30
ogra_there are instructions somewhere on the web11:30
dollai followed them11:31
dollausing MLO file copy first to a blank SD card11:31
dollai have a second board and that SD card boots on it fine, but not the one with 40V11:31
ogra_so you recovered your NAND following online instructions already ? well, probably ask in #beagle about the broken NAND recovery instructions then11:32
dollaogra_: no it just doesnt do anything11:32
ogra_ubuntu specifically doesnt tuch NAND to avoid such support cases, if you trashed your NAND, recover it using an upstream method11:33
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fader_Is there a trick to using the preinstalled ARM images?  I've tried the OMAP4 image (on a Panda board) and the Quick Start Board image and both of them fail in the same way for me14:24
fader_I get the initial user creation oem-config stuff, then it appears to install, and then X restarts and I get the oem-config wizard again14:25
fader_If I drop to a virtual terminal I can see that the hostname got set, the user account got created, etc.14:25
fader_But the fact that this is happening on two different images on two different pieces of hardware makes me wonder if there's a bug or if I'm missing something obvious14:25
fader_(Oops, forgot to mention both were 11.10 images)14:26
rcn-ee_at_workfader_, double check on the sd card if /var/lib/oem-config/run still exists, if it does remove it..14:27
rcn-ee_at_work(it's safe as long as you have the user account created)14:27
fader_rcn-ee_at_work: Cool, thanks... let me try that.  I assume if that works my next step should be to file a bug ;)14:28
rcn-ee_at_workyeah, with oem-config i think, it's been a while since i filed a bug for that package, basicly after you username/etc is created it should remove that file..14:28
fader_rcn-ee_at_work: Yep, that did the trick, so looks like that's the bug.  Thanks!14:31
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GrueMasterfader_: There is already a bug filed.14:52
GrueMasterbug 856293 14:52
ubot2Launchpad bug 856293 in ubiquity "oem-config not removed after install on preinstalled desktop images due to debconf.dat being locked " [Medium,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/85629314:52
fader_GrueMaster: Sweet, less typing for me then :)14:56
janimoogra_, infinity just registered  https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/arm-p-live-installer15:57
ogra_janimo, wrong name16:04
ogra_must be ubuntu-arm-p16:04
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dabukalamtrying to get a network connection up and running on core, does anyone have any idea what packages are on there, and what aren't so we can see what's available to configure it?16:24
GrueMasterdabukalam: You should be able to establish a basic static ip based network connection, depending on the kernel used.16:28
ogra_dabukalam, the tarball includes just enough OS to run apt, nothign more, no configs or extra packages16:29
GrueMasterI can't remember if dhcp is also in the core, but the manifest should tell you what packages are installed.16:29
ogra_its designed as a base for building images on top of it16:29
ogra_or as an easy way to get a chroot16:29
infinityNo dhcp client, no.16:29
ogra_dont expect it to be usable ootb beyond that16:29
dabukalamdhcp wasn't on there16:29
ogra_right, on purpose16:30
dabukalamcouldn't figure out how to restart the networking service16:30
dabukalamso i just rebooted16:30
dabukalamand it's working now16:30
dabukalamso i can install whatever i want16:30
ogra_like there are no user accounts nor a root password16:30
ogra_janimo, also, can you fix the naming on the wiki too please ?17:10
Gottoxwin 1617:52
Quintasanlilstevie: ping18:09
RoAkSoAx/win/win 319:05
Quintasanlilstevie: Just to let you know, I upgraded natty to oneiric on my Transformer successfully, now I want dual-boot + CMW + hardware accel :P19:31
ZeZuIs the current sgx driver working on oneiric?  I've probably messed up my image w/ crap left around but I'm not sure ... just know X isn't starting due to sgx issues ... can't seem to load pvr srv19:42
lilstevieQuintasan_: thost are 3 things that you cannot have all at the same time20:46
lilsteviefor now anyway20:46
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FernandoMiguelhi hi21:04
FernandoMiguelI'm considering hunting down a full blown ARM laptop21:04

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