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Fudgeanywhere here got lucid up11:23
Fudgeusing network-manager11:23
blahdeblahFudge: yes11:28
Fudgeah great, is it possible for you to check if the icon for connected is correct11:29
blahdeblahWhat do you mean?11:29
Fudgewhen ur connected the picture is showing on the icon right?11:29
Fudgelike a cable plugged into a socket11:29
blahdeblahIt was earlier today.11:30
blahdeblahI'm on wifi now.11:30
Fudgewe have been trying to track down why a mate has his showing even though he is connected, using network manager that its unplugged11:30
Fudgethink we jsut tracked it down to the actual theme11:30
blahdeblahI use the Clearlooks theme, and i can't remember the icon for connected in Network Manager ever being wrong.11:31
Fudgethank you11:31
blahdeblahKeep in mind, that's probably more a statement about my memory than Network Manager's icons. ;-)11:32
Fudgeits dark looks thats playign up11:33
head_victimFudge: that stuff is all different per theme so the theme idea is probably solid11:38
head_victimblahdeblah: how does Sunday the 8th of Jan grab you as a date for an installfest?11:41
blahdeblahI can't commit anything at the moment, head_victim.  I am just crazy busy, and still trying to understand what i'll be doing there.11:41
head_victimNo worries, can't think of anything major I'm forgetting that would clash?11:42
blahdeblahI can't think of much of anything at all... ;-)11:46
head_victimMakes it easy to "decide" on a date when there's only one that fits the criteria.11:46
head_victimblahdeblah: the big thing at the moment is getting the funds together to pay The Edge. If you have any ideas on that front feel free to sing out :)11:48
blahdeblahIt was $60/hr, right?11:48
head_victimI was thinking 1000 - 1600 on the day = 36011:49
head_victimI think they charge a little extra for a projector and stuff so was going to round to 500 to try and include tea + coffee11:49
sagacihead_victim: this isn't a gentoo installfest11:50
head_victimsagaci: no but would help people mingle and talk which would also be good :)11:50
head_victimAlso the volunteers would likely appreciate it.11:51
blahdeblahWill you provide shameless promotions in exchange for sponsorship? :-)11:51
head_victimAnyway, I have to run, I like the ideas you've put up on the wiki sagaci, maybe add a bookmarks folders for the main banking sites and weather/news?11:51
head_victimblahdeblah: depends on how "shameless"11:51
sagacihead_victim: using pad.ubuntu.com too :)11:52
head_victimA company banner and/or other paraphernalia would be fine I think.11:52
head_victimPushing a companies products on ever person we install Ubuntu with probably wouldn't go down too well11:52
blahdeblahHow shameless is "This installfest is proudly sponsored by Liberty Systems & Software, providers of quality Linux and networking support to the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane's Northern suburbs."? :-)11:53
head_victimAs a banner or?11:54
blahdeblahI don't have a logo, so i could hardly have a banner... ;-)11:54
head_victimYeah, but how would you want that message put across is more what I was asking.11:54
head_victimSeriously though, sounds like something that could work. If you were wanting to send an email to the list to gauge the team's response I'd be more than willing to entertain the idea.11:55
blahdeblahIt was just a random thought. I'm looking to move to the Sunny Coast at the end of the year, and i could use some clients up that way.  I figure i could afford to sponsor a few hours if you are happy to hand out some of my business cards.11:56
head_victimI don't see how having a "sponsor's table" would be too upsetting.11:57
head_victimIt's not like you're selling something completely unrelated.11:57
sagacithe real time aspect is cool12:02
head_victimAnyway, I have to be awake at 330am so I am going to trundle off. 12:03
head_victimsagaci: nice work on that project12:03
blahdeblahOK - have fun12:03
sagacicya head_victim 12:04
head_victimblahdeblah: have a think about it and if you're keen I'd send it to the list for a response. I can't see how it would be any different to asking someone else to donate money.12:04
head_victimAnd provides an avenue for user support after the event for those that are wanting better service than the community itself can provide12:05
head_victimCheerio :D12:05
xannenHello ikt.17:24

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