ubuntu__I cant get my printer to print. I have booted from the Ubuntu CD, added the printer. It's model was recognized and I specified parallel port instead of HPLIP since it is connected to a parallel port. The Print Test Page command sends a job to the queue but nothing comes out.  In the queue the job is listed as 'processing'. Should I have specified the HPLIP instead of a parallel port?00:37
nlsthznubuntu__: if it was recognized you shouldn't have needed to change anything AFAIK...00:38
ubuntu__ok. I'll re-add and accept the default for HPLIP.00:39
nlsthznThen again it has been a long time since I heard of a printer connecting via a paralel port00:39
ubuntu__Now when I click Add there is no listing for my printer, just a request for a URI which I've no idea what that is.00:41
nlsthznThat is typically needed for networked printers if I am not mistaken...00:42
ubuntu__this is connected directly to my computer00:42
nlsthznI was finding it strange that your printer would be detected via lpt... I don't think that is possible...00:42
nlsthznmaybe hold on for someone with a bit more savvy in these matters to come to your aid00:43
ubuntu__is there a forum area specifically for hardware recognition problems?00:44
nlsthznubuntu__: http://ubuntuforums.org/forumdisplay.php?f=33200:45
ubuntu__where is the firewall in Ubuntu?00:51
nlsthznubuntu__: easiest why is in terminal "sudo ufw enable" ... there is a man page for ufw too you can read... and there is also a graphical front-end for it (but the name escapes me now)00:52
nlsthznubuntu__: Gufw00:53
ubuntu__I have no idea what you are talking about00:53
nlsthznubuntu__: Ubuntu uses ufw (uncomplicated firewall) per default.00:55
russ_anyone know anything about playonlinux?00:55
nlsthznyou can enable it via terminal by using the command "sudo ufw enable" and entering your password00:55
ubuntu__ok, so it has a firewall.  What is a man page?00:55
russ_main page i think00:56
ubuntu__where is the terminal?00:56
nlsthznubuntu__: in terminal you can type "man ufw" and it will display information on the command "ufw"00:56
nlsthznubuntu__: you can do this for jusy about any command in linux to get more information on it ... man stands for manual if I am not mistaken...00:57
russ_oh sorry im pretty new to this OS myself didnt mean to give bad info00:58
ubuntu__russ, that was helpful.  I think i'm looking at the terminal now.00:59
nlsthznruss_: no worries... I am very much a newby myself00:59
nlsthznubuntu__: cool :) now in the terminal type "sudo ufw enable"00:59
russ_just actually got it installed erlier today and been "playing around" since.... never really used anything but window OS01:00
nlsthznubuntu__: sudo is to run it as "root (administrator) and then ufw enable turns on ufw01:00
nlsthznubuntu__: when entering your password nothing will appear to happen... just type it in and press enter01:00
ubuntu__no request for password01:01
nlsthznubuntu__: strange... did you get any other message?01:01
ubuntu__says... firewall active and enabled on system startup.01:02
nlsthznubuntu__: well mission accomplished then as far as the firewall is concerned :) ...01:02
nlsthznubuntu__: which version of Ubuntu are you running?01:02
ubuntu__I think that does it for me for now.. thanks for your help, both of you.  I'm running 11.10. Just downloaded the CD iso today.01:03
nlsthznAh ok... cool, enjoy it01:03
ubuntu__good night01:04
russ_anyone play call of duty via "playonlinux"?01:04
nlsthznruss_: no sorry... I have gotten some games to work though...01:05
aviandroidhow do you register your nickname01:16
aviandroiddo you have to do that for each ubuntu channel you enter01:16
nlsthznaviandroid: you only have to regsiter with freenode once and it will be valid for all channels hosted by them01:17
nlsthznaviandroid: so you would use /msg NickServ register <nick>01:19
aviandroidoh okay it said i needed to enter a channel01:19
aviandroid Insufficient parameters for REGISTER.01:20
aviandroidSyntax: REGISTER <password> <email>01:20
nlsthznaviandroid: sorry about that01:20
aviandroidno problem01:20
aviandroidappreciate the help01:21
aviandroidso I enter REGISTER01:22
aviandroidthen password and email without < > characters01:22
nlsthznyes... drop the < and >01:23
nlsthzn/msg NickServ REGISTER bar foo@bar.com01:23
Unit193Note: Bar and beer are not good passwords01:24
aviandroidNo channel joined. Try /join #<channel>01:24
aviandroidno luck got that01:24
aviandroidsorry for being such a n00b01:25
nlsthznaviandroid: I can't remember struggling this much and I am still a noob :p01:25
Unit193And I just failed hard...01:25
Unit193sorry aviandroid01:25
nlsthznyou did start off with /msg Nickserv right01:25
aviandroidwell you probably have more experience than you realize01:25
aviandroidno sorry01:26
nlsthzn /msg NickServ REGISTER bar foo@bar.com01:26
Unit193Just type /msg nickserv register thisismypass and@my.email01:27
aviandroidawesome thanks you guys01:28
aviandroidthat was painful wasnt it01:28
Unit193This might help later/too http://freenode.net/faq.shtml#nicksetup01:28
nlsthznaviandroid: no worries all is well that ends well...01:28
nlsthznaviandroid: for more fun with IRC you can use /msg NickServ help (and find more goodies)01:29
aviandroiduseful link Unit193 much appreciated01:29
aviandroidawesome thank nlsthzn01:30
* nlsthzn gives Unit193 two thumbs up :D01:30
Unit193nlsthzn: You did all the wokrrk, congrats01:30
aviandroidand a pat on the back for the both of you01:30
nlsthznWait... this was work?!01:33
aviandroiddo you guys find xchat to best the best gui based irc client for ubuntu01:34
nlsthznaviandroid: I use Xchat... does what I need very well...01:34
Unit193I'm not that fond of it, but go with ^^01:35
aviandroidokay that is what i went with01:36
* nlsthzn was waiting for Unit193 to say something like that :p01:36
aviandroidunit193 do you use something like irssi01:36
Unit193aviandroid: No, not something like it, I use irssi ;)01:37
aviandroidgot it01:37
aviandroidmaybe someday but not anytime soon for me obviously01:37
Unit193Those help pages are pure awesome01:38
aviandroiddefinitely pure awesome01:41
aviandroidnlzthzn unit193 can you guys recommend any websites for ubuntu software reviews and download01:49
aviandroidalso news too01:50
Unit193I like WebUpd8 for some news types01:51
nlsthznaviandroid: pro tip... start typing a name and then hit tab for autocomplete (easier to get my name right :p)01:52
Unit193^^ Too fanboi for me though ;)01:53
Unit193nlsthzn: Take him to alt chan?01:53
aviandroidUnit193, nlsthzn my apologies01:54
aviandroidthanks for the tip01:54
nlsthznaviandroid: no worries... now I can see you pinging me too01:54
* nlsthzn is a fan and also a "boy"01:55
Unit193aviandroid: Why don't you join us on #ubuntu-beginners-team01:55
aviandroidoh okay so every time you use that function it pings you01:56
nlsthznaviandroid: a great place to learn more about Ubuntu and to help out is ubuntuforums.org01:56
aviandroidwhat exactly is that Unit19301:56
nlsthznyes, adding a name alerts the user01:56
aviandroidi will certainly check it out i do appreciate your patience01:57
Unit193That's the channel for offtopic talking :)01:57
aviandroidlearning all kinds of stuff here01:57
aviandroidnlsthzn, i will check out those forums like you mentioned01:59
nlsthznSweet... hope to see you aroudn there then :)01:59
aviandroidUnit193, i will also check out that channel too01:59
aviandroidyeah for sure02:00
nlsthznaviandroid: btw, you might want to add your nickserv password to Xchat to auto identify yourself...02:01
nlsthznelse you have to do it everytime you log in ...02:01
nlsthzn /msg NickServ identify <password>02:02
nlsthznaviandroid: ^^02:02
aviandroidnlsthzn, where is that located exactly in xchat02:02
aviandroidis it under settings02:03
nlsthznaviandroid: if I was @ home I could tell you exactly... it is the same place you select which server to connect to...02:03
aviandroidgot it02:04
* Unit193 waits for him to identify02:04
aviandroidthanks i now know exactly where it is at02:04
AScannerDarklyok, total newb question. I know that I shouldn't just go sudo-ing strange PPA's all willy nilly into my system, but I mean, how wary do I really need to be of non-approved packages, etc?02:05
AScannerDarklyIt seems like blogs and many help pages recommend adding all these unapproved PPAs, and I've tried to avoid it, but some of the software is pretty interesting.02:05
russ_maybe someone can help me?  i installed ubuntu as dual boot with win 7 but the install never asked where i wanted to save.    i had my main c:\ drive with windows but i am not sure how to get to where i can see where this OS is installed, or maybe partition more of my drive to give me more space with ubuntu02:06
nlsthznAScannerDarkly: I am not sure... how weary are you off loosing all your data or having all your information stolen?02:06
AScannerDarklypretty wary.02:06
Unit193AScannerDarkly: You can try it in a VM too if you wish ;)02:06
AScannerDarklyStick with strictly Ubuntu PPAs? Can I trust some of the others, like mediabuntu, etc02:06
AScannerDarklyAnd for that matter, how can I uninstall an app/PPA if I decide it was a bad idea to install?02:07
nlsthznAScannerDarkly: I have added PPA's before... but there is always risk...02:07
Unit193As that ppa is listed in the help pages, should be fine02:07
ubot2Factoid 'ppapurge' not found02:07
ubot2To disable a PPA from your sources and revert your packages back to default Ubuntu packages, install ppa-purge and use the command: « sudo ppa-purge ppa:<repository-name>/<subdirectory> » – For more information, see http://www.webupd8.org/2009/12/remove-ppa-repositories-via-command.html02:08
AScannerDarklyhey, helpful as could be! Thanks!02:08
nlsthznaviandroid: you can identify yourself now with your password to see if it works02:08
AScannerDarklyis ppa-purge apt-gettable?02:09
AScannerDarklybelay that.02:09
AScannerDarklyI have to say, apt-get is the best thing since sliced bread.02:10
AScannerDarklyI've toyed with linux for years, always installing and removing. I'm proud to say I'm 100% window$ free now.02:11
AScannerDarklythat and now that I understand basic scripting somewhat....it's all so clear now.02:11
aviandroidthat makes two of us AScannerDarkly02:11
AScannerDarklyfreaking a....Stallman was a geniiiiiioous.02:11
AScannerDarklyanyhow, thanks for the tip. I installed a PPA I think I shouldn't have. This should take care of it. How do I remove the offending program though?02:12
aviandroidwindows free and loving it02:12
AScannerDarklyI honestly have no idea how to remove a program that isn't in the Application manager.02:12
aviandroidAScannerDarkly, i am assuming through SoftwareCentre02:13
AScannerDarklylike, if I installed a tarball, made it, etc....02:13
aviandroidsorry that is over my head i will leave it to the pros from here02:13
Unit193AScannerDarkly: Should be a README with unstall ideas02:13
AScannerDarklyRTFM. You're likely right.02:14
AScannerDarklyI tend to pick brains when they are handy.02:14
AScannerDarklybut yes. I will. Ok, last newbie question, how do I get around in the man pages?02:14
AScannerDarklykind of lost there.02:14
Unit193Needing a pro? Hope nlsthzn gets back then...02:14
Unit193man PACKAGE02:15
Unit193AScannerDarkly: Open a terminal and type   man apt-get   ?02:16
AScannerDarklybut leik, how do I page down and page up, I cannot figure out how to make the man pages scroll...I know I'm likely somewhat retarded.02:17
AScannerDarklyif it says, "1/65", how do I get to 2/65, etc?02:17
* AScannerDarkly hears sound of people smacking foreheads in linux shame02:18
Unit193Down arrow and page down02:18
AScannerDarklyI tried that.02:18
AScannerDarklymaybe it's my keyboard?02:19
AScannerDarklyoh well. I'll check the man man.02:19
AScannerDarklynight all.02:19
nlsthznCould have tried man man I guess :)02:20
nlsthznUnit193: Your the only pro in here at the moment it seems ;)02:22
Russ_can i use NTFS with ubuntu?02:22
Unit193Seems it's not using less02:22
Unit193Russ_: Yep, it's called cifs02:23
Russ_or is it FAT3202:23
Unit193Woops, cancel that02:23
Unit193Russ_: What do you mean, as the partition FOR Ubuntu?02:23
Russ_trying to format a partition on my hard drive to use with ubuntu but i dont know how to with ubuntu so im doing in windows02:24
Unit193Just leave it as "free space", Ubuntu will use EXT4 for it (and some for swap)02:25
Russ_so leave unalocated?02:25
Russ_when doing a dual boot with windows Ubuntu creats 2 partitions/.02:28
ubot2For help with partitioning a new install see: https://help.ubuntu.com/8.04/switching/installing-partitioning.html - For partitioning programs see !GParted, or !PartitionManager (!Kubuntu 9.04 and up) - Other partitioning topics include !fstab !home and !swap02:28
Unit193Yes it will02:28
Russ_ok just making sure thats what happened there, file system is still pretty foreign in ubunto02:29
urlin2uRuss_, do yuou have windows backed up?02:30
Russ_no but i dont have anything important on the pc its a laptop for school for me to mess around with stuff02:30
Russ_like ubuntu02:31
Russ_ha ha02:31
Russ_i have windows OS on disk, if thats what you mean02:31
urlin2uRuss_, okay, I would be concerned if you know the limits of primary partitions on a single hd is 4 and if you realize that 3 primaries with a extended for the ext4, and a swap.02:32
urlin2ujust to be safe here.02:33
Russ_so thats going to try and create 2 more primarys?  ext4 and swap?02:33
Russ_let me go back to ubuntu and ill be back in just a sec02:35
urlin2uRuss_, if you have room for 2 more partitions I see people with a primary for the ext4 and a extended for the swap when it is nice to have both in a extended. Personally i just make the partitions with gparted ahead of time, and use a cusr=tom install.02:35
Russ_i was only using one for windows, but the OEM had something partitioned on here an di just formatted it, Ubuntu used that one and made another02:36
Russ_swap is the dual boot program?  gore or something?02:38
urlin2uRuss_, swap is similiar to a paging file in windows it is used when the ram is heavily used.02:38
Russ_got 8 Gb so that shouldnt be needed02:39
urlin2uRuss_, if you want to hibernate you will.02:39
Russ_so you think i should delete allpartitions and cusom install windows and ubunto again and just make sure i make room for extra space this time?02:41
Russ_because when i first installed ubunto i only had 20G  set aside for it because i was just messing with it didnt know if i was going to like it but i do02:42
russell_ok im back03:37
russell_how do you check how much disk space ypu have with ubuntu?03:37
russell_i can see how much disk space i have with windows lol03:38
bodhizazendf -h03:43
stlsaintbodhizazen: pssttt...he left03:43
bodhizazenoh crap03:44
stlsaintlol yea03:44
bodhizazenlooks like a hit and run03:45
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=== matt_ is now known as Guest34887
Guest34887Hi, I'm completely new to Linux, and would like to create a partition running Ubuntu (11.1, 64 bit) on a new windows 7 machine, I've downloaded Gparted and the linux disk image and mounted them to DVDs, how should I approach actually making the partitions(s?) required for teh linux installation?09:37
Snicksieyou can just install your ubunut Guest34887 ... It will ask you if you want to install ubuntu besides win7, so you can choose between both operating systems on each startup. you dont need to create the partition first :)09:45
Snicksiejust put in your ubunut livecd, choose 'install ubuntu' and follow the steps. at the partitioning step, just choose install beside windows09:46
Snicksieyou can also install ubuntu when you're within windows, just download the wubi installer and start installing :)09:47
Guest34887Will the installer allow me to create a aprtition during the install process?  I'm currently running a 32-bit version of windows and am looking to install 64-bit linux on a partition so i can actually use my ram09:47
Guest34887it's a work amchine, mainly runnign Matlab, I'd probably ultimately be looking to wipe the windows aprtitionc ompeltely09:48
Snicksieit will be able to do that Guest34887 ;)09:48
bioterrordont do wubi09:48
bioterroryou're just picking blood from your nose with it ;)09:49
Snicksiewubi is less preferable indeed09:50
Snicksiehttp://seogadget.co.uk/the-ubuntu-installation-guide/ >> start from "Completing your Ubuntu installation, step by step", there you see the partitioning step :)09:50
Snicksieits an old version of ubuntu though there, but the steps are quite the same09:50
Guest34887I'm sure it'll work out09:51
Snicksieif you've got any additional questions, just ask and we'll try to answer :)09:51
Guest34887main motivation for this move is that this brand new windows 7 machine with 4GB of ram can only see 2.9 of the ram cause of the 32 bit OS09:52
nlsthznAny ideas why tab-auto complete wouldn't be working in my terminal (fresh install of 11.10)?10:55
khaderwhat is the difference between pae and generic kernels ?11:02
guest_fkasjHi, I've jsut installed Ubuntu 11.1, there doesn't seem to be an 'applications' folder?  I find this somewhat confusing, and the Dash isn't the most helpful thing in the world...any suggestions?11:22
nlsthznguest_fkasj, at the bottom of the dash you will see icons, click the second one and then also click on the "filter options" to make it easier11:30
nlsthznbut the best way to get what you want is to open the dash and start typing the name of the application you want...11:30
nlsthznAlso, add your most used applications to the side-bar...11:31
guest_fkasjI will get round to that, I'm just surprised there's no applications folder in the home folder?11:31
guest_fkasjwhile I'm ehre, I've tried to launch dropbox and the whole program jsut freezes every tiem, how do I go about force quitting it?  I've tried right clicking and quitting on the dock but to no avail11:36
nlsthznguest_fkasj, easy way.... http://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2011/10/freezeunfreeze-unity-app-killer/11:38
nlsthznI always use system monitor to get the process id then use "sudo kill -9 <id number>" in terminal myself....11:38
guest_fkasjis tehre a good basic rundown of linux functions/terminal commands etc you could reccommend?  I know i could jsut google it, but tehre are tons out there and not much to tell them apart to teh untrained eye11:40
nlsthznguest_fkasj, I am a bit of a newby myself and have picked up a few commands that I use over the years... most of the tutorials on-line will be giving you the same information...11:42
guest_fkasjfair enough, all I need to be able to do it some basic stuff, maybe enough to say I've got some experience of using linux if anyone asks11:45
guest_ppxHi, I installed Ubuntu today, and I'm having some problems using the software centre.  Firstly, I can't seem to find where thigns end up after downloading and so can't see how to install.  Also, the proress window jsut has a bar saying 'updating cache, downloaded 0b of 7b and never makes any progress, anyone knwo what might be up?14:40
stlsaintguest_ppx: well after you install something it will usually go to your menus14:44
stlsaintas for the progress bar, maybe you need to check your sources listing14:44
guest_ppxsources listing is whatever the default is, was inoy trying to download the flash plugin! but it seems ot happen with most thigns i try.14:45
guest_ppxwhich menus does it appear in? I'm somewhat thrown by the lack of an applications folder, even with the dash home14:45
guest_ppxdoesn't seem to be anywhere i can just see a folder with all my applications14:46
geirhaguest_ppx: You can in dash14:59
geirhaBefore searching, choose "more applications", then click the arrow next to "installed applications".15:00
wisevoyagerstupid is better than idiot.., :D15:16
ErquintHello. I am newb. Installed Ubuntu for the first time a hour ago. How do i install shit from .tar.gz ? I wanned to try and install some game just to get used to installing things on Ubuntu. Downloaded tar.gz. There's an instruction in README to run Setup.sh. But if i run it nothing particular happens.15:20
ErquintAny one alive?15:24
bodhi_zazenErquint: this is a "family channel", please watch your language15:24
bodhi_zazenYou should  not be installing anything from tar.gz15:24
bodhi_zazenAlso read this page:15:25
bodhi_zazenIt is written for Fedora, but the reasons not to install software outside of your package manager, apt with Ubuntu, are just as valid15:26
bodhi_zazenWhat are you trying to install ? and why are you installing it from tar.gz ?15:26
ErquintOk. I am sorry for my lang. it will not happen again15:27
ErquintAnd thanks for advice15:27
bodhi_zazenI understand you are frustrated, but slow down a bit and we can help15:27
ErquintI kinda know about repo, but what do i do if i want to install someth that isn't in repo?15:29
Erquinti am trying to install FreeOrion http://sourceforge.net/projects/freeorion/files/FreeOrion15:31
Erquint"why are you installing it from tar.gz ?15:32
Erquintidk how else to inst it15:32
bobweaverErquint:  sorry my spliter for my dsl keeps on dropping  what are you trying to install15:35
bobweaveryou might want to find a .deb of the program15:36
bobweaveror look to see if it is in apt15:36
bobweaverto extract a tar file you use the command    tar -xvf somefile.tar   then look in the read me file for install instuctions15:37
bobweaverbut you might find yourself in dependency hell15:38
bobweaverthere is also a thing called CDE that is usfull15:39
bobweaveruse-full *15:39
Erquinti'm googling CDE...15:43
bobweavertonightok guys I am about to snap my isp keeps dropping in and out I am watching my gateway and also wireshark no bad packets so far what could be causing this ?15:47
bobweavertonightgateway says cant connect then it does then it drops every 30 sec or so15:48
ErquintActually i am a learning programmer and planning to use Linux as a developer but atm i can't even use it as common user. So this IS frustrating. Sorry for moaning. Is there an integrated documentation in Ubuntu or is it ONLY on website?15:48
ErquintAnd i don't mean "man"15:49
bobweavertonightErquint:  there are vtc cources free tutorials all over the place15:49
=== bobweavertonight is now known as bobweaver
ErquintWhat is vtc?15:50
bobweaverErquint:  ourshare.tk    <- look at the ubuntu section15:51
bobweaverhttp://www.ourshare.tk    *15:51
ErquintThanks :)15:51
bobweaverit is a older cource that is for ubuntu training15:52
bobweaverstill use full15:52
wisevoyagerErquint, see this may will help you., :D15:52
bobweaverwhat is your area that you want to study ?15:53
ErquintAnd, btw, when i was installing Ubuntu it asked me to choose an istallation size 5-30 Gb. So idk why but i've chosen 5Gb. How can it affect anything and can i change it latter?15:53
Erquintarea of what?15:53
bobweaverErquint:  sure look at gparted for your harddrive15:53
bobweaverarea = networking  programing  ect15:54
Erquintprog, but right now i only want to learn basics of this OS to be used to operating it15:54
bobweaverwelcome to the wonderfull world of ubuntu and gnu/unix15:55
Erquintwhat does affect installation size?15:55
Erquintthanks. Glad to be here15:55
bobweaverI would say to learn the history first15:55
bobweaverthere is a movie called revoltion os15:56
bobweaveryou can find it on google youtube ect15:56
bodhi_zazenErquint: you should not be installing from source (tar.gz) unless the application is not in the repositories15:56
bodhi_zazenYou install applications by adding repositories15:56
bobweaver+1 bodhi_zazen15:56
bodhi_zazensudo apt-get update15:56
bodhi_zazensudo apt-get install foo15:56
bodhi_zazenwhat application is it ? and see the links I gave you about using the repositories15:57
bobweaverbodhi_zazen:  he is trying to install a game15:57
bodhi_zazenwhat game ?15:57
bobweaverErquint:  open termianl (ctrl+alt+t)15:58
Erquintso you are trying to tell me that every Linux soft IS already in repos?15:58
Erquintwhat is foo?15:58
bobweaverErquint: no15:59
bobweaverbut the trusted ones are15:59
bobweaverubuntu uses something caalled bzr15:59
bobweaveror bazzar to upload things to something called launchpad15:59
bobweaverlaunch pad is what is maintained by ubuntu devs kinda :>)15:59
bodhi_zazenIt does not appear FreeOrion is in the repos, however there are specific instructions here15:59
bobweaverErquint:  you have you terminal open ?16:00
bobweaverenter in16:00
bobweavercd ~/Downloads16:00
Erquintabout foo16:00
Erquintgness@ubuntu:~$ sudo apt-get install foo16:00
ErquintReading package lists... Done16:00
ErquintBuilding dependency tree16:00
ErquintReading state information... Done16:00
ErquintE: Unable to locate package foo16:00
Erquintyes i have16:01
Erquintso i am cd in downloads. what's next?16:01
bobweaverdo you see the tar file ?16:02
bobweaverfor the game ?16:02
bobweaverhello ?16:03
Erquintsudo tar <filename> ?16:03
bobweaverwhat is file name ?16:03
Erquintbtw i'm x6416:04
bobweaversudo tar -xvf FreeOrion-0.3.15-Linux-i386.tar.gz16:05
bobweaverthis should extract the tar file16:05
bobweaverand make a new folder16:05
bobweaverwell that is not good :>P16:05
Erquintwhat is not good? 0_o16:06
bobweaverthis will not work then16:06
bobweaverthat tar is for 32bit16:06
bobweaverthanks for telling us16:06
bobweaverbut now you know how to extract a tar file16:06
bobweavertar <options> <file>16:06
bobweaverthat the file is for 32bit and you are using 64 bit16:07
Erquintactually i've thought i should stick to "Archive Manager" ...16:07
bobweaversure so what you wish16:08
wisevoyagerErquint, you may see this to install your .tar.qz packages, http://paste.ubuntu.com/714300/16:09
Erquinton win it usually just uses some kind of reverse compability for x86 files. Is it possible to achieve that on Linux?16:09
ErquintYou've already sent that link actually16:10
bobweaverok so if you want to learn about using any gnu/linux os this is what I would do only me16:10
bobweaverfirst learn the history16:10
bobweaverwatch revoltion os16:11
wisevoyagerbobweaver, you're right.. :)16:11
bobweaver2nd learn the history behind ubuntu and how debian is connected16:11
Erquintso ok. I'll google this vid "Revoltion OS" right now16:11
bobweaverafter you learn the history of debian and how ubuntu is connected I would then start to learn about the interfaces that gnu/linux has o offer16:12
bobweaverkde unity lxde ect16:12
bobweaverfind the one that you like the most16:12
bobweaverafter that learn the difference between them16:13
bobweaverie gnome uses gnome-terminal kde uses konsole16:13
bobweaverlearn how to add and remove programs16:14
bobweaverusing apt like bodhi_zazen said above416:14
bobweaverlearn how to update and upgrade you system16:14
bobweaverwhat is sudo ? and how is it different form yum rvm su16:15
bobweaverwhat came first16:15
Erquintso there is NO way to install x86 apps on x64 Ubuntu 0_o that IS strange. Isn't there an reverse compability????16:16
bobweaverafter learning about the package managers I would then say to move on to networking16:16
bobweaverwhat is a mod ? what is firmware ? why ubuntu uses no propratary software ? how to install that stuff16:16
bobweaverwhat is the difference between a mod and a driver ?16:17
bobweaverthen on to bash16:17
bobweaverwhat is bash ?16:17
bobweaverwhere did it come from ?16:17
Erquintwill do so16:18
bobweaverlearn what these commands do    ls  cd   cat16:18
bobweaverthat is all covered on the vtc cource16:19
bobweaverthere are a bunch of things out there to help you16:19
bobweaverhere is a great place16:19
bobweaverthere is also ubuntu docs16:19
bobweaverubuntu forums16:20
bobweaverI also think that the "stickys" on ubuntu forums are great16:20
Erquinti'm gonna save this conversation to TXT16:21
Erquintcan't remember all of this16:21
bobweaverthere are going to be times that you are furstared and want to smash you computer16:22
bobweaverbut you have to settle down16:22
* bobweaver cant spell16:22
Erquinti know, man, i know. And i am prepared ^_^16:24
ErquintThanks god i haven't installed Gentoo16:24
bobweaverI would also learn about what ubuntu name means where it came from ,who mainains it, what are the festivals that go on ?, what are some of the local groups ie foss lug ect , how often does ubuntu release new  issues and  what is LTS? who stared ubuntu ? where to get ubuntu merch , where to get free ubuntu merch,16:26
bobweaverI think that you have a bunch of stuff there.16:27
bobweavercome back and ask any questions that is what this channel is all about (i think)16:27
bobweavernow here is the thing that is funny I have only been using linux since feb16:28
bobweaverso there is more people  with more exp around here16:29
ErquintUbuntu is an ancient African word meaning 'humanity to others'. Lol i know that for a long time. :)16:33
bobweaverwith you being so close to the city NY there is a bunch of groups16:34
bodhi_zazenErquint: Ubuntu is an Ancient African word for "can't install Debian"16:35
bobweaverbodhi_zazen:  rotflmao16:36
ErquintWait. I'm watching that historical vid  on YT and that man say Unix is properiatary (spell it wrong). Is this so? 0_o16:36
wisevoyagerbodhi_zazen, this is a "family cahnnel" watch your language16:36
Erquint0_o what idi he said? Lol. So you think i should install Debian?16:37
* bobweavertonight is so mad at isp right now 16:42
bobweavertonightI have no phone so I cant call them16:42
bobweavertonightI think that the spliter for dsl is the trouble16:42
bobweavertonighteither that or dos16:42
bobweavertonightwireshark shows nothing16:43
bobweavertonightso I 100% say that i am sorry if you are trying to talk to me and it gets dropped16:43
bobweavertonightor if you can even seee this16:43
Erquintnp :)16:45
bobweaverall right that tears it I am going to walk to my isp and .....16:57
ErquintHow do i choose...............?17:24
ErquintI installed x32 libraries17:37
Erquintsudo apt-get install ia32-libs17:37
Erquintso i will now try to install it anyway17:37
Erquintjust for satisfaction17:37
bobweaverback and happy17:38
bobweaverErquint:  there is also http://distrowatch.com/17:41
bobweaverwhat do you mean  "" How do I choose" ?17:42
ErquintThere's so much Linux distributions.17:43
ErquintWhat if one of those is better suited for me?17:43
ErquintBut i can't try EVERY one of them17:43
bobweaverthere is truth to that statement ?17:44
ErquintThat's a question?17:45
bobweaverErquint:  You know what Virtual box is ?17:50
bobweaveryes there is also one that is made by sun17:50
bobweaveror is it oracle17:50
bobweaverthat is free17:51
bobweaverand fun to use17:51
Erquintactually i was using it on win17:51
Erquintbut it isn't very efficient  for perfomance17:52
bobweaverwhat is ram ?17:52
bobweaverop0en terminal and type in free -m17:52
bobweaveror free --help17:52
bobweaverlucky :>p17:53
Erquintwait a sec. Better tell me what is it when Terminal has this little caption on the bottom "-More-(2%)" ??17:53
bobweaverI am sorry but I  am more of a kde guy :>p17:54
bobweaverscreenshot ?17:54
Erquinthow to screenshot Ubuntu?17:54
bobweaverwhat is it in unity take screenshot ??17:55
bobweaverenter this into terminal 'import -window root ~/Desktop/`date +%Y%m%d%H%M`.png'17:56
bobweaveryou will find it under you desktop :>)17:56
Erquintoh lol, i figured that i just need to press Print Screen button on my keyboard17:56
Erquintbut how can i show it to you?17:57
bobweaverlooks like you are reading something and it is only showing 2% of the doc18:01
bobweaverI could be wrong18:02
Erquinthow do i continue?18:02
bobweaverpress space bar18:02
bobweaveror down18:02
Erquintoh sweet ***18:02
Erquinti tried PgDn, Down, Enter18:03
ErquintBut it comes out that only Spacebar works18:03
russell_is there a terminal command to check disk space available?18:03
bobweaverdf -h18:05
russell_not doing anything18:06
russell_any / or ./?18:06
bobweaver df -h18:06
bobweaverFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on18:06
bobweaver/dev/sda10             62G   24G   35G  41% /18:06
bobweaverudev                  866M  4.0K  866M   1% /dev18:06
bobweavertmpfs                 351M  840K  350M   1% /run18:06
bobweavernone                  5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock18:06
bobweavernone                  877M  1.9M  875M   1% /run/shm18:06
=== russell is now known as Guest81995
Guest81995i think that instance of terminal was running Xchat thats why wouldnt pop up18:08
Guest81995but i got it thanks18:09
Guest81995ubuntu 11.10, does it have a version name?18:10
Guest81995like Oneiric, Natty, Maverick?  something im trying to install is asking18:11
bioterrorlsb_release -cd18:11
bioterrorif I remember right18:11
bobweaverlsb_release -a18:11
bobweaverfor all18:11
Guest81995ok cool thanks again guys18:12
Erquinthow do i switch keyboard layouts with keyboard shortcuts?18:13
Erquintsomething stupid is going on with my Internet Connection18:20
bobweaverErquint:  do you know how to use traceroute ?18:21
ErquintI configured it using pppoeconf, but it was kinda slow and now it's going down to zero18:21
Erquinthmm, i'll try18:22
Erquintno, can't remember the command18:23
bobweavertraceroute google.com18:23
Erquintbut traceroute isn't gonna fix anything anyway...18:23
bobweaverno you are right18:23
bobweaverbut it helps in looking at the hops18:24
ErquintThe program 'traceroute' is currently not installed.  You can install it by typing:18:24
Erquintsudo apt-get install traceroute18:24
bobweaverLike I said I am no expert. only been doing this for a little bit :>)18:24
bobweaverthere is also tools like angry ipscanner if you are looking for live hosts18:25
Erquintbut you're already very good with it18:25
Erquintwanna know the first thing i did after installing ubuntu? xD18:26
bobweaverthanks but to tell you the truth it is and always will be the community that helped me learn all credit goes to the community there are even people in this chat that I learned so much from18:26
Erquintwhat was the general hub of those people who helped you so much?18:29
bobweavergeneral hub  ?18:30
=== TheDaniel0108 is now known as Daniel0108
bobweaver]like what people ?18:30
bobweavertoo many to list18:30
Erquintby saying "hub" i mean some forum/chat/website18:32
bobweaverErquint:  to tell you the truth I am super n()()b there are some real smart people around you :>)18:33
russell_<-- not one of them18:34
bobweaverErquint:  have you signed up for the mailing list ?18:35
Erquintnope. What mailing list?18:35
russell_everything i have done with this OS i have had to ask in this chat about18:35
bobweavercprofitt:  maybe you can step in here :>)18:35
bobweaverErquint: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BeginnersTeam18:36
bobweaverErquint: https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-beginners18:38
ErquintPolicy: You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list.18:39
bobweaverwell become one18:40
Erquintmaybe tomorrow. I fell like headache today from all the stuff18:41
Erquintcan you tell me how do i execute .sh file from terminal18:41
bobweaversure \18:42
ubot2An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions18:43
bobweaver!chmod >Erquint18:43
ubot2Erquint, please see my private message18:43
Erquintbut what file premissions would do to my question?18:44
ErquintEither you don't understand my question or i am sleeping on  my feet18:45
bobweaverwhat is filename.sh ?18:46
bobweavercan it execute ?18:46
Erquintthere is a file setup.sh, wich i can run as a file from (kinda) explorer window. But i just want to run it from Terminal18:47
bobweaverif so cd into the dir and ./nameoffile.sh18:48
Erquinthow do i open files from terminal?18:48
Erquinti see18:48
bobweaver./ <- is if you are in the dir that the file is in18:48
Erquintyeah i'm in18:49
bobweaveryou can move to /usr/bin/ to make launch easy18:49
ErquintPolicy: You must be a team member to subscribe to the team mailing list.18:49
bobweaveror almost any bin18:49
Erquintwrong copy/paste18:49
Erquintcp: writing `/home/gness/.setup7155': No space left on device18:50
Erquintwhat the hack 0_o18:50
Erquinti've 19 Gb18:50
bobweaverlet us see a df -h18:50
bobweaveris it full ?18:50
bobweaverfidisk -l   <- I think for patitions ?18:51
bobweaverfdisk -l18:51
ErquintFilesystem            Size  Used Avail Use% Mounted on18:52
Erquint/dev/loop0            4.6G  4.4G     0 100% /18:52
Erquintudev                  2.0G  4.0K  2.0G   1% /dev18:52
Erquinttmpfs                 793M  920K  792M   1% /run18:52
Erquintnone                  5.0M     0  5.0M   0% /run/lock18:52
Erquintnone                  2.0G  2.1M  2.0G   1% /run/shm18:52
Erquint/dev/sda1             150G  135G   15G  91% /host18:52
ErquintI am confused about this "Filesystem" thing. I mean i've alot more space on my HD. But this is kinda limited18:53
ErquintCan't it use my HD fully?18:53
bobweaver/dev/sda1             150G  135G   15G  91%18:54
bobweaverwhat is on other partitions ?18:54
Erquintfdisk -l kinda doesn't do anything18:55
ubot2Factoid 'fdisk' not found18:55
bioterror!pastebin | Erquint18:56
ubot2Erquint: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.18:56
bobweaver!sudo >Erquint18:58
ubot2Erquint, please see my private message18:58
bobweaver!ext4 >Erquint19:02
ubot2Factoid 'ext4' not found19:02
bobweaver!partitions >Erquint19:03
ubot2Erquint, please see my private message19:03
bobweaver!commands >bobweaver19:03
ubot2bobweaver, please see my private message19:03
bobweaver!botcommands >bobweaver19:04
ubot2Factoid 'botcommands' not found19:04
bobweaver!ubot2 >bobweaver19:04
ubot2Factoid 'ubot2' not found19:04
Erquinti kinda not intended to partition my drives, cause it will kill other data on it. Am i right?19:04
Erquintor am i wrong?19:04
bobweaveryes it will19:04
Erquintgreat xD19:04
bobweaverback up back up back up19:04
ubot2Factoid 'debian_live' not found19:05
Erquintwhere the hell will i back 160 Gb up to?19:05
bobweaverErquint:  lang please19:05
bobweaverfamily channel19:05
bobweaverbodhi_zazen:  told you once19:05
Erquintah. It isn't swearing anyway...19:05
Erquintevery child know where he will go if he is behaving bad.19:06
ErquintReally. When did THIS word became bad?19:08
ErquintIt's Christian after all19:08
bioterrorwhere in the heaven! ;)19:09
bioterrorbut yeah, let's keep religions out of this19:10
Erquintas you wish19:10
ErquintFirst things first.19:10
ErquintI've installed Ubuntu using Windows Installer19:11
ErquintIt asked me for an installation size19:11
Erquint5-30 Gb19:11
ErquintAs i know Linux is designed to be small and fast19:12
ErquintAnd thus i chose 5 Gb19:12
ErquintSo then it installed19:12
bioterrornothing much to be done with 5GB19:13
ErquintBut i am curious. Did it defragment and then formated a part of empty space on my HD to install to?19:13
bioterrorI have no idea what WUBI does19:14
ErquintAnd the file system is FAT16 ????????19:14
Erquintok. I've g2g. Thank you for all the help. Gonna be back tomorrow (maybe not)19:18
Erquint*you all19:19
bobweaver!conduct | bobweaver19:20
ubot2bobweaver, please see my private message19:20
bobweaver!ext4 is File systems are one of the things any newcomer to linux must become acquainted with. In the world of Microsoft you never really have to worry about it, the default being NTFS. Linux however, being built on a world of of open source and differing opinions, is not limited in this way and so the user should have an understanding of what a file system is, and how it affects the computer. Please see  https://help.ubuntu.19:50
ubot2Factoid 'fdisk' not found19:51
bobweaver!fdisk fdisk is a disk partition manipulation program, which allows you to create, destroy, resize, move and copy partitions on a hard drive using a menu-driven interface. It is useful for organising the disk space on a new drive, reorganising an old drive, creating space for new operating systems,  Please See http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/hardy/man8/fdisk.8.html19:53
ubot2To find out what version of Ubuntu you have, type « lsb_release -a » in a !shell - To know the available version of a package, « apt-cache policy <package> »19:54
Unit193!msgthebot > bobweaver19:55
ubot2bobweaver, please see my private message19:55
bobweavernp thanks :>)19:55
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